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Kanika's 30th Birthday Mixbook

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Kanika's 30th Birthday Mixbook - Page Text Content

S: Happy 30th Birthday Kanika

BC: The End

FC: July 4, 2012 | Happy 30th Birthday Kanika

1: Dearest Kanika, When you were only three years old, you would ask me to read your favorite book to you aloud every night before going to sleep. I used to read this book really quickly so that I could continue on with my studies. But one night, you surprised me and said “Mummy, I will read the story to you”. At first, it seemed like you were actually reading the book until I noticed that you had recited a part of the story before turning to the right page. You had memorized the entire book and you were only three years old. Ever since that moment, you have never ceased to amaze me. I am extremely proud to be a mother of a beautiful, intelligent, and loving daughter. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true. Love, Your Proud Mummy

2: 30 is probably the prime of life, youth and energy, though those on 40 or 50 may not agree (who cares) and 60+ fall off the screen, me included (ouch). You danced your way into the glorious 30th year. Have a great celebration, keep dancing in pursuit of excellence. Love, Papa

3: Dearest Kanika, Since the days when you taught me how to read, write, and add numbers and since the moments when you demonstrated how to apply makeup, thread my upperlip, and epilate my legs... you have and will always be the one person I look up to in my life (metaphorically and literally). I know I hardly say this out loud and I may have told you the opposite recently, but in all honesty, you are my biggest role model. I would need a separate mixbook just to write about your endless talents, hard-working nature, and enormous heart (after asking you to proofread it first, of course). And everyday, I strive to learn more and more from you (even your OCD habits). You keep telling all of your friends how special I am etc etc but I wouldn’t be who I am today without having you in my life. And I know I fight with you very often but just keep in mind that “you fight with the people you love the most”. Happy 30th birthday to the smartest, hottest, and talented sister/Vietnamese nail-lady in the world and hope you enjoy these amazing years ahead. Love, Modu

4: Hi Mom, Happy 30th birthday! Welcome to the oldies club! I’m sorry for biting you several times these past couple of years but just like Monu Masi said -- “you fight with the people you love the most”. I’m sorry I couldn’t come to NYC this year to celebrate with you but I just hate walking down all of those steps at home! I’ll be there in spirit and I can’t wait for you to come back again and visit soon. Can you bring a treat this time? Thanks. Love, Taylu

5: Dearest Kanika, From infancy to childhood and now as a gorgeous young lady, you have always given me a thousand reasons to smile and laugh. May you sail through the obstacles and challenges to success, and may the angels watch over you and bring you peace every day. AND always remember my favorite quote: “If you behave like a princess, you will be treated like a princess.” | I will never forget our fun times in Kenya, on the Caribbean cruise, in Goa, and myself trying to match your dance steps at all occasions when we’re together on the dance floor. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Love, Neelam Masi | Celebrate your birthday today but celebrate being happy every day. Like the song says, "Live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.” My favorite memory: Treading the hills of Vaishno Devi together to seek Mata’s blessings. Happy 30th birthday. Love, Lalit Uncle

7: Congratulations Kanika on your beautiful 30th birthday and we wish you all the happiness and success in life. There is a special bond that I enjoy with you because I had helped you take your first step on this earth. Anju Masi, Kiran, Nitasha, Kabir (who was hiding himself in Anju Masi's tummy) and myself were all at our friend's house in Baltimore when you first started walking. I love you Kanika and I always enjoy your news clippings. Good luck. Love, Jawahar Papa It's rare in this world that an individual can be so tenacious, beautiful, loving and inspiring at the same time. We love you for being a wonderful sister and daughter, for believing in yourself, for living your dreams, and most importantly, for always being there for us and your family. We love you so much Kanika. Happy Birthday. Love, Anju Masi From Chinda to pink tents with canopies to canoodling to living dreams -- Cheers to the most beautiful woman and sister we know. You are our inspiration to never stop believing. Love you – Nitasha, Anand, and Kabir

8: Dear Birthday Girl, I'm glad I'm celebrating your 30th with you and even happier that we'll have many more to come. And fun times like this! <-- Love, Sunil | Happy 30th Birthday Dear Dear Kanika! When special people have a birthday, its time to celebrate!! Always remember you are #1! And the Best! So loving and caring in every way, God Bless You. Lots of love and have a happy birthday! Nimmi Aunty and Ramesh Uncle

