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Happy 60th Birthday, Diane!

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Happy 60th Birthday, Diane! - Page Text Content

S: Happy 60th Birthday, Diane!

BC: With much love

FC: Happy 60th Birthday, Diane!

1: Special memories for a very special person. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday! All our love, Your Family and Friends

2: Diane, Our dear friend, wishing you a fabulous “60th” Birthday Lots of Love and Hugs, Kevin, Marlene Greg and Gabrielle | Camping in the Canadian wilderness think we will need to borrow another lantern tonight? | WEEE.........Love the Junior Gemini, can we ride 10 more times? | "You only meet your once in a lifetime friend... once in a lifetime." ~ from the Little Rascals

3: Nothing like 4th of July fireworks in Huntington Woods | .and this is what we do on a Scottish nate! It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. Ralph Waldo Emerson | Chicago or bust planes, trains and automobiles YAY we made it!

4: OK.... pirate caves first, then the blow holes and then onto Rum Point. | It didn't get any better than, friends and seven miles of beach | We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend Robert Lewis Stevenson | Heading home Jamaica airport and the sun is finally shining

5: You can never have too many moms! | You were always there for our special moments

6: We all know, Diane, that you are the queen of ambiance and maybe that's part of the reason that Cape Cod is special to you... the ocean, the sunsets over Cape Cod Bay, the quaint towns, the lighthouses, the beaches and dunes, whale watching in Provincetown, Scargo Pottery, Emack & Bolio's, the Brewster General Store, the outdoor shower and 30 Swift Road, which is our very own corner of the Cape. Let's not forget Buzzard's Bay and our curiosity as to why there might be buzzards flying over the Cape, then driving up to Mame's house during that off season in the cold and dark when the Cape was eerily quiet and our still wondering about those buzzards. Of course there were no deviants or ghosts or demons out there, or buzzards for that matter, but your imagination was working overtime. Remember how you thought you were protecting us? I certainly do! We have innumerable shared memories to treasure of the Cape as well as of home and of family. May we have many more. And, may this new decade you're entering bring an abundance of new memories with which to fill those awaiting scrapbooks. I welcome you to the 60's with lots of love. Sheila

7: I have known it when you gave me encouragement to face the challenge of parent/child role reversal. I have known that I can call you at any time of the day or night for advice about family issues, gratuity tips, and frustrations with care giving. No matter how undeserving, I know you will always love me in spite of how senile I get in my old age. And, I will always love you for that and for being so kind and loving to my mother before she died. You are better than any biological sister I could have ever had! Happy Birthday, Maggie | My Dear Sister Diane, At my age, all the memories of us tend to run together, but they do all have one common theme. You always have been, and always will be, a beloved friend who I can count on to be there for me no matter what. It was something I realized years ago when I thought I was deserted and then with joy saw your face in the crowd at the Holocaust Museum

8: I have known you Diane for almost 35 years. You have been an inspiration for me in all areas of my life. This picture goes back a ways,Diane ...I am sure you know the trip. It represents our lovely times of female bonding in the summer. I don't know what I would do without you in my life. You are the sister I never had, but always wanted. I love you to pieces. Lovingly, Marge

9: There are so many memories that you and I have shared over the years. I really would not know where to begin. I always treasure our time together. Whether, we were raising children, or off with Mom shopping, spending time with Terry, or off with the girls on our STNY summer vacations, time together was always priceless. I will always be grateful that you came in to my life. We are very fortunate to have one another. I love you sister! Sheila

10: Sorting through my memories I think my favorite was our trip to Pennsylvania and the broken key or the straw wrapper. Then I think it was when our eyes met over the gorgeous waiter on the boat on the Potomac. Or maybe it's the icy cold feel coming from your body at dinner on the ocean in Rhode Island rather than the cold blowing in from the ocean itself. Or is it your excitement on the grounds of Cranbrook and your delight with every flower. Many memories, all of them great. I'm so glad we met so many years ago. What would life have been like without you? Love, Lynn

