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Dad's 65th Birthday

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Dad's 65th Birthday - Page Text Content

S: Happy Birthday - Love All of Your Family and Friends

FC: Francesco Ferlaino | December 23rd 2011 | A Tribute

1: Dad, when we first began thinking about the perfect gift for you we thought it would be nice to have all your close friends and family write a memory, thought, or birthday wish which we would then place in this book as a tribute. What we didn’t realize was the amount of people who responded and the different ways you’ve impacted everyone’s lives. As children, you have a tendency to think of your father as just that, a father, but a true test of someone’s self is reflected in the eyes of everyone around them. To us you’re our Father; strong, supportive, encouraging, affectionate and yes, stubborn too. You are also a Husband: a partner who is inspiring and full of love. A Brother: courageous, selfless, wise and funny. An Uncle: dependable, helpful, adventurous, who has opened everyone’s eyes to a world of possibility. A Friend: loyal, fun, a dreamer who encourages everyone to follow their hearts. A Boss: firm but encouraging and patient, a mentor who is kind and open minded. How do we sum up 36 or 34 years? It’s almost impossible. Our memories are so happy and full of love. There have been some difficult years as well, but these hard times have only served to bring us closer than we’ve ever been. You’ve always made us feel strong, intelligent and proud to be who we are. You are there whenever we need to talk to you and although you don’t necessarily agree with all of our decisions you are always encouraging and validating. We are so proud of you for following your dreams despite all the challenges and adverse opinions you were presented with. You continue to be a source of inspiration and pride to us. Happy 39th! We love you. Ang & Jai

2: Every Christmas We've Spent Together | All the Hugs and Tickles | All the Trips We've Taken Together | All the Tall Tales and Stories You Used to Tell Us: "The Battle Between the Brain and The Butt" "The Lips That Could Walk Up Stairs" | MEMORIES

3: Trying to Camp and then deciding the Ferlaino's don't camp. TV and Cheezies are better. | The Annual Candle-less Birthday Photo. | Celebrations and Milestones

5: Franco, il tuo passato - buono e male. Mi ricordo bene, come si fosse stato oggi, quando eri piccolo sei stato gravo ammalato - finanche che ti ho promesso a la Madonna Della Quercia, che poi quando eri piu grandicello ti ci ho portato ogni anno per rendere omaggio: io e la tua nonna, Cicca, che io ci credo a i miracoli. Dopo di questo periedo difficili, non sei stato piu ammalato. Poi quando ci avevi 16 anni e hai fatto un bel sviluppo sei fatto un bel giovanotto. Cosi bello che per fina il fotografo a preso una bellat fotografia di te e la mandata a tutte le parte che manadave le sue foto per campione - si era tanta bella la tua fotografia. Io mi ricordo che in questo tempo ti volevi fare dottore. Poi ci hai pensato che era troppo lungo a completare questa professione a hai campiato idea - invece ti sei fatto contabile. Dopo sei andato a lavorare per L'Oreal - per lungo tempo. Non mi ricordo per quanto tempo, e dopo ti sei pensionato. Mi ricirdo che viaggiavi molto. Dopo vedi che hai fatto - sei andato di nuovo a scuola e ti sei laureato con il Master di contadino, e ti hai comprato un vignetto in Toscana. E cosi ti sei alontanato da noi tutti - mamma, fratelli, figlie, etc. Purtroppo questo e il tuo destino e sogno. Mi manchi tanto caro Franco. Che il Dio to benedica, ti da salute e felicita. Io ho molti ricordi meravigliosi e felici di te caro figlio. Ma dato che ho dovuto limitare - ho deciso di parlere degli anni quando eri piccolo. Il tou 65 esimo compleanno e veramente una grande occasione che vorrei che ero li con te per celebrare insieme. Ti auguro un buon compleanno, piene di salute, amore e feliciita. Un grande abbraccio, spero che ci vediamo fra poco. Tua mamma, Angela

6: H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y N O N N O

7: Nonno, Ryan & Emma

8: Hi Frank, One thing is for sure – taking a trip down memory lane, has allowed me to indulge in many pleasant and sentimental memories of our childhood, our adulthood, and now our mature stage. It has made me realize how difficult it is to limit myself to just one memory - a memory that is a true testimonial to our love, kinship, friendship and the many experiences we have shared together. I hope that when you read this ‘memory’ that it will make you laugh, that you find it reflective of how fond I am of you and what you mean to me, that it will tell you that I love you and I miss you and that I have always looked up to you. So let me remind you of one of my earliest memories – | that eventful and telling summer day at Newman Park, when you came to my rescue. I hope that the picture of superman, which I have chosen to go with, captures the age old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So what makes a person a hero? There are countless definitions of heroes in our world, but for me some of the key characteristics of a hero include: sacrifice, determination, courage, selfless, and fortitude. You certainly exhibited all of these and others that hot summer day at Newman Park. Do you remember? But what's important is that these have been part of your coat of arms in everything that you have done. So let me recount my memory. Newman Park, Ville Emard, summer 196?, the three of us had just finished playing and went to the chalet's washrooms to freshen | up and tend to our businesses, You and Al finished before me and went outside to wait – leaving me alone and unprotected on the throne. I was minding my own business when a number of French speaking “bums” came in and yanked me from the throne and forced me outside. When you first saw site of this unfortunate and uncalled for exhibition of disrespect, you told them to leave me alone.

9: Unsurprisingly and in keeping with our collective view of “bums” they quickly responded by positioning themselves for battle. Outnumbered, undeterred, unabashed and not caring of what the outcome would be or that harm would certainly come your way, you prepared yourself for an intense pugilistic encounter. It did not last long and the outcome is unimportant, but you were my hero, sparing me from further embarrassment and harm. Over the years we have remained close, despite distances and our respective busy schedules. You have now embarked on your x second career, albeit far away from us. What'’s important is that you are enjoying yourself and that you find this phase of your life, enriching, fulfilling and loving. I love you and want to wish you all the very best on your 65th birthday, Love, laugh, cry and enjoy all that lies in front of you. See you in Montreal. Love you, Nat

10: Well Bro, I guess it's time and no matter how much you've tried in the past, you can't hide it anymore that, You're Old No matter how much hair color you use and no matter how far away you moved from your friends and family to get away from the constant reminder, the truth has caught up to you that, You're Old There's too many people involved now, thanks to your daughters who truly inherited your “delegating” genes, the truth finally came out and certified by just about everyone you know that, You're Old I know how you feel.You once told me that you have a problem with age,get over it. Let me assure you right here and now, I'll even go on record that, You're Old I can bullshit you and tell you all kinds of stories like most of the other contributors to this “book of memories”that you're not getting older but better, that this is only the beginning of the rest of your life, that life is what you make of it, that if you have the right mind set your life doesn't have to change. BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH | Well, let me tell you Bro without reservation that, Your equipment needs a complete overhaul. You are not a bottle of Vino that gets better with time but rather like a piece of cheese left unattended on top of the counter that's started to turn green and flies are gathering in for the kill. This is indeed the beginning but the beginning of old age. You can't make“bricks without straw. (The Ten Commandments) Your mind is starting to go and life as you remember is gone, mostly because you can't remember it. All this is happening because,

11: You're Old I tried to make you aware of where you stand, admittedly very subtly, but I believe you can still follow the dotted lines, on second thought you told me you're beginning to see dots when your eyes are tired but never mind that. Try not to unlock your memory files, I don't want you to get a headache, like our early years in Italy, both with our parents and also the 12 months we were left alone under the guardianship of our Aunt, and then because of our sudden eviction from our Aunts' house, with our Grandparents. | Of our early years in Canada, with all of the shenanigans we pulled as teenagers. Of the time you went to buy a family car with dad only to return with a two-seater sports car. Of the time when Nat and I had to come by bus from Ville Emard, carrying shovels, to Place Decelles, to dig the car out of a snowbank because the night before you had told mother (our CEO) that you could not come home after work because of the snow storm because all the streets were closed and the Bank was putting everybody up at a Hotel. Mon Oeil!!!!!! !

12: Of the time when we tried to stop the bleeding on Nat's head, after having hit his head on the corner of the kitchen cupboard, by placing an ice tray on his head. However, when the ice tray came into contact with Nat's blood soaked hair it welded together and had to cut off Nat's hair to loosen the ice tray. Of the time when you and I were going to run away together because our parents disapproved of your intended bride. Of the time when you did in fact get married leaving with the family car and but not without leaving behind a memento, the Car Loan. Of the time when you called me in the middle of the night telling me to get ready because we had to go to Myrtle Beach to fetch Angie. All of this and much much more I didn't want you to think about because I don't want you to get a headache so I did it for you. Now I have a headache. All these fond memories some of which are sad, are deeply implanted in my mind as I am sure in yours also and can never be erased or altered and will be treasured forever. | Circumstances have somehow separated us by distance again, this time it's Italy and previously was the time you spent in Brazil, God has a funny sense of humor sometimes by keeping us apart,but nothing can separate us from our thoughts and fond memories of our relationships. I have learned much from you, mostly of what not to do, but you have left me with the single most important advice you have ever given me. When confronted with what I thought was the most important decision of my life, you simply listened to my dilemma, paused a moment and said: AL, MY ADVICE TO YOU IS TO ANALYZE THE SITUATION AND TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION”. Always the Politician, Happy Birthday Brother, I love You always - Albino