9: Sunday, July 3rd, 2012 – Minneapolis / Full-Moon Happy Birthday Kanika Dearest. May Tomorrow Bring You A Thousand And One Blessings To Illuminate Your Life-Path. You sure light up our world. All our love - Gita Aunty and Pradip Uncle | A DATE WITH KANIKA Sunday, June 6th, 1982 - Bombay / Full-Moon Pradip Uncle's urgent phone call from the US had sent my thoughts into disarray. I was not looking forward to moving to the US. So, I took a taxi to Brady's Flats to your Grandmother's home and there, sitting with your mother in the soft light of the wide balcony, your mother's reassuring words seemed to calm my spirit. Quietly, Aunty (your Grandmother) sent out her delicious egg cutlets and over a cup of tea she and your mother listened to my concerns and offered me encouraging advice. We spoke until the long evening shadows fell across our laps. As I got up to leave, your mother stretched her arm out to me and said, "Gita, try and wait until the baby comes". Sunday, July 4th, 1982 - Bombay / Full-Moon And so it was on that Sunday, the 4th of July, when you came into our lives - like a swell of happiness born on the Monsoon Winds that sang on the shores of your new world. Two weeks later I set forth, with the trusting hand of a daughter in each palm, carrying your memory like an auspicious talisman from the sacred land of our birth to the tremulous shores of a new world.

10: Everyday is a new beginning, cherish the joys of the present. Remember the moments that made you who you are today. Look ahead to the new beginnings that life will bring your way. | And always bear in mind that YOU are A VERY SPECIAL PERSON , who deserves all the HAPPINESS in the WORLD . Luvs & Hugs Gopal Kaka & Neelu Kaki

11: Dearest Kanika, Wish you a very Happy 30th Birthday! Whenever I think of fun holidays in India, I remember our holiday together in Simla. The monkeys, the apple orchards and the pony rides are all treasured memories from a fantastic holiday. Kanika, you truly are a very special person, may your life always be filled with joy, may you continue to have wonderful memories of every moment of your life, and may all your wishes come true. Have a wonderful day and wish you a great year ahead! Love Vridhi & Kumar | Kanika!!! Wishing you a very very very Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have the best Birthday ever! Looking forward to celebrating with you :) ! We have cherished so many good times together! From Simla, to meetings in Neelam Aunty's house in Bombay, to us visiting DC, to dance practice for Vridhi's wedding, to Vridhi's Wedding, to yours and Monu's Birthday and now to your 30th Birthday!!! The fun just doesn't stop and I love it. I am so glad I moved out here to the east coast and honestly, you and Monu have just made it that much better. So here's to a whole lot of more memories and a lifetime of happiness and fun : ) Happy Birthday again! Love, Pranav

12: Happy Birthday Kanika. We'll never forget our childhood memories that always make us smile. We used to play office in Nitasha's and Kabir's tiny basement closet even though we had the entire rest of the basement to ourselves! We also had fun Easter Egg hunts near your old house. I am so happy that we are still close. :) Happy 30th Birthday!!!!! Love, Naina, Ritu, and Didi | Kanika, happy 30th birthday. After so many years of only hearing of your name through myths and legends, I consider myself extremely lucky that you are actually in my life. I wish we could be celebrating with you in the city. You and Sunil need to come back out here so we can climb rock walls and skip pebbles in the ocean. Miss you HECKA much. Love, Mike

13: Happy 30th Birthday, Kanika! Wishing you many happy returns of the day and all the best wishes for an amazing year ahead filled with lots of success, good health, and happiness. Hope you are having a FABULOUS day! Lots of love, Sandhya Aunty, Anil Uncle, Nita, Bobby, and Damini | Happy Birthday Kanika!! We wish you a lifetime of happiness! - Malhotras, Talwars, and Lals

14: Dear Kanika, I still remember the stories I was told of when you were a little girl. What a fun loving girl you were...and still remain. When I finally met you, I was awed. You are not only beautiful on the outside but a beautiful person on the inside I loved our time together during Glitterati. I was so proud when you came on stage and could not stop bragging that you were my 'niece'. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May all your dreams, aspirations and wishes become a reality. Love you. Ila Aunty | Happy 30th, dear Kanika!!!! From the moment I met you in India I knew you are a very special person. I do so appreciate the beautiful article you wrote about me, the fact that you were able to work with me on my Fashion Group project and your constantly positive attitude. You have a rare gift and I love watching you share it. Love and candles on the cake, Marylou

