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A Year to Remember

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BC: Z- Zinger | One zinger in "Anna and the French Kisss" is when St. Clair kissed Anna at Mer's soccer game. When they kissed they heard someone scream "how would you?". It was Mer, who also has feeling for St. Clair and is Anna's best friend.

1: By: Alexis Kerbaugh

2: Amanda because she makes fun of Anna all the time and Dave because he is rude to Anna and St. Clair | A-Antagonist

3: Anna has what seems to be a perfect life in Atlanta until her dad decides to send her to boarding school in France. Once she gets there Anna finds a great group of friends and meets a gorgeous amazing parsain boy named Etienne St. Clair. There's only one problem he has a girlfriend. | B-Book

4: Love/Valentines Day/Anniversary | The climax of the story is when St. Clair and Anna go to Mer's soccer game. At the soccer game Anna and St. Clair finally kiss which turns in to making out. Mer sees them and once she does she runs away crying because she also had a crush on St. Clair. After this St Clair runs to Ellie's his girlfriend. Anna runs back to the dorm crying when Amanda calls her bad names. Anna looses her temper and gets in a fight with Amanda. | C-Climax

5: D-Description of Charectors | Anna- The main character, from Atlanta, parents are divorced, very neat and organized, dark brown hair with a blonde streak. St. Clair-Gorgeous ladies man, Parsain, parents are divorced, Anna's crush, and has a girlfriend named Ellie.

6: E-Exposition | The exposition is in the first couple characters of the book. The setting is in France at SOAP. The story starts when her farther (a famous writer) sends Anna to boarding school in France. At first she doesn't want to go because she loves her life in Atlanta. After she makes her first friend, Mer she realizes it's not so bad.

7: F- Figurative Language | 1.) "mmmph mrga grmpha mmrg" - onomonopia this affective because it shows Anna making sounds to how good her food is 2.) "Please, pretty please?" - Alliteration this is affective because it makes her begging Rashmi stand out 3.) "Her springy curls look limp and sad tonight" -personification this is affective because it gives her curls human characteristics to show how her hair isn't as curly as normal

8: G- Give an Alternate ending | Although I loved the ending to "Anna and the French Kiss" there could be many different endings. An alternate ending might be that St. Clair would choose to go for Mer. Mer is Anna's best friend who has also had a crush on St. Clair since freshman year. If this happened Anna would be heart broken. Especially since St. Clair was leading Anna on for her to believe they were more than friends.

9: H-Heart to Heart | Dear Anna, I know you don't know me, but my name is Alexis. I'm from Danville, Kentucky and going to be a sophomore in high school. I would like to talk to you about St. Clair. You and I both know that you fell in love from the first time you saw him. What I was wondering is why weren't you open with St. Clair about your feelings from the very beginning. I understand you liked Toph before you left home, but as soon as you hung out withSt. Clair he became a blur. Every one could tell St. Clair also had feeling for you. Being open with St. Clair would have saved a lot of drama between you, Mer, and St. Clair. You probably wouldn't have dated Dave as well. Lastly your relationship with St. Clair could have started off better and lasted longer with out all the confusion. Sincerely, Alexis Kerbaugh

11: I- Illustration

12: "Anna and the French Kiss" is a must read for all teens. The book is romantic, dramatic, ans real. All the charectors are really developed, as if you would know them your self. When Anna instantly falls in love with St. Clair you can feel the heart warming experience. This story is also very connectible to all teens. It deals with every day jealousy and drama in high school. Boy drama especially, This book was also very fast pace with many twists and turns making you not want to put it down. Not only is it about boy drama you read about Anna's friendships between her closets friends. Anna gets put in to a tough position when choosing St. Clair over Mer towards the end. This can relate to high school because there are some girls who choose boys over friends all the time. Anna and the French Kiss is an incredible book for all teens. | J-Justify

13: K-Know your book | 1.) What does Anna call St. Clair when she likes him? Etteinne 2.) Does Anna know much French before leaving for France? No 3.) What does Anna want to do when she gets older? She wants to be a movie director 4.)Why did St. Clair get drunk with Rashmi? His mother got diagnosed with Cancer and his dad would not let him go see her 5.) What kind of Cancer does St. Clair's mom have? Stage 2b cervical cancer 6.) Where does St. Clair's mom and dad live? his mom lives in San Francisco and his dad lives in France 7.) Who was Anna's first friend in France? Merdith 8.)What did St. Clair do right after he kissed Anna? He ran to Ellie's to break up with her 9.) How did Anna's Christmas go? Awful, her mom and dad fought the whole time and Anna ended up in her room practically all day emailing St. Clair 10.) Why did Anna get in a fight with Amanda? Amanda said mean things like calling her skunk girl and she looked nasty, also Anna was overwhelmed with the kiss from St. Clair so she lost it and punched her.

14: L-Lesson learned | The lesson I learned from this book is to never give up on what you want. Anna wanted to be with St. Clair more than anything. So she never stopped liking him and trying to make things work. In the end she finally got him and they now have a happy relationship.

15: M- Making personal connections | One connection I had in this book was with Anna and how she is really neat and organized about her room. She likes everything to be in the right spot and things to be clean. I'm the same way about mine all my stuff is in the right spot so I know where it is. Another connection I had with this book is with St. Clair's mom had cancer and it made him heart broken. My aunt also had cancer it was a rough time. In the end after having all kinds of treatments St. Clair's mom survived just like my aunt.

