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Happy Birthday Cindy

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Happy Birthday Cindy - Page Text Content

S: Don't count the years, count the memories....

BC: giggly | warm | special | neighborly | hard-working | "super-friendly" | family | "a little crazy" | sweet | patient | "super saint" | helpful | pretty | "hot" | good | energetic | easy going | genuine

FC: sister | mom | beautiful | strong | daughter | fun | caring | granddaughter | aunt | "best oma in the world" | ageless | loving | amazing | "grandma cindy" | "not a pervert" | wife | thoughtful | friend

1: Happy Birthday from those who know and love you. | life is good.

3: Happy Birthday Dear. Remember all the great times we have had in the past 30 years plus -- spending time with the kids and grandkids -- all are trips big and small. Sometimes things didn't go as planned, but our lives go on. I was asked if there was anything or things from your life I could remember that I could tell you. You have really loved your kids. And while you had your daycare, you always did your very best to show love to those kids as you did your own. I know this last year has been rough, but we will get through it. Happy Birthday I Love You Your Dan | "Sorry we don't have a la mode, but we do have ice cream"

4: Thank heaven for little girls

5: sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of

6: I remember the day you were born. Roger was working on the interstate near Omaha and I was ten days overdue. Your dad brought me to your grandma and grandpa's house because you could have come any day. I remember that it was a 75 degree day and we raked leaves outside, we had baked a cake and ate it all up. It was almost 6:00 when I needed to go to the hospital. So I wasn't there when Roger came to pick me up but he got to the hospital about thirty minutes after we did. Within three hours, you were born. | There was a day when you were around three years old that your dad told you that you needed to go feed the pigs. You needed to give them three wagon fulls of feed and all you could say was "But I only have one wagon" | Through the years you had music lessons, softball games, and 4-H meetings.

7: The 4-H years were interesting. There was the morning that you needed to make hot chocolate for breakfast. It might have turned out better if you hadn't mixed up the sugar and salt. | I remember Danny asking me to put the ring on your plate at prom. Of course your wedding had to be on the hottest day of the year. After you got married, three little babies came around really fast. Then the next thing we knew, you moved away from Adams. | Happy Birthday Cindy ~ Mom

8: FIVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE CINDY: | BEAUTIFUL Inside and out, I have never met a more beautiful person. | CARING Cindy has "adopted" everyone she knows. She is happy when others are happy, and she is the first to arrive when bad times come. | STRONG While Cindy has concern for everyone else she knows, she seems to laugh at the adversity that comes to her own life. Her inner strength is amazing. | FUN Some of our family's best times have been with Cindy. From sitting around her kitchen table to playing a round of "silly" golf, we have had some GREAT times that we will always remember. | PART OF THE FAMILY I know that is more than one word, but it is true. When we arrived at Cindy's doorstep with Reggie at 6 weeks old, we got SO much more than a babysitter. We got a best friend and a member of the family. As long as they live, Reg and Randy will always think of Cindy as their "second mom". Even so, they have no idea (yet) how lucky they are to have her in their lives. We all are. | Happy Birthday Cindy! ~Coreen & Steve Rafert, Reggie & Randy

9: I remember not too long back, a cow got away from us and Cindy helped us catch the calf and put it in the pen. I also remember one time we made double chocolate chip cookies for the fair. It got a blue ribbon. She is very helpful to us all. I am glad she is done with her chemo treatments. . | I remember when Cindy made us hot cocoa. I like to decorate the Christmas tree with her. We used to play Chutes and Ladders with her, I don't know if she still has it now. She is borrowing a WII from one of her friends and I like to play it. I like Cindy | ~Reggie | ~Randy

10: A sister is a friend for life.

11: A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

12: Daughter-In-Law You've added to our family A warm and charming touch We know you as a daughter Now and love you very much A daughter-in-law brings Sunshine to brighten your days A daughter-in-law brings joy Through her loving ways A daughter-in-law is a blessing That comes from above A special and beautiful Treasure to love Happy Birthday Cindy Love Mom and Dad Buss

14: love of family lasts from generation to generation

15: may the roots of your family tree grow deep and strong

16: Happy Birthday, Cindy! Everyone is hoping you have a very happy birthday! I cannot remember what year you came to Gresham with your family and lived in what we called the "Brown" house, (this dates me) but Arlois Diers was the first person to talk about you and told me what a nice gal that you were. I found out | that she was and I have such your girls being as some of my the softball games, trips to the games. much fun watching up and attend their now when I get to | showers and see your little grandchildren. You are such a great addition to our community, and I have especially appreciated you joining the American Legion Auxiliary. You have always been willing to help me out when I call you for help. I appreciate that. Do have a Very Happy Birthday, and many more! ~Love, Jennie and Mark Romohr | certainly correct, great memories of the same age granddaughters, and the road It has been so your family grow activities, even attend the baby

17: Dear Cindy, Happy 50th Birthday!! My best wishes for a very special day--you deserve it!! I can't remember for sure how or when we met for the first time. (You'll soon understand...the memory starts to fade after 50!) It may have been at church or at the bank...however it happened...you and your family were a wonderful addition to our community. You are such a caring and giving person. I remember how willing you were to let Betsy come to your house before piano lessons at Marlene's--what a big help to me that was. I think that you may have even babysat for her when she was little a few times. I'm sure that helped get me out of a bind several times. I know you have done many favors for me over the years!! Something else that comes to mind is the days of Gresham softball and the state tournament in Hastings. What a fun weekend that was...us mothers probably had more fun than the girls did!!! I know this last year has been kinda rough...I hope you are finished with all that medical "stuff" soon and can get back to enjoying life and making lots of fun memories!! Best wishes for many more happy birthdays to come! ~Love, Pam & Gerry George

