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Heather's 40th

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Heather's 40th - Page Text Content

S: Heather's 40!

BC: August 11, 2011

FC: Happy Birthday, Heather!! | 40 | It's the BIG

1: To Have Succeeded To laugh often and love much; To win respect of intelligent people And the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics And endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty;To find the best in others; To give one's self;To leave the world a little better, Whether by a healthy child,A garden patch,Or redeemed social condition; To have played and laughed with enthusiasm And sung with exultation; To know even one life has breathed easier Because you have lived... This is to have succeeded. -Ralph Waldo Emerson | Heather Daughter Sister Friend Cousin | Wife Granddaughter Aunt | Niece Sister-in-law Girlfriend Mother | Birthday Girl

2: Heath - I wanted to give you a gift that let you know how special you are. You've been such a great friend to so many people, and to me especially! From highschool to college to on-our-own" twenty-somethings to 1st time homeowners to weddings and now babies! Anything significant, you were right by my side. I've shared so many memories with you that it's impossible to list them all. So here are a few that REALLY ring true of what a beautiful friend and person you are, and others that I just hold near and dear. I love you and wish for you a wonderful birthday and another "successful" 40 years! xoxoxo - Dana | Letting me copy in Ms Gorhams class. | When you walked to another dorm IN YOUR ROBE AND TOWEL to get a key because I'd locked us out. | You didnt kill me when I wrecked your car! | Late night WalMart trips | Learning the Chi-O pledge on our drive back from ASU. | Did we really go to a Little Sister Party dressed like men? And WHAT were we wearing in the bahamas?!What the What??? | You were a total super trooper when I hauled that big ass bed frame into our teensy tiny dorm! | My very first teaching class was with you! | Beer Bongs on your back deck | when we stuffed pillows under our shirts to look preggers... | Being summoned to hold your hair back at a Chi-O dance. | I loved the baby shower you gave me | Karaoke in Atlanta to Bust-a-Move! | I will never forget the classic Heather face when the girl came to give you a lap dance at Thee DollHouse. And THEN how yall chatted the whole time when you discovered she was your resident! | Noone knows every song lyric like Heather! | Our 30th Birthday Party | Beach Trips | So many memories going out. One of my faves is one of the very last double dates where we spent like an hour in the bathroom taking pictures while they waited! | awww. And now we know!

3: Heather - I love you more than anyone or anything in this world, and I'm SOOOO thrilled about Lila (and Michael!). I've enjoyed the last 40 years with you more than you could ever know -- all my sweetest memories are times spent with you!! I love you! Mom

4: Heather - Remember when we were out on a hot summer day, leaving the pool or the beach, riding in your truck with the sunroof open (of course) with both of us leaning on the center armrest/console? Suddenly, you started cracking up! When I asked, "What the heck are you laughing at?" you said, "I just looked down at our arms (side by side) and for a second wondered...how'd you get so tanned!?!?!" LOL One of the things I absolutely love about you is how (like Dozier but much more tactful) you speak your mind. Sort of like your mouth has no filter sometimes and you just say what's on your mind. What comes out is the funniest (and factual) stuff ever! And remember when you, Dana, Leigh, Cindy, Steph and I (and little D) used to take turns having theme parties at each of our apartments with lots of food, drink and great conversations! I mean we used to decorate and go all out for these dinners. What fun times!! I hope your 40th birthday is as enjoyable and lighthearted as those days were:) Love - Kesha | HAPPY 40TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5: Baby Girl | Dear Heather, Uncle Edward & I wish you a happy 40th and at least 40 more!! We love you and are thinking of you!! Much Love, Auntie Kay | Heather -- The best thing I did 40 plus years ago was to introduce your mom and dad -- and then you came along. You are a beautiful woman and you have the best of both your parents. I'm very proud of you. Love, Aunt Dee

6: Dear Heather-Feather, I remember so many lovely things about you! You are such a kind and generous person! Your smile is contagious and can warm a room! I loved to ride around with you in your car and listen to you sing. Even now it makes me smile to think about it!Our late night "roomie" chats were always fun too! You and your mom were always so good to me and made me feel like family when mine lived so far away. Thank you for being such a special friend! I wish you the best on your 40th birthday! You have so many things to look forward to in the coming months. I can't wait to share in your joy once again! Love, Kelly-Smelly | R | o | o | M | I | E | S | condo | 40

