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S: Bob McCollum 50th Anniversary

BC: From Your Family at

FC: A Collection of Memories and Thank You's for 50Years of Service

1: When Bob started working in the ‘60’s, Hughes was a plastic company then. It was many hours that he did work And Sue supported him. First he worked in the warehouse, Starting at the bottom did he. But he worked very hard and did a good job Then moved to sales did he. The company did change over the years And many different jobs he did do. Numerous long hours he a did work But became President at age thirty-two. We moved seven times in ten years And the company had its ups and downs, But steady Bob was through these challenging times And helped create a company that is now sound. | It took many years for the company to get The first line of 3-M products to sell. But today the Hughes Co. is a major distributor, So this history I’m happy to tell. Over the years a solid Hughes team Was established and put into place, With energetic hard working young people Who now do set a new pace. So we look backward to see where the company has been And are grateful to those in the past, Who have laid a strong foundation for years So the Hughes company will always last. But we also look forward to what lies ahead The opportunities to expand and to grow. The people and the company are now solid indeed And have, for their efforts, much to show. © Sue McCollum 10-08-11 | Fifty Years with the Hughes Co.

2: Happy Anniversary! | Bob McCollum, | I would like to acknowledge not just this rare and special milestone, but also how much I have learned about leadership and unwavering commitment to being the best. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to help RSH continue to be an entity that thrives because of personal accountability and uncommon teamwork. Let me tell you about accountability. I remember you being the "traveling man with the curly hair" that was always on the road in the 80’s scouting out our next locations and what markets we wanted to penetrate next. When you did come over to the Sunnyvale side of the building, it was to dive into the inventory books. On one such occasion, on the fourth day of the month you asked out loud in the bullpen "who is buying 3M tapes?" Now understand, we thought we were special as our branch was really starting to make major GP gains, but I knew the rules were to have your monthly totals done by the 3rd day of the month and I knew I was busted. My monthly totals were not done, the conversation with you was short and to the point. No extra words were needed, no excuses were offered. When you left our side of the building at 5pm ...myself and every other trainee scrambled to our books and stayed until 9 pm that night finishing all our monthly totals. Your lesson was about accountability to complete the task because success is about paying attention to the details so we could continue to replicate our success. That lesson was the first of many "Hughes-isms" that I grew to understand and embrace.

3: You pushed the investment in our training program to make sure we had the right people coming on board. You taught us to trust our gut. You opened up the stock option program to all employees and managers that contributed for 10 years or more. You promoted people that may not have been promoted elsewhere.....because you saw energy and competitive juices that would help us win in the marketplace. You taught us to trust and be trustworthy. You believed in us. You helped us understand that all of us are smarter than any one of us. You willed us to win and you helped us to be LEADERS with conviction. You have gained respect from customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and your family because of whom you are as a man. Thank you | I have always appreciated the fact that even though you were committed to RSH (whether that was 50, 60 or 80 hours a week), you always made it clear that family came first. You coached your boys in sports, you water skied, snow skied, camped and golfed with the boys and Sue. But you personified the mantra not to leave until todays work was done. You demonstrated that even though balancing work and family wasn't always easy or perfect....if you gave your all and were disciplined.....you could win at both. There were times you frustrated the hell out of me. Your disciplined, controlled demeanor was so different than my shoot from the hip wearing my heart on my sleeve mentality. But you know your mentoring started to grow on me and my fellow managers and we started to not only drink the RSH Koolaid ...but more importantly articulate and convince the next generation why they should too. I began to understand the simplicity of staying focused on "doing the usual.. ..unusually well" Lastly, I would like to complement you on your transformation in the last 10 years from a Hands-On LEADER to a MENTORING LEADER. It does not escape anyone in our company that the two Bob's were the yin and the yang of our company. Bob Hughes was the guy who thought deeply about and understood human nature and behavior. He was years before his time developing formulas about inventory, compensation, general expense, salespersons activity levels that were (and still are) ahead of its time. But all of us also know that RS Hughes would not be closing in on a quarter billion dollars without you as its General & Leader. You tore down walls with suppliers. | for the thousands of hours of conversations that have helped me in every facet of my life. Your integrity, personality, character, drive and resolve are interwoven not only in our success but in how we do what we do. I look forward to many more years of co-leading RSH with you. There is always so much more to accomplish and get done. Stay the course. Pete Biocini, President

6: We all owe Bob a huge debt of gratitude for the success we’ve all had with our company. Bob Hughes may have started it but it was Bob McCollum that took the plan and worked it. And all of us that have followed either learned that philosophy either directly from him, like I did, or indirectly through Pete Biocini and the Regional Managers. Bob was already the president of the company when I started on June 10, 1974. We only had six divisions, five in California and one in Seattle. Bob had a full time territory in and around Mountain View, where the office was at that time. He acted as president after hours as he spent mostly all of his time at that point between 8am-5pm in the field. And he was the number one salesman in the company. We had only sold 3M products for a few years and had just been awarded the ASD line. It was Bob that sold 3M on giving us a shot. Without him, we may have had to have waited another decade or more to get their lines as back then 3M was very restrictive as to who distributed their products. When I went into the field 2 years later, it was Bob that told me what to put in my car & my sales bag and how to work a territory. I remember getting briefly lost one day in Palo Alto while making calls and looked up at the street sign and I was on the street where he lived! I never made THAT mistake again! Less than a year later he shipped me up to Seattle after the outside Manager there had abruptly resigned. He told me when he “asked” me to move, “I don’t think you’re ready but I don’t have anyone else I can send.” After I had been there about 18 months, things had turned around and I rarely heard from him. When I asked Rose Stone about that, all she said was, “No news is good news!” When we opened Portland he gave me responsibility for that and Salt Lake, but he said “you don’t have to go there” it was already opened and Portland was new and our inside guy there was fairly weak. On a fairly regular basis Bob would call him to see what was going on, and I warned him, God help you if you say “not much!” Those phone calls were otherwise referred to as “BIG MAC ATTACKS!” Bob was always very direct and to the point, still is, he would start every one of the old annual managers meeting with, “Next year at this time, some of you won’t be here” just to get everyone’s attention except he meant it! Whenever I would complain about something or another, Bob’s standard reply would be “Life’s not fair.” Funny, that was the same thing my father used to tell me growing up. As such, the discipline that was demanded back during my first ten years with the company was nothing new to me. Hopefully, all the employees today will continue to follow the example set back when Bob started, to ensure our continued success. I don’t know where this company would be today if Bob McCollum had never come to work here 50 years ago. But I’d bet (part) of my ESOP stock wouldn’t be near as profitable as we are today. Thanks, Bob keep watching over my stock!!! Mark Zimmerman Fort Worth Sales Manager

7: Bob, I clearly recall the first time I answered the phone and heard, "Lois.......Bob McCollum" and the rapid heartbeat that instantly followed. Over time, after a few more phone conversations and several face to face meetings, my personal admiration for you increased with each visit and now I look forward to our chats...not with a nervous heartbeat, but with an open mind knowing that I will learn something. Your knowledge, your memory, and your longevity as a "Hughesian" are all incredibly admirable traits. Since I began my career here, it's been exciting to see us grow from 17 to 46 divisions, and your positive leadership in this company speaks volumes for your character and the integrity of RS Hughes. Happy Anniversary Bob. Thank you for being such an integral part of the growth and success of this organization. The RS Hughes Company has been fortunate to have such a great leader on our team for 50 years! Lois Mercado Fort Worth Inside Sales Manager | From everyone in Austin, we would like to wish you a Happy 50th Anniversary. We would also like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making RS Hughes the company it is today. We look forward to all of your future accomplishments and successes. Your friends in Austin | 2011 Southwest Region Manager's Best Practices Seminar | Congratulations from the McAllen and Reynosa divisions. Happy Anniversary!