18: Cindy is a cousin to me in the Busboom family. She and her sisters are very close to me in age (OK, I'll admit, I'm older) and when it came to family gatherings, we got to see a lot of each other. I think Cindy is a beautiful, kind, loving lady. She is the real deal, as genuine as it gets. I love her attitude of life and family, always great with her sisters, mother and grandmother. She knows the importance of family and what they mean to each other, and she places a great value on that. I just want to say Happy 50th Birthday Cindy, you are a special lady. Love you lots, ~Linda

19: I have a funny story, once we were cruising on a Sunday afternoon when we drove over a slippery bridge. We lost control of the car and the railing ended up going through Lisa's leg. Cindy's car was wrecked, and I lost my glasses | I met Cindy in Kindergarten at Lewiston Consolidated Schools and we went through grade school and high school together. | in the creek. | However, I think the sheriff found my glasses back for me. 4 Words to describe Cindy: funny, crazy, witty lady Dorothy Hibben Scott | Cindy, it's your turn to be in charge of our 35th class reunion!

20: Happy 29th Birthday Aunt Cindy!! You're funny. Well, you're funny when you're funny, otherwise you're just Aunt Cindy. I know I've laughed because of you. You and Uncle Dan are great together. You're like Thelma and | Milo and Otis, Bert and Ernie. jealous because she doesn't should get bunnies again! your glasses, just take Susan's. p.s. please buy me alcohol :) | Louise. Bonnie and Clyde, You should tell Susan she's just have grandkids. OH! and you And if you ever lose ~Sincerely Yours, Evan

21: I don't ever remember Aunt Cindy telling jokes, but all she would say is "Dan" or give him some kind of dirty look when he made a joke. I guess its always been cool that Aunt Cindy is such a hard worker, even lately. When we were working behind Grandma, Cindy was shoveling and moving bricks around. When we were younger, I remember her moving hay bales at Grandpa and Grandma Buss's. She's really tough. ~Dillon | You're my Aunt Cindy and I like you. I got to spend summers with you but you made me work in the fields. Even bean fields. I liked coming to Gresham though because it got me away from home for a couple weeks. I'll never forget my fieldwork summers or how I did my own laundry (but I don't know why...) Happy Birthday Grandma Cindy ~Cody

22: Happy Birthday Cindy! You are one incredible lady and Sherry and I wish you the best on your birthday. No one is as versatile as you are. You showed this when you helped the Rafert boys with their "herdsmanship". I loved the way you helped the boys and they have been very lucky to have you on their team. We have shared lots from Kozy's to the ranch. Have a great year. ~Terry & Sherry

23: Cindy has become a dear friend to the entire Rafert family. We love her dearly and wish her 50 more wonderful years. ~Barb | We always felt blessed to have such a wonderful daycare provider for our kids. It wasn't easy moving Jacob and Molly after five years with their first daycare, but we knew they would be very happy with Cindy. Although it made me a little sad when the kids weren't ready to go home with me at the end of the day, I knew it meant that they were having so much fun. Giving them a little extra time to play also meant giving me time to visit with Cindy which was greatly appreciated after a long day with third graders. :o) THANK YOU, CINDY for being a special part of my kids' lives, and for being a friend to our family. ~Linda and Doug Rafert

24: I remember one day from when I was in eighth grade. I had a game in Virginia and you were supposed to drive me to it. You drove me, but you had more than just that on your mind. You decided that you were going to whip kitties in the streets of Virginia. I remember that you, Sharon, and Dorothy were in the front seat but I can't remember if Susan or Kerri were with me in the back. I remember you threatening me to an inch of my life if I told mom and dad. You've been a great big sister and I hope you have another 50 years to teach me how to whip kitties. ~Kelli

25: You lived close so we got to have fun at your house. I remember when you took us to the pumpkin patch with Uncle Dan, and Garrett had to pick out the biggest pumpkin. Happy Birthday Aunt Cindy I Luv Ya ~Madison

26: forget our rouging experience and oh all those odd jobs we did like painting. (I wonder if Steve and Judy ever found all those like words we wrote all over, only kidding) | I hope someday we will remember what we called ourselves when we rouged and what we were going to make T-shirts out of. Maybe one of the kids will remember. | You are a special friend. Love always, Hali and Dan McBride | P.S. My mom, Sylvia Dey, says you are a special person and remembers fun times also. | Cindy, you are a great friend and person. If anyone ever needed something, you are always there. I won't forget all our experiences with our children like ball games, b-day parties, and of course all the photo shoots we took (I think Tara was the guinea pig mostly). The hot chocolate was always good at the football games and and whatever :) at the baseball games. | popcorn | But | most of all, I will never

27: I've known Cindy for close to 20 years. I don't know exactly when you moved to Gresham, but I do remember you from when I was real young. My favorite thing about Cindy is her loving, caring attitude. She has always been great with kids and even as a friend, she is always asking how everyone is doing and is interested | ~Staci and Matt Bolton, Mackenzie and Chase | in how your life is going. My funniest memory of Cindy is at The Gresham Day Fireman's Dance at the old fire hall. I was dancing to the flying dutchman with Julie Dey and Cindy and somehow Cindy ends up practically in the trash can! Classic!! My most memorable time with Cindy is when her and Hali came to Omaha for a day of food and golf. | If I had to use five words to describe Cindy, I would say Warm-natured, Kind, Hard-working, Loving, & Fun

