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Famous Figures Throughout History

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FC: Our History Book | By: Katie Holmes, Christian Hill, and Logan Hunter

2: George Washington. | George Washington was born on his fathers plantation in February 22, 1732. He was proposed that he would join the navy. He was very exited, but his mother was the total opposite. Young George Washington life became a great adventure in American history. In June 1775 congress wanted George to be the command of the Continental Army. at first the British were beating the Americans, but around Christmas the British got a smack back. When Washington won the war, because

3: he had a more flexible troop. In December 23, 1783 he resigned his commission in front of Congress. He was the first and last one to be elected by an unanimous voice of people. Washington held office for 2 terms. it was from 1789-1797. He died on December !4, 1799 at around 10:00 pm. | Katie Holmes

4: Thomas Jefferson | Thomas Jefferson was born in Albemarle county, Virginia in 1743. He was rather tall and he had a lot of freckles. At the age of 33 he wrote the Deceleration of Independence. the people who drafted are Ben Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman.. He was the Third president of the United States of America. His years in office were 1801-1809. When trying to become president the first time he missed the vote by three. So, he became vice president. He was the president who wanted the west and sent out Louis and Clark to get it. He died on July 4, 1826.

5: Katie Holmes

6: Rosa Parks | Katie Holmes

7: Rosa Parks was an amazing person. She was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913. Her refusal to not giver her seat to a white person help African Americans start boycotting. If the bus seats were all full and their was an African American Sitting and a white standing the African had to give up their seat. Rosa Parks got arrested for it. They started to boycott the buses in honor of her arrest. When all of this was happening she had lost her job. Her husband also lost his job too. They had to move to Detroit, Michigan with her mother and father. their she mad a new life there. She died on October 24, 2005.

8: John Adams | Katie Holmes

9: John Adams was born in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1735. He was a lawyer. He was a delegate to the second and first continental congress. When the Boston massacre he was defending the British troops who fired into the crowd. He won that case. He was a vice president to George Washington and he always complained to his wife Abigail Adams. John Adams became president when the British and France got in a war. John Adams lost to the second election by a few vote to Thomas Jefferson. He retired to his little farm in Quincy. The few last words he said were "Thomas Jefferson Survives." BUt only a couple hours later Thomas Jefferson dies.

10: Darrell Abott | Darrell Abott was the guitar player for an early 80's band called Pantera. The band was him as the guitar player, his brother played the drums, one of his friends sung, and the other friend played the bass. In 2003 the band broke up. The two brothers went together to make a new band, the other two friends did the same. Darrell Abott and his brother made a band called Damageplan and while at a concert in 2004 at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. While about to play Darrell was shot on stage by Nathan Gale. He shot Darrell 8 times. 5 of those shots were in the head. Then Nathan killed four other people, and wounded 7 others. Nathan came through the back door behind the stage. After Nathan had killed and wounded people he

11: was about to kill more people but then twelve cops came through the back and one of them shot Nathan with a 12 gauge remington 870 shotgun. By Logan Hunter

12: Brock Lesnar By Logan Hunter | Brock Lesnar is a U.F.C. fighter. He is in the heavyweight devision. He is also one of the best at what he does. He is six foot two. He weighs about 290 to 300 pounds. His glove size is 4XL. Which is pretty big. He has a tattoo of a sword going right down the middle of his chest to his stomach. He wrestled while he was in school, he was 33-0-0 in his senior year of high school. Then he got a wrestling scholarship to the University of Minnesota. In the year of 2000 he became the wrestling championship as a heavyweight. He also wrestled at Bismarck State college, but I don't know how long I forgot. After winning the wrestling championship in 2000 he signed up with the World Wrestling Federation. After leaving college he went into the fake (WWE) stuff. After a while he didn't want to be on the WWE he wanted to be in the NFL and he did.

13: He played for the Minnesota Vikings. Then sometime in 2007 he went to the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. His first fight he won really fast and he was really good. Then In 2008 since he was really good he was aloud to fight in the UFC. In his fight with UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, he lost because Frank Mir got Brock Lesnar in an arm bar which hurts really bad and Lesnar tapped out. Ever since that happened Lesnar got a lot better and he started beating the crap out of people every fight. Then Lesnar wanted a rematch against Mir and Brock Lesnar knocked Frank Mir out.He is awesome.

