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Mary DeGroot's 75th Birthday

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S: Happy 75th Birthday

1: My mom's favorite memory of the good old days is when the entire neighborhood was involved with my football career. I remember when we had a football game in Castle Rock. I think I was 10 or 11, can't remember for sure. Larry Litzau was our head coach. Dad was one of our assistant coaches. I think Mary came along just as support with Mom and Judy. The details are a little sketchy, the game was on a Saturday. It was snowing on our way up there. I think dad drove the bus that got us there. Before kickoff time the snow turned into sleet, the refs were looking for someone to run the chains besides the players and coaches, there weren't many other adults out there, it was severely cold, windy, wet and sleeting. The refs wouldn't start the game until we had a chain gang in place. So Mom, Judy and Mary being the only fans on the sidelines became the chain gang. I can't remember if we won or lost be we had fun! And I also know none of us could feel our fingers after the game. Happy Birthday, Mary! Johnny and the entire Cates Family

3: I have so many good memories of you from Fountain. You were my first friend when I arrived in the states from Korea and you quickly became my best friend and neighbor. I could talk to you about personal problems and you would always make me feel better. I learned a lot from you about how things are done in the States. We used to talk a lot about the stories on As the World Turns. Then when I went to Germany, you wrote to keep me up on the stories, and I know how much you hate to write letters. There are so many good memories that I could fill up a book. You loved my Korean cooking so much that enjoyed making Korean barbeque in your backyard for your family visiting from Ohio. I appreciate so much that you treated John like your own son, so much so that he wanted to change his name to John DeGroot Cates. I remember picking bushels and bushels of peaches every year from the tree in my backyard. Do you remember how I got that tree? It came from the starters that shot up from the pits you threw out after canning and making peach jam. Even after I left Fountain, you remain my best and close friend. To my longest and best friend, happy birthday! Sue Cates

4: What stands out the most about you,Mary, is you always make us feel like we are at home whenever we come to visit. One weekend you came up to visit us and you wanted something to do, so you found out that I had bought a table that I wanted, but it had this really bad stain, so we decided we were going to redo the table. It turned out great and is still in my kitchen! Janice & Donnie

5: Hi Mary, Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you have many more. Wish I could be there to help you celebrate and eat your cake. Love, Avis

6: Granny, I have two favorite memories to share. They're not of a particular time, but things that you did often when I was growing up. I remember going to K-Mart with you, and before we would cash out you would always ask me if there was anything in the store that I didn't think I could live without. I thought that was so cool. The second thing that sticks out the most is your awesome fried chicken. No one could make it like you (no offense Mom)! It's weird but when I think about your cooking, I can almost taste the chicken in my mouth. I have always had found memories of you doing things with me when I was little. I remember you were playing on a volleyball team, and you let me go play with you sometimes. Probably because you wanted to keep me under your wing so I would stay out of trouble. Either way, I was thankful you took an interest in me and did things with me. I have always viewed you as more of a mom than my Grandma. Thank you Granny for everything! I love you and Happy 75th Birthday! Lisa

8: Granny, I have such fond memories of when I went to Colorado this past summer. We told Kayla that we would go to the Garden of the Gods and have a picnic. We decided to go through KFC. When we got there, it was so crowded and we didn't think we would find a parking spot. Then a man spotted us and told us that he would move his car so that we could park. We walked across the bridge to the picnic area and the only open tables were in the direct sunlight., so we kept walking. When we turned a bend, this couple got up from a shaded picnic tale. We were very thankful. When we started to have lunch, it hit me, "We forgot plates, forks and napkins!" Kayla ended up using the chicken bucket lid for her plate, you used the wax paper and I used the mashed potato lid! It was a good thing I kept a couple extra baby spoons in the diaper bag to use for silverware. We used Kathryne's wet wipes for napkins. We had a wonderful picnic, one that I will never forget! We were also glad that it was the last picnic table so no one saw us eating from Kathryne's spoons! Happy Birthday! Love, Renee & Gang

