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Writing From the Heart

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S: Writing From the Heart: An Anthology of Poetry By Northwest Christian School Students Past and Present

FC: Writing From the Heart | An Anthology of Poetry By Northwest Christian School Students Past and Present

1: Praise His Name By Stephanie Lamberson As the sun peeked over the snow-capped mountain, She observed God’s creation. “Look at the hawk, the eagle, the sparrow; Look how they soar, as fast as an arrow.” All of God’s creation, praise His name. Soon night falls, and all is hushed, So the sun has gone home to rest. The moon is rushed to light up the night, And help the little stars, in spite of their might. All God’s creation, praise His name.

2: What is Bravery? By Lauren Cruzan What is bravery? Some examples please. How about the people in slavery, Or the little boy who gets stung for the first time when slapping a bee? How about the little girl who apprehensively waves to her mom, As she walks into kindergarten for the very first time? That is bravery! What is bravery? Those who lay down their lives for others, And those who are conquering their fears. How about the woman who becomes a mother for the first time, Or those hiding behind their tears? That is bravery!

3: New York City By Courtney Ross Buildings that reach the sky Busy people talking, as they walk by Some visitors driving cars, some walking This is New York City! Cabs on noisy streets Food carts selling tasty treats Broadway with its flashing signs This is New York City!

4: Fall's Glory By John McCloskey How beautiful are the colors of fall; Leaves in many tints and shades. The bare trees seem to stand so tall, As the leaves wither, drop, and fade, Then swirl to the ground The grass is covered in frost And harvest comes to an end. Daylight seems to be lost, And warmer clothes become our friend; As fall comes to an end.

5: Here To the End By Kellie Martin How broad she stands from high above, Standing like iron and stained with blood. Fifty white stars nestled in a sea of blue, How much does she mean to you? Standing forever, flying on and on, Because of “Old Glory” my hope’s never gone. I can’t wait to tell you, my very good friend, The liberty she stands for will never end.

6: Waterfalls By Rebecca Iannotta They roar and thunder. People come and they wonder, “How could this have come about?” As the water falls down. This sight that they see, All its beauty and might, Was given to us by the Creator, As the water falls down. Birds chirp but their voices are covered by the sound. It is so peaceful, yet loud. God shows us His power, As the water falls down. Like proof God exists, The water keeps flowing. He shows us His might, As the water falls down. Waterfalls show us God’s hand in creation. They give many people a feeling of sensation, As the water falls down.

7: The Ocean By Mindy Wolfe What is the ocean? A calming sea An underwater wonderland A haven for fish A crashing wave of peace An extraordinary view An azure depth Houses mysteries yet to be uncovered A graveyard of unfortunate souls Depicts the greatness of God That is an ocean!

8: A General's Prayer By Hannah Huschens Found in the woods on that desperate day, A general knelt, head bowed to pray. Winter hardships his men did meet, Starving, cold, and no shoes on their feet. The general asked of the Lord up above, To help him to encourage and demonstrate love. He promised to stay by the side of his men, Vowing to encourage and persevere to the end. A ray of hope shone through on the fifth of May, The general's prayer was answered that day. Through fresh supplies his men were saved, And it all went back to the day Washington prayed.

9: The Special Night By Basia Zwart A star so bright, Guided on that special night. The shepherds and wise men, Came to worship and adore Him. Found in a manger filled with hay, That is where the Lord Jesus lay. Jesus, Savior of the world.

10: Jewels of Light By Amanda Johns The stars are shining bright. They keep on glittering, In the middle of the night. They won't stop shimmering, Sharing their light with the world. The stars are glittering, In the middle of the night. They keep on glimmering. They are so bright. Jewels of light in the sky.

11: Graduation By Nicole Mingle What is graduation? A good bye to what's familiar A celebration of accomplishment Being nervous about the future Looking back on how you grew Farewells to friends A ceremony Expectations of the future Saying, “We did it!” The reading of speeches The flinging of hats The receiving of diplomas Stepping into the future That is graduation!

12: A Never Ending Cycle By Sarah Oberg I sit and ponder, As the light of the world goes dark Watching the coming winter in wonder, When snow makes it’s mark. But there’s always a little sadness, As each season’s forced to leave us. Although we’re filled with gladness, When the next one springs to meet us. It’s a never ending cycle.

