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children's book

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S: Seasons of Change

BC: Meek's best friend Saffy's dad, the baboon, gets captured while walking through the forest. Meek is not supportive. Read to find out how Saffy and Meek make it through.

FC: Saffy and Orchie: An Adventure Never to be Forgotten | Andrews publishing 2012 | Written and illustrated by Megan Andrews

1: Saffy and Orchie: An Adventure Never to be Forgotten | Andrews Publishing 2012 | Written and illustrated by Megan Andrews

2: The sun was a hot, and the air was humid on a late August day. Saffy, the baboon, and his father Orchie were taking their everyday walk in their rainforest home. Everyday they tried to take a new path for a new adventure, but they were careful never to get too close the humans land for the fear of poachers. One day, though, Saffy and Orchie were feeling extra adventurous and wandered extremely close to the outside land. Suddenly there was the crackle of branches behind them. Before Orchie and Saffy had time to react, Orchie had been tranquilized. Saffy wanted so badly to help his father, but he took one look at the poacher and suddenly knew it was Maliki, who his father had told him horrible stories about, but never really thought he was real! Then, he knew he just couldn’t stay. He had to go get help!

3: He ran back to his village and screamed, “WOOWOOWOOWOO”! In baboon talk that means danger is in the area! Only baboon’s who had courage would call the danger call! Suddenly every baboon in the radius of 10 miles started fleeing for their lives. But one baboon in particular knew the voice of that baboon who had yelled the danger call, and that was Meek. Meek was Saffy’s bestfriend! Meek knew he had to find Saffy. He would find him if is life depended on it. Meek ran and ran and ran until he finally found Saffy. “What happened? Where’s Orchie?” asked Meek “We were just walking through the forest then suddenly daddy was laying on the ground” said Saffy all in one breath. “OHHH NOOO,” screamed Meek. “ well that’s just too bad, isn’t it!”

4: May didn’t stay any longer to see what Meek had to say. She darted of in the forest in search of her beloved husband, Orchie. Meek then stood there, all alone, in the forest. He didn’t really care that he hurt his best friend’s feelings, or his best friend’s mom’s feelings. All he cared about was himself. He ran of to go lounge, while his best friend’s dad was missing, but when he was walking back to his “house” he saw Saffy sitting on a rock, crying. Meek just walked right by. Saffy was now thinking that he needed to find a new best friend that was more supportive than the one he had now.

6: The next day Meek thought about the way he acted the day before. He started to think that he acted like an arrogant beast and that he needed to apologize to Saffy. When Meek set out to find Saffy he had to walk quite a ways before he finally found him, but it was worth it because Meek found Saffy crying on a rock again, but this time he actually talked to Saffy instead of walking right past. “Hey Saffy, I am just so sorry for the way I treated you when you told me your dad had been captured. It was really mean of me!” “Oh...it’s...okay?” said Saffy. “To make-up for it, I was wondering if you wanted to go take a journey into the outside land where the poachers are and see if we can find any signs of your dad, but we have to be really secretive. I think it is worth it though! Do you?” asked Meek. “Umm...sure if you want to?” questioned Saffy. “Well, we best be heading out because we don’t want to be out after dark or our parents will start to think we got captured too!” said Meek while laughing with Saffy. | Maybe I was harsh!

7: So the two, Meek and Saffy, set out on a journey to the outside world in search of Orchie. When they reached the outside world they had to sneak around the village so they didn’t get caught. They knew it was risky but they still wanted to find Orchie before it was to late. When they reached what they thought was the middle of the village, they saw him. “ There he is!” whispered Saffy. There he was, chained up, and people were beating him. He looked so miserable! Saffy just wanted to go in that building and save his daddy. Suddenly the poachers told the torturers that they were done with that baboon and needed to move on to the next one. Inside, Meek and Saffy were jumping with joy because now they knew they had a chance at saving Orchie but they just had to figure out how.

8: “Lets just sneak in and cut off the chains with our teeth!” suggested Meek. “Deal, lets go!” exclaimed Saffy. So the two of them snuck in and rescued Orchie, who was in bad condition but they managed to get him back to the village. Their families were so excited to see Orchie but also worried that he might not make it through the night because of his condition. Saffy and Meek had no fear though. They knew he would make it through! The next day Orchie was pretty much fully recovered and was ready to forget about what had happened to himself in the days before! Orchie and Saffy made a promise to each other to not be so adventurous and not to go too close to the outside world. | I love you dad. | Love you two son. | Love you too son.

9: “Saffy, I am SO SO SO sorry for the way I acted a couple of days a go and I want to make a promise to you that I will never ever act that way again!” said Meek “ Meek....I accept your apology!” said Saffy. “BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER!” “They both said in unison. From there on the baboon village lived happily ever after and definetly made sure to never stray to close to the outside world! | Best friends!! | Best friends!!

11: Megan is a 7th grade student at Cambridge Springs High School. She lives in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. She loves Justin Bieber. She collects everything Justin Bieber. Her best friend is Hadley Glenn.She enjoys skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Megan has one little brother named Matt, and 2 dogs, one of which is a puppy named Reese, like the chocolate candy, and Snickers, also like the chocolate candy.

13: Lasting Memories...

14: "An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest." - Judy Hand

17: Playing in the leaves! | The more you laugh, the longer you live.

18: These Are The Moments I Live For

21: 2011

22: Warm & Cozy

23: wonderland | Dashing Through the Snow

25: Home is where there's someone to love, and someone to love us.

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