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Linda's 60th birthday

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Linda's 60th birthday - Page Text Content

S: Linda M. Van Compernolle

BC: Made for you with love by Pam and Abigail with help from Jerry 2010

FC: Linda M. Van Compernolle Gleason | March 1, 1950

3: Through the years...

4: Memories from Wade (Sonny) Marilyn, Linda, Sandy and I went to the National Theatre in Kansas City one Sunday afternoon in the mid 1950's. She was little and could barely see over the seats. The moive was THE THING, a very scary movie about a Frankenstein-like monster from another planet. We all had drinks and popcorn. In one scene the monster reached out an open door. We all screamed, Linda threw her popcorn all over the place and screamed as did everyone else. In those long ago summers, Linda, Marilyn and Sandy and I would stay at Grandma Birdies in Kansas City. On TV in those days was an old 1930's serial called Flash Gordon. We would act out "Flash Gordon" among the old garage and outbuildings at Grandpa's. I would, of course, be "Flash" the dashing blond leading hero, and Marilyn would be the beautiful heroine- Dale Arden and Linda the evil Princess. She always wanted to be Dale, but Marilyn always got the part. We were all a part of those wonderful times in the last good decade in America, the 1950's. We went to the Big Six hamburger stand at 79th and Troost and got a LARGE 10' hamburger for 30c and fries for 20c. Malts were 30c. We rode in Grandpa's 1947 Plymouth with suicide doors or Aunt Virginia's blue 1950 Pontiac Convertible with red leather seats ( wish we had it today ). I miss all those wonderful, exciting years, (but not as excited to be in my 60's.) I would not have missed this wonderful time and family that surrounded us with love. Grandma Birdie, Grandpa Wade, Aunt Rosie, Virginia and Carl, Mary and Wade Jr all gone now, but never forgotten !

5: My observation for this terrific project is this; how could someone so gentle, soft-spoken and kind be an ROTC consort? There must be a militant steak in there somewhere that no one knows—Jerry must have stories to tell! Jerry Meyer

6: Linda with Grandma Esther Van Compernolle Rogers | Linda Christmas 1980

7: We had so much fun in the old days! My first trip to the Grand Canyon was so great. Snow on the way up and we had the best Prime Rib ever at the El Tovar Lodge. We will not forget our cruise over to Mexico either, will we? Linda is also a good gambling buddy. I should stop when she tells me to! We have had such wonderful trips together and she had always been so good to me. Linda is always so thoughtful and one jump ahead of me! Onalee

8: Linda will always be thought of for her love and kindness to animals. Hope you enjoy remembering this picture. Love, Alan & Cathy (Alan, Mark, Onalee, Linda, Cleo & puppies | Linda always entertained Onalee & I so well. She took us to so many places. I have so many memories of them. We visited in California, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Scottsdale & Indiana. Love, Aunt Purnell

10: Aunt Linda has always been there for my brothers and sisters and me since we were all young kids. Never one to forget a birthday or Christmas card especially. Thanks for always thinking of us, Aunt Linda! Oh, and thanks for instilling in me a love of dogs too! Mike | Very happy birthday wishes for my little sis. Oh the memories - you were a darling baby, a beautiful child, and are a fabulous, warm. loving adult! From skinned knees (yes, you fell down a lot!) to fun Mexican Train games, the memories continue to grow and I look forward to our "senior" years - yours coming much later than mine! Much happiness on this, your entry to another great decade. Love, Sandy (& Marcel)

11: Linda, Hope you have a fabulous 60th birthday! Thanks for everything over the years...the thoughtful cards, good talks, and helpful advice! It seems like just yesterday that I was staying with you and Jerry in California for the summer. Hard to believe that was 20 years ago! Wish we all lived closer together. It just means that we need to plan more family reunions. Love of love! Anne

12: Dear Aunt Linda, I love that you have made FL your home again this winter for a few months. I love spending time with you having coffee, meeting for lunch, walks on the beach, and fun shopping trips. It has been so fun having you here to enjoy & celebrate special times together. Julia especially loves sharing a March birthday with you. Happy 6oth birthday! We love you! Melissa, James, Jacob & Julia

13: “Happy 60th Birthday Aunt Linda! I hope you will have a great time celebrating this most magnificent year. You deserve it as you always do so much for others! I will never forget what it has been like growing up with an aunt as AWESOME as you! You have always made us feel like your own kids for birthdays, holidays, and special visits with all the Gleason perks! We love you and miss you and hope to make many more memories to come! Love, Beth, Matt, Jackson, Ella, & Reid Hazen”

