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60th Birthday Memories Scrapbook

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S: Happy 60th Birthday!

BC: Cost Of Living 1952 How Much things cost in 1952 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 2.29% Yearly Inflation Rate UK 5.3% Average Cost of new house $9.050.00 Average wages per year $3,850.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 20 cents Average Cost of a new car $1,700.00 Average Cost of Rent $80.00 per month LB of Hamburger Meat 53 cents

FC: Happy 60th Birthday! October 21, 1952 - 2012 A 60th birthday is a wonderful occasion. You have crossed several milestones, but life just keeps looking for more challenges. Enjoy the bliss of sixty; enjoy the fruits of your labor. Surround yourself with your children and grandchildren, and tell them tales of the yesteryears. Relive the magical moments of life even while you look forward to new experiences. It's great to be sixty!

1: I have many wonderful memories of interacting with your mother. LeAnn is one of the most patient and kind people I know. She always has a smile and continually goes out of her way to make experiences for all around her to be blessed and satisfying. It is always a joy to be around her. Her soft, kind heart invites those around her to also get to know her Lord and Saviour. ~Peter Beyer Happy 60th birthday! Sixty is just a number so look forward to many more happy and fulfilling years. May I take this opportunity to thank you and Bob for hosting a family dinner following Eleanore's memorial service in the summer of 2009. Many fond memories of this event remain in my memory. Love, Uncle Charles Mode I remember all the good times we had in Cissna Park and Oakville. I hope you have many more birthdays. ~Ben Rudin Happy 60th Birthday, LeAnn! The years sure do fly by! I remember when you first turned your life over to Christ, and you would stop by our house after church because you lived so far away. I remember the picnics and breakfasts we would have on Memorial Day weekend with Aunt Red, Lib, and Aunt Gus. Some of those memories seem like yesterday! Time goes faster the older you get, don’t you think? Wishing you many more happy birthdays and God’s blessing on your life! Love, Bonnie Gerst

2: Dear LeAnn, I have many good memories of you!! You are such a hard worker and take very good care of your husband and family! One of my special memories is from about 10 or 11 years ago. You were just getting into your "crafty sewing" and turning out beautiful projects left and right. One day at world relief, you presented me with the blue sweatshirt you had appliqued a snowman onto and hanging from it were two mittens in which you had embroidered the names of our first grandkids, Dave and Tami's twin girls, Kenna and Krissa. I loved that sweatshirt and wore it long after there were many more grandkids. I guess I hadn't ever had such a thoughtful gift like that and every time I put it on, it felt like a hug from LeAnn. We will be thinking of you as you slip into the 60 phase and may God be with you through the years ahead. Love, Ken & Janet Lanz

3: We have so many fond memories of our yearly trips to Des Moines for the Parent-Educator Conference. The droning voices in the front seat made napping easy for the ladies in the backseat! (Was it '93 or '94?) We also enjoyed being neighbors for several years! Happy 60th! Jack & Cathy Larson | What we did there: SHOP!! What else?! What we ate: Victoria's Secret Fillet - The most tender and juicy thick cut. For maximum flavor, add Blue cheese or horseradish crumb crust for 0.99. 6oz $18.99 9oz $22.99 Peppercorn Steak - Juicy. Angus fillet cooked to perfection. Topped with LOTS of peppercorns. Very pricey! Very HOT! Note: Anyone in your party wearing an old, slick shirt will assure your sitting in the back room. What we learned: How to keep our spouse's bucket full; Worry, then flush!

4: My memories of you are wonderful. No matter what we are doing, working or playing, we had a great time. LeAnn, you were and still are always so pleasant to be around. We had great times at teas, lunches, scrapbooking, sewing, cleaning, parties, and New Year's Eve celebrations. The 60's are great so far! It is what we make them so wishing you blessings and many more healthy years. Love, Carol Schmidgall

5: Memories of LeAnn... Babyroom time with Jason and Brad, of course visiting & not listening to the sermons! Flood of ' guests for a month! Loved our bonding times in the evenings over a bowl of ice cream. Poor Bob was so distressed we didn't have ice-cream that he bought the huge can from the Schwan's man. | Kitchen committee together: planning, agonizing, and working our tails off! Sharing our love for that no-one ever discovers the extent of our stash. Fellowshipping at our new church - Harmony Bible Church | Multitudes of Bible studies together Prayer warriors for life Sisters for eternity Happy 60th Birthday as we grow old together! Love, Jane Schmidgall

6: Dear LeAnn, We are getting ready to head out on a camping trip to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone & the Tetons, but I didn't want to leave without being in on your BIG SURPRISE!! I went back to memory lane & these are some of my many fond memories: ~ Eating at Gusto's together ~ Learning about grilled PBJ ~ You were Kelsey's Sunday School teacher & you used your fancy embroidery machine to make their Christmas gifts ~ When Brittney was born, you gave her your cool spit rag!! ~ You giving my kids a dot to dot sewing book when I got my new sewing machine ~ The good advice on how to use my new Bernina ~ Helping me teach Kelsey how to do her 4-H quilt for the fair ~ Getting sweet corn from your patch & many good Jonathon apples for sauce ~ Having Ed Graf's for supper when little G.A.S. was born!! (Bob didn't think Laura was impressed with that nickname) Sounds like you did a lot more giving to me than I did for you!! We've had many good times together over the years & your friendship remains special. We need to meet at the Piggy Bank now instead of Gusto's!! Happy 60th Birthday! Mary Lanz

