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2011 Montage Annual Report

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2011 Montage Annual Report - Page Text Content

BC: www.montagecompanies.com

1: In 2001, a dream was born. It was a vision that dared to harness diverse individual and organizational elements that would create an entity that would change the world. Through determination and cooperation, this dream has been nurtured and has blossomed into what we know today as... The Montage Companies!

2: President's Welcome Greetings, It is again my pleasure to address all of you— employees, customers, vendors and partners of Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC, to express a heartfelt gratitude and to celebrate our 10th year as a company. We have grown over the past few years, from a ‘one man show’ to a staff of 5 with multiple consultants in varying expertise including diversity practitioners, education consultants and technology consultants. In 2009 we launched the reorganized Montage Companies which houses our four divisions: Montage Diversity, Montage Education, Montage Technology and our off-shore social entrepreneurship venture, Montage Jamaica. We maintain strong values of integrity, honesty and balance, as we strive to deliver unequalled strategic services to our clients and to create an environment of success for our employees. Our company continues to grow, though at a slower rate in 2010 than the previous three years. Addressing this slowed growth will be a major focus as we move deeper into and throughout 2011. We are confident that the steps to realign our processes with our strong commitment to quality services and products will result in renewed and significant growth over the coming years. Our clients and partners continue to realize tremendous value while working with Montage, allowing them to maintain compliance on their government, state and municipal contracts, and in many cases, position themselves to gain new business through their partnership with Montage. In 2011, Montage looks to reconnect and reengage on a greater scale with our clients, exploring our relationships deeper, and identifying new ways to add value to their journeys. Last year in my remarks, I discussed Montage’s commitment and dedication to driving return on investment for our clients. Supplier diversity initiatives with Montage continue to yield millions in new business for some of our clients, while others are able to maintain significant contracts that may have been lost in an increasingly competitive and strategic business environment. As we grow Montage in scale and capacity, we will continue to serve our current clients and drive business for new ones in the coming years. With education a paramount focus, we have aligned our vision with our US government’s NETP (National Educational Technology Plan), and will implement strategic, technological and educational programs and resources that will drive lifelong learning for all learners. Philanthropy has been, and will remain a cornerstone of our mission at Montage. We will continue to drive philanthropic activities across the globe with our creation of entities like Montage Jamaica. The opening of our ‘Montage Jamaica Cyber Academy’ in August of 2010 was a key driver in realizing a small portion of our philanthropic vision and the upcoming public launch of The Montage Foundation is yet another clear commitment to those values. Thank you all for your support. We look forward to the next ten years! Cheers, Stephan R. Reeves President /CEO

3: Montage Companies: Global visionary in the dissemination of diverse human capital strategies, 21st century education solutions, and entrepreneurship and mentoring resources to drive personal and organizational success.

4: The Montage Companies is an international group of education, technology and diversity consulting entities serving corporate, educational and government clients. With a keen focus on global needs in these areas of expertise, Montage Companies helps organizations and institutions create competitive advantage while driving economic and personal development across the globe. Each year we ask ourselves a simple question, ‘What truly drives our operation here at Montage?’ That question was posed to our leadership and we were pleased to see a consistent answer - our people! Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC, Montage Education, Montage Jamaica and Montage Technology accomplish our goals through the dedication, talent and determination of our outstanding staff. Thanks to you all! | Company Overview | "At Montage Companies, we endeavor to foster strong relationships with our clients, vendors and suppliers that transcend the mere act of exchanging service for compensation and dare to establish a commitment to greater social and moral transformation."

5: Montage Diversity Consultants remains our human resource outsourcing, Woman /Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE) compliance and diversity training entity, providing clients with true competitive advantage by strengthening their human capital assets. Our goal as we move deeper into 2011 is to continue to develop strategies and solutions to challenging business issues facing organizations today. | MISSION: Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC aims to assist corporations and educational institutions reach their stated diversity goals through consultation, training, technology support and partnership, while reinvesting in community and personal development. | Several years ago, we identified a tremendous growth potential in the area of W/MBE compliance and see this trend continuing as we move forward. However, the stage has shifted somewhat. Organizations are no longer motivated by the supplier diversity argument that only provides a ‘more cohesive work environment’ or one that ‘allows open exchange of ideas’; they want more. In fact, they need more. Organizations, institutions and corporations seek alignment with a supplier diversity model that drives key business objectives and goals, and yes, ones that bolster the bottom line. Montage’s ability to deliver this type of a model has been and will continue to be a critical component of our sustained success.

