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Young Sailors magazine

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S: Young Sailors 1

FC: Young Sailors magazine | C.P. Gregorio MArañón Toledo 1st Edition May 2010

1: "Education is what survives when you forget what you`ve been learned". Burrhus Frederic Skinner

3: This magazine has been written by students between 9 and 12 ages of Gregorio`s Marañon Primary School during the school year 2009-2010. This is the first edition of a project which came from an idea during Information and Communication Technologies (I.C.T.s) classes. After this, the task was changed into a small project for our students to investigate, work together and contribute their ideas in order to inform the students and teachers about our activities, news and related events of our school, our city and our country, We`d like to thank everyone who have put their grand of sand and worked in this project. We hope you like it so we can continue in the future with this labor. Gabriel Moreno Gardeñas I.C.T`s Teacher

4: - Introduction and gratitudes - News - Interview with... - Opinion - Legends of Toledo - Meet our celebrations and celebrities - Cooking & Recipes - Students projects - Activities Summary - Puzzles and more

7: The European Union meets in Toledo 5th of December of 2009 the European Union celebrated in Toledo a meeting. In this meeting they expected to end with the actual crisis and other business matters.In Spain the crisis increased and the government doesn`t assume it. Written by César D., Patricia P. y Lucía R. (5th grade) | International day of children with cancer Every year on 15th of February people launched a lot of to the sky as signal of support to children who stay at the hospital with cancer. Firefighters and politicians launched the first balloons. Written by César D., Patricia P. y Lucía R. (5th grade)

8: Toys for everybody In December the firefighters made a supportive breakfast at their installations . They cooked chocolate with bread pieces and they gave to the affected children and to their siblings presents too. They put some bouncy castles and all of children enjoy themselves a lot. Written by César D., Patricia P. y Lucía R. (5th grade) | Toledo snow covered There is a long time that in Toledo doesn’t snowed but this year temperatures has changed.This year was amazing because it was snowy 3 times and it snowed a lot. it’s snowing since November to February.Most people cant go out of their houses especially people that live in villages but its very funny because we can play a lot making a snowman. Written by César D., Patricia P. y Lucía R. (5th grade)

9: MADRID, THE LARGEST 3D CITY IN THE WORLD The city of Madrid is virtualized in Google Earth. Users who enter the application and activate the 3D buildings layer may be addressed to Madrid and fly over the Royal Palace, visit the Alcala`s door or even the Alfonso XII Monument located in the Retiro`s park. On the way, go around the Cibeles fountain, the Palace of Communications, todays City Hall of Madrid , or the striking building of the Bank of Spain. Written by Claudia M. S. (6th grade) A CROCODILE OF 40 MILLION YEARS OLD Collaborators of the Department of Geology at the University of Salamanca have been found fossils of a new species of crocodile that inhabited these lands 40 or 42 million years ago. This species feeds on fish and lived in rivers "It is a very special "ichthyophagous" crocodile, specialized in eating fishes" said the specialist The crocodiles that are emerging usually have four to six meters, but this is small. Written by Claudia M. S. (6th grade)

10: NEW ANTI-SMOKING MEASSURES Soon you can not smoke in any public area. In June will be presented a new reform to pass this amendment The smoke is harmful because it makes your lungs black and kills many people every year. If you smoke in front of a child, the child can breathe the smoke and that can hurt them. Smoking is a bad habit Written by Sergio E. (5th grade) | GOYA AWARDS The Goya Awards, known in Spanish as los Premios Goya, are Spain's main national film awards, considered by many people from Spain and world to be the Spanish equivalent to the Academy Awards from the United States. The awards were established in 1987, a year after the founding of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, and the first awards ceremony took place on March 16, 1987 at the Lope de Vega Theater, Madrid. The ceremony continues to take place annually around the end of January, and awards are given to films produced during the previous year. The award itself is a small bronze bust of Francisco de Goya created by the sculptor José Luis Fernández. The 2010 Goya Award winner was “Celda 211” movie, directed by Daniel Monzón Written by Amanda M. and Claudia B. (5th grade)

12: Interview with...