11: Dear Diane, One of my favorite memories with you started the day you called to tell us that you and Dad were engaged. You both sounded so happy! Each of you mentioned wanting to take care of the other for a long, long time. (Ironically you both also mentioned the third time being a charm. What is it they say about wisdom coming with age? ) As I shared with you that day on the phone, it has been wonderful seeing how happy you make Dad. I hadn't seen or heard him that happy in a long time. At your rehearsal dinner I saw and heard even more happiness as I watched the two of you going over your vows. When you started to tear up, I remember thinking how much comfort I felt in knowing Dad had found someone to share his life with. Then at the wedding I noticed Dad looking so happy I thought he might burst. I can't remember seeing him more relaxed or joyful. He was almost giddy! I know the path you have been on for the last sixty years has taken you many places and given you the opportunity to make many friends. I am so glad your path lead you to Dad and to our family. I am really looking forward to making more wonderful memories in the years to come. Happy Birthday! Love, Catherine

13: I have been on many trips in my lifetime...but there is only one time I can recall actually saying that there was absolutely nothing about that vacation that I would have changed. Our spring break visit with you and Lee was that trip. From exploring St James, the town of Southport and beyond, I can clearly see why you love it there so much. The trip to the beach at sunset was just perfect (I was going to say magical but that sounded too cheesy even for me.) I will say thank goodness for digital technology or we would have had to have purchased another bag just to take our film home from that night alone. We thoroughly enjoyed your company and the time we spent together playing games, exploring your new I-pad or just watching TV. It was great to spend an extended period of time with the two of you (and Sadie.) Your and Lee's hospitality and genuine interest in ensuring that we had a good time and great memories were wonderful. Happy birthday and many more Love, Jeff

14: Dear Diane, One of my favorite memories with you was when we visited you in Southport, and you and I got into the water but everyone else said it was really cold. I also really liked the room you had set up for Josh and me. Another really good memory I have is that you played dreidel with me during Hanukkah. I love that you always take time to play with me! Love, Andrew

15: One time, while saying goodbye to Aunt Diane, she told me I give the best hugs! Now every time I go to hug her I make sure it's an extra good one! That is probably my favorite thing we share...that and our mutual appreciation for "foo-foo" coffee/drinks. I love her very much! Rachael

16: Dear Diane, One of my favorite memories of us spending time together was the first time Andrew and I played RummiCube with you. We had a good time laughing and competing, especially because you were the most competitive one! I hope I have that competitive spirit when I am 60. It is a great memory because we had so much fun. Happy Birthday! Love, Josh | Diane, I have been toying with the idea of some time about which memory of you most jumps out at me. It would be easy to use the Christmas tree bonanza, but that joke has been exhausted. Instead what I will always remember most about you is our dinners at home in Dublin. The three of us could so easily jab at one another and were highlighted by good food, laughter, and happiness. More importantly, you came into my life and were always very understanding, and I cannot thank you enough for that. I feel truly blessed to have such a caring and loving person enter my life like you have. Seeing you with my father reassures me that true happiness and love does exist in the world, even if it takes some time to find. I look forward to seeing you again soon and wish you the happiest of birthdays. Love, John

19: One of the first times we spent time with you, Diane, we were celebrating my nephew’s birthday. You bought him a special locked box because you thought he might want some private space, safe from his little brother. I remember thinking it was such an insightful, thoughtful gift. I was delighted that my Dad was interested in someone who obviously loved children, valued children, and understood children. Your warmth and “light” made us all feel as if we’d known you forever! As you were getting to know my Dad’s family, your manner of listening to my nephews and playing with them showed that you considered them as important to get to know as the adults. I honestly can’t remember if I have explicitly stated this before, but I would love for you to know something else, Diane. In the past several years that you and my Dad have been together, I have gotten to know and see new parts of my Dad. I think you draw out the best in him, and I am grateful. Love, Molly

20: One of my favorite memories with you to date, Diane, is the day I worked with you and Lee as you moved some things in to (and a few things OUT of!) your house in Dublin. In the awareness that this recount may be read by the general public, I will not record in detail any incriminating comments or facial expressions that were exchanged in the delicate process of merging the accumulation of two lives! I’ll simply say that I drove home (delighted) that day with a greater understanding of a few of my own wife’s endearing, and apparently genetically acquired, traits and a comical impression of the similarities between you and my own mother. You should accept this as the highest of compliments. When I think of you, Diane, many great impressions come to mind your infectious laugh, your genuine delight in being with our children, your kind but strong presence. But most significant, is my sense that you have been good for our family. Thank you. Happy Birthday! Love, Ben

