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Kristi 40 Years of Love

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Kristi 40 Years of Love - Page Text Content

S: Kristina Lynn McIntire Stephens: 40 Years of Love

BC: Created by Robert Stephens 2010

FC: Kristina Lynn McIntire Stephens | 40 Years of Love

3: It’s hard to realize that I have already known and conversely that I have only known Kristi for 18 years, ‘cause I can no longer imagine life without her. The night I met her was one of my hall activities – a game night. I distinctly remember us playing Balderdash, and Kristi being quite good. Our life in Buchanan Towers was a little secret. It was pretty awkward trying to explain to my supervisor that I had feelings for a resident (at least you didn’t live on MY floor). We were the hall scandal during the BT Hall Association retreat, as other officers talked about that girl I was kissing (not knowing it was Kristi sitting right next to them). Gin and other games were always fun, especially with our personal house rules. The trip down the coast was quite memorable, even though it was cut short due to weather (and yet we STILL like to camp). Our trip to Yellowstone the first time around was an experience. Forgetting keys, blowing out a tire, sleeping in a university parking lot, randomly getting in for free (did you know that August 25th is National Parks Day?), bear warnings, choosing our spot, five times in a row, pelicans, hikes in the wild, bear sounds, sleeping in the car, and the steak and potatoes dinner. Then there was when your parents came to visit mine. All the hubbub, when it was really mostly coincidence. The announcement of “Kristi and I ... are glad that you could all get together!” I also remember the first time I heard you say “I love you”, lying in the bed across from me at my mother’s house. It was just a whisper... What was special about February 14, 1994? Well, it was Valentine’s Day. I had managed to get out of duty and you off of work early. I showed up with a bouquet of roses (gift #1). Then when we got to the car I started the tape of sappy romantic songs (gift #2). We drove around for hours, first going to the marina and looking around (it was cold and windy), then driving to Peace Arch Park and reminiscing. Of course, being pulled over by the Border Patrol could have spoiled the evening, but since we weren’t transporting any drugs, it turned out just to be a nice addition to the story. Appetizers, then a slow drive along Chuckanut Drive. We stopped, and I said it was time for the 3rd gift. I gave you the poem, and as you finished reading, I opened up the ring box and presented it to you. Your emphatic “You bet I will!” left little doubt that you were willing to spend the rest of your life with me. Our time leading up to the wedding was mostly spent apart, with several long trips from Vancouver and Cheney to Bellingham, and some from Diablo to Spokane. When the day came (June 24th, 1995, just so we’ll never forget), I was nervous. But I never really had any doubts. Just one look at your smile always makes my heart lighten. That day you shone for everyone. After an exhausting day together with many of our friends and family members was finally over, | we spent a quiet, nervous, first night together as a married couple at the Holiday Inn. Our week and a half at Disney World was simply fabulous. Touring the various resorts. Cobb salad at The Brown Derby. A little water skiing thrown in. On stage for the “Hoop De Doo.” Lots of rides, shows, and activities not a lot of time to relax. Our champagne cruise. Your new shoes for a long, exquisite, dinner. Waiting in the rain for the fireworks on the 4th. Together “for life” and “100%.”

4: Our short time in Vancouver was enchanting. Portland Ice Cream Company, your 25th birthday (do you still have my hair?), and our first anniversary were all quite memorable. In retrospect, it was probably a dream versus our 1 years in Carbondale. I can never repay you for what you gave up to come with me to the middle of nowhere. At least we met some great people, and had some fun trips. Moving out was sort of fun, with stops like Devil’s Tower and Mt. Rushmore along the way. We got the chance to see fireflies! Oh, and the armadillo at Walt Disney World. Our weekend at The Big Easy was delightful, if a bit chilly. And our Dead parties were a big hit, and the kick-off to hosting many future events. The move back to the Northwest was long, very long, but we did have the one fun night with a Jacuzzi room in Wyoming! Back in Seattle we got the chance to spend a lot more time with friends and family. Our home was frequently host to our friends, and you always did a fabulous job with the food. Of course, it didn’t take long to begin adding to our own family once we were back closer to ‘home’. Your first pregnancy was an exciting time, and started to shift our focus from a couple to a family. Brynn’s birth (documented on film in all its glory) was a bit of a blur for me, but I can easily close my eyes and picture the three of us lying in bed at night. Since then, we have seldom had time alone. There was my birthday at the hotel, and a few other short stints here and there. I know there are times when you don’t feel like you are doing what you should, but you are so natural as a mother. Then, once again, we left the Northwest. Our transition time was a bit rocky. But you have always been there as a support for me, whenever I needed it. And I really needed it then. I know it was rough for you also, but our move was the beginning of a time when we eventually got connected to our Hillside church friends. Of course, it was kicked off with Jack’s birth and the chaos caused by Kaiser. I still get frustrated when I think that they made us reschedule your first appointment – when you were already so far along in the pregnancy. We still did our camping with trips to Yosemite and King’s Canyon/Sequoia (complete with bear-in-the-campsite), and our brand new tent being blown down. Our missing each other at our anniversaries until our 10th together with our church friends. You took the initiative to become a leader with MOPS and girl scouts, and I got to hear you play the flute again! You also began your official duties as chauffer and activities director for our kids, with swimming, scouts, and other things. Our first little “house” in Pleasant Hill. Kaia’s birth, with the Dippos. Our trip together to NYC and kissing at the top of the Empire State Building. You were also willing to bear with me for our year of adventure with Disney’s 50th. Then came our kind of random move down to Southern California. Our small cottage in Family Housing, then a real house (though still renting), then finally getting a place of our own. Brian filling out our family. All of your work selling cookies with Brynn, and finding ways to get the kids involved. Connecting with the Crosswinds ladies. Another year of visits to the Happiest Place on Earth. Our trip up North and back down – where you always seemed to be driving when vistas | were the most breathtaking. Our time has not always been easy, but it has been full of love. You give so much to me, to our children, and to others. I am so thankful to have you as my wife, my lover, my best friend, and as the mother to our children. I wish you peace and happiness now and forever. To My Wonderful Wife, All My Love, Robert

6: Brynn | I remember fondly going to see Phantom of the Opera with Mama. She forgot to bring binoculars, but we could still see everything. I loved spending time with her. I love Mama’s personality, especially that she will listen to us when we want to talk. Brynn

7: Jack | I remember going to Ono Hawaiian Barbecue with Mama. She let me get Orange Soup, It tasted like orange syrup. I love that Mama gave birth to me, and that she cares for me, like feeding me. Jack

