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All About James Thomas

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S: James Thomas

FC: All About Me

2: My two favorite things to do are go fishing and chill with my friends. I am a calm, laid back, not caring, mad chill kind of person. This is why I like fishing so much because I get to do most of the things I am. I don’t like to go fishing by myself. Fishing is only fun if you go with one of your friends, or if not then on a boat could be by yourself and still be fun. I usually try to go fishing at least once a month, but this usually doesn’t happen because it is either I don’t got the money because it’s too expensive or I don’t got the time. If I don’t go within that month I cannot go two months without fishing it never happened and it never will happen. The only time it’s too expensive when I go on a party boat that is one hundred feet long and its sixty five dollars a person. | Cousin Alfonce, me, Torres | Me and Lex

3: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter | Chilling with my friends is always fun because it’s hard to be bored when you’re not alone. You always got more than one mind thinking of something to do and nine times out of ten someone from the group comes up with something to do. If I can’t find anything to do then you can still play videogames or do something because you are not by yourself. If you’re by yourself then you can’t do any of these because you don’t have other people to do it with. It also makes you happy because they always know how to make you laugh or smile. | Chilling on the beach with nick

4: Summer Time! | two cousins from brazil | Sexy girls on the beach | carnival going crazy!!

5: My mom, dad, brother, brother’s girlfriend Jamie, Alexa and I are going to take a trip to Brazil next summer. I want to go to Brazil because my mom is from there. I also have a lot of family down there that I have not seen in a very long time. I would have to go soon because my grandpa is getting really old and we don’t think he is going to be lasting. much longer. The reason is he is starting to have back problems that he usually never gets. If he can’t use his back he said he wants to be killed because he wants to be able to support himself, walk to get his own food, and be able to cook the food himself because he is old fashion. The last time I went to Brazil was when I was three years old, but I don’t remember anything because I was too little. This summer when I go I have a feeling it is going to be really fun because of the nude beaches, carnival, seeing my family, and all the hot girls. I am going with a fun group of people that I have partied with before, my brother and his girlfriend before many times before. The carnival is one week long and it is just straight partying. I am not going to go to sleep that whole entire week. The streets are just packed with people dancing, having fun and going crazy. This is exactly what I like to do so I know I am going to fit in just good and have a great time.

6: Nelda Nurce | of my Life | Bored taking web cam pics | its not repectful to stick your tongue at me...lol

7: { | { | My 18th birthday | I meet Nelda Nurce In history class of my junior year. i didnt talk to her at first because I didn’t know her. Soon after I got a job at the same place she worked at. I still didnt talk to her because i didn’t see her a lot at work. a week or two later I started talking to her in class about work. After that we became friends and started to chill with each other. I thought she was cuite at first, but i didn’t know what she thought of me. We went out a couple of times to the movies and to chill and shit.

8: Serious faces! | Five days later figured out at work that she was talking to some kid from my job. I got really mad because she didn’t tell me and i had to find out on my own. She said she was sorry because she didn’t know that i liked her. She said she didn’t know because I never told her anything, but I did this because I didn’t know if she liked me back and I didn’t know want to make it akward between us two. I know the kid she talked too and he said he was not going to take her serious or go out with her. I was happy about this so i didn’t really care because it wasn’t going to be long for them two to be done. I waited for them to stop talking and little did i know that they wasnt going to stop talking. she ended up going out with him one month later. I was really mad and didn’t talk to both of them. She got me to start talking to her again, but never talked to her boyfriend after. Six months later me and her became best friends and still until this day are best friends. | I Love you

9: LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH | Everything is ight captain...

10: Serious time, but Jamie can never not smile:) | "My arm is bigger then your head" lol | Cheesey time

11: The best memory I have is getting my brother and his girlfriend who is my best friend to go back out with each other after they got into a really big fight. I realized they were fighting when I saw my brother was not acting the way he usually does. I asked him what was wrong and he explained to me how his girlfriend thinks he did something that he really did not do. He told her it was not true and she did not want to believe him. She broke up with my brother and my brother was really sad, I felt bad and hated to see him like that. I texted his girlfriend and she said she would explain it in person because it is too long to text, so we went out for breakfast the next day. She told me everything and I explained to her how I was with him at that time and he defiantly did not do it. She believed me, but still was not sure. I dropped her off at home and went to ShopRite to buy her, her pink roses and a card. In the card I wrote to her a lot of our insiders to try to make her laugh and explained how my brother did not do it, but if they were to break up I still want to stay best friends with her and that hopefully it doesn’t affect our best friend relationship up. I went back to her house and gave it to her and she started crying and said “aww James don’t worry it won’t affect us and I love you too thank you so much for everything you’re really there when I need you the most”

12: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share. | When I was fourteen years old, I had gone fishing with my brother and dad on a boat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The first time we went we all felt sick because the sea was out of control and the boat was rocking the entire time. The second time we went, we were on a mission to catch a trophy fish. With the first bate we caught Mackerel, which is approximately a foot and a half long. After we caught the Mackerel, we took chump and threw it out of the boat to lure in a bigger fish. Then we took a Mackerel and put it on a line to use as bate. After two hours, we felt a tug on the line. We were so excited because we finally caught out trophy fish! We pulled out of the water a Golden Amber Jack. It was the greatest moment of my life because I realized when I work hard for something, focus, and devote time, great things will come. When we got back to land, we got the fish stuffed by a taxi durby. | too big and hard for me to real in pat come help me!!

