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Original Barstow Robotics - RoboRaptors - Kuh-Nig-Its Original

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S: Barstow's FIRST® Robotics Teams 2005 - 2011

1: Our FIRST® Story | Page 2 ...................Roboraptors Page 4 ...................The Evolution of the Killer Rabbit Page 5 ...................A Tale of the Team Page 6 ...................Mitch Hall- Coach Page 7 ...................Ann Fairburn- Coach Page 8 ..................The 2008 FIRST® Overdrive Page 10 ................ Sir Robin's Features Page 11 ..................Tournament Summary Page 12 .................2008 Build Season Page 16 .................The 2009 Game: FIRST® Lunacy Page 17 .................2009 Team Members Page 18 .................Features of Tim, The Enchanter Page 19 .................2008-2009 Activities Page 20 ...............2009 Build Season Page 24 ................2009 Chairman's Essay Page 26 ................The 2010 Game: FIRST ® Breakaway Page 27 ................2010 Team Members Page 28 ................Dennis the Robot Features Page 29 ................Spreading the Word Page 30 ................2010 Build A Better Sunday Party Page 31 .................Summary of the Oklahoma Regional Page 32 ................The Kansas Senate Tribute Page 34 ................A Busy Kuh-Nig-It Page 35 ................Summer 2010 Page 36 ................The 2011 Game: FIRST® LOGO MOTION Page 37 ................The Laden Swallow Features Page 38 ................2011 Team Picture Page 39 ................2011 Team Membership Page 40 ................2011 Build Season Page 48 ................2011 Kansas City Regional Overview Page 54 ................2011 Minneapolis Regional Page 55 ................Imagery Continuity Kuh-Nig-It Style Page 56 ................Team By the Numbers Page 57 ................Yearly Summary of Awards Page 58 ................Thank You Mentors Page 60 ................2009-2011 Activities Page 64 .................Friendships Page 66 .................Dean's List Page 69 .................Thanks to Our Sponsors | The Barstow Kuh-Nig-Its FIRST® Team 1939

2: ROBORAPTORS The first FIRST® LEGO League Team in Kansas City 2005. Founding Team Members: Austin Abitz Ronnie Caspers Thomas Hodgman Casey Keller Keshav Ramaswami David White Kathleen White Diana Abitz- Coach Greg Billiard- Mentor

3: 2007 FLL Atlanta | The Regional Championship Title earned us a trip to compete at the Georgia Dome .

4: The Evolution of the Killer Rabbit | Monty Python meets Barstow

5: A Tale of the Team Kuh-Nig-Its are a 21 student, 6th year team from The Barstow School, a liberal arts school in Kansas City, Missouri. We call on “Friends of Robotics" within the Barstow community for assistance when needed. With this assistance partnerships are created and interest in and respect for robotics is generated. Every student is well rounded with involvement in non-robotic programs: sports, theatre, publications, etc. Team 1939 fulfills the FIRST cause with a Monty Python theme. The Knights (Kuh-Nig-Its) have shown leadership while promoting interest in science and technology both locally, regionally and globally. When our coach moved on three years ago I stepped up to fill the position. At that time I was also a parent of a junior. We recruited other mentors from the engineering community to complete the team. We make our 20' x 15' storage closet work by building in the halls and putting it all away at the end of the day. Barstow supports us similar to a sport team. But we count on sponsorship too without soliciting for money. The Kuh-Nig-Its work year round. We demonstrate our robot locally & regionally to draw interest to the fields of science & engineering and to steer students to existing teams. We are talking to schools in Gardner, Kansas about starting an FRC team but funding is an issue. Because we are unable to fundraise, we still wanted the expertise. So, we interviewed professional fundraisers to produce an instructional DVD to benefit all existing and future FRC teams. We want these teams to succeed so we can all learn from hands on applications and have a future working together at tournaments. The FIRST Lego League (FLL) is important to us. Three of our members were on the first FLL team in Kansas City. Our captain was the youngest technical judge at their regional last year. Two mentors assist FLL and one is their head judge. Initially we took on key positions at their rumbles and tournaments to teach hosting teams how to run their tournaments. We have always mentored young FLL teams each year. The Kuh-Nig-Its give back in many ways: technical assistance at the “Help Desk”; technical assistance during Middle & High School theater productions; teaching VEX & LEGO robotics to Girl Scouts, teachers & summer school students. We received permission to raise money for a water well in Vietnam and earned funds to aid children in Kabul via military donations. We have donated science toys & books to teens transitioning from social services into the real world by acquiring wholesalers' samples. And last summer our co-captain presented a power point on FIRST Robotics to a science school in Japan. Kug-Nig-It students give back to the school and the environment. They assist the admissions department and created a school wide recycling project for ink, cell phones and electronics. The Kansas Senate presented us with a Senate Tribute for our community services. Ann Fairburn Coach 816-942-3255

6: Mitch Hall Coach 2006-2008

7: Ann Fairburn Coach 2009-2011

8: 2008 FIRST® Overdrive | Team Members: Austin Abitz, Sara Bacon, Ronnie Caspers, Jessie English, Patrick Fairburn, Margaret Fasel, Brandon Gaines-Richcreek, Corey Glasper, Hans Guthrie, Grey Helter, Jamie Levin, Chase Martin, Hunter McClure, Bella Waldrop, Kathleen White. Laura Wellington Coach: Mitch Hall, Scott Daniel Mentors: Dan Abitz, Diana Abitz, Ann Fairburn, Sarah Guthrie, Keith Richcreek, Michael Wellington, Norbert Russ, Paul Sutor

