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Garvey Retirement

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S: Richard Garvey's Retirement


1: pleasant memories, not of work, but of the many friends you leave behind. God bless and keep you always! Love, Wanda Gard | Richard, It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you in CMLC and CDS over these last several years. I will always be grateful to you for the opportunities, challenges, and encouragement you gave me. I was proud to support you in any way I could. In honor of your retirement, I put together this modest book of warm wishes and memories from just a few of your friends and coworkers at IRS. This was a labor of love and I hope it will spark

2: Dear Richard - Best wishes for a very happy retirement. I have known you for many years but never fully appreciated what a great guy you were until I started working directly for you in the CMLC. Although we went through a few rough patches, both personal and professional, you have always supported me in so many ways that I cannot begin to thank you enough. Although you spent a lot of time on the road, Olga and I always looked forward to your presence in the office. Other workers would be happy if the boss was out of town, but we always anticipated your return. There was no boredom when you were around. I am really looking forward to your retirement. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting together for lunch or dinner occasionally but anticipate that we will have more opportunities now that you have joined the ranks of the retired. Once again, I wish you many, many years of fun traveling and dining and having a great time with friends and family. Kate Correia

3: I remember how Richard was always so busy,on conference calls, or out of town, that Kate and I couldn't get to meet with him and how from time to time we would both go into his office with all the things we needed to discuss and get an answer on and we would say, “Richard - we are ready to have a lunch meeting - Let's go...” We would go to a working lunch...and all our issues were resolved. Richard would have a list of items he wanted to discuss - usually written on a scrap of paper - and we would go over the whole lot. Ricardo: You have been a great manager, and now a great friend. Good Luck and Best Wishes as you enter a new chapter in your life "Retirement." Keep in touch! Tu Amiga, Olga Olga M. Salazar

4: I will always remember and appreciate Richard for his great sense of humor. He could always cut through the tension and get people to lighten up. No one could ever tell a story quite like Richard, and he always had one if you could get it out of him. He also had a great insight into people and situations and could bring a level-headed viewpoint to any situation. Richard always saw the big picture and how things fit together. I have two particularly humorous situations that I will always remember about Richard. One was when Rosie sent him to Portland to deal with a personnel issue to try and convince a very difficult person to resign. Richard didn’t particularly care for this assignment, but carried it out courageously and got the mission accomplished. What had me laughing so hard afterwards was his description of how he personally dealt with the situation. I won’t put it to words here for everyone to see, but I won’t soon forget.

5: My other funny story was the CMLC’s trip to Nashville. Richard knows what I’m going to say. There were a few of us that went to a bar downtown and listened to a band and danced. Richard was in top form and I had no idea he was such a great dancer! | He was so fun to watch, it made me wish I could dance as well as he did. I don’t know why, but he seemed to regret it later, but I thought it was great fun. I missed Richard after I left the CMLC organization. He was great fun to talk to and to be with. I wish him the very best in retirement! I know he will have a great time, no matter what he does. Carla Keller

6: “Steve Garvey & Marcus Garvey” When the Brookhaven staff first met Rich in person, he explained that people always remember his name because of the other famous Garveys. Well, here they are! Best wishes from all of us!

8: Richard -- we've been colleagues and friends for many years, and I have enjoyed your comprehensive knowledge of the workplace as much as your dry humor. Although you are moving on, I hope you retain fond memories of your many successes. | Chief among them should be the stand up of the new CDS organization. I have always said that the success of LEADS was due in no small part to CDS' success, which was driven by your vision and customer focus. I wish you good health, fun travels and amusing times in your life after IRS. Marcia W. Pelberg

9: Rich Well, you know I got to know you late on the scene and sometimes you could be hilarious. But the funniest thing I remember you saying that I am sure I was supposed to be offended at but was so tickled I could not even see straight. When I left dinner one night and the managers remained and began talking about Christmas, all I remember is that you were going to have a play with all of the CDS managers playing a role in the Nativity scene but the name of the play was going to be, "Who da baby daddy?" Still cracks me up. I told my husband and it still cracks him up. | I’m including a picture of myself and I thought you would also get a kick out of our little WOW man. I’m sure you always thought it stood for " Wilma's Own Wacky World or something like that. I wish you all the good things life has to offer Rich! Keep smiling and keep making people laugh. Laughter makes life more fun! Wilma Robinson