23: Jonathan’s memory: “We goed on the train one time with Diane. The driver pulled us! We saw horsies!” Miriam’s memory: “I remember Diane and Grandpa Leaf’s wedding. We went shopping together. She bought me pretty dresses and sparkley shoes! They also gave us a farm and big coloring books a long, long time ago. Diane gave me some stickers, even though it was Jon-Jon’s birthday, just for something special.” Can you tell that one of Miriam’s “love languages” is gifts? She remembers all of your thoughtfully chosen gifts.

24: Happy 60th Birthday, Diane! You’re a very special lady, and we’re delighted you’re our sister. Lots of Love, Clyde and Cindi

25: Have a wonderful birthday, Diane! Love, Bill, Kristeen, and Lylah | Happy Birthday, Diane! Love, Melissa, David, and Anders

26: When Diane was born at Bon Secours Hospital she had fat little cheeks. The nurses all called her "Pork Chops". She was a beautiful baby and she still is. Have a wonderful 60th birthday! Love, Mom

27: What I remember most about my time with Diane was when I watched the dogs; Max, Jake and Louise. When Diane backed up the car at my condo, the dogs would look out the car window....especially Louise. Loved all the dogs. Good times, Good vibrations and Good memories! Happy Birthday! Love, Evelyn

28: Few words can describe how wonderful a sister you are, but these words can definitely bring back the memory and all the feelings that go with the memory. Malted milk balls ,Shore Theater, Fish flies, Paper dolls, Walking up the steps to catholic church on way to Manor Drugs, Wagon wheels, Street lights, Line on table to separate your side and my side, Bunk Beds, Grayling,, Bel Aire Drive In, Tiny and April, Wagon Train, Wednesday Nights, Saturday Night at the Movies, Cool and Fresh is the Newport Taste,Softly, New York, Scraping the Overhang, Ain't Goin Lie by Keith, The Woods, Horn beep, Looking out the window sitting on the table on Stamford, Grand Haven Bed and Breakfast, Cleaning out the houses on Sherwood and Beckwith

29: Cleaning out the condo on Country Club Drive, Grand Haven Beach, Eating cupcakes and laughing together in Chicago, Talking at night and in the morning looking out the door wall in your Condo. ,New memories in Southport, Surviving the hurricane together., Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas', Thanksgiving together I could go on forever. There are so many wonderful memories and yet I wish we had even more. I love you so much! You could not be a better sister. Happy 60th Birthday!!!!! Love, Dawn

31: You are my heart and I am your heart! I remember you cried when I did my jump rope routine back then. As a 10-year-old I probably rolled my eyes; but the older and more Irish I become I more than understand now :) You are loved. I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!!" Chrystal

32: My favorite memory of Aunt Diane was when I was 16 and she took me to Chicago just the two of us to celebrate! We had such a great time, and I felt SO special when she took me on a carriage ride around Chicago. The next morning we did yoga for the first time and that was when I realized that being 16 did not guarantee me any flexibility and/or strength! She didn't have to take me to Chicago and I just really appreciated her taking the time to show me such a great time on my birthday! Love, Candace

34: Diane was on her annual trip with the girls. This particular trip was to Pa. to visit Maggie her gun totin squirrel shootin girlfriend. Maggie lives in the Lancaster area. The crew was driving down the road when they hit a guy on a motorcycle. I know this because my phone rang just after and a shaky voice said" we just hit a guy on a Motorcycle" I asked if he was OK and the voice said "we are all just sitting in the van scared to go see" When I urged them to see if he was alive or dead they finally got out of the van and went over to where he was laying under his bike. He was alive and immediately handed them a bag of weed and said "Please hide this before the cops get here"

35: My favorite memory of Aunt Diane was when Candace and I visited her and Lee's home in Southport; after a generous cocktail hour, and a great dinner, we sat down had one of the most competitive games of Rummy Cube (as well as my first and only game of Rummy Cube) ever. It eventually came to the point where we were all scrutinizing, criticizing, and trashing each others moves and going so far as to refer back to the rule book to keep one another in check. It was a fantastic gaming evening and birthed Candace's Rummy Cube obsession. | Aunt Diane is always fun to be around...she's just even more fun when she has had a drink!