9: FIRST® Overdrive is a game played on the track (illustrated in the figure on the previous page.) Two alliances, one red and one blue, composed of three teams each, compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponents by making counter-clockwise laps with your robot around the track while moving large trackballs over and / or under the overpass that bisects the track. A match is two minutes and fifteen seconds long. A hybrid period starts each match in which the robots are controlled by pre-programmed instructions held in a TV remote control operated by a Robocoach. The hybrid period is followed by the driver controlled teleoperated period. The robots continue to play the game until the teleoperated period is over. Scoring is as follows: during the hybrid period, a robot will earn 4 points each time it crosses either lane marker. During the teleoperated period, a robot will earn 2 points each time it crosses its finish line. Not only the robot is scoring points, but the 40" diameter, ten pound trackball is, too. During the hybrid period, each trackball that is removed from the overpass will earn 8 points; each trackball that has crossed its own finish line while not in contact with a robot of the same alliance will earn 2 points. | A trackball that has crossed its own finish line which contacts the controlling robot while crossing will earn 2 points and each trackball that hurdles its own finish line will earn 8 points (2 points for crossing the finish line and a 6 point bonus, yielding 8 points total). When the match ends, each trackball that is at least partially supported by the overpass and not in contact with any robot of the same alliance earns a 12-point bonus. To simplify, this was a very high scoring game. Teams scored points for running laps around the track in the hybrid and teleoperated periods, they scored points for getting the balls off the overpass and carrying them around or shooting them over or under the overpass, and they scored points for having trackballs on the overpass at the match end. The robot had to be built within weight and height restrictions, and it had to be very strong and capable of frequent “interaction” with other alliance members and game pieces. This year we won the second highest award at the Kansas City Regional, Engineering Inspiration. Winning this award allowed us to compete at the World Championship in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. This was the first year we used mecanum wheels for quick agile movement. Once we overcame mechanical complications after the robot had been shipped to Atlanta, our robot performed well.

10: Sir Robin’s Features Completes an unobstructed lap in less than 10 seconds Sports a simple design Designed with weight balance in mind Has a low center of gravity Extends to 9’2” high using arm Mecanum wheels allow for movement in any direction Excellent maneuverability with holonomic movement (driver oriented omnidirectional) Gyroscope used for orientating movement Pneumatic lifts with an actuator & onboard compressor give the arms smooth & reliable movement Ultrasonic measures distance for alignment in throwing ball over overpass Welded Tines to reduce damage 96% accuracy with ball movement (4% allowed for Murphy) | If you want dependability, speed, ball snatching, throwing & ball placement abilities ASK SIR ROBIN TO RUN WITH YOU! | 2008

11: This year we won the Engineering Inspiration Award, the second highest award offered. It allowed us to attend the World Championship Tournament in Atlanta Georgia. It was held at the Georgia Dome. Before the event we took time to see the sites. We ate lunch at the CNN building, toured the Coca Cola Plant and walked through Atlanta's incredible Aquarium- not in costume.

12: 2 0 0 8

13: 2008 | The Guthries provided the party house after winning Engineering Inspiration at the Kansas City Regional. The year had been filled with many demonstrations including the Plaza Literacy Festival and the unique Manstravaganza. Yes, those are Chief's Chearleaders.

14: 2008 FIRST® LEGO League Volunteering | Roboraptors, now freshman, assisted FIRST President, Paul Guidonis, as keynote speaker at the Workforce Development Conference at Crown Center. * * * The first FLL tournament in the Kansas City Region was held at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. The Kuh-Nig-Its served as judges' assistants, practice table managers and field set up assistants. We were the only team assisting the tournament.

15: 2008

16: Lunacy is a game played by robots operating on identical low friction wheels competing on a low friction fiberglass reinforced plastic (Glasliner FRP) field. Two alliances, one red and one blue, composed of three teams each, compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent by placing the game pieces in the trailers hitched to the opposing alliance’s robots. Each match is 2 minutes and 15 seconds long. An autonomous period starts each match in which the robots are controlled by pre-programmed instructions. The autonomous period is followed by the teleoperated period during which the pilots assume control of the robot. The robots continue to play the game until the teleoperated period is over. Robots or human players can throw or shoot the game pieces into trailers. The number of game pieces in the opposing alliance trailers determines the alliance scores. Each scored moon rock is worth 2 points. Each scored empty cell is worth 2 points. Each scored super cell is worth 15 points. Scores are determined based on the state of the game pieces at the end of the match. The game starts with certain game pieces provided to the robots that take them back to the end zone to swap them for use in the end game for bonus points. | The 2009 Game: FIRST® Lunacy

17: 2009 Coach: Ann Fairburn Members: Austin Abitz, Baylor Ammon, Ronnie Caspers, Patrick Fairburn, Corey Glasper, Hans Guthrie, Samantha Hoober-Burkhardt, Ben Hoober-Burkhardt, Victoria Hoss, Chase Martin, Kiefer Miner, Jacob Shreeve, Rohun Vaidya, Bella Waldrop, Adrianna Watson, Kathleen White, YongMyung Yi. Mentors: Diana Abitz, Dan Abitz, Dawn Caspers, John Cessna, Victoria Cook, Sarah Guthrie, Steve Guthrie, Stephen McGreer, Keith Richcreek, Norbert Russ, Andy Shimamto School Sponsor: Scott Daniel

18: Features of Tim, The Enchanter * Helix design that will hold up to 13 balls * Balls are swept with a scooper into the entry tunnel of the vertical helix * Balls are propelled by a rotating center guided by red helical guiding tubes * Balls can unload from the bottom or shoot out of the top turret shooter * Shooting turret rotates * Quadrature encoders are used on drive gears to control the motor movement | 2009 | This year we won the Chrysler Team Spirit Award at the Kansas City Regional. We also attended the Colorado Regional where we were snowed in one day.