6: Montage Education The year 2010 marked the first full year that our Montage Education brand was in full operation. Our cyber academy planning and implementation, parental involvement, and entrepreneurship and mentoring services continue to be our main focus as we strive to drive high student achievement. As a member of the Montage Companies, Montage Education is our educational services firm that delivers educational resources to K-12 students, families and institutions. With interactive on-line curriculum, technology based supplemental resources, and individual education planning strategies, Montage Education aims to cultivate our next generation of global citizens and leaders. Add entrepreneurial skills training and mentoring, and Montage Education teaches students how to align resources to deliver the life they desire. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and with offices in Delray Beach, Florida, Montage Education is committed to high student achievement and delivering outstanding digital educational solutions. | Education will remain a targeted, important part of Montage's vision. Since November 2009 when we launched in Delray Beach, Florida, Montage Education has made some significant steps toward our goal of driving high student achievement. As we move closer toward our goal of ‘a differentiated, multi-layered, on-line learning environment that’s delivered in a one-to-one computing model where each student is surrounded by a cadre of supports such as teachers, parents, administrators, mentors, organizations and corporations, all working together to drive success for that student, both in school and as the student uncovers a career path!’ - we are confident in the victory of a true integration of education, technology and human interaction! Montage Education has taken leadership strides in the area of technology-based, 21st century learning environments, and we are excited to bring our concept fully to market in 2011. In August of 2010, Montage Education completed its vision for a delivery of a ‘turnkey’ solution that provides planning, implementation, on-line curriculum and supplements, computer hardware and software, and ongoing support to sustain the launch and successful roll out of an organization’s on-line learning environment or cyber academy. Our vision is illustrated as follows:

7: Montage's Seven Circles of Success | The above diagram illustrates our Montage Educational vision, the Seven Circles of Success, released in August of 2010. In November of 2010, the US Government released the National Education Technology Plan 2010 (NETP); we were empowered by the similarities.

8: National Education Technology Plan 2010 (NETP) http://www.ed.gov/technology/netp-2010 "The National Education Technology Plan 2010 (NETP) calls for revolutionary transformation rather than evolutionary tinkering. It urges our education system at all levels to: * Be clear about the outcomes we seek. * Collaborate to redesign structures and processes for effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. * Continually monitor and measure our performance. * Hold ourselves accountable for progress and results every step of the way. | The plan recognizes that technology is at the core of virtually every aspect of our daily lives and work, and we must leverage it to provide engaging and powerful learning experiences and content, as well as resources and assessments that measure student achievement in more complete, authentic, and meaningful ways. Technology-based learning and assessment systems will be pivotal in improving student learning and generating data that can be used to continuously improve the education system at all levels. Technology will help us execute collaborative teaching strategies combined with professional learning that better prepares and enhance educators" Transforming American Education The NETP document continues in this fashion for over 120 pages, outlining an educational model that is powered by technology, engaging, empowering and always accessible. It describes a process that should be collaborative in nature, rigorous yet inclusive, a lifelong journey and one which is assessment and data driven. It describes the provisions that must be made to ensure that educators are trained and equipped with the skills and resources needed to succeed in an increasingly technology driven society. The plan lays claim to improving our nation’s educational system and improving the college graduation rates to heights that would once again place America at the head of the global pack! ‘By 2020, we will raise the proportion of college graduates from where it now stands (about 41 percent) so that 60 percent of our population holds a two-year or four-year degree (National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education 2008). We will close the achievement gap so that all students graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers.’ These are aggressive goals considering our current state of education in America, but these too are our goals here at Montage. This too is our mission!

9: Montage Jamaica, a member of the Montage Companies, is a social entrepreneurship venture created to enhance education and technology resources on the Island of Jamaica. Montage Jamaica aims to cultivate a new generation of digitally connected Jamaicans in order to build a population of technologically fit global citizens. Our on-line educational curriculum, technology training services and entrepreneurial skills training and mentoring are the cornerstone of our offerings. | Headquartered in Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I., with offices in Delray Beach, FL and Philadelphia, PA, USA, Montage Jamaica remains an entity in which we have enormous pride. It continues to provide entrepreneurship support, financial planning and operational guidance to young entrepreneurs on the Island. Current projects include the support of a taxi owner/operator business, support for a chicken farm and of course, our cyber academy. In August of 2010, Montage Jamaica launched our first Cyber Academy with two students, Rickie and Ricardo Lindsay. To date, the school has grown to five students and a full time teacher, Ms. Delissa Bailey, who provides a blended model of instruction, integrating Montage’s on-line learning on the Aries Learning Management System along with the Jamaican Primary School Curriculum. | “By 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.” — President Barack Obama, Address to Congress, Feb. 24, 2009 | Montage Education will work to fulfill the goals of the NETP and to drive personal development of our youth and adult learners with the ongoing implementations of our entrepreneurship and mentoring programs through collaboration with The Uncommon Individual Foundation (UIF). We will continue to leverage the help and support of our on-line curriculum partners whose products and services we will continue to bundle together with outstanding professional development to deliver strong educational solutions that drive high student achievement.