8: During my days in Berkeley and Oakland, I was able to have a one on one dinner with Bob usually around my anniversary. Each year, Bob would talk and I would listen and learn. After about my 6th year with the company and 4th year as manager, Bob invited me once again to join him for dinner. On this occasion, I found myself extremely emphatic about my salespeople, suppliers, and just about everything else in regards to growing business; hence, I was doing most of the talking. After about 2 hours into this meal of me going on and on about this and that, Bob looked at me and said, “Joe, you finally get it”! Considering I had a couple hour drive in which I would employ a taxi today, I called my wife to tell her about my dinner. When she asked how my dinner was with Bob, I responded “Bob told me I finally get it”! My wife asked, “Get what?” In which I replied, “I don’t know, but if Bob says I get it, I got it!!!!” It took me awhile to figure out what I got, but when I did, I knew it was what makes us successful and different from every other company. Bob always backed me when I was a struggling Operations Manager in Berkeley yet set me straight when I needed it over the course of the last 31 years. If I had to describe Bob with one word it would be “respect”. That is something earned and not given with any title. Bob is one of the most respected people I have ever met. Thanks Bob and congratulations on 50 years! Joe Vargas Vice President National Accounts

9: Working for and with Mr. McCollum over the years has been one great learning experience. Bob led by example, he was always on the top of the Salesman Standings, and yes he had a territory back in the day. I remember when he worked with me in my territory and I didn’t sleep much the night before, but when we made calls he was very helpful. I learned the value of putting an R.S. Hughes Sticker on everything I passed out to customers, samples and all, and Bob to this day, I hand out nothing without a sticker on it! He also asked the best questions to the customers, I found myself taking notes and finding out things on the sales call that I never would have thought to ask, and again to this day, I use some of the same questions he taught me while making sales calls. Bob was always teaching the R.S. Hughes philosophy whether it is in a meeting, at lunch, or even on the golf course, he always had a message that would improve the way you do things and if you listened and implemented it would always work out for the best. Bob is a class act from the way he dresses to the way he works with his team and suppliers, I’m sure he has been a mentor to many of the R.S. Hughes team like he has been for me. Bob thanks for 50 years of service and leading this company to where it is today. Bob DeFusco Pacific Southwest Regional Sales Manager

10: Thanks for including me on this special day. I have many fond memories of time spent with Bob over the years. He made me learn to ski in Vail and instructed me on how to cut up a lime, also in Vail. He instructed me to get a key to the office the very first day I worked for the company on 9/25/75 after being locked out of the office as the manager was late to arrive that day. Bob was great to work with and always challenged you way beyond really what you could do. He always wanted real situations and never let you off the hook. He was great with the vendors and is solely responsible for many of the great lines we have today. What a milestone on 50 years. Thanks again and congrats on a great 2011 fiscal year. Mike Woolf | Calgary Winter Olympics 1988 Bottom row left to right: Chuck Kiester (3M) Debbie Cook and Sue McCollum. Top row from left to right: Mike Woolf, the one and only Norm Thomas, Bob, and Tom Cook (originally from Dayton Ind when we bought them). This is when RSH was treated to a trip to Calgary in 1988 as 3M was a sponsor of the games. Mike’s wife Pennie went and Norm's wife Mary went also.... (not in photo).

11: There I was, trying to pretend I knew what I was doing and that I really wasn’t scared of anything until then. This was Bob McCollum, President of the company coming to our location to spend the day with us yikes! I’ll never forget it at just the right moment, you pulled a chair up to my desk, sat shoulder to shoulder with me and you began to teach me what this business, and what we believe in as a business was all about. I took some calls. You listened. And then we talked. We talked about how to negotiate with the customer, how to really listen to the customer, how to ask the customer what was important to them, understand this, and then act on it to the benefit of both of us. Your expectation for excellence was clear, and that was so exciting! I’ll never forget the impact of that moment. I just had my first real lesson from you, and I knew right then—I had to be part of this! Well Bob, more than a few years later, and many, many more lessons together, I am so grateful. So grateful for what you have done for us as a company, and so grateful for what you have done for me personally. Congratulations Bob and Thank you! Thank you for what you have done, and thank you for what lies ahead. I know we haven’t seen anything yet! Mike Page Vice President E-Strategy | What an extraordinary milestone Bob! 50 years leading, building and guiding this company. I think it goes without saying that we wouldn’t be anything like we are today without you, nor will we continue to become who we are meant to be without your continued leadership. This is truly amazing and I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed so many years ago. I look back at our years together and oh, so many memories come to mind. So many great and wonderful moments we’ve had together. I don’t think I’ll ever forget all those years ago, when I was just starting as an Inside Sales Person. You came to our location for the day,

12: I personally along with the entire Dallas Division want to thank you for your leadership of our company over the last 30+ years. During my tenure the company sales have grown from $51.4 million to $228 million thanks to your leadership. I appreciate that you have never let the company waiver on core principles. Most people in our company have only got to see the disciplined business side of Bob McCollum. They don’t often enough get a chance to see the encouragement / coaching side. I have and it has meant a lot. I got a personal letter when I was demoted in Denver. I got personal phone calls on several anniversaries. I got a call a few months ago where you said “It’s good to hear you laugh Stan” (needed coaching). Sure, I got my butt kicked on some phone calls too, but the coaching calls meant more. You have always been honest, direct, told me what I needed to hear, and wise. The fiscal soundness of our company is AAA because of you. I have gotten a chance to see our royal standing firsthand with vendors like 3M, Loctite, Brady, Momentive, etc. That royalty came by way of Bob McCollum. I can’t thank you enough. Your leadership is much appreciated. Our company is blessed. P.S.: You are one of the few CEO’s left who still has the guts to write “Christmas” bonus. Stan Basnett Southwest Regional Operations Manager | Congratulations on your 50 year anniversary. Thank you for your leadership and relationships you have formed with our suppliers over the years. Your hard work, leadership and dedication continue to take us to new levels. This is such a great company and I am sincerely grateful for all you have done to make RS Hughes what it is today. Kevin Alvarado Houston Inside Sales Manager | THANK YOU for your dedication and leadership over the past 50 years!! I started with RS Hughes in April 2010 and fell in love with it. I am grateful to be a part of RS Hughes and to share what you worked so hard to build. As a young manager; I look forward to spending my entire career with RS Hughes. Thank you for building a great company to work for and to do business with! From the San Antonio branch we say THANK YOU for your first 50 years! Jared Kuhlmey San Antonio Inside Sales Manager