36: 1. Screen cage atop my crib 2. New York World’s Fair 3. Expo 67, you two shortening your skirts thinking you were going to Europe 4. The three of us in the back seat for hours on end 5. Drive-in to see James Bond movies, in our jammies 6. .Au Sable Motel 7. Michigan National Guard soldiers parade in review for Governor Romney 8. Pounding at the door, Dad called to active duty 9. Mom driving home from Grayling 10. Dr. Zako 11. The Gazebo 12. White picket fence between house and garage 13. Dad writing car maintenance on wood frame of garage 14. Trying to break me from using my potty seat 15. Writing on the shelf edge of the pantry 16. Mom’s giant ironing machine 17. The phone on the wall in the kitchen 18. Double features at the Eastwood or Ramona theater 19. Going to White Castle late after the second movie was done 20. Eastland Mall was not enclosed and the giant stone animals you could climb on | 60 Memories on your 60th Birthday

37: 49. Living at the condo, Friday night cocktail hour at our house (what’s for dinner?) 50. "And your little dog(s) too!” 51. The Shamrock 52. Erma’s 53. Wrestling Matches 54. New York City and the Today Show 55. You and Heidi both going through same teaching program at Oakland 56. Your wedding to Lee 57. Me officiating at your wedding 58. Cleaning out Mom’s condo 59. Lynn mad at me for making this list so long, and her having to fit it on this page 60. Staying with you in Salt Lake City at the rental house and seeing baby Amelia for the first time | 21. Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Jacks 22. Christmas Eve at Ma and Pa’s 23. Pa and his Camel cigarettes, and his stand alone ashtray by his chair 24. Tootsie 25.’ 51 Packard in the driveway 26. Spending a Saturday emptying the basement and filling Uncle Eddie’s old green panel truck with newspapers to recycle and sell, then the family went to the movies 27. Dad shoving magazines in between the papers to increase the weight 28. Dad gone to Guard meetings on Wednesday nights and Mom cooking (!) something good for us like French toast for dinner 29. The old orange and white lawn mower with the hard fiberglass grass catcher 30. Hot summer afternoons, every shade closed in the house, air conditioner on in Mom and Dad’s bedroom window trying to cool the whole house while we all take a nap 31. Going to see you working at the counter in Cunnigham’s Drug Store, at Universal Mall (?) 32. Me catching you climbing out the window, begging you not to leave 33. Individual Miniature chickens served at your wedding (a Cornish what?) | 34. That damn cat of yours at the apartment in Farmington Hills 35. Idiots Mom dated, with the exception of Jim McKay 36. Mom driving to Sherwood, before 696 went through 37. Me borrowing Ronnie’s Dad’s old ’69 Eldorado, and completely detailing it for Ronnie so it would look good for him 38. Putting big mirrors on your new black Blazer 39. Getting your brand new Blazer stuck in mud up to the frame 40. Long drives to Indiana, with baby Nicki screaming in the back of the Blazer 41. Coming home on Friday nights to see you, Lynn and the kids and getting Pizza square delivered 42. You calmly calling me during the ice storm, before freaking out. I drive my Blazer over and through trees to get to your house to bring you back to Stamford 43. My wedding reception in your driveway 44 .Block parties on Sherwood 45. Fireworks over the golf course 46. You traveling over Christmas, and how mad I would get 47. You recovering at my house, and me getting my ear pierced 48 .Test driving a Volvo.