14: Aunt Linda, Thanks for all of fond memories of the past and looking forward to the many future laughs. With all of our travels there are so many memories. Kansas City, Carlsbad (very fun summer of 1989), Atlanta (1994) during one of the Braves runs through the playoffs, alas never made it to PR (toooo poor at the time), relaxing at Hamilton Lake and of course wonderful times in Phoenix. Happy 60th Birthday! Thanks for all of special things that you do! Love, Brian, Kristin, Carly, Kadryn and Braden

15: Happy 60th Birthday, Sister!!! I love you so much and think you are so wonderful: Funny (no one makes me get the giggles like you!!!), smart, generous, loving, caring. I will never forget all you have done for me and my family. | One of my favorite memories is the trip to Europe with you and Sandy. There we were in Spain, I think it was in Segovia, but I do know that there was an amazing aquaduct built by the Romans, and we had just arrived when you fell down and hurt your knee! Just like you used to do when you were a little girl!! So instead of climbing to the top of this town to see a (another) Cathedral and convent, we walked halfway up and had Sangria and munchies at a darling cafe. We sat in the sun, drank wine, and savored being sisters enjoying a beautiful experience together. Feeling the love!! I look forward to many more wonderful times together. Here's to you, Sister, Nifty Sixty. Long life, lots of love and happiness.

17: HA P P Y 6 0 TH B I RTHDAY Dear Aunt Linda, It was far too hard for me to choose one special memory. There are so many, considering you have been such a huge part of my life. I love remembering the days in San Diego. I especially loved the trips to the San Diego Zoo! And how could I forget all of those wonderful dinners at La Costa when Bro and I would go to the “bathroom” and slide down the banister. Spending those Summer days with you was far more important to me than perhaps I have ever let you know. Being with you gave me the chance to leave behind any worries from home and just have fun. You and Uncle Jerry were such wonderful role models for me. It’s hard to reminisce and not think of my trips with Stacey. “Beetle juicing across the hall” is one of those things you never forget. I still laugh out loud when I think about it! Those were great times...oh, and I have forgiven Uncle Jerr Bear for all of those times he scared the pants off of me!!! You created such wonderful childhood memories for me. Thank you for that. As the years went on, and life became more busy, we didn’t get to see each other quite as much. One of the more recent memories that I think back on a lot, was our trip to Bloomington. It was so nice to get to spend time together one on one. It felt like the old days! I hope we can have more of those days in the future. Now, when you come to visit I have to share you with my children. But, I don’t mind that one bit, because it means they get to see how wonderful you are and how much you mean to me. Just the other day, I was dropping Ida off at school and she was wearing the Hello Kitty necklace you sent her. One of her classmates asked her who gave it to her and she said, “my Aunt Linda”. That made me smile. It’s great that she has you in her life too. I’ve always felt like you were my other mom. You were always there for me and I will always be grateful for that. I look forward to the years ahead, filled with more visits and wonderful memories. Love Always, Gigi

