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Daniel James Reeves

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S: Daniel James Reeves

BC: Created by Natalie Genoe & Daniel Reeves

FC: Daniel James Reeves

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen | To our father on his 50th Birthday, we love you.

2: This is not a funny story and some parts will be purposely left out for personal reasons. It starts with the first three words of the Old Testament and deals with Dan's accomplishments. In the beginning Dan was not an ideal student. In Public School, his grades were just above passing. One year he was on the school hockey team. He was not the best player but he played his heart out and we were proud of him. In High School, Dan seemed more interested in his music than his studies, but he passed and we were proud of him. Near the end of his last year in High School, Dan announced he would like to attend the Haileybury School of Mines and we agreed. At the proper time we took Dan to Haileybuy and set him up in a small dingy apartment, there to tackle the school year. We left him there and we were sad. | Dan took a well paying part-time job during the summer months and paid his own way through school. His responsibility toward his own life was now taking hold and we were proud. Dan didn't do too well in his first year at Haileybury, I believe, and from the way Dan talked, too many parties, but in his final years he progressed and he did very well. At his graduation we were very happy and yes, we were proud.

3: While working in Timmins and eventually Sudbury for Safety Supply, Dan became the proud father of two children, first Natalie born in Timmins and then Danny born in Sudbury. Not only were we happy but we, the grandparents, were most proud of our grandchildren. One day, Dan phoned from Sudbury to tell us he had lost his job, "But Dad", he said, "I feel very strongly that I have to go back to school and into the Ministry." As the mining industry was not doing too well and there were no jobs available, I assured Dan that was the right time to go for it if he felt he could handle all the pressure. Well Dan did handle the pressure that was put on him, once again paying his own way through school, eventually graduated from Knox Presbyterian College with a B.A. and an M.Div. Our son was a minister and we were proud. | Reverend Dan is now heavily and happily absorbed in his work as the Minister of Calvin Presbyterian Church in Sudbury and is greatly appreciated by his flock. | So there you are, Dan with a job he wants and loves, two great children and Oh yes, and no I didn't forget, married to a great lady, Susan, who we as Dan's parents care for, love and adore. Did I mention that I was Dan's Best Man at their wedding, quite an honour. To you Dan, Susan, Natalie, Danny, Don and okay, Sassy too: our family, don't look for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or that winning lottery ticket, for you already have it. We deeply love you all and yes, we are proud. P.S. Happy Birthday Dan. Love Mom & Dad

6: A story by William Reeves Dan was 3 years old and in 2 months he would be 4, it was March and we were invited to Ted and Eleanor's place, owners of Long Point Airways on Long Point Lake, 15 miles west of Elk Lake and 70 miles southwest of Kirkland Lake where we now live. It was Saturday; the weather was perfect to spend on the frozen lake surface for a day of winter activities. In those days, snow machines were a real novelty although Ted had a 9 H.P. Ski-Doo, and Bob Clark had just finished building a home-made machine which I helped put together. | It was a tractor type front end towing a bobsled type sleigh hitched to the tractor front which required a little effort to steer. Because this was a new experience for all of us, with children and adults there was probably 20 of us winter fun-loving, happy souls. We were taking turns riding these new-fangled contraptions. Then it was Dan's turn. Bob said he could take 2 and possibly 3 kids for a ride sitting with him on the sleigh, one in front of the operator, being Bob, and 2 behind. Bob started the engine, pull cord, and said "Hop on Dan", then the fun began.

7: Before Bob or anyone else could get on board, our son, Dan, squeezed the throttle and the machine took off like a jackrabbit being chased by a fox which was pointed straight down the lake. About 300 yards, or meters, Dan stopped, turned and waving his arm like John Wayne commanding his troops in an attack on the enemy, said "Come on you guys", then turned and squeezed the throttle again. This was serious. This time he wasn't going to stop. Ted said you had better take my skidoo and chase him down. It took about 2 miles and riding beside him, finally convinced him to take his hand off the throttle. | We were stopped! Walking over to check if he was o.k. Dan looked up and said "Boy Dad, this is fun". So how do you get mad? Well you can't. After insuring Dan it was fun, I turned the machine around pointed the machine for home and told him to stop when he got there, which he did. This was an exciting day for Dan, well for all of us, and guess what he wanted for the next Christmas? That's right, a new skidoo. He didn't get it.

