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Aqua Swirls

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1: I was born on the 10th of January 2000, to parents Marleine and Charles in Bankstown hospital. My parents migrated from Lebanon in 1990 due to the ongoing violence of the civil war. | During my lifetime i have visited some of the most admirable sites in Australia such as the Gold Coast, Coolaganta, Cairns, Coffs Harbour and many more. | MY LIFE

2: I am very appreciative of the fact that God gave me two wonderful parents who make me a confident child and who motivate me and support me to keep improving in life. | MY FAMILY | Also i thank god for giving me a caring brother by the name of Elie Azzi who always brings a smile to my face and whom i enjoy playing a good, competitive game of backyard cricket.I like to talk to my family because i know they will be with me in times of difficulty and happiness.

4: Religion is a big part of my life, it is something that makes me unique. I value the fact that god gave me a wonderful life with a lovely family and that god was walking with me during times of happiness and carrying me during times of difficulty and temptation. | MY RELIGION | MY FRIENDS AND INTERESTS | I have many interest in my life but the one i enjoy most is reading about ancient history and to learn how the world came to be the way it is currently. I am also highly interested in science. A few of my closest friends are Samer Kazzi and Joe Wansa.


6: MY COUSIN | WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE | There are many things that make me unique but the one thing that stands out is my love for cricket. in year 7 I am the only person that is passionate for cricket.


8: POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CHALLENGES | There are many challenges in the early stages of high school. | NEGATIVE CHALLENGES | The two negative challenges that were really hard to overcome were to accept who you are as a person and to learn to be true to yourself. Accepting to be yourself is one of the hardest things about high school because many of your friends want to change their good habits and turn them into bad just to fit into a particular group and then you want to follow them just to be with your friends.To overcome this problem you need to stay away from trouble and learn how to pick your friends.Being true to yourself is another very important challenge , if you believe in what you are doing, nothing or no one can hurt you.

9: POSITIVE CHALLENGES | Moving on to the positive challenges, being independent in life is a big step and high school is the beginning of the journey. To overcome the difficulty of becoming independent i tried to be more organised and time manageable, also seeking assistance from my older brother. The second positive challenge was trying to make friends; high school is a new journey in all kinds of ways but the one that is the most important is trying to establish new friendships with other people. | POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CHALLENGES

10: COPING STRATEGIES | There are many coping strategies that need to be learn't before entering high school. | 1. Be time efficient: Never waste time on things that do not matter such as social networks. Always try to finish your homework that was handed to you on the same day so they don't start building up on you. | 2. Seek assistance: Never try to tackle down a problem that you know is to hard for just one person to overcome.There are many people who are there to help you and guide you through difficult times.

11: 3.Being independent: In high school the most important skill to learn is independence, never try to rely on somebody else, always do it yourself. | 4. Learn from your mistakes: Don't let a mistake lower your self-esteem, learn from it and try to improve from it. | 5. Using your diary: The use of the diary is vital in high school because not all homework that is handed to you is due the next day, some might be due a week later.

12: Support Services | The support services in our school are endless. | 1. Your parents: Your parents know you the most and if you tell them your problem they will be able to help you more than anyone else because you trust them. | 2. The school counselor: The school counselor is a great person to seek support from because they have probably heard your problem before and they might know numerous strategies to overcome it.

13: 3. Homeroom teacher: You will be able to talk to your homeroom teacher every morning and in that time you should talk to your teacher about anything bad that has happened so he can give you some tips on how to overcome the problem. | 4. Older siblings or relatives: Older siblings or relatives are great people because they might have gone through the same problems that you are going through and they might have techniques to help tackle it down. | 5. Year coordinator: If you are able to tell your year coordinator about your troubles he might talk to the whole grade about the issue which might make you feel safer.

14: MY GOALS | From the beginning of the year I had set goals so that i have something to work towards and hopefully achieve. | SHORT TERM GOALS | 1. Before term 1 I am hoping to gain independence and reliability because without these skills high school will be more troubling. | 2. I am hoping to start the year of with great marks in all my exams and assignments.

15: INTERMEDIATE GOALS | 1. In term 1 and 2 i am aiming to receive a report that I am happy with and a report which i know is to the best of my ability. | 2. Before term 2 i hope to get used to the teachers so i can gain more education from them. | LONG TERM GOALS | 1. One of my goals before the end of term four is to improve on my last report even if i got great because as they say there is always room for improvement. | 2. Before term four i hope to gain a great reputation with all teachers.

16: CHANGES I EXPECT TO FACE | High school is a place of endless challenges and the challenge that i expect to face in the next 5 years is learning how to rely on myself. In primary teachers were there to help you in all your assignments and homework but in high school everything changes, you will need to rely on yourself in all kinds of matters. Firstly, in high school the teachers have no time for students that are aiming to start slacking of in class, which means that they expect all students to be on the ball at all times, so you will be trusted to get all the equipment that you need for that lesson. Secondly high school is a place where work never stops getting harder which means that you cant rely on anyone else to do your work.Furthermore, to face all those challenges you need to be organised , time efficient and tidy because without these skills high school will be a place of horror. Finally, high school is not like primary were they keep reminding you about the homework due the next day, in high school the teachers rely on you to right everything on your diary. Being reliable in your life is the hardest skill to learn but like they say there is nothing man can't do with god on their side


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