8: Kaia | What I love most about Mama is EVERYTHING! Kaia

9: Brian | I love Mama’s kisses and hugs. Brian

12: I sent along some photos of Kristina; myself, I am her Godmother. As you can see, Kristina was the perfect baby. Her eyes wide open during her christening, never cried. Kristina came to live with us (the O’Neil family) when her daddy went to Vietnam. It was I that kept her quiet during the night. Her mother slept through her whimpers. We put her cradle in-between both our twin beds. I would rock her during the night by putting my foot on the cradle and pushing it. Kristina loved to be rocked. When Kristina was about eight months, she would go with me to pick up my paycheck at the Kaiser Hospital. She would be the hit of the day. All the staff in the kitchen looked forward to her visits. When she was a little older, she would recite poetry that her mother taught her. She would dance and sing for my staff. I visited Kristina and her parents when her father was stationed in Kansas. As you can see, Kristina was a little ham. At a very early age, you can see by her picture of the dolls lined up in a row. Everything had to be in place. She loved the camera. We would dress her and take her to beauty contests. She always did very well. She won lots of awards. One of my favorite memories of Kristina was my wedding day. Kristina was about 3 or 4. Kristina and Colleen, my little sister, were my flower girls. Well, I was left stranded with both girls in my hoop slip, as my seamstress forgot to come help me get into my wedding dress. My sister Kathleen left to pick up my friend for the wedding and took a long time in returning. Well, here is what happened. The wedding cake was set up in the hall. I was in the dressing room with both girls when they decided they would take off towards the area where the wedding cake was set up. Next thing was I had to make the decision to run after them half-dressed or stay in the dressing room. I decided I’d better keep a close eye on them. I found Kristina with her finger in the middle of the cake. I called out to her and told her to stop. She looked up at me in a very innocent manner and said “Aunt Patsy, I just wanted my cake to eat now.” I told her she had to wait for a piece of cake after we came out of the church. She stamped her foot at me and shook her little finger at me. It was so cute it helped me get through the nervous period before the wedding. Kristina's wedding day brings back a lot of memories. She grew up fast. I could not believe the little girl I took with me everywhere I went as a baby had grown up. She turned out to be a beautiful woman. She looked radiant in her wedding dress. I have been so blessed to have been a part of her life. I cherish all the memories of her. I hope to have a lot more as she journeys through her life. Love, Her Godmother Patsy

14: . Kristina was my first niece. I was so . excited when I was told I was going to . be an Aunt. I was only 10 years old at . the time. I remember helping to feed . and diaper her. I got to babysit her . when she lived in Fontana. When her . and her cousins and sisters were little . and I started sewing in high school, . Grandma O’Neil would buy patterns . to make matching dresses. I always . remember Kristina as being a happy child . just as she is today. When she moved to Washington I kind of lost touch. She started getting older and I was married and started my family. Now everyone is getting older and we’re one bug happy family. Have a happy birthday! Aunt Prudy, Uncle Pat, Matt, Megan, and Jacob Turner

15: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jill forgot to take her pill and now they have a daughter | What do I remember about Kristina? To me she had one shocking birth day. You see, Eddie (her father) and I were outside the nursery when all of a sudden Kristina was turning blue. I looked around, there were no nurses in sight and Eddie had his hands to the top of his chest with his eyes and mouth wide open. Still no nurses and time was passing which seemed forever. Eddie stood in shock and I started to race down the halls to find a nurse. I located one quickly as she was coming back to her post. She ran into the nursery and immediately sucked the mucous from her mouth. Kristina began to cry. She was okay. The nurse kept apologizing from the inside of the glass, then out of the norm she brought Kristina out to Eddie and let him hold her. He held her up close and cried with relief. I don’t think we even told her mother about this. Kristina and her mom lived with us while Eddie was in the service. There were so many girls in the household we were all called mommy. She called me Mommy Mor-ning. Contrary to my sisters fabricated stories I taught Kristina only the Jack and Jill forgetting the pill nursery rhyme. Nothing more! The other rhymes I am charged with are pure fallacies. Let it be on record, I am now vindicated! . I however can lay claim to giving her a little wine at . some reception at our home. I only gave it to her because she wanted it so much. The adults couldn’t . understand why she had to keep twirling in circles and . falling over. It didn’t matter to her when she was being . corrected when we caught a glance of each other’s eyes | . we just laughed away at them all. I remember when her . . family would come down for Christmas. I used to think they looked like the “Little House on the Prairie” girls. I was pleasantly surprised when Kristina played a solo on her flute at my wedding. I hadn’t seen her for awhile, and I thought, wow! I don’t remember hiring a flute soloist. If I hadn’t thanked her then, I do so now. It was very lovely. My kids remember her wedding cake. Hey, they want to know who got all those Disney characters from the cake?If you want more stories, then you have to get them in person. If you need pictures, well then come over, I’ll show you the box they are in. It’s taken a year to get this letter done even though I had the best intention on writing it. Happy 40th Birthday Kristina! And a Happy regular birthday too! Love,Aunt Maureen Uncle Paul, Cousins Jonathan, Phillip, Olivia, and Michelle Soucier

16: We were having our “tagging party” for a cruise the evening before departure and we were making sandwiches and snacks for the trip the next day. We were all acting crazy. Then Kristi fell on the floor and started acting like a bug! Gabby McIntire | This is a picture of Kristi when she was just 2 years old. She was an adorable, sweet little girl. Good luck! Miriam Abramowitz

17: Two of these photos were taken Dec. 29, 1970 and you can guess which ones they were. I remember the occasion well and it scares me to realize it occurred 40 years ago. The dapper couple includes the O’Neill first cousins, Brian and Patsy, present to attend the driving of the heathen out of little Kristina at her Baptism. It was the last quiet day of her life. I remember the proud parents and grandparents in attendance, together with numerous siblings and friends. Seems like the pastor chided Kathleen about something or other, as he often did, and I am sure Mom gave back as good as she got. Kristina enjoyed being the center of attention, and the occasion began for me a very special saga in a very special relationship watching Kristina grow up to be the wonderful person she is. By the way, neither Patsy nor I have aged a day since these photos were taken. The third photo was taken May 28, 1994. You’ll immediately identify me (since I haven’t changed a bit from the photo taken 34 years earlier) sitting slightly to the left of the “model” with my son, Tim, in between. We are sitting on benches adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge, and you can see Alcatraz in the background. Ten days to two weeks earlier we had received a call from Kristina who had secured a ticket to SF and was looking to go exploring. We took her up and spent 3-4 lovely days in the Bay Area touring about and visiting. I remember that we went to the top of Mount Diablo and enjoyed the gorgeous view from there as we celebrated the Memorial Day Weekend. Kristina was then completing her training and soon planned to get a job. It was truly a great weekend and an terrific opportunity to spend several days visiting. This was the first time Kristina told me she was going to get married, and even had the date lined up, over a year in advance. So I put the date on the calendar so that I could be sure to be in Cheney for the wedding, which we did attend and it was memorable, indeed. But that is another story and will have to await the memory book for her 50th birthday. Brian O’Neill

