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Dr. Know

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S: Landry Doctor Know Landry

FC: Friends & Family

1: Margaret & Brian Berry Barbara & Harold Chastain Tracey D'Agostino Wardine & Frank Dodson Linda & Mike Edwards Linda & Bob Firkins Linda & Dennis Hale Gail Hannah Kay & John Harllee Peggy, Kathi, Jay & Debbie Heagerty | Sharon & Tommy Howze Brigette & Chip McCarthy Julie McClure Gray & Michelle Mullins Andree & Ralph Platt Maureen & Terry Platt Jan & Greg Porges Sandra Robinson Betty & Jim Rogers Shirley Ann & Dick Turner Betsy & Preston Whaley Eileen Williams | Diana Bob Mary Jo & Wyatt Dawn, Michael & Marty Katie, Alex & Nora Jim | Dr. Know | Much Love Laughter & Friendship Take Two and Call Us in the Morning! Happy 70th Birthday! | 1/1/2011 | PRN | X

2: Paul's High School Graduation

3: Many of you know Paul as a competent, caring physician, concerned for the well-being of his patients;are aware of his extraordinary dedication to the sport of golf, and even years earlier as an afficionado of the game of tennis. Probably not many, however, know that in his earlier lifetime he was dedicated to basketball. But there came an incident when he was in high school that irrevocably altered his road in life. One summer day while awaiting the forthcoming season which should have led to All-City honors and perhaps greater honorifics in college or beyond, it all changed when he and I got into a wrestling match in the bedroom. A dumbbell sat languidly at the foot of the bed as we tossed and turned in our struggle. He stood up only fractions of a second before the weight came crushing down on his ankle and broke it. Paul was later able to return to his high school team and participate, but he was not the same. He was no longer able to get the same lift for soaring dunks that so enthrall college scouts and the Dick Vitale herd of commentators. With that dream dissolved, Paul had to turn his energies to other ventures. But now to the rest of the story that has remained untold for a half century: I must confess that I did it deliberately. While the passage of time has dimmed many of the causative factors, the core root appears to be sibling jealousy. In any event, my memory is now precise; I realized earlier that I could position the dumbbell at a specific spot near the edge of the bed and by pushing him off with my feet simultaneously, the weight and the ankle would meet at the same instant. And it did. To this day I remain wistful when watching an NBA game and perhaps Paul too ponders what might have been while watching Lebron and Dwayne Wade. Paul, I am sorry, but it is time for me to admit that long-held secret. I am thankful also to my therapist Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne) of In Treatment who has helped me peel away the layers of denial in this episode and has excruciatingly explained that life contains no real accidents. Bob

4: Mary Jo | & Wyatt

5: My Dad is the best and that is the truth. Even though he has a very important job, he has never been too busy to spend time with his kids. Throughout my life he has always been there for me. He took me to countless tennis tournaments when I was a kid. He taught me fractions and algebra, and I was really difficult to teach math to, believe me. He took my family and all of our friends to Park City to go skiing every year. He taught me golf, well I should amend that to say he is still attempting to teach me golf! I think part of the reason my dad is such a good doctor is because he really listens when people talk to him. I can go to him with any problem or concern and he will listen to what I am saying and think about it, and then he will give me his thoughts. That must be really comforting to people who are trusting him with their lives. I know my dad has made a big difference in many people's lives because people have made a point of telling me their stories and how my dad has made a difference in their lives. As far as Dad's go, I really couldn't have gotten any luckier. Like I said, my dad is the best, and I am thankful every day that he is my dad! I love you Dad. Happy B-Day!!!! XOXXXXX MJ

6: Dawn Michael & Marty | Before I met Paul, I felt like I knew him. The problem was I had been informed about him by my husband Michael who is no stranger to a good embellishment. I was sure he was going to be 6’8” and intimidating. I pictured him like an intoxicated drill sergeant and I was scared to meet him. Would I pass inspection? Would we have to go on a long jog in fatigues? It turns out, I was pleasantly surprised at how approachable he was and how kind and warm he was to me. He was in fact, gentle. I thought to myself could he even be related to Michael? Where were the anti-social tendencies? Where were the personality defects? And why are his clothes actually matching? Of course I found out later that he had a fashion consultant named Diana. But I digress. The truth is that Paul has always been a dad to me and I love being a part of his family. Happy Birthday Daddy-O! Love, Dawn