10: Dear Rich, So it is time for you to turn the corner and go forward to the next adventure that awaits you in life--retirement. But before you go I want to take you back to some of the places you & I have been. It all began for us in the spring of 1986 if my memory is serving me. The place was San Diego, California and there we were among 25 other IRS managers who had gathered at the river oops...I mean at a hotel to attend the latest and greatest MDPII class being offered to IRS Managers. Yes all of us in our glory, Director, Division Chiefs, Branch Chiefs, GLS Attorney and yes me as the only GS 9 Section Chief who came to be inspired by the wisdom of Philomena and with Elmer as our Director host. It was exciting times this class, as we dealt with participant issues that really were not a part of the class content. It was a unique group to say the least. But there you were, sitting at the table farthest from me and yet, little did I know this man with the fancy face would become a person I would call “friend” from that day forward. I don’t remember what exactly drew us together other than a natural desire to be mischievous. We were like little school kids waiting for the bell to ring to get out of class so you and I could go exploring. You took me to see a wonderful hotel; Hotel Del Coronado where all of the movie stars use to frequent in the early years of Hollywood. We walked along the beach admiring the hotel and talked the whole time with only a minor disturbance of bomber planes fully-loaded flying overhead every 3 minutes. Ignoring them got the best of us after about 15 minutes and we both turned to each other and you said “Let’s get the hell out of here!" We got to the car only to hear “all military personnel return to base immediately, all leave has been cancelled.” The U.S. had bombed Lebanon. As I think back now this was the only time I ever saw you drive a car in all the years I have known you. As a class we rented a bus, paying the driver in advance, for a day trip to Mexico crossing the U.S. border with no one on the bus speaking Spanish and the bus driver who did not speak English. As he dropped us off and was driving away someone stated “How do we know he will be back to pick us up?’’ After a moment of worried silence, off we all went to the cantina and God Bless him, as the driver did return to retrieve the “Gringos” as promised. We have crossed paths years later when I came to Chicago for Position Management training only to held prisoner by you and Ron until I had resolved all of your 300 plus payroll problems. But you treated me royally by putting me in a hotel to experience my first “Murphy Bed.”

11: The dinners we shared were some of the best I have ever had and oh the green beer was lovely too--it went well with the first of me seeing a green river! It was March and the only thing missing was the “pot of gold “..trust me I saw a few leprechauns! Funny how life works as years later I ended up working and traveling with you again once more in my career as part of the CDS area with both of us leaving IRS the same year. And it all began from that class in San Diego. We have walked the beach sands of Coronado, shuffled the streets of Ensenada, dined the restaurants of Chicago, played the streets of New Orleans, climbed the hills of San Francisco and howled at the moon in Cincinnati. What a wild ride it has been my friend. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything! Thank you for being my friend. It was never a dull minute with you. Life was always a surprise when I was with you. You are my box of chocolates because I never knew what you were going to do next. You know just enough about everything to make you dangerous yet never once did you scare me. With you I always knew there was a laugh waiting around the corner. So make me proud and outdo yourself in retirement. I will look for postcards from everywhere and phone calls when I least expect them. And as I sit in my back yard, sipping my coffee, looking at the grapevines waving in the breeze, I will think of you often. And smile. Love, Donna Cardoza

12: Richard, My fondest memories of you are the various meals we have shared in group settings. You have a knack for picking eateries with interesting (and usually very good) food and fine wine. The best part was the repartee that always took place pre, during, and post dinner. This is sort of like action learning, yes? You always had great stories and fascinating perspectives on culture, politics, religion, sexual mores and everything in-between! I also loved how you talked about the subtleties of selecting people for the "Dead List" each year. By the way, how did it go in 2010? Rich, needless to say, I will miss your professionalism and the many contributions you have made to IRS L&E. Most of all, I will miss those dinners and conversations. I wish you all the best -- with many restful and fulfilling retirement years! Your friend, Mathew J. Ferrero

13: In Andover, we dubbed this the “I’m too sexy for my shirt” picture. It was taken in Jacksonville and it still my favorite. Best wishes to you Rich! --Therese Mohay

14: Congratulations on your retirement, Rich! The Cincinnati-Covington-Indianapolis staff fondly recalls your visit to our site! Our team learned a great deal, and enjoyed having lunch with our Director. We appreciated your leadership, especially during transition. We felt so fortunate to have someone with us who was familiar to us, plus had knowledge of our work. We wish you the very best. Enjoy! Take care! Nina J Givner

