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Young Scholars 5th and 6th grade

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Young Scholars 5th and 6th grade - Page Text Content

S: Young Scholars 08-09

FC: Mechanicville Stillwater & Waterford-Halfmoon Young Scholars 2008-09

1: Mechanicville Colin Jachna (21) Sean Jones (11) Erin Maloney (14-15) Johnna Pisculli (18-19) | Stillwater Alex Dantz (2-5) Ethan Kipp (10) Mike Nelson (12-13) Vinny Vavaro (7) Emily Wescott (16-17) | Waterford- Halfmoon Thomas Bell (24) Breanna Bryce (6) Ryan Carnevale (8) Alexa Caruso (22-23) Tyler Farrar (9) Kyla Finlayson (20)

2: A world without electronics By Alex M Dantz The children all gathered in the small, cramped inn. Their priest, Zyke Oldae, was about to tell a very important story. The story, unlike any other story that the old priest had told before, sent shivers up and down all of the children’s spines. This story gave shivers to all of the people in the inn, and as soon as they heard the words, they nearly dropped dead. “I have gathered you all here today for a special story. You may not like this story. It has given people serious sickness and most are in bed for 5 to 10 weeks. If you wish not to hear this, please exit the building.” Several men and women scattered away from the group and quickly walked out the door with their siblings, with scared expressions on their faces. Now that the weak and poor had left, it was time for him to tell the story. “This story I am telling today, is a story about a world that was devastated… and one that had never seen electronic devices…” “Brad!” Brad woke up. He had heard his mother calling from inside the house. His hat had tipped downwards while he had taken a nap.

3: “BRAAD!!” Oh, she was mad now. He quickly put on his shoes and ran into the house. Hopefully, it wasn’t anything too big. Brad ran swiftly into the house, swinging around the door hinge. He spotted his mom in the kitchen petting the dog. “Brad, I need you to run down to the market to grab some meat. We ran out yesterday. Here is 5 rocks.” Rocks were the currency here in this world. 5 rocks were about the price to get a turkey. “Ok, Mom. I’ll be back in a bit.” He jumped out the door again, and started running down the dirt road, down to the market not a mile from their house. His energy was formidable and full, due to him working a lot outside with his mom and dad, like helping with the garden and in the garage. He reached the market in about 2 minutes. There was lots of yelling and talking, the usual at the market. Most were talking to people near them. Others were arguing with the people that were selling the food and such. Suddenly, a man sprinted almost right through him, throwing him on to the ground, and getting trampled. He struggled to get up, and then went over to the familiar meat stall. The owner, Olivia Uyika, was happy to see him again today. He asked for a newly killed cow, and Olivia happily gave him one. “That’ll cost ya 5 rocks, mate.” He handed over the rocks, and dragged the cow, slowly, home.

4: On his way home, he saw a person with ragged fur clothes on the dirt road to his house. He went over to the person and asked him what he was doing here on the road on such a fine day. The old ragged fur clothed man responded that he didn’t have a home or any rocks to spend on food. Brad felt bad for the poor man and decided to bring him home as well. He asked him to come with him, but the man was slow and had no energy due to his lack of food. The man eventually fell over in the road, and with his last breath, said “The future is coming. There will be electronics and many valuable things, but it will come at a price. Can you pay it, Brad? Can you?” The man stopped breathing. Brad was devastated over this death, as a death was a big hit on society because we didn’t have many people anymore. He ran home, his legs flowing along the road gracefully as his speed increased, completely forgetting about the cow he had left beside the man. Then he started thinking about what the man had said before he had died. A new future? Electronics? What were these things, and how had this man known it? He would have to keep that question for later when he got home.