13: Happy 65th Birthday Zizi Frank.! On this important milestone, I just wanted to share one of my fondest memories that I have with you which was our trip to Brazil.I never thought I'd have the chance to travel to the city that hosts the famous Carnaval...let alone ATTEND it. I will never forget the excitement of coming home from shopping one day to find our little "packages" laying on our beds: t-shirt, bandanas, stickers, VIP passes, CD's and programs. Wow.At 14 years old, I got to experience what most people never will. Partying and staying up all night until the next morning, all in the presence of family, was simply incredible. In general, that was such an amazing vacation and I remember how you really ushered us around everywhere, showing us cool places and really taking good care of us. It's something I will never forget. I hope this birthday is one YOU will never forget and I hope it reminds you how very much you are loved. I wish you 'many more' (as we always sing in happy birthday) birthdays of happiness, joy, health and love. Love always, Lisa

14: Happy Birthday Frank! This year marks a special year.but it is only a number! Birthdays are a euphoric state of mind that represent a reminder of where we have been, and you have been to some really interesting places and met some really interesting people throughout your first career that left you with many memorable moments you'll cherish forever I'm sure. It also serves as a reminder of where we are, and you put in motion a second chosen career you always dreamt of and these memories you've made and continue to make will be even richer. And of course, it also serves to remind us of where it is we want to go in the future. The possibilities are endless and exciting! Happy Birthday on a life well lived thus far and here's to the future and the possibilities! Love, Mary

15: Hi Zizi Frank, So we were asked to find a photo and write down a memory about you, so naturally Veronique and I thought why not look at the pictures we took last year when we came to visit you and Elizabeth. So we searched and searched but we never found 1 picture of us, and then we thought “is this even possible?!” After we reflected we now know why we don't have any pictures together, it's because like any normal family we didn't take our cameras to the lunch and dinner table. See our memory is that last year when we were visiting you we spent every lunch and supper together and it was just that...we were together having family lunches and suppers. We had such fun with you just being able to talk and just relax while enjoying the beautiful views. That's why we chose this picture because this is where we sat every lunch and supper. We had such a great time with you and that's something we will always remember. We wish you all the best...Happy 65th Birthday Zizi Frank. Love always, Davide & Veronique

16: Frank, it's your birthday and even though you insist that you are still 39 it's been going on for far too long to believe it anymore!!! So.walking down memory lane there are so many happy occasions, events, Christmases and trips shared that I will mention but a few. (some stand out more than others ) I remember when we first met at Nat's 21st birthday party! I remember when you were working for Almay and Marcelle and how happy I was to have these products. I remember when you were with l’Oreal and I felt so privileged to have my makeup done and years later attending a great concert in style (at the loge)on the Eve of Jan 1, 2000. I remember when we went to Minden, Lake Queechee, Hilton Head and Italy with the kids.

17: I remember when you permed Als' hair; what a shock.But worst of all Al was delayed coming to visit me at the hospital (Joseph was just born!) and.. years later you did it again by giving him a different color to see what it would like !!!!! I remember when you bought a fancy sports car and took us zooming down Lakeshore Road. I remember when you renovated and renovated and renovated (Al flying off a ladder doing electrical work – a crow bar doesn't belong in the electrical box.! Nat still has a deformed index finger – Al hit it with a sledgehammer! While YOU were Supervising!) I remember when we would come swimming and shell peas, beans etc I remember when we were so happy to come to your house during the Ice Storm, ate all | our freezer food and got to take a shower at your Club. I remember when Christmas was a themed activity with lots of fun for all – Al managed to trick the kids for awhile and be Santa until Joseph took over. I remember when we visited and shared fun times in Barbados, Italy, Hawaii, Florida, Brazil, Costa de Sauipe, Bora Bora, Moorea, Raitea and Tahiti together to name a few (looking forward to the Himalayan trip!) And now that you are a VINTNER.. I am learning a little bit about wine and also learning to drink some! So let's have a glass of vino, dance the Tango, and listen to some Jazz during Summertime to celebrate your 65th! All the best of health for many many more years to come! Love, Rosa

18: The Man in The Turquoise Shorts

19: There once lived a man named Frank, who we know exclusively as “Zizi Frank”. As kids he was our dear Zizi, who frequently mis-pronounced words, made-up stories (ahem, lied) and laughed with us. Somehow, you had us believe that the hand-brake, or was it the defroster on your Audi could make it fly, or at least hover a little above the ground We'll never forget driving down Chemin Ste Marie and truly believing we were low-level flying, which was ok because it was night time. There was a period where he decided we were too old to call him ‘Zizi’ and asked that we now use ‘Zio’ but that just didn't sound right. Eventually we got older and you gave us all our first jobs at L’Oreal. We didn't realize how fortunate we were at the time, to actually have real business experience to put on our CV, while our friends were lifeguarding and scooping ice cream. This opened up a whole new world of us seeing a glimpse of the man most referred to in only a whisper as ‘monsieur Ferlaino. | It didn't stop us from still calling you ‘Zizi Frank’ and watching the people around us gasp. Your L’Oreal entourage thought you were so refined, so stylish, so powerful to us still ‘Zizi Frank’. Outside of Crescent street, we rarely saw you in anything aside from your turquoise shorts and track pants with a mock neck turtle neck tucked in (in the dead of winter). With us, it wasn't about fine French cuisine, it was the simple pleasures of a tomato salad, a green Zizi Frank salad and some of Nonno's oil-cured sausages (yumm), with Nonna's delicious corn bread, of course. The Christmases of childhood are always the most memorable and ours are no exception! Again you lied to us when Santa Claus came to visit at midnight on the nose and we anxiously waited to open our gifts. As teenagers, somehow our tradition of a seafood feast was merged with costumes and interesting themes. We were the only family who had Christmas themes like ‘Come as another Ferlaino’, ‘Superheroes’ and ‘Hawaii in Montreal”. What else could complement the endless scampi. Our families spent so much time together growing up, that it was a sad surprise for us when you moved to Brazil. ! | We did enjoy coming to visit and seeing a world we would have otherwise never been exposed tofejoada, favelas, carnavale, hang-gliding (did we really all jump off that cliff?). Thank you and Elizabeth for being our tour guides for trips we will never forget. We knew you were the same Zizi Frank because despite the fancy apartment, live in help, a driver, you still wore those short turquoise shorts with us! We've also all loved coming to visit you now that you've moved back to the ‘mother-land’ as a farmer. This move, isn't that surprising since you're in a land where they don't notice your questionable English, a country where simple food is cherished, there's no place for fancy suits on a farm and they understand the profound meaning of ‘Zizi’. Happy Birthday Zizi Frank! We love you, and we know you're not 39. - The Cyn, The Joseph and The Melissa (Franceschina) and our families

20: Happy Birthday Frank!!! My favourite memory of Frank eh? Well, there's been many great times but the one that stands out the most in mind was when I asked you for your blessing to marry Ang. I had it planned in my mind, many months before hand, exactly how this conversation was going to go. Basically, I was going to ask you in Italy and then propose to Ang. Then, I bought the ring and couldn't wait three months till Italy; so I ask Ang to marry me. I arrived in Italy a couple of months later and was now faced with having "The Conversation" (as it was now known in my own head). We went for a walk and even though I was incredibly nervous you accepted the way I had done things and treated me with nothing but respect and a warm acceptance. In all honesty, all my memories are of how welcoming you've been to me and my family. It's been a pleasure getting to know you over the past 10 years and I look forward to spending many more years sitting around a table enjoying a fine wine, a nice piece of cheese, and some engaging conversation. Love, Dave

21: About thirteen years ago I had the awkward pleasure of meeting you for the first time. Back then you were very intimidating to me; you were the president of a huge company, lived in a giant house on the lakeshore, and I was pretty sure you were part of the mafia (you did have that strange discoloration in the tiles of your furnace room that looked like the size of a person). At first you treated me with a certain amount of indifference, probably because you didn't expect me to last too long with Jaime. Over the next few months you probably realized that Jaime had decided to keep me around for awhile so you warmed up to me. You invited me to stay for dinner more times than I can count and I thought of your backyard in Dorval as a private resort. As I got to know you better you started to be slightly less intimidating; I'm not sure if it was because it's hard to be afraid of someone in turquoise shorts, or if it was seeing you do your “I'm walking fast” dance. As I got to know you even more my intimidation turned into respect. And sometimes you managed to do both at the same time, like when we played squash together and you kicked my butt up and down the court, which was extremely impressive for a man who is 30 years older than me. | Over the years I've visited you and Elizabeth many times in both Brazil and Italy, and you've treated me like family. You haven't had too many chances to lay on the intimidation, but I gave you a great opportunity about 9 years ago during a long walk in a Tuscan vineyard. I was trying to work up the courage to ask for your permission to marry Jaime. I know how much your blessing means to her, and it was the only chance I would have with you alone. The way you tell the story, you had pity on me and decided not to give me a hard time, but I think just I caught you off guard, because when I asked you for your blessing you seemed genuinely surprised. Either way, you still managed to make me lose 2 lbs of sweat. Now that we've been married for 8 years you still find ways to make me sweat, usually just by asking when my next promotion will be. After all of these years I've come to learn that the reason you make me nervous is because I value your opinion. I've also realized that it seems like everyone you know feels the same way. You seem to be the sounding board for your brothers, your nieces and nephews, your cousins, your | coworkers and of course for both of your girls. All of this does nothing to lessen my theory that you are part of the mafia by the way. It's funny to think that Ryan and Emma will know you in a completely different way. For them you are just fun Nonno. You are the one that takes them on tractor rides, turn a visit to the cellar into an adventure into prehistoric caves, and just basically spoils them every chance you get. All of this of course just makes me appreciate you even more. And now that you are 65 years old and a grandfather I think this is a perfect opportunity for me to challenge you to a rematch in squash. Happy Birthday Frank, you're not 39 anymore! - Kevin