7: Happy 60th Birthday, LeAnn!! You are such a dear friend and so much fun to be with. My most fun memories are our shopping trips and lunches, and for both of us--couples' night out, Bill Gaither concerts, going to Wayne & Jo's for an overnight stay, and our trip to Nashville. And I actually managed to keep you awake through a movie - that is some feat since you always went to sleep when watching a movie! Now that you have joined the ranks of the "above 50's crowd", we have even more reasons we should celebrate! taking every opportunity to get together with friends....not just for our birthdays, but ANY day! This picture of you is from your 59th birthday at Jane's. We wish you many more wonderful birthdays and God's blessings. Love, Bob & Edra Kuntz

8: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

9: Dear LeAnn, We want to wish you a very happy and blessed 60th birthday!! It has been a great journey sharing your daughter and our mutual grandchildren. Thanks for all of the special gifts (homemade and otherwise) that I have received from you over the years! You are a very giving and generous woman, and creative besides. May God continue to give you time, energy and resources to make many more trips to INDIANA. Our love and best wishes, Jane and Steve Stieglitz

10: FAMILIES ARE FOREVER | My sister Susan and I often had reason to rejoice that LeAnn trailed Sharon and Arla Jean (as we knew them) by so many years. For that meant that we, rather than LeAnn, were recipients of her big sisters’ first-rate hand-me-downs. Sue and I always felt that our social standing was elevated when we wore a twin set or a poodle skirt from our cousins. We might’ve been deluding ourselves on that popularity point, but it’s almost certain that we were widely feared whenever we wore one of the pointy bras that came to us from our bosomy, glamorous cousins: those needle-nosed, cone-shaped cups could easily have put out the eye of an over-curious admirer. We were grateful for the lovely things we inherited from our teen-aged cousins, but Sharon and Arla Jean weren’t really our pals, for they lived whirlwind lives at the very center of the Dickens social scene. Such an existence was beyond our imagining. LeAnn, though, was too young to have gone Hollywood, as her older sisters had. She was just a year or two younger than we, and, like us, she led an ordinary farm kid lifestyle. Since Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Arnold made faithful efforts to stay connected with our rough-around-the-edges branch of the family, we had regular opportunities to enjoy LeAnn’s company. She became our favorite cousin, the one who shared her dollies and her bike and her orderly stash of Little Golden Books. Perhaps LeAnn was generous with her belongings because Aunt Phyllis insisted, but whatever the reason, LeAnn was obliging. We rarely came to blows, which made for reasonably pleasant relations.

11: Visits to the Andersons—particularly in the summer months, when we took turns riding LeAnn’s bike along the edge of the road in front of their farmhouse—were The Best of Times. The Worst of Times were those long months when Dad would be on the outs with his sister, our dear Aunt Phyllis, and we would be deprived, consequently, of LeAnn’s companionship. How we relished the healing of the breaches that periodically kept us apart! It’s still not clear to me how we managed to lose contact with LeAnn for so many years after we became adults and established our own families. Perhaps it’s the nature of very large families, such as ours, to let ties languish. Whatever the case, it has been a true blessing to reconnect in recent years and to discover that LeAnn is as generous, amusing, and delightful as a grandmother as she was as a kid. She’s wise now, too—but still a great deal of fun. And, while she’s never mentioned it, she’s undoubtedly grateful that Sue and I spared her the dangers associated with wearing her sisters’ bras! Happy birthday, dear LeAnn. I am thankful to our good God for the blessings of having shared your childhood and for the privilege of knowing you as a grown woman. May He bless you with many more happy, healthy, fruitful years! Debra Dunn Kaczmarek | Visits to the Andersons—particularly in the summer months, when we took turns riding LeAnn’s bike along the edge of the road in front of their farmhouse—were The Best of Times. The Worst of Times were those long months when Dad would be on the outs with his sister, our dear Aunt Phyllis, and we would be deprived, consequently, of LeAnn’s companionship. How we relished the healing of the breaches that periodically kept us apart! It’s still not clear to me how we managed to lose contact with LeAnn for so many years after we became adults and established our own families. Perhaps it’s the nature of very large families, such as ours, to let ties languish. Whatever the case, it has been a true blessing to reconnect in recent years and to discover that LeAnn is as generous, amusing, and delightful as a grandmother as she was as a kid. She’s wise now, too—but still a great deal of fun. And, while she’s never mentioned it, she’s undoubtedly grateful that Sue and I spared her the dangers associated with wearing her sisters’ bras! Happy birthday, dear LeAnn. I am thankful to our good God for the blessings of having shared your childhood and for the privilege of knowing you as a grown woman. May He bless you with many more happy, healthy, fruitful years! Debra Dunn Kaczmarek