18: I have a lot of memories to think about, when I think about my Aunt Linda. There are certainly too many stories to fit in a single volume. I think that says something. My mom tells me, that when I was a baby, Aunt Linda used to like to carry me around, when they were together. Mom says that people always complimented Aunt Linda on her baby, saying how much I looked like her. That must be a Van Compernolle thing. I have a lot of early memories of Aunt Linda, too. I remember Aunt Linda visiting us, in Arizona, when I think she still lived in Kansas City. She was reading People magazine by the pool, in her bikini, enjoying her vacation. My old friend, Desmond, and I were swimming in the pool and we jumped in, near Aunt Linda, accidentally splashing her and ruining her People. Aunt Linda did not like that. After that day, I learned not to cross Aunt Linda, or get on her bad side. I remember when Aunt Linda first married Uncle Jerry. I was young, still, and went out to Kansas City with my mom. I remember the three of us going into the yard at night and catching lightning bugs. I couldn’t believe that lightning bugs actually existed and was amazed that I could catch these little creatures in a jar and bring them into my bed. My mom later released the bugs, so they could be free and I understood why, even at a young age. The city of San Diego will always be synonymous with Aunt Linda and Uncle Jerry. I remember getting up early, on foggy mornings and getting muffins at this place in Del Mar. We would park on a cliff, overlooking a beach, and watch dolphins in the distance. At that age, I had a fascination with sea life. I can’t count the number of times I went to SeaWorld with my Aunt Linda. I was usually just obsessed with adding another stuffed animal to my collection, or buying a toy, but Aunt Linda always emphasized my liking the actual live animals, whether it be through feeding sea lions, or watching Shamu perform. As a teenager, I later returned to SeaWorld with my high school choir, without the entire family around, just my dad as chaperone. I felt like I couldn’t experience the park fully. It felt empty. Given that I knew more about San Diego than any of my classmates, I talked about it incessantly. But, I could not fully appreciate being there, outside of the choir competition, without thinking about my family and Aunt Linda. SeaWorld was great, but when you are used to experiencing it with those you love, it becomes less exciting in afterthought, without those people around. Also, SeaWorld does not equal the excitement of being on a boat and seeing whales in their natural habitat. The whale watching adventure was another of Aunt Linda’s ideas for us kids. When hanging out with Aunt Linda, the adventures never ceased. When I thought that San Diego could not be outdone, she and Uncle Jerry moved to Puerto Rico. Visiting them there, was the furthest I have ever traveled away from the continental U.S. I remember the culture shock of being away from home on an island, away from my friends at 17 and in a predominantly Spanish speaking place. Aside from meeting the President with Uncle Jerry, I had many adventures with Aunt Linda.

19: Whether it was pretending to nap on a hammock, whilst Aunt Linda and Gigi wind surfed, or hiking through the rain forest, I was kept pretty busy. My favorite memory from Puerto Rico was riding through the turquoise ocean on horseback; now that’s adventure. Though the adventures continued, through Atlanta and having Aunt Linda and Uncle Jerry move to Phoenix, I must also note the less adventurous times we spent together. As an adult, (a college-aged adult), I had some of my dearest times with Aunt Linda. While my parents were living in Springerville and my sister in Portland, I got to finally have Aunt Linda all to myself. She would often meet me at College Street Deli, or The Cafe Phoenicia, for lunch. My classmates and friends always thought she was my mom and always later got confused about that red haired lady I would introduce them to. Aunt Linda and I would see independent, or foreign films, always fueled by a drink from Starbucks. It was really nice having family that close to me, both geographically and emotionally. Having my collegiate graduation party at the Gleason home was one of my proudest moments. Now, on the eve of Aunt Linda’s 40th birthday, (40th, right?), I look back on all these momentous thoughts and feel lucky to have had these shared experiences with my Aunt. She is a wonderful lady who shines love and joy on anyone that she encounters. I highly doubt that the adventures and fun will end, anytime soon. My mother and I have been constantly plotting on ways to get Aunt Linda and Uncle Jerry to move to the Rose City. Before we succeed, I will likely have to venture out to Indiana, again for more fun. Happy Birthday, Aunt Linda! Stephen Christian Weber 3/1/10

21: July 1, 1983 What a beautiful day!

