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Mel's 40 years

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Mel's 40 years - Page Text Content

S: Mel & Edna Shetler: 40 Years of Service, Love, and Loyalty

BC: Together We'll Serve Him | Compiled with much respect by: Angie Thieszen Mel & Edna, it has been an honor to be one of your "flock". Thank you for your service over these 40 years.

FC: Mel & Edna Shetler: 40 Years of Service, Love, and Leadership


2: Mel Shetler (a.k.a. "Sonny") Born: February 11, 1944 | The younger years

3: "But in response to your question--there does come strongly to my mind one particular person in the Mennonite Church whom you may want to consider asking to be your teacher. Whether God has something for you in this, I do not know; we will be praying with you as you seek His guidance. I refer to Mel Shelter. There is no one I know in our brotherhood whom I respect more highly as a man of love and an example of that which he teaches. His evangelistic zeal is known to all who know him even a little, and that zeal is matched by a spirit of compassion and servanthood which is too rarely encountered, especially in men of his leadership gifts. I think you would also discover that he understands your vision, though God is only beginning to lead him into the discipling relationships which we're discussing. Please understand that I don't mention Mel primarily because of his leadership gifts, but because of his maturity and character as a man of God." -Written by Richard Showalter, Nov. 1974

5: "The glory of sport is born at the moment when the game and the person become one, when all the complexity of one's life finds a moment to emerge in the game." -Timothy Shriver, Ph.D. | Edna joined in on playing sports too!

6: Edna Troyer Shetler Born: November 22, 1944 | the younger years

8: "Edna and I are really different, but we are kindred spirits. And we've had a lot of fun together.... When we first moved back from Turkey, Edna would call me every night and that really ministered to me. And in that time of sharing, I think we just learned how to carry each others' burdens.... I saw Edna embrace this role (a pastor's wife) with vigor and with passion, with intercession and with the support that I often don't see and I was inspired by that." -Shirley Miller

10: MEL & EDNA Through the Years

12: GOSHEN, IN "The Maple City"

13: You're the God of this City You're the King of these people You're the Lord of this nation You are You're the Light in this darkness You're the Hope to the hopeless You're the Peace to the restless You are There is no one like our God For greater things have yet to come And greater things are still to be done in this City -Chris Tomlin lyrics for "God of the City"

16: Mel's Office

19: Teen Haven Youth Center Est. February 1971 | Maple City Chapel Est. July 1974

20: "Wow! God can use even us Conservative Mennonites to impact our communities. And God can open our doors to allow people to come in even if they don't look like us." -Wilbur Miller

23: "Somehow we knew those days at Teen Haven were very special and it would mark and change our lives forever." -Renee Bontrager

24: 423 E. Jefferson St. 1982-2003

25: Renovations inside and out

27: “Church isn’t where you meet. Church isn’t a building. Church is what you do. Church is who you are. Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ. Let’s not go to Church, let’s be the Church.” -Bridget Willard

28: 2015 Lincolnway East 1st Service: July 27, 2003

33: Women's Ministry

34: Elkhart County 4H Fair | Parade & Community Church Services

35: Dear Pastor Mel & Edna, I will forever be grateful to our GOD of the universe for allowing me the blessing of your friendship. Not only have you been my friends, you are my pastor, councilors, and spiritual father and mother. God used you many times to give me the hope, strength and courage I needed to face life and it's responsibilities. Thank-you for allowing GOD to use you to "grow me up" in HIM these past 28 years. I love you both. Elnora Miller | "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching." -Hebrews 10:24-25

36: An assortment of the many officiated weddings... | Stacy & Renee Bontrager 9-16-1989 | Ron & Wilda Mast 11-10-84 | Jerry & Corinne Bender 4-27-02 | Roger & Nobue Miller March 1993 | Eldo & Cathy Hoover | Scott & Roberta Herbert 8-3-02

37: Galen & Gladys Bontrager 10-2-82 | Mike & Sara Bontrager 7- 24-04 | Dean & Rosann Burkholder 3-14-87 | Reggie & Arica Shetler 4-23-05 | Rachel & Curtis Ramer | Joe & Kris Miller 11-22-03

