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Mom's 65th

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Mom's 65th - Page Text Content

S: Happy 65th Birthday, Phylis!

BC: Happy 65th! | July 28, 2011

FC: HappyBirthday to Phylis! | 65

1: Over the last 65 years you've brought so much to each of us. A shoulder, a helping hand, laughter, and so many smiles. Here are just a few of the memories that we hold near and dear, All because of you! | Phylis Mother Sister Friend Cousin Daughter | Grandmother Mother-in-law Granddaughter | Wife Niece Sister-in-law Aunt Girlfriend | Birthday Girl

2: - You saved me from a paddling at ACA. - Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. - Peanut butter & banana sandwiches. - Watching you fry ground beef for Ritzy. - I scared you by riding up behind you and skidding my bike tires while you were on a walk around the neighborhood. - Vacuum marks on the carpet everyday when I got home from school. - You picking up and dropping off my laundry at the dorm room. - Leaving for school having a Mom with blond hair. Coming home from school to a Mom with brown hair. | To: Momma | Love, Philip

3: I will never forget who attended my mom's memorial. looking out at a sea of faces during the service and knowing that they were there because they loved my mom and my family, humbled me. i remember greeting everyone and looking over and seeing you and dana waiting to speak to jenni and i. needless to say, i was shocked. neither of you told us you were coming. you flew all the way to texas. for us. i hugged your neck tightly breathing in the scent that only mommy's have. had i only known then, what i know now....that God blessed me with my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law's presence at the most defining moment of my life...even today, i cannot tell this story without tears filling my eyes. jenni and i held each other as we watched you both walk away, telling ourselves that no matter what, we would be there for your family. because you were there for ours. my last memory of you that day was of dana holding your arm with her head on your shoulder. it was the picture perfect definition of a mother. staying true to our promise, when jenni received dana's wedding invitation, we knew we had to be there. i remember dancing in the hotel room with you, all the while laughing and being silly. my exact thought was, "she is so fun! and dana is so cool for letting me hang out with her as she gets her hair and makeup done!" it was such a gorgeous wedding from beginning to end. i felt honored to spend such tender and precious moments with the styron family. a few years later, philip asked me to be a part of his family. it was the cherry on top of God's perfect plan to unite our families forever. it was the phone calls that we shared during the wedding planning that are one of the sweetest memories for me. we both laughed and cried a lot. you were the only person who knew what it felt like to be planning a wedding without a mommy. there are no words for the support and love you showed me during that time. thank you for being there for me when it meant the most. thank you for loving me and my family. thank you for raising a son whom i adore. happy birthday my sweet phylis! i love you, melanie

4: Phylis - I remember several great times with you! One is when we went to the fabric store, bought material, came back to Aunt Nigel's and made dresses for church that night! Joel Holmes was preaching... - Linda Jo | TO PHYLIS, GOD BLESS YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. WHAT A GREAT FRIENDSHIP WE HAVE HAD OVER THE YEARS. WHEN WE GET TOGETHER WE LAUGH SO MUCH. I REMEMBER THE TIME I CAME TO VISIT AND ANNETTE WAS A BABY, SHE GOT SICK AND THREW UP ON YOUR CARPET OVER AND OVER AND OVER... TERRIBLE, BUT SO FUNNY.! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. \HOPE THIS ONE WILL BE YOUR BEST. LOVE MARTHA

5: Phylis, There are soooo many remember when's I have with you. Here are a few: Remember when we faithfully went to Jazzersize together? We were sure looking good then! Remember when both our boys were down, you pulling Philip in a wagon for him and Joey to play together? We struggled then but made it through with our boys both doing wonderfully today. Remember when we went on our girls cruise together? What fun, especially using your beautiful clothes. Phylis, Happy Happy Birthday to a friend who I think about often. Life changed where we live but my heart still has a very special place in it for you. We can just pick right back up when we talk (which isn't enough). Anyways, hope your birthday is a perfect one and that there are many many more. Much love, Sherrie