13: Congratulations on your 50 years with RS Hughes Co. I want to thank you for all your guidance and wisdom in helping the team grow in Houston. I am very proud to work for RS Hughes Co. and appreciate the opportunity you have given to me over the years. I remember in 1981 you sat me down and asked me to go to Houston and open up the branch with Danny Karr. It was a big challenge and I thank you for it. It has been a lot of fun over the years with the expansion of RS Hughes. I look forward to the continued growth in the future as a company. We are a great Company and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks for your support Bob. Wally Papke Houston Account Manager | I came to R S Hughes in 1976 when I was 19 years old to get a job that developed into a CAREER that spans 35 years. This could have only happened because you gave a kid an opportunity to become something better. Your strong leadership, intelligence and unwavering confidence taught me not only how to run a business but how to handle life’s challenges. You inspired me never to give up or to accept second place. When my son came to me the other day having difficulty completing what should have been an easy task I could not resist telling him, “Don’t give me the pain just give me the baby”. Congratulations on your first 50 years at R S Hughes! Dan SPEAKIN’ Karr Austin Account Manager | Congratulations on 50 years with R.S. Hughes! I will never forget the time Frank Cuttaia and I spent with you at the original Johnny's in Cleveland, when you were back for your 50th High School Reunion in Youngstown. Sitting down with you at dinner was a valuable experience that I will always remember. Thanks for all your contributions as a leader! Craig Legleiter Southwest Regional Sales Manager

14: Spotting the New Guy In 1997 I was at the St. Paul Hotel for 3M training. Bob was also in St. Paul the same week for a separate 3M meeting and I did not know he was in town. I was walking through the crowded hotel lobby that evening and Bob was standing in the lobby by himself. I had only met Bob once before and had been in my territory 6 months or so. Bob spotted me immediately, walked up and shook my hand, and started to recite all of my recent territory numbers. I was amazed that Bob recognized a new guy in a crowded hotel lobby and knew all about the recent growth in my territory. One of my favorite things about RS Hughes is Bob’s straight talk. I always enjoy every chance a get to hear him discuss the RS Hughes philosophy. It is a privilege to work with a company that has such a great leader! Happy 50th Anniversary Bob! Jim Littlepage San Antonio Sales Manager | Bob, congratulations from the Houston team for 50 years of leadership. Thank you for the strong foundation you continue to build which inspires each of us at R.S.Hughes to be the best in our field. | First and foremost congratulations on your 50th Anniversary with the R.S. Hughes Company. Your ability to lead coupled with a great business sense has helped to make R.S Hughes the company that we all love to work for. We can all only hope that our careers are as long and distinguished as yours. Cheers!!! From the El Paso/Juarez/Chihuahua Team | Bob & the opening team in McAllen,Texas June,2000

15: Congratulations to all employees of R.S. Hughes Co. to be blessed with Bob as our CEO. My hope is that he will be around for another 50 years. I have been around for 37 years and Bob has never wavered on his loyalty and leadership. I have worked with Bob in many capacities but the most memorable is when he was division manager (outside sales manager) and I was inside manager in Sunnyvale. Bob would like to come in on Saturdays and look at all the OP/OQ’s and watch football games on a portable TV. Sometimes he would come on Sundays also. We used to get into many heated discussions on our opinions on what the OP/OQ should be on certain items and I learned a lot during that time of my career. Bob was also fanatical about the literature. He would make sure that all literature was stamped before it got to the shelf and he would go through it monthly and purge the old pieces. It was impeccable. One of my favorite times was when I was in outside sales in Los Angeles and Bob would fly down to LAX and arrive at 8:00 am and we would work until noon and I was supposed pass him off with the other salesman however the other guy always seemed to be sick that day and I would get Bob all day. Needless to say the other guy did this twice and the then he was gone. We used to have sales meetings at Bob Hughes’ house in Palm Springs or Balboa Bay club and Bob was always the last to go to bed and was tending to everyone’s needs but he was always the first one up and he always had the coffee ready. I saw him function on 1-2 hours of sleep for 2-3 days at a time and never lose his cool. He is the ultimate host as well as the ultimate CEO. Bob always liked a challenge and I have seen him handle many, especially with employees and made them grow and enhance their careers with R.S. Hughes. As you know we have no minimum order and Bob strongly believed in this. He sometimes would see a will call customer at our front counter and would go to the will call and introduce himself and hand them a piece of literature and ask them what company they work at and what the company does. We had many unknowns that started in a garage and came to our front counter that later paid off immensely as we grew with them. A couple of the companies were Atari, and Apple computers. Bob taught me, you never know who you are talking to so treat them like they are your best customer. Bob was also the master at vendor relationships and he treated them with the same respect that he treated customers. I often have wondered where the R S Hughes Co would be without the influence of Bob. I do not think we would be where we are at today. In closing I would like to say again Thanks for the first fifty and I hope there are many more. Chuck Schweikart San Diego Inside Sales Manager

16: When Preparedness Meets Opportunity After moving from Seattle, and being part of the management team in Salt Lake City and then Portland I got called up into the majors - an opportunity to be the Regional Operations Manager of what was then the Anaheim Region. On the drive down from Portland to Southern California, Bob and Pete asked me to stop by the Sunnyvale location so they could speak with me. When I arrived Bob asked me to step into his office to speak with me one-on-one. Needless to say I was a little nervous. Bob and I talked for about 45 minutes, he handed me some memos about what a Regional Manager should be and the duties and responsibilities of a regional position. I can’t recall any of the conversation except for one thing. When we were speaking about my past eight years at R.S. Hughes, what had gone right and wrong, where I needed to improve and grow, I mentioned my past results, both Salt Lake and Portland had performed well in my years there. I told Bob that, heck; maybe I had just been lucky. Bob looked at me and said “Luck? Luck has nothing to do with it. Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity”. It’s the only thing I remember from that conversation and it’s a saying I use often. I would like to say thank you to Bob McCollum and all of the Hughes family of employees, past and present people, who have given me the opportunities to be “lucky”. P.S. Bob, I wish your saying had more sway when betting the ponies. Frank Parente Pacific Southwest Regional Operations Manager | Thank you for your continued leadership and dedication throughout the years. I know I speak for many when I say we appreciate all you have done for the company in your wisdom and guidance. You've indoctrinated our key goals, principles and philosophies that have built the foundation from which we grow. I truly appreciate all your business lessons along the way and I've learned a lot from you. I admire and respect the way you always take the time to acknowledge people on their years of service. No matter what their title----you make every employee feel important and that their contributions are part of the total success of the company. I happen to be in the office after someone heard from you on their special anniversary, it was clear you made an impact and made their day. I'm glad you'll continue to teach and create an environment that allows everyone to do their best. Once again, Thank you and we appreciate you on this special 50 year anniversary. Carolyn Wilkinson San Diego Sales Manager & Corporate Trainer