12: JOY | LeAnn, It would be enough that you are the mother of "the other Laura", of which I am so thankful =). But you are also valued greatly as a dear neighbor, friend, and sister in the Lord. Many, many warm memories come to mind as I think of knowing you, LeAnn, for my entire life. I hope you are blessed on your birthday in the same way that you have been a blessing to others! Happy 60th birthday! With much love, Laura (and Trent, Allison, Orrin, Emily, Abe, & Hannah too!) Kuntz Happy Birthday, LeAnn! I have been blessed to have known you for as LONG as I can remember! I have three things that stick out in my mind. 1. Your glorious candy cupboard that I raided on a regular basis when visiting your house. 2. The Joke Book in your car that amused us for many a car ride. 3. The fantastic circus that you took me to! Thank you for not only giving birth to one of my very dearest and loyal friends, but thank you for being a loyal and dear friend to my mother! Love, Tricia (Metzger) Zaugg


14: Fun times with LeAnn! Eating out Shopping Celebrating birthdays Buying jewelry Emails Harmony Bible Church Raising girls together | And then...there are the times when we grieved, worried, and prayed for each the not such fun times. LeAnn, you are a dear, true friend and sister in Christ and I love you dearly! Happy birthday to you and remember that 60 is the new 40! Blessings! MaryJo Metzger

15: Old Friends So soon those birthdays roll around, Your finally joining the rest of the crowd, (60') So don't feel bad and look so sad, For it's fun being Grammie and babysittin's the fad. Remember the farm and the wine tasting there, At your house at my house whatever the fare! Wonderful shopping trips to the Cities galore, Oh how I wish we could have even more! Those trips to Navoo, Bringing home jugs of soon wine For Jo and LeAnn, The Hotel food was FINE! My how we've laughed, Oh, how we've cried, But through it all, God was right by our side. | The flood came up , And the water went down, And soon on each farm , Trailers came to the town. The games carried on, The wine tasting too, The memories still linger Cause our friendships like glue. This is my wish, For my dear precious friend. May your blessings be many, And the fun times NEVER END! Love you, girl! Jolene Gerst

16: I remember when Laura was born. I was pretty young, I think I was a tween. My mother (Eleanore Perdelwitz Mode) and I were visiting Iowa. Grandma (Martha Perdelwitz) so wanted to see the new baby, her new great granddaughter. So we went to the hospital to visit. I felt awkward and shy. Bob looked so radiant and overjoyed. LeAnn looked tired, very tired. I thought, oh how could we come in when she looks like she just wants to sleep. But she held Laura in her arms and she asked me to come over and smiled at me. She said I could touch her new baby. I touched Laura's little hand with my index finger and she curled her tiny perfect fingers around it. I thought she was the cutest thing I had ever seen. We had got a card for LeAnn and Bob so I gave it to LeAnn. She made me feel so comfortable just sitting there quietly gazing at newborn Laura. Mom and Grandma were off with Bob and I guess Mom was talking with the nurses, but it was a lovely quiet time with LeAnn and her new baby and I think it inspired me very much. Another memory, I remember visiting Iowa again, this time I believe Laura was four or five. LeAnn had Laura give us a tour of the barns and we got to see newborn piglets. LeAnn was such a gracious hostess and I enjoyed my visit immensely. I remember sitting in the kitchen with her while she cooked, probably I did some small task. It was just a nice, lovely time. When Grandma passed away in 1990, Bob and LeAnn were so helpful to Mom. I brought my new husband, Alex Flinsch, to the funeral. He had never been to the mid-west before. He was so impressed with the hospitality and loving kindness we found. He was also very impressed with a breakfast casserole that LeAnn made. He still talks about how delicious it was to this day. When Mom passed away, Bob and LeAnn drove out to PA in 2007 where we were having a memorial at Freedom Village. LeAnn just pitched in and helped me with little details. Will was three and a half then and had recently received a diagnosis of Autism. We had to carry spare clothes with us to dinner because if he got one drop of water on him, he wanted to take off all his clothes. I was kind of embarrassed by his behavior, but LeAnn just looked me in the eye and said, "Been there, done that." Her eyes had that soft, kind, loving look that I have often seen over the years. But there is great strength I think behind her quietness. I found it inspiring and I felt her acceptance of Will which made me very grateful. We postponed Mom's final memorial and burial until 2009 because the Mississippi had other plans. But again, Bob and LeAnn were there. I so enjoyed the gathering they hosted at their new house where we cousins got to eat LeAnn's delicious food and try some of Bob's wines. Will just cuddled up to LeAnn and she was such a kind hostess. That's why I love that picture of her holding Will on her lap. When I was still a girl, she shared time with her first born with me, and there she is, holding my youngest with that same quiet loving spirit. I thank God for LeAnn in my and my family's lives. We are blessed because we know her. Happy Birthday LeAnn! Love, Martha-Lisa Mode Flinsch and Alex, Erik, Elisabeth and Will


19: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. | Back in July 2009, Team Satisfied graced Burlington with its presence as part of RAGBRAI XXXVII. Aunt LeAnn was kind enough to open her home, heart, refrigerator and wine cellar for us. Although it was a short stay and she's a city girl now, many memories from that trip capture the lifetime of memories that I have of visiting Aunt LeAnn on the farm in the summers when I was growing up. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few thousand words for Aunt LeAnn. Aunt LeAnn, I hope you have so much fun on your 60th birthday that you feel like you should be in trouble for it! ;) Love, Tami (Carmean) Kucera