6: Phylis - My Aunt, AKA: Second Sister In this journey we call life, I've been blessed to have an aunt named Phylis. I have so many fond memories from a child until today. Not only was I welcomed to this world by my Aunt Phylis... I was told she anxiously awaited my arrival. I was serenaded by her playing piano, and I'm sure sung to while I was still in my mother's womb. As a very young child, I can still remember looking up to my Aunt Phylis, and everything she did effected me in so many ways. She was pretty, full of life, talented. It made it easy to look up to her. I felt the closeness between the two of us even at that young age. I'll never forget being on my knees watching her feet playing the pedals during organ lessons, and I can still hear the tune of "Tiny Bubbles" to this day. A few years passed, and if I'm not mistaken, I was sleeping with her when she told me to look out of the window one foggy Miami morning and I saw a beautiful 1966 Mustang. It was my favorite car! It was too good to be true. Being a young boy and not able to drive just yet, I got to be chauffeured around and was able to gaze at the dashboard and beautiful interior of my favorite car. She promised it to me, BUT beyond her control it was sold and that dream didn't happen. My aunt was growing up to be a beautiful young lady and fell in love. I'll never forget the feeling that I was losing her, but as time went on I realized nothing could take her away from me and my family. She just didn't love with us anymore. It wasn't too long after that a black haired baby girl came into the world followed by a blond headed baby boy. My two very dear cousins that I loved growing up with and still love spending time with to this day. The older I became I was able to communicate with my Aunt Phylis and do grown up stuff. We've taken trips together, been creative, laughed, cried, and continue making memories. I wouldn't trade anything for "MY Aunt Phyl." Although I may be older, I can still look back and see how much I was loved by her. I can only hope that she felt and still feels my love for her. Thank you, Aunt Phylis, for all the great memories through the years. I'm looking forward to making many more. Happy 65th Birthday! Love is such a small word. I love you TEN! - Jim

7: Aunt Phyl. Nobody gives me the giggles like you do...unfortunately, it is ALWAYS at the wrong time!!!! Think back on the time when I was probably 12. We went to a Chinese place in Raleigh and you told the waiter 500 times "Now I can't have ANY MSG...I'm allergic. NO MSG. O.k. so yes I'll have the fried rice but that is with NO MSG ok? NONE! I'm allergic. Ok. Thank you. Yes NO MSG!!!!" I got the giggles so bad I could not breathe THEN our fortune taught us the Chinese word for "dang run". That may not be funny to anyone else but to me that memory is gold. I love you so much. Love, Sara | HAPPY 65TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8: One time Phylis and I were in the market for a new person to clean our houses and at the same time we were looking to have some landscaping done. I told her I was interviewing some people and if she wanted me to I would send them over to her after I talked to them. One morning I called her and woke her up and told her someone was coming over. She got confused and went to the door in her pajamas and invited the man in for coffee. She started telling him that the most important thing to her was clean sheets on her bed and the floors to be clean and shiny. He told her that he was there to give her a quote on landscaping. She called me laughing so hard and we have joked about that for a few years now. Sometimes when we are talking, we will start a sentence with, "Well the MOST important thing is...". That is just one of so many stories I have and memories that are so special. My boys and I love Miss Phylis and miss her every day. Love, Renee'

9: Phylis - When it comes to you I could probably come up with a lot of stories since we are only 5 or so years apart and lived in Greensboro a lot of that time, but the thing that sticks out the most to me is when we were at Uncle Bob and Aunt Nigel's house in Florida. I was down for a vacation for the summer and I think I was about 15, well what can happen in the summer time in Florida? yea, you guessed it - a Hurricane. I remember we were all huddled up in the bathroom scared to death but acting like we weren't scared at all while Uncle Bob and Aunt Nigel were quite relaxed since I guess they had been through that before. I'm sure although they didn't let us know, they got a good laugh out of us. Phylis, you're a beautiful person and I cherish not only the fact that you are family but that I consider you a true friend, and those aren't easily found. - Kenny