7: Happy 40th birthday, Cuz!! I have so many fun and happy memories of us growing up. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of the times that we would spend together during the holidays or special celebrations. I loved going up to Grandma's house and us playing in the upstairs bedrooms, rummaging through all of Grandma's old things. Or playing on her player piano. I also loved all the post-lunch naps that we would take on that old sofa in her den. No matter which house we were visiting, it seemed like you and I would always find a way to sneak off and talk about everything that was going on in our lives. I loved those talks and always looked forward to them. | I also have fun memories of visiting you in Raleigh when I was in school at UNCC. From hanging out at the pool at your condo, going to the beach with your friends or you inviting me to your annual soirees. All those were such fun times for me. You also taught me the art of self-portrait photo taking and self-timed photo taking (please reference below picture ). Two very different techniques but ones that you mastered!!! | I have always looked up to you and consider you not only my cousin but a true friend. My birthday wish for you is that you have many more happy and exciting memories in the years to come. I love you!!! Allie-poo

8: Heather, I remember meeting you our freshman year in Cotton Hall (oh so long ago!). Then we ended up in the same pledge class for Chi O. When I think of you, I always remember your contagious laughter and how you were always fun to go out with! --Happy Birthday! - Kelly | Happy 40th Birthday Heather!!! There are lots of things I love about you - you are such a genuine person with such a great smile and contagious laugh! I am so glad we got to know each other and venture through our early 20s together. I have sweet memories of sleepovers at your condo watching movies and just hangin' out with you and your kitty. Lots of memories of pre-soiree time at your place at UNCG too! You make a difference in the lives you touch. I am so very happy for you in your new marriage and your daughter will be blessed to have a Mama like YOU! Wish you all the very best always, Heather!! Gina Hallsey Allen

9: Heather - Some of my favorite memories are walking around Sedgewood Green, Alive after Five, Fosters, trips to the beach, Charlie and Louis playing, and just hanging out! I hope you have a very Happy 40th Birthday! -Cindy | I have so many memories of heather! Of course a Matt/Tardiff specific memory would be when she introduced us and I liked him, but he was wearing that terrible hemp necklace. We were at the Warehouse and she walked up to him and took it off. He was like, what are you doing? She said, "helping you." And of course who can forget heather peeing on the grate at the corner bar. And was it the sink at the sig ep or pi kap house?! Happy 40th Birthday, Heather - Love, Tardiff and Mattie | B | I | G

10: A | M | Y

11: My dear friend Heath is turning 40 - it is going to be such an amazing year for this amazing person, and I couldn't be happier for her!!! I do have a couple of funny memories from our younger days (I actually have too many to recite, but here are a couple)... I remember when... Heath and I were in the McDonald's bathroom at Four Seasons Mall in Gboro and her shy bladder left me standing there waiting for her for an inordinately long period of time. Finally, I stomped my foot and yelled, "Dammit Heather, pee!!" The fun weekend at the lake with boys and the red eye that resulted!!:) Heather walking around regularly exclaiming, "I smell a green bean", "I smell a dog", or others. She has a very keen sense of smell!! Our summer nights with the Cisco and the song Su loved by Yo Yo who is not a ho ho and she talks about Cisco in that song. Heather's Express scoop neck tops that she had in so many colors - I especially remember the green one! Heather crying uncontrollably at my wedding and Mike's dad talking about that for years after. Heather - you are a terrific friend. I love you dearly, and I hope your next 40 years are as love-filled and wonderful as your first 40. Love - Amy

12: To my PBSF~ From Fifth grade, when we first met until now, the year we turn 4-0, our lives have been forever changed by the friendship we share & the many memories we made!!! As we both approach our 4-0, I have a daughter who will start high school & your little girl is waiting to meet you in a few short weeks!! I hope your birthday is fabulous & all your wishes come true. I wish only the best for you & true happiness!!! It looks like 4-0 is gonna be a great one for you!! Love Always, Your PBSF, Robin.