20: CHERISH | CHERISH YOUR FAMILY FOR THEY ARE YOUR TREASURE. A STOREHOUSE OF RICHES. WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE. | ____________________________________________________________ | Linda Hodel remembers: The year of the devastating flood - 2008 Julie and I drove out to Iowa to see how we could help Bob and LeAnn in a physical way. We felt pretty inadequate, helped pull weeds in the flower bed for a couple hours. We were so amazed at the kind of resilience we saw in LeAnn. She had her new house mostly re-organized already, she could point us in the right direction to help her, and she definitely was not a quitter!!! Her spirit was not down, maybe a little. But the faith and foresight we observed and experienced is forever vivid in my memory. May the Lord continue to allow you to PRAISE God if He blesses our crops or He doesn't, if He sends clouds instead of sunshine, and when He gives us songs in the long, dark nights. You are always an excellent hostess when we visit, too!!! Happy 60th--you never looked better-inside and out!!!! Love in Jesus, Ed and Linda Hodel

21: I remember... ~ Attending their wedding and Aunt Clara suddenly shaking sensing the presence of her sister Mary. I always wondered about that one as a young girl. ~ When they lived in Illinois and we wanted them to come to church in Roanoke, but they liked Goodfield church better. ~ How graciously she accepted all she had to deal with in the flood and how well she accepted the changes it brought with it. ~ What a gracious hostess she was in accommodating the relatives as we've gathered around family memorial services in Iowa. ~ Being amazed at her sewing talents! ~ How willing they were to be in attendance at our family weddings, graduations, baptisms, and funerals and always glad to see them. ~ Meeting them for lunch or dinner a few times through the years and hope there are many more opportunities! ~ The dog tearing up the door in Burlington and she just took it in stride. ~ I also seem to remember very good wine................ I have one other memory -- How many times have I misspelled your name? And never once corrected, just taken in poise and grace. But I do hope you forgive me for that. My excuse is that I know a couple other gals with the same name, but different spellings and I've mixed them up. I'm not sure I can ever be cured at this point, since I just keep getting older--and I get emails forwarded to me to test my mental capabilities and alertness (I bet you can guess who sends them)--sometimes the results don't come out as I think they should.:) Happy birthday to a great lady. We love you and are glad to have you as family and as a friend. God's richest blessings always. Julie and Bix and family

23: I can remember when Todd was younger and we’d go back to the farm to visit Mom & Dad and LeAnn, she was still in high school. Todd and LeAnn would play ‘jump on the elephant’ and Todd would just giggle. I remember how she would spend a lot of her baby-sitting money on little things for Todd, too. She was sure a nice aunt! Because of our age difference, the 3 of us girls only went to school together 1 year – LeAnn was in kindergarten, Arla was a freshman, and I was a senior. I missed a lot of her growing up years because I left home for college after I graduated. I also remember how she would dress up in her Sharp Shooting Annie outfit, complete with the gun! Happy 60th Birthday! Love, Shari | I discovered GG, LeAnn, and I have something in common this year. LeAnn will be 60, GG is 90 -- so drop those O's and you have my age, 69! What a coincidence! My memory isn't very good about LeAnn's childhood. I just remember her playing with her imaginary friend "Mary" out on our front porch all the time. Of course, I also remember the time when some guy came by and she says to me "Is that your boyfriend?" How embarrassing when you're a young teenager! I enjoyed telling my classmates at my 50 year reunion "Do you remember how my little sister used to follow me around? Well, she still does. She's here tonight with me." Happy 60th Birthday! Love, Arla

24: I have lots of memories.... Valentine's Supper: We started this on Valentine's Day 1995 at our house, it has survived 17 years. Original couples were Bob & LeAnn Siegle, Troy & Joni Massner, Gary & Karen Schulz, Keith & Tonya Lanz, Jeff & Monti Wagenbach, and us. In June 1998, Karen Schulz died and Gary asked if we could include Curt & Kathy Frank in the group. LeAnn made beautiful cloth napkins with a red heart that we use every year. The circus was a memorable time for all of us (1991?). Reilly was scared to death of loud noises so all of the 'gun shots' set him to screaming and we had to keep taking him out. Whitney was about 4 mths old and slept through the whole thing! The 3 Siegle kids had a wonderful time and enjoyed the whole circus. It lasted until close to midnight so it was a late night (or early morning) by the time we all got home. Shortly before we went to the circus, the Siegle & Wagenbach families went to Six Flags in St. Louis. It was hot and steamy so LeAnn and Barb decided to try a water ride. I don't have the pictures Bob took of us, but they were priceless! Bob and LeAnn spent countless hours out our new house doing all kinds of icky jobs. Reminds me of the song "That's What Friends Are For".

