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Hand In Hand- WITH GOD

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S: Hand In Hand With God A collection of poems by Marlene Martens Volume 1

3: Hand In Hand With God BY MARLENE MARTENS November 2012 X

4: , TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Love is Ageless 2. Cesarean Birth 3. Encouraging Words to Share 4. Hand in Hand picture 5. Hand in Hand Poem 6. The Essence of Life, the Poet 7. Self-Experience 8. The Shape of God 9. The voice of God 10. A Safe Crossing 11. Solitude 12. Brotherhood-Handicapped 13. Bonds of Time 14. Life's Lesson of the Kaleidoscope 15. I Need, We Need 16. Communication 17. The Umbilical Cord 18. The Meek shall Inherit the Earth 19. The Forsythia Bush Story 20. Points of Light 21. Revelation o Love 22. My Silent Prayer 23. Follow me 24. Let Us Stand 25. Baby Boy 26/27. The Smiling Rainbow 28. With His Word 29. Lord, Let Me 30. God does Windows 31. Sesqui-Bicentennial 32/33. Advent-Circle of Preparation 34. Hugs Heal XX

5: Love is Ageless Slogan for the “Elder care” Asked us to come and share A hug, a holding of hands, To chat with the elderly; To show that “others care” 1

6: 2 | CESAREAN BIRTH Its a Baby - Girl! With the doctors help I live and breathe a bit earlier as planned. As a Sundays child I am lucky to be alive. My right hand was caught in my mothers rib-cage, only a Cesarean Birth put me on this earth. Healthy, yes, except the doctor pinched a nerve. Was I meant to live? To suffer humiliation? Less perfect than my fathers wish because my hand is flawed? My heart is whole - I am my parents’ gift from God.. Our heavenly Father loves us accepts us as we are... remembering that I am comforted....!

7: The seventeenth Century German Poet JOHANN WOLFGANG GOETHE wrote these: ENCOURAGING WORDS A man should hear a little music, read a little p o e t r y, and see a fine picture every day of his life, so as not to obliterate the sense of the beautiful that GOD has implanted in the human soul. As a twentieth century poet, I , Marlene Martens, would like to add these words: TO SHARE To share my thoughts, to bare my soul, to be unafraid to bear witness, that is my goal. 3

8: 4

9: HAND IN HAND We are each born with at least one GOD-given talent, which we must recognize and utilize for the benefit of others. Artists paint pictures worth a thousand words of valleys, streams, oceans’ hue, of canyons’ depth, mountains’ height, of all life's beauty that is our Lord's. Photographers capture sunrises, sunsets, different reasons of man's nature, different seasons of man's labor, of birth, death, seasons and man's begets. Writers strive to write of the essence of life of love of man and his land, of love of God, man, neighbor, of learning to walk - Hand in Hand. Poets both lament and praise God's splendor as well as man's endeavor, of emotions, might and right, of noble spirit and insight. Sculptors sculpture statues of saints, heroes alike of animals, mammals or birds in flight, of flowers small, delicately life-like, of rubies, tears or shimmering dew. Musicians play and sing songs of valor, each note sensitive to ear and ardor, each nuance greater praised than before, each for all that we, as man, adore. Artists all, whether farmer great or small, or architect, or common laborer, inventor, culinary, or hall of fame; different, yet - Hand in Hand - the same. | 5 | 5

10: THE ESSENCE OF LIFE If You Have A Goal In Life, Life Is Worth Living. Its Worth Is In The Giving, Its Joy Is In The Achieving. THE POET Descriptive In Speech THE POET Feels The Nation's Pulse SENSITIVE He Relates Life, Perceives. 6

11: SELF-EXPERIENCE I Consider The Greatest Gem To Be The Understanding Of Life's Philosophy. Written In Books, Papers, And Poetic Words Are Many Lovely And Suitable Proverbs, Describing Life As It Should And Could Be. We Don't Always Heed The Words We Read, Therefore, Self-Experience Still Proves To Be The Best Teacher Of Philosophy. 7

