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World War Z

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World War Z - Page Text Content

S: World War Z

BC: Pce^^

FC: World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War By: Max Brooks

1: Jesse Lee pd.6/7

2: Warnings

4: Key On page Two it is about a Chinese Doctor who first finds symptoms of the Zombie empidemic. It is almost like a disease that spreads. It starts in a little Chinese village where the doctor visits. The village people are afraid and think the boy is cursed because he had died but come back to life and showed much aggression. He has gray moltted skin and the villagers were right. He was very aggressive. He tried repeatedly to bite the doctor. On this page it shows a picture of the zombie boy, a map of China, the doctor, and the little village.

5: Key Cont. On page Three it shows the cycle of how one becomes a zombie. It is supposed to be as if the doctor had tooken pictures of the stages. In stage One the victim falls into a coma. Stage Two is the victim dies. Stage Three the dead body reanimates and becomes a zombie.

7: Key In this page it has organs because it was highly believed in the book that the a percentage of the virus was being spread by organ transplant. Which, besides actual human traveling, is why the virus was able to be spread over to far away countries. There is a gun because the doctor used that gun to shoot down the zombie in the hospital that reanimated because of the transplant and that is supposed to be the picture of the hospital where this event happened.

8: Warmbrunn-Knight

9: Key In this page it shows the decrypter because for this chapter it was about a spy. He first heard of the virus by an odd code from the Chinese that had been intercepted. So he had some knowledge on it. He got together and dicussed this upcoming storm with a collegue. His colleque had also heard of this and toghether they made a survival guide called the Warmbrunn-Knight. Also the picture of the headshot is representing how they first tell how to actually kill a zombie.

10: Blame

11: Key On this page it is about how the CIA is being blamed about the upcoming Zombie epidemic. America blames the CIA for this and not protecting this country. The CIA of course had no idea of this upcoming because China had covered up their outbreaks very strategetically. Eventually it was to late and the zombies arrived to America.

13: Key Here the pills represent a fake drug that was tooken while everyone was in a panic and before the virus actually reached the U.S. it was said to protect them from the virus which is why there is shield. The man who made it was Breckinridge Scott. He made lots of money and fooled many people, but when they figured out it didn't work he ran and bought a station in Antartica and now he lives there alone.

14: The Great Panic

15: Key In this page of the book the blimp is about a man who during the Great Panic, which is what the epidemic was called during the actual zombie take over, was flying over the I 80 highway in his Fujifilm blimp and he saw jammed cars and people all running in one direction. In this page it's as if he took all the pictures from his blimp about what was happening down there. In the actual book he felt very griefed because the people who were all running from the zombies were just running into another zombie infested city so they were all helpless. Also he saw many people get trapped in their cars and saw how the zombies ate everything in there path. Either pulling people out or going in themsleves. It was the first realization that this was hell.

17: Key On this page it is about how people were trying to run from the epidemic by getting out to sea. Here the most chilling thing was that the zombies were in the water and then when they tried to escape they would be dragged under by zombies and be eaten or be turned into zombies themselves.

19: Key On this page it is supposed to do with the Russian Army going around and sweeping Russia fro zombies. They come across a small Russian village and they check over the people for any bites. As they are about to leave they see a little girl stumbling up the hill. The leader knows it is a zombie and orders the sniper to take the girl out. A woman obviously the zombies mother begs not to kill the girl. The sniper hesitates and shortly the leader wallks up to the girl and shoots the her in the head.

20: Turning the Tide

21: Key On this page it shows how zombies would freeze over cold temperatures but then when it got warmer they would thaw out. The woman in this part of the book tells her story as a little girl and how they had to live through the zombie rage (sleeping bag which she slept in since her family had to leave the house and live in the forest). Now after the Great Panic she goes around every winter and kills the zombies left over from the winter with her crowbar along with others every year until there is no more left.

22: Home Front U.S.A Home Front U.S.A

23: Key On this page it is supposed to be a picture of a member from the DeStRes group. It was like the army made to fight the zombies in the U.S. They would sweep through America taking care of the zombie rage around the U.S. This army had also picked up a new invention specifically made to bust up zombie heads. 23 million were made during the war and they are still being made. It is the Lobotomizer.

25: Key On this page it has a bodygaurd, camera man, and a mansion because in this part of the book a T.V. producer tried to make a show about all these famous people living in one mansion during the zombie rage. But when it got broadcasted to the U.S. the citizens saw how well protected it was and stormed the mansion hoping to find safety.

26: Yonkers

27: Key On this page it is about Yonkers. Yonkers was supposed to be it for America. The Spirit Rallier for the world. America put everything they had into this battle against the zombies. Unfortunately it was the worst battle against the zombies in the world. All the tanks jet planes and high-tech armour was for nothing. In the end they ended up dropping a bio-bomb to kill the zombies. It killed all the soldiers instead and after that America was in a period of disgrace and humility.

28: Around the World and Above

29: Key On this page it is about how the North Koreans had completley blocked themselves off from the world. Right after the first sign of a zombie North Korea had turned off all radio sequences and went to live underground. Everything about North Korea was blocked off. The most chilling idea mentioned in the book about this idea is what if zombies had made it into North Korea and those underground tunnels are swarming with millions of zombies.

30: Road To New York

31: Key On this page it shows how America basically won over the zombies. After a long age of the world being filled with zombies it finally came to an end when America had shown the world that zombies could be exterminated. Their stratedgy was to make a block formation (the box) and use dogs to run and attract zombies through choke points. On the other side of the Choke points would be the soldiers who would just shoot the zombies making a wall. They did this all across America to New York and finally relieved America of the zombie infestation.

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