25: Bob & LeAnn had a wiener roast at their house in July 2002. Bob had set up this nifty photo op for all of us - I think we were supposed to get in closer so we just had the tin behind the picture - but the sunset and beautiful tree silhouettes really set it off. Aren't we great Grant Wood impersonators? My surprise 50th birthday party at Holiday Inn that LeAnn and Aunt Lib Gerst set up. I was absolutely CLUELESS it wasn't just us for lunch. In the lobby I was telling Aunt Lib , LeAnn, and Monica Wagenbach about my disaster at home that morning when the upstairs toilet leaked all night and came through the kitchen ceiling and the light fixtures came crashing down on the island and there was water everywhere. I was distraught because I had been invited out for my birthday and I could see I wasn't going to make it. My family ralled around (should have been first clue!) and helped me clean up so I could be on time for lunch. I'm telling them all about it and why I'm a little late as they're listening intently. When I'm finished talking, LeAnn says, "They have our table all set up in here...." I look in the door and here are 30 people sitting around a huge table! Happy 60th Birthday, Barb & Colin Wagenbach

26: Aunt LeAnn, You're a kind, strong, and faithful Godly woman. You live as an authentic Christian example in your many roles - wife, mother, daughter, grandma, aunt, sister, and friend. We thank God for who you are. Happy 60th Birthday! Love, Todd, Sarah, Katie, Ellie, & Josh Marckmann PS - Maybe after Sunday dinner, you and Todd can play 'jump on the elephant'. Although, after 40+ years, maybe Todd should be the elephant next time!

27: Turning 60 doesn't necessarily mean you are old, it signifies that you have 60 years of experience in the journey of life. LeAnn, you have done those 60 years well! Here is a list of 60 things I remember about my wonderful Aunt LeAnn, and some might pertain to the rest of her family because 60 is a LOT! 1. Her love for Jesus Christ. 2. Her love for her family. 3. Daughter to Phyllis and Arnold Anderson 4. Much younger sister to Shari Marckmann and Arla Carmean 5. Some of the stories from when you lived in Ames. I am finally old enough to know them! I'll keep the secrets. 6. Married to Uncle Bob 7. Aunt to Todd, Brandee, Chris, Tami and Tara (me!) 8. Mother to Laura 9. Mother in Law to Shane 10. Mother to Jason 11. Mother to Amber 12. Proud Grandma to Gage 13. Proud Grandma to Kiera 14. Overwhelmed Grandma to Eric. The stories are so good. If I hadn't met him, I would have thought you were making them up! 15. Friend to everyone she meets, and yes she knows almost everyone in SE Iowa! 16. Farm life at its best 17. Long hair, I was always amazed at night when she would let it down. 18. Short hair - the years came off with a snip snip snip. Beautiful! 19. Baking springeles for Christmas (not just Christmas anymore!) 20. Sewing 21. Quilting 22. Gardening 23. Laughing. She has a laugh that will make you smile when you think of her. Truly happy and content! 24. Playing Kings Corners. She often times forgot to move the King to the corner, opening up many moves for us little ones.

28: 25. Singing songs 26. Long car rides to Burlington, Iowa - how many times did we cross the river? 27. Snake alley - threatening to make us ride our bikes up it! Going down - faster, faster, faster! 28. Holding piggies while Uncle Bob gave them shots 29. That big Mud Room. Us city girls didn't understand the need for a mud room. Now that I have kids, I can't imagine what we tried to bring into your house after a day of play, I mean work, on the farm! 30. All those cats, and yes they were all named and we might have fed the stray cats from time to time! 31. Always doing laundry. We barely had your clothes off and PJs on and they were in the wash. Efficient! 32. Wearing an apron with her dress on just like June Cleaver. 33. Ironing while doing three other things at the same time. 34. Long bedtime prayers. Yes, we were thankful for all those things and more, or maybe it was a good stall tactic for staying up later. 35. Giggling upstairs when we were supposed to go to bed. We only listened when she said she would send Uncle Bob next time. We could hear the squeak in the stairs to know when we should pretend to be asleep! 36. The ONLY one that would let us get up and get a drink of water after we were giggling for hours! 37 Early riser, or maybe it was payback from all that giggling we did the night before! 38. Sweet tooth, always letting us have an extra cookie or a lick of the batter. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. 39. Adventureland. Pretty sure she was one of the first to recommend a good show or she would wait with the one's who didn't want to ride. 40. Gaither concert goer. I still have yet to go but I hear they are good. 41. Sitting by her Dad's side when he was in the hospital right before he died, she got to hear some amazing stories and watch her dad take his last breath several times over. 42. Amazing sister/friend to stand by my mom when my dad died. 43. Many trips to the Abington on Grand. 44. Playing Sequence way past our bedtime! 45. Gray hair from Laura being a teenager. Yes, I remember the phone calls to my mom about what to do with her! Tami had already gone through it! 46. The big flood, moving everything to the second level of the house. 47. The really big flood. The amazing faith demonstrated when they realized how much things get thrown around when standing in water.