5: When he finally arrived home he had found his mom out by the stream cleaning clothes, and his dad out by the garage. His dad was an extremely smart person, so he went to him first. He ran into the garage, dirt bouncing behind him, and found his dad trying to start a fire inside it. His face suddenly turned alight with a orange and red sensation as a fire blazed to life. He asked his dad after he had started the fire the question that he had asked himself every since the many had oddly died off the side of the road. “In time Brad, all will come to you. But to have the answers come to you, you must find them.” “What does that mean, Dad?” “In time you will understand Brad. In time…”

6: Although many people may disagree, superstar athletes do not deserve their sky-high salaries. I believe that many people that perform service careers should have larger salaries than those who have physical strengths. There are plenty of more useful occupations in this country than someone who catches a ball for the pleasure of viewers. Athletes may be entertaining, but just how do they help the citizens of this country? Major league athletes receive a higher salary than even the leader of our nation.!This is ridiculous, that our president, who controls the fate of our country, is paid less than someone who really does not benefit our country. What are superstar athletes paid for, anyway? Dribbling a basketball, winning a game, and exciting an audience? | Scientists all over the country are finding cures for diseases, and aren’t recognized. Yet many remember entire baseball teams as effortlessly as their own names. This outrages me, and something must be done about it. Millions of dollars that could be spent finding a cure for cancer are wasted by sports fans to see their favorite baseball team. This is the cause of athletes’ outrageous salaries. I believe that if athletes love the sport they play so much, they shouldn’t get paid nearly as much as a hard working citizen. Athletes are only paid because of their physical abilities. They are idolized for no sensible reason. I find it unfair that these fortunate people are overpaid for doing close to nothing. Breanna Bryce

7: I think that trick or treating should not be eliminated. It should not be eliminated because all kids like it. Another reason why trick or treating should not be eliminated is because everyone likes getting candy. The next reason why it should not be eliminated is because Halloween decorations are cool. The last reason why trick or treating should not be eliminated is because a lot of people like doing pranks. | For example everyone knows that all kids like getting candy because it is tasty. An example for why Halloween decorations are cool is that people’s houses can look really scary or really funny. Another example for that is everyone likes getting a little chill from decorations. One example for why lots of people like doing pranks is that they love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they are pranked. They also like throwing eggs and/or toilet paper. In conclusion, trick or treating should not be eliminated. If it is eliminated, kids will be upset because they won’t get candy. Parents will also be upset because they won’t be able to get away from their annoying kids. That’s why trick or treating should not be eliminated. By: Vinny Vavaro

8: THE NEW NATIONAL HOLIDAY I think that a new national holiday should be declared. This holiday should be national video game day. It should be required that everyone plays video games for the whole day. We should be able to play rated M games. Kids should be able to eat where they are playing. It should be declared because most kids like to play video games and it is fun. It is should be declared because it is exciting and awesome. It should be declared because I like video games. So I will be mad if it is not declared. All the kids will cry, all the grown ups, will scream and I will yell. So in conclusion please make it a national holiday. By: Ryan Carnevale

9: THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE So…….I went to a Beastie Boys concert last night and they said “Yo, kid, wanna finish our tour for us?” So I said “sure” The only problem is they didn’t tell me I was doing it alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I give them a list that says: 1: 100 “Flat Screen T.V. 2: 3 Gallons of Soda 3: 30 Bags of Chips 4: 3 Giant Mirrors 5: 6 Pairs of Spandex So I go in and it’s all there! I go on stage and the crowd is yelling “Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys!” So, they see me, the only one on. I play, I rock, I rap. Here comes the bad part. I go in my dressing room and everything is broken. Well, 21 years of bad luck for them. So I fight them all and it’s on video. The girl who video tapes it sends it into WWE and I turn out to be WWE Champ in less than 30 minutes. Man…. I could’ve ordered a pizza. By: Tyler Farrar

10: Once long ago Hephaestus became jealous of Zeus, for Zeus got everything. So he stole all of the holy weapons and then hid them in Zeus’s cabin next to a forged letter saying how to become the ultimate god =). However it messed up and rather than Zeus they blamed each other which resulted in a god war. The sky turned red and hell came forth anew summoned by Hades in vengeance. The seas boiled and the earth shook thunder and lightning struck every where and the sky cleared as the star blinked out one by one. The titans broke free from there prison and the army of the dead escaped to unleash its wrath on the world. And finally the crops died and the ultimate war erupted from the world. So the ultimate god Chaos (nothingness) came down and engulfed the world and all of its chaos… Then in the darkness he created the world anew in a new image seeing that he totally f#$@$d up the old one so thusly the world was reborn. By: Ethan Kipp

