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Outliers Project: Mallory Hurley Riegger

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BC: Dedication: I dedicate this to Mallory Hurley Riegger, because she is an amazing person, and awesome mom who is hard-working, and deserves at least a little something back, even if it is just a a project about her history.

FC: Outliers Project: Snapshots worth a thousand words

1: Mallory Hurley Riegger, my mother, was born into this world on August 12, 1960 into a struggling relationship with another younger sister. Her life looked like it wouldn't be anywhere near amazing, or anything photo worthy, especially after she was put into a foster home to fend for herself. She was, however, fortunate enough to have a family that was willing to adopt her, and open her life up to great opportunities and options that lead to a bigger, better, richer life. A few of those snapshots in her life include a attending a college that allowed her to go into a very high ranking career in the Mining Industry, and meet the love of her life. All of those things seemed to be impossible dreams in the beginning, but due to her depth of field, focus, and amazing determination, she was able to stop looking through the lens of possibility -- and instead, live that life. | Life can tell a million words.

2: “Can you believe it, Walter? We found her in a foster home!” exclaimed Eulalia. Walter answered, “Well at least we have them both now.” They looked at the two new babies, who were now sleeping. Mallory and Megan Hurley were the two newest additions to their lives and so far, Mallory wasn’t quite the best. Mallory was found in Los Angeles in a foster home, and it wasn’t the original foster home that her drinking father put her in. She was moved from place to place because she had a condition where she can’t stop crying. The only way that she would stop crying is if she passed out. Because of this, the foster homes thought that she was a troublesome child, so they didn’t want her and moved her elsewhere. “Hopefully Mallory will grow out of that crying thing.” Eulalia said. “It’ll become annoying after a while, but I don’t think that it’s anything we can’t handle.” Still looking at the children, Walter replied, “Nothing we can’t handle. I’m glad we adopted them.” (Riegger) | Children who earned their keep by working, children whose board was paid by agencies, and children placed in “free homes” were all living in foster families. During the early decades of the twentieth century, legally adopted children were also called foster children. The terms of family care varied enormously. By 1950, statistics showed that children in family foster care outnumbered children in institutions for the first time. (Adoption) | Foster Home History | (Blackwell)

3: Mallory was adopted by her adoptive parents at 18 months old, after they found out that Megan had a sister. The original birth parents of Megan and Mallory had divorced, and the mother took Megan to Arizona; and the father took Mallory to Los Angeles. There, the father who was living on a small amount of money and was drinking away a lot of it, decided that he couldn’t care for Mallory, and put her in a foster home. The mother was also in financial trouble, and had trouble raising Megan. Walter and Eulalia Hurley, Mallory’s adopted parents, said that they would only adopt Megan if they also could also find and adopt Mallory. The mother went to Los Angeles to the foster home and took Mallory out so she could give both Mallory and Megan a better life with people who can raise them. Because of Walter and Eulalia’s stubbornness of wanting to adopt both is what allowed Mallory to leave the foster homes, which her father had doomed her to. That opened her up to better education, a family, and a better life.(Riegger) If my mom hadn’t been adopted, she would have stayed in the foster home system and been stuck with their schooling, instead of going to higher quality schools in Arizona, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Colorado. Because of the higher quality schooling, she was able to go to prestigious colleges like the University of Arizona, the one she ultimately attended. Because she graduated from college, she was hired by Magma Mining Company, and became a very important person in the company. If it hadn’t been for the adoption, her life would be much different, and I wouldn’t be sitting here today. Also, I would not be able to be enjoying the things I am today. Because of her prestigious title in the company, it got her very nice jobs in not only other companies but other countries as well. | University of Arizona is a public institution that was founded in 1885. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 30,665, its setting is city, and the campus size is 391 acres.(The University) University of Arizona's ranking in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 120. (University) | University of Choice: U of A | (ss-arizona)