17: What a milestone!! All of us in the Los Angeles branch would like to offer their congratulations. Thank you for paving the way for us and giving us the opportunity. Los Angeles Division | Congratulations on 50 years! I am fortunate to work for a company who is run by someone with the leadership qualities that you have. I appreciate everything you continue to do that allows us to be more successful and am grateful for the opportunities you’ve afforded me with. Jon Baeder Los Angeles Inside Sales Manager | It is said "Anything left unmanaged will deteriorate." With Bob's management and his commitment to the core philosophies of the Company, the results are and will continue to be excellence. Congratulations on fifty years! Jon Ochoa, Inside Sales Manager & Dan Stern, Sales Manager & the Tucson Team | Happy 50th Anniversary! The Riverside team would like to thank you for the all that you have done so that we can continue to be a part of the future growth of R.S. Hughes. Your leadership, guidance and foresight have helped us to learn and grow in an environment that rewards hard work and integrity. Through the years, your lessons and words of wisdom have taught us to be fearless in how we approach our business and we appreciate the foundation that you have built that allows us to succeed. We wish you all the best on your 50th anniversary and know that you will continue to guide us into a prosperous future! Thanks, Kurtis Lakhani, Inside Sales Manager & Phill Stringer, Sales Manager, Riverside | Phoenix would like to send a special congratulations for a fantastic 50 years you have given the Company! The word “impossible” is not in Bob's vocabulary. He knows the rules of the game and has taught us to play better than anyone else. Each and every one of us is lucky to be a part of such a successful Company. Bob has led us all to be leaders, strong and wise. He has put his heart into this business and this business into his heart. Thank you for everything Bob! Jamie Manarin, Sales Manager & Benny Rios, Inside Sales Manager

18: I was quite impressed last year when Bob McCollum called me on the phone to congratulate me for my 15 years with the company, and thank me for my hard work and dedication. This tiny gesture meant a lot to me. Thank you Bob for helping make R.S. Hughes a company worth staying with for so many years. Linda Sage Indianapolis Accounts Receivable Congratulations on behalf of the entire Indianapolis Branch! | Congratulations Bob! The one RSH's sayings I heard from Bob's lips at a training years back, "Sell Something New Today". At the end of each day I ask myself this. Thanks for your Leadership. Dennis Dilley Detroit Sales Representative | The Kansas City branch staff would like to thank Bob for his contributions in making RSH the company we work for today. Bob's leadership has made this a company we are proud to work for. In today's world, working for a company with our reputation for integrity and detail to execution would not be possible without the guidance of managers like Bob. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that filters through all our daily lives, every day. We all want to wish you have as much success and fun in the next 50 years that you have had in the first 50 years leading RSH. Michaele Price Kansas City Sales Manager & Team KC | With the utmost respect for your leadership, loyalty, dedication & integrity, here’s to you for 50 years of service to a GREAT company! Your legacy will ALWAYS be sewn into the fabric of RS Hughes. Thank you for all that you’ve done for all of us! Happy Anniversary! Don Ruesch, Detroit Sales Manager & the Detroit division

19: I remember the first time I really got to know Bob. It was lunch about 3 months into my management trainee stint in Sunnyvale. All of the trainees knew at some point Bob would randomly ask them to lunch, and we were all very nervous about it. There was actually nothing to be nervous about, we just spent the hour talking about R.S. Hughes, and what my career path might look like- Sunnyvale to Salt Lake to Seattle to Chicago (via Chicago being brought to Sunnyvale under the premise that I was interviewing trainees when I was actually being brought in to be offered the Chicago Job) Little did I know that I would still be here over 27 years later. The thing I have come to appreciate Bob the most for over the years are our talks about inventory. Bob is truly the master of understanding inventory, and I have learned from him over the years that doing a great job managing inventory is truly an acquired skill-primarily acquired by a lot of hard work before 8:00am and after 5:00pm. Bob has always been there to give advice when needed- He is a great listener. Many of the most simple concepts that Bob helped create from the very beginning- The person answering the phone can actually help you, paying all employees a bonus based on profit, one person one responsibility are truly unique and make our company what it is today. R.S. Hughes is truly a great place to work- Bob - congratulations on your 50 years, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of it. Rich Umphrey Midwest Regional Operations Manager | What an amazing accomplishment you have reached, 50 years of service at RS Hughes! You have truly shown me what it means to lead by example and you have paved a successful and admirable path for the rest of us to follow. I personally look forward to your continued success at Hughes. Congratulations! Pete Siotropos Midwest Regional Sales Manager | I can remember going to Sunnyvale in November, 1999 for a New Manager's training. Bob asked me to ride up front with him to the group dinner. We got to talking, and I began to prattle on (as I've been known to do), and Bob listened for what probably seemed to him like hours. Finally, he said to me, "Scott, sales ain't that complicated. Find a customer that needs something, and sell it to him." Since that moment I have come to appreciate Bob's ability to make it simple for me, to strip away all the bluster and get to what the "it" is. Thanks for that lesson, Bob- and all the others you have taught us here in Cincy. Scott Zoromski Sales Manager & Mike Taylor Inside Sales Manager

20: Happy 50th Bob! Not only is 50 years a great accomplishment these days, but also is a tribute to your great leadership. Thank you for all your work that has put us in a position to succeed. RS Hughes would not be the organization it is without you and we are very proud to be a part of it. Congratulations! Zac Kniess Minneapolis Sales Manager & the Minnesota Team | From all of us in the Chicago Division, we would like to say thank you and congratulations for 50 years of hard work and dedication! You are a shining example of loyalty and RS Hughes would not be the same without you. The Chicago Division | I had been with the company a little over a year and had just become the Sacramento Operations Manager having transferred from a sales territory in Sunnyvale. I got a call from Bob on a Friday evening around 6:30pm. It was the first time Bob had ever sought me out specifically and I was nervous wondering what I might have screwed up enough to warrant a call from the President of the company. We talked for about 10 minutes about how I was doing and the branch in general. Much to my relief, no specific issues or problems were brought up. Thanks for teaching me the management skill of turning responsibility over to your team but auditing their progress to make sure they stay on track. Fast forwarding about 15 years, I had the opportunity to work with Bob for a few months on a special project. It was a unique situation that came along and offered the potential for RSH to grow in an unusual way. I was involved in gathering information, working with suppliers and customers as well as discussing strategies/decisions with Bob and Pete. It was the first time I had worked with Bob on a regular basis and it was a great learning experience. Definitely a career highlight for me, on par with my one lunch meeting with Bob Hughes. I've been fortunate to have had such leadership skills demonstrated directly for me. Congratulations and thank you! Happy Anniversary! Brad Pressler Indianapolis Sales Manager | I remember when I first met you. It was my first day of my warehouse week in Sunnyvale back in 1987. I introduced myself and asked you if YOU worked here. HA! You replied, “Yeah. I keep busy on the other side of the building.” Thanks for all the discussions over the years. Thank you for your continued leadership in all that is R.S. Hughes Company – Congratulations on 50 years and here’s to 50 more! Tom Sullivan Sacramento Sales Manager