29: 48. With the memories forever held in their hearts, rebuilding their life with a major change from farm life to city life. 49. "Vacations" at the farm. That is why everyone has a camper! 50. Not only can my aunt ride on a tractor with style - she can drive it! 51. Trips to the Amana Colonies - eating at Ox Yoke Inn 52. Her spoon collection, it doesn't count if she doesn't go there and get it herself! 53. Lecture after walking to Grandma's house with Laura in the middle of winter with our shorts. We had our leg warmers on so we were just fine! 54. Long afternoons and evenings sitting and talking about anything and everything. 55. Shopping, of course we could all use another pair of shoes or a purse to match. 56. She got a job. Not that it seems like a job, it is more a means to offset the cost of her hobby! 57. Hillary Clinton for Halloween. Didn't recognize her! 58. Doing all those things over again with her grandkids. 59. Photos to prove all of the above! Well, maybe that is Uncle Bob's doing. 60. OLD Happy 60th Birthday, Aunt LeAnn - I hope you are blessed on your special day just as much as you have blessed all of us! Love, Tara, Brett, Tyler, Cody and Ava Wangen

30: My favorite LeAnn memory is when LeAnn called Chad and told him someone was coming to get something out of one of their buildings. We watch out for one another’s buildings to make sure nobody is stealing anything. So LeAnn was calling Chad to give him a heads up and Chad replied, “LeAnn, people come and get things out of your buildings all the time and haul it away, sometimes we even help them!” Happy 60th Birthday, LeAnn! Chad & Natalie Kuntz Hallie, Libby, Aubrey and Kale

31: During the summer of 2006, Bob, LeAnn, Tom, and JoAnn went on a bus trip to Chicago together. We stayed in a grand old hotel downtown and had a great time walking the busy streets and visiting the museums. (Planetarium was a bust!) The highlight was an evening dinner cruise on Lake Michigan! Thanks for your friendship through the years, LeAnn! God bless your decade of 60's with health and His peace and joy! Our love, Tom & JoAnn Steiner

32: Happy 60th Birthday from Sandie's Sewing Connection! John & Sandy Gass Brandon & Susan Gass Jenn Horn

33: Have a special 60th birthday! Happy Birthday Happy Year Love, Jeff & Betty Stieglitz | Wishing you-- Hours filled with joy, Days filled with fun, And a year that's by far Your most wonderful one! Happy Birthday! Arlene & Phyllis Siegle

34: Dearest Cousin LeAnn, How thankful I am for the good memories I have of my family's visits to your parents' farm near Dickens, IA during my grade school years. It was alright that Deb was more interested in Sharon and Arla Jean at the time because that meant I could have you all to myself. You were just my size and age. And like me, you were no girly-girl, but a real-deal tomboy. Going to your house was the best, because you had plenty of toys (including tractors and trucks) and a delicious collection of books. I keenly recall sitting on the floor of your playroom with my face glued to your collection of Carl Anderson books (must have been one of your Dad's relatives) about bald-headed little Henry. My favorite was "Henry In Lollipop Land." LeAnn, I hope you still have that book; a used copy in good condition is selling for $282.30 on! We had fun outdoors, too. Even more so at night when we'd play Hide & Seek in the yard with Butch and Chris (Randy was too little) and catch lightning bugs. Before we were done playing, we'd make sure to spend some time wrestling in the yard so we got good and grungy. Sometimes your Mother would scold you because you got so dirty, but my parents didn't mind at all. One summer, we even got to go into town (Dickens) with you and your parents to watch a movie that was projected on the side of a building. It was great until the popcorn and sodas ran out. Dear LeAnn, I want you to know after all these years how much I loved you when I was growing up. Even though you'd get into fights with my brother, Butch, and really work him over, you were always good to me. Thanks for being such a first-rate playmate. I thank God for the gift you were to me and for the 60 years He's given to you. May God continue to bless you richly and grant us additional opportunities to spend time together before He calls us Home. Love & Prayers, Sue Dunn Schmid

35: IT'S NOT WHAT WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE, BUT WHO WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE THAT COUNTS. - J. M. Laurence | Memories of LeAnn: Our two Jasons share September 19 as their birthdays. Bob and LeAnn had a wedding reception in Burlington, I believe it was held at the old Holiday Inn. There they had a tempting array of beautiful hors d'oeuvres. So, naturally, I gravitated to the food table to fill a plate with food. One of the trays had something that was white and appeared to be topped with nuts. It looked like some sort of sweet treat, so I prepared my senses for a delicious indulgence. As I bit into a huge mouthful of this "sweet" treat, my tastebuds went into shock! Instead of the sweet I was prepared for, I bit into something that was completely new to me. It must have been some sort of cold fish. As a child, my immediate desire was to spit it out but, being in a public event, I couldn't do such a thing. Since I couldn't force myself to swallow I ran from the reception room, across the lobby and into the bathroom with my mouth full and there I could spit it out and rinse out my mouth.. I was sooooo embarrassed that it took me quite some time before I could compose myself to walk back to the reception room. Happy 60th Birthday! Terri Hutcheson

36: It's the moments I spend with you that build the memories which last a lifetime. -M Gutierrez | Happy Birthday to my dear friend and sister in Christ. Wishing you many more wonderful birthdays. I feel so blessed to have been your friend for quite a few years now. I couldn’t resist attaching a quilt block, and a Friendship Quilt block on top of it! May our friendship continue to grow, just like our walk with our Lord and Savior. Blessings to you, sweetie. Love you bunches, Monica Wagenbach