22: March 1, 2010 . . . 60 Years Later! My Dearest LB, It is pretty hard to believe that we met over thirty-one years ago in Kansas City. You were working in the sales office and I was coming in as General Manager at the Doubletree. You actually “volunteered” to bring coffee to my house while I waited for the movers to show up. Not only did you bring coffee but you even brought a coffee maker and all of the “fixin’s”. That is when I first realized that you are always prepared and totally organized. Then along came 1983 which, up to that time, was the best year of my life because that is when we married on July 1st and life has only gotten better since then . . . all thanks to you. My house became our home and we had Cleo and Ben then 1984 took us to LaCosta where you took up golf and after many, many lessons you heard Danny Forlani ask, “Mrs. Gleason, are you ever going to actually go out on the course and play?” You also became a volunteer for Children’s Hospital and truly made a difference in the lives of countless children. That “volunteer” job took on a life of its own and became almost a full-time job. At one of those fund raising dinners for Children’s Hospital we “won” Max making it three goldens in one king sized bed. 1991 found us moving to Puerto Rico where you honed your artistic talents, where you were invited to join the Water Color Society, where you improved your golf game and travelled with me to many of the Caribbean Islands. The sad news there was that we lost Cleo and Ben but we gained Louise. Then after a wonderful trip to London, Switzerland and Venice we decided to move back to the real world. So in 1995 we moved to Paradise Valley and then quickly on to Atlanta. While there, you experienced the 1996 Olympic Games, enjoyed many rounds of golf at Indian Hills Country Club and made some great friends! After a short three and one half years there, we moved to Scottsdale where you bought us a great house after being there three days! (You did send me a picture!) While there you continued to improve your artistic skills and eventually went back to collage to receive your degree in Interior Design. Needless to say, I was extremely proud of such an accomplishment. In 1999 we purchased our little fishing cabin in Hamilton where you escaped to each HOT summer. What a great decision that purchase was but more about that later! In 2002 Myles became part of our family after that long drive to Kingman. Then in 2006 we decided to move to West Baden Springs, Indiana. Our last move we said. You never thought you would live in Indiana now you have TWO homes there and certainly qualify as a Hoosier! As we were getting settled in Southern Indiana, you were designing and building our new house where that quaint fishing cottage once was. Like all the previous houses we have owned, you made this one a beautiful HOME and won a few awards in the process. After finishing the Lake Cottage, you then tackled Rhodes House, our beautiful Victorian in West Baden Springs. That was truly a labor of love. Now if we could only sell it! While we were moving all about, we saw Pam graduate from high school and college then marry Ernie and then along came Nicholas and Abigail . . . how can they possibly be thirteen and ten? Wow, that was a quick thirty years. Now I am retired and we have become snowbirds . . . what is next? JG

23: 27 wonderful years together!

24: , | Dear Gigi, You are the most wonderful, amazing Gigi in the world! I have so much fun with you: going to the movies, going shopping, spending the night at the lake, anything as long as it's with you! Thanks for being such a great Gigi. You're the best! Love, Abby | Gigi You’re nice And cool And kind And neat You cheer Me up When I Am down You know How to turn A frown Upside down The trips We take Are so Very Special I love You lots With all My heart! Your loving grandson, Nicholas

25: Happy Birthday, Linda! You are such a special person and you deserve to have a very special 60th birthday. I am so thankful to have you in my life. For many years, you have been my go-to person for advice on just about anything. Thank you for everything—listening, giving advice or sometimes, just being there. I am so blessed that Jerry married someone, who has become one of the best friends that I have. I have too many wonderful memories of our times together to even begin to list. We have had great times at the lake (s’mores and wine anyone?). What fantastic trips we have had: Jerry, you and me (Oatman, AZ—WOW!), the kids, you and me (Stow and Go rocks!) and just the two of us (especially my 40th!). I so enjoy just being with you. Whether we are shopping, going to lunch or the movies, antiquing or working on some type of project, we are having fun. I look forward to many more years of great times with you! Thank you for being you and happy birthday! Love, Pam

27: HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Thank goodness for Indian Hills Golf & my opportunity to meet you & become such dear friends. I'm just sorry that our time together in Atlanta was not longer, but thankfully, that has not deterred our friendship. Oh, how I have enjoyed our visits together. Our "girls" time at your old & the new beautiful lake house in Hamilton, our boat rides, our excursions---such good memories. I was hoping when you & Jerry can to visit at Lake Oconee, that this might be the place for your retirement, but I certainly understand the importance of being close to family & you have a nice place to call home. I'll always remember our visit in Scottsdale, our trip to Sedona & the thrilling Pink Jeep ride. Golly, I just don't know of any time that we were together that we did not have fun. I know this book that has been given to you in honor of turning 60 years of age will have many memories for you. I am so thankful to be included and to be part of those memories. I only hope that we make many more memories in the years to come. Thank you for being part of my life and your your endearing friendship. Again, Happy Birthday to one of the classiest ladies I know and may we celebrate many, many more. Love, Peggy P.S. Hewell wishes you a very happy birthday, too!

