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youth services 11

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BC: "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

FC: Julia Hofmann | Youth Services Period 11

1: laughter is an instant vacation

2: February 1st- I meet with the supervisor Patty. We also got to meet some of the residents. February 2nd- Played some games with some of the residents like the game "bottle top" they got so excited. February 3rd- Introduced our selfs to a group of residents and painted nails with some the ladies. | Timesheet

3: I meet with Patty and we talked about or background information and i confronted her right away with what was on my background and she understood. she told us to contact her on her line (920)-893-8324, ext. 100 he email is also she told us to leave voicemail if she does not answer her phone. | Reflection

4: February 6-Monday 1:55-2:40pm Got the white board and markers all ready to play hang-man with the residents. February 7-Tuesday 1:55-2:40pm We got to play jeopardy with the residents, they were a little sassy but still had fun. February 8- Wednesday 1:55-2:40pm I painted one of the residents nails and we used dry spray and she loved the smell because it smelt like powder. February 9- Thursday 1:55-2:40pm I was not there had family issues. February 10- Friday 1:55-2:40pm In class | Timesheet

5: Reflection | How do you feel you showed responsibility at your site this week? When you are with the residents you need to make sure to stay calm and have respect for them when they are not in a good mood and when they are. When they get sassy you got to stay calm you cant yell at them you just got to talk to them. I also know i need to remember to call in when i can not make it to see the residents and always be on time.

6: "If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand." | February 13- Monday 1:55-2:40pm- See how many names you can come up with just the beginning letter. February 14- Tuesday 1:55-2:40pm- We played some valentine bingo with the residents. February 15- Wednesday- We were in class. February 16- Thursday 1:55-2:40pm- We set up bowling pins and played bowling with the residents. February 17- Friday 1:55-2:45pm- Got the residents in the cafeteria and had some shakes. | Timesheet

7: Explain at least three ways you displayed a positive attitude during the past week? When we would name off names i stayed positive about some of the names i never every heard.When we were bowling some of the residents were getting mad if we would go to close for some or if they would throw the bowling ball wrong and we just had to stay calm and just explain that everyone does not know how to play. When we had to get the shakes ready some of the residents would complain saying its to cold or to clumpy so you just fixed it at least try too. | Reflection

8: Timesheet | February 20- Monday 1:55-2:40- I helped by laminating cards for all the buildings. February 21- Tuesday 1:55-2:40- I helped by laminating cards for all the buildings. February 22- Wednesday 1:55-2:40- I helped by laminating cards for all the buildings. February 23- Thursday 1:55-2:40- I helped by laminating cards for all the buildings. February 24- Friday 1:55-2:40- I went home sick

9: Reflection | In what ways have you worked to reach your full potential at your site? How can you do more in the future? I helped a lot this week I helped get a lot of cards laminated for the residents in each building to have fun and play games. I also cut out and also gave them to Pam to give to each building. I think I can do a lot more and help with what they need all they need to do is ask and I'll be more then happy to do more.

10: Timesheet | February 27- Monday 1:50-2:40- I helped by laminating cards for all the buildings. February 28- Tuesday 1:50-2:40- I helped by laminating cards for all the buildings. February 29- Wednesday 1:50-2:40- Helped take down and put up new bulletin board for the residents to look at. March 1- Thursday 1:50-2:40- Helped take billboard down and up. March 2- Friday 1:50-2:40- Went to Libby's house to take with one the workers.

11: Reflection | If you were to put yourself in your Supervisor's shoes and evaluate your current performance what would you say and why? I would say that i dressed appropriate and helped out a lot with all the games they needed cut for every building. I was on time never late, I called Pam when I was sick to let her know I would not be able to come help. I kept a positive attitude at all times.

12: Timesheet | March 5- Monday 1:50-2:40pm- We played a card game with the residents, it is like solitary. March 6- Tuesday 1:50-2:40pm- We Played a game where you throw the bean bags in to buckets to get points and there all different amounts They had a lot of fun. March 7- Wednesday 1:50-2:40pm- I helped with cutting cards practice there bell playing. March 8- Thursday 1:50-2:40pm- The residents had a church service. March 9- Friday- No School.