12: THE SHAPE OF GOD We cannot really s e e GOD, but rather, we f e e l GOD surround us, engulf us, touch us as the “Wind upon the skin.” As robust as the East-wind, blustery, yet lustily... blossoming full of love as Spring, the Season of Birth. As gentle as the South-wind, caressing us with his blessing brightening the azure skies as Summer, the Season of Mirth. As endurable as the West-wind, with reviving rain at its best, forests aflame in brilliant colors as the Fall, the Season of Harvest. As severe, as the North-wind, austere, unchanging as His law, majestic in grandeur and awe as Winter, the Season of Rest. 8

13: THE VOICE OF GOD The Vesper Bell called to prayer each evening at six to say: “Toil no more at end of day, listen to what the Lord does say.” It is the Voice of God that called and many heard it gladly as the day's work was done with the setting of the sun. Then came war and the Vesper bell was taken from the church's steeple and the Voice of God was lost to the town and its people. Now people toil far into the night by cities artificial light... forgetting the glory of the setting sun, not knowing the Voice of God is gone. They are too selfish to give time to God, too busy to listen to the Lord's voice... their intuitive perception of choice to obey and pray and commune with God. We need again a Vespers Bell, let it not remain just a memory to hear and know that all is well... return to giving time to God thankfully. 9

14: A SAFE CROSSING (Return from Bremerhaven to N.Y. 10/48) The “U.S. Steam Ship Shark” made ready to depart; I said good-bye to my Mom and Dad, which was somewhat sad. - But ahead lay the Atlantic. Crossing it would be fantastic! Alone, with just one chaperon, for me it was adventuresome. With joy I could share fresh fruit and sea air on the sun deck of the ship; ‘until the day the sun was hid’. Now three days late were we. All seemed seasick, except me. The hurricane tossed us savagely. On iron stairs I hurt my knee. But, although I did fall, thrown against the cabin wall, my spirits were undaunted. That's all that really counted. It mattered not how high the ocean foamed, or why all other people moaned, so I managed as best I could, aye! Neither was I afraid. - Why should I be? - God had promised me “A Safe Crossing” of the sea. 10

15: S O L I T U D E Alone, and yet, not alone. There is the teeming grass, I see a butterfly, a humming bee, close to me; hovering here, then there, then disappear. I hear the chirping, the triller and the mating call of birds very near, though hidden from my view. Their song gives thanks to GOD and all praise the re-awakening of Spring. There sits before me a rabbit! I did not hear or see him come. He wrinkles his nose, as is his habit, looks about, then, one, two, three, is gone. Listen to the birds, breeze in grass and trees! I listen to my inner self - and know - GOD is with me, in me, all around me; how then, can I be alone? 11

16: Brotherhood - Fellowship. For want of a broader word, for a better understanding of ethnic-groups of our nation-groups | HANDICAPPED Color causes less and less friction. For that we are glad. But there is another affliction that makes us sad. It's the “state of mind” of another kind: “Intolerance to understand, abuse by peers or parent." 12 | 12

17: BONDS OF TIME God gave man dominion over all the earth - over the fowl in the air, the fish in the sea, and the animals on the earth; and man named each kind. As man multiplied, man measured off the earth into longitudes and latitudes, parceled off the land into nations, country acres and city lots; zoned time into hours of each day, letting the Meridian automatically change today into t o m o r r o w. The genius of man has learned to measure each mile accurately, to tell time precisely, only to find he is bound by time, he thus wishes fervently, that the same knowledge that helped him to calculate time and distance on earth, would break “THE BONDS OF TIME”, to help him enter the realm of stars, like Voyager I and II to Jupiter and Mars. But, even though man has dominion over all the earth, and not yet has learned to walk with God, man will remain earthbound - until he h a s learned to w a l k w i t h God. 13

18: LIFE’S LESSON OF THE KALEIDOSCOPE As many colors, as many patterns as are in the kaleidoscope - always changing, yet interacting; problems and solutions. On days when you fret or seem upset, and life's ordeal makes you feel inadequate - remember life's lesson of the kaleidoscope: “LOVE is the foundation, FAITH is an equal part, HOPE is the mirrored heart of life's triangle Life's circles are the interaction of individuals - changing problems into solutions. As much as you put into life, that's how much input you have in your life. Your pyramid is your altar to God. 14