19: Activities Granted a City Proclamation honoring FIRST Robotics Appreciation Days Trained Mid-Continent Girl Scout’s resource specialist MINDSTORMS programming & helped to develop a common LEGO mission for her Girl Scout mini workshops. Taught multiple summer school robotics camps at Barstow Mentored 7 FIRST robotics teams in 2009, 4 teams in 2008, 1 team in 2007 Demonstrated in preschool classes FLL Rumble 2009 key positions: Practice table manager, referee assistants, field assistants, pit manager FLL Regional, 2008 and 2009 key positions: Practice table manager, referee assistants, field assistants, team escorts, judge assistants Regional Exposure STAR 102 radio talk show interview Plaza Literacy Festival (second year invited) Fox 4 TV News interview Numerous KC Star articles Demonstrated at movie premier, Catch Your Mind at The Legends Demonstrated at the Johnson County Art Crawl as a “form” of dynamic art Demonstrated for 2 days at the Manstravaganza sponsored by 6 radio stations Demonstrated at Sprint / Nextel headquarters Local Exposure Presented robotics at the Middle School Science Night Demonstrated VEX at Barstow’s School Fall Festival Numerous pictures and articles in school paper & on School TV Last year’s robot is on display in front hall of school, “Meet & Greet Our Robot” Cut CO cars out of wood & assisted with their middle school science competition Held a Barstow Robotics Open House for potential members and parents Alumni Return Founding team member taught VEX classes during summer school 2008 Alumni returned during holidays to share kick off with our team Alumni changed major to science and returned to mentor in programming Sharing Our Environment Our robot’s crate was made last year from recycled materials and reused this year. Initiated a school wide Recycling Project for printer ink, cell phones, ipods, laptops Book drive focusing on collecting science and technology books for the Ozanam Home Donated excess food from Kickoff to Ozanam Residential Treatment Center for teenagers FIRST Supported Events Created a Power Point and video for the pre-show at the 2009 Kickoff at Garmin Int’l entitled The Next Six Weeks Demonstrated at the FIRST Regional Planning Committee’s recruiting event. Participated in the CowTown Throw Down and Attended Massive Mini Workshop Team member assisted in sorting out the Kit of Parts at Garmin prior to kickoff. Shared our 2009 kick off with Teams # 1776 and Team # 1781, provided controller demo Team 1939 Gives Back To the Community and Hopes to Inspire The Next Generation | Team 1939: The Kuh-Nig-Its 2008-2009 Activities

20: 2009

22: 2009

23: The Prairie Village Major honored our team with a Proclamation claiming the week of the Kansas City Regional to be: FIRST Robotics Days. Woodie Flowers visited the Kansas City Regional this year.