11: Sean Jones I think Trick or Treating shouldn’t be eliminated. Trick or Treating makes kids happy and parents have fun sometimes too! Tick or Treating helps kids learn about safety. A lot of schools before Halloween go over Trick or treating safety. This helps kids in other non trick or treating situations. Also kids love candy. Parents should limit how much candy kids eat. It can save money if you want candy for a couple months too. Kids and adults love Halloween! In conclusion, Halloween is a good holiday which teaches kids about safety. Kids and adults love Halloween and children would be so sad if it was banned. Without trick or treating Halloween would be nothing!

12: The God Of war By: Mike Nelson One day on mount Olympus Zeus and Hera were having a heated argument about whether Ares or Athena should be the god of war. Athena overheard this argument and thought if she gave Ares a poison that would cause everlasting pain, even on a Greek god; she would be therefore the god of war. Hades agreed, he saw Ares the next day and told him Athena wanted to meet him at the Parthenon the next day to talk things over. Ares went the next day and was offered some ambrosia with the poison in it. Hades came by and decided to join them. He picked up Ares goblet by accident and started to drink. Then, he fell to the ground writhing in pain. Ares realized what had happened. Ares grabbed his spear and charged toward Athena. But she was ready with sword and shield in hand.

13: Hades turned invisible and went back to Zeus (turning invisible is one of his actual powers in Greek mythology) and told him everything that happened. Ares and Athena were in mid-battle, Ares went to spear Athena in the gut…Dodged! Zeus appeared out of nowhere, Athena quickly cut Ares neck with her sword while he was distracted. Zeus then struck both of them with lightning bolts. In the end they were both half god of war. Hera and Hades both hated Athena. Hera hated her for her attempt Athena trying to overthrow another god. Hades hated her because Athena caused him everlasting pain. Zeus then be rid Hades of his pain by killing him than bringing him back to life with unimaginable power. Zeus then made Hades god of the underworld for he was neither dead nor alive.

14: The Adventure of Gazelle Petal By:Erin Maloney Once upon a time, there was a 14 year old girl named Gazelle Petal. Gazelle was always locked up inside her mansion, but one day she decided to escape. Gazelle was tired of being treated like a “little princess”, just because she was really rich. Gazelle snuck out the back door of her mansion and ran for the trees. When she was far-away from the mansion, Gazelle stopped to catch her breath. Gazelle spotted the fattest squirrel on the face of the earth. The squirrel continued to scurry along, so Gazelle decided to follow the squirrel and named the squirrel Johnna.

15: Gazelle was astonished at what she saw: a clearing, canopy with vines tangled around it, and a fridge. Johnna went right toward the fridge, while Gazelle just stood at the entrance of the clearing looking amazed. Gazelle followed the squirrel to the fridge and saw the tiny claw-marks, and opened the fridge door. There was a pot of magical cookie dough, and Johnna ate some of the cookie dough and turned into a 14 year old girl. Johnna and Gazelle became best friends. The two girls never told anyone about the clearing. It was their new after school hideout!

16: Purple Snow is Falling By: Emily Wescott Today I went outside to play in the snow. I was just about to build a snowman, when it started snowing. It wasn’t any snow. It was purple snow! There could be many reasons for this. I’m going to get to the bottom of this… One reason could be that an astronaut, in space, was shredding purple play do when he was coming down to Earth. When the astronaut was in space he stopped on Mars.

17: He saved a little girl, with purple hair from the evil polka-dotted alien. The alien had suck gum in her hair, so the astronaut had to cut her hair to get it out. Since her hair was purple it acted as the purple snow falling. As you can see, the astronaut was responsible for the purple snow that stopped me from making the snowman.

