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My Senior Scrapbook

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S: The Glimpse of Me...

BC: Life is what you make of it. Always has been, always will be...

FC: The Glimpse of Me . . .

1: "Who Am I" I am Olivia Washington. I am 9teen years of age. I attend Thomasville High School where i am a senior. I have three sisters and a brother. I have a loving mother and grandmother, also a devoted boyfriend. I resign in Thomasville, Alabama where I have for 9teen years. My life goals are to go to college for cosmetology and have my very own hair shop some day, I also plan on getting married and starting a family in about two years but the only way I know I will achieve these goals if my family and boyfriend stay behind me and support me.

2: Before I Was, There Were There was my mother Robbie Washington, and my sister Whitney Nicole Washington. These two women are two of the most special people in my life they have always been there to help guide me and tell me right from wrong. My momma has always been here no matter what. And when she goes off to work Nicole would step up and taker her play an fill in for her. So you can say growing up i had two moms an I an proud for them both.

3: Suddenly I Became Me All of my family still tell me stories about me when i was younger. There always like Livi you were so sweet an innocent. But little did they know i was the cause of all the trouble around the playgrounds. Mama never believed anything anyone said that i was supposingly said or done. When I was young I was a big fan of coursing an i did it quite a lot. But my momma never caught me doing it. Till one day i did it in her presents an i have never done it since.


6: School bells K-2nd grade were some of the most hardest times in my life that made my like bitter sweet. I repeated kindergarten and first grade cause of a slight reading problem that came to be known as an eye seeing problem. I also was picked on quite a bit because of the reading problem, but later I learned to move on and over come it cause my momma always told me people are going to talk about you no matter what. I never really liked to attend the school PTO programs but momma never took no for and answer. My favorite teacher out of K-2 was Mrs. Bedsole. I could talk to her about anything.

7: More School Bells Third grade through fifth grade is when it became a little bit better for me. I had more friends and a lot of people wanted to get to know me. Third grade was not hard to me at all. to me it was lots of fun. We went on lots of field trips and had all kinds of fun. Then came Fourth grade. It got a tad bit harder because they were trying to get us ready for middle school so the work was heavy on us. So, along came FIFTH GRADE! I was so scared to go. I did not know what to exspect. As the year went on I came to see that it was not so bad, other then getting use to having more then one class and teacher.

10: I Grew Up Here I grew up right here in the heart of Thomasville, Alabama. The community that I was surrounded by was a very child filled community. It was very loud during the day and very quiet and calm at night. In my neighborhood was the type of neighborhood that where everyone felt safe and we never had too much going on. Everyone helped everyone out when times got hard.

11: Hide and Seek When i was growing up me, my sisters and i played lots of games. We played things like kickball, which was super fun and I never quit that game I could play it all day. Hide and seek, it was only fun wen lots of kids were playing, and I only really liked that one if i was not it. School, I really did not like to play that one cause I always ended up in the class where my sister Nicole was the teacher, so I quit that game a lot. We also played church and choir. I loved that one because I was the preacher and I preached about us not getting enough snacks during the day.also my all time favorite, Momma, I had at least three to' four babies.

14: My First Boyfriend My first boyfriend was Mitchell Devon Cowan. I had always had the biggest crush on "Bae" growing up. But he never really noticed me. Then when we got to the middle school we started talking a lot and he just really started noticing me and then there were firework and I just knew he was the one.

15: "Wish I Could See Dex Again" I wish I could see my cousin Dex again. I have not seen him in about three years because he is incarcerated. When he was younger he was hanging with the wrong crowd and got himself in a lot of trouble. This coming Monday I will be getting my wish. Dex will be released Monday morning. Our whole family is so excited and he is too, he will finally get to see how big his daughter has gotten. We also can not wait to see how much he has changed.

18: "Middle School" As the years went on in middle school we finally made it to the top floor, SIX GRADE! We thought then that we were so grown up and people could not tell us nothing. We did not really care about learning too much then. All we cared about was friends, playing and who liked who. Thats when all the heartbreak came about. Whether it was a boyfriend, girlfriend, or bet friend, we all went through it. When I was in middle school my friends and I were on and off all the time, not a steady relationship at all. Also we all liked the same boy, Derrius "Pie" Griffin. But soon enough we all got over him and moved to a different one. Hummmm, those were the days.

19: "Let's Go to the Movies" When I was younger my favorite movie was Rugrats all Grown up , The Movie. I always thought that what I saw them do I did when I was smaller. Then when I got on up there in age I Started to like scary movies. I loved going to the movies to watch anything that wld make me jump out of my skin. Then when its time for bed I could not sleep. As of now I am so stuck on Lifetime movies. Mysteries, crime, love affairs, Killing all excite me. My Sister's Keeper Scary Movie Cartoons

20: "I'm Really in Love This Time, Mom" I have finally found a person that I think that really completes me. He is kind, sweet loving, funny, exciting, and handsome. He also listens to everything that I have to say. He agrees with me when I am wrong and likes to watch Lifetime with me. He never stays mad at me log when I make stupid mistakes. Anything that I ask for he does not hesitate to meet my every need. He also always rubs my feet and back. I could not ask for a better person to be with, I love him so much.


22: "Let's Take a Vacation" This past summer was the best summer trip I ever took. My family and I went to Panama City. We had the best time ever. There was water, sand, fun in the sun, and pretty good time. We went to the skating rink and ate lots of food. We played in the sands and some of us almost drowned, but I am not going to say who.

24: "High School: The Early Years" My freshman year was very excited and scared all all together. As the year went on I started to see there was nothing to be scared of. Then came my 10th grade year. When I made it to tenth grade I was very excited cause I knew my way around the school. 11th grade was a lot more fun. I think it was more fun because I was almost a senior.

25: "______: My True Passion" My true passion is doing hair. I knew I would like to do hair from when I use to play in my doll's hair and momma hair. Every since i played in my momma hair and my doll hair I have loved it. Now I do my hair and anybody else that wants their's done.

26: "At Last I'm a Senior" It seems like it took forever but I made it, yes, I'm a SENIOR! I was so excited that i got homecoming queen my senior year. the only trouble I had was doing my work cause i just felt like I needed to talk through class and have a good time, but i do not want to take any of it back. Although me and some of my long time good friends feel out, we have found away to bring ourselves back together. I did gain one true and loving friend my senior year, and she is Tiara Dixon. I love that girl to death and I'm so happy that she has been there for me no matter what

27: BESTiiES

28: "Final Thoughts" Well it's almost that time that we must part. I do not know I will end up cause i have grown to learn that things do not go as planed. But I do plan on going to school and getting married and starting a family. I also hope to make my mother very proud of me.

29: The Beautiful Me!!!

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