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Dett's 30th

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Dett's 30th - Page Text Content

S: Happy 30th Birthday Kristina!

BC: All things grow better with love.

FC: Happy 30th Dett!

1: Happy 30th Birthday Kristina! You are an amazing woman and we are all so fortunate to have be touched by your kindness and warmed with your laughter. Enjoy the walk through your life so far and the kind words your friends and family wrote for you. We are the lucky ones just to have a little Dett” in our lives. Love your friends and family

2: To my Detty Pooh, When I decided to make this book for you I didn’t realize how many memories it would start to bring up about the friendship you and I have created in the last 11 years. I can almost hear your laughter as I looked through every picture I had taken in college, you know that infectious Dett laughter that brings smiles to peoples’ faces and makes them instantly fall in love with you. I can hear your laugh as we sat in my Civic (well, your Civic according to your fireman friend) in front of Rite Aid looking through the pictures that we did not remember taking from the night before. I just remember barely being able to breathe because we were laughing at the picture of you holding me after we got kicked out of ATOs. That laugh is one of the reasons I am so honored to be your best friend, one of the countless reasons. You are more than a friend to me, you are an inspiration. Your courage to take on the task of being DG president when no one thought you could handle it, and you BLEW them away with your dedication and commitment. Didn’t you win Panhellenic woman of the year? Everyone sees how bright you shine the moment they talk to you. True, you can talk to a wall if it listened, but you truly remember people and their families and issues, and above anyone I’ve ever met, you actually REALLY care. You are so compassionate. I have so many, too many, memories of my Detty I could cover each page of this gigantic book with our memories, but I’d like to pick a few: -Meeting you through Jen, she thought you were really nice, and also lived at the Reg with us...I thought you talked a lot, but now I love that the most about you.

3: -Well, we actually met at the table during RUSH on Panhellenic Day because you had the same necklace as me! -Drives to Moscow...you always drove...33% -Throwing out the chief lighter in Colfax because we thought it was cursing the drive home. “The Kit” -You introducing me to DMB, then loving it so much we stayed all 3 days with Bobby love, then almost fell asleep on the drive back to Pullman with Young -”I can drive. I can drive.” This is the same night that I made you talk to that guy who had the crazy high voice and we couldn’t stop laughing in his face. I’m smiling about it right now. -Watching Love Connection and Blind Date in the chapter room. “If I would have known the date would have gone like this, I would have taken her for dinner at McDonalds.” -Our WSU summer school visit to visit our boyfriends and drink Arbor Mist -”You look just like one of the characters at Chucky Cheese.” -”Hanni nani Delta Gamma” over the loudspeaker at DGs and then Anna scolding you on the importance of our rituals -I’m mad at you!!!!!!!! Want to hang out? (all within the same 30 seconds) -Working out the rec, flying off the elipticals with Zen-a-dett. OR going to the gym then chickening out and lighting a cig for a drive to Stinker Station. -Weekends in Seattle...going out of Scott from Duval’s boat, and hiding out in his bathroom planning our escape -Craig David -Picking you up in Bellingham after you had taken the Greyhound -Having you rock me like a baby when we put the nursery together in my new chair -Getting goosebumps all over when I heard your beautiful voice sing, “All of my life, I have dreamed, of a place where I can be me, and I can’t believe I’m standing here.” -Your speech at my wedding, what an amazing Maid of Honor -The moment I saw your face come in the room after I delivered baby Jackson (tearing up as I write this) -Sharing the last happy memory with Grandma, “You’ve gotta make these for me more often Mona.” -Our NW road trip--Portland (Alabama Slammas with Kathy), Seattle, Vegas -Vegas..........do I even write anything down here? Thank God I had you there too! Boombox playing all weekend! -Dating ourselves and visiting San Diego for Founder’s Day last spring -”I know a girl names Kristina Dett......” Hey Lotti Lotti Lo! -Representing LOS in the airport in Italy with our sunglasses and UGGs -Trying to convince you to spend the night on the night I got engaged, dancing in the rain with Pero the stray dog, then not being able to sleep because I was so excited to tell you I was engaged -Visiting Pullman to play mom for Shelby at mom’s weekend--especially on Saturday where we just called old friends and laid in bed snuggling and festering like old times... -Dirty Dancing the play...more fun watching the Michael Jackson freaks on Hollywood Blvd. first -Dancing to Center Stage in the president's room -Forcing me to watch your drill videos...peel off / chin tilt -”You Nailed It!!!!!” Geez Detty...I truly just love you inside and out. I will always be right by your side in good times and in bad. I kinda feel like I married you forever too. I am honored to have you not just as my best friend, but as a true part of my family. You are my sister and best friend forever. I am so proud of you and brag about you each and every day. I love you! Love T. Belle (Tara Holmes) p.s. Justin and Jackson love you too but boys aren’t good at mushy stuff. Lakers for Life! Represent LOS!

