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A-Z Book of Islam + Cheese and Crackers = Awsomeness

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A-Z Book of Islam + Cheese and Crackers = Awsomeness - Page Text Content

S: A-Z Islam

BC: matt- a,b,c,q,x joey- h,f,s,z,m alex- o,k,j,i gia- d,l,t,g pepe- y,e,r,p alessia- u,v,w,n This Book Costs $ 1,000,000,000,000.99

FC: A-Z Book of Islam + Cheese and Crackers = Awesomeness | By Joe Brinkman | Matt Mutter | Alex Palmer | Frank Pepe, Gia Carangi, And Alessia Lozzi

1: A. Islamic architecture is apart from all other kinds. many of the buildings that are special are palaces,forts,and the mosques. They all have domed roofs, to show your closeness to god. they are also mostly built on high ground for protection and closeness to god. Islamic building are also very geometric , following patterns throughout by matt

2: B is for books Books were what made the Islamic culture. The Muslim leaders opened one of the first public libraries(the house of wisdom). people went to read from 1000s of books. At one time major cities had over 30 libraries at once. They culture encouraged reading so you can read the Qur'an. The Muslim scholars translated old Greek books into Islam, preserving the history. The Muslims were very well read making them very smart. The culture rotated around the written word. And paper made the book accessible. by matt

3: C is for Caliph the word caliph means successor. These men succeeded Muhammad as the leader of the Islamic world. THe first four were the rightly guided ones. They all knew Muhammad closely. | They followed what Muhammad stood for using the Qur'an and Muhammad's own words for leading. The first one, Abu-Bakr ,lead purges against rebelling tribes, securing Islam for the future. He held the community together. Through his purges he spread Islam further. Under the four Rightly Guided ones Islam expanded to 6000 miles. The Qur'an forbid forced conversions, so the Caliphs honored it. So Islam spread through kindness, not war. Its huge spread continued after Muhammad died due to the Caliphs. by matt

4: D is for "Damascus" Damascus is the capital of Syria and is said to be the oldest city in the world that is continuously inhabited. Some historians believe that Damascus dates back to the seventh millennium BC. During the Muslim Dynasty Umayyad, Damascus became the capital of the whole Muslim world. Many of the Muslims in Damascus do not believe that Jesus was crucified and that the Bible was changed. They have a mistaken idea of sin, and many think they are always right. G.C

5: E for Equality Francesco Pepe In the Islamic religion equality is an important factor. During the Hajj all of the people wear white cloths that look the same so nobody can be distinguished as better or richer. They do this because in their religion Allah sees them all as equal people. Equality is expressed even during their five daily prayers. Although they wear different clothing during the prayers still there differences disappear. Not only are they equal on a religious basis but also on a law basis. This means that everybody is given the same rights and if you break a law you will be punished the same everybody else. Equality is practiced religiously in Islam.

6: prophet, Muhammad. The second help establish | F is for the "Five Pillars" of Islam. These are the foundation of Muslim life. The first shows faith in the one god, Alla, and his | The third shows to give to the needy. The fourth is self-purification through fasting. The last is a pilgrimage to Makkah. Joey Brinkman | the daily prayer of the Islamic religion.

7: G is for "God" (Allah) In Aramaic, the language of Jesus, Allah is the personal name for God. Allah is the almighty and the One true God. | Allah is the Creator and the holder of the universe and nothing can be compared to Him. In order to be a Muslim you must hold this belief. The Prophet Muhammad says that “God is more loving and kinder than a mother to her dear child.” Muslims believe that people who sin and do evil will be punished by God. Once you acknowledge that God is the only one to be worshiped, than you should always have faith in Him. G.C

8: H is for the house of wisdom. Joey Brinkman | The house of wisdom was very important to Islam culture because it was center of studying and learning. Everyone was allowed to enter and use the thousands of books the were translated to the Islamic language. Many great ideas came from the house of wisdom and it was the starting point for many major inventions and ideas. This place is important to the world today also from the great ideas brought about. The house of wisdom was one of the best thinking places around.