14: John F. Kennedy | John F. Kennedy was our thirty fifth president. He was also our youngest president elected. In October a spy plane or something and it was going over Cuba and it took a picture of nuclear missile things being built. People from the Soviet Union were making them in Cuba. Since President Kennedy didn't want them to find out that he knew about it, he had like a secret meeting kind of thing with his advisors or something and he made a blockade of ships and stuff so no military supplies could get past. Then he wanted the destruction of the things they were building and them to get rid of the missiles. They agreed to do that if we wouldn't invade Cuba but I would have been like no man because rite when we leave your just going to do something.Then in 1963 we got in another

15: fight with the Soviets. Then we had the cold war and stuff like that. But he saved people from what could have been a nuclear war. But one day somewhere in Texas he was riding in his fancy limousine with his wife. It was like twelve o clock. Then someone shot him with a high powered rifle. I think it sucks really bad because he was one of my favorite presidents, I don't know why though.By, Logan Hunter

16: Leslie Nielsen By, Logan Hunter | Leslie Nielsen was a comedian and an actor. He was in many films and on many t.v. programs. He was very famous. He was born somewhere in Canada on February 11 1926 and died on November 28 2010 in Florida. When he graduated or something he signed up in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was being trained so he could be an aerial gunner in the late parts of World War 2 but he didn't really do anything because he wasn't old enough to go across the seas and stuff like that. So he was being a disk jockey or (DJ) for some reason. But one day while in Toronto he got a scholarship to a place called the Neighborhood Playhouse. Then moved to New York. Then he did some theater stuff then later after that

17: he started being on t.v. and then he got on more t.v. programs and stuff then in 1956 he was in his first movie. The movie is called the Forbidden Planet. It was probably about a guy going to a forbidden planet and meets aliens. That is what I think when I hear that title. But after that movie he was put in even more movies and he got really famous and stuff. He had a few funny movies. He will never be forgotten.

18: Lewis & Clark By, Logan hunter | Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are famous because in 1800 Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase and he didn't know what was going on or in that land he bought. So he sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark over there. It was a dangerous journey. It would be so scary and boring, I wouldn't go unless a few of my friends came with me. But after they were sent out there,

20: Babe Didrikson | she was born on June 26, 1911 . She was born in Port Authur, Texas. Her and her family were Norwegian Immigrants. Her mother was a skater and her father was a seaman and a carpenter. Babe got her nickname while playing baseball with the neighbors. They thought she had a hit like Babe Ruth. She was an amazing athlete. she played golf, basketball, track, and many other sports. In one of her track meets she broke three world records!!!! She had cancer in April of 1953. They thought so would not be ably to play golf

21: But they were wrong 14 weeks after her surgery she played in a championship. She died at the age of 45 on September 27 1956 because he cancer came back. | Katie Holmes

22: Hitler | Hitler was a Nazi and he was born on 20th April, 1889 in a small town in Austrian and th town was near the German border. Hitler would not take off his coat in public. hitler join the precursor of the Nazi Party in 1919 and he was in power for along time and he killed a lot of people back then.

23: he bit into a cyanide capsule and shot him self with a pistol because he found out that he had jewish blood in his family. Hitler and his Nazi troops killed a total of 11 million people in his life of power.

24: Babe Ruth Babe Ruth was a famous baseball player and he was number 3. He hit 714th home runs in his baseball before he was retired babe Ruth died on August 16, 1948 people think. Then he was born on February 6,1895. He made$80000 in a year which was a lot in the day.

25: Then he was born on February 6,1895. He made$80000 in a year which was a lot in the day. A lot of people thought than he was a bad person because he drink a lot of beer and hard drinks. His parents had eight kids | A lot of people thought than he was a bad person because he drink a lot of beer and hard drinks. His parents had eight kids

26: Helen keller She was born on June 27,1880 and died on June 1, 1968. She was blind and deaf and was the first blind and deaf person to learn sign and how to talk by using sing language and she had over 60 sings.

27: helen keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The teacher that taught helen was the person that made words with bubbles.

28: nelly nelly is a famous singer and he has a lot of sing and a lot of fans. Nellys real name is Cornell Haynes. he was born on Birthday: 11/02/1974 and he was in the logest yard it was a great movie. He has sold over 30 million CDs.

29: His parents were divorced when he was 8 year old. He created "Pimp Juice" a non-carbonated energy drink. In 2002 he won 2 Grammy Awards and he has a deal with Reebok.

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34: buddha buddha is the god of Buddhism, in India they mostly believe in buddha because that is were the Religion was made. Like in the United states most of the people believe in god. They have 9 different festivals.

35: they believe to protect animals and nature and they pray like ones a week and they pray on there knees.

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