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World War ll

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World War ll - Page Text Content

FC: World War II

1: World War II

2: Then Now | Pearl Harbor

3: Chapter I. Attack On US Soil The United States of America, the land of the free, has been able to keep war off it's soil for over a hundred years until December 7, 1941. An unidentified group of aircrafts shows up on the radar, the guard on duty just takes it as a false alarm, but he did not know that by the end of that day, 2,402 lives would be lost. 3

4: December 7th 1941 was a grievance day for America, but, it sparked something in the hearts of many Americans resulting in the declaration of war on Japan. It became official on December 8, 1941 the US had entered in World War II, and would would fighting till the end on September 2 1945. | Japanese Flag

5: Pearl Harbor

6: Chapter 2. Only the beginning After World War I was over and the League of Nations had been formed. People tried to make sure World War II would never occur but in reality, World War II was just around the corner. While the rest of the world was cleaning up the damage done

8: Germany was brewing another. Hitler filled with hate and malice, was forcing his own beliefs on Germany. With many people following him in his ideas he would become one of the most powerful leaders in the world. On September 1st 1939 Hitler invaded Poland. When word reached Britain and France they were outraged. They sent a notice to Germany requesting

9: Adolf Hitler

10: that Germany would withdraw all troops and when that request was denied, Britain and France declared war against Germany on September 3rd 1939 the very beginning of second World War.

11: France's Flag (top) Britain's Flag (bottom)

13: Chapter 3. The World Evolved Although the war started with just Germany, Britain, France, and Poland, by the end of the war there were many more countries evolved. These countries formed two sides, the Axis Powers and the Allies. (All countries involved are listed on the next 2 pages)

14: Axis Power: Germany Japan Italy Finland Romania Hungary Bulgaria Croatia Slovakia

15: Canada | United Kingdom | France | Soviet Union | Australia | China | Poland | Greece | Netherlands | Belgium | Czechoslovakia | Luxembourg | Norway | Yugoslavia | United States | Allies Powers

16: Chapter 4. The Real Threat Although people can cause some damages, what they poses can cause more. The weapons developed during World War II world some of the deadliest the world had previously seen. Poison gases that ate away at your skin, tanks that could blow

17: Pistols that could take a mans life in a split second , these were all just some of the weapons developed during this period of time.

18: German Pistol | Poison Gas

19: Grenade launcher | Military Tank | Military Warship

20: Chapter 5. "Rosie the Riveter" Although men fought on the front line women did their part behind the curtain. War machinery needed built, food needed to be packaged, hospitals needed doctors, but the men were not there to work causing the patriotic women of our nation to step up and do their part.

21: These women were known as, Rosie the Riveters. They held their own and managed to take on their husbands roles while still being the mother of the family. Without the "Rosies" of America the war effort would have likely failed | Women working

22: Rosie the Riveter

23: Women working

24: Family during the depression

25: Chapter 6. The Depression Ends During he Depression life was very hard and some Americans thought they would never see the end until World War II started it all changed. When World War II started machines needed to be built,

26: ammo needed to be made and supplies needed to be packed. Factories started booming creating jobs for Americans allowing people to start pulling themselves together. The weight of the Depression was getting lighter and lighter to the point where it finally ended. With an ending result, World War II brought the American people out of the Depression.

27: Families during the Depression

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