24: 2009 Chairman’s Essay for Team 1939 Man, I tell you, Robot Retirement is the good life, especially for a knight. I, Sir Robin, team 1939’s 2008 robot am enjoying all the perks that a Monty Python themed piece of technology could possibly be blessed with. I get a VIP seat in the front lobby of the school; I’m the poster-bot for the team’s recycling drive, and I’m a popular attraction at regional events. John Cleese would be proud. I don’t at all mind being replaced with a newer knight; I wouldn’t have played this year’s game well anyway. I have mecanum wheels. Also (and don’t tell Tim I said this), I know that the team will always keep me on a small pedestal in their hearts. After all, it was my very existence that brought them the prestigious “Engineering Inspiration Award” at last year’s regional competition. Sure, their effort and teamwork might have had a little something to do with it, but I can say with confidence, that I, brave Sir Robin, was truly the deciding factor in their bid to Atlanta. I took a team without a coach, allowed them to transform me into a racing knight in Overdrive while altering their own image en route. I shall enter retirement knowing I was created by the grail finders of tomorrow. After our return from Georgia, I wasn’t allowed to rest right away and the team wasn’t permitted any repose at all. For the rest of 2008, they continued to put my talents (and me) on display all over the Metro Area. I performed at the Plaza Literacy Festival, the Johnson County Art Crawl (where I was considered a form of “dynamic art”), the Legends Movie Theatre, Barstow School Science Night, festivals, the FIRST Volunteer Appreciation event, Sprint Headquarters and multiple days during the Barstow Summer School. While I was on summer vacation at Camelot, the team continued their dutiful dedication to FIRST by assisting teachers during summer robotics classes at Barstow and other science related classes. They gave interviews to STAR 102 radio station, Fox 4 News, KCTV, the Kansas City Star and headlined in the school paper and on their TV station. Always the eager teachers, the team mentored five Lego League teams and two high school teams. This last fall, the team demonstrated for two days at the Manstravaganza at the Overland Park Convention Center. The event was sponsored by Cumulus Media Partners. I loved the attention. There, my fabulous performance and enticing personality drew the attention of many, and the team picked up an additional mechanical engineering mentor (Wow, Tim, looks like you have a lot to live up to, huh?). Outside of the world of robotics, my constantly vigilant team continued their quest to spread the FIRST message, even without the help of their favorite robot (me, Tim, it’s still me). The team helped the Barstow Middle School cut their CO2 cars for a “Night at the Races” and later in the same month, ran the race track for the competition. Teachers, students and the administration come running to our robotics room for assistance because they know we have the skills and tools. Our room on the school map last year was labeled” Storage”. This year, thanks to me, our room is labeled, “Robotics!” Beyond their own volunteer work, my team also participated in many activities organized by FIRST and other FRC teams. They attended the Massive Mini Workshop in Liberty as well as the Cow Town Throw Down. Through the connections they forged at these events and the people they met, my team was able to share its kickoff with two other FRC teams and provided a mini-training session on how to use the controller, since their equipment arrived late. But, on a regional level, at this year’s kickoff, a team member helped sort out the kit of parts at Garmin. We also created a power point with video on “The First Six Weeks” shown to help guide regional teams attending the Garmin Kickoff. All of this hard work, and the strong-willed Kuh-Nig-Its haven’t complained once. After three years of outside sponsorship from the Kauffman Foundation, the school has finally begun to show proactive interest in the robotics program. The administration has decided to fund the team as it would a sports team, members can even earn letters. The coach is also now offered a stipend, a strong improvement from last year’s situation which left us with no coach at all. It was hard last year, to see my team struggle under the weight of lacking a coach and having only a select few mentors. But as all good knights, they managed to pull through by calling Mom for help. Yes, that’s right; the coach of this year’s Kuh-Nig-Its is an exceptionally brilliant, mechanically minded housewife/engineer, a suitable leader for this well-rounded team that strives to abolish stereotypes surrounding the world of science and engineering. I’m a lucky old robot to be surrounded by such a supportive and motivated group of builders. Barstow high school only has 197 students. Our team represents 10% of the school with 20% being sophomores and 30% female. After last year’s success and the team’s persistence and perseverance, our number of team members has almost doubled, and that storage room has been cleaned out, reorganized and on the map as the official robotics room.

25: With these small facilities, the team’s capacity to host regional FIRST events is limited. But, true knights say, “One for all and all for one.” The team puts a substantial amount of effort into making the FLL Rumbles and FRC events hosted by other schools as successful as possible. At the FLL Rumble, my team members held key positions such as practice table managers, referee assistants, field assistants, and pit managers. At the FLL regional in 2007 and 2008 we were the practice table manager and field assistants. Beyond volunteering for FIRST, the team also performs other charity work with the purpose of spreading the FIRST message and influencing the up and coming members of the scientific community. The team trained the Mid-Continent Girl Scouts’ resource specialist in MINDSTORMS programming and helped her develop a common LEGO mission for her Girl Scouts Mini-Workshops. After helping the Daisies and Brownies of the world with their mechanical preparedness, the team demonstrated for multiple Barstow elementary school classes. They’ve also initiated many programs to ensure the environmental action of the team. Our crate which was built with recycled wood and paint last year is being reused this year. The team has also started a recycling drive for printer cartridges, cell phones, i-pods and laptops. In the manner of the truly heroic knights, the team also takes action in spreading the FIRST message to those less fortunate. This year, they have begun a drive for Science related books to give to Ozanam, a home for neglected and abused children in the Kansas City vicinity. In 2007, the team mentored 4 teams in the area, but always ambitious, in 2008, they decided to take it up a notch and mentored an astounding 7 teams. (See, Tim, I was the inspiration behind all of this. Are you nervous yet? You’ve got pretty big wheels to fill.) Another thing that I, Brave Sir Robin, do most wonderfully is maintain the interest of alumni in the FIRST program at Barstow. This past winter break, almost all of my old friends from last year came back to see me and mentor the newest members of the team. A founding team member also taught VEX classes during summer school and one of our most prominent mentors switched his major from music to acoustical engineering just last year. Two years ago 0% of our graduates went on to major in science and technology. This year 80% of our graduates plan to major in science or technology. I, Sir Robin, have done a lot in my full year of existence. But, as much as I hate to admit it, my team has done more. They have generated more interest in the FIRST program then anyone at their small private school ever thought possible. Their coach is not a faculty member, but a dedicated, driven mother with an engineering background. She receives full support from the school, trusting her with the key to the castle and the alarm code! The team that is responsible for my creation and that of Tim the Enchanter has also played an extremely influential role in the education of Girl Scouts, Pre-schoolers, artist lovers, movie-goers, abused children, other FIRST teams and Barstow Middle schoolers. In 1969, millions of Americans gathered around their TV’s to watch Neil Armstrong take the first step on the moon. “This is one small step for man,” he famously said, “and one giant leap for mankind.” His one small step, leading to that proverbial giant leap, was created by hours and hours of steadfast dedication by the most brilliant mechanical minds of the age. But it was more than that; it was the product of engineering’s allure. It was the culmination of the consistent tugging on those brilliant minds that said “I want to move forward and create something that will advance the world as we know it.” It was the inspiration of the parents and mentors of that 1969 NASA group that pushed them to reach for the stars (pun intended). And as I ease back on my wheels, falling deeper and deeper into robotic repose I begin to reflect on all the steps that came after that small one. It seems that America laced up her running shoes and began to race through all the doors that the Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong’s single step had opened. From computers to electric cars to MP3 players, science and technology began their own personal quest for expansion, and my team and I are a part of that and the Kuh-Nig-Its will continue to contribute to the leaps of mankind until the individual members grow older and begin jumping on their own. And I, Brave Sir Robin, will sit here, in the front hall of the Barstow School as the footprint of the Kuh-Nig-Its first small step towards Engineering and Inspiration, basking in reflexive glory. Maybe when Tim retires, we can be Facebook friends.