7: Paul R. Landry: The Man, the Myth, the Legend. My father was never afraid to tell a story. In fact, he seemed to relish the opportunity for a narrative. If that narrative was instructive on how life was to be be it. I not, no big was probably going to be funny. Or it might enhance his status as some sort of pirate contrarian rebel who succeeded against all odds. The first story I remember him telling me about the small scar he had on his chest when I was a little boy. He told me the scar was the result of a knife fight with a group of Chicanos on the South Side of Chicago. The south side, south side Irish, sneaking into Comiskey Park, kicking ass these were the themes he would refer to again and again that I was supposed to glean key information on about how to survive, outwit and outlast the rest of civilization. He probably thinks the TV show Survivor stole their idea from him! Now it is true that my dad might exaggerate the truth sometimes. I distinctly remember that over the years this group he overran went from 1 or 2 regular guys he worked with to 6 or 7 armed marauders and that my Dad’s role went from simple defense to active vigilantism. I didn’t care. I was a kid growing up on the not very mean streets of Bradenton, Florida what could be cooler than your dad being a modern day superhero? Once I was grown I would learn that the scar was in fact, a harmless keloid. I only know this word because my dad is also a doctor, so he told about contusions, fractures, and the fact that most things that ill you can be cured by 2 aspirin and a good night’s sleep. Because of this fact, I have been able to offer medical advice to friends with impunity over the years. Let’s face it, whatever I tell you about your sore throat might not help but you feel better about it because my dad’s a doctor, Damnit! I must know what I’m talking about, and if I don’t? Don’t worry pal, I can always make it up. Thanks Dad, that’s one skill that’s come in handy. | Michael

8: I remember our first meeting on the Doctor’s home turf. I was scared. After all, who wouldn’t be, I was in love with his daughter and was still searching for “direction” in my life. He was the father of three and a very respected Doctor--not only in Bradenton, but in the field of oncology. Occasionally, he also happens to be an excellent golfer. The only golf I usually play involves frisbees and public parks. Could I possibly be deemed worthy of his youngest daughter?! Upon being welcomed into the Doctor’s home, my fears were quickly dispelled. Doctor Landry’s quiet confidence immediately puts people at ease. It also doesn’t hurt that he enjoys two of the essential ingredients of male bonding: food and football. We settled in on the Doctor’s couch to devour a plateful of seafood cheese dip and crackers while watching the Bucs lose. Everything was going to be okay. In fact, things have been better than okay. Most men don’t count on getting along with their in-laws; I’ve gained two friends. Outside of my dad, I don’t think there’s any man I respect more. Through his humble confidence (except when prognosticating on football), he is the rock of his family and a stalwart of the community--simultaneously compassionate, caring and strong. He is a friend, but most importantly, he is a man I am proud to now call Dad. Happy Birthday Dad! Alex | Katie Alex & Nora

9: Can’t believe dad is turning 70! Oh my gosh, what an eventful 70 it has been! I just want to recount what few things I can for a minute. Well, don’t know too much of the Chicago days, just what I heard about the rough side of town and playing basketball. Then it was school and school and school and pool sharking on the side. After that married (or maybe that was during the school and sharking?). Then came along the kiddos and the tennis. Lots and lots of tennis. Oh and fasting during the day, jogging at lunch (hottest part of the day mind you) only to come home and eat cookies for dinner. Then there was the “timing” us while we ran to get the paper for him in the morning (that was a good one dad)! What elsethe cars. The giant Cadillac that we spun around in in the rain on the way to St. Joe’s one day, the Mazda that winked it’s “eye” at us, the corvette we rode around town in with someone always laying down in the tiny back of, and now on to the Lexus. Water skiing in the bayI think that was the first time (and one of the few times) I ever saw my mom “shoot a bird” at someone! Snow skiing in Utahdislocating his shoulder because he thought he was an expert the first time and immediately hit the blacks! Dad, a man of extremes. Extreme studying, extreme in his work and care of patients, extreme in his vacations, extreme in his dieting, extreme in his dedication to the sport of the moment, extreme in his devotion to his family and extreme in his love of life. Daddio – It’s where I learned that all things are animate and all things should be named..such as your tennis racket or your car. Dad is turning 70 years old today. What a wise man that makes him. If only I had the knowledge he holds in his little finger I would be a much smarter girl! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing father. I love you dad, Happy Birthday! XO, Katie

10: Jim Little | Paul is my uncle (Diana is my mom's sister) and growing up my brother, Craig, and I visited the Landry's every summer during vacation. He was always serious about his work, but equally serious about having fun with the family, playing tennis and golf, and jogging to stay in shape. He also had a great and slightly odd sense of humor, which he would frequently express in his unique, deadpan manner. One summer my Dad's mom was also visiting the Landry's, and was sitting out by the pool on a typically hot and humid day. Paul came in from a run and was beet-red from the sun. He headed straight for the pool and (I'm sure for my grandma's benefit) said , "Heart don't fail me now!" and jumped in the deep end. Regards, Jim Little