13: Reflection | Tell me about one problem/challenge that you had on your site during the past week and how you solved it. The lady I help Ashley one day she was just siting by a resident and I just was standing there waiting for her because she asked me to wait awhile. I finally decided is it okay if I get a game going or help with anything because she kept forgetting about me then she said sure that would be okay with me. So I stepped up and just asked to get games started.

14: "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing,... | March 12-Monday 1:50-2:40pm- Played bouncing rings with the residents. March 13- Tuesday 1:50-2:40pm- Played kings corner with two lady's Ruth and Edna. March 14- Wednesday 1:50-2:40pm- We had a church services. March 15- Thursday 1:50-2:40- Played Kings Corner with Ruth. March 16- Friday 1:50-2:40- We went and visited a place that I think I would like to volunteer at. | Timeline

15: ...the birds are singing and the lawn mower is broken." - James Dent | What do you like about your volunteer site? I like how I can play games with the residents and seeing them have fun and smile. Seeing them having fun and trying to play even if it is to hard they still try and smile. What do you dislike about your volunteer site? Times when Ashley just tells me to sit and watch or I cant play with the residents I would have to cut out paper. I like playing with the residents more and playing card games. | Reflection

16: March 19-23- Spring Break!!!! | Timeline

17: sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart | What was your goal for Youth Service Class? MY goal was to try hard and help people out and to learn to stay calm with residents and take my time with them. I think for me doing different stuff every day helps me learn more and more. How do you think you are doing on reaching that goal? I am reaching my goal i try hard with all the residents and take my time and stay calm. I learn do do different things everyday and is helping me with responsibility. | Reflection

18: today you can be anything you imagine | Monday April 2-1:50-2:40- Hung up decorations around the kitchen area. Tuesday April 3-1:50-2:40- Painted bunnies with the residents. Wednesday April 4- 1:50-2:40- Painted bunnies with the residents. Thursday April 5- 1:50-2:40- Finished putting the bunnies together. Friday April 6- NO SCHOOL! | Timeline

19: In what ways have you worked to reach your full potential at your site? I been learning to deal with things I don't like doing and also trying harder to not get mad at the residents when they fight with each other or don't listen to what you tell them. You just got to stay calm and have fun making sure there happy. How can you do more in the future? I can try and do more work and try harder then I already am. I can try to stay longer sometimes and help out more. I could also learn to not be so shy and talk to the residents more then I already do now. | Reflection

20: Monday April 9-1:50-2:40- We played bingo with the residents. Tuesday April 10- 1:50-2:40- Played catch with the residents. Wednesday April 11- 1:50-2:40- It was story time so we just read out of a book. Thursday April 12- 1:50-2:40- I played a throwing game with the residents. Friday April 13- 1:50-2:40- I was sick! | Timeline

21: Describe one time this week that you have gone out of your way to help someone other than at your volunteer site? I helped this old lady with carrying stuff to her van. She live in my town and I was just walking around and saw she was having troubles so I decided to go help her. SAhe was very thankfully She gave me candy. | Reflection

22: Monday April 16- 1:50-2:40- We played a tossing game to make points. Tuesday April 17- 1:50-2:40- We played bingo with the residents. Wednesday April 18- 1:50-2:40- We rang bells for there church service. Thursday April 19- 1:50-2:40- We practiced bells one more time for them to learn new ones for next week. Friday April 20- 1:50- 2:40- I went home sick. | Timeline

23: Home is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us. | In 10 words or less describe what you have personally learned from your volunteer work experience thus far. Respect in people, Responsibility to be on time. | Reflection

24: Monday April 23-1:50-2:40- We played name the color and say something that is that color. Tuesday April 24-1:50-2:40- We played toss the ball to make points. Wednesday April 25j-1:50-2:40- We played toss the ball to make points again but changed up how to play. Thursday April 26- 1:50-2:40- I stayed home sick. Friday April 27- 1:50-2:40-played a game in class and listened to lady talk. | Timeline

25: Tell me some ways in which you can take a great activity, or an activity that you have been doing often at your site, and make it even better for yourself or for the people you are working with. When we play games we can try and do team's so it's a little different and also a little fun to play. I think it would be better then just playing one on one they always do that so I think I will try to play with teams. I will try it and if they like it then we will do teams for when we play games. | Reflection