13: LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH | When we got back to land, we got the fish stuffed by a taxi durby. It is a three week process to stuff and preserve the fish. I still have the fish hanging in my room because I was so proud that I caught it. Hopefully I will be able to catch an even bigger fish one day, because the feeling of catching a gigantic fish is unforgettable! I will definitely bring my trophy fish to the manson I want to live in when I am older | Four foot amber jack | Relaxing on the boat with dad and brother

14: My mom and dad are very special to me because they always help me out. I’m so thankful that they put me on this earth and I have the upmost respect for my parents. They would do anything for me to succeed and I’m grateful for them always being there to support me. My dad always takes me fishing which I enjoy because we get to spend quality time together. As I’ve grown up, my dad has taught me many valuable lessons I will use when I’m older, such as carpentry, how to handle my money, and how to paint. My mom always makes me banging food, cleans up after my mess, and supports me financially. She also waits up at night when I go out just to make sure I get home safely. | always looks mad but never is.

15: My mom pushes me to do well in school because she wants me to be successful when I am older. She moved to the United States from Brazil when she was twenty one years old, and she wants me to have a successful life and be able to support her when she is older. One person who means a lot to me is my older brother Patrick. He has been my partner in crime ever since I was born and I know he always has my back. We always chill together and he has become my role model. We act the same way and think the same too. When he went to East Stroudsburg University, I visited him every weekend and we partied together. When we were little, he taught me how to ride a bike and when we are together, we always have fun and there are no dull moments. | two twenty four pound bass. | What?!?!

16: future recuriter my best friend James Campoverde | Representing my Country | training for police academy | Future ship

17: I will be going to the navy to serve a four year term. I am going under my best friend who is a recruiter and will help me out as much as he can. He is going to put me as a police officer in the navy, so it looks better on my resume when I apply for the job as a cop. I hope not to don’t decide to join the armed forces for another sixteen years like my best friend did with the intentions on just going into the navy for four years. He says that it might make me change my mind to make me join for more time, so to be careful when I join and to keep an open mind. After I serve my time in the navy when I get out I am going to become a police officer. I will get the job because if you have any armed forces on your resume you’re automatically bumped up to the top. Especially if I have a naval police officer will bump me to the first seed unless someone else has the same. When I become a police officer I will go all the way to the top and hopefully get out of the district and become something higher. I would not be your average police officer that is a dick head. I am going to be nice to people and try to help them out as much as I could. If I see a kid is in the wrong spot at the wrong time I will let him go unlike most cops.

18: My best friend that is a girl is Jamie Klein my brother’s girlfriend. She is like a sister to me ever since her and my brother has been going out she became part of the family. She and I have been on numerous of our called “adventures”. These aren’t always necessarily hard things to do just stupid things we make up and decided to try to do or go places. We always have fun when we are hanging out with each other and she is a really nice girl. She helps me on everything she possibly could and is also helping me on the scrapbook too. She always hooks it up with the best free food, drinks and whatever else you want at her job. She is one of the reasons I am passing school because she gets on my case to do good because she wants to see me do good and wants me to actually try in school. | Kiss Face

19: "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while." | "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while." | My best friend that’s a guy is Anthony DeLeonardo. He is like my partner in crime and my right hand man. We always go fishing together and he is the one I go fishing with at least once a month if not once every two months. We both love fishing a lot and enjoy it very much and are so used to each other we fish together perfect without getting the lines tangled or anything. We have played on the same football team for six years and grew a bond so strong no one can break it. | Anthony Deleonardo | Tounges out!!

20: My first wish would be to have a good education. I want a good education because without this you won’t get anywhere in life. You could be rich but lose all your money because you’re not smart enough to invest it and use it in the right places. I would also be able to help a lot of people with a good education because I might be able to find the cure for a disease or save someone’s life doing some type of research. My next wish would is to be wealthy. I want to be wealthy because your net worth is a lot of money. I will be able to support my parents when they get older and are living on retirement to make their lives easier. I want my parents to live a really nice retirement and not have to worry about anything like they did for me when I was growing up as a kid. With all the money I have from being wealthy I am going to buy a noble M12 and a Bugatti for my cars. For my house I would go down to Florida in the keys and buy a mansion down there. My last wish would be to have a healthy family and two kids. I would want to have two boys though that are one year apart, so they could chill with each other and be best friends like me and my brother are. The most important part is having a healthy kids and I would be happy.

21: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter | Danny mendez dad car | Noble M 12 | future house

22: lazy siting down | Me and Ardijana | Brother and I going in...

23: I am lazy, laid back, chill; don’t care about anything, rebel without a cause, hippie, close with my family and best friends, and funny. I am lazy because I am so used to not having to do anything because everything is easier on me. Everything is easier on me because I got a big brother and I learn from him. My parents are more easy on me then him because they already been through it once they said. I am so use to everything being easier on me that it got me to not want to do anything and have everything done for me. I’m laid back and chill most people tell me. I guess I am because I just don’t care about anything and I just go with the flow of things. There is no need to ask a million and one question just do whatever comes your way kind of like a hippie. I like to destroy things and just cause ruckus when I’m bored or there is nothing to do. I am really close with my family and don’t like anyone to mess with them. That is the only thing I really care about a lot is anyone messing with my family. I am the most protective of my mom because she isn’t strong enough to defend herself. I still am protective over my brother and who he fights I jump in and fight even though I know I am a lot smaller than him. I still feel the need to help my brother at all times even when I am going to get hurt too.

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