4: Besties

6: You must... decide

7: Detty Pooh & T-Belle

10: Baby Detty... December 6, 1979

14: Momma Kim | Kristina, I can't believe you are turning 30! You have become quite an amazing woman and I am so proud of you. From that precious little girl I brought home so many years ago you amaze me every day with all that you have accomplished throughout the years. I hope this birthday brings you all the joy and happiness you deserve. I love you very much!! Love MOM

15: John Dean Thank you for always being there for me. I know I don't always tell you that, but I do mean it. Happy birthday Sis. I love you. -John Dean

17: Happy 30th! We don’t have a page big enough to write all that you mean to us. We love you so much. Oh and Grandpa says, “Kazarah.” -Grandma Wendy & Grandpa Dean

19: Newport High School 1994-1998

20: Deanna... always your best friend

21: Happy 30th birthday Kristina! It is a great milestone in life and a time to look at your achievements and goals, but really the only thing I think of in writing this letter is "holy crap, we made it to 30!" We have now officially been best friends in life longer than we have not, make sense?! From middle school, high school, college, work - we have been through it all and I know that it would never have been so fun, or so meaningful without you in my life. More sister and family than friend there is always a chair at our table for you. I love you always and cannot wait for the next 30! Happy birthday to my best friend, Love, Deanna Miller

22: Kristina- In 1986 when I moved into Newport Forty I met a best friend. 23 years and a million memories later it’s great to say that I still have that best friend I met so long ago. We’ve been through so many things together and have so many memories to look back ondressing up in your mom’s clothes and taking embarrassing picturesriding the banana seat bike to Pay & Save (I think that’s what it was called back then) to buy candyspending every day togetherbeing sad when you had to visit your dad for the entire Summeracting as if our lives were over when my parent’s decided to move to Kentyou singing Cinderella to all the boysthe horrible accident in the brand new Escort...having you in my weddingour trip to Cabo. I’m so thankful to have you in my life and look forward to the next 23 years of memories that we are going to make. Love you always! Heather Azus

24: Happy 30th Birthday Kristina! I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments as the first great-grandchild graduate along with your many crafts, talents and successful career. You are a beautiful and caring young woman. Wishing you the very best things in life. Love you, Great-Grandma Hodge | Dearest Kristina, You have matured into a bright, caring and thoughtful woman. I remember what a “pistol” you were as a child. Such a sweet disposition and always on-the-go looking for something to do. I can’t believe you are turning “30” -- I keep thinking I just turned “30” but I guess I can’t use that as an excuse with my great-niece already there!!! Although we don’t spend time together you are always in my thoughts and the love carries through till our next visit. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and only the best for you in the future. I love you loads!!! Great-Aunt Robin

25: Off to College... Washington State University Go Cougs! 1998-2002 | Happy Birthday Dett!!!! Welcome to the big 3-0. I hope this year is the best yet for you! You are an amazing person and a wonderful friend.We are all lucky tocall you a friend. You will always and forever be my recruitment buddy. Those were great times!Have a Happy Happy Birthday! Love you lots Bruce(Lisa Nausid)

28: Kristina WowI cant believe your 30 years old. You are now the same age I was when I met your beautiful mother. I was head over heals. I remember one of the first times I saw you, You were carrying wimpy. It was so funny. She was a long as you were tall. She was like your first doll with a heartbeat. I have a lot of great memories of you. From water/snow skiing to hiking to swimming off the boats to picking out that crazy cat (remember to be careful what you name your pets) to track and drill to our trips to wazoo to graduation. You have been very blessed to pick up some mighty fine friends along the way. Please remember that friends like family are a piece of our soul and that every time we gain one it’s a liability. For your love is spread out which is a beautiful thing, but a job watch over them. And, every time we loss one it chips away at us to where if we were the last ones standing, it is just us and wonderful memories. Protect yourself and those that you love. Im so very proud of you. You have achieved some awesome things in you young life. I love you princess. Happy birthday. Your loving dad/Kihm p.s. The airport is not five minutes away

