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It's Your Birthday

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S: Haley Alise 2010 Age 6

FC: Haley Alise 6 years old

1: Happy Birthday | Haley is a beautiful, sweet girl. She is a daddy's girl no doubt. She looks forward to his coming home every day and always wants to talk to him on the phone. She is also definitely an oldest sister. I'm already having to remind her she's not the mom. She is extremely well behaved at school, her teacher has told me several times she wishes all her students were like Haley. She is very into doing what is right and will tell you EVERY little thing she does wrong. She likes to color and paint. She is in dance class and getting ready for her first recital. She has asked all the girls at school if they want to be her friend. She does well in school and loves to do her homework. We love having her around and I'm not looking forward to her being in school all day next year. It's going to be really hard.

2: Cut the Cake! | Haley had her first friend birthday party this year. We started by decorating some party bags. We also had a big bounce house with a slide. Kevin (who came home from work early for the party) played Simon Says and Duck Duck Goose with the girls.. While opening her birthday presents, the friend who was giving her the present sat with her while she opened it. It helped to keep everyone from crowding too much. After breaking open the pinata, the girls put the candy in the bag they decorated. Uncle Dallin had fun making the pinata swing from the top.

3: Make a Wish! | 4-10-10 - Today is Haley's bday, and she seems to have grown up instantly. This morning her manipulative abilities seem to have grown considerably. I told her we were going to the zoo today and she asked if we could ride the train. I told her probably not because it was expensive and she said, "But you can see so many more animals from the train. Don't you love animals?"

7: 4-16-10 - At Costco, Isaac was acting up so I threatened to sell him. I asked the kids, how much should we sell Ikie for? And Haley answered "Forty one hundred". Then Haley got a great idea and said, "How about we sell you mommy." I asked how much they would sell me for and Haley promptly replied "One Dollar

9: We went with Dallin, Katie and Nathan to the Hogle Zoo. Haley and Logan made their daddy proud. They were very interested in learning about the hawk. Haley finally got over her fear of this elephant. She always used to cry when she even got near it.

10: Over Spring Break we had Dallin, Katie, Nathan, Melinda, Lauri, and Jenna here. We had a lot of fun.

11: Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma, Maddison, and Aunt Thelma came to visit. It was Aunt Thelma's first trip to Utah. They came to see Haley's dance recital, and for Derek's blessing.

12: 5-09-10 - Haley's first dance recital. She made the cover for her pillow by herself. She mostly just smiled shyly and clung to her pillow (it was dream themed) but she was VERY cute. She made sure she was always in the right place but then she would just stand there and hug her pillow.

13: I was so proud to see her up there, even though she was so nervous, (or nervousing as she says) it was a big step. Afterwards, Logan and her dad gave her a rose. She got excited and said she wanted to go home and plant it so that it would grow more roses. I tried to explain to her that it did not work that way. Today for Mother's Day, Grandma, Grandma the Great, Aunt Thelma and I all got roses at church. We came home and put them in the vase with Haley's rose. Haley walked out and saw them and excitedly yelled "Look, my rose grew more roses."

15: While Mommy and Daddy were in England the kids got to go to California to stay with Aunt Traci,Aunt Tami, Grandma and Grandpa. Aunt Traci took the kids to a dairy farm.

17: San Diego Wild Animal Park

21: After our trip to England, we spent a couple days in California. Despite our better judgement and lack of sleep we took the kids plus Maddison to the San Diego Zoo. The kids were great and it was a fun zoo. I think the kids liked climbing on the statues more than they liked the animals. We even took hot, tired kids to El Torito and even though they sat us back in the corner the kids did excellent.

22: A bike ride with Katie, Miranda and Easton Reese.

23: Haley was not so thrilled about me hanging her over the edge like this

25: After Haley's softball game all the kids were very hot. It was probably the hottest day we've had so far. On the way home the kids asked if they could have a water gun fight. We got home before Kevin did, so we got the water guns ready and waited. When he got out of the car the kids got him. He quickly ran in the house and the kids went back to their fight. While they were playing Kevin returned and turned the sprinklers on. As you can tell in the pictures, they didn't mind. And of course, daddy played too.