13: Ps: Whats your name? HM: My name is M Jesús López Plaza Ps: Where do you work? HM: I work at Gregorios Marañón School Ps: Whats your job? HM: I`m the Head Mistress Ps: How many years have you been working at the school? HM: I`ve been here for 15 years. Ps: And do you teach any class? HM: Yes, I teach to 3rd, 5th and 6th graders Ps: Ok, and do you like it? HM: Oh yes! I love it!.. Ps: Whats the worst grade? | HM: All graders are good. Ps: What else do you like to do apart from teaching? HM: Mmmlet me thinkI like reading, listening to music, go for a walk.. Ps: And when are you going to finish teaching? HM: I dont know yetI like this school Ps: Some personal questions ha ha ha HM: Be carefull ! ha ha ha Ok, tell me. Ps: Are you married? HM: Yes, Im married. Written by Elisabeth L and José I. M. (5th grade) | Ps: Have you got family? HM: Yes, Ive got it Ps: Whats your favourite colour? HM: Mmm.I think my favourite colour is blue. Ps: Do you like flowers? HM: Yes, of course Ps: And what about summer? HM: Yes, I like too. Whats your favourite countrie? HM: I love Spain, I think its amazing. Ps: And the last question When you were a child, what did you want to do in the future? HM: I wanted to be hairdresser. Ps: Ok. Thank you for your time teacher. Now we know a little bit more about you HM: You`re welcome. Thanks to you

14: What do you think about...?

15: "CRISIS" Last year some countries like Spain and the United States are in crisis...Why?... What is “crisis”? On a crisis age people are afraid, they don`t want to spend money. things in the shops are more expensive, there are people who cant work because there isn`t work, and people are sad because some of them do not have enough Money. Then, Banks take peoples house because they cant pay their bills .There is more poverty. SOLUTIONS To spend,less money, to buy fewer things. Written by Carlos D. O. (6th grade) | FREE FRUIT On this days, every Monday a man come to the school and distributes free fruit for the breakfast. Its a government campaign during a few days. For this, they give us strawberry, apples or bananas, we can choose. They say we have to eat a lot of fruit but many people don`t like it and throw it into the trash. I think this is a bad thing. But before all of this we do a test, they ask the fruit we like and the fruit we don’t like. I think its a good idea Written by Agustin S. (6th grade)

16: Legends of Toledo

17: Legend of Alfonso VI In the eighth century, and Muslim troops under the command of Tarik, are close to the walls of Toledo. Christians fear that the Arabs would desecrate an image of Christ crucified which is venerated in a small church decided to hide it by making a hole in one of the inner walls of the temple. Before walled, light an oil lamp and placed it in the hollow at the foot of the cross.That fact was forgotten with the passage of time, and years later, the Christian conquerors of the city, fixing his eyes on the small church and converted into a mosque, one more than those that existed in Toledo during the long Arab occupation Centuries later, a new army led by King Alfonso VI and accompanied by Days Rodrigo de Vivar, El Cid, go to Toledo and passed in front of the mosque, the King's horse kneels. Alfonso VI and interprets it as a divine message. Decide to pull down the wall and found a crucifix with an oil lamp shining. Since then this mosque was called "El Cristo de la luz" Written by Mario Tabasco (5th grade) | BISAGRAS DOOR The external facade we face first is protected by two circular towers which contains a Gothic king, as part of the coat of Toledo The center of the facade is occupied by a giant shield with the imperial double-headed eagle. Above the shield, on a triangular pediment, there is a statue of the guardian angel of the city A bad day, a fateful plague entered the city, but the angel stopped it with his sword. The plague said"I have permission from God to kill seven people" and the angel let her enter. When plague already finish, the sad angel reproached to the plague: "You told me you were just going to kill seven and you killed seven thousand. "The plague said: " I just killed seven, panic killed the others " Written by Javier de Diego A. (6th grade)

18: Knowing our days of celebration and celebrities!!

