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Aqua Swirls

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FC: BrittaniMcCarty 7/14/2011 Cell Cycle

1: Table of contents pg1 interphase pg2 first growth pg3 synthesis pg4 second growth pg5 mitosis pg6 mitosis, pg7 mitosis pg8 mitosis pg9 mitosis pg10 cytokinesis pg11 pg12

2: Interphase 1. G1- which his the growth of the cell 2. S- which is Synthesis (the DNA in the nucleus replicates) 3.G2 -which is more growth. about 18 hours would be spent in Interphase

3: First Growth The first phase within interphase, from the end of the previous M phase until the ... It is also called the growth phase. During this phase the biosynthetic activities ... Again, significant biosynthesis occurs during this phase, ...

4: Synthesis Proteins are the cell’s most abundant and diverse type of macromolecule. They give a cell structure, movement, and support, and they act as enzymes, driving the cell’s biochemical reactions. Proteins are produced in a two-phase process. In the first phase, the DNA of a gene is copied into a short-lived molecule called messenger RNA (mRNA). In the second phase, which is the focus of this activity, the nucleotide sequence in the mRNA is translated into the series of amino acids in a protein. Information Flow

5: second growth DEG Cell Growth 860 Volume I Number 6 1990 Figure 1. Schematic of signal transduction pathways in a cell. A ligand (growth factor, neurotransmitter, etc.) binds to its cognate receptor, thereby initiating a cascade of second messenger events

6: mitosis prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase.

7: MITOSIS Prophase: The genetic material in the nucleus condenses and the duplicated chromosomes become visible. The nucleolus disappears and the nuclear envelope begins to break down, spindle fibers also start extending from both poles of the cell.

8: mitosis Metaphase: The duplicated chromosomes become aligned in the center of the cell, spindle fibers attach themselves to the centromere of the chromosomes.

9: mitosis Anaphase: The stage of mitosis in which the duplicated sets of chromosomes separate and two identical groups move to opposite poles of the cell.

10: mitosis Telophase: A nuclear membrane re-forms around each new group of chromosomes.

12: cytokinesis Cytokinesis involves the formation of a cleavage furrow, followed by abscission, the cutting of the midbody channel, the final bridge between dividing cells.

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