39: I believe I first really met you (even though we lived in sight of one another for years) when David took me to your house to celebrate Benji's 2nd birthday. Your love and devotion then and to this day never ceases to amaze me. So many great memories...... I remember one particular Thanksgiving, David and I driving to your house with Mom in the car. David and I had been married for a little over 3 years and you and Dawn were anxiously awaiting the time we would announce we were going to have a baby. I remember Mom's words, "Don't let Dawn and Diane pressure you. You guys wait until you are ready". David and I just looked at each other and quietly snickered. Well once we got to your house David wanted to group everyone together to "show off" his new video camera. He started taping the family and then announced, "Diane.... Lynn is pregnant!". In which case everyone shrieked with joy, Candace who was like 4 months old cried from the noise and it was all captured on film. The expression on your face was priceless. Ahhh....then there was the girls' weekend in Grand Rapids. We all decided to go to one of those "Parade of Homes" tours. Well we were in one particular home on "Buttrick Road" where they made you put on those little paper booties to walk around the house so as not to get it dirty. We were all admiring the nicely decorated house when you and I looked out the window and saw a cop starting to issue me a ticket for parking over the white line on the road in front of the house. I of course didn't have to utter a word before you grabbed my arm and said, "Come on!", and before I knew it we were both running out of the house and down the driveway with our paper booties on to beg off the cop. We moved the car, no ticket was issued and we returned to the house laughing all the way. Funny thing no one even knew we were was one of "our" special moments. Thirty four years of wonderful memories......I am truly blessed to be able to call you my sister. Happy 60th! Love you with all my heart. Lynn

40: When darkness turns to light, it ends tonight, | it ends tonight....

41: One of my favorite memories with you is when we went to New York City. I really wanted to go to the Today Show. I got all of the family up SUPER early to get a good spot. It was exciting to see Matt and Ann close up. My favorite part was getting on TV with Candace singing an American Rejects' song. I was so happy that I started to cry and you were there to snap the perfect picture. That was definitely good times! Love you bunches and bunches! Happy 60th birthday! Heidi

42: When spending some time reflecting on my personal relationship with Aunt Diane, countless memories seemed appropriate to share in this collection. However, one moment that we shared had an enormous impact on my life, even though it may seem relatively insignificant to others. Although I cannot recall my exact age, I remember being young when Aunt Diane asked me to assist her in a study of sorts that she was completing for a class assignment. The experiment, I assume, involved the analysis of my estimating motivations, as I was asked by Aunt Diane to guess how many jellybeans or M&M'S were in this jar that she had brought. I distinctly recall trying to figure out a way to go about my estimation and eventually throwing out a number that I felt was an appropriate hypothesis. Aunt Diane said nothing, but only looked at me. I took this as a sign that I must have been way off, snatched the jar, eyed it closely, and spit out a number nearly double my original guess.

43: After Aunt Diane asked if it was my "final answer" (which I suppose the popularity of that phrase should offer some relative date to this story), I responded yes, although at this point I was honestly unsure. Aunt Diane jotted some notes down, turned to me, and told me that my original answer was within five of the actual amount of whatever candy was in the jar. While the result of this entire study had no real effect on me, I remember being incredibly disappointed in myself and explaining to her that I changed my mind because of the "look she gave me", which, of course, she explained wasn't a "look" at all. Noticing my bitterness, Aunt Diane explained to me the very real truth that sometimes in life, you need to trust your instinct, your gut feeling, and not allow slight challenges to influence what you sincerely feel. This is something that I have carried with me through high school and The University of Michigan. It is veritably something I will never forget and I owe it all to Aunt Diane. I love her with all of my heart. Anton