19: Hellín Carnival A carnival is the public celebration inmediately before that takes place Christian Lent, with variable time (from late January to early March in the year), and combining elements Such as costumes, parades and street parties. By extension, some festivals are named similar in all seasons. | Despite the large differences presented its conclusion in the world, their common characteristic is to be a period of permissiveness and some slippage.... One of our famous carnivals is Hellín Carnival, located in Albacete, held on 12 of February and its characterized by amazing drumming on the street Written by Sergio G. (5th grade)

20: JULIÁN SIMÓN One of our most famous athletes is Julian Simon Julian Simon was born in Villacañas province of Toledo, Spain on April 3, 1987. He is a professional pilot. His career at the world championships began in 2002 at the Spain Grand Prix . He has ride with the Honda team (2002) Malaguti (2003), Aprilia (2004) and KTM (2005). | In 2007 he amounted to compete in 250cc with Repsol Honda team. In the 2009 season he decided to downgrade back to racing in 125cc Aspar Team with an official Aprilia RSA125 to become the October 18, 2009 World Champion 125 cc in the Phillip Island circuit in Australia. We re very proud of him Written by Natalia P and Daniel P (5th grade)

21: FERNANDO ALONSO Fernando Alonso is another one of our most famous sportsmen. Fernando Alonso Diaz was born in Oviedo, Asturias, on 29 July 1981. He is a Spanish Formula 1 driver belonging to the Scuderia Ferrari. Fernando Alonso started his career when he was only 3 years old. His idol was Ayrton Sena and when he was seven years he won his first official race. He has twice won the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship . Hes one of the world's most famous and admired today, and is considered by many as the best active driver in Formula 1. Hes one of three Spanish who have reached the podium at this competition. Hes married to a Spanish famous singer. Written by Natalia P and Daniel P (5th grade)

22: Spanish Recipes

23: GAZPACHO INGREDIENTS 1/2kg of tomatoes 1 green pepper 1clove of carlic 50 grams of bread crumbs 1 dcl of oil 3 spoonful of vinegar and salt | DEVELOPMENT Put cucumber, tomato and a little pepper and water and we beat until the mixture. Crush the garlic in a mortar with a little salt and add it to the mixture along with bread soaked and squeezed tomato. Mix this together and add the oil gradually, beating with the pestle. Use a colander placed over a bowl helping with the pestle to pass all the juice. Add the vinegar. Rectify the salt and serve with crispbread. Finally enjoy it!! Written by David C. and Pablo B. (5th grade)

24: ORIGIN OF MARZIPAN As in many countries happen, over the years claim the origin of many of their food. In this case we will explain the two contrasting versions of history (Toledo and Sicilian origin). The appearance of Marzipan takes place in the eleventh century, between 850 and 900, though its disclosure was delayed until two centuries later. In the year 1150 (the reign of Alfonso VII) appointed a paste of sugar and honey as "Regio Dessert" in the culinary description of the chroniclers of the time. Today, this dessert is typical of Christmas. It comes from a crushed almond paste. The origin of the word marzipan comes from a version that says the marzipan word comes from the union of the sugar and almond bread bread earning. The word may derive from the Arabic "Manthan Written by David C. and Pablo B. (5th grade)

25: ORIGIN OF HORCHATA The horchata (in Valencian, orxata of Xufa; Orzada Italian and this in turn from the Latin "hordeta", "barley") is a refreshing drink (including dessert), prepared with water, sugar and groundnuts. The groundnuts are small underground tubers shaped knots that come from the roots of countersunk sedge (Cyperus esculentus) called for the shape of its fruit like hazelnut. In Spain, and especially in Valencia, horchata is made from tiger nuts (Cyperus esculentum). Apparently this was already used in ancient Egypt, having found groundnuts as part of the funerary equipment of the pharaohs. Also, Persian and Arabic writers of antiquity mentioned the benefits of digestive and disinfectants of groundnut, then used as a medicinal drink by energy and diuretic considerations . Written by David C. and Pablo B. (5th grade)

26: Student`s Projects

27: This is a summary of some work made by students

33: Plays

34: Segóbriga 2010 | Trips

35: Legends in Toledo 2010

36: Carnival | 2010

39: Music workshop

40: Balloon release

42: Riddles and Puzzles

43: Written by 3 graders pupils

44: What is it....? It lives in all parts of the world It is small and black It has got six legs and two wings It eats leaves and insects It can`t live underground It`s omnivore. ..........?? Written by 3 graders pupils

45: What is it....? It lives underground It is long and pink or brown It has got a long tail It can crawl on a tree It can`t swim Its omnivore. ................?? Written by 3 graders pupils

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