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Our Family July 2009 - December 2010

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Our Family July 2009 - December 2010 - Page Text Content

S: Pentz Family - August 2009 - December 2010

1: We are all packed up for our first ever adventure to the Adirondack Mountains. Lake Eaton State Park is our destination. It is located about ten minutes north of Long Lake, NY. Ross and Maggie are the third generation in Frank's family to camp at Lake Eaton and enjoy the beauty of the mountains. | Lake Eaton Adirondack Mountains August 2009

3: We are here! We stopped at the ADK park entrance sign for a family photo. During our stay we enjoyed some time at the waters edge. | We hiked Owl Head Mountain. 6.1 miles. Ross hiked the whole thing. Maggie had a little help from Daddy and a bit of a nap on the way up.

5: The top of Owls Head. We Made it! I hardly let go of the kids' hands for fear of them heading to the edge. | It was long and tiring but so rewarding to see that view!

6: We canoed to a private "beach". There is a foundation left from the old Eaton family home. Ross and Maggie loved playing in the water. Maggie bent over to put her head in the water. Ross walked right out to "swim" in the shallow water.

9: The Lady of the Mountain... or Sun Bathing Lady as Frank called her in his early teens. The campsites are pretty much picked clean of scrap wood. We canoed to the far side of the lake to find wood. I packed a lunch and we brought an empty box to collect wood and bungee cords to help transport it "home".

11: While we still had our rented canoe we packed snacks and headed out on the water. Frank and Ross went fishing. Mags and I just hung out on the waters edge. | The kids colored as Daddy cooked breakfast over the open fire.

12: Buttermilk Falls Just a short hike out we found this small cascade of water. The boulders around it were huge and fun to climb. It was a beautiful place. | Rainy and wet day. Frank encouraged us to make the best of it! | Old Forge, NY Home of Keyes Pancake House. We love this place. Old diner feel. Great French toast.... pancakes too!

13: First year of camping completed. It was a rough week... a learning curve so to speak for me. Below the kids enjoy Eagle Bay donuts. A delicious little treat that has been around for years. YUMMY! | Another dismal day.. we hiked a very short trail. At the top we had a view of fog... | Site #100 | Breakfast on the way out of town... headed home...After some shopping!

14: Watkins Glen, NY Watkins Glen Gorge We love a good hike and an adventure.. even if it is close to home. | My lil' Mag-Pie!

15: Ben and Jenna came for a visit. Jason, Mom and Dad came too. Ross and Maggie have only spent a small amount of time with Uncle Ben and Aunt Jenna. It was good to spend the day with them.

16: Miriam Kristin Auffhammer August 14 7lbs 15oz

18: 5 | Happy Birthday Ross! His cousins Aaron and Jon helped him assemble this Lego tow truck. He was so proud!

19: Maggie was a complete ham. Jumping from stool to couch. She had us all laughing

20: School Days First Grade Teacher: Mrs Nichols Bus #51 Watkins Glen Central School. Doesn't Ross look so cool with his hand in his pocket..posing for his picture! | Maggie loves when Ross comes home.

21: Maggie is in the states so the kids and I headed out to Sturgis, MI to see her and her family. | The glue smelled so bad! | Our fun bird feeder project.

22: Lil' Mags helped Aunt Maggie put the bird food in our homemade bird/squirrel feeders | Maggie meets Maggie!

23: Lindsay | The Beans Steve, Maggie, Michael, Cory, & Gracie

24: Pumpkin Carving This is always an adventure at the Pentz house. Maggie didn't care at all that it was slimy...Ross on the other hand.... | Happy Halloween

25: We dressed up for the annual Grace Lee Wesleyan Church Trunk 'n' Treat. I was Dorothy with Toto, Frank was the Scarecrow, Ross the tin man and Maggie the Lion.

26: Happy Thanksgiving | Mema, Papa, Ross, Miriam, Maggie, Lydia, Catie We celebrated at the Auffhammer's home.

27: Happy 3rd Birthday Maggie! Family came to celebrate...I made a Barbie cake that Mags loved

28: We went hunting for our Christmas tree at Hunt's. We had a good time hiking the farm to find the perfect tree.

29: Maggie had no fear of Santa. She couldn't wait to sit on his lap. | Maggie telling Santa what she wants for Christmas this year. | Hunt's Tree Farm

30: Each year we decorate the Christmas tree together. It can be both frustrating and fun with little ones. This year the kids found some of their favorite Christmas time "hugged things". Santa and the Christmas bear. | What a sweet smile! | Bear Hug!

