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Clover's Life

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Clover's Life - Page Text Content

BC: Clover's Journal

FC: Clover's Journal | Sandra Yamin Period: 7

1: My Journal | This Journal is for anyones eyes to see who wants to know about the real Animal Farm. What really happened on the barn inside and out. What all the animals had to go through and how many poor animals lost their lives. Rest In Peace. I hope this journal helps everyone realize that the real world is a tough place no matter where you are. Enjoy. - Love Clover

2: Bye Old Major | Old Major was one of the few animals on our farm who was listened to. He taught us of the wrong doings and the right. Three days before his passing, he called the farm in and discussed that we animals must stick together and rebel against the humans. That every animal is one and we are all equal.. I thought this was a preposterous idea, and it was. But in favor of Old Major's death, we decided to try. - Love Clover

3: 7 Commandments | A few weeks after Old Major's death, we, the animals, rebelled against Jones and his men after not being feed and being whipped. In favor of Old Major's death and the rebellion, the farm animals decided to make 7 commandments which all the animals has too follow. They engraved them onto the barn, but I couldn't clearly read what they said, I knew them by heart. Napolean and Snowball decided on these rules together, even though they hated each other. ALl of us were happy and proud of ourselves for such an accomplishment and things will get better from now onwards. - Love Clover

4: Battle of the Cowshed | Most terrifying moment of my life. Jones and his obnoxious men came back for the farm, but Animal Farm proved them wrong alright. We charged at first, but retreated only as a trick to get them again and beat them silly. Snowball was hit drastically, and a fellow sheep died. We pray that Snowball heals peacefully, and the sheep rest in peace. We won of course. Snowball and Boxer were awarded Animal Hero, First Class award. Animal Farm couldn't be doing better. - Love Clover

5: Snowball Gone | How could Napolean do this? Snowball fought for us, he stood up for us, and now Napolean just runs him out? Squeler isn't helping much either. Napolean chased out Snowball with 4 rapid dogs that I knew nothing of. I'm not as upset as I was before, but just worried of how things will turn out.. Wish Animal Farm luck. - Love Clover

6: Windmill | I don't understand anything at all. So first, it was Snowball's idea to build the windmill, and my was it an excellent idea. Napolean of course opposed. Now, Napolean randomly wants to do it as well? I don't know if it's because he realized how smart it was, or if he is just messing with us, but I sure do hope that Napolean knows what he is doing. -Love Clover

7: What was that? | This does not make any sense at all! Squeler called everyone in into the barn and told us that the windmill project was originally Napolean's idea. WHAT!? This made no sense, until Swueler explained more. He said SNowball stole the idea and presented it to us farm animals first before Napolean could. It kind of didn't make sense at first...but it seemed reasonable and I can't disagree with my new leader, so I just went with it even if it didn't make any sense.at all. -Love Clover

8: Things are falling a part... | Animal Farm wasn't as great as everyone at first hoped... First Napolean keeps bringing down our food and it isn't all that bad, but after a while he'll probably give us no food at all (I hope not). Then, all of the pigs get special treatment. I mean yes they are smart, but that does not mean they get more food, comfort, and respect then all of the other hard working animals. Now, Benjamin tells me so, a commandment ahs been changed! It turns out that the pigs have been sleeping in the house of Jones and his men. But, on the commandment, it said, "No animal shall sleep in a bed WITH SHEETS." I'm awfully confused. - Love Clover

9: Rest In Peace Fellow Animals | Things have gotten as bad as I suspected. One evening, Squeler called all the animals to the barn for a discussion. He said that some animals have been talking behind AnimalFarm's back and reveling secrets to Snowball. It was then that whoever talked back, admitted, or argued were right away attacked and killed right on the spot by Napolean's devilish dogs. What surprised me most of all was Boxer's attack. The dogs lashed out on him, but thank the heavens that he guarded and smashed those dogs away. Animal Farm is starting to worry me... - Love Clover

10: Another Commandment changed | Napolean was seen breaking another rule, but the commandment was changed once again on the board. He was very sick of too muh alcohol intake, so on the 7 commandments, it read "No anmal shall drink alcohl TO EXCESS." If Napolean keeps changing the commandments then ANimal Farm will soon enough hit rock bottom. Love- CLover

11: RIP BOXER | Boxer's gone. Forever. I don't know how he died, or waht was the real truth. But he is gone and that's all I know for sure. Squealer said that he was taken to the hospital but it was too late, but really he was taken to the knacker for slaughter. Benjamin read the van that took Boxer away, and sure enough he was right. What has Animal Farm Come too. - Love Clover

12: What we now see | It's like any normal day out on the farm, until later in the evening. Everyone was doing their daily routine, but what catches everyone attention isn't something ordinary. The pigs are walking on their own hind legs! What!? No one dares says a word or does anything. We all stared and gawked in shock of what we were presented too. Later that evening, all of us animals snuck out to the hous to see the humans and the pigs all wearing clothes, walking on 2 feet, and laughing and yelling about. Animal Farm has officially ended. - Love Clover

13: We realize now. | All of us were foolish to believe that we could have a fair leader who we could trust. We were fooled, tricked, and looked like complete stupid farm animals. Old Major would have disagreed with our choices. We realize now that we should ahve thought better and not just agreed with whatever we heard. If we had been smarter, we would still have Boxer and all the other animals alive today. I don't think I could live with myself knowing that I have brought the death to many of my friends. I am so dearly sorry. This is the last of my journal entrys - Love Clover

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