24: To Frank, a dear son-in-law ! The most amusing memory I have of Frank, is when we first met. Although I knew that he worked for the same company where Liz used to work, I had no idea of his position and in conversation I asked him what he did, and he replied "Oh, a bit of this and that". At this Liz smiled broadly and said, "Actually, he is the boss!". "Oops" I said, and laughed. Frank was very gracious and laughed with me, not AT me! I was so happy to see my daughter Liz so happy, I had never seen her like that. The wedding was ...an event ! It was a dream wedding and a wonderful memory for all of us but most importantly for me, Frank became my son-in-law. He has been an important part of the family since then ... and despite our very english ways, seems totally at ease with all of us. Fun loving, intelligent and sensitive, he seems to find the right way to talk to everyone. He is naturally sociable and everyone loves him wherever he goes. He is very caring and when I was recovering from my fall in their house, he concocted a special medicine for me - apricot juice with sparkling | wine which he called oooomf and I must say it helped! I was very touched when he came to events such as my flower carpets and concerts in the local church and other family events .... always with a good-natured smile. He has always shown generosity of spirit, ever since I have known him. For my 80th birthday party last year, I had everything planned and organised. But Frank decided otherwise. He bottled a very special wine just for the occasion and created a new brand called MADELEINE TIME . So when I arrived at the hall, I was so surprised to see huge posters with "Madeleine time" hanging from the wall | and bottles of wine on the tables, all with my special label...and then to crown it all, there was a bottle of wine for each guest to take home. I was so overcome. It was the party of a lifetime - in fact, even today people still remember my party ... and ask me if I have any more of that wine More recently, he surprised me again when he turned up at mass with Liz the day before I went into hospital. This was a real morale booster at a very difficult time for me. I don't know if I expressed how happy and surprised I was, so I would like to say to you now, Frank, a huge thank you. You are a wonderful son-in-law ... who could want better! I wish you a very happy 65th Birthday, with many more to follow Lots of love Madeleine xxx !

25: Dear Frank, Ray would have loved to help celebrate your 65th Birthday. During our visits to Italy we were always made very welcome but the icing on the cake for Ray was climbing in to the big machines / tractors and driving them around the vineyard. You very kindly ‘risked’ your machines and Ray had the ultimate experience at the vineyard! It was a great memory for Ray when he was poorly and he bragged about his ‘Italian’ experiences when drinking with his friends in his local, the Dripping Spring Pub. I have many fond memories of you in Rio, Cetona and Hastings. I love your wonderful sense of humour and you are such a welcoming host. Becoming part of a very large English family had the potential of a massive culture shock and would have been daunting for many people. However you took it all in your stride. I believe you really did enjoy the ‘Pantomime’ experience in Bexhill some years ago, with its quirky English jokes. This was probably the best way to introduce you to the ‘British’ way of life and you seemed to survive this really well. Now as a long serving member of our family, you have got to know everyone in our complicated family tree. This a feat in itself | ! You are able to keep up with all the nephews and nieces, remembering who does what! Last but not least, you are always happy to show off your child-friendly ways, always keen to hold and cuddle the various great niece and nephews. Laura has a special place in her heart for you, you are her Uncle Frank. Maybe it was the lasting memory of a dessert ‘a la Frank’ one evening in Cetona, a glass with peach in red wine or was it the red wine with the peach ? She has lots of happy memories - celebrating her 6th and 7th Birthdays in Italy and funnily enough many of the memories are associated with good food ! “He's very good at cooking and I remember helping him in the kitchen in Italy and Rio. He's an awesome uncle. He's funny. He sat next to me and ate Pizza!” So have a great Birthday there's no getting away from age on this one! Lots of love from Annette

26: You are a very, very special person. My best memories of you are all about weddings. Your wedding day in 2005 is something that I will never forget. My Dad (your chauffeur for the day!!) and I did our best to decorate the last-minute wedding car – a challenge, to say the least. We were quite proud of the final result ! Then, of course, there was the wedding itself . it was unbelievable, just the best wedding ever (apart from mine, that is). I will never forget either the night before my own wedding when you shared my last meal as a single person, calming my ragged nerves and helping the bridesmaids to cope with my stress ( poor them)! Thus I was ready to face my 'Big Day' ! Dad would have been very appreciative of your efforts to make my evening so memorable. Kaz would like to add that he shares your `love of wine' ( drinking it, not making it) !! He was also impressed (jealous?) with the way you managed to get Neve to sleep without any trouble. Perhaps you could come over soon and give him a few tips ! So enjoy your Birthday, sadly I can't return the favour of calming your nerves in Florida the night before your celebration! - Katherine and Kaz | I love you, Uncle Frank, lots of love from Laura XXX

27: The first time I met you, I was surprised to see how approachable you were I was a bit scared before meeting you because I had been told that you were the Big Boss! Yet when I talked to you, I felt that you understood what it means to have to work hard and bring home a wage every week. I feel proud to tell you that I am working hard and trying to move forward. You make me feel at ease and that you have time for me, so I'd like to say thank you! I think you're a great uncle . and by that, I don't mean old !!! Happy Birthday to the youngest sixty five year old uncle I know! Lots of love Brent | When you were at Ma's house on one occasion, you mentioned that you drank two bottles of wine a day. We all thought that this was quite a lot, as we had yet to appreciate your humour and you had said it with a straight face. Having said that, it would explain why you went on to start your own vineyard. I have heard of people wanting to be self-sufficient in food but you have taken the concept in an entirely new direction and to a whole new level. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more.... love Bernard

28: We have so many happy memories of family times since you officially joined the family at the unforgettable, mountain top wedding! Other memories range from the conga at new year's eve at Bernard's place to the fantastic contribution you made to Ma's 80th with 'Madeleine Time.' - Now THAT was inspired! Then there are so many other happy moments with you since then, particularly our summer holidays in Italy where we discovered village night-life ! The dinner conversations were always mind-stretching usually resorting to google challenges! To this day, the origin of the word "loo" remains a mystery and we now know that we unwittingly use the word "lovely" in every other sentence. We were all very appreciative of your efforts to cultivate our palate, even though we had to force ourselves to drink Jazz and Tango regularly ... you'll be pleased to know that Miriam says she made a lot of progress. Thank you for your kindness and generosity to all Williams family members. You are a very special brother-in-law / uncle and we wish you a LOVELY happy birthday! With love from Margaret, David and Miriam xxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S. Since we cannot be there to celebrate with you, we will raise our glasses filled with Jazz, have a toast to your good health and once again force ourselves to drink your wine.

29: Dear Uncle Frank on your 65th birthday, Thank you for always making the time to talk to each of us when you come over to visit us; there are a lot of us and it really means a lot that you remember little things about us, you make us smile with your jokes and you make us all feel that we matter to you. Thank you for all these things; love you very much, - Izzy & Mark, Josh and Bekah | HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Uncle Frank, it's fab having you as part of the family and it's always lovely to see you ! Have an amaaazing day! It's your 65th so time to celebrate and party! Lots of love from Sophia, Chris and James xx

30: Dear Uncle Frank, I want to wish you a very Happy 65th Birthday!! Thank you for all the happy memories we have had together since you joined the family!! I particularly enjoyed our time in Brazil when we went to the Sugar Loaf Mountain and you introduced to me the art of pinching bottoms. Spending time with you in Italy including the negro discussions, staying in the haunted house with my room situated next to the locked library, visiting Siena & Florence, chasing snakes with Romeo, zapping and generally talking and laughing and not forgetting you 'Pulling My Mickey'! | Thank you so much for all these memories and so many more, i really hope you have an amazing time in Florida and enjoy many more years of happiness. Lots of love Luca xx PS. I've included a picture of what I was going to buy you for your birthday. So sorry but they were out of stock. Maybe next year .....