18: Kathy and my mother Patty were the best of friends growing up. And unlike many friendships they stayed that way as women. I was told that my mother was the one who originally picked out the name Christina to name her baby. However, she ended up having a boy, naming him Michael. Kathy, being pregnant to, liking the name Christina so much asked my mother if she could use the name. It wasn't till many years later that my mother finally had a girl. That is why Kristi and I have the same name. Which was confusing at times. Our family loved the visit the McIntires on summer vacations and they would come and visit us in California. We loved playing with them. However, Kristi being much OLDER than I played mostly with my brothers. I guess they were to cool to play with Katie and I. But as a group we would play games together. One game they had, I don't know the name of it, but it would give you a word, and you had to sing a song with that word in it. Kristi rocked at that game! It was amazing. Her sing talents came in useful. I remember hearing her practice with her dad and seeing her bless people at church with her voice. She was wonderful. Kristi is in my heart with all the wonderful things about childhood that made it great! Memories of Kristi by Christina Toland (Norgaard) | I knew Kristina all her life. She was a beautiful baby. And now she is a beautiful lady, mother, and a friend. And she trusts the Lord for her tomorrow’s, and that makes her real special. Arnold and Elizabeth Norgaard

19: Kristina - Although we don't know for sure how old you are in this picture, we hope you will enjoy it and that it will bring back many fond memories of your swimming days. We will always remember the many swim meets we cheered you on from the sidelines. It is hard to believe you are old enough to have a family of your own potential swimmers, will they be backstrokers, or breaststrokers, or butterflyers? Now here's the test - can you name all the swimmers in the picture? Have a wonderful birthday. Love, Phil and Judy Grafious

22: Happy Birthday Kristi from the Brown Family. We pray all is well and never forget a great friend. We miss you and the kids and we wish all the best on your special day. From Chicago, IL, Robin, Michelle and David Brown | Matthew VanZee remembers spending many summers at the Cheney pool staying cool and having fun. One summer some of us decided to give nicknames to the regulars that hung out there. I only remember two. It is probably because they are the only two that lasted for many years, where all the others died away after a week, if that long. The first one is my own, being a young boy with Dutch/ English heritage I could not tan to save my life. If it wasn't for my freckles, I stayed so pail albinos would ask me how I did it. To my dislike I was know as, (Kristi do you remember?)..."Marshmallow". The other person was a cute, short blond hair girl, a grade younger, that spent most of her time at the diving board working on dives the bravest and craziest of the boys would not dare to try. Of coarse I am talking about Kristi, and the nickname that I have remembered for years..."Hot Stuff". They lowered the high dive board at the Cheney pool a few years back "for safety reasons". We where smart enough to curl once we hit the water. What is it with these kids nowadays? Kristi, you have a wonderful spanking day, you deserve the best, Matthew VanZee "Magic is the Dance of Reality, Perception, & Illusion"

23: Kristi, My Dearest Memory of you Kristi is not a specific memory but our whole swim team experience together! You were the one that was never playing the mean and catty games of teenage girls! No matter what happened you were up beat and positive! As a teenager at the time I did not understand it, but with time and reflection your attitude of positiveness and constant encouragement when we were kids has become an absolute piece of my treasured memories! Happy 40th Birthday!! Love, Michelle (Knokey) Wolfe PS There are probably a few band memories I could write about, but those are best left to those of us that were there ;)

26: Hmmm how to start? I think that Kristi and I meet at that time in your life you are defining who you are, coming up with your own ideas, and figuring out how you think of the world and how the world thinks of you. Part of who I am today is due in part to Kristi. I do not know what to say or where to start so I will just write what comes to mind. We met at basketball games when I was a freshman and she played the flute in the band. I could not believe she was so nice to me : ) I was a scrawny freshman and she was a JUNIOR wow : ) Anyhow needless to say it all worked out. I asked her out by writing it on her hand. I think she thought that was cute. We went to all the dances together: Tolo, Homecoming, Prom, Etc. I remember she had to drive because I did not have my license yet. One time she had surgery on her wrist and had a cast on her right arm, she drove us anyhow in a manual transmission!!!! Boy was she brave... Or me?!!! I do not know why she put up with me: one date I had her come over to my house (of 7 kids at the time) I kicked everybody out and we had our dinner there. It was OK my brother and sister in-law served us, but we were having Cornish game hens and Kristi later confided in me that she did not quite know how to eat them. (You had to use your fingers and we were trying to be all formal:), another time I took her out to a really good fish restaurant.... only problem I was not paying attention when she said that she did not like fish, so here we are in this restaurant and we both have chicken (I did also because I was so embarrassed!) Thru it all she somehow made me feel it was all OK. She would go to camp in the summer and we would write back and forth while she was a CIT. (Don't worry Kristi I threw all those out : ) I don't think anyone knew I could write so much, (and that Kristi could read it!!) I remember her graduation... I was so proud of her I thought my heart would burst. I will always remember the way she looked that day. When we were dating I had dream that somewhere in the future I went over to her house and played cards with her husband and my wife. That dreamed scared me for the longest time. Funny how those dreams come true. I think that we both knew we would not be together forever but when you are in High School that is hard. I think after she went to college was the hardest time for me. But in those years we found out what true friends are. We learned the hard way, but eventually we got it straight and became friends for life. From meeting Robert and going to her house with him (Poor Robert) to being in their wedding to eventually being her daughter's Godfather we have become the kind of friends that people only dream about. We maybe not always talk to each other every day and I am the worst about writing but I know she will always be there. She once wrote “I hope that I will be there for you whenever you need someone, during good or bad times. Always remember that.”.... I do...I think that we are on the way to being friends forever. Happy Birthday Stan Brown

28: Dear Kristina, We've done so many things since high school. I couldn’t imagine then what we are capable of accomplishing. Like graduating from Cheney high school, getting a degree from college, having a career, getting married and then starting a family are just a few milestones in life that we have gone through. The most exciting thing I can remember from high school we both did was the talent show. I can't remember the song but I can still remember some of the steps we created to perform that dance routine. I was proud of us for doing the splits. I'm sorry I landed on your foot though. When we reunited in the Portland/Vancouver area I was glad to get to know you again. It was so nice having you in my wedding. I appreciate your talent in music and playing the flute to the song "Endless Love". I also enjoyed our couple's get-together and playing boards games. Unfortunately our couple's social life with other couples became slow almost stagnant when you moved. Of course having a baby kills the social life too. At least for now. Ha.Ha.Ha. Anyways, it's been a great 40 years of my life. I hope it is just as wonderful for you. Life brings us so many joys, love, and surprises. I pray we both will have many more to go. Haves a magnificent 40th birthday and a great Holiday in this year 2010. Lots of love/Your friend :) Christina Vann (Ken, Veronica, & my sister Theresa says hi too.) | If it’s good enough for brady then its good enough for me. Craig Smith