27: Haley had her first Cavity

28: Maddison came to stay with us and while she was here we got to do a lot of fun things. On the the 3rd of July we got the kids ready for bed and then headed out towards Thanksgiving Point to watch fireworks. We stopped along the way and got frosties from Wendy's. We parked and put all the seats down in the back of the van and waited for the fireworks. Unfortunately it got really windy and cold so we closed the back of the van and watched from the inside.

29: We bought a new tent and sleeping bags for the kids. Kevin set the tent up in the basement to make sure everything was good and we let the kids sleep in it for two nights. We let the kids have a movie night. They stayed up late and I set up blankets and pillows. It was dark outside and we turned off all the lights so it was like a movie theater. Even Isaac got to stay up and watch. I brought them popcorn downstairs (where we usually don't allow food) and they thought it was Christmas. Logan was the only one who fell asleep.

30: We went up American Fork Canyon with the Reese family to have a cookout. We cooked some hot dogs, did some romping in the woods, took some pictures and ate some Smores. We had a great time!

32: 6-26-10 - After mowing the lawn, Kevin came in and sat in front of a box fan to cool down. I asked what he was doing and Haley said, "He is sitting in here colding up"

34: I took all the kids to the Living Planet Aquarium. We got there just in time to see a rainforest show. They brought out live animals, including a rainbow boa, scorpion, tarantula, hissing cockroach, a green parrot, a macaw, and a gray parrot. After the show the kids were allowed to go to the front and touch the cockroach and the snake. All four kids touched both the animals.

35: The other day Haley came down because she wanted me to tie a ribbon in her hair because she was being a princess. Logan was the prince and they were getting married. Here all three of them are ready for the wedding". They did their own make-up.

36: Chuck E Cheese

37: Summer Fun

38: 7-26-10 - I took Haley to Target to get some new underwear. Across the isle from the little girl section was the women's lingerie. Haley turned around and saw a display with bras, tank tops and underwear. She loudly proclaimed (because Haley is never quiet) : Hey look, panties, shirts, boobs! Panties, shirts, boobs! Panties, shirts, boobs!" | Making chalk outlines of each other.

39: Playing in the rain during a summer storm.

40: We went out to eat as a family and on the way home I told Kevin I needed to stop at the mall to buy something. While he had the younger kids at the play place I took Haley to get her ears pierced. She wanted to surprise her daddy. She was so excited, but after the first ear, she wasn't so sure about it and man did she hug that bear tight. Her daddy was not so happy about it.

41: Setting up the new Basketball hoop and making sock puppets

43: I had an end of summer/back to school party for Haley and the girls from her class at church. Of the 5 girls in her class 4 of them came and we had a good time.

44: Bowling

45: Aunt LIsa came with the Meyers family to get Jordan and Amanda settled into BYU

46: The night before Haley started first grade, Kevin and I took her to the Broadway play The Lion King at the Capitol Theater in SLC. I was so excited to take her to her first musical.

47: Haley started first grade. She's not really old enough, is she? I asked Kevin if we could put her in Kindergarten for another year and he told me no. We switched Haley to a new school so she could be in the same school as the rest of our ward. (We have strange boundaries) Haley seems to like school. After her first day she came home and said school is too long. Each class has early birds and later gators. We signed Haley up for Later gators because we don't do mornings. . One morning she told me she wanted to be an early bird because they got to leave earlier. I explained to her it's because they go to school earlier. She told me "I don't understand that" (which is one of her new favorite sayings). So I told her if you were an early bird instead of me waking you up right now , you would already have to be at school. She said, so we go for the same time, some early and some late. Now she is okay with it. She loves to buy her lunch. I always try to make her a lunch, but she thinks buying is more fun. Her first week of school was so hectic because we had company, that it really hadn't hit me that she was gone all day until one day at lunch. All our company was out and just Logan and I were sitting at the table eating lunch, and Logan says I bet Haley is eating lunch right now too. We also went to lunch at Chuck-a-rama and Kevin met us there and he kept looking for her. It's hard to see her grow up and be gone all day where I can't protect her, or make sure she's being good, or make sure everyone is treating her nice, or that she is having fun. Or in other words controlling the situation, but I know she is a good kid who always tries her best to do the right thing. She is super sweet and I know she'll do well. I love picking her up at the end of the day and see how happy she is and hear all about her day. We love you Haley.

48: Kingswood Elementary | "Let us realize that the privilege to learn is a gift, that power to learn is a blessing, that love of learning is success. - David O. McKay | Looking back at 2010...

