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Laurie's 50th

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S: Laurie's 50th

BC: Made with Love by Jessica Lynn. 2012

FC: Celebrating 50 Years of Laurie

3: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

6: From the Malamed Chronicles: A Laurie Story By Elly Malamed I was awakened from a sound sleep in the middle of the night. My youngest child, Laurie, was at my bedside sobbing. “There’s an animal in my room. I thought Perry was playing a trick on me and threw the cat on my bed, but he’s asleep and the cat is downstairs. I think it’s a rat! It was staring at me from across the room with beady eyes. I’m NOT going back up there!!” Since Laurie was typically a good sleeper, I decided to humor her. As I got out of bed, I had second thoughts. What if there was something up there? I knew just what to do“Herb, wake up! There’s something in Laurie’s room that needs your attention – right now!” | After we explained the situation, Herb climbed the stairs and slowly opened the door to Laurie’s room. By this time, Joan was awake from all the commotion. Her bedroom was directly across the hall. Being a brave, yet intelligent soul, Joan pulled Laurie and I into her room and shut the door. Herb took a peek and something shot across the room, banging into the wall. He quickly closed the door and called for backup”Perry, get up. I have a job for you!” He told Perry to get two large towels and a broom. The two hunters took their weapons and entered the forbidden chamber. We heard their voices: “Okay, there it is! Get the towel!” “I can’t see it! Which way did it go?” “You’re not going to get away you piece of *&#$!” “Oh no, it’s coming right at you – duck!!”

7: Laurie, Joan, and I were huddled in Joan’s room when we heard something scrambling up her door. We all started screaming. The chase ensued. Herb and Perry used the large towels to surround the beast. Like professional curlers, they used the broom to move their adversary. Down the stairs and through the house they went. Finally, they ended up in the basement. They opened the door to the outside and were able to maneuver the critter into the backyard. With the women in tears, the men pounded their chests and did a victory dance. Then they decided to consult the encyclopedia to determine the exact species of the intruder. It was a winged beast with four legs called a Glaucomys Sabrinus, or more commonly known as a Flying Squirrel. | Herb and Perry informed us of their success and told us what was terrorizing Laurie. Even though it was out of the house, Laurie refused to sleep by herself that night. I stayed with her for the remainder of the night (and made sure the window was securely closed.) The next day, Laurie told her story to her 4th Grade Class. They didn’t believe her. I had to send a note to school the following day to confirm Laurie’s story. So, whatever you do, please do not show Laurie the picture below. It will traumatize her.

11: "The more you laugh the longer you live" | "Good times are even better when they are shared"

14: Laurie | Brian

20: Getting Back To Nature

21: Always a New Adventure

22: Dominican Republic

26: My Top 20 Reasons Laurie is my "Fancy Friend" | #11 Someone who will bring my daughters to a Hamilton College dance show and sit them in the front row and expect them not to laugh at strange dances #10 Someone to make my kid feel better about her eyebrows by telling her "Lefty" story # 9 Someone who will attend a boring Northeastern orientation day with us and be my daughter's own personal GPS # 8 Someone to be a BUNKO outcast with # 7 Someone who doesn't mind walking an entire day around NYC with me wearing Moose antlers on my head # 6 Someone who will help me find my wedding outfit and have her son deliver my wedding cake safely # 5 Someone who doesn't mind my dog attacking her and burying her head in her hair # 4 Someone who would dress up as Ellen so I could be Oprah (by the way you were a better Ellen than I was an Oprah) # 3 Someone to tailgate with after BC football in a driveway after missing half the game looking for parking (and dealing with my tantrum) # 2 Someone to be "Kiera's 2 Moms" with and helping me move my kids into their college dorms in our matching outfits And the #1 and most important reason Laurie is my "Fancy Friend"... Someone to share "Tuesdays with Laurie" with! | #20 Someone to share Jim's cocktails and cooking with #19 Someone who opens her doors for our family every year at Christmas where we've had some of the most memorable ones ever #18 Someone to substitute as Siobhan's Mom at ADA so she could win the dance-off and Dancer of the Year title while I was at Kiera's communion #17 Someone to judge all the best "dancing queens" at dance competitions without getting caught (most of the time) #16 Someone to share quality BOXES of wine with #15 Someone to go to Lake Placid's Mirror Lake Inn with when I get stood up by my ex-husband #14 Someone who will let me and my girls be a part of her family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland when we are going to go on vacation alone #13 Someone to teach my daughter that its OK to pee on the side of the road and even show her how to do it #12 Someone to shop in Chinatown to find a costume for our daughters "Chopsticks" dance even though she couldn't communicate with anyone there

27: These are just a few of the memories I've had with you over the last 15 years when we met at Broadway Dance (even though you only knew of me from my Mom), and each and every one of them is special to me in some way. We've shared some of the best times of our lives and definitely some of the hardest ones too. You've always been there for me when I've needed you, and I hope you feel you can count on me in the same way. We aren't quite Golden Girls yet, but as their theme song goes, "Thank you for being a friend". | Happy Birthday! Love, Pam

