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Eater of Worlds

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S: Eater of Worlds

FC: Eater of Worlds

1: On the occasion of your 40th birthday, here is where the road has led you: Like Moses, the road has led you out of the desert and widened your horizons. You have become an Eater of Worlds, the angriest of chefs, an adored Uncle, a quirky Son-In-Law, a beloved brother and son, a dependable roadie, loyal friend and the warmest of warm fuzzy snuggle buckets. Now you can look forward to exploring more worlds to eat. In the name of Cthulhu, happy birthday! February, 17 2010

2: February 1970 Who knew what we were in for?

3: Look at this face, you can trust me. | 1971

4: Family 1972

5: 1973 | Ah, siblings!

6: I don't know if I have only one Dave story, but I will say what I do have: I will always remember the first dessert Dave made for me, peanut butter cheese cake, and it was absolutely delicious. I can see him smiling big and walking into the studio with Melissa, just knowing what he had. He is waiting for that boob grabbing moment when I take my first bite and melt with deliciousness! Well it was just that delicious, and he has been making all kinds of scrumptiousness since then!!!! I also see Dave helping me with the chairs at all the student shows smiling and always willing to help! Outside of dance I also have some Dave stories. For example Saturday night at Vegas Dave is there with Lizard as a gear dude and body guard, and I am there as a fan of all the bands! Well my buddy Ryan is wheeling his equipment past Dave and me as we were chatting, and Ryan's equipment starts to go down right by us, yikes well Dave reaches out, without even breaking his sentence, catches the equipment and gets Ryan back on track. A true professional roadie and friend. Ryan looked up in amazement and said, “Wow dude, thanks.” Dave just chuckled and kept on talking =) Typical Dave, lol!!!!!! I also have a lot of great memories from dinners at Dave and Melissa's! And I will always see his smiling face handing things out from the back of the moving tuck on their moving day, lol!! =) I could never decide if he was a lucky bastard or an unlucky bastard, cause having physical pain is never better than doing the physical labor, yet he sure did seem to enjoy handing us stuff, hehehehehe!! =) Shelly

7: My friend Dave....The "quirks" of his are nothing more than uniquely DAVE. From how he wants a pet Hedge Hog named Shub-Niggurath (with the nickname Little Shubby Shub Shub) to his inability to wear baseball caps. Of all the quirks of Dave my favorite one is his beer snobbiness. If light will pass through it he won't drink it. I swear, if motor oil wasn't toxic I'm sure he'd live on the stuff. Until he used the phrase "beer snob" in my presence some 10+ years ago I'd never heard of it before. Now when I hear "beer snob" I think of Dave. Have a hell of a great barfday and maybe we can whack swords again sometime soon. That's a story I'll tell when yer 50. Atomic Ken

8: 1974 | Damn it's hot!!!!!

9: 1975 | I guess I always had my ups and downs!!

10: 1976 | Say cheeeeese!!! | Cake or death?

11: 1977 | I thought my mother loved me until I saw my haircut

12: When David was about four he walked up to Mom with tears in his eyes. When Mom asked him what was wrong he sniffled and said, "I'm always going to be the youngest, aren't I?" Beth

13: 1979 | Wait, am I playing baseball or golf? | One of the few times I was a team player

14: 1980

15: 1981 | OK, I'll try this team thing again, but I'm not making any promises.

16: When David was about four, he was always getting into Dad's tools. One day Mom found him with a screwdriver and took it away. That night as Mom put the roast on the table, it swayed and toppled. David had managed to remove all the screws and leave the table standing. John

17: 1983 | I didn't spontaneously combust? | Puppy love

18: 1985 | Bunny ears? Or is David throwing a double "Peace out?" | Was he ever shorter than his siblings? | Doggie dirt star

19: 1986 | Be specific when you wish | A sweater and a boutonnière, dapper even then

20: David had a lot of growing pains, not surprising considering the big galoot he has become. When he was about five he would wake up at night whining and crying because his legs hurt. One night I was watching TV with Dad and we heard David crying. Dad went in to massage his legs. I heard a yell and Dad came out shaking his head. When Dad sat on the bed, falling for the trap, John hit him on the head with a baseball bat. Poor David didn't get any more leg massages. Terri

21: 1987 | Don David? | The "Guys" | David? Outdoors?