29: AOII was definitely my favorite sorority, the girls were great and I was the AOII King of Hearts in 1989. I loved the AOIIs. Kristi was one of my all time favorite AOIIs. Just an all around great girl. I remember that everyone in the Sigma Nu really liked Kristi. We all had the college greek experience and from that a lot of the people developed really close relationships that live on to this day. My friend Craig and I were talking about how happy we were that we found Kristi on Facebook. Next time you all come to Cheney, let us know and we'll roadtrip over. Ed Niblock

30: Dear Kristi, I want to start by saying that I'm very thankful you are in my life. Even though there are many miles between us, our friendship never seems affected - when we get together it doesn't feel like any time has passed at all. I love our conversations, so much so that you're the only person I've made it to 3 AM with over the last 10 years. ; ) O | One group of memories we would like to revisit with you were created a few years ago about 2000 miles east of here. I still vividly remember your very first days as a Midwesterner. You pulled into our place that summer afternoon after a long drive across the country. I remember showing you my garden that night and trying to convince you that the Midwest wasn't so bad. Do you remember that we watched the Olympics that night? I think that was the evening that Kerri Strug had her famous landing off the vault. The next day we all set out for Carbondale. Right about Janesville, Wisconsin I remember you giving me a lesson in audiology - you explained to me how the ear canals in young children are shaped and why kids get so many ear infections. Funny what people remember, isn't it? After going through the toll | booths (some more than once much to Brian's great consternation), we started rolling down through the more rural areas of Illinois. We stopped and had breakfast beside a cornfield - it was pretty cold that morning. The more we drove, the more you and I had a chance to really talk, open up, and get to know each other better and better. Late in the afternoon we made our final approach into Carbondale. You were understandably full of nervous anticipation, wondering what this place was that you'd call home for the next couple years and wondering what it would offer you. I understood how you felt because I, too, experienced those feelings as Brian and I crossed the Wisconsin border in August of 1994. Carbondale turned out to be pretty small, and I know you didn't have the | happiest times of your life there, but I'll always be glad you moved to Carbondale because I feel a bond was created between us through that experience, and I've always felt our friendship was cemented on the day we accompanied you to your new home. In your time there we were able to make so many memories exploring new places. Remember the camping trip in Central Illinois? It was so cold that first night! We spent that whole next day paddling around in our lavender sports bras (which happened to match!) singing songs from our youth and exploring every inch of that lake. I haven't enjoyed singing so much since that day. Remember the trip down into Kentucky, and exactly what the requirements were for a proper southern home, specifically the construction of pillars? That was over New Years. We left a frigid 15-degree | day behind in Wisconsin to enter the wondrous record-setting 60-degree weather at your place - it was glorious! That night when we arrived you had made that large tree cookie, the dipped macadamia nuts, and those famous cheese crackers. There was also a Thanksgiving dinner in

31: When I think back over the last 10 years, the theme in our lives has obviously been growing our families and establishing homes. I suppose that's what people do through their 30's. Even though time doesn't seem to pass with regard to our friendship, I do feel surprised that we've reached this point in our lives so quickly. Frankly I feel happy and relieved over the prospect of the next 10 years for us both, and see our lives getting better and better. So much went into building the foundation for our current lives through our 20's and 30's; I view our 40's as a time when we can take back a little time for ourselves while continuing to enjoy watching our kids grow and thrive. We are both so fortunate to have comfortable homes, great husbands and families that we love dearly, and through our 40's we can add to that the luxury of reconnection with ourselves as individuals. My favorite memory of the last decade is actually a collection of memories (can't choose just one). Perhaps because it occurred most recently, my fondest recollection of our time together was when your family visited this summer. For some reason there were three distinct moments that really resonated. The first was when you arrived on that warm summer evening, and the kids all sat around in the yard gabbing and eating peas late into the evening. It was so simple and wholesome. I was really touched to see them enjoying each other so much, and that it didn't take any time for them to dive right into their own friendships again. Moments like that underscore the fact that we've maintained such a strong friendship that the next generation of Stephens and Kraemers are continuing what began 20 years ago. It warms my heart. The second memory is a similar theme to the first: when we had that barbecue at the house, I stood on the deck and looked down into the | back yard at all of our beautiful children (and Pat's) playing together. It was a visible reminder of all the beauty that you, Rob, Brian and I have introduced into the world, the point in our lives we have reached. Finally, my third favorite recollection is the aforementioned 3 AM (4 AM??) night that we sat up talking, and several other nights that went almost as late. Times like these crystallize what a thoroughly enjoyable friend you are! Your intelligence, wit, honesty, candor, pragmatism and good heart I always admire and enjoy. Thank you for being my friend. You bring joy to my life. Happy Birthday and God Bless- Carolyn and Brian | Madison eaten in a small living room around a card table, and a day in Chicago touring the Art Institute and enjoying a great dinner at that Greek restaurant on Dearborn (I believe that was that same day you learned the CPD's definition of "truck"). Remember Minonk? Finally, I remember the mixture of emotions we felt when we learned you were returning to the Northwest; we could imagine how you felt as we had imagined that situation for ourselves and knew how happy and excited you must be, but we also felt selfish, sad, and sorry for ourselves because those times of long visits and exploring the Midwest together were coming to an end. Brian and I cherish those special times when all four of us were able to unite while marooned in the Midwest. Those were unique moments that were ours alone. We know it wasn't the favorite chapter in your 40 years, but we hope you can remember those days as warmly as Brian and I do.

32: Kristi, Well, happy 40th, my dear friend. As one who reached that milestone shortly before you, I can assure you that you won't really feel any differently on December 20th then on the 19th. That is to say, you won't FEEL 40, whatever THAT means. But, like any milestone, it's a good time to pause on reflect, and for us, your friends, we've paused to reflect on your role in our lives. For me, this is what comes to mind: I remember you trying to set me up with one of your coworkers after Tanya and I broke up. She was a nice girl, and very attractive, but we just did not click at all. But you get tons of points for trying. =) Before and after that, you and Robert opened up your home (was it in Campion Hall back then?) for me to come by whenever I wanted. Believe me, there were times when just hanging out with you guys playing Settlers was a lifesaver. I was really broken down back then. Even before that, back in college, I remember all the group movie nights where we all hung out and recited The Princess Bride. I don't watch that movie as often now, but whenever I do, I recall fun times with our group. And, I can STILL recite pretty much the entire movie. I know, it's wrong, but I'm betting your husband still can, too. I remember you and Robert coming into my dorm room at Buchanan Towers, and Tanya was there too, and you guys telling us you were getting married. Wow, was your face glowing! Oh, and Brynn's baby shower is STILL the only one I have ever been to. God willing, I'll die with that being the case. And I remember you and Robert asking me to be Kaia's godfather. What a cool honor. Well, I think that's all for now. Needless to say, you've been a great, great friend. You have a good, loving heart, and people like you truly make a difference in the lives of those around them. I'm so glad to have know you for part of your 40 years. May the next 40 be as much a blessing as you've been to us. With love, Pat

