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Youth Services

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S: Horizon Elementary School

BC: Horizon Elementary School 2011-2012 Youth Services Kayla Green


1: Youth Services 2011-2012

2: Berry Branch | Berry Branch Child Care is a four year old daycare held at Horizon.

3: The time I was there is the kids nap time. | I took the kids that weren't sleeping into the hallway and played games or read books with them.

5: Games | Game Time! :)

6: Copy Room!!

7: I was often upstairs in the copy room making copies, correcting papers, or cutting things out.

8: I babysit for a few of the kids that I worked with so I got to know them better than I did before. I also Knew some of the other kids from various things. Some of the kids were completely new to me and I love meeting them and getting to know them so well.

10: This is Karyn Haun. She is my supervisor. Karyn is in charge of the Berry Branch Child Care, and the Mulberry Bush Childcare. She works extremely hard and all of the kids love her. :)

11: Sadly I didn't get to spend too much time with Karyn. She is often in her office hard at work. However, I did work a lot with some of the other adults who work with the children. I made copies and helped them make sample projects for the kids to follow. I also helped around the room doing different things that needed to be done. I have learned a lot from this experience. working with these little kids had a great impact on my life. I learned a lot about them and they reminded me of myself when I was a child. They all ave big dreams for themselves. I think we are going to have a great class at PHS when these kids reach the high school level.

12: Quarter 1, week 1 Monday: I met the kids and the supervisors Tuesday: I played games with the kids in the hallway Wednesday: I read books to the kids Thursday; I read books to the kids How do you feel you showed responsibility at your site this week? I showed responsibility by showing up on time each day and by doing what I was supposed to do with the kids. they were very well behaved and we had a lot of fun. How did you interact with your supervisor? My supervisor and I interacted very well. She seems to be a very nice lady and we got along great. I think working with her is going to be a lot of fun.

13: Quarter 1, week 2 Monday: I played can't land with the kids Tuesday: I made copies and cut out stickers Thursday: I cut out things for the teachers and watched a movie with th kids. What is your supervisors contact info? Karyn Haun, 892-6922 What is one thing you found difficult this week? This week I found it difficult to not always be able to be with the kids. I love working with the kids but because they are napping when I get there I only get to work with the ones who are awake. However the teachers have begun to notice that some kids aren't falling asleep just so they can spend time with me. For this reason I began to do other things than spend time with the kids,

14: Quarter 1, week 3 Monday: I made copies and began to reorganize the book shelves Tuesday: Made copies for pumpkin books Wednesday: I wasn't there, I was sick Thursday: Put book orders together What are three ways in which you showed a positive attitude? I showed a positive attitude by not complaining about not being able to work with the kids. Also by trying my best to help Karyn with something on her computer that she didn't know how to do. ANd lastly by always being happy and not being crabby even if I've had a bad day at school. I put all of that behind me and go in with a smile on my face everyday.

15: Quarter 1 week 5 Monday: I played games with the kids Tuesday: I read books to the kids Wednesday: I made copies Thursday:I played games with the kids If you were to put yourself in your supervisors position and evaluate your current performance, what would you say and why? I would say I am doing very well. I am always to my site on time and I do exactly what I am told to do. If for some reason I cant make it in I call Karyn and let her know. I always play with the kids, make copies,or anything else that they ask me to do, so I would say I am doing very well.

16: Quarter 1 week 6 Monday I played games in the hallway with the kids Tuesday: I went upstairs and helped Bekas teacher because my teacher had nothing for me to do. Thursday: I played games wit the kids Friday: I sorted crayons. Tell me about a problem or challenge that you encountered this week and how did you work through it? The challenge i had this week was when my teachers had nothing for me to do. I had to go upstairs and find Beka and I helped her teacher instead.

17: Quarter 1 week 7 Monday: I worked with the kids Tuesday; I cut papers for Mrs. Kolpin Wednesday: Set up for Mrs. Kolpins Halloween party. What is one thing you like about your site? I like the face that I get to work with little kids. I love little kids so it makes it a lot of fun. Wat is one thing you done like about your site? I don't like that the kids are sleeping while I'm there so many times I have to go upstairs and help out in Mrs. Kolpins room.