29: Dett, You were the first DG, likely even the first college girl, I ever met... Tom Hubbard's house when I was 17and you set the bar pretty high. All the Kent folk said you were cool, and I had no reason to doubt it, but at the time I lacked the capacity to actually understand how great you were. Come freshman year, you were always willing to invite me into social circles outside my league and just be a caring person in general, in any context. Going out of your way to make sure everyone was taken care of was consistent on your part, and appreciated on everyone else's. You're a joy to be around, and I'm sure for the rest of your life that everyone you meet will continue to fall in love with you. You are just a great individual with such a unique personality. I'll always look up to you and you're someone nobody could forget. I hope you've gotten everything you wanted out of life so far and you have my best wishes for the future. You've been an important part of so many people's lives and we're all lucky to know you. This comes out a bit gushier than I originally thought it would, but I'm not good at toning it down, and for you, I'd rather error on that side anyway. I look forward to the next time we see each other. Happy Birthday. Love, Mark Shervey

33: Raft Trip Riggins, Idaho

34: Dear Dett, I just cannot believe you are 30 years old already. Time does march on pretty fast. Especially when you are having a great time. Right?????? I do remember when all of you gals turned 21. Those were the times. You all sure did know how to celebrate. We think of your guys often and talk about the years we lived at Delta Gamma. They were great times for us also. Your Pledge class always sticks out in our minds. Such neat gals and leaders. You were such a neat prez and always understanding to everyone. The Darling Snowgirl your pledge class gave us always gets to sit in a special spot every Christmas Holiday time. Think of you when we look at her. Yes, I do still love my snowmen and gals. Have a wonderful birthday, Dett. May #30 be your best. Love you, Shirl Ron sends best wishes also-------he wants to let you know that he is still top "garbage taker outer"...... One of his skills.......He's given up plunging though. :)

36: We're Delta Gam born... and Delta Gam bread... and when we die we'll be Delta Gam dead.

37: DG...you know!

38: Kristina, When the idea was brought up by Tara to write you a letter honoring your 30th Birthday I had an enormous flood of memories come back to me and it made me remember all that we have been through. You have been such a special friend these last 12 years and I am so lucky and thankful to have you in my life. It’s very reassuring to know that even though you live in another state, distance doesn’t mean SHIT. Yeah so what, we only see each other a few times a year but I know that if something happened to me and I needed you, you would be on the first plane north. I have LOVED getting into trouble with you, whether it was in Pullman when we were kicked out of Valhalla and then tried to sneak back in (I don’t even remember why we were kicked out) or being pulled over by the cops after 2 grape knee-highs (cough...I mean 4). Probably the funniest memory that I have was during summer school when you were so very drunk and I was studying for an exam and you came stumbling down the street to the Ash Tray calling my name. I don’t remember what boy problem you were having that night but I have never heard someone talk so much gibberish in my life. Of course I just put you to bed after getting you in some pajamas and we both tried to get some sleep. Togetherin my twin bed. Then the next morning, our life went on, just like it always did - followed by one more fun exciting memory about to take place. Kristina, you definitely played a very large part in my maturing years. You made college fun and it was so encouraging to know I had you by my side, even though we got in a million arguments during chapter (but made up 10 minutes later with cigs). And after college you were still right there helping me figure out what in the hell I was supposed to do next with my life. And now that we are grown up, and I a Mom, I hope to God that Westyn can find a friend in someone as I have in you. If everyone were so lucky to have a “Dett” in their life as I have, I think our world may change rather quickly. Happy Birthday to an amazing, full-hearted, special, one-of-a-kind person. Love always, Ash (Ashley Haigh)

41: Dearest Dett- What what, the dirty 30! To think we were in ATO's boiler room smoking cigs drink Bush Light singing DG's rusty anchor song not to long ago but the crazy thing that was 12 years ago, holy crap! Where does time go. Even though 30, you still have the same heart, smile and zest that you did back when we were 18. I look up to you in so many ways. No matter obstacles come your way you always have a smile on your face. My favorite memories of you: - Pledge Day in the back of the truck getting sprayed with hoses - All our fun Ad Classes, Newman word up - Attempting to get up and go to the gym wasted - Delta Sigs, white pants and red Kool-Aid - ATO's, ATO's oh and ATO's - Never having to rush, THANK YOU - Ron and Sheryl - OSU (That town didn't know what hit them and neither did the DG's) - Junior Drink a Beer - $2 pitchers And the list goes on. Friends like you are so hard to come by. You're always sending out Birthday reminders and have a heart of gold. Even though we don't get a chance to talk very often or see eachother I just want you know how dear you to me. I'm so glad all of us have made the trip down south to re-start our lives her in California. Cheers to many more years of friendship, road trips, football games and so much more. Love you, Carrie (Huzar) Thomason

