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Cold War

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Cold War - Page Text Content

S: A time of spies and mystery

FC: Cold War Audrey Igert

1: U.S & Soviets 1945-1991

2: It was a war between Russia and the United States. | A war with no direct military action, but instead a time of mystery, spies, competition and rivalry. | Soviets didn't want their control over Eastern Europe taken away. As for the U.S they had a lot of power they couldn't give up.

3: The two countries became highly suspicious of each other after World War II.

4: The Marshall Plan 1947 | Made by U.S general George C. Marshall. The U.S hated the idea of communism in European countries. They believed that countries with economic problems were communism. This plan offered 13 billion in aide money to countries to fix damages from WWII. The money saved countries from communist takeover and aided them back to a better economy. The Soviets saw it as a way to gain support.

5: The American president Harry S. Truman first proposed the Truman Doctrine to provide money to European countries threatened by communist expansion. | Harry S. Truman

6: Joseph McCarrthy

7: March 2, 1948 | Truman created a program to catch cold war spies. The senator Joseph MCarthy begins the communist witch hunt. In 1954 he was forced out of the government because of he blamed people for being communist. he died 3 years later.

8: NATO | NATO (North American Treaty Organization) became a military alliance April 4, 1949. This includes 28 countries including; United States, Greenland, France, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, and West Germany. This alliance had two principles. They wanted to maintain a good military alliance and stay away from political and military pressure. Second, they wanted to relax the tensions between East and West Germany. | WARSAW PACT | Warsaw includes Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and East Germany.

9: Satellite states were countries of the Soviet Unions who is an independent state, but under their control.

10: The Berlin wall built August 13, 1961 to divide East and West Germany.

11: The wall had been created when Nikita Khrushchev, leader of soviets realized the West side of Germany had not been completely de-nazified. The division between the two sides also became known as the Iron Curtain. 1961-1989, during the time period many people tried to jump over the wall. Truman ordered planes to fly food to West Germany because they were blocked off from food.

12: Arms Race | Russia and the U.S were both fearful of nuclear attacks. This was a time when they both built up their military and created massive weapons In 1952 U.S dropped the first hydrogen bomb. It was smaller than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima but 2500 times more powerful. The fear between the superpowers weapon advances could very well be the reason a nuclear war didn't start. The Soviets then made a nuclear bomb, and the arms race began.

13: October 1947, the Soviets launched the first satellite to orbit the Earth, the Sputnik. The U.S reacted in fear. If the Soviet Union could launch this, then they had the power of launching an atomic bomb in space. Bomb shelters were created to protect Americans in case of an attack.

14: Vietnam war 1957 | The conflict began because North was a communist area, and the South was anti-communist. President Lyndon B. Johnson sent troops to Vietnam to prevent the North from taking over the South. This applies to the Truman Doctrine because South is being threatened by communism. Sides North Vietnam- Soviet Union, China. South Vietnam- South Korea,Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand.

15: Domino Theory | If one country in Asia becomes communist, the other would fall to communism too.

16: The Great Game- 19th Century Britain vs. Russia A battle over central Asia.

17: The British and Russians both fought over central Asia. To do so they manipulated nations, spied, and overthrew governments. It was a lot like the Cold War in a way because nations in the cold war wanted to get again. It was a war about dominance

18: In the 19th century Russia began to expand their powers, and conquer countries Southwards. The British were taking over places Northwards. The independent states that were left such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. Persia became a no-mans land because it was on Russia's northern border.

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