15: "I was able to meet and listen to Rich Garvey talk about the CDS organization and the different programs we're involved in. If was a pleasure to have the opportunity to be present along with our Covington and Indy co-workers to talk about what's important to us." | "I enjoyed meeting with Rich Garvey.I found him to be honest and forthright with hisdelivery. He was receptive to all questions and respondedwith excellent facts. I appreciated the thought processes heverbally expressed. I appreciated his tact and honesty!" | "I personally appreciated his knowledge of the CIT program and his implication as to "How important that program is to CDS!"I felt that he really thinks well of our staff and knows the integrity we have exemplified through our daily efforts."

16: Be free – go wherever you want to go and do whatever you want to do Each and every minute of the day is yours to spend as you see fit Savor the sunlight, clouds, fog, rain, sleet, hail or snow because it is what IS every Today will be “Rich’s day” – what a wonderful gift that retirement is giving you! When I think of you, Rich, here is a sample of what comes to mind I recall holding hands walking down Bourbon street as you talked about the Smells, smut, history and architecture of this distinctive city, and Holding my ribs as you entertained with all of your hilarious stories Each one (of course) just larger than life and ever so enjoyable So much so that I wish I had some of them in writing! Underlying everything – we could have been brother and sister Pieces of the same puzzle called life with all of its guilty pleasures and pain Only WE can understand some of the things that bring us together NaOnka, Bristol the Pistol, BL and BLOV, food and collecting the list is very long. You are truly one of a kind, my friend, and I will miss you very much Once again, I give you fair warning if you do not keep your promise to get together Under Chicago skies, I'll haunt you while I’m still alive–this you can take to the bank Resistance is futile – you will see me again – just like a Twilight Zone episode. Restaurants, walking tours, bits of history, fascinating facts, and flights of fancy Entertainer should be your middle name – nobody does it better Thank you for all the stories, and so many hearty laughs I don’t know anyone that has ever made me laugh so hard Reach for those shooting stars now – knowing you have the freedom to grab on and go Enjoy the fruits of your many years of labor – this is what you worked toward Make your travel plans, use those many points to visit friends and explore new places Endings are always necessary to enjoy those awesome beginnings, and Now, my friend, while it is time to end this document–you are definitely not rid of me This is the beginning of another chapter, a Take Two and here’s to the journey! With love and laughter Kathy Michki

17: Congratulations Richard! | One of my fondest memories is watching you dance at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville. You were having such a great time and I so enjoyed being there and having such a wonderful time with you. As you enter this next phase in your life, I hope you fulfill all of your wishes and dreams. I wish you happiness and joy. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Jennifer Cavazos

18: "The Last Dance"

19: Best wishes from Kansas City/St Louis CDS/CMLC staff! Front row (L to R): Debbie Boston, Jennifer Goerke, Michelle Prude, Jackie Hindsman, Anna Martin, Tricia McNutt, Martha Okenquist, Carolyn Robinson. Back row: Lee Anna Cason, Jerome Brunellie, Michele Marlin, Mark Durbin, Janice Tyler, Muriel Hayes, Herbert Borchert, Peggy Clarke, Wanda Gard, Linda Doolittle

20: Seated (l to r): Paul Kowalczyk, Donna Cardoza, Randy Taylor, Luis Gordon, Howard Simmons, Carol Clemons. Standing (l to r): Marguerite Hines, Richard Garvey, Cindy Schwanger, Wilma Robinson, Wanda Gard, Nancy Lynch, Cottrell Wynne, Janel Alvarado, Renita Kinney, Patricia Spivey, Sheila Shelto, Kathy Michki, Cheryl Cantos, Tricia McNutt, Deborah Duff. (Missing: Nina Givner, Debra Reid, Veronica Neason)

21: CDS All Manager Meeting, Sept 23-25, 2008 in Boston, MA

22: New Orleans August 2008 | Memphis, on Beale Street, in May 2008

23: Rich, Best wishes to you in retirement! David Krieg

24: Transition--Kate's last meeting with us at Bolger

25: Don't forget us!

26: June 2005 | Jacksonville, FL

28: Janice Fischer's Retirement

29: Seattle 2004

32: 2002 meeting in Boston, theme based on the Olympics: “Going for the Gold”

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