29: To the "fun" Mom (who would try to get us out of going to school after long dance competition weekends), I appreciate all the times you have been there for me, even when my Mom couldn't be there. We have had so many great memories over the years between dance competitions and college visits, or just simply hanging out by the pool. I've learned a lot from you- especially your lesson standing in the middle of a swamp on the side of the highway teaching me how to squat and pee the right way. And I think I should give you all of the costume award trophies for Jess's costumes that were given to me to wear for my solos. No matter what you have always brightened up any stressful situation, and have always put a smile on my face. Happy Birthday, and I love you! --Siobhan | To My Second Mom, Thanks for becoming part of my family and always welcoming us into your home (even if we are a little crazy). I enjoy seeing you over at my house for Tuesdays with Laurie with my Mom where we are able to catch up on life. Sometimes I wonder how you got stuck moving me into college, but I guess a mom has to complete her role as a Mother. You have taught me to be on time to everything in life, but on a more serious note, you taught me how to be a true friend. Your friendship with my Mom models just what a best friend should be and you both taught me how to create an everlasting friendship. I wouldn’t trade anything for the experiences and good times we have all shared together whether it be at a dance competition, a day in NYC, or even a family event. Thanks for being there for my family and I unconditionally; your presence in our lives is greatly appreciated. Now I’m sure Jim will be turning the corner at any moment with your special drink as we celebrate your birthday. Happy 50th Birthday Laurie! Love always, Kiera

30: Laurie, There have been some wonderful memories and people I have been able to share with you along your 50 year journey. I hope there will be many more along the way were able to share. Thank You for always being there for me and the kids. We have been blessed. Much Love! Brian | Cobleskill, Red shorts with white stripes, The Stone Pony | Cape Cod, Nauset Beach, Skinny dipping with clothes on | Catskills, The Granite, Grandma Hannah, Family weekends | Elly, Herb, Grammi, John | January 22nd, September 16th, January 24th

32: The ribbons of your love are woven around my heart

33: "Flowers have the sun, children have their mothers." ~Kay Andrew

34: Macken, as I begin to think of the impact you have had on me as a mother and friend, I find myself completely overwhelmed. You have always been the rock that has kept my entire life in order. You have taught me countless lessons, small and large, that have helped define me as a person. Even though I would resist and make jokes about how the word “jostle” may not play an integral part in my life, I have always been listening, and have always been learning from your wise words and occasional ball busting. I cherish my childhood and all of the time that we have spent together. I loved to hate your triple licking when we would share ice cream. Humming harmonies while lying on the couch together is something that I will never forget. Our mornings together before school, my first time driving, getting my license, going on a tours of perspective colleges, dinner every night together as a family, even some of my very first cooking lessons have been with you, and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything in the world. The list of beautiful memories goes on for miles. Being your son means I have the confidence to know I can accomplish anything I put effort into. It also means I am a man of morals, consistently reaching out to others, listening, and helping. Most importantly, being your son means that I have been showered with love and feel that warmth every single day of my life. Your strength as a woman is inspiring, your wisdom as a mother is enlightening, and your compassion as a friend is heartwarming. You have won mother of the year 23 years in a row and counting. I am lucky to have you as mother, and proud to be your son. I love you more than I can express, and no matter where I am, you will always travel with me.

37: Ever since I was a little girl, and you were sneaking Barbie purchases for me, I knew that I was your highest priority. You proved it again when you stood up for my math skills in elementary school, and for my right to attend dress rehearsal for my play in high school. I will never forget the time you took my shift at Qik Pik so that I could go on a skiing trip, or the sacrifices you made for dance. I never had to ask you to do any of these things for me, because you always wanted the best for me. But when I do need something, I know Danny and I are so lucky to have parents that we can depend on. You and Dad are two of the most reliable people I know, and I aspire to embody this quality myself. Your persistence on the importance of education is one of the biggest influences you’ve had on my life. I am so proud of my degrees and could not have gotten them without your pushing and support. I began teaching to help my students see the importance of education and to guide them on their way as you did with me. Despite the fact that you discouraged me from becoming a teacher because of the hardships of the profession, you have always supported me emotionally through my roller coaster ride as a teaching fellow. Finally, I want to thank you for always treating my friends as family in our household. From Tiffany and Wakonda, Robin and Thanksgiving, and Aman becoming a part of the family, you have always welcomed them with open arms. It is so comforting to know that my friends are comfortable around you and we all appreciate all of those sandwiches for the boat and cinnamon buns on weekend mornings. I love you more than I can say, and hope that I always show this despite my “harshness” at times. Your hard work and dedication to Danny and I has not gone unnoticed. You have excelled at the hardest job in the world not once, but twice. Happy 50th! Love, Jess

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