28: Linda was just finishing her Design Degree from Scottsdale Community College and part of her final term was to work for a design firm. She was chosen by Hasbrook Interiors one of the most prestige studios in Scottsdale and she started helping me with my projects. It became clear that Linda was more than an ordinary designer. She was creative, organized, very effective with clients and of course a pleasure to work with. At that time I had decided to leave Hasbrook and go out on my own and I asked Linda if she would like to work with me full time. Hasbrook at the same time felt the same and offered her a full time position. I fully expected Linda to go with Hasbrook because of their reputation. However, I had over looked that Linda is her own person and is not influenced by outside forces but makes decisions based on her own integrity and straight forward thinking. She decided to come with me and to this day she is the very best designer I have ever had the privilege to work with. I think of her all the time. She and Jerry are wonderful - exceptional people. Love you Linda Happy 60th! MJ

29: Linda & I used to have so much fun shopping & going to lunch-still two of my favorite things! I used to love to go to her house because she knows how to throw a party and we both enjoy entertaining. Wish I could find the hot tub pictures from their yard! Linda is an amazing woman who has done so much! I am thrilled that she and I remain friends.I know she will absolutely love and cherish her book. Happy Birthday! Love, Kim

30: Dearest Linda, It was my good fortune to enroll in Joan's drawing class at SCC and meet you, then to become friends through our design classes. Even though many miles separate us, I know we'll be lifelong friends. I wish you the happiest of birthdays...especially on your SIXTIETH! I'll be joining you soon. I had forgotten you are older than I 143 days Ha! Lots of love and hugs, Susan (Tom, too!)

31: Dear Linda, I'll never forget how you and Susan Hays persuaded me to sign an over-ride so you two could take a class together - sharing a drafting board! What was I thinking? But, you were a pleasure to have as a student and always produced beautiful work - and I still remember those gorgeous butterflies! Meeting you this way led to a wonderful friendship which I hope will continue to grow. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend. You don't look 50 much less 60. xox Katherine Thornhill PS We also appreciate how you supported our fund raiser to send Scott on his Mediterranean adventure - how many vintage brooches did you take home? PPS You and Jerry really should return to Arizona.

32: Happy Birthday Linda! Meeting you has truly been one of the joys of my life. We had such fun when you were here in Marietta mostly at the golf course, but we had a similar philosophy about the game of golf and we DID have fun! I’m so glad we have been on this earth in the same season! You are a great woman! Loving, caring, funny, smart, cute, supportive, and best of all silly when it’s important. I enjoyed those times! Love you bunches! Sue Stone

34: Well, well, well, you are finally making an effort to catch up with me. 60 years old at last. With the wild and crazy life you lead I wasn't sure you would make it. I really don't know too many people that pour their wine in a cooler and then dip it out - I'm not saying it doesn't work though. I also don't know too many people that fix breakfast and then remember it 200 miles down the road. It was a good thing I owed you so many favors. I really do owe you so many favors and I may kick myself for putting this down on paper. Thanks for being such a great friend and I hope our friendship will continue for many more years. We're only in our 60's so I figure we have at least 40 more if we so low down a little, Forget that I said that - lets keep going at this speed and last 30 years. Love ya' girlfriend, Jill Haughey

35: Linda, it is your birthday & thinking of you brings back some very special memories. When we first met, it was clear we had some strong common interests; interiors, travel, hospitality and of course, the last & greatest, Myles, the perfect dog. Just think about all of our Book Club (whine & dine) get togethers. What terrific evenings we had with all of our diverse opinions & experiences brought out to hear about. You always added dimension to the discussions. Not all of them were as exciting as others-but oh my gosh, what fun!! Lots of food for thought and always an emotional high! You are on top of the list when it comes to being the "bestest" hostess bar none. My visit toHamilton and the "Fishing Dog Cottage" was a super time. TO imagine days that could be more entertaining is impossible. Our little trips here & there, antiquing, trots along the creek & Ft. Wayne movie jaunts filled a few busy days. So many good evenings eating out, playing dominoes & Mexican Train, a new game for me, a beginner who hadn't played anything like it ever. Another great day was our trip to see & hear Carlton Varney telling so much about the superstars of Interior Design. That was a very good day-even the trip was well worth the time & travel. Of course, there were a lot of fun lunches in groups or just us; remember "Fat & Sassy" and the bread pudding! I'm remembering a shopping trip to Louisville that was fun too. When is shopping in a group not terrific? These are all memories I treasure. You can surely see you are missed! Best wishes for the most outstanding birthday you've ever had. Sorry you're not hear to celebrate. We'll be thinking of you - Monday's book club day. Your ears will be burning as we all remember the great times, wonderful memories one & all. Happy Birthday! Much love, Pat