10: Some of my earliest memories are of Phylis & me and our childhood. One of the very first memories is the day our parents brought her home from the hospital. I told them to take her back, take her back! I didn't want a baby sister, I wanted a baby brother. I already had two brothers why would I want another one? Little did i know that my sister would be my best friend for life. You can tell your sister things you would never tell anyone else. I'm glad they didn't take her back. I remember thinking - she is Daddy's pet; she never gets into trouble or spanked. I remember her first days of school when I had to shover her in the classroom and run to my class only to look back and see she was following me screaming. Then I remember when Phylis was eleven we suddenly lost Mama to sickness and I became her parent by my choice. I wanted to do it; no one said I had to. There was no difficult teen aged years. We still remained best friends even if I had to give her direction once in awhile. | I am sure Eddie remembers when Phylis and her best friend wrecked his car trying to peer into some boy's window. Through life Phylis and I have made it through thick and thin, good times and bad times. together. We have shared many stories of raising our kids together, learning how to be moms, and wondering how it would have been if we could have asked our Mom. We were there for the births of each other's kids and all the trials and tests that brings. And the marriage of our kids and the happiness that brings, and the birth of our grandchildren. I remember all the wonderful gifts and surprises and Disney Trips and other things too numerous to tell that Phylis has given me over the years. I won't list all of them, but I have to tell about this one. One Mother's Day Phylis called to have us over after church for sandwiches. I thought that strange because we had lunch together, but I went. | s i s t e r s

11: As we were about to eat she told me to come into the garage, she had to tell me something. I thought that strange too, but I followed. To my surprise and amazement there sat a new car for me with a big red bow on it. How can you top that? I can still remember the feeling of being so overwhelmed I didn't know what to say or do but cry. That is the feeling my sister has given and will continue to give to so many people with her acts of kindness. Phylis, Eddie and I love you and thank you so much for being such a big part of our families life and for being my baby sister. Glad they didn't take you back. Happy 65th Birthday and many more for us to share. I love you very much! May God bless you abundantly! Loretta

12: Remember when you & I took Dana & Sonia to the Broward Mall so we could all get our ears pierced? We were in our 30's, but made the girls go 1st! Do you remember us walking thru the Casino on Paradise Island & we both felt like we were dressed for church; then we lost $100 on the .25 cent slots & we felt bad, so we were determined to get it back, & we did... then quit! The evening we sat in the back of the floor show & finally realized the girls were topless. Jim remembers calling you the "Walmart Lady", because you worked there for about 20 minutes. The Marine Corps Ball. These are the things we remember & will never forget, we had some really fun times together. Happy "65th" Birthday. God Bless You. Our Love & Best Wishes Judy & Jim | Phylis -

13: I always remember you making Christmas Eve so special for us kids. You always knew how to make it different and exciting each year. I remember one year you made clues and put them throughout the house which ultimatley lead me to my Christmas gift (not sure if that was the year but one of my most memorable gifts was the Porsche jacket and my first pair of Sergio Valente jeans). I remember I couldn't wait to get to your house. I always knew a great gift was in store. As an adult those childhood memories have made me want to do the same for my family and make it as special as you did for me. I Love You and wish you a very Happy Birthday!! -Michael | One memory I have is the time you and I drove back from North Carolina. It was such an enjoyable trip and I felt so special that I had Aunt Phylis all to myself. It was a 12 hour drive but it seemed like a 2 hour drive because we had such a great time chatting about everything under the sun. I Love You, Aunt Phylis, and Happy Birthday. -April

