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My Depression (Copy)

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FC: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." | My Depression

1: Excerpts From The Recently Recovered Journal Of William T. Dawd

2: The Date is July 12 1929, Life is well. My job on Wall Street as a broker for AT&T is incredible and I’m constantly meeting new and very interesting people. Two years My family and I moved into an apartment on the upper west-side, and the family loves it here. Also, the AT&T stock couldn't be better, I have been named employee of the month for selling the most. My credit is pretty clean and I have managed to build a credible reputation at work. Speaking of work, I was just given my annual raise and the market is reasonably stable. In fact, I’m making a fortune off it! I just bought a refrigerator, an automobile, and got Nancy a golden necklace; she’s going to love it. I know it sounds like a lot but buying on margin has made everything easier to buy. Besides I making more money than ever, I just paid off the apartment. The economy looks like it will never die out. The kids are worrying me; Raphy has been sick for about 8 days and does not look like he’s getting any better. The doctor cannot figure out what is wrong with him. Also, I think Mary caught what Raphy has because she doesn’t look to good. Still, Cyril and Mary are just fine. Thank God for that! Just last year the city high schools started sport leagues and when I heard about this I could not resist myself from signing the boys up for basketball and football. Also, Cyril won the city basketball Championship. Before Raphy got sick he was the leading scorer for his football team, but the season still has a good 5 weeks left, so were praying that he gets better. Judy, Mary, Raphy, and Cyril are doing great in school. Their teachers are saying they’re the top of their class and are three years ahead of the rest of their class. Still, education tax has risen in the last couple of years, but i guess that can only mean the city is bettering the education level, and that I have no problem with at all. So to say the least life seems pretty great and I can’t really ask for more.

5: Great Grandparents | The date is July 5, 1930 My God! The things that can happen in a year it has been one tragic occurrence after another. First the stock market crashes and has left millions of people in poverty and desperation. Then in the Mid West there are these dust storms , as if it were the Sierra Desert, so says my brother. Farming is impossible the stroke put millions of farmer in poverty. People are calling all of this, the great depression, guess the title tells the story. I myself have been hit hard by this depression, I lost my job, and all my money. When I went to the bank to get my savings they told me they ran out of money, I was at the end of my wits. Mary and Raphy are really sick, it has been about three months since I've seen Raphy out of his bed. Mary has not spoken in weeks. The doctor bills are piling up and I can't pay for them any more I'm terrified that Raphy and Mary aren't going to make it till I found a job. Three weeks after I lost my job I got a letter from city hall they were in need of a cleanup man. Now the kids are getting the medication they need. Nancy got a job too as a maid at one of Mr. Cooks', the richest man in the city, houses. Yet, another problem has come up, her and I are never home to stay home with the kids. Even with both Nancy's and my income expenses are still a problem. We can barely buy a loaf of bread and clean water has now become a luxury. Also, the bank is trying to kick my family out the apartment, and they are getting closer every day. Even the schools are having trouble, since no one has money they can’t the education taxes. This has crippled the city’s schools and they have very limited resources. Nevertheless, hope is not lost for my family and I am praying that times get better and everything gets back to normal.

7: The date is November 12th, 1931 Nothing has gotten better, if anything things have gotten worse a lot worse. The dust storms in the Mid West are getting worse and in the west poverty is running a muck. My brother has been moving between, what people are calling them, Hoovervilles for 7 months, following the opportunity for work. I have not heard from him since the summer of 1930. The local governments there do not have much a liking to the people living in those Hoovervilles, mistreating them and such. From what I hear the county governments won’t even let the people in hospitals, just tragic. What’s even more outrageous is the federal government says they are aware of the troubles but have done nothing to help or mitigate the issues. It’s as if they don’t even care for the American people! That idiot Hoover thinks it is a good idea to give millions to large companies and leave the hard working Americans to roll in their misery. The country needs change and needs it quick. I myself have requested aid from the government, but I was declined. The federal tax money, so they say, is being used to aid Americans in actual poverty, which would be most of the population.Nancy has been sick for about two weeks with the flu and is getting better. Although, those were two weeks of less money and more spending. The doctor now days are asking for ridiculous amounts for medicine, but what other choice do I have. She asked for extra shifts, as have I, but there are hardly any for there to be extra is a cynical joke.The kids are doing okay Cyril, since he is the oldest, quit football to look for a job. The other three I made firm they concentrate on their studies and nothing else. Yet, family is still rough hope has found it's way through, smiles and laughs creep their way in every now and again. Elections are in one year and believe me when I tell you everyone is excited.

8: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

9: The date is March 21st, 1932 It has been a long way from the 1920's till now. The memories of those days have never left my thoughts for a second. More importantly I learned that nothing is for certain in this world no matter what. Before this giant mess happened, wealth flourished and life couldn’t be any easier. The most common, being grateful for what you had was overlooked. The jealousy and desire that resided in the heart of everyone man, woman, and child; caused most of the problems today. Especially my own ungratefulness, it destroyed the lives that we loved so much. Still, the worst of all no one cared for his fellow man. Pity or sympathy was no where to be found and sin filled the streets to the sky line. Everyone trying to get rich as quick and as easy as possible not realizing the actual cost, our soul. This is the harshest lesson I never had to learn, but hopefully I will be able to use what I now know in the future. My family’s life style has changed drastically over the last three years. From everyone relying on their precious investments,spending money with didn’t have through credit, and squandering all their money on useless junk and not saving their money, what vanity we had. Moreover, the undoing was our own fault. After all it was our stupidity and greed that brought us to our knees. We had no choice but to comply to the situation. Ii haven’t heard anyone complain or whimper in three years.Survival through the three years has been rough on all of us. Trading almost everything for any food we could get and working for pennies. Still, elections are this year and this guy Roosevelt sounds like a man who can change things for the better.

11: The date is May 10th, 1933 You wouldn’t believe how much things have changed over a year. I don’t even know where to start! Well first, our new president Franklin Roosevelt has really gotten things moving. He has made a ton of different organizations to help the American people. Creating new jobs to those that had not worked since the crash and give aid to those living in those Hoovervilles. He is doing his best clean up the American Dream. People are calling this change that Franklin Roosevelt has brought about the New Deal. The best part about all of this is we don’t have to beg those big company idiots to give anyone a job. The president has the love and support of very citizen in the country. When he gave his Inaugural Address it was so quite I hear it on the radios of every house around the whole block. Personally, that hope I have been talking about has managed to come my way and get me a job with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. My boss from AT&T gave the FDIC’s head officer a recommendation that I a would be the perfect guy for a job with them. Nancy and Cyril don’t have to work anymore and everyone can have a little air to breathe now. As soon as my brother got wind of the jobs here in the east, he put his family in the first car he could find and is now working for the Tennessee Valley Authority. The city’s school got federal funding as well so the kids’ future is bright as the sky. I hear the Mid-West is getting help too, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration gives farmers money the plant, even if nothing grows. Just last week I brought a whole bag full of groceries for the first time in four years and had a real family dinner. You wouldn’t believe all Four of the kids faces when I came home that night, like their first Christmas. Then Nancy made the best meat loaf peas and mashed potatoes ever, I dreamt of heaven that night. Things are really picking up and i just can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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