10: Montage Technology delivers cutting edge web design, cyber academy support, IT procurement services and software training, providing our clients with a clear path to enhancing their technology presence and infrastructure. A division of Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC and a member of the Montage Companies, Montage Technology’s vision is to guide organizations as they explore and implement new technologies that enhance productivity, profitability and personal development. The division continues to be one of our faster growing over the past year, in part due to the increase in hardware sales and services related to our cyber academy launches. Supporting all Montage entities as well as our cyber academy implementations, Montage Technology remains the expanding infrastructure on which our business sits. | The future is now. Our technology division continues to support our national initiative of providing turnkey hardware/software solutions to support cyber and digital academy launches. Our focus as a company on education is a determinant factor that sets our sights clearly on improving the way technology education is delivered. We will look to explore the next generation of educational tech resources, and ‘apptualize’ educational software to deliver true ‘on demand learning’ directly to the learner. ‘Apptualize’: The process of taking a current piece of software or mobile technology and converting it into an ‘app’ for on-demand learning.

11: BALANCE: Strategy without execution lacks results! Execution without thought and planning could yield intangibles! From balancing these concepts derives our strategy. Moving initiatives forward is key to what we do at Montage Companies. On the other hand, recognizing when the time is right to strike is a vital skill in navigating the volatile business environment in which we now reside. The challenges many companies face is seeing the trends and positioning resources to take advantage of good planning. We have been successful at the onset of this dance, but are cognizant of the fact that we cannot rest. For with propelled balance comes consistency. | CONSISTENCY: Consistency is tied closely to the concept of balance, and is an element we strive to achieve here at Montage. Strategy without execution lacks results! Execution without thought and planning could yield intangibles! These concepts can either prevent us from accomplishing our goals, or force us to be better examiners of the business challenges we face, and meet them head on. At Montage we use one (Balance) to enhance the other (Consistency). We don’t overdo it on strategy and miss our mark by not taking our shot; we take calculated risks that position us for greatness and that has brought us success. | Our drive to achieve balance and consistently deliver our core services in the areas of diversity, education and technology initiatives, allows us to effectively link and align these converging concepts into our business strategy . | Our Strategy

12: We continue to execute in 2011, aiming to meet and exceed our strategic and bottom line targets by: - Expanding our national partnerships with established partners to propel their supplier diversity programs forward. - Launching our 2011 sales plan to address the needs of Intermediate Units and School Districts to develop their cyber/digital learning programs. - Delivering sound guidance in the area of IT procurement and enterprise level buying strategies. | Meeting and Exceeding Objectives Across all divisions in 2010, our management team executed on the following objectives to drive growth and business success: - Implemented new AP/AR measures and processes to ensure healthy cash flow. - Enhanced distribution channels for hardware, software and IT products and services. - Completed Salesforce implementation for sales tracking and prospect management. - Completed the planning and implementation of our Montage Jamaica Cyber Academy launched in August 2010. | "Our work thus far with organizations such as the Philadelphia School District has helped to shape our vision for continued partnership with large institutional and government clients."