21: Saunders would like to extend its congratulations to Bob for 50 years of excellence with the RS Hughes Company. We appreciate Bob sharing his wisdom and guidance, and for the path he paved in establishing Saunders as a converter / fabricator. We look forward to continued success under Bob’s leadership. | Your leadership has inspired us to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Congratulations on a remarkable 50 years!!!! Allison Trnka, Inside Sales Manager & Rick Mercado, Production Manager along with the entire Saunders East Team | Carmen Santillan, Production Manager & Jon Tarian, Inside Sales Manager & the Saunders West Team

22: Wow! Fifty years at R.S. Hughes. You must have been twelve years old when you started! You and I go back to 1976, and it has been a great relationship. Your leadership and direction has created a very successful, profitable company and employment for many people. I'm honored to be a part of your organization. Congratulations on fifty years of leading a dynamic and profitable business! Bob Hershock | 50 years and counting!!! Hello from an old friend and admirer. I'm so glad that Bob Hershock informed me of this special anniversary. What a milestone. Just hearing about this event brought back so many good memories: Vail trips that you hosted so well, golf in the desert, and much more. Bob Hughes was a true genius to recognize your talents and to bring you into the company as he did. Having you as a Scotch-Brite Distributor really helped to create one of 3M's finest divisions. Bob, have a great celebration. I'll be thinking of you. My best to you and Sue. Your friend, Dick Vernon

23: I have this picture (Bob, Craig Schilling, Thomas Smith and I) from our Relentless Attention to Execution trip to Scottsdale in 1998. It seems like just yesterday as I was just beginning my career as a new manager. I know, many that attended will never let me forget my falling from the back of a pickup truck but, what I remember most was the time spent that afternoon playing golf with Bob. I’m still not a very good golfer so I must have been terrible back then. Bob, you encouraged me that day on the golf course and inspire me to excel in business and in life. I remember the lessons and your words of wisdom from that trip and others, all of which I work to instill when leading. Thank you for dedicating your life to creating such an enjoyable and rewarding place as RS Hughes. Rich Hendle Tampa Inside Sales Manager | Congratulations! Thanks for your leadership. Happy Anniversary! Thomas Smith Corporate Controller | Bob, on behalf of the Birmingham branch, we would like to say congratulations on 50 years of service. You have built a great company of which we are proud to be associated with. Our goal is to continue increasing the contribution of the Birmingham branch, and with four consecutive months of record sales we think we are on our way. We could not have achieved this without the core principles that you have instilled in this company. Thank you again for your 50 years of service! The Birmingham Team

24: Memoirs to Bob I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bob McCollum on his 50 year Anniversary with RS Hughes Company!! Over the last 50 years, Bob has witnessed and experienced many changes on how business is handled on a daily basis. When I first started we faxed hand written inventory sheets around the country to see which division had stock. Now with SXE we have real time data. The changes have been endless - cell phones, iPads, computers, etc. The one thing that has remained unchanged are the core philosophies Bob McCollum has taught from the beginning and passed down from manager to manager on how to run our business - R.S. Hughes Company!! Congratulations Bob McCollum on 50 Years!! Jeff Steege Southeast Regional Sales Manager | Congratulations Bob on your 50 year anniversary. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to RS Hughes and its success. I always enjoy listening to your words of wisdom, ideas and philosophies. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a great company. Carson Mouser, Southeast Regional Operations Manager | Congratulations on your 50 year anniversary. The values and principles that you have instilled in this company are invaluable. We look forward to many more years of your leadership. Thank you, Bob! The Columbia Team | Happy 50th Anniversary! We appreciate all of your efforts over the last 50 years. Thank you for your leadership. Congratulations! The Raleigh Team | Happy Anniversary from your home state of OHIO! Your wisdom and knowledge are unmistakably a tribute and gift to your success and the success of RSH. It is of great pleasure and pride to work for RSH under your guidance... Congratulations on 50 years! The Cleveland Division

25: Congratulations on celebrating 50 years with R.S. Hughes. I’m sure you look back, as we all do, and say, “Where did the time go?” I’m sure you started in sales when your boys were very young and now they are adults and you and Sue are in a completely different season in your lives. I want to focus these words on this paper from a personal perspective and not about work. I remember when I was just 22 and working in Sunnyvale. I was a young, impressionable young guy and was hired and trained by both Norm & Dennis. The value system that was instilled by them both as well you resonate in my life today and now passed on to my kids. Let me explain in bullet point thoughts: *Treat people as you want to be treated. *Pay as you go and not to over extend yourself. *When the economy is tough, reel in the expenses. *Plan ahead for the future. *Do what you say, and say what you do. *Integrity. It takes a lifetime to build, a minute to bring it down. *It’s the little touches in life that matter the most. For me personally, it’s always been about the Culture that Bob Hughes had instilled in you and then handed down the line to challenge us all with life issues that are applicable in business. Thank you for your leadership and direction. George P. Joseph III Miami Inside Sales Manager | Congratulations from the entire Orlando Team. We appreciate all that you have done for R.S. Hughes and we are all proud to work for such a great company. | Thank you for all your years of dedication to RSH and the confidence you have shown in the Jacksonville branch through turbulent times. We surely have nothing to look forward to but prosperous times ahead with you at the helm. Sincerely, The Jacksonville division... Justin, Patrick, Barclay & Harold | On behalf of Team Atlanta we would like to congratulate you on 50 years. We appreciate the opportunity to work for such a great company and look forward to many more years under your leadership.

26: Congratulations Bob McCollum for 50 years! In 1986 R.S. Hughes Company acquired Dayton Distributors in Florida. The first time I met Bob, I was a cocky four year sales rep in the Orlando area. Prior to the acquisition, Bob made sales calls with all the sales reps in Florida, asking many questions, and observing our selling skills. I remember doing a Dynabrade demo, trying to impress Bob, but in the end I was just doing what was expected. In the summer of 1987, I was offered the Sales Manager position in Tampa; this is a point in my life where weighing the pros and cons of a move from an established territory to the unknown. All the signs said stay in Orlando, only one made sense to make the move, always hearing Bob talk about the OPPORTUNITY to succeed. I recall the first time Bob came to Tampa, we went to a coffee shop to talk, I boldly said, “Bob, I will have Tampa turned around in three months”, his reply, “Well that’s great, but do not be surprised if it takes you a little longer than three months.” In 1989 I left the R.S. Hughes Company and moved to Minnesota and worked for a 3M distributor to be closer to my family, and after two weeks I realized that the philosophy of the Minnesota distributor was so different than the R.S. Hughes Company, I asked for my job back in Tampa, Bob said yes-- Thank You Bob. In 1991, Sales Managers were in Sunnyvale for a managers meeting, Bob asked me how Tampa was doing, I started to complain, Bob took me to the wood shed (the warehouse) and told me to start acting like a manager and quit being part of the problem and become part of the solution. I was so upset on my plane ride back to Tampa, I was ready to quit, then I realized what Bob was trying to explain to me, take the negative energy and make it positive, do your job to the best of your ability and pass the positive energy on to your employees. I have learned to never complain, all negatives can become positives if you believe and do what is best for your customers and employees. Over the years it has been a pleasure to see Bob and the wisdom and knowledge he passes on to all employees. Bob, I would like to Thank You for all you have taught me over the years dealing with customers, employees, and life in general. You have been a teacher, coach, and mentor to me over the years. Sincerely, T.J. Collias, Tampa Sales Manager