31: Christmas at Mom and Dad's house is always an experience, especially as the number of grandkids grows. Dad still reads the Christmas | Bible stories. Then we exchange gifts. The kids enjoy the day.

32: Christmas morning was so much fun this year. We all got "booger" spray in our stockings and had a "booger" spray fight. The kids and Frank also had swords in their stockings...They were a huge hit. The kids and Frank challenged one another to a dual. | Christmas Joy

33: What a wonderful time we had this Christmas. Ross and Maggie enjoyed their gifts. Swords, giant suckers, toys..... The kids loved every bit of it!

34: Snow Fun! All bundled up to go play in the snow.

35: Learning to ride bike! Daddy ran beside Ross over and over. He got a little better each time. Maggie watched it all happen.

36: Ross and Maggie get baskets easter morning from us and baskets from Aunt Susan and Mema Pentz.

37: Zachary, Maggie, Aaron and Ross.

38: Maggie Bean comes to town! Frank took Maggie, Ross and lil' Maggie and I to Taughannock Falls overlook in Ithaca NY. Then of course we went for ice cream...because what is an outing without ice cream? | Yummy!

39: So thankful for my very special friend Maggie Bean. She and I were roommates in 2004/2005 at Southern Wesleyan College in Central, SC. Frank and I named our Maggie after her.

40: Breakfast omelet and lunch at Olive Garden.

41: Happy May! Ross and Maggie played in the water and on there new play tower and slide. | is here!

42: Painting rocks that will be raced in the rock race! | Bucktail Camping Resort, Mansfield PA "Rock Camp" | Daddy helping Ross and Maggie paint their winning rocks!

43: "Gentlemen and Ladies, start your "engines!" | Rocks placed in position ready to start! | Ross watching his rock race. His won! | The Harshberger and the Pentz kids. Maggie, Ross, Heath, Olivia, and Tobias. The kids love to hang out together.

44: Harshbergers introduced us to Bucktail. What a great place! There is so much to do: the playground, train, zip line, venetian swings, merry-go-round, all are loved by the kids. Dwayne, Jean, Frank and I hang out and visit while the kids play.

45: Olivia, Ross, Heath, Maggie, and Tobi love the adventure of Bucktail. | A great weekend had by all! | We cook over the fire. Dinner of steak and potatoes with dessert.

46: Pickin' with Papa! We went to Papa and Mima's house to pick strawberries. The kids loved it....and they were oh so yummy. | The kids played in the creek down below the garden. They enjoyed it just like I did as a kid.

47: We went swimming afterwards. Ross and Maggie love the pool. | Maggie floated around with me while Daddy, Papa, and Ross played.

48: Ms. Everett's Kindergarten Graduation | Rossi and Maggie | K | Kindergarten

49: TOGETHER at Chambers Camp | Tarah with Miriam. The big girls playing together. | R A C I N G

50: Papa cooking breakfast sandwiches for the family | Ross being silly! Hanging out on the swing with the cousins. | Chambers Camp

51: What a crazy kid!!! | Ross enjoys the kids program.

52: My Camp 2010 | T O B I A S | Ross so excited at his blue ribbon. | James with Catie and Lydia.

53: Watch out for these outlaws | Ross | Heath | Maggie with her horse and ribbon.

54: Lake Ontario, NY | Maggie loved drawing and digging in the beach sand.

55: Ross loved the water. It was rough and he had a blast! | Playing in the water with Daddy!

57: Potter Reunion 2010 | Uncle Stewart and family | Aunt Marion and family | Potter siblings: Back row: Stewart, David, Lloyd, Bill, Eddie Front row Geniese, Pauline, Elsie, Marion

59: Canoing Trip 2010 The Canal | Several couples from Grace Lee Wesleyan Church went on a Canoe trip together.

60: Packing for the Mountains... Last year we didn't have all we needed to stay warm and dry... This year I packed a ton... I used vacuum bags to help save room in the van. | With air... | Without air...

61: The campsite and tent ...with view. We purchased a Coleman tent and first up room. We connected them together....This gave us a changing room and a sleeping room. | The Adirondack Park sign...we stop each year to have our picture taken

62: Frank cooking over the camp stove. He does all the cooking and I do prep and pick up. | Our kitchen and view of Lake Eaton. Family pictures taken at the old Eaton homestead and beach.

63: Hiking, playing, cooking, and relaxing.... | Happy kids! I pray they cherish the memories of family camping at Lake Eaton. | C A M P L I F E

65: The water rides are so fun! | Enchanted Forest Water Park Old Forge, NY | The kids love the water park. We've made it a yearly tradition.