22: 1988 | The 'stache has it | The river boat gambler | Dashing as ever

23: The first day I met Dave was a day like any other. A friend and I were heading to the game store to play in the magic tournament they host there on Friday nights. We were caught in a bit of traffic, so we called Jordan on his cell phone, telling him about the predicament. He was busy, so he handed the phone off to Dave. A gruff voice, very unlike Jordan's answered with a curt, "Jordan's phone" "Hi, um, is Jordan there?" "He's busy. Can I take a message?" "Um, Yeah. Can you tell him that we're on our way, that we're gonna be late for the Magic tourney?" "Why do I care?" (or something to that effect) At this point I was really confused, somehow this angry guy was being short with us for no reason. "Wow, you sure are grumpy!" "So?" "Well anyways, tell him my friend and I are on our way." Later on, when we got to the store, and had registered, I recognized Dave's voice as he talked to someone. "You're the guy I talked on the phone to!" "So?" (In a way only Dave can do) "You sounded grumpy, I think you need a hug." And before Dave could protest, my friend and I were both giving him a big hug. At first, he was very confused, (as he likes to put it,"I don't look like the kind of guy people look at and think 'hug', 'stabbing' maybe, but not 'hug') but eventually he dropped his arms as a sort of resignation that, we weren't backing down. And we've been friends pretty much since. That gruff facade held the inner personality of one of my favorite people. And that's why you don't judge a book, by it's cover. Johnna

24: 1991 | Even the Eater of Worlds has a soft spot

25: Uncle David, You're 40, congrats! What do you win? Nuthin but love! I've always wondered why people are scared of you, and yes, I actually do wonder this. You're not scary at all (not being sarcastic). Maybe it's because all they see is the layer on the outside. Meaning: you're a soft, loving marshmallow that has a hard, tough layer on the outside because you've been burned a lot. But, I can still see the soft, squishy inside. IT'S AWESOME!!!! So...yea, I love you Uncle David! P.S. Unca Dadid, you poopy? XOXO Margo

26: 1992 | Christmas with the roomie

27: 1993 | Off to see Swan Lake | Muah! | Blah blah blah... wanna get married? | At last, the girl of his dreams

28: 1994 | Inkaholic | And the harem begins...

29: 1995 | Wrong hand...

30: Uncle David, When I was little I remember being afraid of you, and I would give you the wave off. I don't know why because you are such a loving and fun person to be around. I want you to know that you are a very important man figure in my life. I love you so much! Happy birthday! XOXOX Love, Shy

31: 1996 | OK, who gave him a weapon? | Ink ink ink... buzz buzz buzz! | David is... crafting? | Hangin' with my homies... | Ever contrary

32: Mrs. of Nottingham | 1997 | Spider Boy!!! Faster than a speeding thwip!! | Like father like son | Smile first, black and tan later

33: 1998 | Summer fun on the Truckee River | He keeps growing!! | The parental unit arrives for a visit | Whoa, mama

34: with Princess Margo | In Uncle mode

35: After working a long day at the Olive Garden, David came home hoping for a nice relaxing evening and was greeted at the front door by Margo (age two or so). Still wearing his work shoes that were heavily encrusted with extremely odiferous OG floor detritus, he was, to say the least, unpleasantly aromatic. Margo, having just recently suffered through the indignities of potty training, noticed the smell when she came up to give “Unca Dadid” a welcome home hug. Shocked, she stepped around David and patting his butt asked with childish innocence, “Unca Dadid, you poopy???” It was some time before any conversation was possible. Thanks for the memory, Roy

36: My most clear memory is the family goo that I took about the comment of the sheep looking so cute that they should have bows around their necks and be placed on the bed. David made that one the legend that it is today. Ha! Laura