29: but we start and end as a family | other things may change us

30: We have known Cindy and family for YIKES! Cindy and family live across the street from us in Gresham. OUR kids grew up with their kids! ALSO Cindy and Dan helped us out at Kozy's Bar and Grill. Cindy worked with us for many years, with Dan also filling in. And | if Cindy could get Dan to peel those potatoes, she would! Even Tiffany worked at Kozy's when she was old enough! ALL in the FAMILY!! | If I had to pick five words to describe Cindy they would be | about 30 years. | Friendly, Compassionate, Funny, Dependable, and Strong.

31: ~Duane, Ramona Kozisek, Ryan & Tami, Kassandra, Kaydence & Kaley | I have a funny story/memory of Cindy I would like to share. One New Year's Eve, some pervert, (OK Dan B) brought edible gummi penises to Kozy's New Year's Eve Party! Where Cindy (NOT a pervert) started making penis necklaces for all the girls. (Mine was orange and hung in my bedroom for years!) I don't think I have ever seen CINDY laugh so much! OK OK it was a wicked kind of laugh or maybe that was MY laugh! As Cindy kept making necklaces I decided to put many COLORED Edible Gummi Penises on a food tray and alone with ME proudly wearing my orange gummi penis necklace around my neck proceeded to offer one to any woman who wanted a "bite". No one turned the yummies down and some GREEDY girls wanted TWO penises! Now, while Cindy was still making penis necklaces, one girl who shall remain nameless (OK OK it was Diane D, no last names here) was NOT SO patiently waiting for HER penis necklace. As Cindy couldn't make them fast enough to keep everyone in their seats! Cindy and Diane were laughing the whole time. Diane finally got her necklace and all the others did too! We all wore them proudly that night! WONDER if anyone else kept theirs!?!?! AHHH Memories!

32: Happy Birthday Mom! I wish you a very happy birthday! You are a special person, and I could not have asked for a better mother-in-law!! I have known you for four years and my favorite thing about you is how loving and special you are!! My most memorable thing about you is my wedding day with you helping me get ready to marry your super wonderful son!! Thank you so much! My funniest memory of you is when Nebraska was having tornadoes and you had me downstairs with the kids and you were upstairs cooking! The cupcakes had to be baked, haha!!! Words to describe you are AMazing, Strong, Sweet, Loving, Beautiful, Special, Gracious, and Giving. Thank you for letting me be apart of your Life and Family. ~Love Lindy

33: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Wow, I can hardly believe you are turning fifty years young. It seems like just a couple years ago that I was five years old and you were walking me to school for the first time. Or that we had just gotten home from one of our Christmas programs and had to open presents from "Santa". Which brings me to one of the funniest things I remember about you, Mom. You would always keep a Christmas list in your purse and on this list you had everything written down that each of us kids wanted. But we would always know what we were getting because you crossed things off after you bought them!!! The most memorable things is hard, because I am with you only short periods of time, and everything I see you do is memorable. Like when you went parasailing in Mexico! Wow, Mom, I couldn't do that, but you did!! Or it would have to be when I left home for the Air Force. I was so eager to leave, and you and Dad were so proud but sad at the same time. I will never forget that day as it changed my life from then on. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed home, but I know when I come home, nothing has changed and you are still my same sweet Mommy I've always known. Happy Birthday Mom ~Love, Travis

34: racing the scooters and big wheels down the sidewalk. | ~Daylee | Scooby Doo movies | spaghettios with hot dogs | Chutes and Ladders | fighting over the blue koolaid cup and the green bowl | macaroni and cheese with extra velveeta | Twister, Gremlins, some monster movie ~Dalton | playing The Game of Life, and Pokemon and Spiderman outside | going to the bank and post office for suckers with the mower, wagon, on the scooters and bikes

35: computer games--Sesame Street and the game with cats and dogs that were pirates. | Dennis the Menace | apples and crackers with peanut butter | wagon trips to the post office | Daegan | E.T. | Little Rascals, Little Giants, My Little Pony, Twister, & Volcano | coloring on the food trays | playing the penguin game where you put wet marbles on the kleenex till the tissue broke ~Dacee | cheesy mac n cheese and chicken nuggets for lunch and apples with peanut butter for snack

36: Cindy, you are such a kind hearted person whom I have always felt that I could turn to and call you mom. Not only did I gain Tara as a best friend, I also got you. You are such a joyful person and I will always remember how understanding and trusting you were when we were kids. Family is such an important part of life, and I'm glad I have you as a part of mine. Happy Birthday | ~ XOXO Jilly

37: I have known Cindy since my birth, as she is my aunt. I did not get to spend much time with her growing up as she lived in Gresham. I always saw her on holidays, though, with her bright smile. I would describe her as a saint, as she has to put up with Uncle Dan. Not sure how she has managed to stay sane - other than she must have super powers. She has a terrific sense of humor and knows when to laugh and when to just sit back and roll her eyes. Now that I am a parent and I see what my son does and gets into, I am | convinced she has super powers as all three of her children are grown, unharmed, not in jail, and active members of society. My five words to describe Aunt Cindy? I'd have to say Saint Super Aunt Cindy Buss ~Amanda & Rodney & Alex