66: Storybook Lane A magical place to play. | The crooked man that lived in the crooked house. Three blind mice. Cinderella. Goldilocks and the three bears. All the wonderful stories that childhood is made up of.

67: Look at those slides! | Ross enjoying some yummy porridge | Candy land: over sized pumpkins and a big dog.

68: There are so many things to do. Riding the merry-go-round, the boats, helicopter and more story land characters.

69: We rented a canoe and took a trip on Lake Eaton. | Family time!

70: Temper tantrums still happen.

71: Camp cooking fire. Breaking the rules by feeding the ducks. Laundry line. Playing around camp. Supply of kindling. Our canoe by the water.

72: Mema Pentz came to visit. Bill and Donna Hallett and Doug joined her for the trip north. We took a trip out to the old Eaton homestead and beach. What a great time. We were so glad she could come.

73: Each year we hike Owls Head Mountain. Last year Maggie was on Franks back this year she walked the entire 6.1 miles! | We use the same resting stops each year. Here we have made it to the big rock. | Owls Head Mountain

74: The foundation is still in place from the old rangers station. We are usually exhausted by this point but excited that we are near the top. | The Meadow.....

75: The Top! and even higher up the tower. | Baby Love!

76: It started raining the day before we were to leave and it was calling for rain all day.... Frank and I decided to tear down our camp and head to Old Forge for the night to avoid the rain. | We found Clark's Beach Motel. We took the kiddos to the pool. They called it a bath it was so warm. The next morning was Keyes Pancake house, shopping and then we headed home!

77: Yummy! | They didn't sleep the entire ride north....I think they are a little tired from our week in the mountains!

78: School: Watkins Glen Central School Teacher: Mrs. Nicholas Grade: 1st | Love my little man!

79: For our 8th anniversary we stayed at the Jacoby's cottage on Cayuga Lake. We went to Skaneateles for the day. It was a beautiful town near the water. | In Skaneateles we went to an awesome burger joint. We got it to go and took it to the pier to enjoy.

80: Beautiful Teeter Pond!

81: Pentz Family Hike We went for a hike along the Interloken Trail. It was chilly, but beautiful seeing the fall foliage. We had a great afternoon together.

82: Happy Halloween! We visited Ross's classroom for his halloween party. Maggie was a Fairy and Ross a power ranger | We went to see Mema at the Lodi Church free lunch.

83: Grace Lee Memorial Wesleyan Church Trunk and Treat Frank and I were hippies and I dressed Josie up as my flower child! She was a big hit!

84: Happy Birthday Catie! | Aunt Aaron and Ms Catie | Sisters

85: Cousins are the best! | Party time! | Yummy!

86: Daddy's Birthday Party. The big 46! We always celebrate at the Pentz Thanksgiving. | Ross loves spending time with Zack and Aaron | Our little Artist. Maggie loves to color and draw at Aunt Susan's house.

87: No more scissors for Maggie. This was the second time that she got a hold of scissors and decided to try her hand at cutting her own hair. 2 days before her 4th birthday party.

88: Happy 4th Birthday Little Maggie!

89: Hunt's Tree Farm 2010 | Perfect day for finding a tree!

90: I wanted the reject tree this year.. The one that no one else wants. Frank said no way... We ended up with a "perfect" tree. Santa was visiting Hunt's Tree Farm. He was so nice to take pictures with us.

91: Hunt's Tree Farm is one of our family traditions. We love to go and find our Christmas tree, ride the wagon, eat hot dogs and cookies and watch the kids get their faces painted.

92: We brought home the tree, trimmed the trunk and stood it in the stand and cut the baler twine. Then we decorated it. Beautiful!

93: Maggie and I baked cookies and put together cookie dishes for friends, family and neighbors. | Cookie baking is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. This year I made Date Balls, Peanut Butter Balls, Chinese Noodle Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, and Wedding Cookies.

94: On Christmas Eve the kids get new PJ's and a "hugged" thing. | The Family Picture. Frank, Ross, Maggie, Cana, Molly, and Josephine. I am sure Sophie is under the tree too!. | oh, the excitement of Christmas.

95: Merry Christmas 2010 | The kids were so excited for Christmas morning! It is so much fun to watch every one open their gifts. I enjoy it as much as them.

96: Christmas at Mema and Papa's house. Ross and Maggie went sledding with Papa. Once the cousins arrived we went inside for food and gift giving.

97: Brewster's | Frank eating a chocolate mouse. Ben and Jenna listening to the Bible story. Maggie pulling her sled up the hill. Every year Papa reads the Bible story to us before we open the gifts.

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