13: My Shirt By Sean Sweet I had a big smudge on my shirt, It was made of some jelly and dirt. So I washed it all off And hung it aloft, Now I'm content with my shirt. Again I got dirt on my shirt. This time mixed with briers that hurt. So I pulled them all out, And I threw them about, Again I'm content with my shirt. Finally I cleaned up my shirt. No longer was it covered with dirt. At the end of the day, I put it away, Completely content with my shirt.

14: Love Like A Blanket By Lauren Cruzan White, gently floating, Falling to the ground. My world looks like a snow globe, All the way around. Swirling and spiraling, Like confetti from above, It's rich, white color, Reminds me of Jesus' love. No matter what we do, He is always there, Listening to our requests; He hears our every prayer. No matter what mistakes we make, Big or small or bad, He washes that sin white as snow, And makes my heart feel glad. So as I watch the snow Slowly drifting down, I'm reminded that my Savior's love covers me, Like a blanket of snow on the ground.

15: My Little Cottage By Sarah Huschens Nestled away in the heart of nature, There stands my little cottage. In the morning I hear the birds sing, Chirping and fluttering through the trees. Rays of sunlight stream through my window, Delightfully warming my face. So small and cozy, It makes me feel content. Fragrances of nature Filter through the cracks of my haven. The days fly by, Each one new and full of peace. Soon it is time for me to go. I lock the door, Making my way down the pathway. Though I must say good-bye, I will return next summer, To my little cottage.

16: The Heir of Isildur By Lydia Vanwingerden When will he come? The exiled King of Gondor. He goes by Strider and is one of the Nine. This healer of mortal wounds, When will he come? He has many names, Estel, Elessar, and Aragorn. Tall and solemn, he walks Middle-Earth. Even the dead respect him. He is heir of Isildur.

17: Stars By Sam Beers Stars shine With rays so beautiful In the night’s sky. Sparkling like diamonds Suspended in the dark Every one’s unique. There are too many to count. Shooting through the sky, A guide to those who are lost. Twinkle, twinkle little star.

18: My Debut By Alexandra O’Brien I run. I jump. I fly through the air. The spotlights are on me now. All eyes are on me now. I can’t make a mistake. The beat is in my head, Boom, boom, boom. I need to remain focused, As my feet hit the floor, I know I have landed the jump. The audience rises, Applauding with approval.

19: Chincoteague Island By Jasmine Sorenson The land is very marshy, Water is all around. Visitors are everywhere. At a few houses there are ponies. Most of the ponies are paints, But a few are solid colors. There is a striped red and white lighthouse, On an island not too far away. Trees surround it on all sides. The ocean sounds are calming and peaceful. On the island, wild ponies run free, And are happy.

20: A Dog’s Taste of Heaven By Luke Lenze Loping around sniffing everything, And searching for the perfect place to hide. Finding her prey, Not moving, Tail straight up, Looking straight ahead, She hopes to get the retrieve. Praying the bird will fall, And waiting for the words to release her, She’s gone. This is a dog’s taste of heaven.

21: Expressing How I Feel By Rebecca Iannotta I type, then hit backspace. I use it too much. I write, then erase, Then my eraser is gone. Showing creativity is harder than it seems. It comes straight from my imagination. Sometimes my thoughts wonder, But soon I create my own world. It isn’t always realistic, But it expresses how I feel.

22: Christmas Time By Maggie Wilson Soft, white snow lies on the ground. Inside small children are up and around, Opening presents around the tree, What great gift has He for me? It’s not gifts we should love, But Christ, who died to set us free. It’s He whom we remember now, Who gave His life for you and me. Now come together one and all, To worship Christ at Christmas. Listen closely for His call, For joy it shall bestow on us.

23: Beautiful Changes By Alyssa Bostock Swaying in the breeze, leaves fall to the ground. Soon there are none left; the boughs are bare by winter. As spring approaches, buds begin to form. Foliage covers trees in time for the heat of summer, And changes oranges and reds from the cool of fall. Trees and people are similar. People go through different seasons of their lives, And they can become beautiful because of these changes; Just like trees.

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