14: "Hi Phylis, Some of my greatest memories as a child are with you, my favorite cousin. I don't have a lot of memories of time together when you lived in Chattanoogo. My most vivid ones are when we would go spend days or weeks with you and Loretta in Marietta. We had so much fun sharing birthdays, going to the lake, riding bicycles, aggravating Bobbi and Loretta, and just hanging out. And then we moved to Folkston that felt like the other side of the world. The next memory I have is when you, Loretta, Eddie and Teresa came to our home after we had moved to Waycross. I think I was 13, almost 14. You were on your way home from Miami to Greensboro, N.C. I decided to go home with you. I remember all of us were in, I think, a Ford Falcon and traveled all night. And that was before interstates. I stayed 2 weeks and we had so much fun just being together. I don't have a lot of detail memories except for the guy who lived behind you who was a leader in your church, we went on a July 4 picnic, and I remember riding the bus to town in Greensboro. I speak of that trip often. I always enjoyed being with you. I hope this birthday is the best that you have ever had. You are a very special person. I feel blessed that you are my cousin. Love you, Gale" | Dear Phylis, I know we have only seen each other a handful of times, but you are truly family and you (and all your family) hold a special place in my heart. I am thankful for those few timers, and for the chance we have had to know each other a little better through facebook. I hope you have an amazing birthday. May God bless you with many more. Love, Lori

15: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Phylis -!!!!! I would love to be there to help celebrate your "65th". I know it will be LOTS of FUN. I have loved seeing all of you the last two years and had so much fun with you all. The whole family exudes JOY. Enjoy your special day and even though there are many miles between us, I will be thinking of you and you will be close to my heart. I wish you many birthday blessings. I love you. Bobbi | Hello Phylis, Marvin and I send our love and best wishes for a wonderful Birthday. You really hold a special place in the heart of the "Dunn's"! A funny memory was one Sunday Morning I rode with you all to Sunday School and we were almost to church and you realized that your "rat" was showing...(for any one that does not understand this..it just proves you are not our age...hahaha) You sure was not going into church like that...these hairdo's were important to us! Thanks for your friendship. God bless you! Sharron

16: dearest phylis, it is such a treat to see how wonderfully God has intertwined our families through the years. one of my favorite memories of you is when we first met over 25 years ago! dana invited me to dinner with her family at garcias. i remember being a bit nervous and not knowing quite what to expect. dana and i were getting to know each other and i wanted so desperately to have a best friend. you were all so gracious and funny and welcoming. i remember hanging out with you and dana on her bed the next day. i thought you were such a cool mom as we laid there laughing about who knows what and being silly together! i love that you were there the day i got married and that i got to spend some time with you when kailey was just a wee little baby. i have always been grateful for your family and friendship. no matter how much time had passed since our last meeting you always made it clear that nothing had changed. i was dana's friend, therefore you loved me and i always had a place in your heart and home. never was that more evident than when you and dana were present on the hardest day of my life. i know we have told you before, but your presence at my mom's memorial redefined my commitment to you and your daughter. that single act of getting on that plane and deciding to come be with us, if only for a few hours, on that one night, meant the world to me.

17: i want you to know that i not only decided to do my best to be there for you and dana in the future, but i became a better friend to others. i was so touched by your simple act of "being there" that i have made the concerted effort to continuously do that for my friends as well. so, now when a friend is sick, has a baby, loses a loved one, gets married, or has any other major life event i do my bestest to BE THERE. whereas before i would have probably sent a card or email or would have decided i was too busy to go, i now try my very hardest to make the effort and GO! and i know that what you did for me on that very dark day has a big part in that. so, thank you. thank you for being the friend i needed on a hard day. thank you for raising two amazing children that have changed my world. one for finally making my childhood wish for a best friend a reality, and the other for making my sister the happiest girl in the world. you have played a BIG part in answering some very sweet prayers of mine. i pray that you are filled with much love and joy this birthday. that you are keenly aware of the wonderful impact you have made on many people's lives. you are a beautiful woman inside and out and i can honestly say that you look as lovely as the day i met you! God bless you, phylis, with much laughter, hugs and kisses...today and always, -jenni

18: Happy Birthday Aunt Phylis! Not only are you my Aunt, you are my friend. You have always been more like a sister to me, being my confidant while pursuing Gary, right beside me while I had my babies, moving to NC, helping us get pets, decorating, all our travels together and making sure we had whatever we have needed. You have the biggest heart and I know you truly love me. I pray Gods special favor on everything you do and may He bless you and let you find all the joy and happiness you so deserve. I love you. Theresa

