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1950's Choose Your Own Adventure (Copy)

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1: The Korean War begins and the United States is at a crossroad with its citizens forced to make a tough decision. You must choose whether or not to go into the war and fight for your beloved country or stay home with your family and friends.

2: Instead of going into the military and fighting for your country you decide to stay home with your family and friends. You go through college and get married to a beautiful girl. You are working at a bank when you here that there is a draft going out soon. You go home and tell your wife the bad news. You start to worry and panic about what you are going to do. Your wife tells you to do whatever you think you is right. If you choose to enter the draft go to page 4 if you decide to dodge the draft go to page 6...

3: At the outbreak of the Korean war you feel it is your duty to fight for your country. You knew people who had fought in World War II, in fact your father was badly wounded during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. You are very proud of your father and what he did for his country and you wish to follow in his footsteps. You quickly head down to the nearest place to enlist. Now you must decide whether to choose the Navy or the Air Force. If you choose the Navy go to page 5 but if you decide the Air Force go to page 7...

4: You decide that fighting for your country is the right thing to do. You get a letter in the mail that tells you to go to the nearest base for training . Within two days your at the camp and training. It's the hardest training you have ever done before and you don't know how your going to survive. After one week of intense training they give you a choice between the Armed Forces or Air Force where you would become a bomber. You spend some time thinking about what your decision is going to be. You talk it over with friends you made in the camp. If you choose Armed Forces go to page 8 but if you choose Air Force bomber go to page 12...

5: You choose to enlist in the United States Navy. You push yourself through basic training and finally become a soldier. The Navy turns out to be a very fulfilling experience. You travel all over the world as you are stationed in various regions of the globe. However, you have yet to see much real action and you are eager to fight for the U.S. Finally, just when you can't possibly wait any longer, an oppurtunity comes around and you must choose whether to be stationed at either the Cruiser Juneau or one of the many ammunition ships that supply weapons and ammo to the front lines. If you choose Cruiser Juneau go to page 10 but if you decide to choose the supply and ammunition ship go to page 14...

6: You decide that you cannot risk going into the war and believe it is better off to stay with your family and friends, even if that means breaking the law. At first you go into hiding for a few months until you can come up with a new identity. You come up with a new name and move to avoid people noticing. Its been a while and you feel as though you are in the clear with a new name and a different job people hardly notice you. You have been saving up at your new job and realize you have enough to get a credit card becuase of the new credit card system just put into place. If you choose to get a credit card go to page 9 but if you feel its not the right decision go to page 13...

7: You decided to go into the air force to shoot down enemy air planes and to bomb targets. You go through a few months of traning and are finally ready for the war. You and a bunch of other planes go out and finish a few missions. It's the 77th day you have been flying for the Air Force in the war and are getting back from a mission when you and your team are all of a sudden being attacked by enemy F86 F, and F-86 Sabre. Either you can choose to shoot down the F-86 Sabre that aren't attacking anyone yet or you can try to help save some of your team by shooting down the F86 F. If you choose the F-86 F to save your comrads go to page 11 but if u decide to get the F-86 Sabre go to page 15...

8: You head out on a plane with a bunch of men that you have never seen before in your life. You notice that all of them are scared out of their minds. "Was this the right choice?" You ask yourself. The commander is walking up and down the plane yelling and screaming trying to get the men ready for combat. The plane hits the ground with force and you jump up. you grab your M1 Carbine as tight as you can. You jump off the plane and hear gun shots. You fall to the ground as foot steps rumble around you. The commander yeslls at you to get your a** up. So you scurry to your feet and feel a sharp pain in your chest. You fall back down and never get back up.

9: You decided you have earned it and get a credit card. Unfortunately in order to get one you must sign under your old name. Thinking nothing of it and realizing that the likely hood of you being drafted now is low you do just that. Two months go by and your credit card has become one of your favorite things. You use it all the time without even realizing it. One day at home you get a knock on your door, its the government. By looking at your records and spending they are able to find you and punish you for avoiding the draft. You are now sent to jail to serve your punishment leaving your family without any source of major income.

10: You would much rather prefer to be on the front lines, in the middle of all the action, and you figure that the ship that would bring you closer to the action would be the Cruiser Juneau. You spend along while at sea aboard the Juneau, and for the most part things have remained quiet. However, one day the cruiser becomes involved in a battle between U.S. and U.K. forces against 4 North Korean torpedo ships, known as the Battle of Guadalcanl. The Juneau is stuck with a torpedo during the battle and sinks. You along with the five sullivan brothers , some fellow crewmen on the ship, are killed when the ship sinks.

11: You decided to help your team out but in doing so you put yourself in extreme danger. As you shoot one down you are shot from a machine gun behind you. You try to shake him off but there is no hope. two more F86 - F come from behind and shoot you down, killing you in action.

12: You decide its safest for you to be the bomber pilot. You go through another three weeks of training learning how to fly and control the planes weaponry. As soon as the training is over you are sent right out to fight. You get sent out to ML 51-53 , a major air force base for the United States. You land at MLR and decide to check out the base. Just as your almost done the siren goes off and you run to your plane. Your assigned to bomb a base in North Korea and the mission is succesful. The war ends and you were succesful.

13: You decide that getting a new credit card although exciting has no real importance to you. Instead of buying a credit card you decide to save up your money and continue working hard. You live a long and happy life with no effects of dodging the war. In your later years you even have enough to buy the house by the shore you always wanted where you spend the rest of your years happy with your family.

14: As much as you would like to fight on the front lines, you decide for the sake of your family, it would be safer to work on one of hte many ammunition boats. You have a very fulfiling stay on the ships, and it feels good to know that although you are not out there with them, you are helping the soldiers who are fighting on the front lines by supplying them with al the ammunition they could possibly need. Without you and the rest of the crew aboard the ship many of your country's soldiers would have been left unable to fight. You are able to return to your family after the war has ended, and you live a long and happy life.

15: You decided you think your team can handle it and go after the F-86 Sabre. You end up shooting down 5 of them and make it home alive which ended up saving about 200 men. You still live with the guilt of knowing that you didnt save those 7 men.

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