27: Happy 50th Anniversary!!! I can remember one of our first conversations many years ago. The local 3M rep in Ft. Lauderdale and I were conducting testing with #1280 plating tape, at an acct. I would be there all day. You suggested, as only you can, our main job as a Distributor was to stock and ship same day. We did not have to be the technical expert. That was for the 3M folks. You suggested, I could be there initially for hr. or so and then excuse myself to make more sales calls and perhaps come back at the end of the day. The impact from that would be the same with that Acct. and I could make many more sales calls through the day. I thought to myself, wow, why didn’t I think of that. Simple strategy, more calls = more sales = more profit and everybody gets the most productive use of their time for the day! Thank You for your guidance and leadership over the years, Bob. I have learned a great deal from you. Congratulations, Don Capley Raleigh Account Executive | Happy 50th Anniversary! The first time I met you was at the New Manager Training at Corporate. We had all gone out to dinner and before we were served, you went around the table and asked all the Managers questions. 80% of the questions were directed to me. Everyone after dinner asked me if I was ok. I realized that you were coaching me to always be prepared. In management, we have to look down the road, but also be prepared for the unexpected. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I thought I'd answer a couple questions and you'd move onto someone else. Thank you for your leadership and the direction you've taken this company in. I admire you keeping to our founding values, no voicemail, a live person answers the phone in two rings or less. This is what differentiates us from the competition. Brian Kendrick Raleigh Inside Sales Manager

28: Eleven years ago I was sent as a new employee to RS Hughes Training in Sunnyvale. Not knowing any one I remember standing across from Bob and hearing him call me by name. I was blown away. He knows me and knows I have a daughter made me feel very welcomed to the team. 10 years later on my anniversary Bob personally called me on his cell phone to congratulate me and hoped that I enjoy my upcoming vacation, in fact he knew where I was going. In our conversation he shared the spirit of our company to help one another to grow. I really appreciate that call. Happy Anniversary. Mario Amengual Miami Senior Sales Representative | Congratulations on your 50th anniversary with R.S. Hughes! Thank you for your leadership, vision and example for all of us. Many companies talk about “strategic partnerships” you show us how it is done. I read this a few years ago, and thought of you. The Power of a Leader “True leaders are not those who strive to be first but those who are first to strive and who give their all for the success of the team. True leaders are first to see the need, envision the plan, and empower the team for action. By the strength of the leader’s commitment, the power of the team is unleashed.” Congratulations Bob and I wish you continued success, good health and much joy in the years ahead. Melanie Arnold Program Account Manager, Gov’t Business | My personal encounter with Bob was in Sunnyvale a few years back at a new managers meeting. Bob approached me and introduced himself. He knew more about me than I would have ever expected. We talked a few minutes about McAllen, Reynosa, and Monterrey's RSH business. What I left with is that Bob gets involved in every aspect of RSH including the employees. Thanks Bob. Roel Avila McAllen Sales Manager | Bob, congratulations from the Houston team for 50 years of leadership. Thank you for the strong foundation you continue to build which inspires each of us at R.S.Hughes to be the best in our field. John Nelson Sales Manager

29: Wow Bob 50 years! Thanks for your leadership over the past 50 years. Your message has been the same for my 22 years with the company. You have always told me our biggest asset is our people. You've never pulled any punches with me and have always supported our team and my decisions in Seattle. A couple of “remember when moments”: -Remember when we had the Scottsdale Operations Managers Meeting and the golf team was you, Rich Hendle, Thomas Smith and me? We all had plenty of Vodka and you had very little support from the rest of your foursome! -Remember when Kenny and I came to your house for the Super Bowl and dinner after with you and Sue? I often tell Ken how much I enjoyed spending time with the two of you. -Remember when you came to town for a meeting in Bellevue and I was your transportation? I was so nervous about getting caught in traffic and making you late I took us to some hole-in-the-wall Indian Buffet. We sat outside Starbucks under an umbrella, drank coffee and talked about business for over an hour and a half. -Remember how I always used to draw you during role playing in the "Ledge" seminars. -Remember when you stopped by the Seattle office during my first year managing? Well, you may not, but I do... The warehouse was a disaster. It looked like a UPS Truck had exploded on our loading dock! Needless to say, I got a call from Ken McCormick after the holidays. There has been some fun times, nervous times and somewhere in between times. On the occasions when I have needed to talk to you directly, you have always answered my call immediately, or called me back as soon as you could. Thanks again for the first 50 years and all those to come. Oh yeah, and thanks for the job! Craig Schilling Seattle Inside Sales Manager

31: I have many great memories of Bob beginning when I was a trainee in Sunnyvale in the late 1970's all through my years as manager up in Portland. One of my fondest memories happened back in 1997 at Wonewok, 3M's corporate lodge in northern Minnesota. The previous year 3M had a sales contest based on growth so about 30 R.S. Hughes people who won the challenge were invited to attend a 4 day retreat at the lodge. The event was in early March and when we arrived the temperature was a brutal minus 30 degrees below zero. The next day it warmed up to zero so about 15 people, including Bob and I, headed to cross country ski through the woods and frozen lakes. After a half hour, there were only about 7 of us left and after another 15 minutes only Bob, Mike Page and I remained. We skied on for another 20 minutes or so with Bob setting the pace and I realized that there was no way Bob was ever going to let 2 young managers think they could tire him out. We finally stopped for pictures and a few questions about how we planned to grow our business in the next year and then headed back to the lodge. This showed me just how completive Bob is - be it in business or on a cross country ski trip through the northern Minnesota woods! Walt Cahill, Nat’l Account Regional Manager

32: Then...

33: Now...

34: This was taken in July 1966 with the new Polaroid Camera (Instant pictures were new! Long before digital cameras!) | Bob & Mike Cunningham

35: Wonewok, 1974 | My congratulations on your 50 year achievement! Now that I am retired I have been able to take some time to look back and as Steve Jobs said "connect the dots". We all owe you a huge Thank You for your dedication, your tremendous time investment and your vision in making the company what it is today. It took a lot of energy to assemble the lines and personnel to make the company what it is today. We all must Thank You for staying with the principles that work and not succumbing to the latest "fad" or what the "experts say”. From not agreeing on 15 calls per day to lowering inventory when times were slow. I wish continued success as you do what you love and enjoy. Roland Pavlovics

36: Wonewok, 1996 | Wonewok, 1997

37: Bob Hughes, Rose Stone & Bob at Rose's Retirement Party, 1997.