44: Dear Dett, Happy 30th Birthday!!! Can you believe we are already allturning 30 this year!? So many memories from college that seem like yesterday, but I can't believe they were already a decade ago...time is flying by! I remember one of my first times talking to you was in thedining room at DG'swith our enormous pledge class, a few daysafter bid day. I was this quiet girl from a small town who was very overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to remember who all these girls were! I remember you already knew everyone's names & you were so friendly. You had a contagious laugh that just made people feel comfortable. I remember just having one conversation with you that day, and I already felt at ease in that room. You always made an effort to get to know everyone in the house, no matter what pledge class they were in, and make sure everyone was having a good time.It can be really overwhelmingin a house with 100 girls, but you always did an amazing job to bring everyone together. I remember after initiation my mom would always talk about "Dett" and how great she thought you were! :) I really admire howyou continue to keep us all updated and informed on each other's lives. I still feel so connected toso many girls from the house andI love it! You do a really good job keeping us together, I kind of think that your Presidency never ended ;) Thank you for being such a great friend to myself, and to everyone else over all these years! I hope you have a great 30th birthday!!!! Love, Michelle Gwinn | Dear Dett, Every time I hear your name, I think about your enormous, joyous, beautiful smile. For as long as I've known you (way back in our Sixty-01 days : ), you've been able to light up a room and make people happy. I'm so grateful we became friends in college, and even though we don't get to see each other as often as I'd like, I still think the world of you. Your energy is infectious, your love for others is palpable, and you definitely inspire people to bethe best friends they can possibly be. I hope you have a truly wonderful 30th. Lots and lots of love to you... xoxo, Rauh

45: Dear Kristina, The day I met you I knew you were someone who cared deeply for her friends, knew how to have a good time but also someone would always stay true toherself.That was over ten years ago and it's all still true. Your pure dedication to your friendships is admirable - you're one friendthat everyone can count on. I hope you know how much you are loved Dett. May your 30th birthday be unforgettable - you deserve the very best of everything! Lots of Love, Stacie Mullin | Happy Birthday Dett – It’s your big 3-0 And I will bet, No one would ever know You’re a beautiful girl, who deserves it all So do a little twirl and have a ball! We had so much fun back in those DG Days But frankly too much fun, since it’s all a bit of a haze Parties with ATOs and nights at Valhalla, Dressing like pimps and hos, and drunk off 2 dollas Now we’re getting old, it’s time to grown up, We no longer live in the cold, or watch our friends throw up We appreciate the little things, and learn to enjoy each day Hearing birds sing and watching children play I wish you all the best in this exciting time I’m struggling to come up with the rest, of this silly little rhyme So I’ll let you know, just how special you are You should never be low, because you’re a shining star I love you a bunch and miss you even more It’s just a hunch, but I think this poem is a bore Happy birthday to you! Hope it’s the best May your wishes come true and nothing less! XOXO Shelby (Janes) Clark

48: Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world! I know that I am not the first person to tell you this (your FB friends list says it all), but you truly are an amazing woman. You are kind, generous, hilariously funny and just an all around fabulous friend! I love you with all of my heart and miss you like crazy everyday. Although we don’t see each other as often as we would like, I know that our friendship is just as strong today, as it was when we were in college. I was so lucky to have known you then and am so lucky to be able to call you my friend today! Thinking back to our WSU days makes me laugh, cry and everything in between. I love you Dett and wish you the most fabulous 30th Birthday anyone could ever have!! You deserve it. I wish that I could be there to celebrate with you. Xoxo, Laurel Terese Nausid-Marzano Ortega and her cat Valhalla and her Baby Jett!