31: What to say about Uncle Frank? The moment I met Uncle Frank I immediately knew what a warm, caring and generous man he was and that he would fit into our enormous family with ease. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to visit him abroad, staying in the beautiful houses and locations he has shared with Aunty Liz. He has shown me the meaning of amazing hospitality. I will always remember my trip to Brazil. Simply what I'm trying to say is that we love having Uncle Frank as part of the Salter family network and always look forward to when Aunty Liz and Uncle Frank visit, as they are both fun to chat to and catch up with. Happy 65th Uncle Frank, have a great day and I hope it is a memorable one and we will celebrate it with you when we see you. Lots of love Ben xx | Dear Frank, My favorite memory is of your wedding and seeing you commit to each other on top of the beautiful mountain and how happy we all were to welcome you into the family and thrilled that I had a lovely new brother in law and the children a new Italiano uncle. Thank you so much for the beautiful olive oil and the Ferlaino vintages that you have sent us ... unfortunately you have now set very high standards and we cannot go backwards , so we might have to come and live with you! A bed in the cantina would be fine ..... We all wish you a very happy birthday and much love. Helena xxx

32: Dear Uncle Frank, It is really great to see you when you come over and we are glad that little Alice has got to know you at our family gatherings. We feel that she has gastronomic tendencies ... but we haven't yet given her any Ferlaino Red. However, we think that she has definite potential in anything that is related to food or drink - maybe someday she will become your official wine taster. We hope you have a fantastic 65th birthday, sit back and relax with a nice glass of wine (Ferlaino, of course). Love from John, Jodie and little Alice xxx

33: All About Frank! Well, the thing about Frank that astonished me the most and that was a total revelation to me, was that he almost matched Liz in terms of operating in 'Frank' time. I had no idea that this unique trait that Liz possesses could be replicated by another human form... A snail maybe..... A tortoise....A koala ..well, something that can't be rushed. But incredibly, she is not alone and this is truly a match made in heaven. This form of the human species is extremely rare and so we consider ourselves lucky to have two of them in the family. Obviously it has double the impact when they are both together - wine tasting at midnight was one example. Marie and I nearly asleep, four different wines produced for our assessment (ha, ha). An intense critique was expected and since Marie and I were operating in 'normal' time and had no credible knowledge or experience on which to make a judgement, this led to some poor reviews. | We also ended-up being a little sozzled, due to being force-fed wine at that time of the "morning". We did our very best but only to be told at the end of the night that Margaret was the only one that had any judgement when she proclaimed their wine reminded her of a French wine!! We were summarily dismissed and dragged ourselves to bed! I have thought long and hard about this, Frank, and obviously practice makes perfect. So please ship me some on a regular basis and I will do my bit to become a connaisseur of Ferlaino Red! Wishing you a very happy 65th birthday and it can all be 'Frank'time on the day! Lots of love from Theresa xxx

34: To Frank ... from The Atallahs The moment Franco Ferlaino entered our lives, we all entered a new era. Cool Uncle Frank became the family celebrity and his presence at family celebrations raised the occasion up several notches. Of course, we should not forget that Liz played her part in all this and between his vision and her chemistry, the world's greatest wine was born. The only wine that George Atallah has ever been able to drink without getting a headache and that is praise indeed. Special moments which bear the Franco Ferlaino mark include the 'Madeleine Time' wine for Ma's 80th; the generous shipments of wonderful wine and olive oil to all members of the Salter family - (including all those who no longer have the name 'Salter'); | the time when Franco opened the bonnet of Marie's Nissan Micra (which she was incapable of doing) so that the depleted screen wash could be replenished; the surprise trip to Hastings before Ma's operation as well as many other well timed visits but to top it all, the most generous invitation to the world's greatest wedding in 2005 where were treated to not just a Hollywood style wedding but were treated with unbelievable generosity and kindness. | The 'Frank n Liz' wedding of the century where Ferlaino Franco got Salter Elizabeth into wedlock will go down in history. Thank you Frank for your incredible generosity towards all of us and for making our sister Liz the happiest of all women in the Universe - Happy 65th and here's to the next 65! Lots of sincere love and best wishes Marie, George, Andre, Claire, Simone, Joseph and SAM

35: "Here I am at my first communion with my "Godfather" Don Francesco. I remember that day like it was yesterday!! It was an honour to have you as my Godfather, I remember receiving my first bike from you as a gift!! It was like I had won the lottery!! I have always had a lot of respect and admiration for you and I have always tried to live my life with the same class and dignity that you have. I also want to say that I've always considered you and your brothers as my mentors/big brothers. I want to wish you a very Happy 65th Birthday, and many more years of happiness and above all, Health. Take care and I hope to see you soon."!! - Little Frank & Sandra | "Ciao Franco, vogliamo augurarvi un buon compleanno pieno di gioia e salute. Tanti auguri." - Grazia e Donato Matteo | "Remember Frank when Al and Rosa had a pool party on Thelma Street and you, Al, Nat, and Frank A. threw me into their pool? We were in our early thirties then, is it not great that we are still healthy and young enough to reminisce. Best of health to you, enjoy and keep young." - Domenic and Connie!!! | "65 wow you always told me you were 39 haha Happy Birthday" - Ann | From all the Cirelli clan, wishing you a very happy 65th birthday, filled with lots of love, health and happiness. Cheers Frank - Love The Cirellis (Louis, Jessica, Bianca, Anthony, Marie, Raffael, Kiara, Nadia, Jason, Melia and of course John and Pina

38: First I have been friends with Frank since 1972 when we both worked at the Bank of Nova Scotia at Park & Fairmount Branch in Montreal, even in those days he had his Italian side that bordered on what the Bank considered taboo, however in his defense the Bank's were very staid in those days. We had a Manager that was, well lazy, I was the Assistant Manager and he was the Accountant and we did basically all the work. When it was time to write our annual reviews he said I should do Frank's and he should do mine. What followed was a war of eloquance with each of us trying to outdo the other with words of praise.Once again I prevailed. Secondly on a Friday evening in May of 1975 ( the 23 rd to be exact) Frank and wife and Fred Szekely and wife and my good wife and I were sitting on the deck of my home in Dollard Des Ormeaux, consuming copious amounts of wine | having just finished dining when the subject as usual turned to Golf. It was decided that the next day we would play Golf together, when I said " No, I'm not going to play tomorrow, I'm going to stay home and drive Frank's wife Anne to the hospital for the delivery of their first child. Everyone laughed at my foolishness. The Next day Angie Ferlaino was born with myself being the only male not golfing, left to drive her to the Hospital and officially preside over the birth of Woppy's first daughter Angie. Did I mention that for my troubles I was overlooked for being the God Father because of some silly Italian traditions? - Eric And Georgette Widdifield

39: I know if it was only up to you, you wouldn't be celebrating your 65th birthday just yet, you'd still be dodging your 40th. But alas, time does fly as we get older you sure went from 39 to 65 in a hurry. I remember a discussion we had at your house in Dorval sometime in the mid nineties. We were talking about retirement and looking forward to it even though it was still many years away. The discussion centered around what we would do post retirement. I remember I had a pretty simple list play more golf, do some traveling, spend more time at the cottage and basically just take it easy.You had 2 things you wanted to do. One was to own a vineyard (I remember Jimmy and I thinking yeah sure dream on) and the other was to get your MBA. We couldn't quite figure out why you would want to get your MBA once retired. Your answer was “It's something I've always wanted to do but never got around to it”. Well, everyone knows the ending, we both got there, although I must admit your goals were a little more ambitious than mine. And then to get your MBA with a focus on wine making, that was brilliant. Frank, although you are 65 I know you won't be slowing down very much because not only do you have grapes to grow and wine to make, it seems like now you even have medals to win. Good luck with the gold. We've shared much together over the years. Over that time our relationship has evolved to one of genuine friendship bordering on familial love and for that the Szekely's are truly grateful. I include Sandra in these sentiments and also know she is watching over us. Happy 65th. We wish you good health and much happiness in the years ahead. - Fred and the entire Szekely family

40: I want to take the opportunity of your 65th to say congratulations and thank you; for the childhood memories on the golf course and holidays with Uncle Frank, the fun family friend, for the professional memoires in the boardroom and Paris with Mr. Ferlaino, the visionary mentor and leader, and now as Frank, the award-winning wine maker working hard under the Tuscan sun, you continue to be an inspiration. We wish you a wonderful birthday and much continued health and happiness. May you always keep your tremendous passion for life. - Ron, Monica, Justin, Lucas, Adrian and Thomas | Just a short note to say "holy crap ... 65??? Who would of guessed". In all seriousness, I would like to thank you for all the help you've given me over the years and especially for the help getting me on the right path career wise. You've paid a big roll in where I am today and like my Dad mentioned, I've always considered you part of the famiglia. Take care, wishing you all the best and "cento di questi giorni" - Norm and family.

41: When I think of you I think of someone who has taught me the true meaning of being hospitable. I used to love to stay over at your house on weekends when you lived on Boniface. You were always so generous to let me stay over and stay for dinner. I used to love family dinners at your house. Your salad still ranks up there as top salad in my book! You also let me attend a family wedding in Toronto, which I have never forgotten. (Remember you got that speeding ticket on the way back) To this day, I have traveled nowhere near as exotic as Brazil. I don't know if I have ever thanked you enough for your hospitality and the experience. You took very good care of me and really helped me see the sights and experience Rio. This was a trip that I could not have done without your generosity and I am forever grateful. I have always been so impressed about how down to earth you are. Here you were in a grand position at work during the day, but at home at night; you were a family man who loved to joke around. I am inspired by your drive and your passion. Not many people would take on what you have over the past few years. You could have chilled out during your retirement but instead you chose to fulfill your dream. I think that is amazing!. You have been a father like figure to me over the years. You have given me advice. You have shown me what it is like to live with a father, as I am too young to remember what it was like to live with mine. I have such fond memories of dinner conversation, both when you lived in Montreal and Brazil. | Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. But most of all, thank you for having been my fatherly role model when I really needed one! I wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you enjoy your visit with your family. I send a toast long distance and a hug! - Love Tara

42: "Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a Busy man has no time to form" ” LIFELONG FRIENDS Lifelong friends, what a wonderful thing That the hand of life can bestow upon us. All the precious moments you remember or forget are links to understanding of ourselves. Our friendship is flavoured by the past As the present has fewer and fewer activities for us together. But somehow these treasured days are welded together to form an eternal bond of friendship. Frank, do you remember: - the great football games and great “Russ Jackson” passes in Newman Park or the once or twice football games at beginning of winter on Trinitaire Blvd and Hamilton street in the snow and slush and cold ? | - the quick to get home after school , not to do homework, but to hurry to St.Jean de Matha ice rink to play a little “professional” hockey.... sometimes having to shovel the rink beforehand? - the day not going to school but going to buy our skates so that we could play hockey after school? And of course you remember the principal calling your house and not believing 3 buddies to be sick on the same day and not go to school??? Remember we had to go in that afternoon and face the music (Mr. Shore) I believe...and Patton as principal? - buying those two-for-a-nickel cigarettes and trying out our first puffs on the back porch of your house on Hurteau Street? - those long walks around the streets of Ville Emard in search of I don't know what but full of discussions on hockey and other great topics of which I listened to very carefully? - one of our teacher's(History) many fits wandering how on the morning of a history test we had studied with our books still in the desk? - how cadet duties didn't agree too well with us? - our many, many, hours spent on studying and note making sessions on virtually all subjects –as we wrote and wrote and wrote and underlined? - our elite group of mathematicians in a special early class? - those hard to get up for Sunday mornings 9 o'clock mass?? After the Friday night before where we had pizzas and beer at midnight at our famous hangout on Laurendeau Blvd.