8: On a Christmas Eve, when Dan was 2-1/2 years old, we had decided to visit Kirkland Lake from our home in Noranda. As our car was put away for the winter we purchased bus tickets for our journey west, 55 miles from Noranda. The bus was full with every seat taken. The journey was quite uneventful with the passengers very quiet, all absorbed in their own thoughts. On reaching the first stoplight on Government Road and Duncan Avenue, Dan, looking out of the bus window, saw a mannequin with a white beard dressed in a red suit on display in the Singer Sewing Machine store window. Well, he then jumped up in his seat and standing, pointed to the figure and in a loud voice proclaimed HEY DAD, LOOK SANTA CLAUS! HO! HO! HO! AND A BOTTLE OF RUM which brought smiles and laughter to everyone in the bus. To this day, his mother and I are still trying to figure out, wherever did he pick up a saying like that?

10: The 80's

11: When Danny was younger and we where at the cottage, he use to laugh at my singing when we where sitting around the fire outside. To this day he still teases me. It was funny at the time, we had great laughs but not sure how to put it into to words. Maybe you can figure it out. Love Jane

12: There comes a time in a teenager's life when he decides that hanging out with your parents is no longer cool. | One day, when Dan was 17, he begged us to allow him to stay home from the cottage giving him the opportunity to hang out with his musician friends who were all very good kids, we think.

13: We never did ask Dan what took place that particular weekend nor did he, I suppose so he wouldn't have to tell a fib, offer an explanation. Dan went to the cottage the next weekend. | After considerable debate and soul searching, we decided to give it a try. For awhile all went well and the house was well kept. Sunday, when arriving home from the cottage, we found the house in a slight disarray, not bad, but the bathroom vanity mirror was broken.

14: A story by William Reeves There are sad days and there are happy days. This day was happy, sad, emotional and happy again. For summer in the north, this day was exceptional, it was bright, sunny and warm. We were happy, we were going for a car ride. Dan, we called him Danny then, loved the car and was excited as we were. Danny, by that time was old enough that he had outgrown his favourite book, Willy-Woo and his favourite song, Take Me For a Ride in the Car Car. Willy-Woo was a book about a talking fire truck that explained all of its functions - haven't you heard my siren noise, it says, Watch out, I'm coming girls and boys. Take me for a Ride in the Car Car was a novelty song played often on the radio in those days and greatly enjoyed by children of all ages - Take me for a ride, take me for a ride, take me for a ride in the car car. I do not remember if we had made plans for that particular day or if we were just going for a car ride. Whatever the case, we stopped on the highway right on the Ontario/Quebec border with Mt. Cheminis looming just to the south of the highway, a spectacular sight. Cheminis is a gigantic derby-shaped boulder rising 200 meters from its base and from our vantage point, with its straight shear walls, looked impossible to climb, we wanted a closer look. There was a dirt logging road going south off the highway which we took and found a small parking spot at the base of the mountain rising before us, a chilling sight.

15: On a closer inspection, we found a trail leading from the parking spot which appeared to be going around the base of Cheminis. We were adventurous, we were explorers, we wanted to find the final destination of this trail and off we went. After 10 minutes of following this trail which was winding its way through the pines at the mountain's base, it made a switch-back and headed up the mountainside, had we found a way to the summit of Cheminis? We were excited, we were happy, we wanted to find out. We started our climb with Danny sitting on my shoulders, with his legs over my chest and his arms and hands wrapped around my forehead, I was his packhorse. The trail rose fast, the terrain rough and the going difficult but we were happy and gamely moved on and up. Then we hit a snag. About halfway up the trail narrowed and ran along the wall face with a shear drop-off our left side, it looked dangerous and we discussed what we should do. Marilyn loved adventure but it had to be safe adventure and voted to turn back, there was no way she was going forward for her assessment of the situation was probably correct. Of course, Danny, as young as he was, loved the trip and wanted to go to the top and I, or course was willing to give it a try. After a short discussion, we decided Marilyn would go back and wait in the car and Danny and I would move on with the promise if the going got more difficult we too would turn back. So up we went and I was a little sad. It wasn't long before the trail improved and the travelling easier so up we went right to the top, it felt great for we, the great adventurers had accomplished a miracle.