37: What a beautiful day it was ~ a wonderful hallelujah, amazing miracle to see you and Bob walk into Harmony Bible! Many special times since that day. We've enjoyed sweet corn - wine - salmon, grilled on a plank - 4th of July fireworks - homemade ice-cream - games - great book discussions together - working together with meals ministry. God is good to give us you both as our friends!! What a wonderful memory of you both and Oakville, the 2008 flood - yes - and your old pump in our yard, we use it almost daily and think of you often! May God bless you with many more birthdays. Love, Harold and Annette Massner | Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank you for all you do for me - like doing my ironing, taking me shopping, and getting me to doctor appointments. One of my favorite vacations was going to Florida with you, Dad, Amber, Shane & Laura, Gage, Kiera, and Eric. We got locked out of our room a lot!! (insert Jason's laugh!) I love you! Jason

38: Happy 60th Birthday, Mom! Over half of those years have included me - thank you for all the time, effort, tears, prayers, and determination you put into getting me to where I am now; I (unfortunately) know it wasn't an easy task! I'm still amazed you didn't give up on me, but reading other people's tributes to you I see that "giving up" was never in your character. Praise God for that :) Now that I am a mom, I am even more appreciative, thankful, and amazed at how much you put into me, and us! I still wonder how you managed to always have the house in immaculate condition, meals on the table, and never complain - at least not within earshot! Thank you for all the effort you and Dad invested to give us such fond memories of growing up, work and fun. Weeding the garden, picking radishes (or beets, what's the difference?!), mowing, planting and watering flowers and trees, fantastic vacations - Chicago, Adventureland, Minneapolis, Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Disney World and Land, Arizona, California, Tetons, Yellowstone, Mammoth Caves, and all the others I can't think of! You gave me a great childhood that I can only hope to try and repeat for my own kids! Thank you for a wonderful, Godly example of what a wife and mom look like! I definitely look back and often wonder how you would handle the same situation if you were in my shoes. I hope you have a fantastic 60th birthday and enjoy many more years to come! I love you, Mom!! Laura

39: FAMILIES ARE FOREVER | Happy Birthday, Grandma! I will always remember laying in bed with you in the morning at the farm house while you read me Curious George books. Thank you for our summer vacations at your house every year. I hope you have a good 60th birthday. I love you! Gage Happy Birthday to you, Grandma! I always have a fun time with you. I like to hug you and kiss you. I love spending time with you. Two of my favorite memories with you are our Chicago trip in 2012 and swimming at Fun City. I hope you have a fun time at your birthday. I love you! Kiera Happy Birthday, Grandma! I love you! Eric Mom- Happy Birthday to you! There is not a day that goes by where I am not thankful for you! You have blessed me with a beautiful wife who takes after her mother in so many ways. You have always been encouraging to us when we have been at a low point in life. Even though you are miles away from our family, you are near and dear to our hearts! Your diligence in serving our Lord and providing for your family is an act of LOVE. Happy 60th and many more blessed years. By the way, 60 is still so young! One of my fondest memories in the 11 years of being part of your family is when Laura and I were out during our engagement. I was sleeping on the air mattress downstairs in the den when I was woke up by Winnie licking my face and I heard you snickering in the background - along with the rest of the family. Another is when us kids set off the smoke detector making different colored pancakes for you and Dad for breakfast! I love you and cherish you always. Your Favorite Son in-law, Shane

40: Mom. That name brings so many memories to the surface of my mind. So much love and appreciation for what my Mom is to me. Remember how I ran through the house after naps, searching and calling your name? I do. I took comfort in your presence and wanted to know you were there, even before I went on to play. Of course, I pretended the purpose of my search was to find out the dinner menu. Remember the cakes you made for my birthdays? Dolls, cats, you name and Mom could make it! Special birthday menus and coconut cream pie that we ate as soup, and all the fantastic food you made every day. “Go pick out a meat and vegetable,” you’d say, never sure what ingredients I’d supply you with. Remember the dresses you sewed for me? Then quilts, pajamas, paper dolls, and so much more. And now you teach me and help fix my mistakes. Remember shopping? Always practical and finding the deals whether you were buying groceries or clothes. The excitement of seeing your cool finds when you came home. From an early age, I remember asking “is this worth $_, Mom?” and appreciate that instillment much more now. Remember the pets? Puppies with boundless energy chewing your yard ornaments, causing you to hurt your foot, making you nervous in the tractor with their stupidity, chewing siding and tearing screens, and destroying flower beds. Countless cats and paw prints on the cars. Remember the times with company over? Playing with Dan Lanz, Josh Frank, Sammi Fletcher, Ashley Akers, Tabby, Mindy, Natasha, Betsy, and the Wagenbach kids. Getting together with Grandpa and Grandma to play games and eat popcorn from the Stir-Crazy. Grandpa and Grandma Anderson visiting, and later Grandma staying for a month. Remember the gardening we’ve done? The monstrous garden as a child and now the monstrous undertaking of teaching me! The fun of working together, snacking on raspberries, and enjoying the fruits of our labor. I always remember picking apples from the tractor bucket, cranking applesauce, and filling and processing jars. How much water could we have hauled water pumpkins that summer? Remember our times together in the field? Before starting school, spending all day with you in the tractor with my pillow and backpack of toys. All that napping while jarring my head against the window sure made me a sound sleeper! Coming to the field to ride an hour or so immediately after getting home from school. Bringing snacks and meals consisting of pb&j sandwiches to you on the 3-wheeler. Running over a skunk! Bathroom breaks in the field and wiping with corn husks! Chewing soybeans in the field with Dad. Trips to get parts for Dad