49: Tina, When Tara asked me to give her a letter for your birthday book, I had to stop and think about how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, or talked for that matter. I cannot believe how fast time has gone since our days in summer school sophomore year. We had such great times in that apartment, what nerds we were learning how to dance like Britney Spears from Kari and our sit up routine “Britney Spears, Britney Spears!” That didn’t really work for us, since when I look back at pics from that summer we looked oh so bad! Ha! And at all the crazy parties with Carp, Bubba and Zyphsuch a fun summer! You are such a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out. I don’t think I know another person who cares so much for all of her friends, and I love you for that. I know we live far away, and we don’t really talk all that much (that needs to change) but I still consider you a dear friend. You’ll always have a special place in my heart, I love you so very much...and I’ve no doubt you love me back, because that’s the kind of person you are. Have a very happy 30th. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Drink a few for me!! Love you always, Grout (Meghan Blyth)

52: Dear Dett, Happy 30th Birthday to the funniest, most beautiful, talented, hard working, & loyal friend in the world. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing friend like you, our laughter and our friendship is so unique describing it is almost impossible. When Tara told me she was doing a book and BIG 30 party for you, I could not agree with her more that you deserves it the most! Dett, you are pure magic...you really are. People fall MADLY in love with you upon the first conversation, you light up a room with your infectious laugh and you have the voice of an angle. (YOU NAILED IT - one of the funniest moments of my life) I have so many fun memories with you....18 years old and sisters at Delta Gamma need I say more. Your leadership and continued dedication to the sorority is so admirable, I was always so envious of your no-quit attitude. Newport Knights Drill, Delta Gamma, WSU, T-Mobile...you’re support and commitment to each of these organizations is truly amazing!! I just wanted to say that I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You’ve come a long way baby and we’ve all grown SO MUCH these past couple years. Your friendship and our constant support of each other has helped me in the darkest hours of my life. No matter what I say I know you would never judge. That is the foundation of a lasting strong friendship. “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words” I love you Dett Johnson, Happy 30th - here’s to 30 more!! -Nat (Natalie Johnson)

57: The Ashtray: senior year 450 Ash St.

60: Dear Big Sis, Happy 30th Birthday!Wow! Time is flying by. Ten years ago we met for the first time and you took me under your wing on the playground of WSU. Our cow familyis the best. I wonder if the cow family line isstill growing strong? We should go back andmeet our DG cow relatives! I wish we could go back in time tothose days in the DG house and Pullman (well minus a few) and romp around in Pullman!I always had so much fun with you and depended on you when I was down. You were always there to pick me up. You are really like a “Big Sis” to me. You are such an amazing person and friend.My life has been enriched because you are init. I wish that you lived in Seattle so that we could see each other more often. I would love for Izzy to grow up seeing her "Auntie Dett" more often.I know Justin adores you too and wishes you were aroundmore. He sends his love. So...when are you moving back?! I hope you enjoy your birthday, that all your dreams come true...have a very blessed 30th year! Love, YLS Jess (Jessica Larson Andrews)

61: DETT!!!! I so wish that I could be there with you celebrating today. There is not a single person in the WHOLE entire world who deserves the BIGGIEST AND BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, than you. When I first met you it was like an instant attraction (your good looks first, obviously, AND then personality of course) you have this amazing knack for connecting with people and making them feel like they have been an old friend of yours, for years. Anyone who has come in contact with you through the years can attest to this I am sure. My favorite memory of you is probably in LA driving around in your Jeep to the MJ star, or maybe on the bus in Palm Springs blacked out, or at the Raider Nation Mansion in Palm Desert (watching you follow creepy face around still CRACKS me up), but I would say my favorite memories with you are yet to come. I can’t wait for more memorable times with my DETT!!!. I miss your laugh daily and wish that you lived closer. Thank you for being an amazing friend and consistently astonishing me with your generosity, kindness and laughter. Have the most fabulous birthday ever, you deserve it! Lots of love, Xoxoxo Leann Sanders

62: Life after college...

64: Dett!!!! You are the best. I don’t even know were to begin with you girl. From the day I met you in college I knew you would be someone I would know forever. You are truly one of the most genuine people that I know. I can’t believe 30 is happening already for us. I feel like it was yesterday we were doing our 21 run together at 54. I am so sorry that I can’t be with you to celebrate this monumental birthday but I will be thinking of you. Have the best day! Xoxo – Lynne Partridge

65: Happy Birthday, Dett!!! It seems like only yesterday when you and I were practicing for our 1st performance for Preference Day at Delta Gamma. Of course it was a success! We made everyone cry – including ourselves J Remember the Dett-Meagan Planning committee to get our pledge class from Pullman to Corvallis? We pulled it off flawlessly! From t-shirts to tickets to arranging out stay at OSU DG – one of the best road trips of our college days (even though the OSU DG’s were a bit on the lame-o side). We nailed it! ;) You are such an amazing and genuine friend to all! It amazes me how you remember every birthday, wedding, and baby birth. You always have time to listen, to comfort, to do whatever you can for your friends. Thank you for being such an important and true friend to me since our freshmen year. I’m so excited that weget to continue our friendshipin SoCal together! Can’t wait to celebrate your 30th! I love you so much! Happy Birthday! Love your friend and DG Sister, Meagan Johnston