16: At this point Danny and I stopped at a blueberry patch directly beneath the fire tower rising another 7 meters above the mountaintop, to replenish our bodies with nutrition and delicious fruit. We then made our way to the west edge of the mountain, found a rock and sat there to contemplate the view before us. And what a view it was, this was mother nature's best, it reminded me of a hymn we often sing, This is My Father's World, - In the Rustling Grass, I Hear Him Pass, He Speaks to me Everywhere. With vast forests, lake-filled valleys, bright puffy blue skies and the gentle breezes whispering through the needles of the stubby pines behind us, you could almost hear the silence and we were happy. Then we were sad, there was something missing. Danny rose from our perch, took my hand and said, "Let's go Dad". On our decent Danny refused my shoulder nor did he want to take my hand, he was stubborn and I thought this very young man had spunk. With me moving backward and carefully guiding him through the rough parts, we easily made it to the base of the mountain to the trail below. We jogged the trail and reached the car in no time. Marilyn was waiting and opened the car door. Danny climbed up to her lap and gave her a big hug. We, Danny and I, the adventurers, the explorers, the conquerers of the world were away for two and a half hours and Danny had missed his mother and I had missed my best friend, but now we were together again and we were happy.

18: Baby Love

19: Daddy Love

20: Quality time together | Its amazing how time has gone by so quickly. I remember Dan how you used to ride your bike from Kirkland all the way to Larder and then back home again. Craziness haha..It would be quite funny to see us attempt that these days. I know I wouldn't get to far. Happy 50th Birthday to you Dan. 50 is just a number. I figure the older we get the more we get accomplished and you have accomplished a lot of amazing things, so let those numbers roll on by. So here's to another great year. May everyday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Love you always from your sister in-law Susie.

21: Daddy's Boy

22: "Hi Guys", Dan says when he walked in the door, "I've got a new long-playing record". We say "Great Dan, what's it all about"? "Well", says Dan, "it's Guess Who. "O.K." I say, "Could it be the Eagles"? "No", says our Son, "It's Guess Who". I say, "Alright then, could it be Kiss?" Our son says, "No Dad, it's not either, it's Guess Who". "Alright", I say, "If it's not the Eagles or Kiss, it must be the Rolling Stones." "Dad", says Dan, "it's none of these three, it's Guess Who." So I say to Dan,"Look, I'm not very good at guessing games, why don't you show me the label of the record so I can see for myself." Dan pulled the record out of the bag for my inspection, and guess what? Now it's your turn to Guess Who!

23: Uncle Dan: A memory that I have and will always hold near to my heart is having you perform my wedding ceremony. That was the best gift I would receive that day. You are always there when family calls upon you, we wanted you there for Patt's burial for a little service, there were no questions asked, you were just there. You are an amazing person, an amazing uncle. I consider myself so lucky to even know you, and to call you my uncle! Happy 50th birthday... Here's to 50 more! :):) Lots of love, Amanda

24: First of all we would like to wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday, wishing we could be there to celebrate with you. You are not only our Brother in Law but one of our very best friends. You have been there with us in our happiest times and in our most difficult times and we will cherish those memories for ever. Mike says the only time he drinks Tequilla is with you, so on May 3rd he's going to buy a small bottle and drink to you, Wishing you all the best today and everyday! Love you tons and Miss you More Mike and Wezzie xoxoxoxoxoxo

31: Our wedding was the first service your Dad performed once he became ordained. David and I were so happy to have him as he was just the right fit for us. His sense of humor and his youthful ways helped to make the day go smoothly. I remember at one point, I think he was more nervous than us!! I also remember a few days before the wedding, he came to my Mom’s house to go over things with us and that is when he let us in on his big surprise! He was gearin’ up to ask Susan to marry him!!! We were so happy to have shared in all his planning and even his nervousness about her answer!! Fireworks and all eh Dan! Catherine Beckerleg Hill

34: All things grow better with love.

