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World History Brochure

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FC: Buddhism By: Aidan Boland | 2012

1: Buddhism is a Religion that can make you at peace, give you a place in the universe and cure you of your stresses and greed. Buddhism can ease suffering, relieving pain and emotions that cause grief upon you by means of meditation. Buddhism will set you on the path to being a better person all together, believing in Karma, meaning the avoidance of unwholesome actions and preforming skillful actions to cause positive Karma to surround your life and eventually go along with you until your rebirth into the next Cycle of your life.

3: Although many religions follow several scriptures of a book, Buddhism follows guidelines/teachings known as Sutras. -Four Noble Truths -Noble Eightfold Path -The Four Immesurables -Middle Way; One of the most guiding principle in our practice of Buddhism, practicing non-extremism, a path of moderation away from the extreme of self-indulgence and self-mortification. All these teachings will lead the soul to peace, without grief, greed, dissatisfaction and hate. Holidays, many of you may relate Religious Holidays to things such as Easter or Christmas, Buddhism has several Holidays, the most notable is "Vesak," which translates to "Buddha Day," this celebration happens on the first day of May, it celebrates the birth, life, enlightenment and death of Buddha and is celebrated worldwide by all Buddhists.

4: Here's a list with a short description of each Holiday we as Buddhists celebrate; -Buddhist New Year: In Theravadin countries, it is celebrated for three days from the first full moon day in April. -Sangha Day: Commemorates the Buddha's visit to Veruvana. -Dhamma Day: It commemorates Buddha's first sermon at the Sarnath Deer Park. -Observance Day: Celebrates the Holy Days of each month, full moon, quarter moon and new moon. -Elephant Festival: The Buddha explained the enlightenment of others using the example of a wild elephant that is harnessed to a tame one to train it. Thai Buddhists celebrate an Elephant Festival on the third Saturday in November.

5: Buddhism Beliefs are simple in nature, all practices of Buddhism are to rid the soul of greed, hate, dissatisfaction and grief. Ethical Behaviour (Precepts) 1. To refrain from Taking Life of Sentient beings. 2. Refrain from taking that is not given. 3. To refrain from sensual misconduct. 4. To refrain from lying. 5. To refrain from intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness. 6. To refrain from eating at the wrong time (eat only from sunrise to noon.) 7. To refrain from Dancing and Playing Music. 8. To refrain from using high or luxurious seats and bedding. The Four Noble Truths, what is suffering, anxiety and dissatisfaction? And how do you overcome those?

6: Siddartha Gautama was born around 583 BC, in or near what is now the country of Nepal. His father, King Suddhodana was the leader of a clan in the area known as the Shakya, his mother was Queen Maya, who died soon after Siddartha's birth. When Siddartha was born, a holy man prophecised that Siddartha was to grow up to be a Military Conqueror or a Spiritual Leader, his father liked this first prophecy, so he raised his child into isolation, shielding him from all Religion and Human Suffer.

7: One day, Siddartha was overcome by curiosity and ventured out into the Country, there he found an aged man, a sick man and a corpse, the death and suffering that lay before him sickened Siddartha. There, Siddartha came upon a man who had renounced the world to relieve himself from Pain and Suffering. Siddartha returned to the Palace and was overcome by sadness when he realized the luxuries he had and how they would all be gone soon, as he would be gone as well. Siddartha shaved his head, put on a beggar's robe and set off on the trip to Enlightenment.

8: Siddartha decided to rest one day and sat next to a Bohi Tree before closing his eyes and meditating, a mythological battle between him and a demon named "Mara." Who's name meant destruction, Mara tried many tricks to get Siddartha to be corrupted in the ways of greed and lust, instead Siddartha kept resisting the Demon and that is when he became the Buddha.

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