33: All I have to say is that Kristi made my last three years at Western much more fun. She used to like to party more back then. It was Kristi who introduced me to shots of Tequila. I must say that was an interesting night at the Black Angus. I also remember just hanging with her watching movies at her apartment across from Buchanan Towers. Those made for some nice relaxing evenings. See you later! Abram Schwindt | . I remember the first time I met Kristi. It was through her Buchanan Towers roommate, whose name is escaping me right now. Her roommate was a friend of Pat's. She was quite the goth-styled lady. In comparison Kristi truly was a beacon of light to the darkness that exuded from her. Initially we sort of just began hanging out, mostly up in our room. I think the day that sealed it for me and Pat was when Kristi volunteered to bake us chocolate chip cookies. She came up one day with freshly baked cookies and we dug in. As we were eating them, she said something like, "I see you like them. If you get me the ingredients, I don't mind baking." I think later that week we arrived with enough chips and flour and sugar to help her bake cookies for a family of 30! Every so often throughout the rest of the year she'd knock and deliver us cookies. They were and still are fantastic! Scott Shigemi .

34: I have only known Kristi for a short time. What I really admire about her is her ability to look on the bright side of life, even during the uncertain times. She always has a ready smile for those around her and she is really perky (and I like seeing perkiness in people)! Thank you Kristi, for coming into my life. You are in my thoughts, even though we do not live near each other anymore... Sincerely, Joanie Chevalier P.S. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

35: Dear Kristi- Remember your first job in Vancouver School District. I hired you to be a Speech Language Pathologist and after a few weeks you became our Audiologist. Much to both our surprise! You worked your heart out and when there were signs of things being easier you and Robert moved away so he could go to graduate school. I was left high and dry. No S/P or Audiologist – alas I hired two more. I have often wondered where you ended up and if you completed your C.F.Y. I’m retired now and on the Senior Faculty at the City University working in the Masters in Teaching program. Our daughter went to Western majoring in Communications and our son attended Hudson’s Bay High School. Best wishes as your birthday comes near. I wish you much happiness and success. Love, Barbara Scott-Johnson . | Kristi and I met when we were both . hired to work in the bakery at . Schnucks in Carbondale, IL. . We hit it off pretty well. . And were becoming quite . good friends when she had . to move due to Rob's new . job out in California. Long . distance friendships are hard to maintain. And, I'm sorry to say, we've kept in touch rather infrequently. I guess the one amusing memory I have of Kristi involves her use of sign language. We would be working in the bakery and Kristi would have the need to go to the restroom. Rather than having to say, "I'm going to the bathroom" across the crowds of shoppers, Kristi would make the "sign" for it. Of course, since I don't know sign language, it took me quite a few days to catch on to what she was doing. It looked to me that she was waving at me with her hand in some kind of weird position. I hope she has a happy birthday. And I'm only two years behind her as far as that big "40" goes. Tammy Kelly

36: I've 'known' Kristi for probably 6 years now, although I've never actually met her in person. We met on the babyboard website in 2004 and for the past few years a group of us have kept in touch on our online message board, commonly known as 'The Garnets'. We've followed each other through our own personal ups and downs and have gotten to know each other over the years. Kristi has always been there, popping in and out and allowing us to get to know her and her family. I feel honoured to know Kristi and hope to one have the priviledge of meeting her in person finally! All my best for your big day Kristi. I hope you have a wonderful time surrounded by your family and friends. Much love, Lyndsey (your Garnet sister in the United Kingdom). Lyndsey Hall | I first "met" Kristi as part of our online Garnets group when we were all pregnant with our January babies in late 2004. Even though I've never met her in person, I feel like I do truly know her and her family. I especially appreciate her refreshing honesty and practical views to living life as a mom, wife and friend. Happy, happy 40th birthday from smack-dab in the middle of the USA where there's no place like home! :) Amy (and Josh) D. in Kansas City | Kristi, it was nice to meet you and two of your kids while we were staying at Desert Hot Springs. I appreciate you driving over to visit with a fellow Garnet. It is amazing to be able to meet with someone you have "known" for years through a keyboard. I am attaching a picture of your visit with us for your memories. Bonnie Focht | I have two great memories of Kristi. One is of our daughters, Kaia and my Riley, playing together. Kaia was Riley's first 'Best Friend'. The second is being pregnant together; she with Brian, and me with Kallie. What fun! May your next 40 years be blessed, and filled with as much love and laughter as you have brought to others! Jessica Tompkins

37: I met Kristi on a website called Baby Center when she was pregnant with Kaia and I was pregnant with my first baby-Leah. Our group of "Garnets" were grouped together on the site because we were all due within 1 week of each other. At the time, there were probably 25 or so "regulars" that chatted with each other daily and we got to know each other pretty well over the course of our pregnancies. Once our children were born, we still continued to chat on a regular basis-though not daily :) Soon after our babies first birthdays, our Garnet group left the Baby Center board and started our own private Yahoo Group . There are still about 18 or so of us that catch up with each other on a regular basis and many of us now stay connected through Facebook as well. We are all scattered about the United States and one of us even lives in England. A few of us lucky ones have even had the chance to meet up in person. Kristi, myself and one other Garnet live here in California. Prior to Kristi's move to Southern California, she, the kids and I were able to meet up for a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory in August of 2006. It was so good to meet her in person as well as Brynn, Jack and Kaia. Seven months later we both divulged we were pregnant again and Brian & Nolan were born just a few days apart! Over the course of six+ years we've shared quite a bit and I always enjoy hearing Kristi's latest about the kid's activities and what is going on with her. Though . our lives have gotten much busier, she always finds the time to stay connected. She is a . remarkable woman and I am proud to call her my friend and "Garnet sister". . Happy 40th Birthday Kristi! Your "sister" always, Jill | Happy Birthday Kristi! Although we've never seen each other face to face, I feel that all of the Garnet sisters are so close because of all we've shared through the past six years. You are blessed so richly to have such a loving husband to surprise you like this, and to have so many friends and loved ones to celebrate with you on this special birthday. Cheers to you and I hope you have an unforgettable party! Love you, Lanette Watson, Garnet Sister | As a Garnet, I feel blessed to have a special relationship with our group. I have always been amazed with how much you do with your children and how you juggle everything. You are a super mom and wife. You have always supported me with your kind words, your wisdom and your strength. I have always loved getting your advice or your perspective on life. I am truly lucky to have met you and maintained a long distance friendship for over five years. Happy 40th Birthday! Love Your Fellow Garnet Mommy- Keri Lanoue