44: Memoraible Moments

45: So I used to love to go on errands on Saturdays with my mother. I liked riding around with her all over town and getting things done not to mention the ancillary benefits of being with her at the market or Sam's Club so I could get what I wanted to eat. However, she looked like she didn't know where she was going some of the time and would make turn U turns and the like and I would also bother her with her lack of geographic knowledge and whether she would be able to find our way back home. She of course thought this was highly amusing which of course in retrospect I too find amusing because we were probably never more than 20 miles form the house. So one day she decided to make up a song to the the tune of M.T.A. song by the Kingston Trio . I can't remember all the words she came up with but sang about a boy going off with his mother with a bag full of gummy bears and that he never returned and that his fate was still unknown. It was highly amusing and it comes up for a laugh from time to time till this day. So we all know that I was not the most well behaved teenager that ever lived. So Snidy, Corey, Jon, probably Greg and myself thought it would be a good idea to smoke this ungodly huge home made bong that Jonathan had created in his basement. The brilliance being that we decided to do this in my bathroom upstairs in the old Sherwood house while smoking cigarettes as well. After getting a bit giggly we went out somewhere shortly, most likely for some mountain dew and munchies, and returned to find my mother upstairs in the bathroom in what we might call a displeased state. She proceeded to smash the ashtray into the sink and scream at the boys "You, you, you and you get the fuck out of my house right now!!!". After which the boys all left me to deal with the oncoming wrath of a furious Diane, rightfully so. This is a continued amusement form time to time with me and the guys. A short one but one of my favorites, but I couldn't tell you why. Greg and I arrived back at his house in HW from doing I don't know what. We must have been in the neighborhood of 20-21 and found my mom and Marlene sitting on the back porch enjoying a cocktail. We must have begun talking Greg and my love lives because the two of them proceeded to tell us how much they would love for us to find nice Jewish girls to marry. I find this hilarious to this day when I think of the red headed Polack and a blond fair haired Irish girl telling us to find nice Jewish girls. We come from to men who married shiksas and they want us to marry in the faith. Granted my mother converted but come on. LMAO love, Ben

47: Mom, I'm so grateful to have the most wonderful mother-in-law a girl could ask for. There are so many things that make you perfect (well, at least damn close to perfect), but here ate my top ten: 10) You learned my last name within the first few months. 9) You're always eager to watch my Seedlings episodes and I can count on you to cry with pride. 8) You give great hugs! 7) You're hilarious and super smart - you always know just what to say. 6) You know me well enough that if something is bothering me to just give it a few and I'll forget all about it. But if something is really bothering me I know I can trust to tell you what's on my mind without judgement. 5) I know when you say 'you're such a bitch' it's said with nothin' but love. 4) You're always there, no matter what hour, with sound advice. 3) You love your 'little bag lady'. 2) You raised an awesome husband. 1) And the number one reason you are the best...I know I'm blessed to have a mom-in-law that I love a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck and she loves me just the same. Here's to a fabulous 60th birthday! Lots of love, xoxo Jenn

49: When I was eight years old I went away to camp for the summer. While I was gone, my mom took the opportunity to work out some O.C.D. energy by cleaning and organizing my room. She was thorough; throwing things away, making sure everything had its own place, dusting, spit shine, you get the picture. All of my mother's friends told her she was making a big mistake; that I would be very upset! Stubborn and determined that she was right, my mother did not listen to all the nay-sayers. One day, in the late summer, my mom picked me up from the camp bus drop off. She pulled in the driveway at 25325 Sherwood, and I made my way in the house, up the three steps, and down the hall to my room. Upon entering my room I was struck with AWE! It was all so wonderful, so beautiful! I gawked with glee and gave mom a big thank you!!! The apple certainly does not fall far from the tree! Of course, mom was right.

51: To become family Nic and I were at the wedding, not ours, Jen and Ben's; when Diane pulled me aside and gave me the diamond from her earrings that was to become Nicole's ring. With a gleam in her eye she said this was for our wedding and I truly felt part of the family. It was a beautiful moment. Darren

53: THREE SCORE AND MORE Diane, A milestone: The old age of youth – the youth of old age. You've accumulated the wisdom of years and maintained the spirit of youth. Open the dictionary to “mother” and your photo appears. Your devotion and care for, and your relationships with, your progeny by blood and marriage warms all who know you. In your professional lives your responsibility and treatment of others left all a challenging example. In meeting personal challenges that could immobilize others, you have not only survived, you have prevailed. Your friendships, deep and casual, show sensitivity, depth, and love. Sergeants major could study your organization, anal compulsiveness, and exercise of authority. With all these traits as backdrop, your commitment to our marriage, your absolute joy as a travel companion, your sense of humor make being with you daily a joy. You give me comfort and excite and inspire me. You never fail to show appreciation for even the smallest efforts. The memories linger and the future is rich with promise. How fortunate that we found each other!! You remain my best friend, and my love. Happy Birthday and many more! Grow old with me, but slowly; the best is yet to be! Love, Lee

54: Your smile brightens my day! | Last..... | Warm fuzzy birthday wishes...

55: ...from your furry little friends! | but not least

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