41: ____________________________________________________________ | Remember the messes we made, and you diligently cleaned? Or directed us to pick up! You let Jason and me have a wood shop in the basement, take over your pantry and later your basement with Legos, and cleaned around my collections. Stuffed animals, trolls, rocks, and cats. My toy cabinet and Barbie collections. Train tracks covering the entire kitchen floor. Tea dumped on the kitchen carpet. Remember the holidays? Always decorated so festively. Especially at Christmas with the village, the tree and its trimmings, and baking fruitcake, springerle, and many more confections. Gathering corn stalks and stuffing people for Halloween. How about that pumpkin we bought in Muscatine? Remember all the school activities? Piano lessons and how I told you “I’m too busy.”, Girl Scouts meetings and camp, PT conferences, concerts, field trips, invention convention, Dunker, and band lessons. Helping me with homework, especially my writing assignments. Supporting me in college, loving from a distance. Remember my house purchase? Made when I was only working part-time. Moving on Thanksgiving day, painting, decorating, cleaning, and remodeling. My Hy-Vee career with early hours, becoming full-time, and considering job options. Remember the floods? Living with Schmidgalls and celebrating my birthday there, sandbagging, moving to Burlington, and ‘vacations’ at the camper. The windstorm together in the Mack while Laura and Jason were in the basement. Remember the family vacations? “Wrong way, Bob!”, white water rafting accidents, bowed legs from horseback rides, horseback riding accidents, spilled food, bees in the car, Nintendos, unforeseen Sturgis rallies, national parks, dead batteries on Sunday, cold and memorable Disney World, and hot Phoenix. This hardly breaks the surface of my memories of my Mom. They are precious to me! And even more precious is your love and blessing on my life. I admire you for all you are. Your passion, smarts, practicality, realistic-ness, grit and determination, compassion, selflessness, forgiveness, steadfastness. Your love for God, your family, and those around you. You show me all these things and try to teach me them. Certainly, God couldn’t have blessed me with a better Mom. Happy 60th Birthday, Mom! Love, Amber Marie

44: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | Sixty years of age, WOW! Don’t let them kid you; that isn’t old, that’s experience. Really? Really. And forty years of marriage! That means that I’ve been around for most of the sixty. THAT’S GREAT! When we said, “I do,” we really said, “I will.” I just get kinda emotional and teary eyed when I think of all you are. Oh yes, and Shooting Park Village. It has been a long and winding road. Lots of changes and experiences. Three kids, raised and grown and off on their way. So we’re empty nesters; no problem. And grandparents! Oh wow. Indeed, you make a house a home. You are a wonderful grandmother. I know how hard you work to redecorate seasonally for the home and our pleasure. Thank you. I remember when you found out for sure you were pregnant with Laura, our first. I was working in the basement at Tonica when you came racing down the steps shouting, “I’m going to be a mommy! I’m going to be a mommy! I’m going to be a mommy!” It’s never been the same. I remember the “play pen” we made for the kids in the back seat of the ‘74 Ford. Parents today, and kids, have no idea what they missed. It doubled for a changing table when necessary. And who could forget, alright, how could I forget your Torino incident at Tabor Dock that morning. Or you going through the toll bridge with the VW thinking I had paid your 10-cent toll. Painting walls and ceilings. Making Christmas cookies, fruit cake, and wine. Then there were the kitchen window signs: “Help Wanted” and “Kitchen Closed.” Oh, and the Hillary mask. Remember the deer you got with the ‘91 Merc’? You are an extraordinary cook! Everyone says so whenever you cook for them, but I know it for sure. And a diligent homemaker. You mow the yard and keep-up with the endless laundry and ironing. You made many trips to HyVee and Hassenfritz to get Jason so he could have “job experience.” You’ve made meals for shut-ins, the sick and recovering, and neighbors. You’ve been there to counsel, listen, and help many.

45: And you are a great combine operator. How-be-it there have been times with the sieves shut or the unload auger on or running over a skunk. Just the normal stuff if anyone runs one long enough. You do things like plowing and field cultivating and cutting stalks that keep us going. I know how you dislike point rows and the front axle of the tractor lifting off the ground, but you keep coming back for more! Cleaning seed beans and bucketing them into the planter was always, fun?. And who could forget your lawnmower ride when the auger cable broke and lifted the mower, with you, a couple feet into the air and dropped you back down. And when the combine got stuck. You give meaning to the days. You help me find confidence and strength and inspiration. I really don’t want a day to close without telling you sometime in it that I love you. Thank you for all you’ve done for our home and family. I realize life gets busy and we don’t have enough time to sit and visit just to relax together. We appreciate the good and close times of caring and love. But we can appreciate the times we’ve struggled too. Some have been hard, but usually what comes eventually passes too. I want to encourage you because your joy is my joy. As things have come and gone, we have become more mature, and secure knowing that our love survives. You know how I like to hold your hand when we’re out, and walk beside you. But more than that is knowing our hand will be there for one another when we need it. Know that my heart holds love and gratitude. You are my true love for ever and forever, always all ways. There are secrets shared and unconditional love and seeing stars. LeAnn Sue Anderson Siegle, I love you. Bob

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