38: My favorite memory of Kristi was right after she had Brynn. I was invited over for a game night and it was one of my first times meeting Mike's friends. I got to hold Brynn and Kristi took a picture of me, with Brynn in my arms. She said, "We have to keep track of everyone who holds her." I thought she was completely crazy, but I had a lot of fun playing games with her. :) Happy Birthday Kristi!!! We hope to visit you soon! Ann Ashford | When I think about Kristi, I am reminded of all the fun times we had together at Hillside's Family Fellowship Events. Game nights, Bible Studies, Camping, Movie nights. It was so fun having her and the entire Stephen's clan as part of our group. You are still missed! Happy Birthday. Love, Rick & Jenny Trees

39: Welcome to 40, Kristi—I've been here since February and the weather's just fine! While I can't be there to celebrate with you on the day, I'm so thankful to have continued friendship with you and your family over more these past 12(!) years. That's no surprise, really, since I can still remember how welcome I always felt with y'all and how encouraging it was to have friendship "on the line" in residence life at Seattle U with other people of faith who'd already been in the trenches. Being willing to live the crazy, ever-available lifestyle for the sake of serving and blessing students isn't for everyone, but you always seemed to handle the challenges of being a live-in family with grace and good boundaries. Every time we've been able to catch up since then has been such a joy, and your family is an encouragement to me (and now to Amy) as we look forward to raising our own kids one day. Hope we get a chance to see y'all again soon, and until then, happy birthday! Godspeed, Lee Grooms | . Dear Kristi, I am remembering a . private time when we were talking . in a beautiful, empty church in . Minnesota. I needed to tell you . something awkward, scary, and important. It felt like I was taking a huge risk. You were kind and responsive. You were able to be graceful and offer me grace in a difficult conversation. It was worth taking the risk. Kind...Responsive... Full of Grace...Worth it...Kristi Happy Birthday. Love, Beth Aylard | I remember Kristi being so warm and compassionate. Kristi extremely creative, gifted and making things with her own hands and she exudes a love for the Lord and for music. It has been more than 7 years, but those precious MOPS years will always be incredibly special to me. Jen Engstrom

40: When I think about Kristi, I think of someone who is a terrific mom and Girl Scout leader. I always appreciate the attentiveness she gives to the girls at the meetings. She is the one to be with when selling cookies outside Wal-Mart in the rain. She is awesome!! Happy 40th Birthday, Kristi!! Sara Israel

41: My most memorable time with Kristi was watching her love on her children at one of our Cub Scout campouts a few years ago. It was beautiful watching her holding and hugging on her youngest two children around the campfire. I also miss her teaching us songs. Carolyn Bailey | I have had the privilege of talking with Kristi twice now as a parent to a new Girl Scout in the Troop. Shelby has also enjoyed her trips with Kristi especially to the event at UCR this past year and the bronze award meeting at her home. Kristi is a very caring and giving person for what I have seen so far and lives for the growth of not only her own children but also for the girls in our troop group. I am very grateful for the time and efforts she gives to the group. May she enjoy this wonderful birthday I know she was looking forward to the Big 40. Thank You, Andrea Webb and Shelby Evans | This is Christena's mom, April. I remember the best time I had with Kristi was when we went to Riley's Farms and picked pumpkins and apples with the girls. I learned a lot about pumpkins, what could be done with pumpkins, and that there are actually BLUE pumpkins, and that the BLUE pumpkins were her favorite to cook with! I'll tell you, having Kristi involved with Troop 1027 is a real blessing that I don't think these girls realize! With all her knowledge, love of Girl Scouts, and the love of sharing, makes her THE BEST THING FOR TROOP 1027!!!!!!!!!!! Christena's favorite memory of Kristi is having her teach us funny Girl Scout songs. I love the songs that she teaches us, and I love how Kristi has fun when she's teaching us the songs!! Have a great day, April Alvarez

42: When I think of Kristi I of course think of Girl Scouts; and the thing that sticks out to me was her ability to put a smile on her face and move in a forward motion for the betterment of the girls. Through wind, rain, heat and cranky girls Kristi always had a way of re-grouping and helping a change to come forward. Kristi always wanted the girls to think outside of the box and find a piece of themselves that they never knew. She would introduce ideas through science, performing arts, the outdoors and song with the hopes that our little girls would live and live freely. She had a passion for each girl to be proud of her individuality and strength and supported leadership and opinions. Kristi may at times be corky or unorthodox but Kristi is who she is, take her or leave her, love her or hate her she has the guts to be Kristi. That is a sign of a great leader and a great person. Kristi I hope you have the best birthday you have ever known. I hope you never stop being you, and I hope you see all the greatness within you that others do. Thank You for all you have done for everyone. Danielle Benson

43: Dear Kristi, thank you so much for our friendship and the time we have had together. You have been a true blessing and such a lifesaver. I am so glad that we are able to get together at times and plan things but most of all is afterwards when we can just talk and laugh about life. Thank you so much for being down to earth and understanding. Happy Birthday and many blessings to you. Love always, Sue Anna

44: Southern California

46: One of our fondest memories of her was at Brynn’s baptism when she was so lovely and beautiful and helpful and everything. We just thought she was great! Also, another memory we have is when we first met her at Robert’s mom’s house, in the filbert orchard. She was so gay and happy-go-lucky. She just looked neat. She is neat! Doris and Jack Mast

47: Thanks for including us in your memory book for Kristina. My favorite memory is of yours and Kristina's wedding. It was the most unique wedding I have ever attended. The service was so unique with the touching video. Everything was beautiful. And then the reception with the doll dressed just like Kristina and the beautiful cake made by I believe, her aunt. The Mexican buffet was very original and very good too. All in all, it was a most wonderful wedding. Barbara and Ted | We first met Kristina when she moved to Vancouver, WA to work at her first real job after graduating from College. She was introduced as our future niece in law, as she was not yet married to Robert who was still finishing up his first major milestone in his education. Kristina lived in an apartment with a roommate just a few miles from our house, and she invited us over. When we arrived, we understood what she meant when she lived with the Cat Nazi – Cats everywhere, Cat hairs everywhere, and more Cat stuff! This was not acceptable for a future family member, so we asked Kristi if she would like to come live with us, as we had a big house, and there was only Richard and I. So she readily accepted and moved in. Over the school year, we got know Kristi like a daughter. In the evenings and weekends, we had the lots of time to talk and laugh, share our days, and to get to know her. What a wonderful time we had. What a wonder gal she is. At the end of her stay, it was a sad time when she had to leave, but a happy one for her as she was planning her wedding. After the wedding, the “Stephens” came back in Vancouver, and we got to know Kristi in a different light – she was Robert’s bride! Kristi, Happy Birthday to you, your life is a full one, and we are glad we got to share you and get to know you during your life journey. Love always, Richard and Sherry Brown