49: Mrs Penrod's Class Snow Springs Elementary Dragons

51: Mt Timpanogos Caves

52: After hiking the caves we had a cook-out. As the hotdogs finished cooking it started pouring. I grabbed Derek and ran to the car, but was quickly passed by Uncle Dan, abandoning women, children, and everything except his hotdog. He and his hotdog were the only ones that stayed dry. Everyone else grabbed something and ran except Haley who was determined to finish her hot dog. Standing under a tree, she ate her soggy hotdog, holding it over a puddle which had been her plate, laughing the whole time. We came home absolutely soaked, but with a good story to tell.

53: Above: Haley came down wearing her 2 year old Christmas dress that she found in her closet. Left: Haley wanted to set the table for dinner.

54: We started our vacation by driving to Torrey, Ut to visit Capitol Reef. I loved this park. It was absolutely gorgeous. Left: Kevin, Haley and Logan climbed out onto this rock. The kids were very proud of themselves.

56: We stopped for a picnic of Subway sandwiches in a beautiful spot. After our picnic we walked to a bridge where some deer let us to get very close. We also saw a buck, bats, a gray fox and a lizard (which Logan found - a fact he kept pointing out all day).

57: After our day at the park, we took the kids swimming. | This hike was between high rock walls with all kinds of holes in the rocks. Of course we climbed up and stuck our kids in for pictures.

60: We Rake, We Pile... WE JUMP!!! | Bryce Canyon

62: Navajo Loop

63: Kevin, Haley, Logan and I went on a hike called Navajo loop. It was a very steep hike, .7 miles down and .6 miles back up. It was such beautiful scenery. Thanks mom and dad for watching the two little boys. We could not have done the hike with them.

67: Hot Dogs and Smores at our Duck Creek Cabin

68: I built a day into our vacation for just hanging around the cabin. It actually ended up being one of our busiest days, and probably one of the kid's favorites. Haley and Kevin woke up first and went on a morning hike. Then we all went to Mirror Lake so Kevin, Dad and the kids could fish. | After lunch we put the two youngest down for a nap and Kevin and I took Haley and Logan horseback riding. It was so much fun riding through the mountains. Anytime I got the horse to run a little, Haley just started laughing. Haley's horse was Charlie and Logan's was Thirty-six.

69: Haley and Logan caught their first fish

71: Zion National Park

72: We had a great Natl Park vacation and were happy that Grandma and Grandpa could join us.

78: At the end of Haley's soccer season they had a party. We played 3 leg soccer. Below and to the right, Haley's art work.

79: Haley wrote: Love is when they kiss!

80: On Splash Mountain

81: On the 14th we went to Disneyland. Our family, plus Tami, Maddison and Kati. We had a great time. We started out in California Disney, but by the time we made it to the other side we decided Kevin needed a wheel chair. Our entire trip had almost been canceled because Kevin had hurt his knee a couple of weeks earlier. Out of his love for me and not wanting to disappoint the kids, he pushed back his surgery a month so we could take this vacation. The wheel chair was nice, because it got us to the front of a lot of the lines. When we were getting Haley ready for Disneyland I told her to go put on the orange tank top with a skirt. She told me that she didn't want to | because wearing tank tops is bad. I asked her where she had heard that and she said school. It's against the school dress code. So I told her to just go look at it and if she didn't want to wear it that was fine I would get her something else. A few minutes later she came out wearing it and Kevin said she decided to wear it because it was cute.

82: Disneyland was all decorated for Halloween. Maddison and Haley rode every ride together. On Pirates they rode on the last row all by themselves.

83: Crazy Cousins A Monkey for a Papa and Fun Aunt Kati

85: We took a whale watching trip while in California. Unfortunately it was cold and windy, but we still had a good time. We didn't see any whales, but we did see a pod of dolphins containing over 100#dolphins. Great Grandma, Grandma, Grandpa, our family, Maddison and Aunt Tami all went. It was fun.

87: Disney on Ice

91: Haley carved her pumpkin all by herself.

92: Trick or Treat!

93: We again got to go to Kevin's Work Halloween Party. This year they were very strict about only having 1000 people in the buildings at a time, so we had to wait in lines. It felt like Disneyland. While waiting in line, they had clowns, popcorn, cotton candy, a band, the 1996 World Yo Yo Champion, and security dressed in Star Wars costumes. So much to see and do. Haley was snow white. We got a lot of use out of this costume, she's worn it to 2 birthday parties, school, the work halloween party, and trick or treating.