36: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

38: Who is the one I always lean on? Who is the one who saves the day? Who is the one who works his butt off But always makes time to play? Who is the one who cooks and cleans? Who is the one who runs a cab? Who is the one who gives me sunshine Even when the day is drab? Who is the one who picks me up Every time I fall? (literally) Who is the one who comes to answer Every time I call?

39: Who is the one I share my fun times with? Who is the one that dries my tears? Who is the one that calms me when My mind is full of fears? The one who does all these things Is the one that only God knew Would someday be the love of my life My husband, my friend, my incredible you! | Happy Birthday, Dan! I feel so blessed to be traveling this life with you, To share our hopes and dreams, And to know that we will always be side by side. I love you with all my heart! Your Sweet, Sweet Suzie xoxoxoxo

40: Bass Man Dan A pastor named Dan, in a stole Really wanted to play rock & roll With his fingers at pace And with sweat on his face He found music with rest for the soul. Ken Farrar

41: Super Bowl Party!!

42: Tybee Island With hot sun and an ocean so calm “I’ll dive in the sea, what a charm” As Dan plunged through the wave His face went all grave When a jelly fish wrapped ‘round his arm Ken Farrar

44: Lunch in Atlanta We took Dan, Susan and Dad out to eat And unknowingly said, “It’s our treat!” Eating enough for a year The bill was taken with fear “It’s cheap! Start the car! Let’s retreat!” Ken Farrar

46: Mackinac Island The best tour of the island we read Was a buggy pulled by horses well-fed With a bit of affront Dan pushed right to the front But saw droppings from horses instead Ken Farrar

48: The Big Move A party at Dan’s, what a fright We were stripping right into the night Given pizza and pop We didn’t dare stop ‘Til the wallpaper vanished from sight Ken Farrar

49: Ode to Dan Reeves 10th Anniversary Calvin Presbyterian Church 2009 by Ken Farrar ‘Twas a while before Christmas, in the year ‘99, The good people of Calvin, awaited a sign. We needed a leader, to inspire and enthrall, When a message from Knox said, “I’ll preach for the call.” It was a wonderful service, he wasn’t a fake, But can anything good, come from Kirkland Lake? The preaching, the reading, the prayers were all fine, The job it was offered, he said, “Where do I sign?” Who is Dan Reeves, and what will he bring? Fine teacher? Good leader? And for me can he sing? When pressed on the matter, he said, “Those are droll!” For nothing can beat good old Rock and Roll. He grew on us all, and soon settled in, His jokes even made Presbyterians grin. With the manse for his home, a nice spacious place, Dan’s only concern, “Is there room for my bass?” What more could he want? What goals could he reach? ‘Til one day he came home with his own Georgia peach. Dan and Susan were wed, what a sensational do, Only two months went by and he married us too.

50: One day in the pulpit, a stranger was there, He was something like Dan, except for the hair. On closer inspection, a beard he did lack, It just wasn’t him, we said, “Please grow it back.” With Susan’s sweet voice, and Dan’s expertise, They formed up a group that only could please. With five members made up, of singers and pics, The logical name choice was W6. Natalie blossomed and didn’t you know, That sweet little girl is now Mrs. Genoe. And what about Danny? I’ll give you a hint, His writing, I’m sure, will soon be in print. A decade has gone, and what do we see? A church full of people as warm as can be. People still come, with the pews almost full With love, laughter, and music it never is dull. Peace, joy, and contentment upon every face, From all over the world, they have come to this place. We need to give thanks, to the Lord up above, For Dan and for Susan, who we dearly love. One day you may leave us, we don’t know quite when, If the thought crosses your mind, then please think again. So for all of us here, who have gathered today, We give thanks to God, who has sent you our way.