15: My dearest Christmas gift Kanika, Happy happy birthday to you! Although I miss you terribly and wish you still lived here, I could not have received a better Christmas present in 2008. Hope this year is everything you dreamed of and hope you get all your heart's desires. You are my little pot of gold and I love you so much! Keep shining love, and know that you are so beautiful- inside and out. I miss shaking bootie with you here and I came across some amazing pics of our days together- painting this city RED. I can't wait to see you again soon! Lots of love, Vandu | Hey Kanika, Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and loads of success in the years to come. Have shared some amazing moments with you in Mumbai and must say that it was great to have you around. Do visit soon! Sunny and Nishka

16: My Dearest Kanika, K, K –Fed, Since the MOMENT we met, it was LOVE at first sight. We were destined to meet, to become besties, to fall oh-so-madly in love with one another. I can’t believe it’s only been six years since we’ve met - it feels like we’ve known each other for a lifetime. I must’ve done something right on the day that God wrote you into my life. We clicked instantly and the rest, as they say is hysterical! From “dance practice” to ditching it for drinking, from the cruises and our dotters doing “underwater swimming,” to ringing in the New Year in Miami in style, from the “2007 Croatian Nasal-Hair Epidemic” and sporting Brit accents that entire week, to seeing you more times in India than in the States (and that our Masis literally lived next door to each other!) Ahh, I’m so so so blessed to have YOU as one of my closest, dearest friends. You truly are like a sister to me. Whenever anyone says we’re twins, it puts a huge smile on my face. It’s so true, and I’d say you’re everything I am and SO much more. On this special day, I want to tell you that I am honored to be one of your best friends. And K, even though you’re younger, I look up to you for all that you are – the most talented, most beautiful, most driven, most funny, most sincere, most REAL, most lovely lady I know! Here’s to many, many, many more precious moments to share together. I love you, always. -Priya, P, P-Head ;)

17: Ode To K-Fed Here’s a little story I had to tell, about a pretty girl named Kanika that I know so well. She’s spunky, she’s funny she’s BEST at accents - if you catch her in the act it’s time well-spent! She’s a beauty, she’s hot, she’s oh-so-fine, and she ain’t just looks - she’s got a razor-sharp mind! From pageant-queen to news anchor to Bollywood-gossip gal, so nice to have a celebrity as MY best pal! Read this part in British if you can, if you may, Kanika’s 30, innit BRILLIANT, eh? Now in Vienamee squin eye and say: “Deo Kanika, Habby Butt-Day, HABBY BUTT-DAY!!”

18: Dearest Kanika: Happy Birthday! Turning 30 is a wonderful milestone – we are still young and beautiful but also wise and accomplished. On your special day – I am thinking of you. Words can’t describe how lucky I am to have you in my life. I remember that very first moment when I meet you upstairs at the GSU- the summer of 2000 - BU orientation. Who could have predicted that the very first person I meet at college will become my lifelong best friend. You are smart, beautiful, kind, sweet, funny, adventurous, talented I can go on forever – who cannot love you? I really am grateful to have you in my life. We have been through thick and thin – we have been there for our happiest moments in life (graduations/marriage) to our saddest. We have shared chai on a lazy day in the living room to our stressful late night study groups. We have shared apartments and beds in college to living far apart across the country and sea. We have shared tears and pains and as well as endless laughs and smiles. We have so many special moments and memories. Never forget to smile, laugh and love. Cheers to another couple more crazy decades! With Love, Arti 30 – Three perfects 10s!

20: First and foremost, immediately after seeing this, you MUST march all your 30 years of smiles and great energy over and TAKE MORE PICTURES WITH ME! It's a sad thing that we don't have many together! After our snaps, we shall continue the celebration of the start to what I think will be our best year yet. Your drive and talent will get you to whichever place you want, Kanika, and I am so happy and excited to be a part of your ride. I love you and wish you a very happy 30th birthday! Thank you for keeping it real. Always. With lots of love, Chandani