38: Aaron & Renita Detwiler 9-4-99 | Jason & Amber Miller 8-2-03 | Maynard & Shay Miller 2-13-10 | Tom & Charlene Smith 4-13-91 | Andrew & Heather Cunningham 7-26-08 | Gordon & Lynette Miller 8-17-91 | Aaron & Renita Detwiler 9-4-99 | Jason & Amber Miller 8-2-03 | Maynard & Shay Miller 2-13-10 | Tom & Charlene Smith 4-13-91 | Andrew & Heather Cunningham 7-26-08 | Gordon & Lynette Miller 8-17-91 | Aaron & Renita Detwiler 9-4-99 | Jason & Amber Miller 8-2-03 | Maynard & Shay Miller 2-13-10 | Tom & Charlene Smith 4-13-91 | Andrew & Heather Cunningham 7-26-08 | Gordon & Lynette Miller 8-17-91 | Aaron & Renita Detwiler 9-4-99 | Jason & Amber Miller 8-2-03 | Maynard & Shay Miller 2-13-10 | Tom & Charlene Smith 4-13-91 | Andrew & Heather Cunningham 7-26-08 | Gordon & Lynette Miller 8-17-91 | Larry & Ann Flora 7-17-82

39: “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” -Mark 10:6-9 | Aaron & Carmen Cunningham 7-3-04 | Mike & Tina Graber 5-1-04 | Josh & Lisa Bender 6-13-09 | Jay & Beth Shetler 9-9-95 | Dan & Sherrie Grindle 4-15-00 | Sean & Shelly McCrindle 7-10-99 | Aaron & Carmen Cunningham 7-3-04 | Mike & Tina Graber 5-1-04 | Josh & Lisa Bender 6-13-09 | Jay & Beth Shetler 9-9-95 | Dan & Sherrie Grindle 4-15-00 | Sean & Shelly McCrindle 7-10-99 | Aaron & Carmen Cunningham 7-3-04 | Mike & Tina Graber 5-1-04 | Josh & Lisa Bender 6-13-09 | Jay & Beth Shetler 9-9-95 | Dan & Sherrie Grindle 4-15-00 | Sean & Shelly McCrindle 7-10-99 | Aaron & Carmen Cunningham 7-3-04 | Mike & Tina Graber 5-1-04 | Josh & Lisa Bender 6-13-09 | Jay & Beth Shetler 9-9-95 | Dan & Sherrie Grindle 4-15-00 | Sean & Shelly McCrindle 7-10-99

40: Church Services & Picnics

44: "I baptize you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”" -Mark 1:8

45: A young woman went underwater today. For the last two years, her twinkling eyes have showered my two boys with kindness at church. She never let an opportunity pass to say hello and talk with them. When Henry and James were younger, she held their little hands and walked them, back and forth, from the nursery door to the front door. She made them feel like the most important people in the church. Her life went underwater this morning. But steadied by the strong arms of her father, she came up with a new life. | His Christlike obedience has kept the ground fertile for countless seedlings to begin new lives, just like the young woman baptized today. There’s an ever-growing forest of people in our church who now actively reach out across the world to help others know that they, too, are loved. Because they’ve caught, for themselves, just how loved and special they are. This is how church works best: the pouring out of ourselves to drench the world with God’s love — one tiny, little hand at a time. Once someone catches the deepness and vastness of that love, she will follow Him anywhere. Even underwater. | Our church held a special baptism service at our pastor’s home this morning. Afterwards, children swam in the pond, shoveled ice cream into their mouths, and enjoyed special rides with the pastor on his pony cart. As they circled the pond, Pastor Mel also knew how to make Henry and James feel like the most important boys on the planet. They talked all afternoon and evening about their pony ride with Pastor Mel. Henry asked to call his grandparents after we got home. He wanted everyone to know. Our pastor has been with our church, as pastor, for more than 40 years. Growing up with a revolving door of pastors in different churches, I was astounded by his commitment to one flock. His love for others spans decades of broken, needy people. Normal people. | Even Underwater by: Matthew Kreider