19: I NEED - WE NEED To make my life complete, I need... to share a cup of kindness with a friend, to share joyous news, Jesus is my friend. to share my faith that it will grow and tend, to share my love that it will multiply and send it back to me...and make my life complete. To make our lives complete, we need... to know that Jesus cares, He is our friend; to know someone shares the needs of others the seed of love and kindness must be sown, the deed of love and kindness must be shown, the news of both must be believed to be received. 15

20: COMMUNICATION Communication from ship to shore is important. Communicating our culture to others on PBS TV is important. Communication with GOD through ESP, Channel of Prayer is very important. How many people do it? “Seek and ye shall find” says the Bible; “Knock and it shall be opened unto you”; “Ask, and ye shall receive”, but ask in Jesus’ name. “What is our most important part (goal) in life?” The young would answer: “To learn.” The wise would answer: “To teach.” A father might answer: “To earn a living.” A mother might answer: “To rear a family.” A clergyman would say: “To preach.” All are right, but it is not the right answer. I ask GOD. He says: “Re-phrase the question!” `I re-phrase the question to get the right answer. What is our most important part in life - in relationship to GOD? “It is our individual spiritual oneness with GOD". I am inspired to write “The Umbilical Cord”. Each one of us is”important” to GOD, as is our “Communication” with GOD should be with us. 16

21: 17 | THE UMBILICAL CORD What is our most important part in life? To pass on knowledge? It is our individual spiritual oneness with GOD. The Bond of Love is strong. It created life in the womb, to become a life of its own, to continue life, but not alone. The Living Water is strong. It nourishes the Spirit, to be of one accord with GOD bound by the Umbilical Cord. The Bond of Life is strong. It is THE UMBILICAL CORD between heaven and earth, between GOD and woman. Men are not excluded from this. The Bond of Love that created life in my womb has become my son. He now has a life of his own. To continue life, but not alone, he has become not only just my son, but the husband of the wife he married; and so his life continues on. But it is THE BOND OF LIFE that is THE UMBILICAL CORD between heaven and earth, between GOD and Woman. “ASK, and it shall be given you”, but ask it in my name, says the LORD .

22: THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH Some will say, we are meek for turning the other cheek. But I say: “We are strong!” For we continue on... For every seed we sow, GOD makes it grow... He blesses us a hundred-fold, if only we do as we are told. We are stewards of all we possess! If it is land that we possess, till it, tend it, love it; but if you sell it, you lose it. -------------- According to Luke 11:28 Blessed are they that hear The Word of God, and keep it. 18

23: THE FORSYTHIA BUSH STORY The bush that miscalculated The Forsythia Busch was in such a rush To welcome spring it did an unusual thing: It burst into a bright flower To match the golden sun smile, Then unfurled its leafy green To blend in with the spring scene. All summer through it grew. Then came Fall and while all else began to fade away or change, the Forsythia Bush was again in a rush, it bloomed eagerly a second time! Was it confusing Father Time? Or is it not confused, but God's sign? Nature declares the Forsythia bush Is in such youthful blush arrayed For Christ's second coming in glory. 19

24: POINTS OF LIGHT How insignificant am I like one point of light in a star-studded sky. How insignificant is she whose one little poem is one of millions in poetry. However small my contribution, if it helps one other soul, I'm grateful for its solution. One small idea can germinate and snowball its effectiveness with help of our togetherness. 20 20

25: 21 | THE REVELATION OF LOVE What is real love? LOVE is a feeling that comes from deep within one's heart. LOVE puts oneself in a state of complete unselfishness. LOVE is a longing to make happy in a thousand little ways. LOVE is the unfailing strength to conquer fear; to diminish all obstacles through faith. LOVE is the perpetual source of forgiveness. LOVE is the sense to protect from harm or wrong. TRUE LOVE is eternal. LOVE is GOD and GOD is LOVE, for GOD is everlasting. The Revelation? LOVE is in each of us, because we are God's children.