48: X-rated memories . . . We will always have this great memory . . . My Mom's "Bachelorette Party" at the Train Wreck in Burlington, WA. Myself, Kristi, Courtney, and Jan doing Blow Jobs off the bar-no hands. Robert was our designated driver and event photographer. It was my first hands free blow job ever! Kristi was definitely a seasoned professional. G-rated memories . . . I have shared many wonderful memories with Kristi, since it seems we are most often gathered together for a special event or occasion. I have enjoyed the many long conversations we have had. I am blessed to have such a wonderful woman for my brother and their children. One special memory I have is of a very beautiful and busy bride taking time out for a very small boy, to dance with him on her wedding day. Thank you, Kristi, and a very Happy Birthday to you. We wish you many more filled with love, happiness, and peace. Kristi, 40 is a great milestone for every woman. Looking back at all you've done in life and looking ahead to many more fabulous years, may you always have a smile and song in your heart! Love, Your sister in law, Kristin Much love from the rest of the family, Terry, Nathan, Timothy, and Karenna Esskew

49: So many great Kristi memories to choose from Do I pick our first meeting? Where Kristi told me her family had picked Courtney as there dog’s name because it was the most stuck up title they could think of for their snobby looking dog. By the way, I have battled the name Courtney for this very reason, long before I met Kristi. Every early 90’s teenage movie, if there was a less than humble girl, her name was probably Courtney. Thank you Kristi for proving it for me! Love you! Or maybe lunch in Spokane at Chili’s that ended with an explosive episode of diarrhea, poor Brynn! (Thank goodness she was still in diapers J, not that the diapers held it) Although most recently our families were able to come together for an unforgettable event this summer, as our parents, Jan and Howard celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. How lucky were we that Rob, Kristi and family traveled north to join us and make it a true party to remember. And perfectly as if planned, Kristi showed up with stunning red hair. Her flaming auburn locks, my sister Kristin’s knockout blonde tresses and my own exotic dark mane made for a very hot Charlie’s Angels picture. We had so much fun posing for the photos. I think we should repeat this tradition at every family reunion! All my love Kristi on your 40th Birthday! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! Love your sis-in –law, Courtney

50: I remember when Robert first brought Kristina home to meet us. We were so happy. We found her pretty, charming, fun and easy to talk to. We soon found out that Kristina and her family were very active. It seemed that they played a lot of games and had big family parties and vacations together. We felt happy that Robert had found someone that would bring him into their family activities as he has always been an active guy. Howard and I have enjoyed our times with Kristi, we missed some of the more important moments in her life, like when Brynn was born. One of the best times we can remember is Brynn’s baptism. Having Kristina wear the dress that I wore for Kristin’s and Terry’s wedding was very special. Kristina looked so beautiful. At the ceremony and the party after, she seemed very relaxed and confident, happy and content. It was a really enjoyable day, everything was just perfect. We shall never forget it. The day that the other pictures were taken was our family reunion. Though not quite all our members were present, Kristina, Rob and Brynn were there. It makes me feel proud that my son and his wife and daughter attended. And that they made such a nice family. My most recent memory of Kristina was at the renewal of vows ceremony. She looked great and seemed to bond more than ever with her mother-in-law and her sister-in-laws. I especially liked the 'Charlie’s Angels' picture. And all four of their children were there, beautiful and well behaved. We are fortunate to have such a lovely daughter-in-law. Kristina, we wish you a very happy 40th birthday and thank you for being you and being a part of our family. Many, many happy years ahead. With all our love, Jan & Howard

51: . The Big FOUR-OOHH !! Happy 40th Birthday Kristina! . WOWYou sure know how to make a person feel older. It doesn’t seem possible that our kids are turning 40. When does the clock go into reverse ?? Having known you for such a small portion of those 40 years limits our list of those “memorable times” we spent together. I’m sure we had many, but there is certainly one very special time that stands out above ALL the rest: The Miracle of Brynn Emily. Never before had we been present at the birth of a child and first Granddaughter. Holy Smokes, That was an experience we’ll never forget!!! The joy that filled that hospital room, after the birth, was sure something to behold. We would send along a picture to go with thisbut jeese Kristina, do you remember what they looked like ??? Hope you have a splendiferious 40th Birthday and many many more !!! Love, Byron and Debi

52: I remember Kristina babysitting Katie and I, and chasing us around the house with a baton. I remember singing Girl Scout every time we got in the car. I remember making mud slides when we were building the house. I remember all the Holidays, cruises, vacations, and family time but I remember most of all Kristina being my bestest older sister. :) Kerri

53: I have a couple memories of my dear sister that pop out in my head. The first one always comes up with our sister Kerri as a fond and truly unforgettable memory. I think we were in elementary school and Kristina was "supposed" to be watching us, being the big sister and all. Kristina had been listening to the local radio station and called in to win something (I guess my memory is not that good, but she could probably tell you for what). Unfortunately for Kerri and I, the radio station hung up on her and then had the audacity to state that they had mistakenly hung up on the correct caller. I do believe they apologized for the mishap but Kerri and I soon found out that the apology was not enough. Kristina started to chase Kerri and I all around the house with a baton yelling that she was so angry. Now imagine a crazy teenager already amped up on those teen hormones angry and chasing you around with a flying baton, up and down your bunk beds, down the hallway and all over the house. To think she was trusted with her little sisters care. We still get a good laugh from that one. My second memory is probably my favorite because to this day I can not tell the story without laughing. On the cruise for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, my dad, myself and Kristina went scuba diving in Grand Cayman. This was my first real dive outside of the lake in Idaho and the deepest that I had every gone (I believe 80 ft). I can still remember how Kristina was very excited about her idea of saving her toast from breakfast to feed the fish during her dive. She tucked the bread in her BC pocket and I think forgot about it. Now that I think back it seemed that there was always fish following behind us while we were diving that day. When we started our ascent we had to stop and do our decompression stop below the surface, so as we were waiting our time I think she remembered the toast. Now this is the part that I can barely get through when I tell the story and it will be hard to write because nobody can see my hand and facial gestures, but I will try to do my best to tell it so you can get a visual picture. So there we were stopped and Kristina throws up her arms as though she remembers about the bread. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the mushy remnants of that mornings toast and I'm not sure if her hand was completely out of her BC pocket when it seemed like a hundred fish out of nowhere rushed at her as fast as the speed of lightening (I'm already chuckling). In absolute fear (or what seemed to be by the expression on her face) her arms went flying in the air and her eyes bulged out of her head (you know like the loony toon cartoons when a safe or piano falls on their heads and they notice it a split second before it happens). I thought she was about to lose the rest of her air when I saw the large bubbles come from her regulator as she fought to get away from the frenzied and apparently starving fish. The whole incident only lasted a moment but I thought that I was going to die in those last minutes of our dive from lack of air due to sucking it all up in the hysterical laughter while trying to keep my regulator in my mouth. Thanks for the great story and memory Kristina. I still think it’s my favorite. (continued)