38: i'm smiling because you're my sister | i'm laughing because there's nothing you can do about it

39: our hearts say we're friends | our roots say we're sisters,

40: There are a few places I think of when I think of Cindy. There is Kozy's, the York County Fair, the softball field, and of course, church. Perhaps my two favorites are the softball field and church. She is one of those 'hot' moms but never seems to notice how beautiful she truly is. I can still see her along with all the rest of the crazy softball moms, cheering us on. It isn't her beauty that I remember most, though, it is her soft-spoken kindness. I was so grateful that she went along with us to Savannah. That trip was such a spiritual blessing for all involved, and it seemed to enrich her faith, which only seemed to strengthen mine as well. That wasn't to say, though, that Cindy doesn't have her ornery streak. She, along with Hali, seem to encourage my dad's wild side. I believe that it was those two that recreated my dad's lovely broomstick dancing partner?!? :-) I have a lot of great memories of Gresham, and Cindy seems to be involved in them in one way or another. Cindy, you are a beautiful person inside and out. Happy 50th Birthday!! God's blessings today and always! ~Kerri (Stoll) Drueke

41: She is also the type of person who doesn't seem to age, a very pretty lady with a good family. May God bless you and keep you smiling the next 50 years. Sincerely, Kerry Hoffschneider | Although I have not spent tons of time with her, when I think of Cindy, I think of a smile, friendliness, goodness, and wanting the best for everyone. She isn't loud or needs to be the center of attention, but she is always apart of the fun. | In my "younger" years when I was still out on the "town" more, I remember a few times running into her at Kozy's in Gresham where we had a cold beer and good conversation.

42: My first introduction to Cindy was when both of our daughters played on the same Gresham softball team which may have been around 1990. We got to know each other and a dear friendship blossomed. Cindy and I have shared many experiences. Our travels together | have been on golf trips, a fishing trip, tanking trips, shopping trips, New Year's Eve celebration trips, and even a trip through a snow-filled ditch! Oh, the fun we have had together! Whether it was playing in pitch tournaments, golfing together in league, fishing in her boat when she caught a Master Angler or just sipping a cocktail, memories were never be forgotten. Five words to describe Cindy: | caring, fun-loving, thoughtful, energetic, & easy going. | ~ Monte & Carolyn | AWESOME

43: Cindy was bartender at Kozy's when I first met her. She served drinks, visited, and was sometimes very moody. Even I couldn't charm her. She turned out to be a good friend and a good sport. ~Monte | Taurus Sunroof -- possible exit if needed | You ran over the queen bee!!!! | I'm glad to have known your family all these years. Hope you have a lot more birthdays. ~Jeff Prigge

44: There are many things about Cindy that I love but there is one story that is probably uniquely mine. I had bought a property in Adams that had been empty for a while and was in the process of cleaning it up in an attempt to turn it into a daycare center. | Dan and Cindy were helping paint, but we were taking a break and were on the south side of the property cleaning out some dead brush from the property. I don't remember if it was a sound or what that alerted Cindy to it, but she turned | around and there was a huge bull snake right behind her. There was screaming involved and the snake was killed. But I have to give Cindy props because she went back to painting after all was said and done. | ~Marcia

45: Cindy is one of the most caring and unselfish people we know. She will do anything for her family and friends and seems to put herself last. Dan might be a great guy but Cindy is one TERRIFIC woman for all she does. Love you Cindy. Hope you have a great Bday. ~Rhonda & Steve

46: Hey Chicky Baby What's a Happenin? Always Good Times With Cindy: | Youth group trip to Kansas City | Celebrating New Year's Eve at Kozy's | Following the van to the Royals baseball game | Riding the "Viking Voyager" at Worlds of Fun | Drinking virgin daquiris at Oceans of Fun | Supper at the top of the Stratosphere | Eating supper together | Walking the bean fields :) | Good Times with a Good Friend.... are all Treasured Memories ~Love Diane & Dave | Trips to Las Vegas | Seeing the Grand Canyon | Trips to the boats - 'Jackpot party'

47: Cindy, one of my favorite parts of living in Gresham was getting to know you. I have wonderful memories of hours of conversation standing outside in your yard. You have a way of making everyone around you feel better and you often made my day. I still remember the day when Adam said "Mommy, go to work. I want to stay and play at Cindy's". Both Andrew and Adam had an excellent babysitter who helped them grow into the young men they are today. Whenever I think of you, it brings a smile to my face. | ~Michelle & Tim Jenks Andrew & Adam | P.S. Tim thinks you might have the brain today. He says to wish you a very Blessed Birthday.

48: I'm happy because i like you, oma. i love you. have a good birthday. i love you so much! ~Boru

49: You are the best oma in the whole wide world! i like you because you are pretty and because you give me toys and presents. i want to give you a cake for your birthday. happy birthday oma!!! ~odelia

52: My memories of Cindy start with my husband Larry. He knew Cindy from going to Kozy's bar on Monday afternoons when she was bar tending. He would always talk about how Cindy did a good job and how nice she was. So that is how I got to know Cindy a little bit. Whenever I would stop at the bar, we would chit chat with each other. Also, she became my golf partner. Monte Romohr got us together on that. Cindy needed a golf partner and Monte told her to call me. She did and I said yes because I didn't really have a partner at the time. We've become really good friends ever since, and still golf partners to this day. So now we have a four-some when we golf: Carolyn, Karla, Cindy, and me. We have a lot of fun and laughs when we get together and golf. Cindy and I really matched up on golf, we either had a good night at golf or we didn't. We always shot the same.