26: The 2010 Game: FIRST ® Breakaway | The 2010 Game: FIRST ® Breakaway is a game played on the field illustrated in the figure to the left. Two alliances, one red and one blue, each composed of three teams, compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent by scoring soccer balls into a goal and by climbing on the alliance tower or platform or by lifting an alliance robot in the finale portion of the match. The scoring was simple. Alliance scores were determined by a combination of the number of balls scored in the alliance goals and the number of robots in the following states at the conclusion of the match, where: each scored ball is worth 1 point, and each elevated robot is awarded 2 points, or each suspended robot is awarded 3 points. The Kuh-Nig-Its hosted a kickoff event in early January when the game was announced. We invited FRC Team 1776, DeLaSalle and FRC Team 1782, Raytown. Breakfast was donated and a workshop was offered.

27: Coach: Ann Fairburn Team Members: Austin Abitz, Baylor Ammon, Anna Bradley, Zoe Brunell, Ronnie Caspers, Robert Choi, Brennan DePew, Aaron Dupuis, Patrick Fairburn, Grace Guthrie, Grey Hetler, Samantha Hoober-Burkhardt, Ben Hoober-Burkhardt, Xye Inzauro, Irene Lee, Thomas Moll, Kiefer Moner, Jacob Shreeve, Emily Snow, Bella Waldrop, Kathleen White Mentors: Dan Abitz, Diana Abitz, Dawn Caspers, Victoria Cook, Sarah Guthrie, Andrea Moll, Keith Richcreek, Norbert Russ, Eban Schachter, Andy Shimamoto School Sponsor: Scott Daniel This year we were honored with a Kansas Senate Tribute for our community service and community exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. At the Oklahoma Regional we earned the Coopertition Award, the Motorola Quality Award and were a Regional Finalist. Dennis served us well.

28: If you want dependability, speed, agile kicking, maneuverability, precision & a killer rabbit leading the strike and finishing it, ASK DENNIS TO RUN WITH YOU! | Dennis the Robot Features Completes kick in less than a second Mecanum wheels allow for agility in any direction Can clear speed bump effectively Dribbles with a rotating ball magnet. Uses camera range to figure out distance from target & our zone Sports a simple housing design Designed with weight balance in mind Has a low center of gravity to prevent tipping Excellent maneuverability with holonomic movement (driver oriented omnidirectional) Gyroscope used for orientating movement Autonomous mode senses which zone we are in & kicks ball into goal without requiring switch settings We continue to score while others try to hang. Roof designed to roll off balls Software lockout on kicker ensures compliance with (guarantees mechanism will not extend for 2 seconds after a kick) | Dennis made it to the finals at the Oklahoma Regional. Our alliance came in second. 2010

29: SPREADING THE WORD | We teach from FRC To FLL, from After School Care to Summer Camps. We have taught the Midwest Girl Scout Science Director how to program in LEGO Mindstorms so she could teach summer classes. We taught FLL programming to middle school teachers at the University of Missouri in association with Lego Education. And, we taught a programming session at the FRC Massive Mini Workshop at a competitor's high school where we also taught the fine art of Spirit. We give young children "Safety FIRST" coloring books to promote the need for safe action. And, for our competitors we created an instructional fundraising DVD with sample letters and interview guidelines so that they may maintain the financial support needed to compete in FIRST Robotics. Feedback has been tremendous.

30: 2010 Build A Better Sunday Party The Guthrie's Party House

32: At the Oklahoma Regional we placed second in the seeds which allowed us to select our alliance. Ultimately we placed second at the regional finals. We also earned The Motorola Quality Award because Dennis was extremely reliable and the judges saw the drive team relaxing on the side lines. Our third award was for Coopertition. Kuh-Nig-Its, wearing Killer Rabbit hats, are known to be gracious.

33: 2010 Oklahoma Regional

34: For public demonstrations we use previous years' robots until we need them for parts! | A Busy Kuh-Nig-It

35: Summer 2010 Scotland and Japan were not the only international efforts the team embraced. Other efforts included a water well in Vietnam and care packages to Kabul, Afghanistan where we partnered with a US Contractor and our troops. | Austin was asked to build an ornithopter for an original play about the history of flight. It was performed by the Barstow Theater Department in Scotland as well as at Crown Center. Leonardo De Venci was known to have dyslexia. The Ornathopter's plans below were drawn to reflect De Vinci's concept plus a propeller. | Bella gave a power point presentation to students at a super science school in Kurashiki, Japan. FIRST does not have a presence in Japan.