54: On a more serious note, I would like to thank my sister and tell her how much I appreciate and love her. This past 4 years has had a lot of surprises and ups and downs and she was there to help and support me through it all. I could not have imagined going through the pregnancy of my first son without Kristina's support and knowledge (she was on her 4th at the same time). She was there answering my phone call at 3 in the morning when my water broke and then was at the hospital helping me through the entire labor and delivery and I know it could not have been that comfortable for she herself was 9 months pregnant with Brian (and suppose to be due before me). I do believe that I asked her if she was available to help me during labor and delivery with my second child as a way of telling her that I was pregnant. The day I went into labor with Jarret she was out my house within a few hours, sitting up and talking with me and Aunt Colleen and timing my contractions and was at the hospital all day until I delivered helping me in any way possible. I think that I had the best coach in the delivery room for both of the births of my sons. In addition to being there for those happy moments she was also there for the not so good. For example when I had to be taken in for a recent surgical procedure I called Kristina to let her know that I was having surgery just in case the hospital called her since she was my emergency contact and decision maker if anything was to go wrong. The whole thing happened very quickly but when I came to she was there at the hospital and instead of leaving when they told her she could not sit with me in the recovery room, she waited in the waiting room to make sure I got to my room okay (which I do believe was 2-3 hours later). A week later I had ran into some complications and had to be hospitalized again and I called her again to let her know and that morning she was there at the hospital making sure I was okay. Some may say that those things are a "sister’s duty" but I think it is because I have a very special, caring and loving sister. I don't think I say it enough but Thank you for everything that you do for me and my family and I love you. HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!!! You deserve a very happy and special birthday. Love your "Little" and favorite "baby" sister, Katie

55: What can I tell you about my sweet baby girl? From the time I found out that I was pregnant, I wanted a baby girl named Kristina Lynn. Her dad’s side of the family had boys and they wanted a grandson. My mother was buying frilly little girls things for me. At last the big day cane when I had my c section. I stayed awake long enough for the Dr. to say she’s a girl weighing 8lbs 14 ounces. Needless to say that I was elated! She was absolutely beautiful! She had a full head of hair and very pink. About twelve hours after her birth she was presented to me. Wow, I felt joy. | She came home from the hospital and was the little princess. My mother would often say "Is she your little toy? All my sisters played with her. Her aunt Patsy always made sure she had a new dress and bonnet when she took her out. She won several beauty contests even before she was a year old. She blew kisses at the judge when she was seven months old and won her beauty contest. She was quite the little actress as a child and could recite anything, like the pledge of allegiance when she was only two. Kristina had a vivid imagination and was very competitive. By golly, she wasn't going to let any kid beat her in her accomplishment of reading. She went to school at four and came out reading fourth grade level. She was a brownie, junior, cadet and senior Girl Scout. She helped with my troop...always entertaining the girls...Mother may I hiding bras in the freezer. She always had to win the games, very competitive. She was captain of the high school swim team and very good! What can I say, I have pictures of her swimming across the pool at eight months old. Kristina was everything I could hope for. She was an honor student. Got a scholarship, earned her way through college. She had a lot of friends, both boys and girls. She sang at her sorority installation, played the flute at church on Sundays and really excelled with her flute in college. Then one day she met the man of her dreams! The PHANTOM. We visited her at Western and met her future husband Robert. They decided to get married and had the most beautiful wedding.....music. Kristina loved music and so did Robert. I could not express how proud of her as I was on that day, it brings tears to my eyes! My lovely daughter married the man she loved and was quite happy, they were blessed with four beautiful children. I get teary eyed just thinking how she interacts with each one of them and is totally a great mother and wife! She did follow in my footsteps!! A Chip off the old block! I’m sure she remembers when I turned forty and how I cried!!! I hope you have happy feelings, Kristina! You have certainly made your mother proud! We have our ups and downs in life but with Robert on your side, you will have a complete life. You’re my favorite number one daughter and I love you very much. Mama .

56: . I crept into a dimly lit room and peered into the baby crib, where you lie sleeping. I softly brushed back your hair and could barely speak, knowing shortly I would be leaving for war. I whispered lowly as not to wake you from your slumber, saying I love you, this caused me to ponder. I pondered, who will she be, will she be safe, will she be cared for, will she be loved. What would h appen if I were gone? I sit on a crowded bus filled with strangers, each in amazement as you sang familiar rhymes, and recited your letters with pride. I waited in eagerness, searching for you in the line of faces, to commit your life to God, off to the next step. I stood in need for a few bucks, to change some failing luck, with check in hand; I heard a tale of peanut butter and mice. To watch the check snatched from my hand. I pondered, who will she be, will she be safe, will she be cared for, will she be loved. What would happen if I were gone? I weaved though time, watched a baby, a toddler, a young girl, a wonderful young lady, may I drive the car, there is some friends you should meet. | I Ponder

57: I stood leaning over a rail, waving good bye, as the ship as the ship begins to sail, oh Papa this is a dream come true, I’m on the Love Boat. I heard the plea, high school is over, can I go to college, and by the way can I move out, it’s only in town a few miles away. I pondered, who will she be, will she be safe, will she be cared for, will she be loved. What would happen if I were gone? I had to drive to the other side of the state, it’s not too far, don’t tell your mother here’s a twenty that you might need, Papa there’s a boy, I think he’s neat. I tried to make it hard, I tried not to laugh; Sir there is a question I would like to ask, I sang, Sun Rise Sunset, and placed her hand in his, with promises and prayers, off to the next step. I pondered, who will she be, will she be safe, will she be cared for, will she be loved. What would happen if I were gone? I watched and waited as each one was born, was amazed by this mother and wife, who loves her family, God and life. I counted 10, 20, 30 and now 40, none of which I would change, I treasure each moment, I hope I provided what you needed and I hope I was the father you wanted. I ponder, who will she be, will she be safe, will she be cared for, will she be loved. What would happen if I were gone? I see your strength, I see your love, I see that you’re good to those in need; I see the love that surrounds you. I feel reassured, that you will be safe, that you will be cared for, that you will be loved. I ponder the wonder of your life and I know you will be fine, when I’m gone. Papa

60: Kristina

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