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Jonathan Clements

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S: Hard Times of Jonathan Clements

BC: These experiences are true so don't try to re attempt or reenact any of them at any time.!!!!

FC: Hard Times of Jonathan Clements | My Mixbook

1: The Shame of the game My life has been overwhelmed with good times. I have also have had a fair amount of bad times too. This was a day that was full of sweat and sorrow. My soccer team was playing in the State Championship game. We were only down by one goal. We were all working as hard as we could. Fighting for the ball. Moving the ball. Many other functions that make a great soccer team. At half time it was still one to zero. Our coach gave us a very inspirational speech about how bad you need to want to win. If you want it bad enough, you will have to work harder and make things happen. Right then the whistle blew and we ran onto the field with fire in our eyes. We were like hawks ready to take down our prey. We battled like warriors even harder than we did in the first half. We had many chances to score goals, but we didn't put them in the net. At the end of the game the final score was one to zero. We all kept our heads up high and walked off the field. Our coach said that there was no reason to hang our heads down.

2: Christmas Lies My family always has Christmas at our house. This year, my dad decided to do it a little differently. He decided that we will go down to our Grandparents house in Arkansas before Christmas. We all decided that it was all right on one condition. The condition was we had to be home before Christmas day. He promised that we would, and we were on our way. The day came when it was time to go, joy swam in my heart. It was a little sad, but I was glad to go home and see all of the presents the next day. We got to the airport and come to find out, our names were not on the list.We were all in shock. All of us turned and looked at our dad. He was in shock too. He said that the only thing left to do was to go through Chicago. If you have ever seen Chicago at Christmas time, it is like Chaos in there. We tried several different flights to see if we could get home. All of them were already sold out. We didn't get on a plane for about two days. Finally we got home a day after Christmas. Our dad was a Christmas liar. Sometimes you should never trust your own dad. Sometimes it will lead you down the road of sadness and shame.

3: this story got deleted.

4: Red Faced Sisters can be so annoying and cruel. Sometimes you just cant trust them. Thats why you need to always get all of the details of what she wants you to do. One day my sister and her friends were all at my house. Doing a bunch of frilly chick stuff. When they all came down stairs, my sister demanded that I needed to take out the trash. "Why!" I demanded. "Mom said to!" In rage I stormed out side. Then I heard a lot of giggling and the patter of feet going up stairs. I didn't really care by then, so I just kept on moving with my trash.By then, I felt like a slave. Then all of a sudden, the roar of girls yelling and laughing startled me like a mouse startles a elephant. I glanced up to the sky expecting to see my sister and her friends, but instead all I saw was a bucket of water above me. Before I could do anything, the bucket turned over and it felt like ice pins struck my whole body. I was so shocked all I could do was stand there. When I looked up, all I heard was " Look at his face, it looks like someone painted his face!" All I could do was hide my it. Once I got inside to change clothes, I looked in the mirror and my face was like a cherry. From that day on, I have never trusted my sister for anything.

5: To Much At many people know, I am a very competitive in every sports. I am like a warrior when I play sports. When ever I play, I work as hard as I can. But there was only one problem, my shoes were no small! After that game I went home and started surfing the web. After a couple of minutes, the perfect pair of boots came up. They were Nike Mercurial Vapors, the shoes from the gods. I yelled at my dad, "Yo Pops come here please." He got in the room and I showed him the thing that caught my eye. But when he saw the price, he just bellowed in laughter. " Maybe someday when your foot stops growing like a weed, we will get you those!" I couldn't compete with that so I gave up. I knew that I wouldn't be getting that pair of shoes for a long long time.

6: No Trust People today will do anything to make you fell unaccepted or not welcome. I have had a personal experience with people like that. Once in the 5th grade, there were these kids that always acted like they were my friend. They were always nice to me and acted like normal people. But i soon found out that you cant trust some people. I found out that they were saying stupid stuff behind my back. Once I confronted them about it, they all denied it and said they would never do that. I kept hearing stuff like that, so I had to jump to conclusion. I told them that this friendship wouldn't work out and ditched them. Out of hormones they started blurting out that it was them. So from now on, I usually get to know people better before I become friends with them. But I have made some good friends in my life that I get along with very well. Like my friend Dominic Castillo, who I have been a friend of for a long long time. We have had some good times together, but also a good share of bad times too.

7: Not Coming Home Every day I go to school and do the same things over and over again. But this day was no ordinary day. I got sent to the principles office. I got sent down there because the kid next to me was shooting staple out of his pencil. When the teacher told him to go to the office, he said I was doing it too. I told her it wasn't me, but she didn't want to deal with the fight. It felt like the whole world stopped turning. When we got to the room of death we had to call our parents. Thats when I felt like I was going to die. The only good things that came out of that was that they didn't pick up their phones. Also I didn't get a write up. Once that school bell rang, I felt like never going home to see what my punishment would be.

8: VIolence Is Alright My parents are good people that punish me when ever I have done something bad. It is very slim when I get to punish someone else. The catch is that I can only do it if someone is being picked on or bullied. Also if I am sticking up for myself, but thats a different story. One day I was at recess in elementary school when I saw this kid getting picked on. These kids always thought they were the god of the school. I couldn't stand it any more, so I jogged over there like I was some UFC fighter. I asked if they were messing with him and he just hid his face. Finally they started trying to pick on me. I couldn't handle it by then, I turned at them and decked the biggest guy in the face. He fell to the ground crying. When I looked at the other kids, they started to back off. I told the kid to go to the office like I was a teacher, and go tell the principle. The next day, I couldn't believe it, I got in trouble! She said I can't use any violence what so ever. Even if I was standing up for someone. It felt like trouble was always looking for me.

9: Sneaky Me I just did a crime that is never aloud in my house. It's what kids every year do. They try and search for their Christmas presents. Usually they don't ever find any, but this year I struck the mother load. I was in my parents room searching my heart out. Looking every where I could think of. Then it came to me. I ran into the closet and checked under my moms clothes. There it was! A brand new play station. Then I heard the door open. Panicking, I crawled under the clothes right before my mom walked in. She grabbed something off the shelf and walked out. I stayed in my clothes pile for a little longer. I felt like I was hiding from the cops. When I thought it was safe, I ran out of the room and down the stairs. No one was around not even my dog. I didn't really care about that right then, but I know one thing, I was sure glad that I didn't get caught.

10: Going Back And Change I have made many mistakes in my life that I wish I could go back and change. That's why you should always think twice before you do something. Don't end up like me. It was like I was a bull in a china shop. My friends and I were bombing water balloons at golfers. I we would hide behind my fence in the front yard, and shoot them across my pond. They all soared like planes taking off. One balloon landed on a ladies foot that was just off the edge of the green. She jumped back and started looking around to see where it came from. She was like a hawk searching for it's prey. We all hit the deck laughing. Once they left to the next hole, she got out her phone and stated punching numbers into her phone. As we were waiting for our next victims, the course manager pulled up to the green. We don't know what happened after that because we all split like fugitives running from the cops. Finally we came back out to the back yard. He was still there, and I knew we were busted. Good thing I knew the people that worked there because if I didn't, who knows what would happen to us. But after that incident, I wish I could go back and stop that from happening. The moral of this story is to always think twice before you act.

11: Citations. Google images for the rest of the decorations.

12: The

13: End :) :(

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