36: LOGO MOTION is played by two competing alliances on a flat 27’ x 54’ foot field. Each alliance consists of three robots. They compete to hang as many inflated plastic shapes (triangles, circles, and squares) on their grids as they can during a 2 minute and 15 second match. The higher the teams hang their game pieces on their scoring grid, the more points their alliance receives. The match begins with one 15-second Autonomous Period in which robots operate independently of driver inputs and must hang Ubertubes to score extra points. For the rest of the match, drivers control robots and try to maximize their alliance score by hanging as many logo pieces as possible. Any logo piece hung on the same peg as an Ubertube receives double points. If teams assemble the logo pieces on their scoring grids to form the FIRST® logo (triangle, circle, square, in a horizontal row in that order), the points for the entire row are doubled. The match ends with robots deploying minibots, small electro-mechanical assemblies that are independent of the host robot, onto vertical poles. The minibots race to the top of the pole to trigger a sensor and earn additional bonus points. | The 2011 Game: FIRST® LOGO MOTION

37: The Laden Swallow Features Ground Speed: 15’ per second Can pick up tubes from floor or slot Mecanum wheels allow for agility in any direction Can hang tubes on all three levels! Holonomic drive for precision hanging Sports a coordinated signaling system to ensure communication among alliance members: Indicator lights on robot request correct tube from loader. This was a great feature but we ended up not needing it due to the random play on the field. Mini-bot Coconut releases with precision Mini-bot Coconut can climb pole in < 4 seconds & descend on its own in a controlled fashion Designed with weight balance in mind Has a low center of gravity to prevent tipping Autonomous mode uses sensors to hang ubertube | If you want Dependability, Speed, Agile Maneuverability, Precision & a Killer Rabbit with coconut racking up points, ASK THE LADEN SWALLOW TO FLY WITH YOU! | 2011 | Of the 64 teams competing at the Kansas Regional we placed in the top 8 which allowed us to choose our partners. Even though we were a 7th seed when the playoffs began we made it to the finals and ultimately lost to the champion. The champion alliance had only lost once during the qualifying rounds and that was to one of our earlier alliance matches.

38: 2011

39: Coach: Ann Fairburn Assistant Coach: Gavin Wood Members: Austin Abitz, Akshay Almelkar, Ronnie Caspers, Brennan DePew, Aaron Dupuis, Alexx Graham, Grace Guthrie, Jesse Hester, Grey Hetler, Fredrik Heuser, Xye Inzauro, Glenn Lane, Isabel Lloyd, Ethan Lopez , Thomas Moll, Camille O'Leary, Bianca Shurn, Bella Waldrop, Kathleen White, Danny Woodhams, Mentors: Dan Abitz, Diana Abitz, Dawn Caspers, Victoria Cook, Sarah Guthrie, Ron Johnson, Andrea Moll, Keith Richcreek, Norbert Russ, Eban Schachter, Andy Shimamoto School Sponsor: Scott Daniel | The team web site: http://robotics.barstowschool.org/

41: 2011 Build Season

42: 2 0 1 1 | B u n n y Logo M a s t e r

45: 2011 Control Box A New Creation | Soldering became a contagious activity

46: 2 0 1 1

48: The Kuh-Nig-Its performed royally in Kansas City. We were a regional finalist and received a medal with ribbon and a trophy. Amazing for the smallest school participating. Our theme is always popular but this year we handed out an imagery flyer which explained the coconut look on our minibot and our bunny hats. Other teams have emulated the knightly theme but non have nailed the look like a Monty Python themed team. We won the Kamen Imagery Award both in Kansas City and in Minnesota.

50: The Drive Team

51: 2011

52: The Laden Swallow Makes It to the Finals | Our Alliance

53: 2011 Kansas City

54: 2011 Minneapolis, Minnesota Regional We won a Safety Award and the Kamen Imagery Award. Dean Kamen spoke to the group. | Chairman's Committee

55: Team Name: Kuh-Nig-Its (A Monty Python word, phonetic French pronunciation for knights which is the Barstow school mascot) Team Mascot: The Killer Rabbit (Guardian of the cave in Monty Python). Found on team t-shirts, buttons, shoulder-worn furry rabbits, hats with ears & always on robot. Costumes, huge puppet, coconut clappers & invisible horses. Robot:The Laden Swallow with mini–bot Coconut . After deployment , it is simply called The Swallow. Our robots are always named after a Monty Python character and sport a killer rabbit. The design to pick up tubes was inspired by the swallow's beak. The French people in Monty Python argue about whether the sparrow can carry a coconut and we say it can! Control Box:The Killer Rabbit logo combined with the FIRST logo, designed around switches, buttons and lights Team Buttons:The FIRST logo gnawed on by the Killer Rabbit | Imagery Continuity With Kuh-Nig-It Style | We have always been thematic. Could this one piece of paper made the difference? | The Laden Swallow

56: Team by the Numbers 210 School population 21 Students participating in the Robotics program 100% Students going to college 100% Students pursuing a STEM degree in 2011 100% Upper classmen taking Honors or AP STEM courses 1 FIRST® Dean’s List finalist 2000 Pounds of food collected for harvesters 25 Average number of demonstrations per year 590 CO2 cars cut for grades 6-8 car design races* 525 Rockets launched for Science Day in grades 6-8* 4 Members with 100+ hours of community service 3 Senior members in the National Honors Society 12 Barstow’s First Responders Emergency Team 5400 New people introduced to FIRST Robotics* * Years 2009-2011 only 0 Computer Labs 0 Pre-Engineering Programs 0 Industrial arts classes Yet, in five out of six competitions we have placed in the top eight seeds.