66: Scottsdale, Arizona to visit Slim

67: Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA

68: London, England

73: Ravello, Italy for Jen & Mark's Wedding

74: Dear Dett, How do I begin to thank you for all of the smiles you have put on my face since we first met more then 11 years ago? You are the sort of friend that doesn't come around very often, the sort that you never want to lose touch with and it's obvious that everyone you ever meet realizes this because you have more friends then anyone I know! I will always be thankful that you and I shared that room together at DGs freshman year, at a time when I didn't quite know who I was myself, it was great to have someone so real and down to earth to help me find my way. I remember laying in our bunk beds at night talking, you were like the sister I never had and will always be my sister forever more. Our lives have always run a ridiculously similar parallel. We both had difficult relationships with our fathers, our mothers share some of the same characteristics, we met when we both had long distance boyfriends that impacted our college lives a lot more then they probably should have, and then we met two very similar guys and had quite serious relationships probably well before we were really ready for them. We both moved away from home, met English guys named Mark and are living happily ever after. Through it all we've had each other to lean on, to celebrate with, and to support. When I sat down to think of some of my favorite times with you I honestly didn't know where to start. The first one that sticks out in my mind is our drives back to Seattle from Pullman, introducing you to rap music (when you didn't even know who Dr. Dre was!), singing at the top of our lungs to Shania Twain, Lauren Hill and David Gray. The year you were DG's president was classic, you were the epitome of what a DG should be and I was so proud of you-if ever you doubt your worth which I know you do far too often, think still of this recognition! Honor Board meetings with Kim Kaiser were brilliant but only because you were there. Working together those two summers was amazing, who gets to work with their best friend?! All of the days spent talking for hours on end, cleaning sweaty tanning beds and then nights going out for drinks and living it up were unforgettable. How about when I dog-sat at your Uncle's and temporarily lost their dog (did I tell you that part?!) when you were working at BER? BER! Remember when you were at the Meydenbauer when I was working that miserable job, you were so professional and already making a career for yourself and I was waiting tables! Dad's Weekends with Kihm, the downstairs bathroom at the Ashtray overflowing into your room, you moving out of the 3rd floor porch with your alarm clock because of that big fight we got it, Ashley's 21st birthday, the summer with JJ(!).... The time we went to Vancouver with the Bird Man, Vegas with the girls, the list goes on. You even flew all the way to Italy to be there for my wedding and spent an entire night drinking wine with my husband to be, that meant the world to me. When I first moved to London and spent far too much time being homesick and alone, you were the first person I wanted to call. You are the only person in my life that I can be truly honest with, who I am not afraid of judging me, who I know will love me no matter what and I hope you know that I feel the same about you. I can never begin to thank you for all of the happiness you have brought to my life, never in a million years could I begin to imagine that I would meet a friend like you and you better believe that we will still be friends on your 80th birthday, regardless of where we are living although I do hope that someday it's in the same city so we can sit down, share a glass of wine and talk for hours like we always have. I love you and wish so much that I could celebrate your special day with you but know that I'm with you in spirit and enjoy every minute of celebrating your life thus far. Love, Jen Verghese

77: Happy 30th Birthday Auntie Dett! I wish I could be there to celebrate leaving the twenties behind and embarking on a new chapter of your life with you. Know that you are always in my heart and prayers. As I look back over the years we have had some really amazing adventures together, too many to count! So many laughs, taking turns lifting the other one up during times of hardship and simply knowing that no matter what hour of the day we can count on one another. I love you with all my heart and appreciate you making our friendship a priority no matter how many miles have separated us. You are an amazing woman, more than you even realize. You truly deserve the best life has to offer. So cheers to you and wishing your 30’s are filled with lots of love, good health and laughter. XOXO, Mist