13: Heather - I remember how obsessed you were with Duran Duran and how you would kiss your poster and talk about them non-stop. I also remember the many slumber parties we had at your house or mine and playing "light as a feather, stiff as a board!" -Sydney | Heather, I remember you coming into the 3rd grade late with your mom and her cool fish necklace. Our joke has always been, "we've known each other from 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th" and ever since then. You're an amazing person and I am lucky to know you. Happy 40th, Heather! May this year be filled with many many blessings! Love you my friend! Sarah Hicks

14: Happy Birthday, Heather! Love, Leigh

15: Hi Heath – So many memories, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Should we talk about shoes, about being “very, very careful”, or about your nose against the screen door wondering when your Mom & I were going to notice you standing there asking for dinner after she & I had finished a long, long work week? Or maybe your fashion show at the dining room mirrors trying to decide between shoes, earrings, etc. every morning before school ? So glad to see you so happy but having a little trouble with you being 4-0, because that means your mom has to move off 4-0 and that means I have to move off 3-0, so.. Remember, “be very, very careful out there !” Xxooxx, Jack

16: This picture brings back memories of one of the best belly aching laughs I can remember with you! We were being completely silly which I love. Happy Birthday! Thank you for being a wonderful friend & super extra special part of my life! | Love, Kat

17: Heather Heather is a beautiful woman, whose beauty is the kind that shines from within and radiates throughout. She is a positive, warm, gem of a woman, whose brilliance draws people near. Heather has a knack for drawing others to her, because she has a quality which can’t be learned or taught. She has a gift for making people feel comfortable and welcome in her presence. When someone is lucky enough to know or spend time with Heather, they immediately feel what makes her so special. She is curious about life and people and makes folks feel special by engaging them with her honest and true interest in that person and their life. She is quick to note the positive aspects of life, and quick to let go of the negative ones. Heather is one of God’s gifts to the world, and I am so glad that I have the good fortune to know her and experience the delight, beauty, humor and love that she brings to it!!! Rebecca Barbee

18: Forty, Already!!!!??? Such a special friend to me for so long. Seeing you at the shower with your belly filled with precious life, made me so happy and proud! I have been blessed knowing you all these years with us waiting patiently (and sometimes not-so-patiently) for this chapter in your life. How can I forget about all the fun times at work, the trips to budget camps, the laughter and tears in our hotel rooms? You took such good care of me while I was working and pregnant with Dominic. You stopped me from devouring the ant-filled pizza and protected me from the wild bird that decided to fly into our office. Your love for my kids and all the precious precious pictures you created for us, I thank you for that! There is no doubt that this chapter in your life will be your best yet. While nothing can really prepare you for the tired, sleepness nights a baby brings...you will be very prepared for the love that fills your heart with the sound of your baby and Michael by your side. Happy Birthday friend and I can't wait to meet your beautiful Lila! Love, Yvette | A special birthday wish for a very special lady that I love dearly! May your wishes come true not only on this special day but forever. Love & Hugs – Kimberly Michael

19: Heather, You light up a room when you walk in & bring a smile to everyone with your beautiful personality and wonderful sense of humor. I've loved you since the day you were born (can't believe it's been 40 years!) and always will. Happy Birthday! I love you! Aunt "Lo-reen" | "Auntie Catherine"

20: Happy 40th Heathie!! (or HeeHee as Parker would say). It's been a fun decade starting with great times at The Grove. To think I was nervous to work with you and I ended up having the best "boss" and finally getting to know you as a great friend. I'm so excited for you this year and can't wait to meet Lila. Hope you have a FANTASTIC Birthday! Love you lots! Steph

21: Happy Birthday Heather! This is going to be a very exciting year for you and I am so happy for you. Becoming a mom has been something you have been looking forward to for a long time. Your daughter is so blessed to have you as her mother! You are one of the most caring, thoughtful people I know. I will never forget the thoughtful things you have done for me over the years...the good luck cards for horse shows, the mothers day wishes, the encouraging words, and wonderful hugs. Enjoy this very special year and remember how loved you are. xoxo, Jackie | My favorite expression of Heather's when she was a toddler is..."I farted". She was so cute and said it w/that sweet little southern drawl! "Happy 40th" to my sweet niece! Molly | Heather, happy birthday to you! It has been a long time since we saw each other, but when Dana mentioned this special birthday project, it brought back a flood of memories from high school days. I still remember first meeting you in the 10th grade and spending lots of time chatting at our lockers – usually with Scott in proximity! For some reason, that brings back thoughts of Forenza t-shirts and hoop earrings, too! I hope that you are doing something fun to celebrate the big 4-0. I cannot believe we are already to this stage of life! All the best, Leslie (Rogers) Morgan