21: Dear Kanika, Sometimes you meet someone that you feel like you've known for a while. You click and start talking & laughing and never end from there on. You find out that you like a lot of the same things and you just get each other. And from there on, you know how lucky you are- that in the middle of this crazy, crowded world- you have found a true friend. You are one of those true friends. I am so grateful to have you as one of my closest friends. We've shared many memories and laughs together-from BU freshman year nights out all the way to senior year IR study nights; from debauchery in Miami to Bollywood nights in Mumbai; from trips together to coffee and lunch dates in NYC. Cheers to you and the many more memories I look forward to sharing with you. | At 30, you have already accomplished so much and there is only onwards and upwards from here on for you. I'll leave you with my motto, "Surround yourself with people who only lift you higher." - with that, I know you will only end up living your dreams and have your biggest fans to celebrate with. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to you- my amazing, beautiful and inspirational friend! Love, Nita

22: Kanika, You are the most motivated person I know and I am pretty sure you can look back on the last 30 years and be very content with how hard you have worked in your life so far. I have no doubt that you will fulfill every dream you have and love every minute of it. So glad we met in Boston over 12 years ago and have continued our friendship throughout... Miami, D.C., India and finally now in NYC. Hopefully, we can keep you here! | Kanishk and I wish you you a fabulous 30th birthday and many more! Love, Sofi & Kanishk

23: Happy Birthday to one of the funniest, most genuine girls I know! From our BU dancing days to sleepovers to backless butterfly tops to fighting on street corners outside of BU "balls" to our mutual inner fobs to Nail Salon accents - we have the same heart and there is a bond that will never die. I really wish I could be with you to celebrate but know I'm there in heart and spirit. Here's to a wonderful year ahead filled with love, laughs and fun times. :) Love, Diya | Dear Kanu, To the first time that we met in Rich Hall, the many nights of "studying" accounting, allllll the way to the days to dancing all night long, .... we're still friends. You have a personality like no other, and always held your own. You've grown into a beautiful woman, inside and out and i truly know no one like you. Some of the best memories we have were in college, including "star", some backseat, T-Anthonys, and probably way too many more to mention. Here's to no more butterfly shirts..... Love you! Happy 30th Birthday!!!! Mini, xx

24: Kanu, You are truly an amazing inspiration, role model, friend, and sister. From freshman year in college till now, you are still the same-beautiful, witty, intelligent, big-hearted, and full of life. You have this amazing ability to chase after your dreams and succeed in every endeavor, while not losing who you are, and I love you for it. I can't believe how time flies. From freshman year in college till now- we have shared so much together. Our "lullabies" to each other before we went to sleep at night sophmore year, our spontaneous road trips (i.e.- Bhangra Blowout D.C), and being goofs together (well mostly you and your Vietnamese accent :p). Here's to many more adventures and memories together. Happy 30th birthday Kanu!!! Keep living life to the fullest and don't ever change who you are. Love you, Shenu | Happy Happy 30th Birthday Chronic!!! I've decided that instead of crawling under the covers before midnight like I was going to on my 30th, I'm going to go big or go home! I'm totally going to embrace it and I know you are too. I know we haven't talked in a while (my bad), but I know that doesn't matter because every time we do catch up its always like old times! Kanika - you are an amazing person, sister, and friend. You're smart and talented, you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know, and you also have a crazy @$$ memory! I'm so glad that one fateful day at Club Europa you grabbed me and we started dancing -- 12 years later and you're still someone I feel like I can share anything with. From our trips to DC and NYC, to our long talks in yours and Shenu's room in Warren "G" Towers - we shared so many crazy experiences together and I'm so happy we kept up. I'm so sorry I wont be able to make it to your party; I love you and miss you so much. Happy Happy 30th! You're a rockstar - don't forget it! Love, Juvi

25: Kanika, you are one of the funniest most entertaining people I know. You have a passion for life and everything around you that is exciting to simply be around. Your faith in religon, belief in fate and fear of superstitions all contribute to your loveable one of a kind personality. I'm continually amazed by your drive and courage to take the chances to do the things you truly believe in. It's remarkable what you accomplish daily, and that you never stop pursing your dreams is inspiring. Have a happy 30th birthday! Happy to still have you in my life. xo. Apeksha