36: Dear Linda, You have been a splash of sunshine in my life. I first met you working on the Garden Club dance when you were in charge of decorations. What a revelation to see the Fish and Game Club turned into a French Cafe under your direction! Since then I have watched you join so many of our town's club and organizations so that you could be a part of making changes and additions to our little community. You are truly a value to Hamilton as a mover and shaker. You are an invaluable member of our Garden Club. You accept responsibility in any area and carry it out so that everyone learns from the experience and has lots of fun in the process. It has also been fun to go to Book Club with you and hear your comments on the books we read as they apply to your own experiences. I enjoy our lunches before club and our chats over "tea". Do have a Happy Birthday! Know how much you are loved by those who know you. Also know how much fun we have when you are around. I love you lots! Your friend, With love and hugs, Coleen

37: Linda, To our dear lake neighbor, what can we say, we met Linda and Jerry over 10 years ago now, when they moved into the little white cottage next door. That is now long gone and in its place stands the beautiful home that Linda designed and decorated with her great taste, as only she would do. We've had a lot of memorable times in the past years. We all remember the great time that we spent with you and Jerry at your home in Arizona. It was our first family trip out west, you showed us such a wonderful time and treated us like family - something we all will never forget. Then there was the trip to French Lick Resort in southern Indiana, what a wonderful time we all had. There too, you opened up your home to all of us and showed us what a wonderful party giver that you are. You are always helping to make things for the better, like helping with the garden club in Hamilton and making the town more beautiful to feeding all the birds and wild life in the neighborhood. We became jealous that you were getting all the wildlife that we too put up our own feeders. We really appreciate all you have done for us over the years. We also really appreciate getting to know you and your family and sharing in the fun - like the many camp fires, dinner parties, and the decade birthday party shared by the entire lake shore. We feel as if we have a great neighbor who we can call our great friend, thanks again for being you. Here's to you on your memorable birthday and to many more. Best Wishes, Love Roger and Deb Miller, Tiffany and Bryan, Trisha, Kylie Bryan and Sarah

39: HEY THERE, MRS. PEACHIE, aka LINDA to us, welcome to our "not so exclusive " club ...we've managed to reach another decade, and with it all the adventures in getting there I know that the first time that I met you was at LA COSTA, Christmas 1986; Robert was working on a project for Jerry at the time, and there was no way that he was leaving the kids on holiday there we were, in a wonderful California TV program kind of house with a Christmas tree and presents for the boys under exciting, since the boys really only knew from Hanukkah and someone else's trees...and as the time went on, there you were with not only your extended family, but all those bears, there were bears everywhere ( and of course we added one more to the collection) what a way to meet someone... Well that began a friendship which has spanned time and place! It was wonderful to have moved to Scottsdale and been able to be a part of Christmas open houses, bunko games, meeting friends and family/dogs and then, of course, you moved Distance might be between us all, but certainly you are warmly in our thoughts and memories, and you just never know, we might just take you and Jerry up on that invite down to Florida some time, or else we will have to find a time and place for the four of us to convene All our love and very best wishes on your 60th, you might be older, but you are wiser and wonderful JUDY AND ROBERT NYMAN

40: Dear Linda, What a great day in November 1995 it was, meeting Jerry at the Grand Hotel while working on "Tea with Scrooge," an event for the Alliance Children's Theatre. But embarrassing to find out that you all had moved here earlier that summer and lived across the street from me! As soon as I got home, I knocked on your door and a special friendship was formed! I think you came with me that next week to the Indian Hills Women's Golf Association Christmas Party and were welcomed into that group. I was President the next year and you graciously accepted to be Chairwoman of the Member-Guest tournament. You choose an Australian theme and no one has done a better job since! How many hours did it take you to cut out the koala bear sponsor signs? The next year, we co-chaired being in charge of all the play day tournaments, so we had many fun rounds of golf...not so good ones, but fun ones....giggle golf! The two years you lived her left lifetime memories....many afternoon movies since Townsell and Jerry didn't get home until 7 PM...volunteering and going to the Alliance Theatre....wallpapering your bathroom and having my first massage as a gift!....taking care of your coy pond and making sure they didn't get struck by lightening...LOL...Jerry had me going...only to find Max, or was it Louise in the pond and thinking all the plants were destroyed. I was devastated but we still remained friends! And the 1996 Olympics. How special to be invited to join you at many events, collect the pins, and attend the closing ceremony. Oh yes, and what about the day we walked from the Dome to the Civic Center, only to find the shuttle buses too crowded, so you walked the rest of the way to the Grand! I stayed downtown to go to the baseball game with Townsell. I've included a picture of Dodger and Biscuit. You were so kind many times to get poor Dodger back across the electric fence that he thought only worked one way! It was my pleasure to help you after your gum surgery, but impossible to keep Max and Louise from jumping up on the bed to be with you. You were loved by all. It was a sad day when you moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. I thought I would lose you...but in fact, it gave me the opportunity to come visit the wild, wild west. Little did I know we were going to Sedona for a few days! The jeep trip to the Hopi Indian ruins, my first time to play slots and other games at a casino and winning $200 on the poker machine with my last nickel!