9: Kayla at Garden of the Gods Renee when she was little

13: Kevin & Patty in Italy Paige (16) & Lance (19)

14: I remember making Baked Alaska and wontons in the kitchen -- yummy! We were always cooking together. I remember you telling me that I could jump on the trampoline in the backyard all that I wanted to -- what a dream come true for a kid. I was over there every day. The backyard of the DeGroot house was my favorite place as a kid. You told me I could come over anytime and I took you up on it. I practically lived at your house. I remember sitting at the table in the back drinking Ice tea with you and talking. You always made time for me. You and Lawrence kept my social life active. You were the ones that took us to the pancake breakfast in Hanover, the rodeos and the dances. You gave me my first real job -- delivering newspapers out of the back of your station wagon. When I started selling Current cards around the neighborhood in 3rd grade, you always bought cards from me -- I am sure you never needed them but you always bought them from me. You let me borrow the little bike n the back of the house that my brother Kevin taught me how to first ride. What a great memory. That bike had the hardest wheels of any bike ever. I remember when you took my mom and me to the airport one time as mom was leaving to Minnesota to go see family. While we were waiting around for the plane to leave, you bought me a coke and a pretzel.. It was early morning. I ate too much . By the time I got to school that morning I got sick. It was still worth it -- junk food in the morning -- yeah me!! You helped me decorate my bike for the first parade I was in for the fall festival. After we moved to Alaska, you were my "informant". You kept me updated on what all my friends from the neighborhood were up to -- good and bad. You always had all the news. I remember the wedding dress you made for Laura hanging on the back of the door of Lawrence's office. You were always sewing something. I was always amazed at your handcrafts -- from the beautiful dresses to the ironing board that folded into a sitting stool that she made for me. You could make anything. Most of all I remember that even when I did something wrong, you never yelled at me. The worst thing I ever heard out of your mouth was "dangit". Growing up you were always like a second Mom. The DeGroot house was my second house. I ate there, I slept there, the girls were like my sisters, and you and Lawrence were like my second parents. I I needed something I just had to run across the street. If I was in trouble with my mom and Dad, I knew I could always run across the street and hideout over there. How lucky could a kid get? Two sets of the best parents ever! Happy Birthday Mary. I love you! Jillene (Litzeau) Gock

16: We have such fond memories of the time we spent with you when we would come and stay while the girls competed in the state finals for dance. We all looked forward to being there and spending time with you. The girls still talk about it and have such special memories of all the time that we spent with you. We so enjoyed and appreciated it. Happy Birthday. We love you! Marsha and Family

17: Mary, We have known each other for a long time. You are a real friend that I can always count on. I hope you have a very good year. Love, Wendell

18: Happy Birthday Mary! Gosh, I'm glad you reached 75 before I did. I'm not far behind though. We go back many years -- through our teenagers on up. The last 20 years we've had time for each other. You're a great friend and an even better neighbor. Your daughters are a reflection of you. Now you can sit back and enjoy them, plus the grands and great-grands. We have enjoyed many of a cup of coffee and solved all our problems. May the next be as great as the last 75. Again, Happy Birthday! Ron and Barbara Musgrave

19: Here's wishing our greatest Aunt a very Happy 75th Birthday! It is great having you as an aunt. Here's wishing you many more happy birthdays. Love ya very much! Dave & Karen Million

20: I love how many laughs we share when we are together. | I'm glad I have some of your "strong as ox" genes. I'm going to live forever.