48: SHETLER FAMILY Established June 27, 1965

50: Joy Renee Bontrager December 2, 1968

51: Both - The other Sunday I was thinking that my picture of the two of you will always be dad preaching with mom's solid presence in the front row. There is something about that picture that describes your personalities, your gifts, your relationship and has defined much of my 40 years of life. I credit my success as a parent of extraordinary children to your example of a committed marriage and the prayers you have offered on my behalf. Thank you. I love you both deeply, Renee | Dad - You would give the shirt off your back and often DID give what we felt was our last penny to someone who asked for it. You once told me you would rather face Jesus and err on the side of giving too often to someone unwisely than err in not giving. We children learned by your example that having much isn't necessary to live life fully. I have always admired your wisdom of the Word and in dealing with people & situations. | Mom – You somehow cooked, sewed, milked the cow, baked, did laundry, & sorta cleaned the house (best you could with 6 not entirely helpful kids) & still had time for us & anyone who needed you. You still rise early & work diligently. You are one of the closest examples of the Proverbs 31 woman I have ever known. Your faith is unwavering. Your prayers shake heaven. Your children call you blessed.

52: Mom and Dad, Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for all that you have done to shape my life. Your faithfulness to God and to his calling in your life has been a powerful witness to me and my family. It’s no coincidence that all your children are walking in your footsteps of faith. You have been great leaders, not by perfection, but by your continued pursuit of a relationship with Jesus. May God continue to bless your journey as you transition into the next great adventure. We all love you! Jay, Beth, Michael and Hannah

53: Jay Ranell Shetler | December 28, 1969

54: Jewel Rochelle McCrindle "Shelly" January 25, 1975

55: Dad, Forty years of service has gone so fast. What wonderful memories I've had in those short forty years like you and mom up front singing with your guitar looking like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. I'm still just like a kid listening to my favorite storybooks when you tell one of your stories on Sunday morning. I may have heard it a hundred times, but I'm still saying "ooh, this is one of my favorite stories." Each church building became a second home to me filled with lots of friends and fun. I remember you taking me to your meetings in Pennsylvania so I could practice driving with my permit. You have such a heart for the lonely, broken and needy. You welcomed into our home those without homes and had an open house every Christmas for anyone who needed a place to go for the holidays. Even the way the church started as a community outreach for the gangs in the area is a testament to your servant's heart. Because you've never been confused that this was God's church not yours, you have the strength to leave when all is still good. Things weren't always easy; but through your imperfections, you taught me to love the One who has none. You will leave a legacy on this earth. Mom, You are the reason behind the man. Your generosity is immeasurable, and your ability to function with little sleep is truly insane. You took care of the house, kids, and farm alone many times when dad was called away for conferences. I would've had my hands full feeding just the eight of us plus our friends, yet you invited families over after church for a warm meal. My favorite memory of you is coming down the stairs in the mornings early and catching you doing your devotions. Thank you for making us get up early and eat breakfast together.Our family still loves hanging out and eating together because of the seeds you planted. Your heart for God manifests itself in everything you do and will be cherished by all of us. Love, Shelly

56: March 12, 1976 | June Renita Detwiler

57: Mom & Pops- I am so proud to be your daughter. 40 years of raising children while raising a church-I can't imagine! Thank you for coming to every sporting event and supporting me in everything I did growing up. Thank you for staying together and teaching us God's love! You both are the image of God's grace and warriors of prayer! I can't wait to see what God has in store for this next season of your lives. Thank you for your love and for not giving up on me! It's awesome to watch you as Grandparents-and yes, to know you are still my parent and continue to teach me at the age of 35! I love you and am honored to call you Mom & Dad! Love, Renita

58: My memories growing up in the home of a Pastor 10. There was this special trip with just Dad and me where he bought me bright blue high heels because I forgot to pack church shoes. He also had to figure out how to comb my crazy, curly hair. 9. Us kids piling in Mom's bed sleeping sideways so we could all fit when Dad was away on trips. 8. Slinking down in my seat when Dad's face started to get red. I knew would soon follow. 7. Always being “late” to church on Sunday mornings, which really meant we were the first ones there and still had time to fold the bulletins before everyone else got there. 6. Sundays were a long, fun day. Church in the AM, company all afternoon, church in the PM. 5. Constant company; some for short visits and some who actually lived with us. This went on from my birth through my college years. Some of my favorites were Suzy, Dr. David, and Cindy. J 4. Youth group parties in high school at my house and showing R rated movies and you (my parents) freaking out after finding out. (Sorry about that) 3. Always cutting corners financially – making our own pizza instead of ordering – if we ever got pop, it was Kroger brand – wearing bread bags on our feet instead of boots – getting ONE Christmas present and thinking that was great - lots of hand me downs. 2. “Family Vacation” was code for conference. 1. A home full of love that my friends always enjoyed coming to and I always felt safe in. | Jane Roberta Herbert March 12, 1978