53: Another time I remember was once when we were getting ready to go home and Cindy backed her truck into the unloading dock and put a little dent in the rear bumper. She said Dan was going to be really mad, but I don't think he got all that mad. It could have been a lot worse. But we laugh about it now. Anyways, Cindy and I always have a lot of fun when we golf together, or whatever we do. She is a very Special Friend to have. Happy 50th Birthday Cindy ~Love, Diane | I remember a few times when we were golfing and having a few drinks. I would be driving the golf cart and I have the bad habit of being in a hurry and start driving off with the cart but without Cindy. Or I would make a sharp turn with the cart and Cindy would fall out. I always told her to put her seatbelt on when I was driving. We always have a lot of laughs.

54: Happy Birthday Sister Cindy Where do I begin: thanks for putting up with me when we were still in high school, letting me tag along some evenings taking Dad's ole red pickup truck, the thing didn't shake too bad if we went over 50. I remember one night dad was up waiting for you watching out the window at these headlights | I wished we could have stayed living just one mile apart from each other. We could have hollored out the door at each other, but used the telephone instead. Even though I always burnt my cookies because we were talking and the cord on my telephone wouldn't reach the oven (cords on phones). So, every time I let my cookies get a little dark, Darwin would ask if I was talking to | Thanks for always taking in my kids like they were your own, I | you again. | that just went in circles at every intersection they came to, till finally they came home. I can't even remember if he was mad or not. How could he be mad if you could do that!!! | felt the same way about yours. Putting up with Cody for four summers while detassling with your kids couldn't have been easy but you had them so trained they did it all by themselves. Even if they had to celebrate just one too many times! Oh, the memories!!!

55: I can still remember the first time you took Dillon home with you, those were the longest days for me ever! When we left Evan at 2 years of age so we could go to Colorado with Mom and Marlene, I hoped he wasn't too much trouble. Chasing him down at the fair, hoping not to lose him, showing rabbits, and just getting plain dirty. You're welcome. The boys always liked it when you came home, then they got to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's too with all of you guys. Which reminds me of the time we went to LAS VEGAS and left four little kids at Mom & Dad's (poor Kelli). Of course you forgot your camera, or was it the film. Then we had to walk five miles to see who knows what. That killed my knee, it really hurt. There were a lot of miles between us but we always managed to find time to talk to each other and run after the kids and keep them going as well. The trip to see Brian and Tara this last summer was nice. That nice long car ride, the heat, our beautiful cabin, smelly slow water, and even a raccoon (which we can see here at home). But the food was great, thanks to Brian. Not having to cook was my vacation. We just need to do that some more. Hope you have a very happy birthday and many more to come. | p.s. Darwin always says I'm going to you know where when he gives you so much crap but still does it. I'm sorry. | ~Love Susan & Darwin

56: If my memory serves me correctly, I got to know Cindy shortly after they moved to Gresham as Travis and Kerri started Kindergarten together. Kerri was only in the Gresham school one year, but we had plenty of opportunities to get acquainted through summer softball and youth group activities. | The ball park memories are ones of hard work, fun, and laughter. The ball committee days were very memorable. Youth group memories include camping at Mahoney and a trip to Worlds of Fun! We always had a good time. There were lots and lots of good times and plenty of laughs. I also remember her giving Robert a pair of Garfield underwear for his birthday! It isn't very often that you can embarrass him, but I think she accomplished it with that gift. | Cindy has such a big heart and is always ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need. She has many friends and such a bubbly personality that she is a pure joy to be around. I wish her many, many more happy years. ~A friend, Melinda & Robert Stoll

57: Happy 50th Birthday to Cindy!! Larry and I were on the Gresham Ball Committee with Cindy and Dan--that's when we first really got to know Cindy. We had a great group on the committee back then, and we had a lot of fun (of course we did work too). We have had a lot of good memories with Cindy and look forward to many more in the future. Hope you have a wonderful 50th Birthday Cindy and many more to come!!! (You don't look a day over 25) ~Jo and Larry Walford

58: a grown-up on the tractor with a kid on his/her lap. Totally safe. So, I'm driving the lawn mower, giving the kids "The Tour of Gresham" and I get close to The Buss household. I decide to pay | ~Brian & Jodie Boye, Riley & Jackson | up the lawn, to find Cindy and Dan sitting outside on the back steps. I pull up, shut down the mower and just start neighborly chatting, as if I'd seen them just the other day. What I loved the most about the whole thing is that Cindy and Dan | One of my favorite Cindy and Dan stories happened just a little over a year ago... summer 2009. Every summer, we bring the whole circle of friends to Gresham for a party at Mom's. We've done this for years. Last year, we decided to hook up the brush wagon to the back of Mom's lawn mower. The kids wanted to drive "The tractor." The adults wanted to drink | 'em a visit. I drove the lawn mower, complete with kids and beers right | didn't even blink an eye to the whole ridiculousness of the entire parade. It's like they were used to seeing 2 parents, 3 kids, a lawn mower and a brush wagon driving through the streets. Then again, it IS Gresham. Cindy and Dan have always been super-friendly to me and my family. They're honestly some of my favorite people in Gresham. | beers. So we loaded up a grown-up and kids into the wagon, and