79: Sister Dett, Happy birthday!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you for your birthday but soon enough we will have some time together and I can buy you a birthday drink! I love you SO much and I am so thankful you have been a part of my life. You are such an amazing and beautiful person on the inside and out and I am so thankful for everything you have given me in the time we have known each other. Thank you for always being there for me and for doing so much for me, I can’t even thank you enough. I hope you have an amazing birthday, you deserve nothing less than the absolute best and I know that your 30th is going to be the start of another amazing thirty years! I will never forget the hilarious times we’ve had together, “I’VE BEEN AROUND THE WORLD, FROM LONDON TO THE BAY!” Kicking it back at ATO’s on mom’s weekend, I was so thankful to have you and T-Belle there and had so much fun with you! “YOU NAILED IT!” We have had so many good times and I can’t wait for the multitude of memories to come! Happy birthday Detty!! Love you so so much!! Love, Shelby Palmer

80: Dear Kristina: First- HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!! I hope it is a fabulous day! (Don't worry, you will have many more to come) Second- I am happy to have been able to know you and spend time with you. You should be very proud of your accomplishments so far and know that you will have many more! Know that your parents are impressed by your success and drive! Third- The excitement is just beginning! You have wonderful friends and family and all of that together makes you a success! Your life is an open book and you can write any chapter you wish. I hope you enjoy because that is what matters: money doesn't, things don't and impressing others doesn't! It is the caliper of your life with your family and friends that will make it worth wild! BEST TO YOU ALWAYS! Love, Kath (Kathy Kobel)

81: Dear Kristina: Happy 30th. Birthday! It’s the beginning of a whole new numbering system! I can’t really share with you one special memory because every memory is a special one with you! You are joy in the physical form. When you are around it’s impossible to not get caught up in the happiness that you exude. I absolutely love the fact that you are part of our family. You are loyal, compassionate, loving and a simply amazing woman. Thank you for sharing your smile, your laugh , infamous phrases (“you nailed it-don’t touch that) with me. I wish you a happy day today and every single day that follows. I love you so very much. Mom #2 (Cheryl Dickerson)

82: Life in LOS...

84: Happy Birthday, Dett! I hope you have a fantastic 30th Birthday and I hope the upcoming years bring you loads of happiness and are filled with much love. You are such a fantastic person and you give all of yourself to those around you. You are so much fun to be around and it has been great getting to know since you joined the Glover clan! I remember meeting you for the first time at the Halloween party and I remember how you were so friendly and upbeat. That was the first of many fun times including planning and hanging out at Mark and Nick’s birthday parties, New Year’s in Mammoth, all the family events, and, most recently, Tokyo Delves. You are always a blast! I remember laughing so hard during Nick and Mark’s last birthday party as I listened to you tell about your adventure in Italy, the wedding and the infamous candle wax. Only you could make that into such a funny story. Also, you always take the time to help out all those around you. A perfect example is when you spent so much time making such wonderful invitations for our baby shower. That meant a lot to us and I hope you know that all you do for others doesn’t go unnoticed. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I hope all that you want in life happens for you because you deserve it. I look forward to many more fun times in the future and thanks for always making me laugh. Love, Susan

85: Well, where do we begin with Dett? This may start to sound like a recommendation letter, but Dett is one of those rare, special people who live their lives selflessly. She has a zest for life and friendship that makes her an absolute pleasure to be around. Her energy and boundless enthusiasm are infectious and you can not help but be cheerful when in her company. OK, that's enough of that, I wouldn't want he ego to get to big! A lasting memory I have of Dett is one from a few years back when we spent New Year's in Mammoth. We had started a massive fire in a Weber BBQ in the front driveway of the place we were staying and were dancing and singing at the top of our voices. Everyone was cracking up, acting mental, and seeing the new year in with a vengeance. As the night inevitably died down, I went inside and was lying and posing on a table in the cabin and the person whose grandmother owned the place yelled at me saying I would break it if I didn't get off it. I replied with something to the effect of, "I'll give you the bloody twenty bucks it's worth!" I remember Dett nearly wetting herself with laughter. We then proceeded to devour the entire freezer's contents of burritos! I have no idea what time the night finally took me away, but I remember that night for the pure joy and chaos of it all and was comforted in knowing I had found a kindred partying spirit in Dett. Dett, you are a special person and I feel privileged to consider you a friend. Happy 30th. Now let's go start a fire! Loads of Love, Nick

88: Dear Dett, I will never forget the day we met in LA at the Saddle Ranch when the power went out on Sunset and it started to rain. You trusted me enough to come with me to my friends house and spend time with me. When I started speaking to you that night I knew you were special. You are beautiful, kind, funny and always thinking of others before yourself. I am so lucky to have you in my life and will make the most wonderful wife and mother one day (I know, I know!)..You have so much to offer this world and when I think of you I smile and love you so much. I hope you have the greatest 30th birthday and never forget I am always here for you. Love always, Mark