28: LET US STAND Let us stand together, Lord, in front of Thee, today. In good times as well as hard times, guide us in Thy way. Let us stand fast in truth, Lord, along our path of life. In good times as well as hard times, together, as man and wife. 24

29: BABY BOY Dimpled are his cheeks cozy are the weeks of mothers close care. Father loves his heir. All come to admire him. Baby Boy smiles at them. His sparkling eyes look up like those of a little cherub. 25

30: THE SMILING RAINBOW When first we moved into our new home GOD showed His blessings upon our land. Send a double rainbow into our meadow. Through the years my fears were changed to joys as we shared more rainbows with our two boys. Just as the sun shines after each rain so our lives brightened “All is well again.” 26

31: This year I saw a dark cloud overhead in the sky. It was angered by jet planes crossing by. As the jet streams left behind a white, fluffy cross, the dark cloud brightened. No longer was it frightened. An inverted rainbow gave the cloud a rainbow smile. The SMILING RAINBOW - a special sign - to those who keep watch, who listen to their inner voice, know, just as season must follow season, GOD has His reason to make us and nature grow. 27

32: WITH HIS WORD With just His Word, our Lord calmed a raging storm on the Sea of Galilee, calmed the frightened hearts of men. The sightless, sick and the lame WITH HIS WORD He cured the same; fed a hungry multitude - with love. Weary, He was pursued. So powerful was His Word, it raised Lazarus from the dead. Yet, non-believers of His Word crucified our Lord , instead. Countless cries are beckoning “Time is at hand for a reckoning.” To calm the storm of strife in this vast Sea of Life. “Where two or three shall meet in my name,” says the Lord, “there in your midst I'll keep you redeemed with My Word.” 28

33: LORD, LET ME Lord, let me a true Christian be Who, with a smile will gladly walk the extra mile. Lord, let me be not so blind As not to see The need for being kind To those around me. Lord, let me be not so deaf As not to hear The pleas of others, near or dear. Lord, let me share the world That is mine And make living in it Truly worthwhile. 29

34: GOD DOES WINDOWS She lay in bed with the Flu. She prayed: “Lord, only You can heal me in time for the company coming. I have to cook and clean, - and who will wash those inaccessible North windows?" The Lord answered with a loud thunder. A North-Easter drenched the windows clean. “Oh, thank you, Lord!” “Is it any wonder, my faith in You will heal me, too?” 30

35: SESQUI-BICENTENNIAL by Marlene Martens S - eek and ye shall find E - ach one their own kind; S - earch for your place in the sun, Q - uarrel not with anyone; U - nderstanding is the power to perceive I - n giving to others, we also receive. B - ound by laws and by love I - n doing for others, we achieve C - umberland County community spirit; E - mpowered to govern since 1749 N - orth to South, East to West T - itled lands, as we know best; E - ncourage others to settle here, N - ourished by river waters near, N - orth the James, South the Appomattox; I - n two hundred and fifty years A - griculture remains, to retrieve L - ove of land - our place in the sun. 31

36: ADVENT- CIRCLE OF PREPARATION To prepare the heart and soul to receive the glad tidings of Noel, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Babe - The Gift of GOD - Incarnate - The essence is “Gentle Love”, of which we all need a lot more of to soften the hardened hearts of men sing songs and pray “AMEN”. To unburden grief, a weary soul, to repent, to achieve our true goal we should not lament, but instead spend the year ahead for the great Advent. To let His love so shine before men that all we need do is Follow Him, to humbly walk in GOD’s Love, His Word, His commandment of Love. Whatever has happened to the firm belief in Angels’ Lore: “Each child is in a Guardian Angel's keep, to watch over it by day or in its sleep.” 32

37: Whatever has happened to the firm belief in stars: “That each Child's misdeeds are a blemish on its Star, its good deeds granted a wish.” Whatever has happened - is that Faith needs to be restored, so “Gentle Love may enter once again into the hearts and souls of children.” Say “No” to drugs that kill. Think not Star Wars, when on starlit night the air perfumed by the seasons floral essence permeates the minds, speak instead of GOD’s presence. Instead of being bored, do a Deed of Kindness that transcends the barriers of men. Learn to share, to care and have Advent - Time to prepare. To prepare the heart and soul to receive the glad tidings of Noel, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Babe - the Gift of GOD - Incarnate. 33

38: HUGS HEAL (In memory of Callie Ross) A friend could use a cup of cheer - no matter what time of the day or year. If you can give comfort in person, then hug - hug the hurt away. Whatever the reason, - HUGS HEAL - like words that pray. 34


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