59: Besides the fact that Cindy did a pretty awesome job raising her own children, she was also involved in raising my daughter. When you have to work and look for a caregiver for your child, there are a few things to consider. After all, that individual will be totally responsible for your child for nine hours of the day, five days a week. I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to be concerned about the safety and quality of care my child received because Cindy helped me raise Darlyn. I don't have any clever stories to share. But I do know for those nine hours a day, five days a week, Darlyn became apart of your family and I will be forever grateful for that. | I've thought about this as the years passed and Darlyn grew up. I watched as each one of your kids grew up, and now and then I'd catch a glimpse of you when you were home. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to express how blessed we are because Cindy is over the top AWESOME! ~Donna Boye

60: As a first cousin who got to share sleepovers at Grandpa and Grandma DeBuhr's with Cindy, I can honestly say I don't remember ever having an argument with Cindy. She always wanted others to be happy even when she was young - and that continues today. | Cindy values the happiness of her family above all else. And when anyone has a conversation with Cindy, you believe she is really listening and really cares about what you are saying (Cindy is really good at this--or she is really good at faking this!) | We all hope you have a very happy 50th Birthday! ~Andrea and Jim Kvasnicka | Beautiful, Caring, Smiling, Laughing, Loving

61: Even though I have known Cindy all my life, it's hard to think of specific memories. Cindy is always friendly, caring, and has a smile for all. | Everyone enjoys being around her. The love of her family is obvious and she is proud of them and their accomplishments. I can remember the | mutual excitement for the births of our first grandchild. It is hard to believe that it has been 5 1/2 years and that Cindy is 50! Happy Birthday!! ~Brian and Collette Little

62: Joe and I have known Cindy for probably 17 years. Not sure how we first got to know her but it was probably Joe being up at Kozy's when she bar tended. Cindy watched all four of my kids in her home daycare. We always felt like she watched and treated them as her own. It was a good (but sad) sign when they wanted to go to Cindy's when they were supposed to be at home or when they didn't ever want to leave her house. We have great memories of the kids being with Cindy everyday while Joe and I taught and coached. I know the kids have great memories that they will remember forever. Now that our kids no longer are in daycare and Cindy is no longer in the "business" we miss seeing her (and Dan) on a regular basis. Living just down the street and we NEVER see them -- how sad is that?!?! We wish Cindy a very happy 50th Birthday and many more great years to come. Thank you Cindy for the many years of "service" to the Dey family and for being a great caregiver and the memories that were made with our kids. | ~Joe & Julie Dey

63: Cindy is such a wonderful person. We have been so fortunate to have her in our lives and in the lives of our kids. Al & Heather & family | I enjoyed how Cindy always greeted us with a smile and then hearing the stories of the day. For example, when Jeremy took out all her pots and pans and then climbed into the cupboards. I also thought it was funny the first time we went to the bar after Jon turned 21 and she carded him. She couldn't believe he was 21 already!! ~Traci and Tim Clouse | I don't want to go home yet!!! | Can I have some kool-aid? | I want chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese!!! | I want the green bowl!!!!

64: Mom, it was really hard to write something that sounded sincere, but here goes. I love you, but you already knew that. You sacrificed so much to make sure your kids grew up happy. Not that we grew up with material things we didn't need, but with love.

65: I never knew how much you really did have to put aside for your family until Boru came along. There is nothing in the world that I could give you for what you have given us. Here's to the best mom in the world and 50 more birthdays. | Love, Tara

66: I met Cindy when we moved out here in February 2003 when Cody started daycare at her house. She and Dan were great with all the kids, very patient, especially the day the window broke when Cody wouldn't leave Reggie and Randy alone. WOW, the memories. I would help Cindy sometimes with the kids when she needed to go uptown to help Kozy out with the lunch specials and that was always fun over the noon hour. Cody had a lot of great times at Cindy's house and met his best friends there, which still are, friends that Cody will have for a lifetime I am sure. Cindy, a very Happy, Happy Birthday to you from Cody and I and we hope you have a great day and a great party as we know you will. ~Amy Bender & Cody

67: Tiffany sent a message saying her mom was celebrating an important birthday and she wanted everyone to write a story or simply send a message to Cindy letting her know how old she really was. I always assumed Cindy was 29 years old. | Cindy, we want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope that all your wishes in life come true! We feel blessed being able to know you and have you be a part of our lives-as I am sure others feel this same way! Again have a wonderful birthday | I remember the day that the Buss family moved into the white house across the street from us in Gresham like it was yesterday. OK, I remember it like it was years and years ago! I remember a young mom with three little kids whom never raised her voice to them once-in front of others anyway! I was impressed to learn that Cindy knew a second language. Her | daughter Tara was maybe two or three years old and to my young ears Tara spoke a foreign language. I remember her saying something and I had no idea what it was. Thankfully Cindy was able to translate for me. I was able to quickly pick up this new language, which a lot of children speak, and it made it babysitting them much easier! Through the years as Cindy's kids got older, she appeared to not age at all. She could always smile and could remain calm through anything. The one thing that stands out with her is her calm, peaceful manner. That is why I am sure that this birthday will not be hard for her. For most, this birthday is the end of the world! You are on top of that hill ready to roll over the downhill side! I think Cindy will look at the day on the calendar and laugh thinking that I thought she was turning 29 again! | ~Karri Hood & Family | and who cares which one it is!