13: Significant 2010 Highlights - In March, Montage Technology officially hired Damon Bilger, as our Director of Montage Technology. He has helped to streamline our internal and external technology infrastructure from websites to internal/external facing productivity and collaborative tools. - In August, Montage Jamaica Cyber Academy was launched. - In September, Montage Education launched its first state side digital academy for South Eastern Greene School District (SGDA- Southeastern Greene Digital Academy) in Western Pennsylvania. - In September, Montage completed full review of human resource and hiring process for full and part time employees, resulting in the update of our employee handbook, benefits programs and payroll systems. - In October, Montage Companies was awarded the 2010 Med Week Award for outstanding minority owned business in the Philadelphia area. The award was presented at the 26th annual Med Week 2010 Awards presentation in Philadelphia, PA. Significant 2011 Highlights - In the first quarter, Montage solidifies partnerships with SHI, Advanced Academics, K-12/Aventa, Pearson/FLVS, Achieve 3000 and ALEKS. - In the first quarter, Montage Education launches Digital Academy pilots in some of Philadelphia’s empowerment and Promise Academy Schools: - In the beginning of the second quarter, Montage is positioned to bring on a new Charter School client and provide our turnkey Alternative Education Program Management services and supports. The initiative would be the largest of its kind at Montage to date! | * Wister Elementary, (W.I.L.L) - Wister Integrated Learning Lab; a 12 student digital academy pilot utilizing current on-line resources available to the school through the district. * Penrose Elementary: ALEKS math pilot. * University City Promise Academy: Plans to implement credit recovery and a ‘brick and click’ classroom to expose students to a blended on-line learning environment.

14: Our Partners | Catapult Learning For over five (5) years, Montage has partnered with Catapult Learning, providing them with W/MBE compliance and supplier diversity based services. The relationship has grown to near national proportions enabling Montage to expand services on a national scale and Catapult Learning to maintain and win millions in new contracts. The School District of Philadelphia For over six years, Montage has worked closely with the School District of Philadelphia in several capacities including helping them to implement their W/MBE programs and compliance process. In both instructional and non-instructional areas, we have been able to help the district drive high student achievement through the delivery of technology based professional development, and Parental Involvement services. Temple University Our on-going relationship with Temple University and their Small Business Development Center Incubator program has been a key to our success as a growing business. Over the past three years, we have developed and nurtured our strategic vision with the guidance of Temple's resources and will continue to grow this relationship through the introduction of our Internship and Mentoring program to Temple and its students. The United Bank of Philadelphia United Bank of Philadelphia has been a financial support and a measure of growth for Montage for the past four years. With well positioned financial instruments, United Bank of Philadelphia has created a constant pipeline of funds for assisting us to execute on growth strategies and new initiatives. The Uncommon Individual Foundation UIF, creators of Mentorsphere, an on-line entrepreneurship and mentoring portal used by Montage to deliver cutting edge mentoring and career guidance to students and adults alike, has been a key player in the roll out of ideas and services that guide learners to success in their ventures. Designed to empower users to be the entrepreneur of their own lives, Mentorsphere remains a valuable tool in driving success across Montage’s implementations. Our Curriculum Partners Enabling Montage to fulfill our goal of delivering quality on-line curriculum and 21st century supplemental resources to drive high student achievement is quite a task to accomplish. Our on-line curriculum partners have been highly researched and selected based upon their ability to drive student success. Our selected partners are Advanced Academics, K-12/Aventa, Pearson/FLVS (Florida Virtual School), ALEKS, First In Math, Achieve3000, Kidspiration/Inspiration/Webspiration. | THANK YOU! | At Montage, we’ve always believed goals are never accomplished alone. So throughout the years, we have been privileged to gain and maintain the support of key resources that have helped to direct, position and drive our goals.

15: Our Value Proposition Montage leverages management, administrative and strategic supports in order to streamline human capital and supplier diversity processes. Our knowledge of the Diversity, Education and Technology spaces and our willingness to collaborate across arenas, allow us to align strategies with clients’ goals of educating/improving their people and using technology to drive change. | Our team at Montage, and the numerous professionals, trainers and consultants we work with, all have a stake in delivering value to our clients. By implementing solid mechanisms for tracking and reporting on various targets from W/MBE spending to high student achievement, Montage will continue to add value for clients through the specific delivery of goods and services across all our divisions. | Our strengths encompass: - Applying our expertise to support clients in improving human capital investments through training and professional development. - Leveraging our knowledge of the W/MBE, small and disadvantaged business environment in order to drive corporate and organizational initiatives. - Creating and planning strategic guidance for clients and partners while providing targeted, on-going support for delivering success to those initiatives.