43: - our after school and whenever else we got a chance to participate in “billiardino” matches hoping to keep winning so as not having to pay? - our escapades to become teenage bankers? - our many night-long penny poker nights at the Kelly's (almost an addiction)? - the other numerous stories that I don't remember to have listed them here? - after all is said and done I only remember that I was fortunate enough to have received the guidance and help of a great mentor! (I don't remember if I have ever said thanks, so now is an appropriate time - Thanks Frank!) All this became the groundwork of your start with the glamour in high places to the soaring hills of Tuscany. Your ambition was fed by your ideals and dreams. Success awaited for you in every endeavour because you just knew how to accomplish greatness. Happy 65th Frank! All the best, Renato and Dolores.

44: Count your life by smiles, not tears, count your age by friends, not years. Have a wonderful 65th birthday from all of us here in Pierrefonds! - Love Stefania, Gaby, Thomas and Julie-Anna | When I received the email to write a little story or memory about you Frank, I thought this was a great idea from your girls. When I think of you Frank, I always think what a nice man you are; and there is one memory in particular that sticks with me the most. It was back in 1998 - ice storm 1998 to be precise. People were cold, the streets were cold, the houses were cold, this natural event shocked our systems as we had never experienced anything like it. Our house was without electricity for a few days, but it felt like an eternity. I remember being so cold that my lips turned blue, I had to sleep with my hat, scarf and mittens and was terrified of even taking a shower in cold, icy water. At one point during the ice storm, my parents told me that you had offered to allow me to take a nice, warm shower and warm up a bit as you had electricity by then. I remember this gesture and was so grateful at the time. That meant no more blue lips for me! So yes, during the 1998 ice storm, people were cold, streets were cold, and houses were cold but there was one thing that was warm; and that was your heart. A warm heart indeed. It was a simple gesture but one that I always remembered. Wishing you a wonderful 65th birthday and many more to come! - Lisa, Jimmy and Victor



47: As you can see, it's been awhile. | Many beautiful memories, celebrations and fun. | Me passing from Canada | And you for Italy. | Until you get to Cetona. And so going from here, | To here. | To end this way | A dream come true and wishing you to reach the next Happy Birthday. - Enio, Marinella, Michael & Daniel

48: Caro Franco Francesco Ferlaino (ti chiami come mio nonno), ti spedisco i migliori auguri per il tuo 75 compleanno. Oramai sei un bravo vignaiolo e non capisco se quando passo dalle tue parti vengo per salutarti o per bere il tuo ottimo vino, spero per entrambe le cose. Fra 5 anni, quando compirai 80 anni, spero che farai una grande, grandissima festa con tanti parenti e che ci sia da bere il tuo ottimo vino toscano. | Come sai con la mia Paola tutto Ok, abbiamo avuto anche una bella bambina a l'abbiamo appena battezzata, ti spedisco le foto del battesimo della ns.bambina Giorgia e altre foto che abbiamo fatto a Portofino sopra il ns. Yacht Fidelis, Paola da quando ha avuto la figlia un p ingrassata ma si rimetter presto. Auguri, auguroni sinceri da Giuseppe Ferlaino Ciao a presto - Pino

49: HOMMAGE TO FRANK - In celebration of his 65th birthday The three buddies, Frank, Ron and Joe, are chatting in the school yard of St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Montreal on this cold winter day, January 1964. It's the afternoon recess and they are huddled up scheming. Naturally, they are up to “no good”. Ron speaks up, “Are we going to play hockey after school at St. Jean Matthau?” Frank quickly replies, “Why don't we skip the last class and get there early. We'll have the ice to ourselves for a while before the crowd gets there?” How do we get out early was Ron's quick reply. Joe jumps in, “We'll go see Mr. Patton (the principal) and we'll give him a story why the three of us have to be excused from the last class”. So here is the story that the three young men dreamed up. Our uncle was coming to Montreal and arriving at Dorval Airport at 3:30 PM and our parents wanted us to be there to welcome him. His name was Zio Montachiuppo, the fabricated name. How could we all be related, considering that Ron originates from Ortona in Abruzzi, Frank is from Nocera, Catanzaro and Joe was born in Casacalenda, Molise? Well for this story, we shared a birthplace, Ron was also from Frank's hometown and Joe lived in the close- by town of San Mango. To this day, we don't know whether the story was credible or whether Mr. Patton was simply rewarding us for being good students, most times. | With our “permission note” from Mr. Patton in hand, Frank, Ron and Joe are walking down the stairs exiting the school, while the rest of the students are walking up the stairs to their respective classes. One of the teachers looks at us shaking his head in disbelief, how could we get away with another story. We had a good time at the rink, but it was cold. - Joe

50: Andrea and I have always been very fond of creating experiences within our vacations. It is a rare occasion where we will sit back and watch the world pass us by from a remote location. in over ten years of traveling together, when people ask us what trip we look back on most fondly, we tell them about a small winery in the hills of Tuscany - a vibrant little piece of Cetona, owned and operated by two individuals whose love of life and the experiences it presents is second only to their love for each other. You welcomed us into your home with open arms, and for ten wonderful days, we experienced life in a manner some only imagine possible. From wine sampling to cheese shopping, driving through the hills from town to town and drinking cappuccino's in the small town square, our time at Villa | Ferlaino to this day is one of our fondest travel memories - and it speaks to the type of individual you are. Caring, compassionate, and most importantly - infectious with your love of life. Both you and Elizabeth welcomed us with open arms - and we feel we truly left Italy that day with two more dear friends. It was wonderful to see you both once again impromptu last December at Emma's baptism, and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Both you and Elizabeth are in our thoughts, and we wish you the very best on this very special occasion. Buon compleanno Francesco! with love, Andrea, Chris & Cole Piche

51: WOW! Sixty-five years old already. The age when one looks forward to using those golf clubs, cleaning their garage, joining the weekly bridge club, practicing new recipes, and volunteering somewhere to fill in some of those empty hours. Yes, the milestone that marks the end of one era and the beginning of a new –oh, wait, wait, wait!!!! That would be if we were talking about most people who are turning 65! We are, however, talking about you, Frank, the man who is only now entering mid-life. We first met all those years ago, when we used our superior powers of deduction to realize our kids were planning on our co-grandparenting their children. How lucky are we that they were right and that now we have the best job in the world! Over the years, Frank, you have so far failed to age in our eyes. You are so active and seem like the Energizer Bunny, you just keep going, and going, and going. If only you could bottle that energy, oops slipped again, you did bottle the fruits of your energy and even that was done to perfection. We have one bottle of your wine and will toast your birthday with it. We wanted it for a special occasion and what better one than toasting the creator himself. | Your visits to Calgary are something that we look forward to as well as your family. Actually, in a way, we are family as we share these wonderful grandchildren who know you as Nonno. We know the time that you and Nana Liz share with us during these visits is very precious, as we are not allowed to take a second of your time with Ryan and Emma. We try to disappear and hide while you are here, although, truth be told, we miss them even in that short amount of time. We would love to be with you to celebrate this milestone, but we truly understand how special this is for you and how much it means to you to be with your children and grandchildren. Keep watching that door though Frank, because you never know when we are going to just show up, we know where you are and we even have a friend with whom to stay. Just kidding, did we scare you or make you look?!?!? It would seem that you simply don't fit the mold of the majority of people, Frank, and that is a good thing. Somehow, we think that if you ever took up anything new as a hobby, that you would dissect it, examine, explore and probably reinvent it. You are lucky enough to have a partner in crime, in Elizabeth, who would be right beside you in that adventure as well. | So maybe you should just stay with your vineyards, your wines and your olive oils. Besides, we still have not given up to one day making it over to see you both in Tuscany. We hope to see lots of pictures of this celebration and are quite sure that Ryan will be telling us stories about it for a long time to come. We still listen to his tales of “Italy Christmas” so there is no doubt that there will be many about “Nonnos Florida Birthday” and probably “Florida Christmas”. Frank, you are a man to be admired and we appreciate being able to call you a friend. We wish you the happiest of birthdays, forming memories that will last forever for all of you. We also wish you many more birthday celebrations and already look forward to your next visit to Calgary. With only the warmest of thoughts and love, Happy Birthday, Frank, - Jim & Susan