57: Team History in Awards Excluding Yearly Earned Safety Awards

58: Thank you Mentors for making our time memorable

59: Faces That Make It Happen

60: 2009-2011 Activities FIRST Robotics Team 1939 The team continually seeks to expand awareness of FIRST goals in all aspects of our activities. Giving back to the FIRST Community Created informational Power Point and video for Garmin's Kickoff entitled The Next Six Weeks – a timeline and expectations. Shown prior to the 2009 and 2011 regional kickoff Presented 1/5th (2 /10) sessions offered at the 2009 Massive Mini Workshop. Spirit/Marketing- It's more than just pompons! and co-presented with National Instruments in Programming with Labview Trained Mid-Continent Girl Scout’s resource specialist MINDSTORMS programming & helped to develop a common LEGO mission for her Girl Scout mini workshops. Taught multiple summer school robotics camps at Barstow Mentored FRC & FLL FIRST robotics teams: 3 in 2011, 8 teams in 2010, including one in Georgia; 9 teams in 2009. Demonstrated in preschool classes FLL Rumble 2010: Mentor Judged projects portion of competitions, Set up assistants FLL Regional 2010: Mentor judged projects while our team co-captain, Austin, was youngest judge for mechanical competition FLL Rumble 2009 key positions: Practice table manager, referee assistants, field assistants, pit manager FLL Regional 2009: Set up assistants and Practice table manager FLL Regional, 2010 and 2009 key positions: Practice table manager, referee assistants, field assistants, team escorts, judge assistants Demonstrated at the FIRST Regional Planning Committee’s recruiting event. Participated in the CowTown Throw Down 2009-2011. Loaned our school’s number one rival our drive station. Invited Teams # 1776 and Team # 1782 to our 2009 kick off & provided controller demo Invited Team # 2010 and Team # 2560 to our 2010 kick off & provided drive train demo Invited Team # 2257, Team # 2560 and Team # 1827 to our 2011 Kickoff & offered timing info. Our school choir director headed the FIRST Robotics Choir at KC Regional’s the last three years working with members from multiple teams. Our FIRST Team Fundraising Informational DVD for fellow FIRST teams to succeed financially so we have a future working together. Harvesters Can food drive at regionals. We offered the winner at KC Regional a position in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Snake Parade.

61: City Wide and Regional Honors Barstow Robotics was honored with a Kansas Senate Tribute sponsored by Kansas Senator Tim Owens because we “worked tirelessly to unite and inspire today’s youth in becoming the technology innovators of tomorrow” FOX 4 Reaching for Excellence Award Worked with Kansas City Missouri Major’s office to be granted a Proclamation called FIRST Robotics Appreciation Days which honored all First Robotics teams. This was read to all attending teams at last year’s regional. Worked with Prairie Village Mayor to issue a Proclamation for advertisement of Regional Certifications and Safety- Continuing Education 100 % of Build Team received First Aid Certification 100% of Build Team passed the FMA Safety Quiz 50% of team received CPR and AED training Created a Safety FIRST Coloring Book for youth awareness Hard hat tiaras are lead and nickel free Safety Evacuation Plan for each competition Initiated Barstow's First Responders Team. Regional Exposure -Spread the message of FIRST throughout the community and region by: Robotics team was featured on FOX 4 Cool School segment for 2.5 minutes during the morning news broadcast Team members gained recognition from Robotics- TV 4 Reaching for Excellence Award Leawood Fall Festival Demonstration at Leawood Park STAR 102 radio talk show interview Plaza Literacy Festival (second year invited) Fox 4 TV News interview with Phil Witt Numerous KC Star & Sun articles Demonstrated at the What So Ever Organization Demonstrated at the Johnson County Art Crawl as a “form” of dynamic art Demonstrated for 2 days at the Manstravaganza sponsored by 8 radio stations Demonstrated at Spofford Home Donated books and science toys to Ozanam Home Volunteered at the KC Game Fair 2009 a new gaming convention that includes board games, historical / war games. We helped them raise money Served as Talent in Public Service Announcement for Mentors

62: 2009-2011 Activities FIRST Robotics Team 1939 Continued | Local Exposure- the robotics team is 10% of school Team members provide lights & sound for middle & high school plays. Team Newsletter to faculty, administration, sponsors, mentors, parents, orthodontist offices Presented robotics demonstrations at the Middle School activities Demonstrated VEX at Barstow’s School Fall Festival 2009-2011 Demonstrated our robot at Open House night each year Demonstrated for prospective students open house each year Numerous pictures and articles in school paper & on School TV Our fundraising DVD was edited for class project. Our Chairman’s video was created for class project credit. 2009 robot was on display in front hall of the school, “Meet & Greet Our Robot” 2010 robot was on display in our library. Cut CO cars out of wood & assisted with their middle school science competition each year Held a Barstow Robotics Open House for potential team members and parents After loosing the school’s computer lab teacher team members assist students. Team members help at the school’s computer help desk At least 3 articles about the robotics team activities are printed in the school paper each year. Robotics activities announced during morning assemblies 2 hall bulletin boards just for robotics activities Barnes & Noble demonstrations- multiple years Team Activities outside school- Team building. Monty Python Movie Night Renaissance Festival outing Birthday parties Team dinners and socials with parents Laser Tag Traveled together to Topeka to receive Senate Tribute award