21: My favorite memory of you is all the great summer vacations I spent in Colorado going to the North Pole. I really appreciate your support, especially with my wedding. I'm glad you were able to come and see how happy I am. Happy birthday and I love you like crazy! Michael

22: Grandma, You are my role model. You keep going even when things get difficult. Your will is so strong. I hope I will have one-fourth of your strong will. Grandma, I love you so much, and I wish you the best birthday. Love, Avery

23: When you told me about your phone jury rigging, I didn't believe it but I should have known. I really enjoy all our phone chats. So from one redneck to another, happy birthday! I love you, Bunnie

24: What I love about you Grandma is you can fix anything, like my blue chair. I also love how you can make all sorts of things, like my doll shelf and my chalkboard. Thanks so much for all those things. I also love that you make the best jam in the world. It is 'o so scrumptious. Happy 75th Birthday. I love you. Logan XOXO

25: I really love how every time you come over, you make my favorite food - fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy. I know how much work it is to make, but it shows me how much you care when you cook it for me. I also remember all the times you took me to the North Pole. Thank you for taking me to see Santa. Happy 75th Birthday Grandma. Love, Alex

26: Mom, There is so much that I want to thank you for on this very special birthday, I could easily fill up the entire album. You are the best Mom anyone could ever have. Although I have always known I was lucky and you were special, I didn't really appreciate how lucky I was until I had kids. Now I truly don't know how you did it all. Not only did you make our cheerleading outfits (with Sue Cates), bring snacks and blankets for the entire sports team, deliver our newspapers on snowy days, and make every birthday and Christmas better than the one before, but you really listened to us, respected our opinions and honestly believed we could do anything. You taught us so much about living life to the fullest and taking care of family, friends and neighbors. I could not help but be successful since I had such a wonderful role model. Nearly every day something happens that brings up a happy memory of growing up and reminds me of how much I love you. I have one particular memory that is not a happy one for either of us, and I struggle to write about it even now but I need to tell you how much your support in helping me move to Arizona meant to me. I was having such a hard time after Laura got married, and I desperately wanted to move to Arizona where it was warm and sunny all the time and oranges are on trees. I never could have done it without your support. But if I didn't do it, I would not be who I am today. I don't even want to think about how difficult it must have been for you to help me load up that mustard yellow Maverick. I had no real plans, no place to live, and had never even been to visit Arizona. I just had a vision in my head. I was giving up a scholarship and a safe, stable life close to home. Despite all of this, you never once criticized me -- I think you somehow knew I needed to try this. I remember the night we arrived in Phoenix. It was late but still unbearably hot and we drove down a street named Van Buren. It was the street where all the hookers hang out and the hotels rent by the hour. It was very scary for both of us I'm sure but you were so strong. The next day was one of the hottest in Arizona's history at 118 degrees. Do you remember that when we went to pick up a mattress for me, the guys would not load it on top of my car because they said it was too hot outside. This was not the Arizona that I had envisioned and when we went to bed that night, I cried and cried. The next day, even though you were not feeling well, with what was finally diagnosed as a huge kidney stone, you went with me to find an apartment and meet with counselors at the school. You were so strong and supportive and would not let me give up. I love you so much Mom. No matter how far apart we are, I am always thinking about you. Thank you for all you have given me. Have a happy, happy, birthday! Leona (Onie)

28: Dear Grandma, This is a picture of you and me. We're outside in the sun and we're happy and we are holding hands. I just drawed this picture right now. Do you know why? Because I love you. Eris

30: I love you because you are so nice. I love how much you love me. You take care of me like the time I scrapped my knee when I fell of my bike. You give us wonderful Christmas presents. And when I see you, you make me smile. I remember when you did my room makeover. I think it turned out really good. I loved going to the Awhanne with you when we were done. I hope you have a lot of fun on your birthday, and I hope you love your birthday present. My mom worked really hard on it. I love you, Cameron Rose

31: I so enjoy our weekly Sunday outings (church services). What started out as me coming down to do my laundry has turned into a weekly ritual. Weather it is "shopping til you drop" at Walmart, looking for the next bargain at Goodwill, or just hanging out at the zoo, we have so much fun together. I'll never forget the weekend we spend in San Diego or the balloon races in Albuquerque, and who could forget the tons of chocolate covered caramels we have made or all the flowers we have planted together. Even if we just stay home and do nothing, I have so enjoyed our times together and the friendship we have developed over the years. You are not only a great mother, but you have become my best friend and no one could ask for a better friend or anything more from their mother. Happy Birthday! I love you so much, Gail. P.S. Are you thirsty, I am?

