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Writing in Ancient China

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Writing in Ancient China - Page Text Content

FC: Ancient Chinese Writing By: Ana Paula

1: China as a country is very beautiful itself but writing is one of the most beautiful things China has since Ancient China. | Chinese Writing is not, at all, as other country's writing, well it is a bit similar to Korean and Japanese writing but it still has its own, unique thing and no other writing in the world can be compared to Chinese Writing starting with the fact that Chinese Writing was one of the first writings to be invented in the world, way back in Ancient China.

3: There are many theories on how writing started in Ancient China, some people think that a scribe of the Yellow Emperor invented writing after noticing bird cracks; others think that writing comes from pictures and other that it developed from non-linguistic symbolic systems. As you may notice there many, many theories on how writing started, but the most common or most known theory we have states that writing in Ancient China started all because of footprints. This theory explains that In 1500 BCE, the Ancient Chinese would see footprints in the floor that told them who had been there. Based on who had been in that place before the footprints would be different for each creature that had stepped there, so they will take each footprint and draw a picture on top of the footprint; later that pictures became the beginning of their writing. Chinese people started using the writing they created on animal bones or better known as oracle bones, which scientist now have found, and they are actually the oldest piece of writing we know from china. When writing in ancient china started they used to have about 3,000 detailed pictures each picture with a different meaning. As time passed their language started expanding and instead of being only 3,000 detailed pictures it transformed to 50,000 symbols or characters that stood for whole words. Now as time has passed China is well known for being one of the only places where writing developed independently.

4: Writing in Ancient Times is pretty different to writing today but there are still things in common, as writing being musical language or that it has to be written in a certain order. Both things are true about writing today and writing in Ancient Times. Chinese writing is called a musical language because it has tones; if the tones change the words have different meanings. You can also combine two letters to make a new one or two characters can be put together to change the meaning. For example if you put the character for fire plus the character for cart together the word will become train. You can also repeat one character various times and you get a different meaning, for example if you put the character for tree two times the meaning will be two trees. They can also do the same thing by adding a number, for example if they wanted to write three lions they could write the character for the number three and then add the character for lion. Chinese Writing is logographic, that means that each character they have, stands for a word or part of a word, not like us, in our writing each character stands for one letter of a word. For example if they were writing a sentence they would not have each word written they would have two or three characters that stood for the whole idea of the sentence. If you know about Japanese or Korean writing you may have noticed that Chinese writing is really similar to them.

7: The firs writing in ancient China was written on silk, Chinese people would use a knife to write on is but as time passed they started using a brush and Ink to write on oracle bones. They will also cast writing on bronze, metal or carved on stone stale. Ancient Chinese also wrote in bamboo or in wood. As the years passed Chinese people got an extraordinary idea and invented paper, which really helped them and made writing easier for them. But writing was not only used for recording but to keep an individual self-cultivation. Ancient Chinese will also use writing to do Chinese Calligraphy. Chinese Calligraphy is a very popular artwork, which comes from Chinese writing. In Chinese Calligraphy you can only use Chinese characters. Chinese Calligraphy started years ago but it is still very popular today. They also used writing to write books, which they read the opposite way as we do, they will read them from right to left and from top to bottom. Most of Chinese writings are used to teach lessons or sometimes they will used to teach the teachings of Confucius, which is a well-known philosophy in all China. Chinese writing became so popular that many people from many different places in the world will have Chinese writing in their bodies. As you can see there are tons of different ways were you can use Chinese writing. When Chinese writing started it was very popular, it is still popular today and it will be Popular forever.

9: Chinese writing is very precious for it’s people starting with it’s invention moving on to how it is like and ending up with how it’s people use it, where they use it and for what. It was precious to them since it started and it will be precious till it ends.

10: Quiz on Ancient Chinese Writing 1.What is the most common theory on how writing started? 2.What does "A musical language" means? 3.What is Chinese Calligraphy? 4.How many symbols do they have? 5.What happens if you combine two Chinese characters?

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