38: Congratulations to Bob and thank you for your kindness and concerns you have shown to me in the 27 year. I’ve known you. You have made several calls on my anniversaries and I would like to say Happy 50th!! To a great man and leader. Hortense Golden Oakland Account Manager | I was a young trainee in Sunnyvale, working on a Saturday with a Senior Inside Sales Rep setting up part numbers on our then new P21 system. Bob walked into the office, I’m sure knowing we would be there, and asked our opinion of what we thought the P21 system would bring to the sales office. I immediately spoke up and explained that P21 was going to make the inside sales team more efficient. Before I could even explain what I meant by “efficient”, I found myself listening to a lecture on the definition of the word. To this day, I stop and think before I ever use the word “efficient”! Thank you Bob for being our leader and for 50 dedicated years with RS Hughes. Cheers too many many more. Elizabeth (Wimborough) Reynolds Oakland Account Manager | I’d like to say thank you to Bob for all of his words of encouragement as a new Manager some years ago. I appreciate his leadership, his philosophy and the advice I feel privileged to have receive from him over the years. Congratulations and thank you! Mark Tanioka Oakland Inside Sales Manager | Congratulations and Thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to work for such a delightful company. I've had many talks with you and each one of them has helped me out along my path from sales rep to Regional. I can still remember in 1996. My rookie year telling you about an order that I received from a new customer, and you telling me great that you received a P.O. for the product, but is the money in the bank! And I can truly say that I went on one of your last end user sales calls with you!!!! And what an experience that was. We went to United Airlines to talk with them about 3M matting!! We never talked about the product you asked the customer about 100 questions or more to really find out what the customer’s needs were, so we could solve their problem. Watching you navigate through the sales call was amazing and it's and experience I'll carry with me always. Thank you again for your wisdom, knowledge, philosophy and most importantly your hard work at making this such a successful company. Mike A. Del Campo III Pacific Northwest Regional Sales Manager

39: We want to wish Bob a Big Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! We’ve all been mentored in some way or influenced by his philosophical teachings. Bob is always one to offer an honest perspective, sage advice and words of encouragement to those that have joined the R.S. Hughes Family. A Great Big “Thank you!” From all of us in the Oakland Division | Congratulations on your 50 year anniversary! We all “Thank You” for your guidance, mentoring and vision you’ve taught all of us and your overall contribution to the success of R.S. Hughes. But most important is your leadership and positive message you’ve delivered to all of us over the years. R.S. Hughes is very unique in our overall Corporate philosophy, belief in our employees, integrity and service excellence that continues to be the backbone for our continued growth. We’re fortunate to see you on a regular basis and appreciate your “Open Door” policy to talk at any time. In addition, thanks for being a great Landlord. Ken McCormick, Corporate Logistics Manager Deanna Jordan, Sales Manager &The Sunnyvale Team | Wow...50 years... CONGRATS! I remember when I first started...I was a bit scared of you. Then I got to know you. You would come by my desk and say good morning when I started in A/R. When I moved to the transfer sale desk, you talked a bit more to me (the old timers will remember the transfer sale desk). After I transferred to the LA branch and you would go to corporate (which was in LA back then) you still came by my desk and said hello and asked how I was doing. R.S. Hughes is more than a business. The philosophy you and Mr. Hughes have handed down and taught to all of us have made this company more like family than a business. We are called HUGHESERS for Life-which is a great thing! I can never thank your wife Sue enough also, for visiting my father in the Veteran’s hospital before he passed away. She came by to see him and gave him a signed copy of her poetry book. My family and I will never forget that. That’s not a business--that is family. I love when you come by now and ask what’s cooking-anything new coming up, working on-how are you going to end the month. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. Thanks and Congrats again on 50 years..... Karen Peyton Sunnyvale Account Manager

40: Bob, Dave Koepke, Bill Matthews & Pete

41: I remember when I worked in Sunnyvale in 1988 and we met for breakfast one morning at 7:00. I arrived at 6:30 thinking I would be the first to get there. Unfortunately, you beat me there. I remember asking you about that, and you told me that you always have to plan to leave an hour early, because anything can go wrong. For instance, you can get a flat tire and have to replace it. This really sunk home with me. Whenever I meet one of my trainees in the morning, I always arrive earlier than expected and I really enjoy the look on their face when they realize that I was there before them, and I always tell them the story about our breakfast meeting. Bob thanks for all the advice over the years. I really appreciate your leadership and the opportunities you have provided me at RS Hughes for the past 23 years. Congratulations for your 50 Years of Service! Ken Smith Seattle Sales Manager | Congratulations on 50 years of hard working from the Portland Branch. We all want to thank you for paving the way for each one of us. Bobby Redd, Portland Inside Sales Manager | Albuquerque would like to say Congratulations to Bob for such a long and continually successful career. Your core business beliefs and values are an inspiration to the whole RS Hughes family. | Congratulations on your 50th anniversary and thank you for letting me be a part of this great company. The first time I met you while pitching the idea for safety sales within R.S. Hughes; I don’t think you moved for the first 20 minutes of my presentation. You didn’t give me any body language or feedback and I started to get nervous. I thought, “Why am I getting nervous? I know this is the right course for R.S. Hughes and I know I can deliver”, so I plunged ahead. From that experience I know I will never play poker with you. Once I joined the company, people told me what a great guy you are and how much you care about people. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I got to see for myself what a positive and caring man you are. Your support during my time of need is appreciated beyond words. I am truly blessed to be part of this great organization and the culture you have built. Thank you for giving me a chance and more importantly for the friendship and support you gave me during one of the toughest periods of my life. I am forever grateful! George Mallinckrodt Director of Business Development Safety Products

42: New Manager Seminar May 12, 1999 | Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work you've put in to build this company into the great company it is! Michael Wyatt Tulsa Inside Sales Manager | About a year after becoming Sales Manager for the Los Angeles Division, I was participating in a Volleyball Tournament in Berkeley in 1988. Traveling along to cheer me on were my wife Eileen and son Travis. I was shocked and surprised to see Bob there! He took the time on a weekend to come up to Berkeley and watch me play. We spent time together, talking and watching another game and I sincerely appreciated it! I knew then that I was here for the long haul. That extra touch meant a lot! Congratulations on 50 years Bob! John Power National Accounts Regional Manager | When I moved to Cincinnati in 1999 to open our new office with Scott Zoromski, the biggest shock was the silence of the phone those first few weeks after we opened. We were new to the market and had only a handful of established customers. Coming from the Sunnyvale office - where the phone seemed to never stopped ringing - I was now the only person on the inside, sitting at my desk with a phone staring back at me as I made outgoing calls all day. It felt like someone had made a mistake and purchased a phone system with no ringers. Needless to say, the silence on the incoming calls was tough to take. After about a week of being open I received a call from Bob asking me how things were going and we talked about how the business was developing. Every few weeks that first year we were open I received a call from Bob to talk business. It made a huge impact on me to know the CEO would take the time to consistently call me at the smallest branch in the company. From the time I started with RS Hughes, I've known this is the company where I want to spend my career. You are an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations on 50 years Bob! Marc Eddings National Accounts Manager