32: Mary, I'm so glad I got to know you. You are one of the people responsible for making Fountain a nice place to live. Thank you for all you have done for so many years. Your friend, Connie Sanford

33: Happy Birthday Mary! Love, Dave Musgrave

34: Mom, This is an especially wonderful birthday this year! Your are 75 years old, and there were times this past year when I didn't think you would be here to celebrate it! I have treasured every minute that we have spent and talked together since you were in the hospital. I can remember late one night in the cramped ICU waiting room at Swedish Hospital sitting with Leona, Gail, and Henrietta. You had a particularly bad night because of spasms in the vessels surrounding your clamped aneurysm. On this night, you couldn't talk to us, and didn't even seem to have any recognition of use when we walked into your room. It was absolutely heart-wrenching, and I thought we had lost you. I don't recall who said it, but someone said, "I'm so sorry that Mom won't be able to celebrate her 75th birthday." Many tears were shed that night, and many, many tears of joy have been shed since then from all of us. So this birthday is especially sweet because you are here to celebrate it! I am so grateful for that and for you still being here. You are nothing short of a miracle. Words cannot describe how much I love you and how important you are in my life and in my children's lives. I have always known that you would help out in any way you could, like sending me some "junk" you had collected for a school

35: project. Remember a year or so ago when you sent me old spools of thread and sewing machine parts for a structure I had to build? You call it "jury-rigging," and Jean calls it "re-engineering." Call it whatever you want, you are fabulous at it. Fabulous at coming up with solutions to problems, fabulous at thinking outside the box. You've fixed, created, and made more things than I can recall, but I have always appreciated them and been in awe of your solutions. The light in the basement along with the pull are particularly memorable. Jean calls it something from "Gilligan's Island." I call it wonderful, because it works and I can safely walk from one side of the room to the other without knocking into anything. Thanks for everything you continue to do for all of us! As Jean would say, "I love you to the Orion Nebula and back." Happy, happy birthday!! Laura

36: Mom, I am so very, very proud to be your daughter. You are such an amazing mother! I've always known that. But now that I have my own children, I appreciate it even more. You inspire me to be a better mother -- not a day goes by that I don't think about you or something you did for me as a child. I've learned more from you than all the parenting books in the world. I learned that the most important gifts I can give my girls are the things you gave me -- love, faith, and inspiration. Your unwavering, unconditional love has always been my greatest source of strength. I think Cameron's birthday note to you says it all, "I love how much you love me." I remember when I brought Avery home from the hospital, and was feeling so nervous and unsure of myself, you said "Just love her." That's all you can do is love her, and that's all she really needs." And through the years, when I'm been unsure what to do or say to help one of the girls, I remember what you said, and so that is what I do. I also learned to have faith. You always believed in us no matter what. And that has been such a powerful force in my life. Even when I don't believe in myself, you do. When I don't think I can do something, you believe that I can. That has always given me the courage to try new things. And now, you're passing that gift on to my children. You believe they can do anything -- and so they believe it too. Finally, you've always inspired me to be the best person I can possible be. You inspire me to always trying new things, and never entertain the possibility that something may be impossible. I always remember that whenever I've asked you if you thought I could do something, your answer is always, "Well I don't see why not." Whenever possible you said yes, even though many times I'm sure it would have been much easier to say no. And now, whenever possible I try to say yes. And I'm always glad when I do. I feel so blessed that I got to be with you to celebrate your 75th birthday!

37: Happy Birthday Mom | I love you to infinity & beyond. Henrietta

38: It's been such a pleasure to know you; you've such a good influence on my thinking about old people. I want to wish you the best of the best and I want you to know you are one of the bestest of my friends. Doris Fulkerson

39: Love Love is green. It sounds like bells jingling on a Christmas tree. It tastes like ginger melting in your mouth. And smells like fresh bread just coming out of the oven. Love looks like people singing in the moonlight And makes me family around my family when we are at my house. I love you Grandma Cameron Moore

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