52: Happy 65th Birthday Frank! If there's one thing you can say about your life; it isn't boring. Husband, Father, Uncle, Nonno, Friend, and El Presidente of L’Oreal in both Canada and Brazil. And now you're living your dream of living in Italy, retired, on your own vineyard. Long before that are where my memories all began, as I grew up with you and your family. It always felt like an extended family because I spent so much time at your house; as well as the ski trips our families took on March break, and the tradition of where my family would crash your house on Christmas Eve. The memories that come to my mind when I think of you, have to do with your strong skill of negotiation; which is probably one of the things that made you so successful in your career. Anytime I wanted to play with Angie, it usually went something like this: “Not until her chores are done.” or “I think the chandelier needs cleaning. And my personal favourite...”only after you eat this artichoke heart”. I still to this day can't eat them. Yuk. With all that said, they are all good memories that helped make me who I am today. You are a special person to me and I will always consider you family. Happy 65th Birthday. Love, Tania

53: A Happy Birthday Note for You! Sandra & I realize that a person's age can be a very sensitive subject. As this note may be forwarded over the not so secure Internet, we have intentionally left out which birthday you are celebrating in 2011. Instead we are providing a list of events that were considered noteworthy in the year of your birth. Considering how long ago this was, it is certainly understandable if you can't recall all of them. Hope the following brings back memories, but doesn't provide too many clues or assistance to others trying to guess your age; - Photocopying was invented - Suntan lotion was marketed to consumers for the first time - Donald Trump, Jimmy Buffett, Cher & Liza Minnelli were all born - Herman Keiser won the Masters - Introduction of the electric cloths dryer - Italy became a democratic republic via public referendum All kidding aside Frank, Sandra and I sincerely wish you a very Happy Birthday and continued good health for years to come. We still remember and appreciate what gracious hosts you and Elizabeth were when we visited your home in Italy with Angie & Dave in 2007. We have vivid memories of the fun evening dinners and your famous line that gently encouraged us to try a second helping of whatever was being served. If we said, “no thanks” you said, “what's the matter, do you not like it?”Needless to say, we always had seconds closely followed by another glass of fine Ferlaino wine. | Cheers and have a great day. - Jim and Sandra Smith PS My most embarrassing moment with Frank. When he gave me a beautiful wine decanter as a gift and I thought it was a milk jug.


56: Luglio 2006, io Claudio Ceccobao sono uscito da un azienda dove lavoravo da oltre 25 anni, un p preoccupato per l'inserimento di un nuovo lavoro ma oggi mi reputo una persona fortunata, perch un carissimo amico mi ha presentato il Signor. Francesco Ferlaino, uomo che deriva da altre grandi esperienze nel mondo del lavoro e da grandi citt. Dopo esserci conosciuti il Signor. Francesco mi ha illustrato il desiderio e il programma che intendeva sviluppare cio significa essersi dedicato alla campagna con particolare attenzione a piantare vigneti per poi riuscire a fare degli ottimi vini. Con Francesco ci siamo capiti caratterialmente fin dall'inizio, lui un uomo con un intelligenza unica, con molto rispetto, ha delle doti particolari ad esempio: molta precisione e gratitudine per questo mi sento molto soddisfatto di quello che abbiamo costruito in questi anni. Spesso ricordo l'inizio di questo lavoro che Francesco come uomo di citt imparava a guidare il trattore, per la prima esperienza il suo primo vigneto. | Con questo gli auguro i miei migliori auguri per il suo sessantacinquesimo anno di compleanno e un GRAZIE come datore di lavoro, della sua collaborazione nei miei confronti. - Claudio Ceccobao

57: FRANK FERLAINO annata 1946 Alla vista , luminoso, sempre sorridente. Di bell'aspetto. Il tempo che passa sembra non incidere minimamente sul suo entusiasmo. Fresco e vivace. All'approccio molto piacevole, sa affrontare ogni argomento. Di grande coltura. Conoscitore del passato, del presente ed ha chiaro il futuro. Deciso, amabile senza un minimo di spigolosit. I suoi toni sempre confortanti con sfumature di grande saggezza. S trasferire a chi gli st vicino, tranquillit e sicurezza. Raramente non sorride, lo fa quando pensa e lo f per regalarti sempre dei bei pensieri e bei consigli. Un amico di sempre, un amico su cui puoi contare. Un amico per la vita . La fortuna , anche , avere amici come lui. | Migliora anno su anno, come un grande Bordeau. Ti sorprende sempre. Pi gli stai vicino e pi ti coinvolge . Sembra che chieda e invece ti da. Migliora nell'invecchiamento, come una grande annata di Pinot Nero di Borgogna. Non sembra , ma il pi grande vino del mondo. Frank non si atteggia, uomo di grande semplicit, spesso schivo, ma dai forti contenuti. Un abbraccio Frank, felice di conoscerti. - Maurilio | DOVREI E VORREI PARLARE SOLO DI FRANK, MA E' IMPOSSIBILE: PER ME ESISTE FRANK ED ELIZABETH e ELIZABETH E FRANK. PERCH QUANDO SONO CON LORO, RESPIRO SERENITA'. I LORO OCCHI SONO DOLCI QUANDO SI GUARDANO , QUANDO GIOCANO, QUANDO PREPARANO LA TAVOLA PER LA CENA, RICCA DI PRELIBATEZZE. ED IO ACCETTO SUBITO IL LORO INVITO, PERCHÉ SO GI CHE STAR BENE. MI DANNO SEMPRE UN GRANDE ESEMPIO DI VERO E LUNGO AMORE. VI ADORO, VE LO DICO DAL PROFONDO DEL CUORE. BUON COMPLEANNO MR. FRANK FRIEND. UN CALDO ABBRACCIO A TE ED ALLA TUA ( ED ANCHE MIA ) ELY. - Valentina

58: Un Pensiero a Frank A Caro Frank amico venuto da lontano che ci hai presto posto la tua mano tra le colline toscane ti sei rifugiato per cotivare la tua passione che con tanto amore e deizione e divenuta la tua missione. Una bella e grande vigna hai coltivato, e con il tuo vine le nostre serate hai allietato; oramai tanti anni sono passati da quando Maria e Mara ci hanno presentati, la nostra amicizia grande e diventata e sempre per te e la tua dolce meta il nostro cuore sara a vostra portata. Ma ora in alto i calici che dobbiamo brindare... abbiamo il tuo sessantacinquesimo compleanno da festeggiare, con i nostri piu cari ed affetuosi auguri che il tuo sogno nel tempo duri. - Silvano, Carmela, Stefania e Nicola | Caro Franco, Ammiro il tuo entusiasmo, la tua tranquillit mi stupisce, vorrei avere la tua fermezza ed il tuo coraggio nel prendere decisioni e, pensando a te, l’immagine che mi appare quella di un viso amico sorridente. Grazie per l'affetto - Serena

59: “Frank, to you on your 65th Birthday, thank you for being such a good friend for so many years. I have had the pleasure of knowing you at the vortex of activities in the cosmetics industry and now as a maker of exquisite Tuscan wine. Hardly a visit goes by to Club 357 in Montreal where the sommelier or | Matre’D does not mention your fabulous wine.Congratulations on having the wisdom to switch tracks and to do something you are obviously talented at and really enjoying. I appreciate being a part of your life and I continue to honour the fabulous relationship we have together. | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Frank! I hope we will have a chance to drink some of your excellent wine in the very near future. Best wishes for your young birthday! Love, - Hans & Janet” | 65. Long gone are the days when you would come and visit Joe Vincelli and throw footballs in the back lanes of Ville Emard. I remember you showing me how to hold the ball as I was learning to throw my first football. 65 years seems like a long time when young but when we look back, the years flew by too quickly. We are happy that you're enjoying what you really love to do and wish you great success in the wine industry. Happy 65th Birthday! - Toni & Angelo

60: Bon anniversaire Franck ! Belle année pétillante et souriante. Baci di Pariggi - Sylvie | Mon tres cher Frank, J'aurais été tres heureuse de te souhaiter de vive voix un joyeux anniversaire ! Mais voila, tu es loin.. alors imagine toi que je te fais un grand sourire, d’affectueuses bises, pour te souhaiter plein de bonnes choses pour cette occasion. Et puis, je sais qu'on se voit bientot, alors je ne suis pas si triste Toutes tes amies franaises se joignent moi pour t'envoyer tous nos bons voeux pour cette occasion. Sur cette photo, on a juste toutes 6 années de moins, mais promis, nous n'avons pas changé ! Nous t'embrassons toutes tres fort - Isabelle and your French friends

61: Bon Anniversaire Cher Franck Que de bons souvenirs de toi...et avec Liz et toi; Notre rencontre, a la Calade, en 2000... Puis ce fut.... | Le mariage... Une journee divine et radieuse sous le soleil de Toscane. | WHOUAOUH...l'ouverture de la premiere bouteille de Ferlaino, en France, chez Isabelle. Autant de dire que nous serons avec vous tres fort, ce vendredi 23 decembre 2011. Buono Anniversario Happy Birthday. - Sylvain & Jacqueline | Avec toute notre amitié, - Michele & Fred

62: To our dear friend Frank, Wishing you much love and best wishes on your 65th birthday. What a wonderful, interesting, full and inspirational life you are having. A life full of family, love , wine, travels , books, music and great friendship . We have loved getting to know you and, in spite of the distance between us, we feel very privileged to have you as a friend in our lives. What fun we have had on your trips to Italy for your wonderful wedding to our dear Lizzie and when our family invaded you for weeks on end 3 years ago. We are looking forward to the next invasion or would love to welcome you here in beautiful Sydney one day...but how to leave those barriques??!! All our love - Tim, Bridget, Lachie, William and Alice and family