68: a sister is someone who knows everything about you and loves you anyways

69: having a sister is having a friend for life

70: I remember watching The Little Giants, The Little Rascals, Volcano, and Twister in the afternoons. I remember Dacee and I playing with Cindy's hair. I remember the little purple dresses and purses that she got us for our birthdays. ~Molly It was a great day when we had hot dogs and mac & cheese. I remember Candy and Skittles, We had stick fights - no injuries. I enjoyed watching movies and playing with the toys. It was always fun being at Cindy's. Halloween was great too... watching for Dan. ~Jacob | I remember drinking out of these one koolaid cups- they were my favorite!! There was this Nintendo game that I loved to play - Duck Hunt - I loved trying to beat the boys at it!! I remember playing outside a lot, especially hide and seek. I loved playing in the playroom too. There was this one toy that had doors and a slide and you could put little people in it. I remember watching different kinds of movies. Oh, and there was this one game - "Break the Ice" or something like that. A | lot of us kids played that. You would drop marbles on a kleenex until it would break. | ~Shelby | CINDY'S DAYCARE

71: house on the prairie, saved by the bell, and my little pony. When I saw her in July for our engagement session with Tara, she hadn't changed at all. Still the kind, sweet woman I remembered her as. ~Darlyn | I remember there was always some special treat for us like monster cookies, rice krispie treats, dirt.... I remember playing games, watching little | I remember playing with little purses, watching movies, going to the bank and getting candy. I remember the blue kool-aid cup and afternoon snacks. I always had fun at Cindy's house!! ~Lindsey

72: Let's see, Dan and Cindy got married July 13, 1979, so we've known Cindy 31 of her 50 years. It's difficult to remember a time when Cindy isn't smiling. And when you consider she's been married to Dan, that's pretty | terrific! And when you consider that she is still married to Dan, that is probably the funniest thing she has ever done!! Whenever we see Cindy, she is always smiling, but she's probably | the happiest when she has her family (especially her children and grandchildren) around her. Five words to describe Cindy: loving, caring, giving, friendly, and a little crazy (but only because of that Dan thing). ~ Bev and Orville Buss

73: I can't think of any specific memories about Cindy, but she was such a cute little gal when she was younger. As she has gotten older, she always has a smile for everyone, and still does. It seems that she is always really happy to see everyone. | Cindy, You are such a neat gal. I love you, ~Marlene

74: I've known Cindy for 23 years now. She was my baby sitter from kindergarten to 6th grade. Cindy quickly became my mom #3 behind my actual mom and my Aunt Karla. What I remember about Cindy's is breakfast. I was (and still am) a picky eater. I don't like milk in cereal and I don't like toast, both of which were on Cindy's breakfast menu. Instead, I would ask her for a piece of bread-plain. I remember the look on her face when I asked for it the first time - somewhere between shock and bewilderment. Cindy has done so much for me over the years and I could never thank her enough. Have a wonderful birthday, Mom. You deserve it! ~ Pamela Walters, Luke and Willem

75: I've known Cindy and the kids pretty much my whole life. Ever since I was about 3 or 4 years old, my mom would wake me up, get me dressed, and take me to Grandma's or to Mom #2 (Cindy). When school started, Cindy's house would usually be my afternoon drop point. From which I would run | as fast as I could inside because I knew she had a cheese sandwich and a glass of koolaid waiting for me. I got to know quite a few friends having Cindy as my babysitter, and I still talk to them to this day. Cindy has been a great Mom #2 to me, and an even better friend to our family. I'll never forget how much fun I had playing Candyland, getting my finger bit by the rabbits, sneaking into the basement, or getting rocked | to sleep in Cindy's favorite chair. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family Cindy. I love you Mom #2!!! | Love, Brady (4th child) | me being tough | me and drake | yes, i smile | makin ya proud

76: A child reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

77: children | your | two things; | roots and wings. | Give

78: Cindy has always been a good friend and sister-in-law. Cindy is always thoughtful and kind, always willing to help others when you can. Cindy is a great person and a good role model. We wish her a great birthday and a great life! ~David

79: Cindy is older than me, so I don't know her well. But I have known her since we were kids and our parents were in card party together. My favorite things about Cindy have always been her constant | negative about anyone. She has always been very family and friend oriented. I hope you have a great birthday, Cindy!! ~Colleen & Tom Nieveen, Derek, Brandon, & Jenna | smile and catchy laugh. She has always been so nice, loving, and caring to | everyone, and always has a positive attitude - even when times were tough. I have never heard her say anything

80: I remember at Uncle Dan's birthday party you were hanging a sign that said "Uncle Dan is a great guy". That was funny. Happy Birthday | Happy Birthday Cindy! ~Miranda | Cindy!! ~Mary

81: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!! I want to let you know how lucky I am, well, Susan and Kelli too, to have you as our big sister. I also want to say Thank You for always being there, whenever we needed to talk or whatever. Never forget all the good memories we had while growing | up, even now that we all have kids of our own, and grandkids. (It is still hard to | believe you and Dan are grandparents!) I hope you have a wonderful birthday. ~Love Kerri

82: And also being a great neighbor........I always enjoyed, and I still do, going over to Dan and Cindy's and visiting! They always make me feel welcome!! And last but not least KOZY'S Bar!! Wow, we had some fun times there!!! | Happy 50th Cindy!! and many more!! ~Love Danielle & Jay Saige & Paityn | So my memories of Cindy are a couple things....... kool-aid!!!!!! That is a major one!!! I don't ever remember being at her house for an afternoon snack without having kool-aid! Of course softball is gonna have to be another one!!! Man, we had some fun times! Cheap seats and all............