16: N- Narration | "Anna and the French kiss" is written in first person point of view. This type of narration is appropriate for the book because it shows the story through Anna's eyes and all her thoughts about St. Clair and her friends.

17: O- Obituary | Antlanta, Georgia- Anna Oliphant, 18 years old died Monday. She was born April 5th, 1994 in Atlanta Georgia. Her parents were James Ashley and Ms. Oliphant. She died in a car wreck on the way to her friends-Bridgett. She was rushing over because she just got home from boarding school in France and drove recklessly. Services will be held at 5pm Thursday at Peach Tree Christian Church. Visitation will be held Wednesday at 5-7pm at Murry Brothers funeral home.

18: P- Protagonist | The protagonist is Anna. Anna is the main Character in the book and we are rooting for her to be with St. Clair through out the book.

19: Q- Quotes | 1.) "For the two of us, home isn't a place. It's a person. And we're finally home." "Anna and the French Kiss" pg 372. This quote us really important through out the whole story, because Anna and St. Clair didn't come from the best homes. Both their parents were divorced and they did necessarily like them. When Anna and St. Clair were together though they felt a since of being "home". 2.) "Thank you for being you, because you are my favorite." "Anna and the French Kiss" pg 375. This quote is important to the book because the thing that makes St. Clair fall in love with Anna is she isn't afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believes in.

20: R- Resolution | The resolution of "Anna and the French Kiss" starts when St. Clair tells Anna that he broke up with Ellie right after they kissed. As the school year ends Anna and St. Clair finally become boyfriend and girlfriend. Both of them move off to college in America that are 20 minutes a part. They visit each other almost every weekend and live happily ever after.

21: S- Sensory Details | The five us- Mer, Rashmi, Josh, St. Clair, and I- Are traipsing through the cimetiere du Pere- Lachaise, locaed on a hillside over looking Paris. It's like a miniature city itself. wide pathways act as roads through the neighborhoods of elaborate tombs. They remind me of tiny Gothic mansions with their arched doorways and statuary and stained-glass windows. A stone wall with guardsmen and iron gates run the perimeter. Mature chestnuts stretch their branches overhead and wave their last remaining golden leaves." "Anna and the French Kiss" pg 128 These sensory details have impact in the story because it really paints a picture of Paris in October in your head. It describes closely the buildings and the atmosphere around them.

22: T- Top five song list | 1.) You belong with me- Taylor Swift- Relates because Anna thinks St. Clair should be in love with with her instead of Ellie, She also thinks they would be better for each other. 2.) We owned the night- Lady Antebellum- Relates to Anna on her birthday when her and St. Clair went to the club and danced the night away 3.) Tearin' up my heart- Nsync- Reates because it kills Anna that she can't be with St. Clair because she likes him so much 4.) Sparks fly- Taylor swift- It relates to how Anna likes St. Clair and how her feelings are toward him thinking he has the perfect hair and smile 5.) Crazier- Taylor Swift- He makes Anna feel crazy about him and cares a lot about him, it truly describes her whole outlook on St. Clair

23: U- Under Cover Mission | The author of "Anna and the French Kiss" is Stephanie Perkins, she writes novels for teens. Stephanie has always been around books. First she worked as a bookseller, then as a librarian, and now she is a novelist. Stephanie lives in the mountains of Ashville, North Carolina and has a house that is a hundred years old. She lives with her husband Jarrod and her cat Mr. Tumnus.

24: V- Visiting your favorite character | I would visit Anna and ask the following questions: 1.) Why did you date Dave? Because Dave was a horrible guy who treated Anna very poorly and she clearly still had feeling for St. Clair 2.) At the beginning when you liked St. Clair why did you tell him about Toph? Because St. Clair obviously wouldn't go for Anna if she had a boy back at home 3.) Why didn't you tell Mer you liked St. Clair earlier? because when Mer found out Anna kissed him she was really angry and frustrated 4.) If you had the choice of redoing this year would you still go to Paris? Because at the beginning Anna was dreading going to France 5.) Does the fact that Bridge and Toph are dating still bother you? Because it really bothered Anna at the beginning but she doesn't really talk about it at the end

25: W-Why? | The human motivation that drives this plot is the feeling to have someone who cared about you. I know this because Anna is always striving for a for a relationship. Sometimes it's not even a relationship with someone she truly cares about. At the beginning she wanted to be with Toph while developing feeling for St. Clair. Once Toph betrayed her for Bridge she began to like St. Clair even more. When Anna thought her and St. Clair wouldn't work she went to Dave. The only reason she went to him was to have someone to like her back and want her. Once she finally realized this she dumped him and knew she still liked St. Clair. Anna didn't give up on St. Clair. In the end St. Clair and Anna were together and both of there fears of being alone were gone because they had each other.

26: X- Xenophobia | Anna showed some xenophobia in this book. Anna moved to France not knowing any French of have any knowledge about France. She was scared the French would not be accepting of her because of this.

27: For my page I decided to do my favorite part. My favorite part is Anna's birthday. The group (Anna, Mer, St. Clair, Josh, and Rashmi) decided to go to the club. Anna and St. Clair danced all night together. They totally owned th dance floor. The whole club was surrounded around them dancing the night away. | Y- You

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