63: Alumni Return Founding team member taught VEX classes 5 Alumni returned to attend our kick off in 2011, 6 in 2010, 3 returned in 2009. An Alumni changed his major to science and returned to mentor in programming Environmental Efforts Our robot’s crate was multipurpose: made from recycled wood & paint; served as a pit station and reused in ’08 &’09. Bag & Tag prevents us from using it this year due to logistics. Initiated a school wide Recycling Project for printer ink, cell phones, ipods, laptops Safety team hard hat tiara are lead and nickel free Civic / International Efforts Bella gave a power point presentation on FIRST Robotics to a science super school in Kurashiki, Japan. Book drive focusing on collecting science and technology books for the Ozanam Home Collecting STEM educational toys for Ozanam & Spofford Homes Donated excess food from Kickoff to Ozanam Residential Treatment Center for teenagers Organized & worked with FIRST teams to collect can goods for Harvesters at KC Regional Donated over 2000 pounds of food to Harvesters Raised money for a water well in Vietnam Collected coats and winter gear for kids in Kabul working with US Defense Contractor & US Army. Worked with Chaplain at base in Kabul, Afghanistan We have Mentors on FLL and FRC Robotics Councils

64: Long Hours Leave Memorable Faces and Lasting Friendships

65: A Few of The Memorable Moments | Plane ride to Altanta 2007 | Ben and Akshay sharing safety glasses | KCPT FLL Project Tour | Andy flipping out over 2011 robot working well prior to regional

66: Kansas City Regional Austin was named Dean's List Finalist, one of two honored at the regional. The team elected Austin for the nomination and Victoria Cook, a mentor on the team, wrote the letter of recommendation.

67: FRC Team 1939, the Kuh-nig-its, nominates Austin Abitz, a senior at The Barstow School, for FIRST Dean's List at the Greater Kansas City Regional. This is Austin's seventh year of participation in FIRST programs, beginning in FLL and culminating with his current position as co-captain of our FRC team. He has consistently been a leader and champion of FIRST programs throughout his experience. When Austin was in sixth grade, he discovered the FLL program and wanted to join a team. There were no teams in the Kansas City area at the time, so he worked with his parents to start one, including three classmates and three friends from other schools. In his eighth grade year, Austin led his FLL team to a regional victory. Austin remained active in FLL throughout high school. He has organized practice tables and provided setup assistance at local regionals and rumbles since 2007. He mentored four to six FLL teams each year for the last four years. In 2010, he served as a technical judge at the KC FLL Regional – the youngest judge present. As a freshman on FRC team 1939, Austin was very active in recruiting and outreach. He helped convince 12 upperclassmen to assist an FLL regional on the morning after prom. At that FLL regional, Austin was in charge of the practice tables and helped make the event a success. He also brought his former FLL team back together that year to assist Paul Gudonis with his keynote address at an Energy Workforce Development Council meeting in Kansas City. Austin's extensive outreach efforts helped the team win the Engineering Inspiration award at the 2008 Kansas City Regional. Austin helped teach robotics classes during summer school in 2007 and 2008. He trained middle school teachers at a LEGO Education teacher’s programming workshop at UMKC. Austin also taught programming to the Mid-America Girl Scouts' resource science advisor and offered ideas for her FLL curriculum. He has led many FLL demos using his Oreo cookie-dunking robot, as well as demonstrations for our FRC team at creative venues including art crawls, literacy festivals, sports shows, and more. As an outreach to other teams, he wrote and edited a fund-raising and sustainability DVD for FRC teams. Through hundreds of hours of spreading the word of FIRST, Austin was awarded the the President’s Volunteer Service Award twice. He also spearheaded proclamations from Kansas City, Missouri and the mayor of Prairie Village, KS recognizing FIRST Robotics Appreciation Days 2009. In 2010, he initiated work with a Kansas Senator to earn our team a Kansas Senate Tribute for inspiring youth. Austin is a key contributor during competition season. He has been a presenter on our Chairman's Award committee for four years, Mechanical Lead for three years, and Drive Team Coach for the last two years. He works well with the mentors and has earned our confidence in his technical skills. Austin is very patient and encouraging when working with less experienced students. His attention to detail helps our team produce a good looking robot with consistent mechanical performance. Last year, a playwright asked the team to design and build an ornithopter as the focal point of a production to be performed in Scotland by the high school. Austin researched Leonardo da Vinci's designs and developed four concept sketches, then met with the theater director to develop the final design, which became a combination of the sketches. One of the challenges was to make the ornithopter large enough to be effective as a prop that an actor could "fly", yet able to be transported overseas as luggage. The final design had a six-foot wing span and overall length, plus a 54-inch propeller. When packed, it fit into a 12"x18"x49" crate that weighed less than 50 pounds. In conclusion, Austin is a passionate and committed leader, who has worked to increase awareness of FIRST in the community year-round. He looks forward to majoring in aerospace engineering and continuing his involvement in FIRST as a mentor. Submitted by: Victoria Cook, Mentor Team 1939

68: Those Were The Days

69: Thank you to our Sponsors for giving us this lifelong learning experience. Our time spent in FIRST® activities has provided many of us with career goals and all of us with life long memories and friendships. | The Barstow School / Milbank Manufacturing Co. / George Butler Associates / Lane Blueprint / Nuts and Bolts & Chick Fil-A

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