90: I moved to LA 8/4/2002 and a year later I met my sister from another Mother by the name of Dett. From the moment I met this girl I knew she would be in my life the rest of my life. This girl is full of positive energy, character and a great heart and does not know how to say NO! I swear you can ask this girl for a million bucks, she would figure it you and have it in your hands the next day, no joke! The most memorable moments I could say that I have at Dett would be her serenading me at work, I would always look forward to hearing Dett sing (black songs) lol. I love this girl with all my heart and would do anything in exchange for her. Happy Big 30 aka Dett Kristen haha Love Carlos Smith

91: Finally we get to celebrate the one person who is always celebrating everyone else. The kindest most loving person I know. The person who never forgets a birthday, an anniversary, a birth, even a romotion. She never misses a beat....and she does it all with a smile on her face and so much love in her heart! Don't we all know how easy it is to get caught up in the day to day. But Detty, you set aside all the hectic crap life throws your way to make someone else feel special...and for that we are all so grateful! Your friendship means so much to me and I hope this birthday celebration lets you know how amazing we all think you are! You are a beautiful, smart, strong woman and I am blessed to call you my friend! In kindergarten your idea of a good friend was the person who let you have the red crayon when all that was left was the ugly brown one. Detty, thanks for always giving up the red crayon! You mean the world to all of us! Love Dana Schroedl

92: Kristina Dett-Flowerree, Mazel Tov!!!! My life changed forever when I met you 4 years ago. I was scared to death of my new job after I lied to Chris Dorian in the interview. “I am great with rejection” “I can sell anything!!!” However there was something so calming about you singing “Hot Pocket” and telling everyone in the office “What up” that I knew everything was going to be ok. You were friendly and willing to answer all of my questions. I had no idea when I took the job that I was going to meet one of the most amazing women on the planet. Kristina, I don’t know how you do all the things you do in one day. You have such a way to make all of your friends feel like your main priority. Thank you for always being there for me at El Compadre, nachos and margarita in hand ready to make me feel better with all the chaos in my life. Thank you for kicking everyone out of my house the night of Dave Matthews and somehow finding me a ride to where I needed to be. You truly make the impossible, possible. Sometimes I wish I could just be myspacing all day at work, go to Cheesecake Factory, get a bottle of wine, avocado egg rolls and buffalo blasts. Telemarketing was so much easier after that. I feel like I have known you forever, because I can’t imagine what my life was like before you. I still can’t believe my BFF is the DG President. What those days were like with you girls I can only imagine. I have learned to be a better person and friend because of you. Thank you for never judging me. I have and always will be honest and open with you. Thank you for all of your unconditional support. I will never forget our craziest memory. Listening to 50 cent and freaking the heck out. My Jetta went one way and I went the other. The next thing I know I am at the station, look over and there is my BFF and Tonka!!. Too bad when I asked the cop if I could have a cig with my BFF he said no!! Thank God you were Tonka’s emergency contact!!! I felt so safe in that moment at a time I was scared to death. Once again there was something so calming about you telling me, “This will all be ok”. You are so amazing Kristina Gloverian I am forever grateful you are in my life.

93: Tonka wants to wish you a Happy Birthday and thank you for all the times you have watched him He would like to share a crunch wrap on him whenever you have time. Kevin would like to thank you for giving him such a cool new name and yelling “MAZEL” when he jumped all over you. Can’t wait to meet Sailor!! Thank you for introducing me to every cheesy movie on the planet. “Marry me so I can date you” I don’t care how hard you try I will never listen to any of your NOW 549940000 CD’s. You have the best singing voice ever and I wish you and Carlos could start a Sisters Act cover band. I would be front row every show supporting!! You are such a remarkable friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister and employee. Pozy Loves You!!!!! I think the world of you Kristina and wish you nothing but the best. I hope this new decade brings you peace and love and fulfills all of the dreams and goals you have set for yourself. I will be there every step of the way. Thank you for showing all of us what it means to be a true, selfless, calming, beautiful, witty, hilarious, non judgmental best friend. There are so many women that feel this same way about you. I am truly ok with doing the guest book. I love you Kristina with all my heart and really can’t write down in words what your friendship has meant for me. Love, Jenna Flowerree P.S.I wish you could correct this for me like you did all of my papers in grad school.

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