18: Superstar Athletes I believe athletes don’t deserve salaries even though they do. You could get 1,000 dollars to play 5 minuets in a game (a ‘close’ exaggeration). Athletes should enjoy what they do. Some people hate sports but play them for the money in it. People shouldn’t be paid to play a sport for running up and down a soccer field, a baseball diamond, a basketball court, and exedra. If you are able to choose your job, choose it right. Choose one that carries an interest that you like. Don’t pick one that bores you and you are eager to leave from. Take Babe Ruth for example, he loved baseball and was the best at it and did he care about his salary, I think not. Think about all the people who play for fun compared to the people that play for money. The people who play for fun out number the people who play for money.

19: Not all athletes are like that though. Imagine how many people would play if there was no salary or money involved. Then imagine all the spots that would be open for all those who really want to play for the love and interest of the sport. You shouldn’t be paid for talent say you were really good at yo-yoing or something. People don’t pay you for every hour you do it. In opinion, athletes shouldn’t receive salaries. You shouldn’t be paid for talent. In my eyes it is sort of like an allowance. So no, I do not think athletes should get salaries. By: Johnna Pisculli

20: The Reason of War Once upon a time, there was a brother and sister twins. They were gods, a boy and a girl. They went and had a baby. Her name was Kyla and she was the Goddess of the Moon, the Sun and animals. Kyla was in a field one day and she wasn’t having a good day so she took out her anger on the plants and called tigers to rip them up. Demeter came along and said “Hey, stop that or I’ll fight you!” “I will never stop!” said Kyla. Kyla kicked Demeter’s head off and the tigers ate the rest of her. Every time a new generation of them are born and fight, a new war begins. By: Kyla Finlayson

21: Too Much TV? A study has shown that kids spend too much time watching T.V. I think my parents should let me watch T.V for a lot of reasons. One reason why my parents should let me watch TV because it gives you good ideas for buying and supporting different things like hospitals, and for cancer. The next reason is that you can learn about history on the history channel. You can learn new recipes on the cooking channel, and different things on the discovery channel. And they should let me watch TV when im board and there is nothing to do. In conclusion, this is why my parents should let me watch TV. By: Colin Jachna

22: The Volcanic Disaster By: Alexa Caruso One Morning in the mythical world Hades took Hephaestus to the underworld. Hades threatened to make Hephaestus stay in the underworld for the rest of his life if he didn’t make a volcanic eruption. Hephaestus said ok in fear. He promised that by tomorrow there would be a volcanic eruption. The next day Hades was waiting for the volcanic eruption. Demeter heard something that she had never heard before while she was outside. It was like a rumbling sound. Then, she heard it again and started seeing smoke. Demeter called for Hermes. She told Hermes to tell Zeus that the volcano was going to erupt. She also told Hermes to get Apollo.

23: Hermes went right away. In a minute or two Apollo and Zeus were there. Zeus told Apollo about the volcano and asked him to try to stop it with the sun and light. The first time it didn’t work, so he tried again. All of this time was Demeter was worried about her harvest. The second time Apollo tried to stop it, it worked. Everyone was relieved, especially Demeter. Hades was furious. Zeus knew that only Hephaestus could make a volcano erupt. Zeus sent Hermes to ask Hephaestus if he did it. He said he did, but Hermes threatened him. Hermes told Zeus. Then, Zeus sent Hephaestus to the underworld for a year. THE END!

24: New National Holiday By: Thomas Ross Bell I think that a new national holiday should be National Ice Cream Funday. It is a day that kids will love because it cancels school and gives them all you can eat, free ice cream. They can choose the amount of ice cream and of the toppings. Adults will like Ice Cream Funday too because they get a day off of work. Also they get ice cream just like kids. Almost everyone would like this holiday if it was real. Some of the reasons that kids would enjoy this holiday is because it happens twice per year. One day in the beginning of June and one in the beginning of December. One day you can play outside and one day inside. The ice cream just adds to the greatness of this day.

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