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World Tour

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S: Michelle Daemmrich's History Project

BC: Brought to you by Michelle Daemmrich World History .01 December 2010

FC: Michelle Daemmrich's Magic Carpet World Tour

1: POLAND | The Republic of Poland

2: Topography | Area 312,683 sq. km. 120,725 sq. mi. Capital Warsaw (Waszwa) Population 1,706,600 Terrain flat plain mountains along south border

3: Climate | The climate is Temperate Continental Very cold winters Warm summers Rainy summers

4: Some resources are: Coal, copper, sulfur, natural gas, silver, lead, and salt. Agricultural resources are: grains, hogs, dairy, potatoes, horticulture, sugar beats, oil seed. Manufacturing resources are- machine building, iron and steel, mining, ship building. | Natural Resources

5: Major Bodies of Water | The major bodies of water are: Baltic Sea, Vistula River, Oder River.

6: Cultural Customs | The is language Polish The people are judged on personal qualities. Honesty is highly valued.

7: Religion and Beliefs | 94% of Polish people are Roman Catholic. Small percent are Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, or Jewish

8: Government | Poland has had a Republic Constitution since May 25, 1997. Poland uses Democratic checks and balances among presidents, prime ministers, and parliament. Polish people can vote at 18.

9: Population and Demographics | The population is 38.1 million. Ethnic groups are: Polish 98%, German, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Lithuanian Literacy of adults is 98%.

10: Famous Sites and Landmarks | Some famous landmarks are: Royal Way Westerplatte World War 2 started on 9/1/1939, Auschwitz Memorial Museum, and Wieliczka Salt Mine.

11: The Crooked House

12: Cartoon

13: Postage Stamps

14: Bangladesh | People's Republic of Bangladesh

15: Topography | Area 147,570 sq. km. | The area is 147,570 sq. km. 55,813 sq. mi. Capital is Dhaka (population 10 mil.). Terrain mainly flat alluvial plain. Hills in northeast and southeast.

16: The climate semi tropical and very wet. Monsoons common. Rainy June-October. Dry till March. During March-June is the highest temperature and humidity. Annual cyclones-floods | Climate

17: Natural Resources | Natural resources are: natural gas, fertile soil, and mineral water. Agricultural resources are: rice, tea, sugar, and wheat. Manufacturing goods are: frozen fish and seafood, leather.

18: Major Bodies of Water | Major bodies of water are: Ganges River, Brahmaputra River, Meghra River, and Bay of Bengal.

19: Cultural Customs | Language is bangla/bengali.

20: Religions of Bangladesh: Muslim 83% Hindu 16% Christian 0.3% Buddhist 0.6% | Religions and Beliefs

21: Bangladesh has a Parliamentary Democracy constitution 1972. Bangladesh has a President, Prime Minister, and Parliament. Voting rights at 18. | Government

22: Population is 156 million. With ethnic groups as bengali (98%) and tribal groups and non-bengali muslims | Population and Demographics

23: Famous Sites and Landmarks | Some Famous Sites are; Tara Masjid, or Star Mosque, and the National Museum in Shahbag

24: Cartoon

25: Postage Stamp

26: Fiji | The Republic of Fiji Island

27: Topography | The Area of Fiji is 18,376 sq. km. (7,056 sq. mi.) The Capital is Suva. (population 172,948) The terrain is mountainous on the 322 islands.

28: The climate is tropical meritime. It is rainy anytime of the year, but it is driest in April, May, June, and October. | Climate

29: Fiji has NO natural resources. But it does have tourism, sugar, and garments. | Natural Resources

30: Major Bodies of Water | South Pacific Ocean

31: The Native Languages are; English, Fijian, and Hindu The modest attire of Fiji is no swimsuits away from beaches and pools, remove hats and shoes in houses, and when visiting a village bring a gift of Kava. | Cultural Customs

32: Religions and Beliefs | The most common religions of Figi are; Christian 52%, Hindu 33%, and Muslim 7%

33: Government | They have a parliamentary democracy, and have had a constitution since July 1997, and have had a president, Prime Minister, and Parliament.

34: The population of Figi is 847,793. The native ethnicities are Fijian 57%, and Indo-Fijian 37% (Polynisian and Melanesian). The adult literacy rate is 93%. | Population and Demographics

35: Some fun activies to see the famous sites of Figi are scuba diving at Astrolabe Reef, and maybe surfing or sailing by 20ft waves (cloud breakers) off Tavarua. Figi has 322 Islands total. | Famous Sites and Landmarks

36: Cartoon

37: Postage Stamp

38: Tanzania | United Republic of Tanzania

39: Topography | The Area of Tanzania is 945,000 sq km (378000 sq mi). And the Capital is Dar es Salaam (executive) and Dodoma (legislative) The terrain varies, with fertile highlands and arid coastal regions.

40: Climate | This country is tropical, equatorial, temperate, arid, and dryer in central region and humid on the coast.

41: Natural Resources | The natural resources, here, are hydroelectric potential, coal, iron, gemstones, gold, natural gas, nickel, diamonds, forest products, wildlife and fisheries. The agricultural items of Tansania are coffee, cotton, tea, tobacco, livestock, and sugar cane. And the manufacturers are textiles, steel, aluminum, and paints.

42: Major Bodies of Water | The major bodies of water are Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Indian Ocean, and Lake Nyasa.

43: Cultural Customs | The native languages are Kiswahili and English. There are red clad herders of the Masai tribes on the Sarengeti. In the Muslim Area, there is a modest dress code, and smoking is illegal.

44: Muslim 35% Christian 63% traditional Sikh, Hindu, Baha'i | Religions and Beliefs

45: They have a republic government, and had a constitution since 1982. They have a president, vice president, prime minister, and an assembly. | Government

46: The adult literacy rate is 73%. The population is 43 million people. | Population and Demographics

47: Sites and Landmarks | Some sites and landmarks are Serengeti National Park, Mt Kilimanjaro National Park, the Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation Area, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

48: Cartoon

49: Postage Stamp

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