19: aE | First I want to say happy birthday, Phylis. Hoping and praying all good things come your way this year. I have a lot of good memories of times spent with you. When I was nine or ten years old you helped my mom by babysitting me when she worked the night shift at the telephone company. How I looked up to you and enjoyed every moment of that time spent with you. I loved riding in your avocado mustang, man now that was cool. And then you married one of the men I loved more than any other, Larry. That made me so happy.. Then you gave birth to Dana and then Philip, that was really special to me ( they will never know how special). How amazing that you and Larry many times shared your home with me as a teenager and put up with the drama that comes with teenage girls. The trips to Carvel ice cream shop on the hot summer evenings were wonderful. And this past year you have been such a friend calling to check on my family as we have dealt with so much sickness.. I will always love and cherish our friendship. Love, Carole

20: Phylis - Thank you for so many things. You do so much for the family and the kids because of Dana. But I was personally touched by your generosity when my father died. From the ticket you purchased for me, to attending the funeral, and taking care of Dana and Jacob while I was away. Your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. Now, about the time your daughter hit me with a shoe... | Love, Michael | 65 | Happy 65th Birthday, Phylis. God bless you this year and always. -Bill & Shirley Merritt

21: Baby Girl | Nancy and I just want to remember you on this special occasion and wish you a very happy birthday. We love very much. When I mentioned it to Nancy we couldn't believe you are turning 65, we both still remember how you ran around the yard in Duncan Park with nothing on but your panties as little tyke. It reminds us of our age. Wish we could be there. Have a great birthday! Love, Alan & Nancy | I want to wish you a very happy birthday and to tell you we love you very much. I remember when I first met all of you when Cannon was just a little thing. You were all so warm and kind. I will never forget the feeling of family you had and still have. Coming from a very small family I love to be with all of you. | We wish we could be there with you to celebrate but know we are thinking of you and are there in spirit. - Adele & Dale

22: Hi Phylis, We just want to tell you how very special you are to me and my family. I feel God brought our lives together to be Great Friends forever. Even though we no longer live in the same state, you are in my heart, thought and prayers always. ( and I always smile every time I think of you ) Terry and the kids were so glad I had made a wonderful friend to help make my move to a new state so easy, comfortable and fun my whole family is thankful and Loves you too! We have so many GREAT memories I can only list a few or I would dominate the whole party. From our first lunch date where you stayed on the couch not feeling well, and I sat in a chair we were comfortable and enjoyed each others company, there was never a breaking in period I felt we were connected from the first and our bond and love for each other has only grown from there. I talked to the kids and they shared one of their fondest memories and mine as well, Our trip to Florida and Disney/Epcot, we started out early and hit the hardest rain I ever saw or have driven through before or since. I white knuckled the steering wheel and we kept going. ( I was sliently praying the rain would stop) You entertained the kids with the stories of Florida alligators eating the neighborhood pets and finding them swimming in peoples pools when they get up in the morning. ( they just shared with me that frightened them just a bit as we were heading toward that alligator populated area LOL).

23: We had a blast, Laughed, walked so much the first day Stephen got shin splints so bad he couldn't walk the next, you wouldn't let that stop our fun. you got him a wheel chair and we took turns pushing him all around the parks for the next day. laughing and having a Great time. we swam, ate and just had a marvelous time we talk about that to this day. The Great thing about a Friendship the Lord brings together is we never had an awkward moment, we enjoyed the same things, Loved our Families and they came first, we always made time for each other when they were at school, and work. We did so many different things together and it didn't matter what we were doing we could laugh till we got tears (or almost wet our pants you can leave this part out if you would like), like the time we put up the wall paper boarder in your kitchen and dining room... I don't know of anyone who could have had as much fun as we did. or laughed as much. Like I said it didn't matter what we did we enjoyed it to the full. I miss you very much and hope we can get together again soon, I know we will just pick up where we left off, and will have a wonderful time. We Wish you a Very Happy 65th Birthday, You look Marvelous!!!! Love you Always Betty, Terry, Christina and Stephen