22: Dear Heather, This is a fond memory of us truly being snowed in for almost a week, and a huge surprise to us. We were enchanted by the beautiful wonder of this white magic. You can see that the jacket and pants are yours, but the rest of the gear is from my closet. I think we even but my boots on you. I am blessed that your mom and daddy shared these beautiful years of you with me. Since playtime is so important in the development of a child’s life, we played. Please always know that you are my special little girl. Many happy wishes for your birthday and every day, Cheryl

23: Happy Happy Birthday, Roxie!!! 40 will be extra sweet with your precious little angel arriving soon. I can't think of a better gift than little Lila. :-) I wish I could be there to help you celebrate old school style. You have been an amazing friend to me and by far my favorite co-worker!! Well, I use the word "worker" loosely. Maybe I should call you my favorite co-avoider or co-conspirator. I guess a lot of words could apply to our years of dedicated employment. And just think...we would have never even met and begun our amazing career and friendship if Chris hadn't been such a master | manipulator. I went to that Christmas party ready to size up the competition and instead I left with a new friend (and Chris and a toy phone that someone gave me. Wow...I had forgotten all about that phone!). Anyway, I am so happy about all the wonderful things that have been coming your way this past year and just know that the best is yet to come. I love you and hope you have the Happiest Birthday Ever!!!! Love, Carrie (aka PPC, Princess & Prissy)

24: Heather, around 8 years old, sitting on the sofa in Nan's living room, her feet pulled up to her face-"My feet smell like mayonnaise!" When I was young, and Heather was younger, I was SO jealous of her. But as time went on, I realized how wonderful she is! She is so funny and compassionate and spontaneously outrageous. Spending time with Heather now is like Christmas morning. Much anticipated, knowing that something so fun and unexpected is going to happen. I like her oodles and love her even more! Heather is definitely one of the bright spots in my life and in our family. | I | r | e | m | e | m | b | e | r | . | . | . | love, Holly

25: Heather, What does one say to the girl who has been her best friend for 25 years? Been through every up and every down..and even though we have lived hours apart for the last 17 years of our friendship... you are still the one that I feel closest to... still the one that I always pick up the phone for and the first one I want to call. There are too many "remember when's" to list..i wouldnt know where to begin. Thank you for your unwavering support through these past two extremely tough years. I am so blessed and grateful to have your un-conditional love and non-judging ear. I am so happy that "40" is going to be such an incredible year for you.... Happy Birthday, Heath!!! I love you! Susan

26: My fave memories of Heather??? driving the Blue Ridge Parkway with Heather and her sisters all in the front of a muscle car Cutlass. Heather seemed to love it. Laughed and did cartwheels every time we stopped... | Daddy

27: Or all of us eating around a Japanese hibachi at Kabuto including Heather eating her Burger King plain, no ketchup....or was it Pizza Hut??

28: Happy Birthday to my favorite little sister! Remember...40 is the new 30... the best is yet to come. xoxo, D | Generations | Sisters | Lizzy raises her glass for your 40th!

29: Buggy - | I wish so much that I had been lucky enough to spend more of the last 40 years with you. The good news is you and I have the rest of our lives together. I say this because I have seen how much love and joy you have brought into so many people's lives as a friend, a daughter, a sister, a real estate broker, now a wife and soon to be mommy. It is amazing how much so many people look up to you and love you, it's all because you are awesome! I look very forward to opening this new chapter in our lives and bringing beautiful baby Lila into the world. Heather you have made me a better person in all facets of life, I trust in every bit of advice and encouragement you have given me and I always will. You are my best friend and I love that it is you | that I get to spend the next 40 years of my life with (plus an extra 20). | I love you unconditionally and hope that this wonderful day is one that you will always remember. Happy Birthday, my sweet bride. | Love, Boo | C R A N E

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