83: just too many memories | When | I | think | of | Cindy | I | think | of | lots | of | giggling! | ~Amy | Kadavy | of softball to good ole nights at Kozy's, there are | to mention them all! | Happy 50th Birthday to you and cheers to many more!!! | ~Love Brandi, Les, & Danika Pohl | ~Cindy, From the good ole days

84: you don't choose your family. they are God's gift to you as you are to them | a family needs a grandma in it

86: We want to wish you a very happy birthday Cindy! Don't know for sure the first time we met but it has been a joy to know you. You are such a positive person and always have a warm smile for everyone. You have always been a willing worker no matter what project is going on - ball committee, community club, Legion Auxiliary. Thanks for all you do for those around you. God bless you richly on this milestone birthday and in the years ahead. ~Wendy & Steve Wait

87: I have known Cindy for about 26 years. Cindy and I met In Gresham when I was looking for a babysitter for Pamela. I found out that my sister, Brenda Pauly, had watched her kids when Cindy was living in York. Cindy and I became good friends and I am here for her to this day. I would say that Cindy is a GIVING and CARING friend to many. A memory I have of being with Cindy is when we took a trip to Vegas and we went on a ride that makes you move in your seat. I had closed my eyes and everyone was laughing, and when I opened my eyes they were laughing at me because I was holding my boobs so they would not move! Happy 50th Birthday. ~Love, Mona and Roger Lambert

89: Happy Birthday Cindy, I will always remember when you were little and came over to our house and the first thing you girls would do was run to the candy drawer and help yourselves to all you wanted. That's what grandmas and grandpas are for. I owe you a big thank you for taking me and Betty to Colorado that one summer. I had just the best time being with you, your mom, and spending time with my sister, Carrie. I think that was the time you ordered a cinnamon roll that was as big as a plate. We just looked at it and thought "Wow, can you eat it?" (No) Wishing all the best and many more good times to come. | ~Love, Grandma

90: Happy 50th Birthday from the Noble Family!!! | Tiffany has requested that we share some memories that we have since you and your family moved to Gresham, too bad the memory bank is like our bank account, not much in there!!! Seriously though, I don't remember exactly when or how we actually first met, probably at a softball game. We were so thankful that you guys graciously volunteered to join the ball committee with us. That really started the ball rolling (so to speak) for years of memories. | The Buss', Noble's, Walford's, and Rediger's were destined to take the program forward, OH, and have way too much fun. Remember the one state tournament when it was going to rain so we covered the field and promptly went to the bar as it poured. Then we went back to the ball field to see the whole thing flooded. I Remember splashing in the water and thinking how much work we had | to do the next day hungover!! We made it work though. We very much enjoyed our golfing road trips to Kansas and Oklahoma, was that a lot of fun or what!! The Romohr's Buss' Rathje's and Noble's get the women and children off the streets, we're coming to town!!

91: What about that "Birdie" at the Walnut Grove course you got, was that off two trees and a rock and then in the hole!?! Congrats on that! Yep, those were some great times. Remember all the get-togethers to watch the Husker games, or just to grill out and enjoy our favorite beverage? Those were the days. | Mostly Cindy, we want to thank you for all your time helping to "raise" Brady when we were in need of someone for a daycare. You came to our rescue. It meant so much that we didn't have to worry at all because you were so patient and caring with him, even when he got older and used Ruth and Otto's house as a driving range!! | As we move to the present, thank you for being you and for sharing your life and family with us. We are so happy that we can still have a golf game occasionally, go out for a meal, or just get together and talk about old times or anything. | Again, Happy Birthday and many many more!!! The Dan & Karla Noble Family

92: Cynthia Kay DeBuhr

94: It's been nearly three decades of fighting, yelling, and tears. Whether its been differing opinions, hurt feelings, or something else, we have never gotten along like mothers and daughters should. But, you have always been there and involved with things even if I didn't want you to be. You pushed me into softball and made me stay in band but they are memories that I will always have. | You let me go to D.C. on that school trip, and we had an amazing time in Georgia, and there were even a couple school dances that you chaperoned where I had to hide on the other side of the gym. I do remember | one night when I was in high school. You were closing up the bar and Travis, Ryan, Amy, | Danielle, and I were up there. We must have been talking about ghosts or something because we | decided to go visit Old Nellie's grave The others went ahead but I stayed with you to lock up. We parked the truck outside the cemetery and creeped in, hiding behind a tree so they wouldn't see us. | Something spooked them and they started driving out of the cemetery. We got our chance and jumped out from behind the tree and made Ryan practically jump into Travis's lap because he was so scared.

95: But the thing I cannot thank you enough is for being behind me for whatever I wanted to do. Especially coming to Korea. You were in the middle of dealing with your cancer crap and you were 100% behind me and let me go halfway around the world to teach | children to speak English. haha I have a year full of memories now that are some of my favorites in my lifetime. So after all these years, even though we don't always agree, or even get along, I thought of the perfect gift for both of us. I love to design and make things, and you are a sucker for anything that is a little sentimental. I couldn't think of a better way to merge the two and show you how much you mean to the people you have touched in your life. I've learned a lot about your life making this book and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. It has been a long process. I hope you like it. | Happy Birthday. ~Your Forgotten child, Tiffany

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