16: Montage has shown tremendous growth over the past three years. Since 2008, Montage Companies grew 111%. Year over year growth of 27% was reported in 2010 over 2009. The increase in growth over this period is due primarily to amplified human resources and minority business contract compliance services provided to Catapult Learning in the Florida (new programs in Orange and Collier Counties), Chicago and Philadelphia regions. In addition, sales of cyber planning and implementation services, technology sales and support services in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida contributed to the enhanced growth. Our diversity consulting/training services as well as services provided to the School District of Philadelphia’s Parent University also helped to drive our overall revenue increase in 2010. | Financial Information

17: To support the revenue growth during the three years ended December 31, 2010, Montage made significant investments in human capital, technology, long lived assets and occupancy. These investments have allowed the Company to build a strong infrastructure in order to support the increasing needs of its client base. As was the expectation of our leadership, the Company increased its borrowing base with its banking institution, United Bank of Philadelphia, which continues to allow Montage to make the necessary investments in the Company, as well as support the increased working capital needs commensurate with the growth of the business. The significant investments made over the past three years have contributed to the rise in the Company’s expenses, thus the slower growth in 2010. However, the Company has grown from a net loss position for the twelve months ended December 31, 2007 to a net income position for the twelve months ended December 31, 2009 and 2010, and continues to show signs of continued double digit growth in 2011, with first quarter growth trending at 35% over this time last year (2010). The Company predicts increased profitability during its forecasted period, the future five years ending December 31, 2015. | Test Text

18: Montage Diversity is poised to embark on new national agreements with key clients, distributors and partners, and will demonstrate our ability to continually impact their success. Human Resource Management and Outsourcing, our flagship service that drives human capital improvements for our clients, will remain our life's blood. Diversity training and consulting services will continue to anchor our organization's ability to enhance personal development and drive organizational change. | Montage Education will continue its mission to launch our nationwide cyber academy planning and implementation initiatives that will endeavor to meet our 40 cyber academies target! Twenty-first (21st) century education and the increased use of technology have exploded. Teachers today are being asked to utilize interactive white boards, on-line curriculum and other tech based resources in exploring the various ways of addressing students’ individual needs. Montage Education will continue to create customized, technology driven professional and personal development resources for teachers to become equipped with the skills necessary to meet these 21st century needs and drive high student achievement in their classrooms. We will remain steadfast in delivering both the educational technology and training that is required to reach this goal. | Montage Technology will continue to deliver cutting edge web development and further align and develop resources to provide continued support to our Cyber Academy build-out initiative. We will remain cognizant of the use of technology to impact teaching and training initiatives and will strive to continue to deliver sound technology training and professional development in both education and corporate industry. Our continued leveraging of our knowledge of telecommunications and IT procurement will provide our clients with enterprise buying strategies that will facilitate the reduction of total cost of ownership of their technology infrastructure. We will remain focused on expanding partnerships across our technology footprint to successfully drive our current and new initiatives! | Looking Ahead Montage Companies anticipates sustained growth throughout our US divisions in the next three to five years.

19: Montage Jamaica continues our steady yet determined pace of impacting communities and changing lives in Jamaica. The launch of Montage Jamaica Cyber Academy was a significant accomplishment for our organization, and one which we view as a major stepping stone in our quest to bring technology and on-line education to under-served populations across the globe! Montage Jamaica Cyber has also inspired the creation of the Montage Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization that is committed to helping individuals across the globe reach their full potential through inter-personal development and the acquisition of true knowledge. The Montage Foundation will manage our Montage Jamaica Cyber initiative as well as future roll outs of our cyber academies across the Island, the Caribbean and ultimately, the globe. As we look forward, Montage Jamaica plans to move its current location in Summer of 2011 to the local Old Harbour Glades community centre, providing more visibility for the school and our mission to create on-line learning environments across the Island that breeds success! Next stop for Montage Jamaica: Jamaican Tourism! In 2011, Montage Jamaica will launch our ‘Montage Jamaica Tours' concept! Montage Tours is a unique way to see, explore and experience the wonders of the Jamaican landscape, culture, food and of course the people. These unique tours will provide a view into the lives of the Jamaican people and will be designed for eco and social minded tourists. Tours will be led by local Jamaican entrepreneurs building local tourism-based businesses in one of the hottest destinations in the world! Our foundation efforts continue as we look this year to establish a sound financial model for the continued success of this most important initiative. | "At Montage, we constantly examine our past to prepare for our future and, undoubtedly, use these experiences to gain a greater sense of value, continuing ever so diligently to improve ourselves and each other."

20: Contact Information: Website: www.montagecompanies.com Corporate HQ: 1510 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Suite 301 Philadelphia, PA 19121 215-921-6349 Florida Location: 401 West Atlantic Avenue, Suite O-9 Delray Beach, FL 33444 561-327-4950 Jamaica Location (Montage Jamaica): 10 Angel Drive Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I. 876-292-5700 | Montage Companies again thanks you for your involvement, guidance and unrelenting support as we move through our journey. We look forward to a vibrant and successful future and another prosperous 10 years together.

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