59: Dad & Mom, I love and appreciate you both so much. You are the first people I call with good news or bad, the ones who are there for me when I need help or advice. You watch my kids, feed us from your garden, answer all my cooking questions, and provide conversation and encouragement. (Just to name a few) I am really looking forward to the next stage in life and hope to get to spend even more time together. I love you!! Berta

60: James Reginald Shetler "Reggie" October12, 1981 | You Might Be A Shetler If... If growing up your family doctor/E.R. was Dr. Norm Miller (a chiropractor)...you might be a Shetler. If going out to eat as family means a table for 20... you might be a Shetler. If growing up the church secretary was your daycare... you might be a Shetler. If your mother locks the keys in the car...twice in one day... you might be a Shetler. If even a family game of Uno gets competitive... you might be a Shetler. If your father was from a family of 17 kids...you might be a Shetler. If your parents idea of a garden is a mini farm... you might be a Shetler. If it's past Christmas and your mother is still putting Christmas lights up...you might be a Shetler. If your fathers sermons contain an average of 2 to 3 made up or mispronounced words...you might be a Shetler. If you needed a hammer, screw driver, and a pliers to start the hoodless lawn mower...you might be a Shetler. If you grew up in a family filled with imperfection but parents who showed unconditional love, forgiveness, and grace... you were honored to be a Shetler. Thank you mom and dad for all your love and support, you have molded me into the man I am today. Thank you for being the best parents to me, grandparents to Audree, in-laws to Arica, friends to all. Love, Reggie, Arica, and Audree

62: Shetler Women: Full of Strength, Grace & Beauty

66: "Surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent." -Donald A. Norberg | Bronson | Liam | Michael | Audree | Haddee | Emma | And more to come... | Hannah | Jenna | Tasha | Kara | Laish | Justus | Eva

70: The story of Maple City Chapel is not a story of great people doing great things... It is a story of a powerful, creative God moving in the hearts of a few willing people. God instructed Moses to FOLLOW the pillar of fire through the desert for 40 years... Moving when it moved and stopping when it stopped...Jesus asked his disciples to leave all behind and FOLLOW HIM...There are moments in time when God asks His people to pack up and FOLLOW HIM...When that request is met with humility and willingness from God's people: Powerful things can happen! Goshen today is very different than the Goshen of the early 1970’s. In that time there were 3 violent gangs threatening society: The Bandidos, the Dukes, and the smallest but most violent Satan's Crosses. The anti-Establishment hippie movement was still in full swing and the deadly Vietnam War was nearing its terrible end. Through their appearance, hippies declared their desire to question authority, and distance themselves from the “norm”. They had an absolute disdain for conformity. It was in this setting that a small group of conservative men and women started meeting together They had a deep passion to see the lost around them come to faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Aware of the tremendous spiritual needs among Goshen’s teens and mindful of their own “stormy teenage years,” they talked with city officials and interested people from their home congregations about the idea of starting a youth ministry in Goshen. At this time David Wilkerson was having a lot of success with the Teen Challenge program. Mel Shetler took Dave Miller and Jerry Bontrager with him to Los Angeles to witness first hand what God was doing in that ministry. As a result, the Teen Haven Youth Center found a home in the Old Salvation Army building on W. Washington St. and opened its doors to teens for the first time near the end of June, 1971. At the Youth Center they had a pool table, occasional films for entertainment, regular refreshments, and one-on-one conversations with youth who found their way into the Center. In addition, the staff of Teen Haven sometimes held public meetings on the courthouse square and tried to witness to “cruisers” who clogged Goshen’s main streets with their vehicles on weekend nights. The early staff was small. Fern Bontrager and Fred and Linda Schrock were among the handful of people who assisted Mel and Edna Shetler from the start. But unforeseen questions arose early in Teen Haven’s youth work: What if the Center was “successful” in its ministry? What was to happen to the youth who became believers in Christ? Originally the staff took young teens with them to their home congregations for Sunday worship. The encounters were less than encouraging. The appearance and behavior of the born again hippies and street kids seemed out of place in conventional church settings. Everyone was uncomfortable They felt the Spirit of God moving them toward holding services themselves... So they faithfully answered. On Sunday September 5th, 1971 Teen Haven held its first church service. Although no “street kids” showed at the first meeting; three weeks later the services were filled with them. By August 13th, 1972 the Conservative Mennonite Conference granted Mel a license to preach. One year later he was ordained as a minister of the Gospel. During that first year Mel and Edna followed God's call and moved with their two young children into the apartment above the Youth Center in order to provide more opportunities for the youth to experience a “home-like” atmosphere. Teen Haven’s ministry eventually expanded to the point of providing housing for youth, initially in the original building and by 1976 in a set of buildings up the street on the corner of 6th and Washington. Again: God lead, and they faithfully followed Him! | God's Story of Maple City Chapel compiled and written by Joe Miller