63: Dear Frank, Happy 65th birthday. I hope the vineyard is going well I remember me helping picking the berries. That was about three years ago and now I am 11 years old I am missing you so much that I have been thinking of moving to Italy when I'm older and help you with the vineyard. Hope it all goes well. - Love from William Pembroke. | Dear Frank, When mum told me it was your birthday, straight away my mind flooded with memories of our holiday at the vineyard three years ago. Going out picking the grapes, baking bread, trying to decipher the words on TV, making bows and arrows out of twine and stick, being threatened with being thrown into the dungeon, having my first glass of wine (which tasted horrible, as I'd just eaten a particularly spicy salami stick). We had so much fun on that holiday, watching and learning as you showed how to cut the grapes off the vine, how you trained the vines, and how you stirred the barrel. I just wanted to say happy birthday and a very late thank you. I had a wonderful experience on that trip, and I can't thank you, or Lizzy, enough. I hope it's still going well for you, and that you have a great birthday, Lots of love, - Lachie

64: What to say about Frank ? The easy stuff first ; a brilliant marketer who understands the power of a brand ( he would have been great in the agency business!), a CEO with tons of inspirational power for his teams, an optimist with a disarming calm....in short, pretty good! I keep good memories of some meetings I had with him way back when we first met; Frank has a way to negotiate that makes the Godfather pale in comparison.....when it is finished, you have holes everywhere and you bleed but you still smile cause Frank is so smooth (-:..true. Of course I am kidding, but just a bit. But I have learned a lot from him and his cool behavior in tough times. But the most spectacular aspect of Frank is his love for life and for his friends. He is bigger than life . No wonder his wine stands out, he makes it with love ( and Elizabeth (-: ). Happy birthday my friend. - Agnes and Yves. | Noi tutti siamo felici di aver contribuito a far si che questo sia il compleanno pi felice per tutti voi in quel meraviglioso posto che Cetona. Buon Compleanno, Francesco

66: Dear Frank We are so pleased to be part of this special celebration. We have enjoyed the times we have spent with you and feel truly blessed to have you as our friend. Congratulations on turning 65, wishing you many more birthdays. Buon Compleanno! - Karl and Donna | HAPPY Birthday, Frank! The Fort Myers News Press Has announced that YOU Are about to become 65 years of age! If my Mother was alive, she would say, “Frank, you are now in your 66th year!” The best part of your Birthday for me Is that I love having OLD friends!! H.B.T.Y. Frank!!!! David Brown, Fort Myers, FL | Wow! Just Imagine!! Married to a Beautiful Woman Living in a Villa in Tuscany, Italy Growing his own Grapes in his own Vineyard Bottling Fine Wine Living in Luxury Wandering the Hills Hand-in-Hand with Elizabeth Entertaining Royalty at their Villa Driving expensive cars throughout the Countryside His Little Brother from Montreal helps pick his Grapes Living like a King, with his Queen! WHO is this GIANT of a MAN? His name is: Frank Ferlaino It is your 65th Birthday, Frank We are sending our VERY BEST WISHES to You All the way from Fort Myers, Florida, USA. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! - David & Marcia Brown

67: Happy 65th Birthday Frank! You've now taught us what good wine should really taste like. One of our fondest memories of visiting Italy was coming to your winery and enjoying the great day we had with you and Elizabeth. Hope you have a great 65th year. Cheers, - Diane, Fiona, Freya, Melissa and Stephanie | Happy Birthday Frank. I've really only had the pleasure of spending time with you a handful of times, but have fond memories of each visit. I know whenever Angie and Jaime mention that you are going to be visiting there isn't ONE of their friends that don't request some time with you. My most vivid memory was when you and Elizabeth visited while I was living with Angie and Dave. I was trying to stick to a cleanse. The meal that we had that night which you were so convincing to have me join, was pasta with sausage, and no limit on the wine. You have a positive outlook, a free spirit, and you appear to enjoy life to the fullest. All these traits seem to rub off on everyone around you. I look forward to your next visit to Calgary, and have a blast at your big birthday bash, - Steph

68: During the Wine MBA London Session, Frank, Sarah and I were taking a stroll around London. We had a discussion on the location of the Isle of Man. I told Frank that I would buy him a beer if he went up to a random stranger and asked where it was. Of course being Frank he immediately did so. The gentleman appeared puzzled and seemed quite certain it was not in London, but a bit perplexed about its actual location. The quest continued. Frank then dared me to go into a grocery store in Picadilly Square and ask the same question. Sarah and I were examining the body lotion section when two handsome English gentlemen came and struck up a nice conversation. It might have ended in a dinner date if I had not asked them if the Isle of Man was in walking distance. They gave me a disgusted stare no doubt thinking "stupid American" and walked away. Such a shame. But, it gets better. We now found ourselves in the Soho district and Sarah had not been challenged. Her mission was to go into a very shady sex shop and ask the question. Sarah walked in, long blond hair, huge camera around her neck. Frank and I followed because | we absolutely had to witness this. With a giant screen in the back playing pornographic movies, Sarah asked the owner where the Isle of Man was because we wanted to go there to get a cup of coffee. At this point, the owner screamed out "Lass, the Isle of Man is in the Irish Sea, good luck getting that cup of coffee!" He then proceeded to show her other products of interest in his store. At this point, Frank and I had to leave and we sat on the curb with tears of laughter and could barely speak. Ultimately, we ended up in a street cafe, each of us buying our own beer. To this day, we are not altogether sure where the Isle of Man is. I would say this is my favorite memory of the Wine MBA! - Amy Mumma | "Frank has a....keen sense of humor. I will NEVER forget playing a little game that Frank suggested while in London for the Wine MBA program in which we had to approach strangers and businesses and ask Where the Isle of Man was? I was commissioned to approach a business in the red light district....what a distinctly hilarious afternoon!" - Sarah Wolcott | Happy Birthday Frank - Congratulations on all you have accomplished in your first 65 years. I wish you much love, success and joy as you pursue your dreams. Thank you for being a great friend and mentor in the Wine MBA program. Sincerely, - Mikaela O'Sullivan

69: If I said Frank taught me how to be a gentleman, You may be fooled into thinking he was old fashioned. If I said Frank taught me what it meant to be wise, You may make the mistake that he is much older than he truly is. If Frank was the man who taught me about luxury, refinement and taste, You could justifiably assume he was vain. That too would be a mistake. Along with tolerance, influence, patience and charm, In a small classroom in Bordeaux, Among the vines of the Barossa Valley, In the streets of London, And along the rugged coast of the Isle of Man, From Frank I acquired the essential lessons for business and for life. Then I learned he was turning 65, And he looks so good my jealousy burns with the intensity of a thousand Australian summers! Happy Birthday you old fox. - Adam Morris | "Frank is a natural guiding light. Whether he is ever aware of it, he possesses an innate ability to lead with merely his presence and certainly with his voice. I was always amused that every professor always turned to Frank for his approval. As a class collectively, I believe it's safe to say that when Frank spoke, we all listened which was not necessarily the case with ALL of the professors- shameful. Personally, Frank was a mentor to me during a challenging time in my professional and personal life. He was encouraging and constructively critical at appropriate times. How could you not love and appreciate Francesco? Happy Birthday Frank/Francesco. So very grateful for your friendship. " = Miranda Porterfield | Frank provided a measure of grace and dignity to our class as well as a large dose of sage and sound advice. I still remember working with Frank on some of the "early" concepts of Ferlaino labels and marketing materials and export plans, especially during our sessions in Adelaide. I was not surprised, but it was certainly interesting to see how much Frank already had laid out in his head of how he wanted to proceed with moving the Ferlaino wines along. While I was not part of the day, I am sure he will remember his day in London searching for the Isle of Man. Though perhaps one of my most memorable times was coming back to Bordeaux for the last session and meeting you Elizabeth and enjoying an unlabeled bottle of Jazz in Adams apartment. Seeing the joy and pride on your faces regarding such wonderful wine will never leave me. - Tom Gallagher

70: Encore une fois Elizabeth me met contribution et je l'en remercie vivement, voici une occasion unique pour rappeler les bons moments passés ensemble chez L'Oréal ou notre relation évoluée au fil des ans vers une amitié profonde et sincre fondée sur un grand respect mutuel. Chez L'Oréal tu as d'abord été la recrue de Joseph pour rapidement devenir patron d'affaire avant de devenir patron de l'Affaire. Au début, tu venais mon bureau presque sur la pointe des pieds, je trouvais a curieux mais a reflétait ta marque de respect vis--vis ton personnel, tes clients et tes collegues. Il y a eu aussi l'invitation renouvelée que tu m'as faite de participer avec tes amis Fred et votre semaine annuelle de golf et ce, malgré mon sérieux handicap au golf. Nous y partagions le meme lit et la meme salle de bain ou tu prenais une bonne heure le matin pour faire ta toilette et tester les différents produits! Je peux dire que j'ai été chanceux de t'avoir comme patron dans mes dernires années chez L’Oréal. | Nous avons passé ensemble et géré ton appui le mythique passage de l'an 2000 et surtout le projet presque monstrueux, mais comment visionnaire, de l'implantation de SAP chez L’Oréal Canada. Il a fallu beaucoup de patience, de nerfs, de confiance et de créativité de toute nature y compris budgétaire pour supporter l'accomplissement de ce projet qui a mis le Canada en avant des sociétés du groupe dans ce domaine. Heureusement j'ai eu ton support et tu as rendu supportable cette période éprouvante, bien terminée. Tes années comme patron du Canada ont aussi été marquées | par ton souci du bien-tre des employés qui s’est traduit par plusieurs initiatives au niveau des rapports avec le personnel, de l'amélioration des conditions du travail ainsi que des avantages sociaux. Evidemment, l'amélioration des conditions des exécutifs n'a pas été en reste et tu as su tre le promoteur de la mise en place d'un régime de retraite et de participation aux bénéfices de l'affaire qui est venue rétablir notre position concurrentielle dans l'industrie. Je peux dire que France et moi en profitons pleinement et vivons dans une grande tranquillité d’esprit dans ces temps d'incertitudes économiques. J'aime me rappeler des bons moments passés ensemble Paris, nos petits déjeuners au Grand Hotel avant nos réunions Clichy. Aussi, de l'accueil si chaleureux et du voyage de reve que tu nous as permis de faire France et moi au Brésil. Nous avons été traités royalement et ce fut pour nous la découverte d’un monde, le Brésil et l'Amérique du sud.

