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Zeus's Memo

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S: Born in a world of education and fearsome armored teachers

FC: Born up in a world of Education and fearsome armored teachers!

1: Quote by David O’Connor, and he said “ A thought provoking insight to the life and feelings of a student in English speaking international schools in Poland, Russia and Romania”. | My credo for education: In my point of view, education covers 90% of our lives as humans. Education is vital for every person in the world for processing data to making calculations. We use our knowledge/education to get good jobs and to have a good life ahead of us, but we all get our education from schools and then from colleges or universities. The people who pass education around are called teachers, who are adults which help children understand the building blocks of everything they see, hear or touch. Teachers are some of the most important humans who help people open their hearts to new things, they make us want to learn by persuasive language, which is an example of education. For people who want to know why we need education well, it's for our own good, and for our own victories in our future. Without education you as a person are nobody and people will know that, when they’l look upon you. Introduction: This piece of work will be mainly about my life so far in school, and things which I did in the past and some which I still do. My memoir will include illustrations and other pictures or even text on how I did in a test. The main goal of this memoir is too show my feelings towards education and socialization and also teachers who are part of education but I still didn't mix the two together. Year 1 The first year of school was a sad experience for me, because I remember the first day of school when my mum left me in school and after sometime I was lost because I had no idea why my mum left. That was the first time I was ever alone in a new world of crazy jabbering children and scary/boring grownups which called themselves teachers. After a hard time in school, and getting on with other children who were nuts because they always talking about Pokemon, and Barbie ponies. I couldn't get any friends because I thought they were awfully weird for year 1, that's why I didn't make any friends.

2: In year 1 one of the biggest problems which I have ever faced was teachers. They were always telling you to work, or do this or do that, which was always not what I wanted to do. I was, and still am into reading but they insisted to do maths and talk, and discuss things. After many months of torture by the teacher I learned about death. I was in mental shock after being told that one day I will perish into the void with the rest of the human race. My mother, father and all who I had ever known would perish before I would or maybe even after. I feared for them, I tried to think of something but there was nothing and never will be. After more weeks and days I had started making friends and meeting some adults who claimed that I was cute but who cared about my vision. My mind, my whole body was enthralled by thought of death, by the thought of dying. I knew one day I would be taken, and with that thought it was my first time I let myself shiver and stand ground and not let the fear overwhelm my body and soul. When I was informed that my first year of schooling had passed I was overwhelmed with joy and my parents too, which I thought was just irrational. Why would they care, if I didn't give a damn of school except for finishing it, and getting home and reading the Spook's diary? Year 2 The second year of school was a bit different which I could not comprehend because I had to move school to the second BIS school, which I thought was dumb. Why couldn't they make another building next to the first, which always made me wonder why! After installing myself in my new school and acquainting myself to my new teacher in school two, I was rather pleased to say that I had 2 friends and they were rather sensible and even at our age of eight, we started playing paintball and rugby. | The first few months were rather tiring because the teacher got on my nerves a bit more than the one before, and I noticed that we were getting more work which made me furious. That made me tell her in front of the class and I quote my own speech “Miss Langley can you please be quiet and let me work because even a troll wouldn't be able to concentrate while you're around” After that she went red and was furious and then she told me to go to the other classroom with the official raining tyrant of the school who was called Mr. Cooper. He was the biggest itch on my back side there ever was, which made me say a prayer to god “Please god with all my heart I ask you to make me never have a scary teacher like Mr. Cooper again”.(All of this was because of reading too many fantasy and fiction books) I must say that God listened to my prayer and answered it because the next day my teacher Mrs. Langley said sorry for sending me to Mr. Cooper, and asked if I me if I would like a chocolate. My reply was “no thank you Mrs.”. Id rather you let me play some football today, and guess what she said, “NO”. I couldn't believe her but then she said, she was kidding and said go on and have a quick game Daniel. The rest of the school year went pretty good because we were allowed to read a lot during class and occasionally we did some maths but mostly we studied our writing skills and vocabulary and spelling. I must say the time passed rather quickly as if somebody up there pushed fast forward, which made me unhappy because I first noticed that my father grew his first gray/silver hair. This made me literally cry for two days, and then sleep out of sheer exhaustion. The rest of the year passed quickly and finished on the day when the teacher said that we were the best class she ever had. I knew that to every class she said the same thing and her words were as ashes of nothing floating around us making us vulnerable to her gentleness, but the potential for evil which dwelled inside her, from the beginning of time was always noticeable.