71: As the church congregation grew, there seemed to be two organisms growing together. As they met to pray together they felt a need to carefully separate the fellowship from the Youth Center. During a retreat at Scenic Hills Campground in July of 1974, the congregation was formed under the leadership of Mel Shetler and Richard Showalter, who was part of the fellowship at that time. Seventeen voting members were present and soon after that weekend, the name Maple City Chapel was adopted. Fred Schrock and Doug Miller were soon appointed as the first elders of the young congregation. During the next five years, the congregation's primary composition changed from that of teenagers to families and single adults. And it grew from 17 to 75 members. During this time the Center also became home to a recording studio where they recorded a weekly radio program produced by Fred Schrock. The program had distribution in several states on over 150 radio stations. With growth in the church came greater need for assistance for the senior pastor. Richard had moved on to Fuller Theological Seminary in California and so in December of 1977, Sheldon Swartz was chosen by Lot to serve as lay minister. Sheldon and Velma moved to Goshen from AuGres, Michigan. The congregation continued to grow and that led to the installation of Conrad Showalter as lay minister in July of 1979. Conrad and his wife Lynette moved to Goshen from Plain City, Ohio. By 1977 there were small house fellowship groups meeting weekly complementing the discipleship provided at the Sunday gatherings. Growth affected not only leadership needs but facility needs as well. Latecomers to services found themselves either seated conspicuously on the platform along with the speaker or standing at the entrance in the rear. On warm summer days, overflow crowds even pushed a few to the sidewalk outside the back door. Something needed to be done. Again, it seemed that God was leading them onward... This lead to the decision to start rent Bethany Christian's auditorium to hold services beginning October of 1980. This was a satisfactory, albeit temporary, arrangement. They spent this time waiting on God to give clear direction. Then after a year and a half, the church was ready for a more permanent change. On April 19th, 1982, the members of the congregation agreed to make an offer to buy the empty Brenneman Memorial Missionary Church Building on 8th St. in Goshen. This young congregation matured greatly in the 21 years that it occupied the Jefferson Street building. In-home Small group gatherings became an absolutely vital part of the life of the church allowing families and singles to grow deeper together in their faith journey. It was during this time that Maple City Chapel also began to mature into a sending church. Their reach extended to prison ministry, local evangelism, and foreign missions. It was during this time too that the church developed its Lay Ministry teams and clarified its vision of “Deepening our Roots... and Extending our Reach...” By the mid to late 90’s the church was running out of room for their Sunday Gatherings. People were forced to park several blocks away and the church experimented with multiple services. In the summer of 1998 several families left to start Siloam Christian Fellowship and then a few years later Maple City Chapel again found themselves needing to look at future expansion. Eventually, through what in retrospect was clearly an act of God, the former Wal-Mart/Hollywood Connection Center building was acquired and after some relatively minor renovations they moved in and had their first service on July 27, 2003. The purchase seemed monumental... Many people told them to walk away from the idea of purchasing the former Wal-Mart Building. Their lawyer told them to quit when negotiations with Wal-Mart Corporation seemed insurmountable and even some area pastors told them it wouldn't work...but they felt like God was moving them forward. The church continued to pray for GOD’S PLAN to happen...on earth as it is in Heaven. All of sudden,things started to move. God made His plans clear to the young congregation... They negotiated with Wal-Mart and their offer was accepted. Today the congregation continues to grow and the spirit of God continues to bring those that are disenfranchised, those that are seeking and folks that are committed to growing deeper in their walk with God. Throughout the past 40 years, this group has often heard people say that their dreams were too big, too complicated, and even impossible. However, the fellowship has been committed to following the Spirit's lead without question. Our hope is that you will surrender everything for the Glory and Honor of His name.