37: Snoozin' with the Animanicas | 1999

38: 2000 | Will he ever stop growing? | Puttin' on the Ritz! | Kickin' it in the Alien's hive

39: David the Narrator Traveling with David is always an experience but it is especially interesting when he starts a travelogue with the video camera. In Fiji we were given a thorough tour of a Fijian atoll including highlights about the home of a slumbering monster just offshore and the man-eating flora found on the island. In Victoria, BC, we were told about how the island came to be settled by people who resembled no other known to man. Most of the narrative is total invention but an extremely creative, colorful and entertaining story nonetheless. The story always takes a completely unanticipated turn. I am happily anticipating the stories to come when next we venture off together. I will gladly go adventuring with you and your video camera any time. Love, Diane

40: 2001 | Sunning ourselves on the American River | Beautiful Lake Tahoe

41: I had asked David and Melissa to watch Colin over Memorial Day weekend when Colin was about 12. To ensure he behaved himself David got a roll of duct tape and described to Colin, in great detail, the many ways he could use it if he decided Colin was acting out. To keep those consequences in the forefront of Colin's mind, David left the roll sitting by the sofa. Ever since then, duct tape has remained the most effective two word threat to keep Colin in line with David and Melissa. Alison

42: I would have to say one of my favorite memories was when we were redoing the floor at the old Great Escape store. Dave and I had been working for like 12 hours or something without really taking a break. We had run out of water so we decided to go and purchase some for the rest of the staff. We didn't want to go far so we walked over to Rickshaw Ricks. We walked in and asked the lady, with cash in hand, for about six or twelve bottles of water. She looked us straight in the eye and said "No buy water here, too expensive. You buy somewhere else." I was looking at her with bewilderment, not fully understanding what was going on, when Dave chimed in with "Excuse me?" "No you buy somewhere else. Too expensive. You go cross the street. That OK." I told her it was fine just give me the water but she wouldn't sell the stuff to me. At this point in time we were both more than a little on edge. You work 12 hours with no break and with incompetent people and see what kind of mood you're in. The lady and I went back and forth for a while. Eventually Dave chimed in with "Just sell us the damn water. We don't care if its more expensive here. Sell us the water!" In the end I believe we got the water. It took 30 minutes. Jordan

43: 2002 | A needed reminder so I'd stay out of prison | One, one awesome gift. Ahahahah...

44: Our second date was a memorable one. David had planned a romantic evening that included dinner and a trip up to the White Tanks so we could gaze at the lights of the city. Dinner went well, as did the conversation in the dark interior of the car. Soft music was playing on the radio and in the cool of that January evening, the lights of Phoenix looked lovely. Then the dashboard lights started to dim. David and I looked at each other and agreed that wasn't good, it was time to go. David started the car and we made it about 20 feet before the motor died. With the radio off, the dash lights off and only the parking lamps on, he got a few more starts, and a few more feet out of the Charger before we had to declare the alternator officially dead. As we sat there, a good Samaritan came by and gave us a jump start, and we made it a little further before the engine quit again. Next came a police officer, to whom we gave David's parent's phone number and he said he would call them and tell them where we were so they could come and get us. At least an hour later, still no parental unit. We later learned that the officer had given our location as two streets that don't intersect. At this point, it was about one in the morning so I suggested we walk back to a small house we had passed to call his folks. Hand in hand we make our way back, stopping at the sound of scratching in the dirt. From out of the darkness came two dogs, one of the two jumping the canal that was there and nipping at our calves as we made our way slowly back to the car. So there we sat in a car that wouldn't start, in the middle of the night, with a crazy dog outside and then I had to pee. David stood guard, and ever the gentleman averted his gaze, after all this was only our second date. David was able to start the car again finally and as we drove down the hill, everything electrical turned off, we could see the 7-11 that was to be our salvation. The motor died again just as we rounded the corner and as David pulled the car onto the shoulder of the road another car passed us, making a u-turn and pulling up behind us; it was the police. The officer scolded David for driving without the headlights on, and despite the explanation of our situation the policeman ran the plates as well as David's information. "Your license is suspended," the officer announced, "For an unpaid ticket." This was a ticket David had received years before, and had trusted his ex-wife Nola to pay she clearly hadn't. David's license was taken and we were left to walk to the 7-11. As we walked I reflected on the comedy of errors the night had become, laughing out loud and saying, "It's an adventure." Man oh man, the look I got from David! To this day when I use this phrase he gives me a funny look, but I think he knows that our life together will always be an adventure! Happy birthday, love!! Melissa