9: I is for Islam Alex Palmer Islam is a monotheistic religion that originated in the Middle East by the prophet Mohammad. The one God's name is Allah and the sacred text is the Qu'ran which is written in Arabic. This text guides the Muslim way of life around the world. For example Muslims pray five times a day everyday according to the Qu'ran. Also the five pillars of Islam which is written in the sacred texts guides Muslims lives. Islam also has more facets then just ways to live. Islam has many art forms as well. The major one is calligraphy which is a series of curved lines. Muslims however cannot create pictures of humans because that is considered copying Allah's work. Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, with a following of 1.2 billion. It is also one of the world's fastest growing religions as well. This all means that Islam is a popular religion which will have a major impact on many people for a long period of time.

10: J is for Jerusalem Alex Palmer Jerusalem is a city on the Arabian Peninsula which has importance to the three major monotheistic religions including Islam. The Muslim armies had controlled Jerusalem for a long time and held off many crusades. The Islamic faith considers Jerusalem important because the many messengers of the Qu'ran where here. The many prophets told stories in this city and Mohammad and Ishmael have ties here. Both of whom play a major role in the Islamic faith.

11: K is for Kaaba Alex Palmer The Kaaba is a structure made of stone built in ancient times by the prophets of the Qu'ran. This is one of the holiest sites in the Islam religion and is the place where Muslims face to pray five times a day. The structure itself is a cube with a hollow center and is located in the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Inside the Kaaba there used to be idols of pagan gods that Arabs worshiped before Mohamed the prophet of Islam destroyed them. Now the Kaaba a holy structure in Mecca which is the center for the Islam faith. Which Makes it a Symbol of unity for Muslims around the world and ties them to a single place.

12: L is for Language. Muslims are believers in the One Almighty God. The last thing he gave to mankind was the Qur’an over 14,000 years ago written in the Arabic language, making Arabic the common language. It is considered to be the holy language of Islam. In order to fully understand the words of their lord Muslims try to learn all of the Arabic language. There is no single language of Muslims since the Muslim faith is shared by many different ethnic groups and languages. G.C

13: M is for Muhammad. He was the last prophet of the Islamic religion. His name means "highly praised." He preached there was only one god named "Allah." | He also taught respect for women and parents/elders as well as equal rights and teaching of making an honest living. His teaching brought peace and prosperity to the middle east and other places. He was responsible for most of the Islamic religion in general. | Joey Brinkman

14: N is for North Africa Alessia Lozzi North Africa was a place where some important Muslim movements occurred. It is one of the regions of the world with the best possibility for the fundamentalists. Islam came to Africa as a combined foreign invasion clashing with the Romans and Greeks way of invasion. All people invading Africa had one common goal, spreading the true religion. Islam brought up the perception of universalism. The first Muslim city was Medina, located near the Red Sea on the Arabian Peninsula.

15: The Ottoman Empire conquered most of the lands that used to be controlled by the Muslims but they kept the Islamic religion. This made them one of the only major Muslim Empires until the 1900's. | O is for The Ottoman Empire Alex Palmer The Ottoman Empire was a Muslim Country near the Mediterranean sea. The empire stretched from the Balkans to the Middle East to North Africa. The Empire was a major super power until it's decline after WWI due to it's loss of Turkey. But during it's peak it was a major Islamic country.

16: P for Paper Francesco Pepe The new resource of paper came to Islam. Paper was an amazing innovation for this time. Paper replace Papyrus and other things the Muslims were using to write on. The new found paper made books more available which helped to educate the people. Since it became so widespread it allotted the people to translate several different books into different languages so everybody could read and become further educated. The new books educated the people | on Medicine, language, literature, and Governmental works. Paper was a main resource that blended the people together. It really had importance because at one point in time the whole Muslim world revolved around the book. there were actually thirty six libraries in Baghdad alone. Paper was significant to the spread of religion and knowledge throughout Islam.

17: Q for Qur'an This is the most important book in the world to 1.2 billion people. This is the book they follow and listen to with teachings of all of the Muslim Prophets. This is the book that Muhammad wrote, with guidance from the angel Gabriel. The book contains the rules of Islamic religion , the five pillars. They were Said by Allah and teach how to properly worship him. Many believe its only holy in Arabic. by matt

18: sunset. Also, there is to be no sexual contact. During this time Muslims read out of the Qu'ran and they visit the | Mosque. By visiting the Mosque they feel that they are dedicating themselves to Allah. It is thought that during this holiday the gates to hell close and the gates to heaven open. The Muslims also believe that during this month the Qu'ran was revealed to Muhammad. | R for Ramadan Francesco Pepe Ramadan is an important Islamic holiday and takes place on the Islamic calendar during the ninth month. During this month you do not eat or drink from sunrise to | Ramadan

19: S is for Salah Joey Brinkman This is pillar number two of the five. It is the pillar that represents daily prayer. There are five daily prayers and they can be performed at different time spans throughout the day.They wash themselves before each time they go into the state of prayer. During prayer they kneel, stand, bow, and sit with hand and forehead on the ground.They pray in Masjids on rug. Prayer is very important to the Islamic religion and thats why it is one of the five pillars.

