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Cape Cod 2010-Willis

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1: "Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts." Rachel Louise Carson

2: Introduction AT first, I had no idea what this trip was going to be like. My brother had been building it up for me for the past four years, since he went on it, so I was really nervous about what it was going to be like. Now, when I look back at all that happened, I know that it completely lived up to my expectations. Personally, my favorite parts of the trip were rolling down the sand dunes, playing football and looking at the ospreys, and going onto the Naviator boat ride. These experiences taught me more about what Rachel Carson was trying to achieve. Cabin 54 and the bus rides are memories that I will hold forever.

3: Day One | Nick and I waiting for the buses. | Getting on to the Bus. | Me contemplating our on coming adventures.

4: Day One | Approaching the Sagamore Bridge. | On the Sagamore. | Pulling into the Salt Pond visitor center where we will watch the Sands of Time.

5: Activities | The Buttonbush Trail for the blind. | John Doane's grave. | The John Doane memorial plaque.

6: Day One | This is Marconi site, where the first useable radio was made to communicate between England and the U.S | Above is a picture of the Marconi beach.

7: Continued... | This is a model designed to look like the first radio communications system. | This is the Marconi Beach lookout.

8: Cedar Swamp | This is the ATlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail. It's buggy, wet, and beautiful all at the same time. The water here is red from the mixture of the mud and the water's bacteria.

9: Trail | As I started to walk down the sloping bridge, the constant buzzing sounds of bugs instantly immersed me in their drone. The mosquito's rang in my mind as they flew laps around my head. I kept on walking, getting increasingly aggravated by the numerous spider webs wrapping them selves around my head. The leafless, dead, and barren trees, only allowed glimpses of light to come through them and onto the soft marshes below where Robert and Lucas were jumping. I finally walked slowly out of the trail at the entrance, relieved that the constant buzz of mosquito's was not directly in my ear.

10: Day one ends... | at Bass River Sports!!! | Iain and Cole riding their trusty gorilla Bobo at Bass River Sports, where we ended the night with mini golf, some arcade games, and awesome ice cream from Blondies.

11: And day two begins. | AT the sand dunes. Oh, the memories.. | After many long minutes of planning, standing, and lying down, we finally formed our starfish.

12: The Sand Dunes!! | I scurried up the hill on all fours, narrowly avoiding Whitney as she came barrel rolling down the soft and grainy dune. I finally got to the top of the steep mountain while the sounds of Mr. Marchetti's clicking camera and other screaming kids jumping into the pit shaped dune filled my head. I stepped onto the small area we used as a jumping zone. I sprinted. I leapt off into the air, barely staying up when I landed. I took one more small hop and then fell into a somersault. I rolled. Sand was everywhere., on my legs, my head, in my mouth and even in my eyes. I stood up, blinded by the sand, then went back up the mountain sized dune for the next jump.

13: Day two on the Naviator. | After the dunes, we went to the harbor where we would have our ocean tour on the Naviator. | Later on, we learned that we were going to cast out a net so we could pick up and look at different organisms of the ocean.

14: The Naviator | Brad and I watching the presentation of the organisms. | This is a picture of a scallop opening up. | Lucas, Pete, Brad, Andy, and I sitting down while we continue to watch the organisms.

15: Continued | While on the boat, we were lucky enough to see a couple of seals! | This is the bucket that held some of the organisms. | And this is a very large female spider crab.

16: Bus Modeling | On the way back from the Naviator, Andy, Brad, Scott and I continued on with our bus modeling careers. | Andy and Scott in their shark photo shoot. | Dinosaur Andy accompanied by... | DINOSAUR WILLIS!!!

17: Finally, day two ended at the movies with... | SHREK

18: Day three, our last day on Cape Cod. | The first thing we had to do in the morning was clean up our beds and cabin 54. | This is the bed side table that I hit my eye on when I fell out of bed at one in the morning.

19: After that it was off to the Osprey's. | One group was already looking at the osprey's, which meant we had a little time on our hands. So, of course, we had to play at least one game of football.

20: Osprey | Long minutes of waiting had finally paid off as we began to see the baby pop its head up. | Next, the mother came up and spread out its wings. Things were turning out great! | Then, we saw the male fly down from the sky with a fish between its claws and land on a fence. ready to eat. We had great luck.

21: Osprey Writing | The minutes and seconds continued to tick by. I yawned out of exhaustion and boredom. I raised the binoculars to my eyes once more but to no avail. The Osprey nest remained motionless. The urge to talk amidst the silence was unbearable until I heard someone gasp. "Look at the top of the nest!" they whispered as loud as they could. I looked through the binoculars and sure enough a little baby Osprey was poking his head out of the top of the nest. Then I saw something larger come up. I gasped as the mother Osprey came all the up to the top of the nest and instantly spread out her large wings. I picked up my camera and snapped a picture.

22: Our last activity on cape cod was... | biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail! | Lucas Pete and Scott talking to Mr. Marchetti | We took a break at Seymour Pond in Harwich.

23: Cape Cod Rail Trail | The Starfish group picture in front of Seymour Pond.

24: Conclusion | AFter my own experience with this trip, I can only say that this is one of the most memorable trips that I have ever gone on. I thank the teachers who thought of this memory book project because I will be able to look at my Cape Cod trip for as long as I live. I have learned more about the ecosystem and the environment then I ever have before, and if I had a younger brother I would try my hardest to build him up for this amazing adventure.

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