41: You have given me so much support...coming back to Atlanta for Tigger and Kelly's wedding in August 2000 and pitching in and coming to my rescue when I needed it most ... you are a sister to me! It's hard to believe ten years have passed! I enjoyed having you come to the Corner Woods farm in Kentucky and go to Keeneland race track. We must do that again! We've had wonderful times several summers at Lake Hamilton in the little house. You make a great cosmo! It's been fun to get together with Peggy and even Sue came up one year. I'll cherish the pictures of my second trip to visit you in Arizona with Peggy in November, 2005. Then in September 2006, Peggy and I drove up to see the new house at Lake Hamilton. You did an amazing job and deserved to win first place! What fun we had in the boat commenting on all the other houses on the lake, going to Auburn, shopping and eating and getting to know Pam! What a move again and I get another fabulous trip to visit you at French Lick, IN and see your home Rhodes Hall. It was a pleasure helping you work on that master bath, too! ...and how fun to have you and Marilyn go with me to the track near Evansville, IN to see WhySoBlue run. The whole stadium could hear us yelling! We wanted to be in that winner's circle so badly, but third was OK...he didn't like dirt flying in his face. The West Baden Hotel was stunning and as usual I gained 5 more pounds being wined and dined by you and Jerry! It was my pleasure to have "Stanley" visit me as part of a school project for your granddaughter. Colonel Mike Boyce sent him to Iraq and back! He got to play golf with Elizabeth and Brian, and some of your friends at Indian Hills. He had a sleep over with Drew. In March 2008, with about two weeks notice we took off for Prague and Vienna on buddy passes from Valarie Lischer! What great memories of my first trip to Europe and traveling with you! Peggy and Hewell came over to see us off. We weren't quite prepared for the blizzard while walking down the hill to our hotel, but we did great with one suitcase each, changing outfits with scarves and accessories

42: We walked miles and saw so many historical, fabulous buildings. You were a trooper to get on the train and travel south to that other castle...getting fined by the police on the way for our ticket expiring by ten minutes and loosing your battery, then not even enjoying your meal! The wild boar was delicious. But that trip was so special and a great memory. The train to Vienna, and all the beautiful sites to be seen there and even making pastries! Our bed and breakfast lodging was adorable and so convenient once we figured out the train system. I remember the pictures like it was yesterday but can't begin to tell you the names of anything we saw! The souvenir book I bought isn't in English. We managed to find our way around, eventually! I know you are still chuckling about me running into the water closet without paying! Thanks for protecting me from the angry keeper. The eight days went by too fast and we were back in first class, then home resting our tired feet! Yeah! You started playing golf again and I was excited to come back up to Lake Hamilton and see you again and play in your member-guest in June 2009. The time with your family in Florida conflicted with Elizabeth's wedding in March and over a year had gone by! But we proved again how much fun we have together and won the tournament! I know we'll have many more memories on and off the golf course. Let's try to get together at Keeneland in April! Mark June 7-8 on your calendar and come back to Atlanta to play "Hookin'n the Hills." Wouldn't it be fun to have Peggy and Sue complete the foursome? I'll work on that when you accept! Dear friend, I wish you the very best in celebrating your 60th birthday and know you'll treasure this gift Jerry and Pam got together. Looking forward to viewing the finished collection and seeing you again soon! Love, Sue

46: From The Hammers; We have known Jerry Gleason since 1975. Glenn has worked with Jerry at two hotels on opposite sides of the country, Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Monterey, California. Jerry has never been happier than since he met Linda 25 years ago. | We have spent numerous times with Linda and Jerry in La Costa, Puerto Rico, Scottsdale, and of course, their visits to Monterey. They have always made our visits to them special. They exude warmth with a personal touch that is so very special. Thank you for sharing the most special day of our life, Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah (enclosed picture) and celebration in 1999. Happy 60th Linda, Glenn, Sue, and Nathan