20: T is for "Translations" Sahih Muslim (also known as the Sunnah) is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad. Muslim collected the “reports” of Prophet Muhammad's sayings and deeds. These “reports” are called ahadith and Muslim worked hard to collect them. Most of the Muslim world recognizes Sahih Mulsim’s collections of the Sunnah as the most authentic by the Prophet Muhammad. Muslim traveled to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt to gather his collection. G.C

21: U is for the Umayyads. Alessia Lozzi Umayyad was the second of the four Islamic caliphates based on the death of Muhammad. The Umayyad family and Muhammad both descended from common ancestor, and they are from Mecca. The Umayyads established the largest Arab-Muslim state in history. The Umayyad house was one of the major clans of the Quraysh tribe. The first line of Umayyads were the Sufyanids.

22: V is for Veil. Alessia Lozzi Muslim women wear head scarves as a tradition, and respect of th Allah. Allah would say, that women should be modest, and cover their beauties like their hair and their chest. Not all Muslims women wear head scarves. Some wear both head covering and veil, called nigab. Covering the head in temple in the Jewish tradition is important. The Arabic word that is most often used by Muslims to refer to the face veil is niqab.

23: W is for Waseelah Alessia Lozzi Waseelah means "nearness" and approaching something. In the Islamic context, Waseelah means coming near Allah. The Messenger of Allah | (sallallahuahiwa-sallam) said: "when you hear the caller to prayer then say the like of what he says, then send blessings upon me... Then ask Allah to grant me al-Waseelah because is a station in Paradise, which is appropriate only for a single servant from the servants of Allah, and I hope that it will be me."

24: X is for Xi'an ,China Xi'an china is a huge city, and was the furthest east that the Muslim empire went, and still has a following in. This city was reached using the silk road, where more ideas were exchanged that almost ever. So its fitting that Islam spread through it , touching many places in between. The bottom picture is of the huge mosque there, where people still worship. Though Islam is small there it shows the once, and still huge area Islam dominates. Islam soldiers spread the word here. by matt

25: Y is for Yathrib Francesco Pepe Yathrib is the original name for Medina, a city in Saudi Arabia. This city has religious significance and it is one of the holy cities in Islam. In this city there is a mosque on what was once Muhammad's home. Also, the first Mosque came about in Yathrib. Muhammad spread the word of the Muslim religion here and eventually gave the broken city unity. Although he brought unity the people eventually rebelled causing Muhammad to move into mecca. Yathrib played an important role because when Muhammad moved out after they rebelled , Mecca welcomed him with open arms allowing him to further spread the religion

26: Z is for Zakah which is one of the "five pillars" of the Islamic religion. Zakah is the duty of charity. In this pillar the Muslims help the less fortunate by giving 2.5% of | of there cash after saving for a year. It is an annual giving of wealth and possessions. This act purifies you from greed by giving away unneeded possessions. | There are different forms of wealth such as land, livestock, and natural resources. The Islamic way of life is one that involves charity and giving. Joey Brinkman

27: Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/islamic_architecture www.pbs.org/Islam/empires http://islam.about.com/od/mecca/p/kaaba.htm http://www.themodernreligion.com/jihad/jeru-why.html http;//www.wisegeek.com/why-do-some-muslim-women-wear-head-scarves.html All Joey's Stuff came from the wonderful teachings of Ms. Hennessy and the textbook. http://en.wikapedia.org/wiki/Umayyad Caliphate http://www.ahya.org/tjonline/eng/07/01Waseelah.html http://courses.wcupa.edu/jones/his311/lecture/13na-isl.html http://www.theeid.com/ramadan/importance-of-ramadan.html http://islam.org/khutub/Equal.amon-People.htm http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Yathrib

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