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30 years of Simon

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30 years of Simon - Page Text Content

BC: Next stop 40...

FC: 30 years of 'The Simon Show'

1: Happy 30th Simon. Enclosed are a few memories of the last three decades. Take a drink and enjoy reliving some of those moments. We have! Your friends and family

2: 19th January 1983: The beginning | The praise pose

3: 1 week down | Who is that? | Jolly jumper | I want that thing! | 1 year old! | 6 months worming around on tummy

4: THE expert on road signs | Stop bugging me | Talking to the garden gnome | Unfair life (dressed in pink) | What is that for? | Making my escape

5: Dear Grandson Simon, It was so good to see you and Kelly in Cape Town over the festive season. WE also know that you have reached the milestone of 30 years, on this 19th day of January 2013 We send you hearty congratulations on this occasion and your many achievements from when you were a beginner at Berea West school. Good luck for your future success Love Gran and Grandpa

6: Water boy | Spiderman | Injured soldier

7: Wow! Your 30th Birthday Simon! Congratulations on reaching this great milestone, and on all you have accomplished in these momentous 30 years! Little did we know when you arrived what the next 30 years held for you. It has been an amazing journey to watch you grow and mature into the man you are today. You have used your talents, explored your potential and you laid a solid foundation for the next 30 years so I look forward to watching these future years unfold. I wish you every success and lots of love, happiness and good health! Happy Birthday Si! Love Mom

8: Too excited to start pre-school with his briefcase

9: Happy birthday Simon, may you age as well as a good bottle of pinotage. Hope the next 30 are even better than the last. Love Tim and Sal P.S. please return the black tie so I may have it dry cleaned

10: Seemeeu, you are nearing the slippery slope to middle age so its time to reassess your life and look at making one of your hobbies into a second career later in life after you have achieved all that you want to at present. I know that you would make a dammed good stand up comedian using your music and experiences as an accountant. Time doesn’t fly it sneaks past when you are not looking. So on this your thirtieth birthday all I can say, enjoy the future come what may. I am so proud of you and love you so much. Blessings. Dad

11: Starting young with contract law | When Simon gave me that card with the little inscription "look for my gifts" I thought that the gift still had to come. Imagine my feelimgs now, twenty odd years later when going through all the papers of Simon that I had saved to send to you I suddenly realised that it was an envelope and something was inside. I opened it and out fell the little card entitled "The title deed......." | Early use of emoticons

12: What will I be when I grow up? | A shepherd? | An astronaut? | A baker? | A WWII bomber?

13: ............................................ | before the corruption

16: Kloof High School

20: University of ...what was it called

23: p.a.r.t.y. | Dodgy leather jacket

24: Dear Si - Happy 30th birthday, my dear friend. I couldn't find any of the good photos, but I'll try paint some pictures of some of my memories from the decade and a half that I’ve been around in your life: remember your gold and (off-)white MCD boardies and wife-beater combo that you used to wear without shoes? We had those long chats while sat on top of the skateboard half-pipe behind the church building. And then a few years later, you tried to teach me how to breakdance in my mom's lounge and I spent most of the time falling all over that yellow carpet? At that point you'd traded in the boardies for anything addidas. Remember Creativity Unleashed? And performing in shopping malls (I cringe with embarrassment). Jump another few years, and we’re sitting on the bench at VFC, you’re teaching me ‘Everybody Hurts’ on guitar. Remember Tree 63 and MIC concerts? I remember losing my stomach as you got all 4 tyres airborne of ‘Zimbabwe’ over the bump near Mark’s house. I’ll never forget you and Gunther in tuxes with champagne at the Durban harbor on my 18th. That around the same time as your preference for those horrid white Oakleys which you wore to the commerce ball! We decorated Christmas trees, visited grandparents, wakeboarded, played piano, danced, wrote lots of letters, you taught me how to drive, and how to prove that tanx = sinx/cosx. I really cherished those times, and I suppose I was most relieved to discover, when we met up in Joburg in 2010, that although you’d grown up a bit in 7 years (you even had cufflinks nog al!), you hadn’t changed a bit. I’m grateful for our chats, and dinners and copious martinis and bottles of wine, and that I can still out eat you. Thanks for being such an important person in my life, Simon van Wyk! I hope that you have a fantastic birthday!! Lots of love Joelle

25: First love

26: Ode to Pat vanGwaf He's as strange a character as you ever may see By his arrival he made the peasants of Kloof numbered 3 We've "studied" we partied we have talked deep and long Despite distance, differences and the rest of lift our friendship remains strong It's 30 years down for you with many to come Hope you celebrate well a bottle of wine I am sure and then some We wish you the best from God and from men Till next we meet and party then! Ross and Kim

27: Dear Pat Well time sure does fly, it was about this time 16 years ago we were forced to look after you, but it sure is something I will never regret. The many times, endless memories and that fantastic times had by all over the many years will always reflect the friendship and reliability you are known for. I congratulate you on all the things you have achieved over the last couple years and have no doubt the future holds many many more. Happy 30th Birthday my friend, I hope you have an awesome day and look forward to getting to celebrate in memory sometime soon... All the best. Kassie. PS dont forget our holiday island you promised Ross and I you would buy...