26: Happy 30th Birthday, Kanika! I am wishing you a wonderful year full of lots of happiness and luck! From 13 to 30: This year, we both celebrate 30 and I am so happy that I get to be celebrating it with you. We met when we were 13 years old at a bus stop and I am so proud that you and I are still friends. I taught you about alternative rock and how to bake a cheesecake and you taught me how to thread my own eyebrows and what to look for in a college. We have been there for each other through Dr. Jackson's AP English class, to various fights with friends, through college and career changes, boyfriends and even the loss of parents. I really could not have gotten through to 30 in tact without you and I hope I was able to do the same for you. You are an amazing writer, true friend and a beautiful woman. Here is to 30 more years of a fabulous friendship! Love, Aneesa | Happy 30th Kanika!! I wish you lots of luck in the new decade you're taking on!! I know you're going to have a great time tonight and hope all your birthday wishes come true! Love you and miss you! Love, Mehrab | Happy 30th Birthday Kanika! Hope you have a great time celebrating, sorry we can't be there..but what a good reason to extend celebration next time we meet! I am so happy and honored to be your friend. Never lose your vibrant and courageous self! I so miss our random trips to the palm reader, crazy nights out in DC during our summer breaks in college, and international nights in high school. Thanks for being so inspirational, and for always being there for me through good times & the best. Sudeshna & Axel

27: Happy 30th Birthday, lovely Kanika! May all the love, beauty and dance that you have gifted to this world come back to you ten times over! For your 30th birthday, I would like to share with you a secret that my mom always says: with each passing year, life just gets better and better. Happy Birthday lovely! Excited to celebrate with you, in a boat, with music, wine, and our city! My favorite memory of you would be when we were awkwardly adorable pre-teens, learning dance together. I remember us becoming friends very fast, and I'm so tremendously thankful that your beauty and grace are still a constant presence in my life. I would have to say one of the most fun moments is when we would go up to others in our dance class and prank them by snapping twigs and pretending that they just broke our bones. Another would be you in a Hanuman costume, and me performing a whack, trophy wife as Kaikayi and a stone as Ahalya. Another would be us performing Bastar (remember this?) and having to wear, fundamentally, a beige sack with twigs in our hair. Good times. Always. | It is so splendid that we are here, more than ten years later, in another city, doing other dances together, albeit in much better costumes. I am excited about all the adventures that await you, and I am excited about all the lovely, magical things the universe has in store for you. I am happy and blessed to be a part of it. All my love, on this beautiful day, and every day, Sonia

28: Dear Kanika, I am so glad that fate brought us together and you came into my life. You have been such a great friend since the day I met you and am so lucky to have you. You are a sweet, generous, warm, and giving person and I know that you are meant for great things. Always remember that and how much you are loved. Happy Birthday! All my Love, Simone | Happy Birthday Kanika! It's been wonderful getting to know you more. I remember the first time we met, you were telling us about your time in India interviewing all those Bollywood stars, you also did an English accent and I thought it was the best I had heard from an American haha! You are truly a great girl and I am lucky to have you as a friend. Have an amazing birthday and let's have a girls night soon. ;) Lots of love, Kat

29: Happy 30th Kanika!!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world, my kindred spirit. I will always remember your gorgeous smile and effervescent presence when we met on New Year’s Eve 2008/9 on a Bombay rooftop, champagne in hand! I think we both knew instantly that we would be friends and I was so grateful to have you living around the corner although not for long enough! Even though I haven’t seen you since our time shared in India, I have been fortunate enough to still stay connected to you and meet both your lovely sister Monika and your wonderful man Sunil when they visited Sydney. I know we will always be friends and it has been a pleasure to know you and hear of your journey. Looking forward to our paths crossing again my beautiful friend. Sending you oodles of love from Sydney XXO Millie | To my Long Lost Indian Sister, So glad we met, I'd like to thank 'online dating' for our new friendship - jk. In all seriousness, I feel so lucky to have met you and gotten to know you both personally and professionally. Not only do I respect and admire you as a writer and reporter, but you are truly an exceptional person and friend. I will NEVER forget our 5 hour=30 minute road trip + 3 hour lash extension escapade. I know if we can endure that AND have fun, we will forever be friends ;) Wishing you an incredible milestone year for the BIG '3-0', you deserve it, you have so much to be proud of, and I'm honored to now call you a friend. Cheers to many many great things to come! Love, Amanda