47: Linda - You are always with us though your "yellow lab cards". I'll stick one in a cookbook as a marker, or some other safe keeping place. The dogs expressions always captures my heart and I think of you with a wide grin on my face! I'm glad with crossed paths in French Lick, Indiana. All of my love, Denise Whitson

48: March 9, 2010 As far as my fuzzy memory serves me, I believe Lou and I met Linda when Jerry was at La Costa in 1983 or 1984? I’m not sure of the year but I do know it took no time at all to feel as though we had known her for years. Since that time we have been fortunate to travel to several of the wonderful places they have lived and worked over the years as well as to have them revisit Monterey occasionally. The enclosed picture is from our annual 4th of July party in 1998. One of my favorite memories of Linda happened on New Years day, 2002. We had had some very dear friends and family at our house for dinner on New Years Eve and Jerry and Linda came over New Years day to watch the football games and hang out for the day. Since Linda and I were not that interested in football, Linda decided we (she & I) should take down our Christmas decorations. I must say I was not too thrilled by this suggestion as our Christmas decorations consist of many villages, each containing houses, trees and lots of people. However, Linda was determined, so we hauled out the boxes and started putting things away. Linda was using the pictures on the boxes to match things and people that belonged inside. There was one box which held a park setting with people walking around the park pulled by magnets under the surface. I’ll never forget how determined Linda was to find the missing lady in the red dress pictured on the box. She looked and looked but the red dress lady was nowhere in sight. When we were working on the last of the villages, suddenly, from behind one of the buildings, the lady appeared.

49: You would have thought Linda had found gold when she saw her. She said, “That makes my day complete!” It was then I learned she doesn’t give up easily. Happy Birthday Linda!! I hope we all will enjoy many more years of friendship! Love, Love, Love, Kathy & Mr. Big Lou

50: From Gay Demmitt-Williams (recording) I met Linda when she was about 3, Marilyn was 7, Sandy was about 11. Virginia brought them over along with their charismatic father Carl to meet the clan. Our group was Wade Sr. and Birdie, Uncle Wade & Mary, their son Wade III, and my mom Rose. Billy was yet to be born. We were all pleased and I think we all bonded that day. Sonny was particularly pleased to have three new playmates and to have an audience for his science fiction movies under what I think was the old gray barber. His tastes ran from flying saucers with one eyed men to Mars and spaceships. In recent years he sold those trailers to no less than The Library of Congress. He originally fished them from the trash bins behind film row, who would have thought. Once Linda started school we heard good reports. One day she came home disconsolate crying broken hearted she had lost all every penny of her school milk money, 12-cents. Much later the Vans moved back from Colorado and bought a house two doors from mine in brookside. In between us lived a church going widow, Lelia. On the other side later moved Anita and Joe. So we had quite an enclave on 65th street, and I miss it to this day. I marvel at the punctuality in which Linda walked past my house to Southwest High School each day. Later I found big Momma Virginia was probably watching, making sure there was was no stopping or loitering.

51: The Girls sometimes like to ride my big black mare Chickie-Chachita, Linda rode with no problems or acrobatics. One day the Van’s killer Dachshund, Scooter attacked me in my front yard, as I envisioned Scooter coming for my throat, Billy drove up in Mary’s yellow Corvette by himself. After rescuing me he left, still alone in the Corvette. Lelia came over wide-eyed and kept asking me how old was that child, he was 12. Linda was always efficient at tasks, she helped cater both sister’s weddings. Sandra’s wedding was a blast, Winn drank from a punch bowl where Virna had emptied the left over drinks. He had his own star wars that night. Aunt Myrtle slit her throat dancing, she was 93 at the time. Marilyn’s wedding was stately and proper held at Sonny’s big old mansion. No drinking was allowed. That did not stop Mary and Virginia from having their own star wars later over the subject. Linda helped her dad run his Motorola office. She was always cheerful and helpful. Today most of the original clan are gone, only Sonny and I survive. There are new additions, Rebecca Bill’s wife, a high school teacher and gourmet cook and with their daughter Abigayle who just turned 8 in January. Abbie looks alot like Mary, swims and plays soccer, and was a cheerleader for the 2-grade football team. Often Virginia referred to Linda as our princess grace, so I will say for now, Happy Birthday Princess. Love, Camilla Gay=

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