71: R | Et enfin, l'invitation votre mariage a aussi été pour nous l'occasion de découvrir l'Italie ou tu étais retourné retrouver tes racines dans un domaine o les racines sont si importantes, toi qui es un homme de famille. Frank, tu fais partie de ces hommes de grande valeur qui m'ont marqué et qui ont compté pour moi et envers lesquels je serai toujours redevable. France se joint moi pour te souhaiter un tres joyeux anniversaire dans cette année de grand cru. Nous te souhaitons la santé et comme les grands crus de vieillir en beauté au milieu des tiens. En toute amitié. - Serge. | Dear Frank I remember the first day I met you in 1988 . I left the meeting thinking, for some reason unknown to me I felt like this relationship would very shortly feel like the one I have with my brother . Today 23 years later my brother by birth, my kids and dear wife and sweetie pie Diane know how much affection I have for you even though we do not see each other often. | Frank I also recall that when you shared your dream of: " One day having a vineyard " I said to myself that it was a very tall dream. Well in the same way you accomplished everything you set out to do at l'Oreal you have once again succeeded in attaining this very tall dream with your sweet Elizabeth. Congratulations, Happy Anniversary . Big kisses and hugs from - Diane and Luc.

72: I am honoured to have the opportunity to wish you all the best on your 65th birthday and also to pause and reminisce over the very fond memories I have of you. From my first days at L’Oreal you always had a warm smile and kind welcome. As our President you were always dignified, inspiring and accessible. From our Lancome marketing meetings I learned from you what it meant to have a vision and the responsibility that comes with supporting the Brand Image. You challenged me to think outside of the box, but when I went too far out, you never said no, you would ask a defining question that made the answer obvious. National Sales Meetings were always a really big event and so was your involvement. | In Bermuda with the entire Luxury Division, you encouraged us, laughed with us and got on board with Lancomes newest accessory – tattoo stencils. When we launched the new Lancome advertising campaign at The Museum of Contemporary Art, we covered the floor in rose petals and had 5 giant screens – a huge event – but what I remember the most, was sitting at your table at lunch, your generous appreciation and how you made me feel on top of the world. Between all the moments of meetings and career choices are the many memorable moments; all of us being on the plane together going to Paris, taking us to World Cup and, taking the time to patiently explain the game to me. Also, you always took the time to check in and see how we were doing. You had a way of finding the right moment to open the door to talking about anything and letting us know you were there to support and guide us. I always felt a part of your team and stronger for it. And, when crisis struck (or so it seemed to me) you were a pillar of strength and calm. Like the | time Thierry and I had to present an advertising dilemma (boards and all) in your Hotel room in Paris. And so, who would have thought that this Presidential Man who was so elegant and inspiring, would one day, with his beautiful wife, Liz, open their magnificent home in Cetona to my family many years later. I would, because you were always generous, warm and welcoming. Happy Birthday Frank, I wish you every happiness and the gift of knowing that you have touched so many people in such a profound and special way. See you again soon, Affectionately - Kristin

73: Happy Birthday Francesco Buon Compleano Joyeux Anniversaire | Fond memories of enjoying small moments of pure happiness in Italy (Orvieto - October 14 2011) | We are with you in Cetona (in spirit) on this very special birthday... Not only are you at the top of your game at your new career in wine making but it seems to have stopped the effect of time - you don't appear to be one day older than you did 10 years ago. You are the living proof that wine is the best anti-oxidant...(not to mention love...and | living under the Tuscan sun...)Have a wonderful day on December 23rd, we will drink a glass of Jazz to your health and indulge in a little olive oil tasting (Ferlaino's of course) Best regards until we see each other again - hopefully soon - Dominique and Daniel | Happy 65th Birthday Francesco Our very best wishes for continued good health to enjoy all the happiness your good wine can bring. Buon Compleano al nostro amico mera viglioso. Abbracci - Carlo e Giovanna

74: I can still remember a conversation that you and I had on a flight from Vancouver to Calgary that I believe cemented our friendship it was about fathers and daughters. I started working for L’Oreal in December 1981 and I believe that I had been at a Regional meeting in Vancouver in the spring of 1982. My Dad was my biggest cheerleader and was a great influence in my work ethic. We talked about father/daughter relationships and it was clear to me how important your girls were to you and the dreams you had for them. During my career development at L’Oreal you were a great mentor, inspiration and friend. I can remember many “chats” before or after a meeting when you took the time to ask sincerely how I was doing and to share some great insight in regard to managing people and being happy with “where you are in life”. Your gentle voice was always positive and that encouraged me to be the best I could be. I always wanted to work hard and achieve results so that you'd be proud and you were. You had a big part in shaping my life. In 2008 my daughter, Caitlin, graduated from high school and we planned a “European vacation” together to celebrate. You will never know how much it meant to me for Caitlin to meet you and Liz.and for you to share your beautiful new life in Italy with us for a day we'll never forget. Thank you. I am so happy that you are enjoying your new endeavour in the wine making business successfully and wish you much more happiness in many years to come! Happy Birthday, - Darlene Bell

75: From Dream To Reality A little over 20 years ago, I met Frank when joining Cosmair and my first impression was that of a suave Italian who loved to play golf and wore expensive socks. That changed over the next few years to a hard working passionate individual with a love for the stock market and wine. Interestingly enough, I heard him say on many occasions that his dream was to retire in Tuscany and make wine. We, of course, would respond: “Sure, Sure Frank. Great idea.” Well Frank and Liz are living their dream (we do think you are both working a little too hard) and Suzanne and I are embarking on ours. Happy Birthday from both of us and may the wine that you blend bring enjoyment to those who sip it for it is encapsulated with “the dream.” -Daniel and Suzanne | You often hear people say “when I retire I am going to do.”. Frank you said “when I retire I want to go to Italy and start my own vineyard. And you did it. You realized your dream. How many people can really say that! To me L'Oreal days seem so far away but our trip to your home in Italy is still so vivid in my mind. What a great time we all had touring your vineyard, tasting your wine and enjoying a beautiful meal together. That memory will stay forever. Mark, Dana and Matthew and I have shared that experience with so many people and still do to this day. We look forward to visiting again!. We all wish only the best of health and happiness as well as a good vintage on this very special birthday. ALL OUR BEST, - Heidi Mark Dana and Matthew

76: C'est avec grand plaisir que je tiens souligner le 36e anniversaire de tes 29 ans! Il me semble que c'est hier que j'ai fait la rencontre dun jeune pere, fier de montrer la photo de sa 2e merveille du monde nouvellement arrivée! Un bureau la hauteur de tes responsabilités n'était pas encore pret (bienvenue chez L’Oréal!) et nous échangions les outils de base (crayon, efface, bloc notes) en attendant que tu sois équipé . Déja, outre les plans de carriere, tes plans de vie étaient déterminés : 1) prendre une retraite avant 60 ans 2) la prendre dans une villa en Italie Combien de fois Ginet Bourgeois et moi-meme avons-nous mentionné en riant que nous voulions etre invitées cette fameuse villa, y croyant tres peu car comme pour toute jeune personne, la retraite nous semblait bien loin et nous croyions fermement que tes plans allaient évoluer. | Eh bien. C’était mal connatre ta détermination de bon Calabrese et c'est avec grand plaisir et je l'avoue, admiration, que je t'ai vu accomplir avec brio 1) et 2) avec bien sur, petite modification quant la villa; il fallait que tu t'assures de continuer travailler, stresser et gérer un peu, tout de meme. Par contre, tu as su t'entourer de gens qui allaient contribuer ta réussite, soit, une conjointe devenant elle-meme experte oenologue , soit une famille d'ardentes admiratrices et supporters. Merci d'avoir été un mentor excellent, un professeur patient, et également un ami précieux. Je te dois mon plaisir avoir travaillé et évolué chez L'Oréal et également avoir découvert un nouveau volet de l'Italie grace a votre hospitalité si chaleureuse. Ciao, mon ami et au plaisir de se revoir tres bientot! - Denyse (Raquel) | Dire que cela fait presque 30 ans que nous sommes allés souper chez toi pour déguster le premier vintage Ferlaino. Le début d'un reve qui aujourd'hui semble se réaliser entirement; une retraite loin d'etre orthodoxe mais l'image de l'homme que Denyse me décrivait si souvent et que j'ai eu la chance d'observer quelques occasions: passionné, énergique et ambitieux Alors aujourd'hui, a l'aube de ta "Freedom 65", je ne peux que te souhaiter plusieurs autres années remplies de bonheur et de plénitude avec ta douce moitié et ton fabuleux vignoble!! Salutations et joyeux anniversaire . - Ton ami Jean

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