73: I owe so much to them over the years... | Reggie & Arica | Scott & Berta | Aaron & Renita | Sean & Shelly | Jay & Beth | Stacy & Renee

75: Prayer for the next leaders of Maple City Chapel by Mel Shetler (taken from Num. 10:1-10) I pray you will never minimize sin, but you'll always have a clear trumpet sound when it comes to extending grace to people who are struggling. That they will always know this is one of the most warmest, welcome places on the face of the earth when you are struggling with sin.

78: Shirley Miller | Renee Bontrager | Todd Miller | Wilbur Miller | Conrad Showalter | Gary Miller

79: Prayer of Blessing (given by Gary Miller on Sept. 25, 2011) May the blessing of God continue to work through you, through your children, and through your grandchildren. And may you all be mouthpieces and may your home continue to be a place of refuge not only for others, but for yourselves as well. And as you both rest and journey, as you go on from here, that you would remember always the promise of God that He promised in Psalms: those who trust in the Lord are like Mt. Zion which can not be moved, but abides forever. And as the mountains surround Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds His people from this time forevermore. And the surrounding presence, blessing, and anointing of God continue to be on you as you go from here. Amen. | Paul Kurtz

80: "When I think of Mel, I think of a leader's leader" - Paul Kurtz | "Mel was an excellent mentor to me." -Sheldon Schwartz | "Edna was able to supply spiritual truth to everyday living." -Conrad Showalter | "When I think of Mel and the legacy, I think of vision, I think of an inspiring communicator of that vision, I think of a storyteller, I think of someone who's heart beats for community transformation, and I think of someone who is generous to a fault." -Wilbur Miller | "We share a deep, deep bond in Christ..." - Richard Showalter | "Behind closed doors, what I saw was your heart and it was just humble. And I never heard you speak harshly...what I saw was just real humility." -Todd Miller | "I really appreciate your gifts, and being able to walk alongside of you and learn from you. Your heart of humility and your passion for people and leading in a clear way has been an inspiration to me." - Todd Miller | "Things were not always perfect in our home. But, looking back now I am very grateful for what we did have: parents that really loved the Lord and were committed to each other and to us." -Renee Bontrager | "I admire you and honor you for being faithful to the call in your life." -Larry Kauffman" | "I appreciated very much Mel and Edna both. Many things, but your ongoing always spirit of grace. You're always extending grace to all situations. Anyone whofinds themselves in trouble, there's a safe place with Mel & Edna. Not only an embrace, but a guiding through it. That spirit of grace is striking, helpful, healthy, and a wonderful asset to your work in the Kingdom." -Gary Miller | "If you know my mom, she is a prayer warrior." - Jay Shetler

81: "A true leader is somebody who serves the people thats around him or her. And as I've listened to what all has gone on in Mel's time here, it's certainly obvious to me that he's been a leader in this community and this church." - Mayor Kauffman | "Well done, good and faithful servant!" -Matthew 25:21 | Mayor Allan Kauffman

92: "The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, 'The LORD is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him.'” -Psalm 92:12-15 Spoken to Mel & Edna by Sheldon Showalter

93: You're In the News! | The Goshen News, Friday, September 23, 2011 | The Elkhart Truth, Saturday, September 24, 2011

94: Passing the Baton | Written in a Father's Day project on June 16, 1991

95: Dad, People often comment about the big shoes I have to fill in taking your place as senior pastor. One of the things I have most appreciated about you, is that you have never made me feel like I need to fill your big shoes. Even as a child, you encouraged me to follow God's leading in my life and to be who he has called me to be. Rather than create big shoes to fill, you have created a legacy of respect that has made it so much easier for me to succeed in this community, as a psychologist, and now as a pastor. Thank you for your constant love, generous wisdom and gracious encouragement along this journey. I love you, Jay | "Then Moses said to him, 'If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here. '" -Exodus 33:15

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  • Title: Mel's 40 years
  • Our pastor at Maple City Chapel, Goshen, IN has faithfully ministered here for 40 years and is retiring this year. He and his wife have served Him well and we are a blessed church of people because of that service.
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