94: We had some winds today that knocked a bunch of the leaves off of the trees behind our house. The kids were very excited to go out and play. They wanted to make piles of leaves to jump into. It was a lot harder than they expected, so their piles never got very big, but they still had a lot of fun.

95: Fall Days Are Fun Days

96: Christmas Is A Time To Believe In Things You Can’t See

97: Decorating the Christmas Tree

98: We took the kids to the Heber City North Pole Express. We picked Kevin up and went to the Riverwoods to walk around and see the lights and then to dinner. They decorated the train for Christmas and in each coach they had an elf who read a story, walked around with a microphone talking to people and led everyone in Christmas Carols. Some other elves passed out hot chocolate and cookies.

99: We took the train to the "North Pole" where we picked up Santa Claus. He walked through and talked to all the kids. The ride was 90 min long. It was a very long night, but the kids really enjoyed it. They loved riding on a choo choo train."

100: 1st Grade Christmas Program

101: Christmas Crafts: The first thing we made was Santa Claus advent calendars. Yesterday Haley and Logan made paper chains and today we made stockings.

102: Maddison and Tami were here for a vacation and Maddison wanted to play in the snow. Luckily Mother Nature was kind enough to oblige her. We bought Maddison some snow clothes, bundled them up and sent them out.

106: A Christmas Eve Soccer Game--We opened up the presents in age order starting with Derek and ending with Kevin. Everyone got new pajamas. When it was Kevin's turn to open his present he looked at Haley and said what do you think it is? and she said a book? Sometimes she doesn't catch on so quick.


108: Then and Now, the true gifts of Christmas are Peace, Joy and Love

110: Dear Santa, I want one of everything

111: For New Years Eve we watched Jumanji and popped poppers.

112: We had a really nice day so the kids went out side to play in the snow. I got them each a spray bottle and filled it with water and added some food coloring. They had a blast painting" our snow.

113: For Family Night we made Rice Krispy Ginger bread houses.

115: On Friday afternoon, we got Haley out of school early and took all the kids to the Children's museum. They had a great time. On Monday when I asked Haley what she wanted to do, she said go back to the museum.!"

118: Amanda and Tyler's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

119: Las Vegas

121: Kevin and I bought tickets to see the MWC Basketball tournament in Las Vegas and Mom, Dad, Tami and Kati were nice enough to meet us there so they could babysit. And luckily it worked out that Grandma and Aunt Thelma were there that same weekend.! Thursday, our first day there, we started with painting picture frames. Then Kevin and I went to see BYU vs TCU in first round action. The kids stayed and painted piggy banks and then went swimming. Then we all went to Uncle Gregg's for a most delicious dinner. On Friday we woke up and took the kids back to the arts and crafts to make sand art. Then swimming, and a lunch with Grandma and Aunt Thelma, Aunt Jo Retta, Jordan, Shilo, and baby Logan. That night, we were there when Jimmer dropped 52 points on New Mexico -- Awesome

123: Arts & Crafts

124: Dancing at the Bellagio

126: One morning I asked Haley to watch Derek for me downstairs. A while later Logan came up to ask if I was ever going to get Derek and when I came downstairs I found this.

127: Moab | Saturday was beautiful. We headed into Moab and stopped at the visitors center where the kids got packets to be Junior rangers. There are certain things you have to do in the booklets and at the end you get a junior ranger badge.

133: Canyonlands | On Sunday we went to Canyonlands National Park. It was a miserable wet day, but we hopped in the car and drove to the Park anyways. We started out at the visitors center so the kids could earn another junior ranger badge. Luckily most of the things were just a quick jump out of the car to look and jump back in. It got very windy on the drive home, but it was a very enjoyable weekend.

134: Logans 5th Birthday. We played Put the Eye Patch on the Pirate.

137: Haley kept pretending she was going to put her face in the cake, so Kevin helped her out. She thought it was hilarious, and immediately started planning how she was going to get him back. Haley wanted to get her dad back for smashing her face in cake, so we decided to put a large piece of cake on a plate so she could smash it on his face that way. She did it perfectly. Right in the center of his face, and she didn't spill a crumb. He was so surprised. It took him a minute to figure out what was going on. It was a priceless moment.

139: Haley called the one below pumpkins and spiders.

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