18: Quarter 1 week 8 Monday: I made copies and cut things out Tuesday: I pulled down a bulletin board Wednesday: I wasn't there Thursday: I made copies and cut out words for the new bulletin board. In what way can you make a great activity and make it even better for the people you are working with? I usually take the kids in the hall and play games or read to them. I could make this better by letting them pick out the games and books so that way they are more interested in it.

19: Quarter 1 week 9 Monday: I made copies Tuesday: I cut out letters for a board Wednesday: I helped in Mrs. Kolpins room Thursday: I helped in Mrs. Kolpins room. In ten words or less describe what you have personally learned from your volunteer work experience thus far. I have learned how to show responsibility and respect.

20: Quarter 2 week 1 Monday: I made copies Tuesday: sanitized toys for the kids Wednesday: I pulled apart book order forms Thursday: I helped Mrs. Kolpin's class with math What is one way in which you have gone out of your way to help someone other than at you site this week? This week I gave up hanging out with my friends after school so I could go shopping with my dad and help him pick out an anniversary gift for his girlfriend.

21: Quarter 2 week 2 Monday: I helped Mrs. Kolpins kids with math homework. Tuesday: I played games with the kids in Mrs. Kolpins room What was your goal for the Youth Services Class? How do you think you are doing on reaching that goal? My goal for this class was to meet some new young kids and have fun with them along with helping them learn something. Also to be someone those kids can look up to. I feel I am doing a good job at completing this goal. I ave met many kids and helped them in many ways. The kids love being with me and working with me.

22: Quarter 2 week 3 Monday: I made copies of coloring pages Tuesday: I cut out new works for a bulletin board Wednesday: I put up Christmas lights in Mrs. Kolpins room Thursday: I corrected papers for Mrs. Kolpin. Give at least two examples of how you have sought out and accepted the opinions of others at your site. I have excepted the opinion of my supervisor when she tells me how to do certain things so she knows that they get done correctly.

23: Quarter 2 week 4 Tuesday: I helped out in Mrs. Kolpins room Wednesday: I made a sample picture frame for the kids What are 5 activities in our area that are designed to help those in need this holiday season? Do you plan on participating in them? 1. Toys for Tots 2. Food drives 3. Salvation army bell ringers 4. Boys and Girls club 5. Warm and Fuzzy tree

24: Quarter 2 week 5 Monday: I helped make a sample project Tuesday: I made copies for Mrs. Kolpin Wednesday: I worked with the kids in Mrs. Kolpins room Thursday: I cut papers for Mrs. Kolpin. After playing PlaySpent with Mrs. Sager, what are the first three choices you would offer to someone in that situation. I would first offer them a job, to bring in some money. Then i would offer them a place to live. Lastly I would offer them some kind of transportation so they could get to and from their job.

25: Quarter 2 week 6 Monday: I wrapper the kids Christmas gifts Tuesday: I wrapper the kids Christmas gifts What is one thing that you enjoyed most this week? what is one volunteer activity that you are looking forward to doing over Christmas break? This week I enjoyed wrapping the kids Christmas gifts from the teachers. I am looking forward to helping my dad with the Christmas party we are having,

26: Quarter 2 week 7 Monday: I cut out papers for Mrs. Kolpin Tuesday: I made copies fr Mrs. Kolpin Wednesday: I played games with the kids What are three way a site supervisor would observe that a volunteer was performing below expectations and how could the supervisor handle it? 1. If the volunteer is always late or they don't show up at all, I would handle this by confront the person and ask them to be on time as they should be every day. 2. If the volunteer isn't doing what is asked of them. I would handle this by having the supervisor explain themselves a little more so the volunteer knows what they should be doing. 3. If the volunteer is showing disrespect to others around the building. I would handle this by asking them to stop, or by completely taking them off the site.

27: Thank you to the Berry Branch Child Care for everything. I had an amazing semester working with you.

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