4: Lee Browne had been given a raise to the position of Division Vice President, and needed someone to assign someone to be the Accounting Manager. He had several candidates in mind, but the one he chose was a woman by the name of Mallory Hurley. She had even computerized the entire inventory, cost, and financial department after her previous boss, Marty Martinez, introduced her to the PC. He felt like having her take that position as the youngest person who has ever held this position, was the right choice, and she would be able to handle the work. She was able to not only work on electronics and programs in Tucson, but as well as the electronics in the other sections of the company. The company needed to be revamped, and renovated into the digital age, so then they can get ahead of the competition. The person most capable of doing that is Mallory. (Riegger) Considering Magma Copper Company, the company Mallory worked for, was the 8th largest mining company in the U.S., they could easily reach that spot again and continue up the chain to hopefully first place. | Magma Mining Company gradually rose through the ranks during the 1930s and 1940s, and by 1950 was the eighth largest copper producer in the United States.It was Magma's acquisition and subsequent development of San Manuel over the next several years, however, that truly launched Magma into a position of prominence in the copper industry. The area around San Manuel had been a center of mining activity since late in the nineteenth century. (Magma Copper Company History) | The History | (Magma Copper Company Stock)

5: They were producing copper for a lower cost than any other mining company, at around 70 cents per pound. What also lowered costs were computers. What the computers did for them is to make the payroll a lot easier to pay, and allowed the accounting wing do their job easier. It also allowed them to check the inventory and the cost of the copper a lot easier, considering that before they would have to use a big, several page long report that required you to do the math by hand. The worst part is if it didn’t add up in the end, or you realized there was a mistake somewhere in the beginning, you had to restart from that point. When it was digitalized, the computer did the math for you automatically for you, so all you had to do is put in numbers, and it would give you the outcome. (Riegger) Because of the role Mallory had in this company, it allowed her to become one of the most prestigious people in her company. But the job did not only benefit her in her business life, it also helped Mallory gain her next big moment in her life: marriage. | Accounting Management is the practical application of management techniques to control and report on the financial health of the organization.This includes the maintenance of bank accounts, developing financial statements, cash flow and financial performance analysis. (Accounting) All of these things were computerized by Mallory. (Riegger) | (Magma Copper Company Underground) | The Job

6: Adorned in a white, flowing dress, Mallory walked down the aisle to her fiance, Donald Riegger Jr. The organ was playing in the background, and that day was a day she nor her husband would ever forget. That day was April 26, 1992, and both of their families were there to witness the wedding of the two. Mallory had been waiting for that day for a long time, ever since the first time she saw him, she knew he was the one. She had walked into the cramped room where he was working along with all of his other co-workers. She wanted to talk to the person in charge, but wound up during the entire duration of the conversation staring at Donald, instead of who she was talking to. After she left, someone made the remark, “Boy, she liked you Don!” The marriage went without a problem, just like the next 20+ years of happy marriage. | A Positive Vow | (Marriage: Group)

7: (Riegger) Those years came with many changes for Mallory. Not only has she moved 5 times since the marriage to places all around the world, including US, Europe, and Singapore, her marriage has given her 3 children, and many wonderful opportunities that she would have probably otherwise wouldn’t have been given the chance to do. | The Catholic Church has requirements before Catholics can be considered validly married in the eyes of the Church. A valid Catholic marriage results from four elements: (1) the spouses are free to marry; (2) they freely exchange their consent; (3) in consenting to marry, they have the intention to marry for life, to be faithful to one another and be open to children; and (4) their consent is given in the presence of two witnesses and before a properly authorized Church minister. ("Marriage") | La Paloma is a country club located near Tuscon, Arizona. The La Paloma Country has many things, especially golf, tennis, restaurants, and a resort that has its own pool and 487 guest rooms. It has an excellent view of the Catalina Mountains, and is popular for weddings and other occasions. ()This is the place that my mom was married to my father.(La Paloma) (The Westin) | Pre-requisites for Marriage | The Location | (USA) | (Marriage: Rings)

8: So after 53 years of foster care, adoption, school, college, careers, love, travel, moving, and 3 children later, my mom has several photo albums full of memories and experiences. Many of the experiences that she has had have been life changing, however the three previous moments, adoption, career, and love have been the three things that have changed her life the most. The adoption opened up opportunities that she would have otherwise not been able to take, like attending college. Because of the opportunities opened up to her by the adoption, that eventually gave her, her best career: Accounting Manager at Magma Copper Company. Because of that job, and plenty of hard work and effort, she was able to rise through the ranks and eventually work with her future husband. Because of her job, she was able to meet the love of her life, which she ended up marrying. The marriage was “the biggest turning point in [her] life.” (Riegger) | Thousands more words to go...

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