45: 2003

46: 2004 | Getting tickets and hotel for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for Christmas... or was it Brian Setzer? Hmmm...

47: Obviously my most potent memory of Dave is the day we met. I had recently moved to California and was living up in Auburn, commuting down to Sacramento each day for my new job at Great Escape Games. I had just finished my training to be Assistant Manager and I was opening the store by myself for the first time. After I finished the morning cleaning I went to the front door, keys in hand, to unlock it. What should I see through the glass but a really, really big, really scary guy with a shaved head, sunglasses, and a leather jacket stomping across the parking lot towards the store. I'm gonna get robbed." I thought. "That guy is not going to the pet store or the hair salon. He's coming here. He looks really scary.!" Sure enough, the man came to the door and clearly expected me to let him in. I carefully unlocked the door and tried to act cool. He said he was a friend of Gary's. He asked if I was Ruthie's replacement. When I finally let him in he did nothing but hang out all day, helping me out and standing around talking to me. And that is the story of how Dave became my very first friend in Sacramento! Through him I met other awesome people, and the rest is history. Bo

48: Displease the Eater of Worlds at your own peril | With antilock brakes! | Greetings from the Islands | Hawaiian hugs

49: Just chillaxin' | Luau = pig meat! I'm so there! | 2005

50: 2006 | Gangsgiving!! | Ah, Joah | Angry Monkey Berry | A man and his... cat

51: My favorite story about David is the one where it seemed like we all realized that David was not allowed outside in public without a "town-buddy". We had all gotten back to my place for a post Ikea trip furniture party and we had sent David out to get pizza at Papa Murphy's. David had been gone a lot longer than the requisite pizza retrieval time and we were all getting a bit concerned. Finally, David kicked at the door and when I opened it, David was literally radiating anger... or was it annoyance... they're so similar from him. David relayed the details of his adventure. Papa Murphy's had run out of dough... during peak hours... on a weekend... and had no real good reason for not having made more. David proceeded to ask the clerk... in his David way... why no one had thought to make more when they were running low. The clerk had no good reason and was going to refer David to a different Papa Murphy's. At this point, a woman next to David decided to interject her opinion. To which David stopped, turned to the woman, pointed and dropped a solid 'Fuck you.' David was able to finally get our pizza's back to us safely with only emotional carnage caused. Luckily... no one was killed... that we know of. Happy birthday to you David 'Zero to Fuck You! in 3 words' Niska. Monkey Joe

52: In sitting here thinking about all of the times we have shared over the years, of which there are too many to list in this little story. The times I remember the most are the ones where you are with me going to gigs. The long talks about anything and everything along the way. How you keep a close eye to make sure I'm safe. How both of us have horrible sense of direction and are perfectly comfortable driving around the block several times before we arrive at our destination but somehow make it on time. Probably because we leave an hour early to make up for it!! In fact, laughing about this just last night on our way to a show and how we thought something would be wrong if we just went straight to our destination and how much we would miss those talks. Helping me and everyone else with their gear and the Denny's or Taco Bell after the show. The times we have shared are very special, you have always been there for me. I love you David! Happy birthday! Elizabeth

53: 2007 | Slayer!

54: 2008 | The search for Cthulhu begins | More chillaxin' | Fijian debut of Jazz Hands

55: Globetrotters all | Fijian hugs | So tall he takes up two pages | Mmmm... dirty kava water. Bula!!

56: 2009 | Benedict bliss | I have something on my mind | Black Chasm Magic

57: To be continued... | 2010

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