28: Zimbabwe. The car without any resources (oil, water or gas) but would keep on going. | Extra curricular activities

29: 21st

32: Graduations

34: Happy birthday Simon!!! We hope you have a fantastic day and year ahead, and we hope to see you in Amsterdam/Zurich/somewhere in between this year!! Jeff and Dana

35: Happy 30th Birthday DQ!!! Ha ha- welcome to the 30's club! Here's wishing the next 30 to be as exciting & memorable as this first 30! I miss 'tea on the roof' with you & Kel loads & wish I was there to celebrate your 30th with you. Lynn | BERMUDA



38: Miles Wedding

40: Mayhew wedding

41: To our 2nd son... you made it to 30 in one piece (which in itself is a miracle!); hope the next 30 are as full of adventure and even more rewarding than the last! Lots of love Harry and Karen

42: The Smiths wedding

44: Traveling the world

46: Weakley! Wine! | A kettle in the shower...... hard placed to beat

47: Bride getting ready photos | FUCK YOU, SIMON | Caz: What you doing for the rugby? I have a spare ticket.. Simon: Weakley, will you marry me? | Bordeaux 1989 bottle of red - a good year (if we do say so ourselves)


49: Happy 30th Simon the snobbiest man I know (in a good way). Mandi | On a cold winters eve in Amsterdam, in a pub of irreputable class, a South African drank. Little did he know where that drink was taking him, or what his choices will lead to in the future. Into the bar some kiwi lasses came, bee lining for the bar as they tend to do. One of the lasses, known well to Simon, greeted him politely with a kiss on the cheek and a squeeze of the upper thigh (I have no recollection if this happened or not), she then turned to her fellow friend and introduced her to Simon. Simon, using the beverages he had consumed as fuel, he took Gemma's offered hand and leaned in for the traditional Dutch style cheek kisses. However, all things went topsy turvy in a moment of seconds, Simon was struck with the best possible light bulb moment he was going to have of 2011 (well maybe just of that night) and as he lent in, he decided against the kisses, and rolled out his salivating tongue and licked the side of Gemma's face. Kelly stood there stunned, watching the reaction of her friend, not knowing what to say. While Gemma stood there, her feet glued to the floor, and unknowing where to go from there, I mean what does one do once they've had their face licked, they don't reciprocate that's what. Well they will one day... Have an awesome birthday Simon, it's definitely a 'good to meet you' moment I wont be forgetting any time soon. Gemma | Happy 30th, you grumpy old man! I hate to admit it, but it has been a pleasure getting to know you this past year. Thanks for always keeping me on my toes (literally). I look forward to many more great times with you. Just try to keep your tongue in your mouth... Cheers, Mel

50: Working at Boeing | Best of Boeing sayings: "You want to go to St Louis? Really? You don't wanna hang death over a fence there!“ "Three things you can not hide... the sun, the moon and the truth! Later just requires more patience...!“ "Really? Well, I honestly think we should leave the church in the village!“ (in the sense that someone should not make an elephant out of an mosquito). If you feel offended by someone, do something unexpected and say something nonsense like: "I sincerely hope that you always bring an umbrella to church!“ "Everything has an end, only a sausage has two!“ Instead of saying "What an idiot!“ – we should express our positive attitude and say: "Perhaps, training will do“ "No need to say everything that is true but if you say something it must be true!" "Not the wind but the sail sets the direction." | Trying to win a Start-a-BBQ-contest | Explaining the world to the Director of International Accounting Operations (an American)

51: Man, you are the living proof that people can be super competent and super cool! I see your competencies and skills every day at work, and I have the pleasure to see your coolness sharing some beers! A lot of fun to work with you, and even more fun to have drinks. We should have more of those “end of the day drinks”! Keep it cool Bro! Mustapha | "Ongelooflijk lekker"

52: Simon, Thou saucy knotty-pated mumble-news! You cockered lily-livered bugbear! With the fondest of wintery man-hugs and a toast to the driest-humoured Saffer I know, have a wonderful birthday and I hope I shall be clinking tankards of Zacapa XO with you soon. Jules

53: So it is your 30th birthday, I can't say I really know a lot about you however you leave an adequate audit trail of your movements, work experiences and social encounters in places of "ill" repute. It is great to see you care for Kelly especially in the times that really counted. I thank you for that and hope that regardless of where you end up settling down you will continue the passion, the enjoyment of a partnership and don't loose any of your wit! A very happy birthday from both me and Bridget and trust we shall see each other over a potent Shiraz very soon. Herman and Bridget | Dear Simon - These photos remind me of the first time I met you in Bermuda. I think of you as a wonderful, kind and generous person, who has given Kelly much joy these past years. All the best with reaching your 30th birthday. I would love to be there with you, but Peter and I will most definitely drink a toast to your health on the 19th. Margaret and Peter. | To the guy that talks a lot, enjoy your 30th and the wine that comes with it, from the girl that talks not quite as much. Rach xx To the token South African, hope your 30th goes well and they supply enough wine for you! from the kiwi with the Rugby World Cup!! Marc

55: Happy 30th my bearded Saffa. Who would have thought, from a construction site 4 years ago to living the life in Europe now. Putting this book together has really shown how you have lived life to the fullest, and have an amazing network of people around you. Never forget that. You are a kind, generous man (who has been known to make me laugh) and you have such a big future ahead of you. I love you and our life! Your Kiwi xx

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