24: I have many fond memories of you, Aunt Phylis. One that sticks out at this time goes back 13 years. I had decided to ask Melissa to marry me. It was a secret and I wasn’t telling many of my plan to do so in the near future. You were one of the few that knew of my intentions. In fact, you had great patience with me as I began my hunt for an engagement ring. I am sorta old fashioned in that my bride to be had no idea I was going to ask her to marry me nor was she going to pick out her ring. This was my job. Well over a period of about 3 to 4 months you would meet me for lunch each week at Padrino’s. After our lunch we would walk to the jeweler near the restaurant and you would help me look. It took me awhile but you never gave up and continued to be at my side during this daunting task. I enjoyed the time we spent each week together. I am forever grateful for all you have done and mean to my family. You will always have a special place in my heart and life. I love you more than words can say, Aunt Phyl. Love Greg

25: The thing about Aunt Phylis that is so wonderful is that she will bend over backwards to help you out in any way that she can, especially where her family members are concerned. She has a huge heart. Me & Greg would have never been able to get thru the birth of Maddy without her assistance. She was by my side throughout our entire pregnancy even up to when Maddy was born. If it weren’t for her, we would have never had the first photographs of Maddy’s arrival into life. She held my hair back during my childbirth experience, and held Greg up emotionally as well! She even helped us financially with our furniture as broke newlyweds too (which we still have to this day). Aunt Phylis, we only hope that we can be there for you one day as much as you have been there for us. Happy b-day & may God give you many more b-dy’s to come! We love you! Melissa, & Maddy

26: Happy Birthday to the: "Sweetest" (If someone can't love you their crazy), "Loyal" (I haven't seen you in years but when we talk that BOND we made 50 million years ago rings with TRUE FRIENDSHIP), "Caring" (Remember the talk you had with me before I got married?), "Craziest" (Remember the trip with Charlie and Gayle to a Church Conference?), "Fun Loving" (Remember the time we went to join the health spa?), I can't write anymore because I'm crying. Phylis, you're a true friend and I love you dearly. Pray you have the BEST BIRTHDAY ever (now how can you have the best - I'm not there...lol)! -Dorita...your FRIEND FOREVER | 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65

27: "Hi Phylis, I hope your 65th birthday is a blast. I have such good memories of my visits with you and your family through the years. You always opened your home to me and made me feel welcome even on short notice like 2 years ago. Ha. Such fun and laughs we have. Hope you are blessed on your special day. I love you. Judy Wester | Aunt Phylis, I remember the coloring book contests we had when we visited one summer with grandma Mattie. I remember you with the long hair you use to have. I remember the the great way you laugh. You are a great Aunt and I love you very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love, Richard | Happy Birthday, Phylis! Love, Linda Ball

28: When we thought my bike was broken... the handlebars were just backwards. | Super Yummy Homemade Sub Sandwich Lunches... YUM! | When you and Linda Ball had a practice MARY KAY party with Beverly and me. :) | Pepperidge Farm Date Bars and Cream Cheese | Expressing Molly's Anals | Coloring together in our "doll" coloring books. | You and Sandra Duvall bravely helping Liz and me learn to drive in the Greensboro Coliseum Parking Lot. | Mom - 40 years of love. guidance, and friendship you've given me. Thank you for being the beautiful mother, grandmother, and person you are. I love you and wish a wonderful 65th birthday! | all the crafting we've done together | i remember: | the beautiful guest baskets you made and delivered for my wedding. | all our puppy shopping | You helping with my homework | "be smart! be sweet!" | Decorating my classrooms/ grading report cards. :)

29: "Jake, What do you want to say to Grandma for her Birthday?" "Tell her that I LOOOOOVE her!"

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