52: "The Silver Fox"

63: "Faith makes all things possible... love makes all things easy."

64: When I got the idea to put together this book, I knew that we had to make it something special. It couldn't be just a dinky little photo album with a couple quotes. It had to really capture, if you will, what we all love about you, my dad. It had to have the quantity, the quality, and the oomph behind it all. And now that it's all coming together, I can easily say that Natalie and I have accomplished just that. But just how did we do it? How did we manage to keep this undertaking a secret (I hope)? Naturally, we waited till you were out of town and raided every photo album we could pry out of the boxes in the storage room in the cold, desolate basement. It was an adventure, to say the least, and it was worth every minute of searching to find all of the photos you'll end up seeing in this book. I know you'll love it and I can't wait to see this book being passed around at family gatherings.

65: "Don't wait to make your son a great man - make him a great boy. "

66: Dad, The first thing you should know is that I milled over how to write this for quite some time and I decided to do it like a letter because everything here is 100% truth. You often hear grown men talk about how they were neglected or didn't get much attention from their fathers in their younger years. And while that's very unfortunate for them, I'm | sure, I'll always have the satisfaction of knowing that for me, that wasn't the case. It's important for me to remember that through absolutely everything, every stage, every city, every age, every house, no matter how far away you were - you were there when I needed you. I mean, I remember a time when the most solace I could find was your voice on the other end of the telephone. So, allow me to be really cliché for just a minute when I say that I've learned a lot from you. I've learned about being responsible and working for the things I want. I've learned about the redemption of the human spirit, or (in less fancy words) how to be happy. And I've learned that love has absolutely no doubts.

67: To use a really cheesy word, I have really "cherished" the experiences that we've shared together. Whether it be going seeing plastic dresses on our weekly walks down Yonge St., going to extravagant rock concerts, or just riding home with you after a long day at work. The littlest of things are sometimes the most important and I thank you for each and every moment you devote/have devoted to me. I'm reminded day in and day out that even though we are two very different people, I am very much still your son. Our sense of humours, our creativity, heck, even our writing styles are pretty similar. I have two very different parental characteristic bowls to choose from and although I might have some traits from the shaky side, I get a lot of fantastic things from you. And for that, I'm glad because if there's anything I want to show people in my future it's what kind of a person my father was. | There have been times, like there are times for all people, that I have felt disconnected from the rest of the family. I think it's a common human feeling, the feeling of just being out of the loop. But it never lasts very long because it always hits me that I was never out in the first place.

68: I feel like that in this family, you're never out of the loop for anything, you're always in, you're always loved, you'll always be important. | You, Susan, Nat and Don make it that way. -Daniel

69: The many faces of Dan Reeves

72: Gatherings with friends and family

73: Dear Dan, Happy 50th birthday! It has been a real pleasure getting to know you since your daughter Natalie and I started dating. You have always been very polite and welcoming of me into your home and into your family. Over the years you have become more than just a father-in-law but a true friend that is always inviting to be with. Thank you for sharing in the many Sunday evening dinners, road trips, and genuine good times. To your health! Don

74: Dad, Working on this book with Danny has made me think a lot about my relationship with you and how our family has developed over the years. I can definitely say that I would not be the woman that I am today without having an amazing role model and father in my life. You have always been there for me, even when you could not be physically there. I can remember many times when I was little waiting for you at the airport, I was always so excited to see you getting off the airplane and I couldn’t wait to run into your arms. | Later we waited for you at the bus station to get home from school in Toronto. You worked so hard and everything you did was for us. I know that all that traveling must have been difficult at times. Later when we were far from you, you called us every day and made sure that we knew that you were there when we needed you. Being away from you for only five months was the hardest time in my life. I missed you so much, and when we were finally able to come home with you, I felt safe and like I finally had a place of my own. It took a long time, but with your help I learned to trust myself and to become a confident person. You always encouraged me to push myself at everything I did. “You got 90% on your test? Why didn’t you get 95%?”