43: Bob, one small thing that comes to mind is how you’ve always taken the time to personally call me to congratulate me on my 10th and 15th anniversary. Congratulations on your 50th and looking forward to hearing from you on my 20th! Antonio Gonzalez Las Vegas Senior Inside Sales Rep | Thanks for your leadership and support Bob, and for giving us all the opportunity to succeed in Monterrey. Happy Anniversary! Monterrey team | One moment in time that we all talk about is how you always take the time to congratulate each and every one of us on special anniversaries and occasions, and most of all; you make us all feel very special and an important part of the R.S. Hughes family. Congratulations on this historic moment. Tijuana Branch | Bob, you are very inspirational to so many people. We thank you for your vision and ambition to push forward. I personally thank you for believing in us all. Congratulations, you are a marvelous CEO. Cheers to you and we look forward to another 50+ years with your ideals in mind. With Appreciation, Landon Turner, Inside Sales Manager & the Milwaukee Branch | The RSH MIS Department would like to congratulate you on your 50 years of service to R.S. Hughes, and would also like to thank you for all your support as we all work together to give our customers the best service possible.

44: Thank you and congratulations for 50 years with R.S. Hughes. It is an amazing story for new employees to hear, and an inspiration for veterans to tell that our CEO has dedicated a half century to making R.S. Hughes the best place to work. Your ability to lead us through change and adapt to so many new wrinkles in our business: cell phones, fax machines, internet, new lines etc; and you have always kept our focus on excellent customer service for our customers. Enjoy the spoils of your hard work and thank you for all the sacrifices it took to help R.S. Hughes become what we are! Long Island Team & Matt Henderson Northeast Regional Manager | The Boston Division would like to congratulate you on 50 extremely successful years with R.S. Hughes. Your commitment to the success of this company has impacted employees across the entire nation and beyond. The confidence that you have in your team allows us to strive to succeed to a level that you know we are able. Your coaching, teaching and mentoring over the past 50 years has generated an excitement in all of us that will grow for another 50 years. Thank you for the opportunity to become part of something great! We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors for years and years to come. Enjoy this moment, as you deserve every bit of it! The Boston Team | In 1980 I was hired as a part-time shipping and receiving clerk for the Berkeley office. Our customers returned a lot of defective RTV100 series GE silicones to our office. I decided to take the silicone out of the individual boxes and put the tubes in a very large box for the return to GE. GE received the return and immediately called Bob McCollum. Bob drove to the Berkeley office un-announced and wanted to talk to me about returning products to manufacturers. I really thought I was going to lose my job that day! Congratulations Bob on your 50 years with RS Hughes! Jim Naccarini Baltimore Inside Sales Manager | Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary Bob! It’s been a pleasure to be a part of all your wisdom, knowledge and insight over the years. We look forward to many more! The Denver Branch

45: Bob, congratulations on reaching your 50th anniversary with the R.S. Hughes Company. I believe this company reflects your core values that our employees, customers and vendor partners have come to appreciate. Many best wishes to you! Jack R. Swope Salt Lake City Sales Manager | I would like to sincerely thank Bob as I know in conjunction with Bob Hughes through the years his policies and overall business sense have made it possible for me not to have to worry so much about retirement. I like to think of Bob as a business genius!! Dave Fondren Sunnyvale Sr. Warehouseman | Known for not being of few words, to summarize my experience working with Bob is "perception meets reality." I had four years of hearing about the gentleman behind the company before first meeting him and in many respects, he was larger than life. What I found first hand was someone who expected results, corrected course when necessary and never dwelled upon ones shortcomings. His heart is in building relationships through customer service that exceeds expectations and no excuses, reflected in every aspect of the company and personnel. The loss of colleagues during my tenure was heart breaking, yet the business side took second place to helping the families affected. Even reaching to others within the company who dealt with personal tragedies. The compassion of the people behind RS Hughes is reflected through leadership and Bob creates an atmosphere where everyone working for RS Hughes has a stake in the company's success, responsibility to reflect honesty and personal commitment towards others and understanding when bad things happen to good people. Let your yes be yes and no be no. Be justified in all you do and any action that doesn't produce the expected results can still be the correct one if it was made with the best intentions. Nuggets of gold in the corporate sandbox of business operations these days. Perhaps it didn't take 50 years to get it right, but necessary to set the example. Oscar Sall

46: I was very fortunate to join RSH at a time when the company was transitioning away from a four colored computer system. Those years required many long hours, some weekends and a few holidays. From time to time I would be the only one in the office on a Saturday when Bob would come in and notice me working. He would spend some time out of his day to ask how I was doing. There were other occasions where he would ask me about non business related issues and it always amazed me that the CEO of a company would take the time to get to know his employees and ask about their lives and ensure their well-being. So my thanks to you Bob for your support and for noticing the work that I’ve done here. It is very much appreciated! Congratulations on 50 years! Michael Colocado, Corporate Database Operations Supervisor | It has been an interesting 15 years and I look forward to many years more. You will probably outlast all of us!! By the looks of the photo from a regional meeting in Texas last year you looked younger than most of the personnel!! Gail Zimmerman Corporate Chief Financial Officer | Congrats Bob, what a tremendous milestone you have achieved. I wish you many years of continued success. Karen Martinez Sr. Payroll Accountant

47: From the Human Resources Team | Congratulations on this important milestone, Bob! 50 years with a company is quite an achievement and almost unheard of in this area, so we’re all very proud that you've chosen to remain here at R.S. Hughes. Thank you for your all of your hard work, dedication & leadership throughout the years. I look forward to seeing what else the future has in store for the company. Cheers to 50 years! Allysa Tejada HR Representative | Congratulations to your 50 years with RS Hughes and even more than that, congratulations to bringing this company to where it is today. You have molded so many RS Hughes employees and have created a strong foundation that has withheld since before my time and can only grow from here. Nerissa Marichalar Administrative Assistant | When I was hired by RS Hughes over 14 years ago, the internet was in the infant stages and computers weren’t a part of all businesses (yet). After spending 20 years at a tomato and apricot cannery, I was excited about joining a new company. I have to admit, there was an adjustment period. Gone was the phone system with voicemail (to hide behind), the receptionist who screened all calls, the unions to negotiate (and argue) with, and the 12 hour days, 7 days a week for 4 months every year. Here was a company that was growing, stable and that taught me that integrity (amongst other traits) is a huge component of success. Here was a company that leaves it up to YOU to be successful. The word “entitlement” isn’t part of the vocabulary here. Hard work, and of course, Bob’s “RATE” (Relentless Attention to Execution) have proven over and over that if you “get it” you will grow. Happy Anniversary Bob! Thank you for your dedication, compassion and loyalty, not only to the company, customers and vendors, but to your employees and their families. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning from you the past 14+ years and look forward to many, many more! Janet Sall, HR Manager

49: Celebrating, sharing and teaching. Thank you, Bob!

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