26: Monday April 30- 1:50-2:40- Played card games with the residents Tuesday May 1- 1:50-2:40- Book club reading with two residents. Wednesday May 2- 1:50-2:40- We played catch with the residents. Thursday May 3- 1:50-2:40- Talked to the residents and played catch again but a little different. Friday May 4- 1:50-2:40- We went to Project Angle Hugs to listen to what they do to help people out. | Timeline

27: After playing the game PlaySpent with Mrs. Sager, what are first three choices you would offer to someone in that situation. Please explain why you feel these are the best choices. This could apply to anyone struggling to meet their financial obligations. I would offer food, toilet paper,and clothes. I feel like these would help them live a little better to stay warm with clothes and food to eat and toilet paper to use for the bathroom. I would also give money to them so they can pay there bills I may not have a lot but I can give as much as I could or ask others to help too. | Reflection

28: Monday May 7- 1:50-2:50- We played yahtzee with two residents. Tuesday May 8- 1:50-2:40-I went home sick. Wednesday May 9- 1:50-2:40-We had a church service. Thursday May 10- 1:50-2:40- We played yahtzee with two residents. Friday May 11- 1:50-2:40- Went to project angle hugs. | Timeline

29: What impact do you think you have had at your site? Explain. Give Examples! I got to know some of the residents Like Ruth she likes to have a lot of fun. When we play games where you have to sit down she likes to stand and play she likes to be up and doing something. I also got to know another resident Cardin she loves to play yahtzee and she talks about other residents that she does not like it is funny when you hear some of the things she says about the others. | Reflection

30: Monday May 14-1:50-2:40- Stayed home because of family issues. Tuesday May 15-1:50-2:40-Left early from school because of family issues. Wednesday May 16-1:50-2:40- Was in class. Thursday May 17-1:50-2:40- We sang to sing alongs. Friday May 18-1:50-2:40- Played card games. | Timeline

31: What is one thing that stands out in your mind as the most beneficial thing you learned from your site supervisor? Be specific explain your answer. I learned that she stays calm when the residents don't listen or understand after how many times you tell them. She is always understanding and caring for them even if they get crabby at her. She just does her job and does a good job at it I think she showed me a lot over these past many weeks. So as you can see there is a few things that stand out to me from her I couldn't pick one. | Reflection

32: Monday May 21-1:50-2:40- I didn't go because i had to leave school grounds. Tuesday May 22-1:50-2:40- We played a-z naming animals at the zoo. Wednesday May 23-1:50-2:40- Church service with residents. Thursday May 24-1:50-2:40- Was in class. Friday May 25-1:50-2:40- No School!!! | Timeline

33: Identify three ways a site supervisor would observe that a volunteer was performing below expectations. How do you think they should handle each of these areas of low performance? If the volunteer is late a lot the supervisor should say something to the person and say you need to get on time and if not talk to the teacher. If the volunteer is missing a lot they should talk to the person and see if they can make up time a different day or do something to help for the time missing. If volunteer is dressing not well the supervisor should say something or make them leave the site. | Reflection

34: Monday May 28- 1:50-2:40- Played kings corner. Tuesday May 29- 1:50-2:40- Did not go. Wednesday May 30- 1:50-2:40- Did not go. Thursday May 31- 1:50-2:40- Did not go. Friday June 1- 1:50-2:40- Did not go. | Timeline

35: What is the one thing at your placement that you enjoyed the most this week? What is the one volunteer activity that you are looking forward to during the summer? The day we played cards the residents are fun to play card games with and to make jokes. Helping out with the beach where i work because I can help clean it up and take kids I babysit to go play. | Reflection

36: I liked working at Libby's House I had nice time talking to the residents and joking around having fun with them. Everyday there is different one day they are too lazy and crabby so they don't play and some days there ready to go and play games. I have learned that working there you need patients and time with the residents you need to listen to them carefully and help them be happy. . I think I got a lot out of working there I listen more to others and take my time to understand fully what they want and need this will help me in life.

37: I have acquired to being there more and more I didn't do so well at the end of the year but I know now that you can't do that it just like real job you would get fired and you are letting down the ones you work for they look up to you to help them. I got a nice friendship going with one of the ladies named Ruth she is such a funny lady she would make me laugh and smile every day I would come. I will use everything I learned from now on it will help me through college and jobs I can get far if I set my mind to it and try hard.

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