75: I wouldn’t be comfortable working as a leader or talking in front of people if you hadn’t helped me to get so much experience doing these things. I don’t know how you did it, but I knew that you expected hard work from me even though you never directly said so. | But, with you it is not all hard work, you showed me that there is always a time for fun and time to relax. Whether we were rocking out at home, going to a concert, riding my bike, playing catch, or playing at the park, you always took time to have fun with me. We have been on many trips together both close to home and further away; I still love traveling with you.

76: One of the best things you have ever done was to marry Susan. I know that when you two met you must have thought about and talked about what it would be like to bring a new person into the family. You didn’t make any decisions that weren’t well thought out. You found the most amazing person and knew that she would love us and care for us as her own and she has. Thank you for bringing her into my life. She has made our family complete and happy. When I started dating Don I worried about what you would think of him. I knew that he was a good guy, but he didn’t play the guitar and didn’t even know that rock and roll existed until he was 8 years old, so you can understand my apprehensions. But you were very welcoming and he immediately felt at home with our family. When Don asked me to marry him I knew that the only wedding that I wanted was one done by you. You are a wonderful father, a wonderful husband and an amazing minister, who could ask for more? I love you dad and can’t wait for more memories to be made and to continue to learn from you. Natalie

83: To Grandpa Dan From Mary

85: From Timothy

88: I loved the time Dan and I sang "Where oh Where Are You Tonight" at a Share the Love concert. Even though singing isn't within his comfort zone, he was game and willing to wear a coon hat and act goofy for the sake of fun and the enjoyment of others. - Wes Hubert | "Why don't we listen to the voices in our hearts cause then I know we'd find we're not so far apart. Everybody's got to be happy. Everyone should sing, for we know the joy of life, the peace that love can bring." -Uriah Heep, The Wizard

89: I met Bassman Dan somewhere in 2000 or 2001. Susan and he came to our place for a pastoral 'get to know you' thing about then and that was when I discovered that it looked like we wore the same glasses. Not long after that, we were 'gig-ing' in church, trying a variety of stuff for Gods' service. Evangelical Wednesdays (with the big sign on the side of the building) then just whatever happens for anybody up to what we have now as W6. God had been gracious in bringing Dan into my life (I don't know about Dan though...). I give Him thanks for having foreordained and predestined our meeting and becoming cohorts. Dan has been like a number of other pastors that I have known who are influential in the direction of my service to the Lord. I see Dan as a man who looks at the Christian life as being a big, big, B-I-G box. There's a whole lot of room for individual expression and service but there's still boundaries. Dan's 'narrow way' is broad, not as the world sees it but as believe our Saviour sees his diverse conglomeration of believers. Praise the lord for our Dan! De free-flyin' Frog! - Michel Brazeau | He's PERFECT!!! - Karen Hubert

91: When I first met Dan, at the front doors of Calvin Presbyterian Church in Sudbury, I was new to the city and in the process of looking for a home church to attend. Dan shook my hand, asked my name and made me feel welcome. It wasn't so much this first meeting that impressed me, but rather our second meeting, six weeks later. I came back to the church with my visiting family in tow. Dan remembered my name, and made me and my family feel welcomed. I was so impressed by this that I decided then and there to make Calvin my home church. Over the past five years Dan has been there to help nourish my spiritual growth and has been a listening ear when I'm dealing with problems. Happy Birthday Dan, your friendship and spiritual guidance has been very important to me over the years. May Christ continue to show you His path as you help the Calvin congregation grow in His love. May God shower you with blessings. Love and prayers, Angela

93: Dear Papa Reeves, I've known Daniel for a little over two years now and I learn something new about him all the time. What isn't new - is what a wonderful person he is. I see it everyday in our lengthy chats, texts or messages to each other. So kind and intelligent and a really supportive friend. Just a little note to say 'thank you' for raising a perfect boy. I, as well as the rest of our friends, are very blessed. Happy Birthday! -Alli Stevens

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