3: Year 3 We were transferred to another school which was even better than the previous one, I was introduced to Mrs. Brenda, who would be my new school teacher, but after the introduction I heard her shouting at a boy who only was teasing a girl, how dare she shout at him revenge will be sweet, I told myself. The next day we learnt about history and we worked on maths, and a new topic which was called “R.E”, which actually meant religion. I thought this was great. I thought that if I read this book I would be able to contact God easily, maybe even by sending him a post card but I was wrong. The book was all about Christianity but never said Gods address. Even the teacher said she didn't know it. What kind of teacher doesn't know the most famous persons address? She must be a very low paid teacher. When I returned from school I was told by my mother that my dad had to go on a business trip for two days but I didn't pay attention because I was studying Poland's history about my favorite king whose name was Krol Jan Sobieski. After a few minutes I felt tired and went to bed The next day basically was the same as the others. I worked on maths, science, R.E, History and even did sports. This was my new best subject. It made me uncover my speed, which I loved because I was fast! My father came back and I was pleased to see him and he brought me an electric train which he helped me turn on. The next day I was informed that I am able to join my favorite club the Warhammer club. You were supposed to buy Warhammer models, make them and paint them, and then battle with other players using various tactics which you are able to realize in the game, from the rulebook. After year 3, I was ready for the next year and ready to continue my killing streak in my Warhammer club I won 7 battles and lost none! | Year 4 At the start of the new year of school I was beginning to make friends but to start getting entries. At that time there were minor difficulties, which I didn't care about. After some time we started working on more complicated work, which made me bored to the core of my being and I started asking questions like, how to do this and that. Basically school was the same as before except for a new teacher and harder work. After all the hardship and harshness me and my friends moved on to year 5, which I was told was not bad but it WAS. Year 5 When me and my friends realized, that we were getting older and older and no longer had access to the playground which we normally played in, we had a lot of fun when we were younger and noticed that are childhood will be ending soon, more education will be crammed in our brains until our heads will implode. These thoughts made me shudder and shiver all over my body because I loved my life and never wanted to get older, but I knew that one day I will have to face it. The next day me and my friends forgot about the yesterday’s bleak moments and carried on with our teachings of math, English and history. On lunch we read some of our new catalogue editions and Nils said “let's go go-karting the next day after school, and let's see who wins”. During year 5 we had a lot of fun together me and my friends, but as well, we began to act like gentlemen and be courteous to our teachers, but the thing which we wanted was a voucher. At that time you could get vouchers for every 20 credits you got which was a pretty good achievement.

4: time you could get vouchers for every 20 credits you got which was a pretty good achievement. I remember the time when I got my voucher I was so happy because I thought that I had one million dollars but it turned out to be twenty five dollar. I was so dismayed when I found that out, the rest of the day I was thinking of getting twenty more of these and buying something cool. In year five my favorite memory was when I went to the first harvest festival which doesn’t sound good but it’s basically a special day when all the school meets and plays electronic games all day it was totally awesome because I only had this special festival twice, and you’ll find out soon, why. When year five was finishing my year had to complete a few exams which were pretty amazing, because they were easy like hell itself. Year 6 When I left Poland in the first half of year 6, I was informed that we were going to move to Russia and that we would be going to the British School there so that we might be more accustomed to the rules and rights, and mainly the grading system there. The first few weeks in my new school were really boring and I was lonely because I missed Jacob who had become my closest friend had to leave the country. After some time I had gotten some friends; their names were Miha and Kolyan and they were my best friends, I had there from the start till the end. Life at this school wasn’t that bad even though the teachers were cruel and talked about education all the time till we fell asleep. School life in general was pretty the same as the one I had before. The only change was that I missed my grandma and if I had a choice I would leave everyone and stay with my grandma because she was the best, and so was my grandpa. | Year 7 This year went pretty much straight forward, the main thing which you have to know about this year that I was establishing myself still in a new environment making new friends and concentrating on my education and especially homework. I had a few struggles at the start but quickly straightened them out, because I felt like home there and was quite happy. Year 8 When I passed to year 8 which Is grade 7 I knew I would have new/hard subjects and I was waiting for them but no one anticipated such apocalyptic subjects. What kind of crazy person would make biology a subject and the same went for chemistry. I know it was important but I didn’t want to be a part of it, and there was physics, that subject was awesome. In physics we had to work on circuits and electricity, but it had a major flaw it was our teacher aka, “The ruler of the flies the one and only Satan himself”. He was the strictest teacher in the world and he was scary as hell itself. By the end of the year I knew I wouldn’t be coming back that’s why I said good bye to all my best friends and friends and even to my teachers, and left. Year 9 When I came to Romania which I am now in I wasn’t pleased a tiny bit and I am still not pleased a tiny bit, I am unhappy in this country because I do not have any good friends which I can relate to, that’s why I’m miserable even if I have people to talk to its hard. In this school the rules are different because the projects here count and not the end year exam which I think is new and hard for me but we will still see what I’ll get on the exams. I like all the teachers, because they want to help students, to help them survive and to do well and I’m very happy that they do so.

5: Evaluation: When I was re-tracing my own footsteps from the past, I mainly looked at photos and pictures of me doing things and playing which gave me a lot of information about what I was doing and where I was doing it. I didn’t get the chance to talk to my parents because I kept forgetting to ask them but I talked with my brother and my friend, they briefed me on some details, which helped me write my memoir. When I was thinking of my past I stumbled on a few test papers one was particularly bad it had eighteen out of forty-nine but I as well found a humanities test paper with a grade for the criterion nine out of ten which was awesome and made me remember me revising and talking with my dad. Conclusion: In my point of view my conclusion for my memoir is that this assignment let me focus on my past and remember parts of my life I really enjoyed this piece of work and am happy to do one more or even two more. Thank you for reading!

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