30: For Kanika: I smile when I think about how of all the places in the office, they put you right next to me. I guess some things are just meant to be. Your silly jokes brightened up my day more often than not. Needless to say, I am just glad that you came along. Love, Urmi | Along came Kanika! One morning sitting by my side was this hip, tall & attractive girl with an American accent. That's where our story began. She was super friendly, I'd say, a bit too sweet to be true. That was my first impression of her. Days passed and then weeks only to make me realize how lost she was in this alien land. From ordering scrambled eggs at a local uddupi restaurant (that hardly knew how to get bhurji right) to talking her way out of a local street bargain, she was doing it all wrong. On some good days she'd ask for help and the others, she'd just prefer the old trial and error route. Then months passed and there wasn't a day when we wouldn't argue about something trivial or I wouldn't ask her turn the volume down on her music. When it was her turn, she wouldn't say, 'Urmiiii... I am writing a script.' Just the way she said it was so special. The first time I heard the song 'Main Tera Amplifier...' was at her desk and it bugged me no ends! She tried so hard to convince me that this was 'the next big thing' and how she loved it. That bugged me even more. Turns out, I love that silly song now. Thanks to her. Hardly anyone knows how Kanika and Piya have been instrumental in my last relationship that ended up in a marriage. The first time I met my husband, they left no stone untuned to ensure that keep chatting up with him or go out with him, as if they saw it before I did. I still wonder how? Sitting next to each other for over a year, there were several moments that we shared. A message or two will never justify the bond created, but here's what I learnt about her. By the end her tenure at CNN IBN, the same lost soul could tell anyone how to get around in a complex city like Mumbai, including me. She could pick up a fight with any taxi driver or rickshaw wala and win it! In Hindi! The kind of zeal and desire to learn in her is impeccable. For those who don't know, Kanika feels a lot. She's sensitive and genuinely means well for almost anyone she likes. And if she doesn't like you, then you be prepared some lessons in 'attitude theory' that I've never witnessed before. God help you! Yet another thing, I have never seen anyone deal with criticism as well as she does. I have tremendous respect for that. All that aside, she's a true friend in need and I'd say an Indian at heart. Ignore the spoilt bratty babe and you'll know what I mean.

31: Jeez... Writing about you Kanika, is probably the toughest task ever... I really don't know where to begin cause more often than not, you were so cranky, stubborn and always fought with me! Arghhh!!! Ok fine! I've been forced by Monika, to write nice things about you and now that you're THIRTY YEARS OLD, I better be good! Damn it! Hehe. Jokes apart... I have so many wonderful memories of you, in office, at fashion weeks, conversations over coffee and lots more. But whenever I think about the good times at CNN IBN, I can only think about you. You are the only friend I've ever had in office over the past 4years, and you won't believe we still look at your old stories for ideas and your scripts for inspiration. No one, and I mean no one can do stories on fashion like you did! The trend of fashion police, by the way has ended on our show, cause quite honestly we don't know squat about fashion! Hehe. I look up to your dedication, passion and love for work, and of course the fun and happiness you brought on to the screen. Without being biased you are my favourite ETonight anchor :) :) It would be incomplete if I don't mention that I completely admire the way you write... your scripts were flawless, your articles are so much fun and the personal write ups you had given me to read brought tears to my eyes (won't mention details here). You are absolutely fantastic! :) Ok, enough of being nice... We have been quite bad as well... Remember the time we gate crashed into the Outlandish party at Hardrock Cafe. Four of us sneaked in on ONE pass, not to mention the lecture I got from Rohit and Suresh the next day, but it was totally worth it cause we had a blast. We've also crawled out of office to watch a completely useless movie, I think it was 17 Again!! But to be honest, the best times we have had was when we both were completely drunk; remember Rohit's Sangeet when you caught hold of the cameraman concentrating on only us dancing, and you screamed at him - "CHINTAMANI, camera bandh karo!!!" We all turned to you, and asked, "Wow Kanika, how do you know his name?" and you just quipped, "I don't, he just looks like a Chintamani!!" Hahahaha. We all died laughing! (For the rest of you reading this, its a you-had-to-be-there-to-understand-this sort of moment) We danced till well past midnight that evening! Ohh, you also have to admit that I have been your partner in crime... All the times when I've covered up for you... Errr... You know what I mean!!! ;) ;) Loads of people might read this so I'll keep shut! Hehe. But it was good fun and you know I'll do it for you today as well! ;) :) | Thank you for being a wonderful friend, for always being there when I needed you the most and covering up for all the silly things I did in office and outside as well. There have been so many times Raksha and I remember you fondly. We all miss you... But when I'm down and I miss you in office, all I do is look behind me and it brings a huge smile on my face :) I wish you all the happiness, joy and sunshine. May God fulfil all your dreams and wishes this year :) :) Love you a lot, and if you ever need me, I promise I'll always be there for you! :) Have a grrrreat day and a fabulous year ahead... Ok now enough please go get drunk!!! ;) Love, Piya

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