11: The Three Amigos | Wyatt, Nora & Marty

14: Emily & Frank Buskirk

15: Ode To Paul by Sharon & Tommy Howze

16: The Handiman Margaret Barnes

17: Linda & Bob Firkins

18: Linda & Dennis Hale

19: Barbara & Harold Chastain

20: Tracey D'Augostino

21: Julie McClure

22: Ralph and Andree Platt, Terry and Maureen Platt, Dylan and Ashley.... | 37 years we have been friends, we met shortly upon their arrival in Bradenton, my son Terry (now 49 years old) was Michael, MJ, Katie's babysitter when they first lived near St Joseph's school.we met on the tennis courts of El Conquistador, Paul was a great tennis player, taking on golf at the Bradenton Country Club these last two decades. Paul and Diana are very close to their children. Now the grandchildrens are his pride and although they are not in Bradenton, he spends his "shorts breaks from his practice" as much as possible visiting cross country. Paul has always stayed the simple, easy going Doc, that we all know and respect,always generous and expecting nothing in return, always ready to help us all with our various illnesses i.e. sore throat, fever ??? even if we call his cell phone while on the greens!!!! Paul and Diana are to us family and we wish him Happy Birthday!!!

24: Sandra Robinson

25: Eileen Williams

27: Linda Edwards

28: Mike Edwards

29: Peggy, Kathi, Jay & Debbie, Heagerty & Gray & Michelle Mullis

30: A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO DOCTOR PAUL LANDRY An individual is frequently characterized by his/her chosen vocation in life and if one chooses the medical profession he/she can be disproportionally defined by this career choice when in fact his/her medical practice is only one part of the whole of one’s life experience. It can be difficult balancing act at times between work, family and play. I preface with this conclusion since the decision on a career in medicine does require a great sacrifice of time and energy. Once the academic portion of your career is completed you are faced with the establishment of one’s practice in which one must continue to demonstrate commitment, diligence and availability 24/7 which ultimately leads to accomplishment and success at many levels. As one approaches the 7th decade of living I think it is very appropriate to reflect on one who has accomplished much, helped many and has garnered the respect of his patients and his colleagues. But enough said about me. Let us turn for the moment to Dr. Paul Landry for whom this tribute is written. I have known Paul personally and professionally since both of us came to town back in the 70’s. I knew that he had excellent credentials but I just could not get past his coiffure. Some may remember the “Prince Valiant” hairdo that he came to town with which later evolved into an “Afro”. In fact I did get over it and later on I got my own “Afro” from “Josef Coiffures”. But it was much later that we got to know each other outside the hospital because of our love for the game of golf. Paul was born under the sign of the CAPRICORN, the goat, which may well explain his sure footedness and stubborn determination that led to his success in medicine and on the fields of play. It might also explain his voracious appetite.

31: A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO DOCTOR PAUL LANDRY Anyway I think Paul is an OK doctor but he is a devoted and exceptional golfer. I tell people that Paul is the only doctor I know that has calluses on his hands and it is not from heavy labor but from hitting so many golf balls. Golf is his religion. He is on the golf course most Sundays (and most other days as well) and although he is not in the House of the Lord he invokes His name frequently especially after a bad shot. His knowledge of golf ball technology and equipment options is vast and sometimes accurate. There is an age old debate among golfers as to the relative importance of the “Indian versus the Arrow” as we all continually try to cut strokes from our scores. Paul clearly comes down on the side of the latest arrow technology. He has never seen a NEW driver that he does not like. He has enough golf clubs to start his own equipment sales shop. When it comes to golfing technique I would characterize his as “varied”. What I mean is that for an Internist Paul is very coordinated. He was after all an “A” tennis player back in the day. As golfers we are all looking for more distance off the tee especially as the years take their toll. Well, Paul is currently using a technique of his own making that resembles a combination cross court top spin tennis shot and an ice hockey slap shot. I have never seen this particular technique in GOLF DIGEST magazine but it seems to be working for him for now. However it is likely to be modified in the not too distant future as like the Man from La Mancha he searches for the perfect golf swing. FAIRWAYS AND GREENS HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANY HAPPY RETURNS Jim & Betty

32: Wardine &Frank Dodson

33: Shirley Ann & Dick Turner

34: Kay & John Harllee

35: Puffy the geezer golfer lived by the sea and frolicked on the rolling hills of Bradenton CC Frank, Brian, and Dennis golfed with that rascal Puff and bought him balls, sapphire gin and other fancy stuff Together they would travel to River Wilderness and Sarabay Brian kept a lookout for gators on the way | Puffy may you golf forever and shoot your age each year stay out of the rough and sand and not hit it to the rear May you always have a Mulligan and leave the shanks at home May you always have fun again in tournaments every year Avoid particularly nasty weather Someday play the masters Don't get tickled with a feather on the 19th hole get plastered | Puff the Geezer Golfer | Puff the geezer golfer you are 70 this year Happy Birthday to you May you get a hole in one sometime this year! Love, The Berry Family Brian, Margaret, Jack and Sophia

36: Letters Of Appreciation

40: WilDCAt Bunch | Golf Buddies

41: Right: Christmas 1990 Paul & Di Andree & Ralph Below: 1990 Curly, Di, Mary Louise, Peggy

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